Overview of protection against water leaks “Aquastorozh”: device, advantages and disadvantages, installation rules

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It broke a pipe and flooded the apartment - this is a nightmare of any owner of urban and suburban housing. And if it is located above the first floor, the alarm is aggravated by the terrible opportunity to fill the neighbors' apartment from below, possibly not one. What to do? The modern answer to this question is: use a protective system.

The article we presented describes in detail how Aquastorozh - protection against water leaks. We will tell you why you need to put this sensitive intelligent device. To help independent masters, step-by-step instructions are given, compliance with which will ensure high-quality installation.

The principle of leakage protection

“Aquastorozh” is a complex of devices that can detect the presence of water leaks in the house and eliminate them literally in a matter of seconds.

Such systems work as follows: on the floor, in places of probable leaks, special sensors are installed that respond to a significant increase in humidity, i.e. for leaking.

The signal from the sensors goes to the controller, which diagnoses a dangerous situation and completely shuts off the water supply to the part of the water supply system located in the apartment.

The water in the system runs out and leakage stops. The flow of tap water is controlled by special ball valves installed at the inlet of the water supply to the apartment.

Protection against water leaks Aquastorozh: device, installation, advantages and disadvantages
The system of protection against major emergencies and the smallest leaks eliminates the need to repair yourself and your lower neighbors

The system is more than relevant where most of the time tenants are absent, which does not allow for timely response to an emergency. Such automated complexes are not cheap, but it should be understood that the repair of their own housing and compensation to neighbors for a flooded apartment will cost much more.

Some people prefer the “cheap and cheerful” solution. They simply shut off the water in the riser every time they leave the apartment.

Not the most reasonable option, since the resource of the stopcock is not designed for such handling. Soon it will have to be replaced. If you believe the reviews of those who already use the aqua watchman protection against water leaks, this is a reliable and convenient system.

Aquastorozh protection system kit
This diagram clearly demonstrates the principle of operation of the Aquastorozh leakage protection system from the moment of receiving a leakage signal to the operation of the locking mechanisms less than three seconds pass (+)

What is included?

To provide your home with reliable protection against leaks, it is enough to purchase a set of the following elements:

The manufacturer offers the buyer two options for completing the system: CLASSIC and PREMIUM. CLASSIC is one of the first configuration options for the Aquastorozh system.

It includes:

  • CLASSIC PRO controller - 1 pc;
  • half-inch ball valve - 2 pcs.;
  • wire leakage sensor - 4 pcs.;
  • power supply - 1 pc.;
  • R14 battery - 3 pcs.;
  • a set of wires for connecting sensors.

The “Aquastorozh” PREMIUM set consists of the same set of components, but some of them are of a higher class. The kit includes a PREMIUM controller and improved wired leakage sensors PREMIUM - 4 pcs. The cost of the “Aquastorozh” PREMIUM kit is much higher, therefore the classic version remains the sales leader in this line of security systems.

Aquastorozh Standard Leak Protection System Kit
The standard set of the Aquastorozh leakage protection system includes all the elements necessary for its successful installation. All necessary settings are already set “by default”

A nice and useful feature of Aquastorozh is the ability to complement the finished kit with almost any necessary modules and even assemble your own kit from individual elements. For example, the manufacturer supplies in addition to wired and wireless sensors.

To install and connect, you will need a radio base. In addition, the buyer can assemble a system suitable for him from four different versions of the controllers, three versions of shut-off electric screens, three types of sensors, etc.

The cheapest version of the controller from “Aquastorozh” is CLASSIC. Almost any number of CLASSIC wired sensors and up to six electric cranes can be connected to it. It is possible to connect external devices through a low-current relay. The CLASSIC PRO controller is supplemented by a power bistable relay.

It allows you to connect a 220V load to the controller, for example, to be able to automatically turn off the pump. This option is useful for autonomous water supply of a private house. The PREMIUM type controller differs from the CLASSIC versions with an increased power up to 40 W, as well as the ability to control the open circuit of the sensors.

