Do-it-yourself washbasin: an overview of the best designs and examples of homemade products

Nikolay Fedorenko
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Last update: August 2019

Do you like to spend time outside the city, but do not want to give up the benefits of civilization? Agree that comfortable outdoor recreation is one hundred times more pleasant than the “wild” one. Have you decided to surround yourself with basic amenities and want to build a wash basin for your own home? However, you do not know where to start?

We will help you figure it out - the article discusses the main options for washstands and the step-by-step stages of their construction, arrangement and connection to communications. The material is accompanied by detailed instructions, step-by-step photos and video recommendations for the construction of the washbasin.

Varieties of country wash basins

There can be many design options for organizing the wash zone - it all depends on the size of the country estate / cottage, the available communications and the purpose of this plumbing fixture.

So, if the cottage is very small and even the house, as such, is not available, then it is quite possible to get by with a modest and simple option - a hinged mini-tank. Which, by the way, can be made independently or bought a ready-made container in a hardware store at more than an affordable price.

If you want to not only rinse your hands and refresh your face, but also wash the dishes after the household, then it is advisable to consider the option heated washbasin - to make it easier and more convenient to wash greasy dishes after pilaf or kebabs

If you have a fully equipped estate and you dream of making your own washbasin, which will be located outdoors, with your own hands, you will have to show your imagination and devote a day or two of free time.

DIY washbasin
Hand-assembled and decorated wash basin will require a lot of time. But the result of your work will please not only households, but also friends / acquaintances who have arrived on a visit for the weekend

According to the purpose, washstands in the country can be divided into the following categories:

  • for washing hands and face;
  • for washing fruits / vegetables outdoors;
  • for dish washing;
  • for all of the above + a separate stylish addition to the interior.

If the purpose of a country wash basin is a quick washing of hands and face, and there is absolutely no time, then a simple wash basin with a rod will be appropriate here.

It is also easy to craft from improvised materials. True, his view is completely unpresentable.

Homemade washbasin with sink
To rinse fruits / vegetables, it is better to install a sink, which can be a large basin. At the top is a tank with clean water and a tap from which it is supplied, and at the bottom is a basin in which it is convenient to place the tomatoes / cucumbers / strawberries collected and wash it thoroughly

If a washbasin is required not only for quick rinsing of hands after gardening, but also for washing dishes, then it is advisable to take care of hot water.

The latter will help provide a heating TEN, which will timely heat a whole tank of water and supply it in the right amount.

Stylish country washstand
To create a decorative washbasin you will need fresh ideas. It is important not only to complete the sanitary ware in its original form, but also to hide all communications. Why do you need an equipped sewer and water supply network

If you approach the issue of creating a washbasin creatively, apply imagination, starting from the decorative features of your dacha, you can create something original and unique.

Below are non-standard solutions to the problem of manufacturing a country wash basin. Which can be not only useful, but also incredibly stylish.

Also, it is immediately worth considering the regime of water disposal - into the nearby ditch, directly under the feet or into the sewer. The latter option is possible if there are amenities in the country.

If we are talking about the withdrawal “right under the feet”, then we’ll be fine here to pour crushed stone so that small splashes do not fall on the shoes and legs.

With ten leading in the market options for country wash basins next article, in which design options are analyzed and technical specifications are given.

Detailed manufacturing instructions

The location and purpose of the washbasin largely determines its appearance. Also important is the presence of skills in assembling various useful home-made products for the home, the availability of free time, improvised materials, tools, available means for realizing your idea.

Consider the simplest methods for the independent manufacture of a washbasin, which practically do not require investments.

Option # 1 - the simplest home-wash basin

Most often, for giving, you need to collect something simple and do it quickly. And so that the finished product perfectly copes with its tasks. In such situations, use the purchased design of the washbasin - a capacity of 3-4.5 liters, where a metered supply of water through the rod is realized. You have to press it to wash your hands.

Such a device costs about 130 rubles, when it comes to plastic, and from 600 rubles, when the capacity is made of metal. The latter option is preferable, because it will last longer. But this seemingly banal water tank has its advantages. Let's consider the main ones in the gallery.

Despite the low cost and a number of advantages, summer residents do not always buy a cheap washbasin with a stock. Everyone has their own reasons: some do not like its appearance, some people think that its capacity is insufficient, and the design is too flimsy.And a good-quality metal copy for 1200-1500 rubles, not everyone will decide to buy at the cottage - after all, people who are simply dishonest can simply drag it away while the owners are absent.

Moreover, sometimes you can completely accidentally be left without a washbasin - they drop something heavy and sharp, or an old plastic washbasin accidentally falls over and bursts. Do not stay in this situation without a washstand? Therefore, the best solution is to independently assemble the washbasin using improvised materials. For example, as a basis, you can take a plastic bottle.

Consider a step-by-step instruction for the manufacture of such a homemade product.

If you figured out how to make a simple plastic washbasin, then such a homemade product will not cost you a single ruble, because you will definitely find the syringe in the medicine cabinet. And the product will serve more than one day.

Moreover, if the plastic ceases to suit you, you can make a new container at any time - since there is no shortage of plastic containers.

Option # 2 - washbasin without tank

Such a washbasin model can be made in a matter of minutes, especially if you still have plastic after repair. You don’t need a crane and tank - you can use them instead watering hose with a gunequipped with several spray modes.

