Watering nozzle: selection guidelines + product overview of popular brands

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Does your region have problems with rainfall in the summer months, especially when plants need moisture so much? Agree, the use of a watering hose for regular irrigation will help save flowers and vegetables. So, you need a nozzle on the hose for irrigation, which is not easy to pick up.

We will help you find the right device that can fully irrigate the desired area. The article discusses the best manufacturers of irrigation systems and accessories, provides criteria for choosing nozzles for domestic use. The article also contains visual photos and video recommendations for choosing sprayers.

Optimum Sprinkler Selection Criteria

Important when choosing are the technical characteristics of the nozzle, its capabilities, type, as well as the price tag, which often is crucial. But not always cheap can faithfully serve more than a season. Therefore, let's look at the main parameters that affect the purchase decision.

Criterion # 1 - Watering Method

The times when you had to pinch the end of the hose with your fingers with all your strength to water the seedlings at the other end of the plot are in the past. Now the market of watering equipment offers a number of solutions designed to make life easier for any summer resident.

Moreover, if you wish, you can choose the option that will independently carry out all watering activities after the initial installation and tincture - an irrigation system for domestic use.

Watering hose without nozzle
The option of clamping the end of the hose is not only inconvenient, but also traumatic for particularly delicate plants. After all, a powerful jet can damage decorative flowers on a flower bed or young shoots

Therefore, before buying it is important to decide on the desired type of watering:

  • manual;
  • auto.

Moreover, if the territory for irrigation is vast, then the second option is preferable.

Manual way, which is most often carried out by watering from a nozzle-gun, allows irrigation in any area in any mode - most models have several spraying options.

Automatic option consists in installing irrigators in the right places of the site and timely inclusion of the irrigation system. True, if you install additional equipment - a time switch, a humidity sensor, etc. - you can automate the process of starting the system itself.

But this method is more expensive, so owners of small summer cottages often choose something simpler. For irrigation of plants, shrubs and other vegetation, a wide variety of types of sprayers can be used.

The shape, color, appearance of watering devices varies - you can choose the most suitable option. Also in the category of nozzles often include additional accessories for irrigation - adapters, splitters, tees, couplings, nipples, etc.

In addition to simple devices, users consider nozzles to be more complex, capable of working in automatic mode and requiring installation, sometimes professional. We offer a brief look at the most popular sprinklers - devices for spraying water in automatic mode.

These devices can also be called nozzles - they are mounted on a hose that supplies water. Many summer residents, having decided to free themselves from the need to regularly water their land, buy a rotating nozzle of Chinese production, in order to save.

And along with it - a watering gun with 5-7 modes. The latter - for the implementation of specific goals

Criterion # 2 - Specifications

In addition to the type of nozzle, its characteristics play an equally important role in choosing the suitable option. Which are easy to recognize by looking at the accompanying documents from the manufacturer.

However, this information will be relevant only for products of bona fide brands. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the technical parameters that are important for the future user.

The type of installation and its simplicity are still important - pistols, as a rule, easily snap in and are no less easily removed from the hose. But automatic irrigation nozzles can have a platform, leg or tripod on which they will be installed.

It is important to immediately check how easy the accessory you like is attaching and whether you can remove it yourself.

Watering gun on a long rod handle
An interesting and convenient option is the spray nozzle on the boom. With its help, it is convenient to refresh the young cherries, towering above the head of the summer resident

Criterion # 3 - the composition of the irrigation kit

Some manufacturers immediately offer their customers a watering kit that includes not only a nozzle, but also watering hoseas well as adapters and connectors. This is extremely convenient for owners of small areas, picking up manual irrigation devices.

When choosing more complex irrigation systems, in view of their considerable cost, it is better to give preference to products of a reliable brand with a good reputation. Moreover, such companies always equip watering devices with necessary adapters, adapters and other accessories.

And company representatives will competently advise on the capabilities of their sprayers and tell you how to install them correctly and how many pieces will be needed, given the size of the site that needs irrigation.

Water gun
A nozzle like a gun is an indispensable accessory. They can also wash the car, and water the flowers, changing the mode to gentle spraying, clean the garden tools from dirt, turning on the sharp jet mode

In any case, when choosing watering accessories, you should pay attention to their quality so that nothing hangs and does not fall away. What can often be found flattering on cheap Chinese nozzles made of thin plastic.

The best manufacturers of watering accessories

Among the products that are in demand among buyers, one can single out both domestic and goods of European and American manufacturers, which are distinguished by a high price tag.

The rating of the best manufacturers of watering nozzles and accessories consists of such companies:

  • Gardena;
  • Karcher
  • Hozelock;
  • Quattro Elementi;
  • Grinda.