The device is designed to connect up to five lines of series-connected sensors, each line can consist of hundreds of such signaling devices. In addition, it is possible to connect another line on which there is no open circuit control.

Such a branched-chain controller can be very convenient in a large house or apartment, where there is a lot of plumbing.

Information about a specific leak location will allow you to quickly identify and fix the breakdown. As with the CLASSIC PRO controller, the PREMIUM PRO version is equipped with a bistable power relay for controlling additional devices. Otherwise, the design of this controller is no different from the PREMIUM version.

The controller case consists of the main part, in which there is an electronic board and a unit with batteries. It provides backup power to the device in case the power supply is turned off for some reason.

The dimensions of the case are small: length 199 mm, width - 120 mm and thickness - only 30 mm, so it will not be difficult to find a suitable place for its installation.

Controller Aquastorozh
The case of the Aquastorozh leakage protection system controller is very compact, it is not difficult to install it in an accessible place for observation and control

The electronic board has a number of connectors for connecting the main and additional modules to the controller. To connect wired sensors and stopcocks to the device, six connectors are provided. The external battery pack is connected via a separate six-pin connector.

In addition, there are two more connectors: micro USB and RJ-45. The first allows you to connect another power source, the second is a universal option for connecting the controller to other systems.

The current status of the protection system is displayed on the front panel. Next to the “Close” and “Open” buttons there is an indication that allows you to immediately get information about the position of the shut-off valves. On the panel of PREMIUM type controllers (+ PRO) there are five additional additional LED indicators that display the status of the sensor connection lines.

On the controller board there are also two 20-farad ionistors, which act as internal elements of additional power. These supercapacitors provide the system with electricity for one hour, which allows you to quickly respond to an emergency even in the absence of an external power supply.

Aquastorozh system board
Two ionistors mounted on the Aquastorozh leakage protection system controller board provide the device with an additional power source for one hour

The shut-off electric valves of the Aquastorozh system look very compact. Moreover, their operation requires only 5 V, and the time required to change the position of the mechanism is 2.5 seconds. Small size and minimal power are achieved through the use of TEFLOSIL technology.

It consists of a combination of a silicone gasket and two Teflon gaskets, which can drastically reduce friction between moving and stationary elements of the crane.

Elektrokran Akvastorozh
This diagram makes it possible to compare the features of a conventional shut-off valve device and the Aquastorozh device. Minimal friction allows the use of a small motor, which explains the compact size of the cranes (+)

Of course, most of the time electric cranes are in a calm position. This, as you know, can lead to acidification of the mechanism. 5 V is definitely not enough to move the soured cock.

To prevent this dangerous phenomenon, a self-cleaning function is built into the system. It works very simply: once a month the controller closes and immediately opens the taps. This is enough to maintain the mechanisms in working condition.

The device of leakage sensors “Aquastorozh” is simple and reliable. Inside is a board with contacts. When water enters the sensor, the contacts close and send a signal to the controller.

The sensor housing consists of a plastic base and a chrome cover. The base can be fixed so that there is a gap of one millimeter between the floor and the sensor.

Wired sensor Aquastorozh
The wired sensor of the Aquastorozh leak protection system is very simple. It consists of a plastic base, a board with gold-plated contacts and a chrome-plated cap

This will protect the system from false alarms due to accidentally falling water drops on the sensor. The cap also performs the same protective function. Leakage sensors “Aquastorozh” are highly sensitive. Only 10 ml of water will cause an immediate response of the protection system and shut off the water supply.

Wired leakage sensors “Aquastorozh” are connected in series. Classics sensors have three connectors. One of them is designed to be connected to the controller or the previous sensor in the circuit. Two more sensors can be connected to the remaining connectors, which makes it easy to install these devices in suitable places.

Wireless sensor Aquastorozh
The capacitor installed on the sensor board PREMIUM of the Aquastorozh leakage protection system allows the controller to determine its status as normal, emergency and wire breakage

PREMIUM sensors are equipped with a feedback function. Their presence allows the controller to determine the line on which the disconnection occurred.

Such sensors are installed at the end of each line, and in the middle you can use simpler sensors like CLASSIC. For serial connection of wire sensors use special wires. They are very thin, they can even be hidden in the seam between the tiles, for example, in the bathroom.

Advantages and disadvantages of the system

In general, reviews about the work of the Aquastorozh systems are coming in positive. Of course, this is not a very cheap option for protection against leaks, but it is one of the most reliable and convenient among analogues.

The advantages of “Aquastorozh” include the following points:

  • low control voltage - only 5 V;
  • availability of backup power;
  • reliable locking electric cranes;
  • intelligent crane cleaning system;
  • lack of need for constant power supply at a static position of shutoff valves;
  • the ability to adjust the sensitivity of leakage sensors;
  • the number of sensors is almost unlimited;
  • the presence of an audio signal about a leak, as well as the ability to turn it off;
  • light indication on the controller panel;
  • simple installation;
  • stylish design;
  • the ability to connect the controller to other systems;
  • high quality confirmed by certificates;
  • Warranty period 2 years.

The low control voltage ensures that in the event of a short circuit, none of the households are in danger of a serious electric shock, and that metallic communications will not be under a dangerous voltage: water pipes, heating battery connection circuits etc.

The presence of a backup power source from the battery pack and ionistors inside the controller ensures that the system operates even with a complete blackout.

Leakage controller Aquastorozh
The Aquastorozh leakage protection system controller can be installed even under the sink, although it will not be very convenient to control the operation of the device here

The controller monitors the condition of the batteries and reports that these batteries must be replaced. In addition, the system can only work on standby power, if there is no possibility or desire to connect it to the mains. The brass ball valves are exceptionally reliable and provide sufficient throughput despite their compact size.

They perfectly tolerate increased loads in emergency situations, while consuming a minimum of energy. In a closed or open position, they generally do not need electrical energy.

Power is needed only at the time of changing the position of the taps. The system of regular intelligent cleaning of these devices has already been described above. The presence of adapters allows them to be used with pipes of different diameters.

Electric cranes of the Aquastorozh protection system
Electrocranes, which are equipped with the Aquastorozh leakage protection system, can be connected to the pipes by a half inch. For installation with communications of a different size, you will need an adapter

During a long absence of the owners of an apartment or a house, anything can happen: turning off the water supply, turning on and turning off the electricity. But if “Aquastorozh” turned off the water when a leak occurred, accidentally switching the taps to the “Open” position is impossible under any circumstances.

The sensitivity of the sensors can be adjusted by lifting them above the floor. Accidental drops will not trigger the system, although you should not spill drinks or other liquids directly in the places where the signaling devices are installed. The number of sensors that can be connected to the controller is considered unlimited. The length of the wires allows you to cover almost any area.

System operation during an emergency is accompanied by a characteristic sound. So that the noise does not distract or irritate, this signal can be turned off, while the valves will remain in the closed position. A special button is provided for this. Of course, after eliminating the leak, the sound should be turned on again.

The controller can be integrated into a security system, made part of a smart home, or connected to other external devices through two special outputs. Installing the Aquastorozh system is also very simple. The controller can be hung on the wall, and the sensors are simply laid on the floor. Additional repairs are not required.

Different elements of the system are connected using different plugs, so it is simply impossible to mix up the connection points. No need to solder and screw anything. You can buy a ready-made system or assemble your own from separate components for a specific situation.

In addition, Aquastorozh can always be modified or improved with the help of additional modules. Both the sensors and the controller look stylish and modern. If there is no way to hide the control unit in any cabinet, it does not matter. He and the wall will look great.

