TOP-10 washbasins for summer cottages: main characteristics + selection recommendations

Vasily Borutsky
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Author: Oleg Zubarev
Last update: July 2019

Any washbasin for a summer residence can increase the comfort of living, but a correctly selected device will allow you to get the maximum effect. It will not reduce aesthetic qualities, will not damage the uniqueness of a summer cottage. In addition, it will be convenient for storage and transportation.

Despite the fact that the cottage washbasin is a fairly simple equipment, choosing the optimal model will be possible only if there is information about the device and the principle of operation. They will help to consciously evaluate all the nuances and stay on the desired option. And the rating presented in the article will tell you the best choice.

Top ten models

When determining the leaders, the most important technical characteristics, cost, and also the popularity of models among owners of cottages were taken into account.

Place number 1 - washstand Whirlwind

The model, which won the first place in our rating, is extremely popular among users. This is facilitated by the affordable price of the device, as well as the function of heating the water, which allows you to use it even in the cold season, without experiencing discomfort.

In addition, a single pour of water will be enough to provide multiple hand washing for a large family throughout the day.

Main characteristics:

  • spaciousness - an impressive 17 liters, which is enough for a whole day;
  • manufacturing material - durable stainless steel;
  • weight - 12 kg;
  • color - only white;
  • product type - with a pedestal.

This washbasin manufactured by a domestic manufacturer is durable and has worthy aesthetic properties. And corrosion resistance allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors, especially since it is not difficult to move because of its light weight.

The whirlwind is suitable for everyone who appreciates modern design, performance, convenience and is not going to pick it up at the end of the season for storage in a city apartment. Since this will interfere with significant dimensions.

Country wash basin Whirlwind
The washstand Whirlwind differs in low cost, but it does not affect reliability, practicality in any way, therefore summer residents can always carry out hygiene procedures, and with comfort

With a rating of hygiene equipment equipped with water heating systems, will introduce the articlededicated to the ranking and analysis of the technical characteristics of such models.

Place No. 2 - Chistyulya ELBET

This model is lightweight, in addition, it is collapsible, which guarantees convenience when moving, transporting and storing. It is able to provide comfortable water procedures to a large number of people. There is a function of heating water, which allows you to use the washbasin even in the cold season.

Main characteristics:

  • capacity - 10 l, which is quite enough for washing hands during the day;
  • material of manufacture - durable, wear-resistant plastic;
  • weight - 9 kg;
  • color - only white;
  • product type - with a pedestal.

The model is characterized by durability, performance, but can only be used in the house, since the water heating function provides for connection to the mains. It has acceptable aesthetic qualities and is easy to clean.

Chistyulya will be a suitable option for anyone who wants to purchase a high-quality and practical product for little money.

Country wash basin Chistyulya
Chistyulya washbasin belongs to modern products with durability, practicality, while it is quite affordable in terms of cost and has an attractive appearance

Place number 3 - galvanized OM

Designed to provide comfortable hand washing in any place where there is no centralized water supply. The manufacturer guarantees that the OM washstand meets the requirements of the Ministry of Health and GOST standards. And he is capacious, reliable and productive. The model can be placed everywhere, including a washbasin such as moydodyr.

Main characteristics:

  • capacity - sufficient 20 l;
  • production material - hot-dip galvanized steel, the crane is made of plastic;
  • weight - 2 kg;
  • color - only gray, as the model is not painted;
  • type of product - bulk.

Those owners of cottages whose plastic faucet is embarrassing will be able to replace it in a matter of minutes, and this will not be unprofitable, especially considering the affordable cost of the OM model.

Suitable for everyone who does not want to spend a lot of money on a purchase, and those who are interested in the issue of reliability, and not aesthetic characteristics.

OM washbasin
The galvanized OM washstand does not differ in effective design, but at the same time it is durable, practical, it will turn out to be placed in any place. Capacity is considered an important advantage.

Place No. 4 - Aluminum ERG-AL

ERG-AL is easy to operate, can be placed on any vertical surface. For example, it can be hung even on a tree. Easy to clean and clean. In addition, the model is highly corrosion resistant. Designed for use in all conditions.