Also for homemade work the following materials will be required:

  • plastic trim or polypropylene pipe;
  • screwdriver and small screws;
  • ready-made sink bowl or home-made;
  • corrugation with a siphon for drainage into the nearest ditch;
  • thick wire or other device from which you can bend an improvised stand for attaching the watering gun to the sink.

Making a simple home-made sink from a plastic or metal salad bowl will take up to 10 minutes. It will be necessary to make a hole that will be equal to the diameter of the siphon, then install a real siphon with corrugation into it, like in an ordinary sink, tightly tightening the fasteners.

Now let's start assembling the washbasin - “temporary shelter”.

Such a sink is going to quickly, but regularly performs its task - you can immediately wash the collected vegetables or fruits, or wash your hands after transplanting plants / flowers, etc. And she is not afraid of rain.

Option # 3 - washbasin from a canister

More capital construction - washbasin with tap. It can be assembled from improvised materials, provided that you have tools, a canister and a crane. The latter is better to take metal - it is more reliable and will last much longer. But plastic is much cheaper.

You can also fit any clean metal container under the tank - a bucket, a small barrel, etc. It is important that no hazardous liquids, pesticides and other compounds harmful to human health and life are poured into it.

We will consider the procedure for manufacturing the washbasin further:

When the overclock is installed, it remains the case for the crane. Its installation will not be difficult - a pipe with an external thread is easily connected to the coupling installed before.

Crane connection
When installing the faucet, the connection must be additionally sealed so that the liquid does not leak during the use of the home-made washstand. To do this, it is advised to use flax, or you can fill the connection with sealant

Having completed the manufacture of the tank, it remains to place it in the right place - putting it on a stand, hanging it on the wall or in another way.

Weight mounting options - you can choose the most suitable for a specific situation.

Wash-basin canister with sink
To make it more comfortable to use a home-made wash basin, you can additionally use a basin, sink or other device. Yes, and you need to take care of the drainage of the used liquid - at least put a bucket under the sink

By analogy with a plastic canister, you can build a wash basin of metal - from an old pot, kettle, scoop, bucket or other utensils.And if you paint it and decorate it, then the washstand as a result will be simply amazing.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Making a homemade washbasin made of plastic in the following video:

Simple and quick assembly of the washbasin for temporary use:

Option for a spacious washbasin from a canister:

If you arrived at the cottage on a holiday, but you didn’t have a washbasin at hand, you don’t need to be sad. You can build a device for carrying out hygiene procedures yourself, using improvised materials.

And it can be an elementary bottle made of plastic or a commonplace canister - as a result of simple manipulations you will get a working wash basin.

Do you want to talk about how you made an original wash-stand for a summer residence with your own hands? Do you have information on the topic of the article, which may be useful to site visitors? Please write comments in the block below, ask questions, post a photo.

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Visitors Comments
  1. Andrew

    In fact, it’s easy to make a wash basin yourself out of any materials at hand. Here the question is different: should the washbasin perform a decorative function or only direct? If decorative, then the flight of fantasies can be transcendental. If direct, then you need to proceed from practicality. For example, I started with the question of “integrity” of neighbors in the country. The answer is negative. So, to buy a washstand or make it with a foundation for the future is a waste of time. Output? A simple plastic washbasin for 200 rubles in a hardware store. And that’s all.

  2. Andrew

    With nostalgia I recall our country house from childhood with a wash basin in the form of an aluminum bucket with a rod, which was pressed, and the water heated by the sun was pouring. The option with a plastic bottle is also well known to everyone.
    Now I have a large plastic tank in which a crane is mounted. It is suspended at a slight angle for better pressure. The design is simple, cost a little, and performs its functions properly.

  3. Dmitry

    Now in stores a large selection of washbasins at various prices. Therefore, I completely agree with Andrey. I recall my youth. If you had to go to the forest alone, then always took with you the usual half a cup of water. It was enough just to fix it on the tree with its neck down and slightly unscrew the lid. It turned out a convenient wash basin, which did not take up much space in the backpack.

    • Alexander

      Yes, there are a lot of things in stores now, but is there any point in paying when you can easily and simply do it yourself from improvised materials? The same analogue of a bottle hung upside down in Leroy Merlin costs about 150-200 rubles. However, this is not the best quality. An analogue canister with a tap from the text above costs already 1,500 rubles. The only advantages of store washbasins are that they look a bit more social, although here you can also come up with something and make a homemade beautiful.

      • Expert
        Nikolay Fedorenko

        In fact, to assemble a good wash basin in the country with your own hands and from improvised means is a very real task for everyone. It all depends on several factors: what exactly is available at hand and how much time you are willing to spend on this venture.

        The easiest option out of plastic bottles can be made by absolutely anyone, even a child can handle it. I suggest considering a few more practical options. For example, to make a frame of wood, which will accommodate a container for clean water with a tap and a drain tank. If you have old wooden barrels, you can use them to make a very beautiful and practical wash basin. Well, a very simple, but quite durable option: a plastic canister into which we cut a tap.

        Attached photos:
  4. Masha

    As a hint, for those who want to make a wash basin with their own hands in the country. Such a design was once invented and it turned out to be very popular in the end.

    Here is a variant with a well, that is, a water supply system, although initially the wash basin was conceived “under the bucket”, they just drilled the well at the last moment. The design of the cabinet is a countertop from a computer table with a cut out hole for a sink.

    The walls of the curbstone from hl to the frame (no, will not behave and have not been seduced for 4 years), lined with old Soviet tiles 15x15. Cranes are made of ordinary plastic shutoff valves.

    Attached photos: