Caliber Water Pumps: Product Range Overview and Use Cases

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Providing a suburban area with water is not complete without connecting pumping equipment. Manufacturers, focusing on consumer demand, are trying to produce equipment of various categories - inexpensive, for watering the garden, and more serious, to create a complete water supply system.

For example, the “Caliber” water pump has many varieties that differ in purpose, appearance, and technical characteristics. Next, we will talk in detail about the pumps of this company.

Product Range Overview

When it comes to pumping equipment of this brand, the first thing they remember is a small vibration pump, suitable for use in shallow wells. It is often purchased because of the low price and in case of breakdown they are in no hurry to repair it, because it is not difficult to buy a new one.

In fact, the name Caliber are aggregates of various purposes (well, borehole, drainage) and even pumping stations.

NBV - inexpensive equipment for wells

CBF - household vibration pumps will be useful to everyone who has a source of clean water at their summer cottage and uses it from time to time for all kinds of household needs or watering.

Small in size and weight equipment is easily installed in the well, it is also easy to get and store in any convenient place (the main thing is that the room is dry and with a plus temperature).

Vibration Pump Caliber
An example of the NVT line is a model with an upper water intake, a diameter of 78 mm and a power of 210 watts. A productivity of 12 l / min is enough to water a garden, flower beds or garden

The device of the vibration pump “Caliber” practically does not differ from similar models of other brands. Inside the enclosure are several interconnected parts: a core with a magnetic coil, a vibrator (anchor), a rubber diaphragm, a check valve, a rod, and a shock absorber.

The process of magnetization / demagnetization (with a frequency of about 100 times / sec) causes the movement of the diaphragm, which moves the liquid from the suction chamber to the pump, and from there to the pipeline. The quick movement of the stem creates a sensation of vibration, hence the name of the mechanism - vibration.

The scheme of the vibrating pump
The models of pumps with vibration principle of action, produced by manufacturers of the CIS countries, have a similar design

The CBF line is represented by seven models that differ in power indicators (from 210 W to 300 W), performance (from 7 l / min to 12 l / min), lift height (from 40 m to 70 m), as well as a long cord (from 10 m to 40 m), weighing (from 2.3 kg to 5.5 kg) and dimensions.

In the configuration for the models there is a clamp and a nylon cable, but there is no hose, which must be purchased separately. When installing the mechanism in water, it is necessary to fasten the cable, electric cord and hose together and hang them in a stable bundle so that the device itself is at a certain distance from the bottom (at least half a meter).

NBC - models for home use

NBC - household centrifugal pumps are also represented by 7 models. Two models have the lowest power - 380 watts, the most powerful pump - 900 watts. Productivity - from 28 l / min to 55 l / min, but one model (NBC-0.75E) is equipped with an ejector, so it has an increased productivity of 80 l / min.

Pump NBTs-600PK
All pumps of the NBTs series are manufactured in steel or cast iron housings, except for one model - NBTs-600PK (PC - plastic case)

The lifting height of surface pumps, as you know, does not exceed 9 m, however, the unit with the ejector here also surpasses its counterparts, lifting the liquid by 25 m.

In addition, it differs in that it is equipped with a pressure gauge and a check valve.

Caliber 380
The NEC-380 model is suitable not only for irrigation, but also for a home water supply system. Like all centrifugal pumps, it is capable of pumping only clean or slightly contaminated water (in this case, we recommend installing filters)

Consider the technical base of the NBTs-380 pump more closely.

The device of the centrifugal unit is simple: a rod with an impeller is placed in a robust housing, which accelerates the fluid entering the housing by the blades, pushing it toward the outlet by centrifugal force. There can be several wheels - such devices are called multi-stage.

The principle of operation of a centrifugal pump
The principle of operation of the centrifugal device of the NBC: under pressure, water enters the working chamber, then the blades of the wheel are distributed around the periphery and moves in the direction of the outlet

Surface pumps are installed either near the well (in the caisson) or in the basement of a residential building. The depth of water intake is small (maximum 8-9 m), however, it can be increased by connecting ejector. NBCs are able to provide clean water for a family of 2-3 people.

NPC - submersible drainage pumps

For pumping contaminated water, more powerful devices are needed, and Caliber offers the largest series - drainage, consisting of 15 models: 7 of them are enclosed in a plastic case, 4 in a steel case, 4 more in cast iron.