Main characteristics:

  • capacity - 4.5 l;
  • manufacturing material - aluminum;
  • weight - 1.5 kg;
  • color - not painted;
  • type of product - bulk.

This model will be the best option for lovers of classic design. And also for those who need to resolve the issue with the washstand and its installation promptly, and without significant investment.

Country wash basin ERG-AL
The ERG-AL wash-hand basin is compact, reliable, unpretentious, in addition, it is not prone to corrosion and easy to install. Its vintage appearance is discreet, but like many summer residents

Place No. 5 - Aquatex wash-hand basin

It features reliability, durability and performance, as well as ease of maintenance.The collapsible design simplifies operation, which allows, for example, in the autumn to dismantle the model and store it or use it in the garage.

It has a modern, attractive appearance, so it will not spoil the interior of the premises. Made of stainless steel and designed to be used indoors or outdoors.

Main characteristics:

  • capacity - 20 l;
  • production material - the sink is made of stainless steel, the remaining elements are also steel, but coated with an anticorrosive composition;
  • weight - 11 kg;
  • color - silver, the sink is not painted;
  • product type - with a pedestal.

The Aquatex washstand is good for everyone, but inexpensive, so it will be a suitable option for those who need to increase the convenience of living and not worsen the aesthetic qualities of the room where it will be placed.

Awatex country wash basin
The wash basin country Aquatex belongs to quite modern products providing the maximum level of comfort. In addition, it is reliable and durable.

Place number 6 - bulk wash basin

Designed to provide comfort and hygiene in all conditions. It is distinguished by universality, therefore it can be placed anywhere: on a tree, in a garage, on an existing washstand like moidodyr, etc.

Main characteristics:

  • capacity - 17 l;
  • production material - durable plastic, capable of providing durability;
  • weight - 1.5 kg;
  • White colour;
  • type of product - bulk.

It is lightweight, compact, easy to carry, while reliable, inexpensive. It has sufficient aesthetic qualities. It will be a good choice for those who need a large amount of water, functionality, ease of installation.

Cottage basin
The presented washbasin has all the necessary qualities, durability, practicality, spaciousness, to ensure the proper level of comfort

Place number 7 - country wash basin

Designed to provide owners of garden plots with water in optimal volumes. The lack of a tank is a peculiar advantage.

On the hooks provided, you can easily hang any hinged container, and, if necessary, even water heater. For example, a conventional tank will be optimal in the summer, and a heated tank in the fall.

Main characteristics:

  • production material - the sink is made of stainless steel, the remaining structural elements are galvanized steel;
  • weight - 12 kg;
  • color - white, the sink is not painted;
  • product type - with a pedestal.

The country Washbasin will be an excellent choice for those who already have a hinged water tank. Otherwise, the tank will have to be purchased separately. Therefore, if the farm does not have a hinged tank, it is better to pay attention to other models of washstands.

Washstand Country complex
The washstand Country is similar to the designer. The reason is that it is easy to install liquid tanks of various capacities on it, and then change them. At the same time, it has an attractive appearance and is durable

Place number 8 - galvanized wash-hand basin with a tap

Among the main advantages of this module can be noted a large, roomy water tank, ease of installation and use, as well as reliability.

Main characteristics:

  • capacity - an impressive 20 l;
  • production material - galvanized steel;
  • weight - no more than 2.5 kg;
  • color - not painted;
  • type of product - bulk.

It will be the best option for those who value high performance and a Spartan appearance.

Galvanized washbasin
Galvanized washbasin is an inexpensive product with a minimalist design, but has a sufficient margin of reliability, durability, and it is also practical, so it is easy to cope with its responsibilities

Place number 9 - plastic wash basin

The main advantage of this wash-hand basin is its extremely low cost, which, together with acceptable reliability and tank capacity, was appreciated by users.

Main characteristics:

  • capacity - 5 l;
  • manufacturing material - plastic;
  • weight - 1 kg;
  • color is blue;
  • type of product - bulk.

This option will be optimal for owners of summer cottages, who need only rinse their hands after gardening. This module is not able to globally solve the problem of carrying out hygiene procedures and washing dishes.