The disadvantages of the Aquastorozh system are not the most convenient way to determine the position of stopcocks, the so-called “stop in mikrik”. Similar protection systems Gidrolock and Neptun used the optical and electromechanical methods, respectively. But practice shows that for the average user this option is quite acceptable, especially when there is a light indication.

To install wireless sensors you will have to buy a not too cheap radio base. In the Gidrolock system, it’s quite simple to install an antenna. However, in most cases, it is possible to use signaling devices with wires without problems.

The number of actuations of the locking mechanism at Aquastorozh is relatively small: 10 thousand movements against 100 thousand in the Neptun system. But practice shows that this resource is quite enough for several years of work.

Features of installation and installation

The design of the system is relatively simple and the installation process is a bit like assembling a child’s designer. The most difficult stage is the installation of stopcocks at the beginning of the apartment's water supply system.

These elements are very compact in size, so there is usually no problem choosing the right place to install the cranes. After that, you need to assemble and hang on the wall in a suitable place the controller with the battery pack attached to it. Inside the unit, of course, there should already be batteries.

installation of the Aquastorozh system
This diagram displays the installation order of individual elements of the Aquastorozh leakage protection system. No repairs are required for this (+)

Now you should install wired sensors in places of possible leaks: under the bath, kitchen sink, near the toilet, etc. Where there is no way to lay wires, they put wireless signaling devices. Then the wire sensors are connected in series with wires, inserting them into the corresponding sockets. Wires are connected to the controller.

After that, the system with wired sensors can be considered ready for use.

To connect wireless sensors, you will need to install a radio base and then perform the following manipulations:

  • briefly press the “+1” button;
  • wait for the flashing light indicating the cell intended for this sensor;
  • close the contacts on the wireless annunciator;
  • Wait for a short beep, which indicates a successful setup.

By the way, if a ready-made kit with wireless sensors was purchased, you do not need to configure them, everything has already been done.

If an emergency does not occur, you can forget about the existence of “Aquastorozh” in the house, but he will remind himself in the following cases:

  • if the backup battery or wireless sensor has run out and needs to be replaced;
  • if the connection with one of the wireless sensors is lost;
  • if a wire break is detected.

These signals should be reacted accordingly, otherwise the system will consider the situation as emergency and turn off the water even if there is no obvious leakage.

If an accident does occur, the controller will beep. An alarm sound will also be emitted by all wireless sensors. You can turn off the sound, but do not open the cranes until all the sensors have been drained, otherwise the system will go into emergency state again. Fortunately, there are two functions that allow you to disable sensors for one hour or 48 hours.

The first option is convenient if there is no time to dry the sensors or wet cleaning is performed in the house. The two-day shutdown mode is used for situations where contact with water may turn out to be longer. In any case, the system will automatically turn on the sensors after a set time.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

An overview of the features of the Aquastorozh system can be found here:

A detailed overview of the Aquastorozh Expert kit is presented in this video:

In this video, you can see detailed recommendations for installing the Aquastorozh system:

Of course, Aquastorozh is a convenient and reliable system of protection against leaks. It clearly performs its functions and requires minimal attention for maintenance. Even if the house never leaks, Aquastorozh will save its owners from unnecessary anxiety.

Want to talk about how the leakage protection system works in your house / apartment? Would you like to share the technological nuances known only to you? Please write comments in the block below, ask questions, express an opinion, post a photo on the topic of the article.

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  1. A wonderful invention is the Aquastorozh leakage protection system. This system will protect us from an unexpected accident and damage to our own property and even from the gulf of neighbors below, including. The system is necessary and useful. The only thing that seems to me: it is necessary to simplify the installation and connection process a bit. This procedure really resembles the constructor collection process.

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    An interesting idea, of course, I would like to have this system at home, but so far it is too expensive for us to afford it. I think it’s still much more profitable to shut off the tap and replace it once every five years than to buy such a miracle. Yes, and to establish such a thing is a troublesome thing, you yourself probably can’t figure it out without experience. Although the construction of a new house, where there is the possibility of using such technologies, is quite an interesting thing.