Gardena - A German brand with an excellent reputation, produces not only nozzles, but also hoses, couplings, adapters and all accessories necessary for assembling the irrigation system, including pumps. As well as equipment for the garden, including garden pumps, lawn mowers and garden vacuums.

Karcher - A well-known company originally from Germany, offering reliable and durable hoses, irrigation systems, as well as a wide range of household and industrial equipment: pumping stations, drainage machines, automatic pumps, industrial and household vacuum cleanersthat are not redundant in a suburban area.

Hozelock - The British manufacturer specializes in the production of irrigation systems, equipment for the garden, vegetable garden, pools and ponds. Among its products including pumping stations, hoses, nozzles, sprinklers of various types, other accessories.

Quattro elementi - An Italian company producing a wide range of machinery and equipment, including welding, pumping, climatic, pneumatic, garden equipment and tools.

Watering products of these European manufacturers are presented in a wide range and the buyer will be able to choose the best option for themselves. The appearance and color scheme of the accessories of each of these brands are discussed below.

Grinda - A domestic supplier offering a wide range of equipment and goods for water supply, sewage, dust removal systems, washing, gardening and park equipment and machinery.

Grinda Gun
The most popular nozzles of the Grinda brand from the CLASSIC Quick-Connection System series. This is a plastic gun Grinda 8-427359_z01, a six-position spray gun Grinda 8-427339_z01, a tip seven-position Grinda 8-427253_z01

Along with eminent manufacturers, many summer residents prefer inexpensive domestic and even cheaper Chinese nozzles, the main advantage of which is the low price tag.

It is important to carefully consider the proposed purchase - if the cost of the goods is low, and the brand is known, then it will not be out of place to ask for documents on products and a quality certificate.

For cheap nozzles of little-known manufacturers, a thorough inspection before purchase is mandatory - all fasteners must be reliable, the material of the case and components, if any, intact and durable. And the kit must include the adapters you need and a guarantee from the manufacturer.

Handmade nozzle from improvised materials

A number of talented summer residents, not wanting to waste time buying a new nozzle, assemble it from improvised materials with their own hands.

To make the simplest option, it will take a minimum of time, a little imagination and the following materials:

  • plastic bottle 2-2.5 l;
  • wire or large needle;
  • adapter for hose, clamp, duct tape or hot melt adhesive.

The last point can be safely skipped if you have a watering hose with a diameter of ¾, then the neck of the plastic container will fit tightly without additional fastening.

You can begin to manufacture spray nozzles.

Such a simple and primitive nozzle of our own manufacture is quite capable of watering a small area without your participation. Not a single penny was spent on its manufacture - only improvised materials were used.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Overview of various watering nozzles from a gardening equipment store consultant:

Demonstration of the performance of automatic sprinklers from an amateur summer resident:

Watering devices with a visual demonstration of the operating modes of the guns:

Connectors, adapters and other devices for assembling irrigation equipment are discussed in the following video:

It will not be difficult to choose a watering nozzle for domestic use if you decide in advance on the future scope of work.

For a modest summer cottage with a small flower bed and a pair of currant bushes, a pistol with 5 modes will be enough. But for the lawn and good beds you need more serious nozzles, so that the owner in the country has time to listen to the nightingale trills, and not to devote all his life to watering all evening.

Tell us about how to choose a nozzle for a summer irrigation system. Share useful information that will be useful to site visitors. Please leave comments in the block below, ask questions, post a photo on the topic of the article.

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  1. Sergei

    If there is a water meter in the yard, then the spray gun is beneficial. Well, for decorative sissy plants, he is needed. But if the water bill is calculated by the number of inhabitants on the site, then there is no point in messing with it. I calmly water the plants without nozzles from a hose. I put the end of the hose into the garden, hang it on the fence and turn on the feed from the house. If it is flooded strongly: it's okay, many plants are even better off from a rare but plentiful watering. Everything is growing well with me. Harvest is always plentiful.

    • Maria

      Not all plants tolerate such abundant watering, for this hose nozzles were invented. They have nothing to do with saving water and meters. It's amazing that you have a plentiful crop with such knowledge in gardening.

  2. Anfisa

    A hose nozzle is a very useful thing for gardeners. For almost all useful plants, watering with a strong stream of water is harmful, as this leads to damage or deformation of the leaves and flowers. And even the most harmless at first glance, damage can interfere with growth, be the culprit of the appearance of a fungal infection, etc. Therefore, spend some money and buy a normal nozzle: the plants in your garden will be grateful and will give a good harvest.