Plastic wash-hand basin
The plastic washstand has several advantages that are considered low cost, unpretentiousness, practicality, in addition, it is quite reliable and has an acceptable appearance

Place №10 - Laguna washbasin

Able to ensure the implementation of hygiene procedures in the country at a sufficient level. This option will be optimal for everyone who wants to spend a minimum of money and wants to purchase a product with a “twist”.

Main characteristics:

  • capacity - 5 l;
  • production material - polypropylene;
  • weight - 1 kg;
  • color - pasted over with a bright film;
  • type of product - bulk.

Structurally, the Lagoon is not much different from other plastic counterparts. But this is a vivid model, therefore it attracts a look, and this stands out among all the others. In addition, this type of country wall mounted washbasins is quite reliable and practical.

Washstand Laguna
The washstand Laguna belongs to quite reliable products, therefore it can serve for a long time. Although it does not have any design features, this washstand distinguishes a bright appearance, which contributes to popularity

What to look for when choosing?

Manufacturers supply a large number of washbasins for summer cottages, but to understand them is quite simple.

The reason is that such equipment is only different:

  • by design and operation principle;
  • according to the materials of manufacture;
  • by tank capacity.

Moreover, in all these cases there is no particular diversity. So, the design divides washstands into: bulk, with a curbstone, on a rack.

Bulk - equipment consists of only one part, which is the tank. Products with a curbstone are notable for this particular enclosed space, inside which a container for used water is placed.

In addition, their design provides for a sink. This variety has a completely modern design and hygiene, so it can be used indoors.

A wide selection of country wash basins
The choice of washbasins suitable for use in summer cottages is wide, but the most universal option is a subspecies equipped with a pedestal and made of metal treated with an anti-corrosion coating

The washstands on the counter are structurally similar to the previous view, but the space for the container with used water is not covered by the walls, aesthetic properties suffer from this. As a result, there are practically no such products on the shelves today.

The most common materials for manufacturing are: wood, plastic and metal.

Today, wooden washstands have the highest aesthetic qualities, but they are short-lived and can only be used indoors, so manufacturers use such material extremely rarely.

The design of the country wash basin
The most simple to use, transport and install are bulk washbasins. They can be hung on any vertical surface, as well as choose the optimal tank volume

Plastic products are the most affordable, and metal products are the most durable. The latter variety is distinguished by more capacious tanks. The hygienic properties of plastic and metal analogues are the same.

Water tanks can hold from 3 to several tens of liters, which allows you to purchase the right option for any situation.

For those who find the prices of factory-made products unreasonably high, we suggest that you read the manual on making a washbasin with your own hands. The article we recommend provides interesting ideas and ways to implement them.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Unfortunately, most washstands will not decorate a summer cottage with their standard forms. How to get out of the situation will tell the following video review:

Video presentation of a country washbasin with heated water:

A quick video guide to making a cottage wash basin with your own hands:

Modern country washstand are reliable, practical products that can ensure the implementation of hygiene procedures. But it should be remembered that comfort and convenience largely depends on the correct choice.

And what type of washstand did you prefer for arranging your own summer house? It is possible that your choice or original idea will be useful to site visitors. Please write comments in the block below, ask questions and post photos on the topic of the article.

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  1. Denis

    So that's what my grandmother’s washstand was called, Erg-Al. This, probably, was in all villages of the Soviet Union. In general, I believe that there should be several washstands in the country, where there is no centralized water supply. One, the simplest one, made of aluminum or stainless steel in the street, in order to wash, rinse your hands or wash an apple, which is more or less decent, with heated water, for a summer kitchen, which serves more for hygienic purposes. This, it seems to me, is the best option.

  2. When we bought a summer cottage, everything was organized in a simple way in the former hostess. There was a small tank like a canister, from which water flowed by gravity into a bowl, if you unscrew the cork. Of course I wanted something more civil. We bought a washstand Aquatex. Quite a different matter. It looks nice, not bulky, and most importantly, the cost is not at all expensive. What you need for a summer residence. Of course, I really liked how wooden washstands look, very original. But the cost is appropriate for them.

    • Dmitry

      Faced with these Aquatex washbasins - the build quality is disgusting, as if they were doing in the garage. At the first start, a stream of water flowed out from under the stopcock; I had to cover it with silicone sealant. And the design itself with a fixed tank is uncomfortable.