The last group is fecal pumpscapable of transporting very contaminated liquid with large (up to 15 mm) extraneous inclusions - pieces of clay, garbage, sand.

Pump drainage NPC 1350
The model NPC-1350NF differs from other drainage and fecal pumps in that it has an additional device - a grinder. The unit is capable of processing effluents with contaminants of any kind, the size of the absorbed particles is indicated as “unlimited”

It is worth noting that all NPCs are declared universal by the manufacturer, that is, they can move both clean and dirty liquids.

Easy to maintain, compact devices are easy to carry from place to place and use at their discretion for the following needs:

  • equipping the water supply system at home;
  • groundwater level reduction;
  • water intake from natural reservoirs - rivers and lakes;
  • maintenance of decorative ponds and pools;
  • application in irrigation and irrigation systems;
  • drainage of basements, tanks;
  • elimination of consequences of accidents, floods.

Plastic pumps are lighter, more convenient for transportation, but stainless steel counterparts are more efficient.

Metal aggregates easily cope with pumping hot water and cleaning the sewer system. But there are limitations: NPCs cannot be used to move fuel, sea water and liquids with inclusions of corrosion.

Float device
The diagram shows the principle of operation of the float device: at a normal water level, the device operates in normal mode, with a reduced level, it automatically turns off

Submersible in its design drainage pump reminds centrifugal - water moves under the influence of the driving wheel. However, to work it must be completely immersed in water, and the liquid level is controlled by a special device - a float.

As an example - a review of the model Caliber NPC-400.

NPPSS - equipment for wells

Downhole equipment is characterized in that it has the ability to lift fluid from great depths without loss of productivity. For example, submersible centrifugal caliber pumps have a volume height of 40 m to 100 m, and the most powerful devices do not stop working if there are impurities in the water up to 1 mm in size.

The range of pumps is presented by models with power from 250 W to 1100 W, capacity from 1.2 m³ / h to 3.8 m³ / h. The well pump is part of the water supply system and is powered by an asynchronous AC motor.

Well pump
The principle of the downhole pump: the engine transmits the movement to the shaft with the impeller, the impeller moves the fluid from the discharge chamber to the outlet pipe, then it enters the pipe under pressure

It is installed in the same way as a conventional submersible pump. However, if the vibrating pump is used mainly for wells and lowered to a shallow depth, well models are placed deep in the shaft.

This makes maintenance and repair of equipment difficult, and when the cable breaks, lifting the device is considered impossible.

Well pump Caliber NPPC
The most powerful borehole pump Caliber NPTSS-1,5 / 100, with a capacity of 1100 watts. Suitable for the deepest wells - up to 100 m

One of the models - NPCS-3.6 / 48 PRK - has special qualities.The multistage mechanism with floating wheels pumps fluid with foreign inclusions, which means that it can be used for wells with a high sand content in the fluid. At the same time, the device has a power of 750 W and a capacity of 60 l / min.

Special offers

Caliber products are not only submersible or surface centrifugal pumps.

Under the same marking, you can find other equipment:

  • pumping stations;
  • fountain pumps;
  • circulation pumps.

The autonomous water supply stations SVD, in addition to the pump, include a hydraulic accumulator and a pressure switch. Pumping stations in the country are very convenient, as they provide an uninterrupted supply of water in the required quantity.

You can afford to take a bath or shower, use the washing machine. For comparison: a simple vibration pump is not designed for maintenance of a residential building.

Pump station - device
The pressure monitoring device (pressure switch) regulates the operation of the pumping station in automatic mode: as soon as the pressure reaches a critical level, a shutdown occurs

The power of the proposed equipment is from 160 W to 1550 W, the productivity is from 1.8 m³ / h to 3.9 m³ / h. To choose the right unit, it is necessary to calculate the total water consumption, the distance from the well to the house, the height of the lift.

Pump station SVD 160
Pumping stations for temporary use are installed directly on the street, next to the well; devices for permanent water supply are mounted in the basement or in the utility room, on a specially constructed stand

The NPE fountain pumps are designed to supply purified water in the decoration systems of reservoirs - ponds, pools. They differ from ordinary pumps in their appearance - a compact plastic case and a tube ending with a spray nozzle.

Power models - 6 watts, 35 watts, 95 watts, performance - from 380 l / h to 3500 l / h. The maximum pressure of the most powerful device is 3 m.

NC circulation electric pumps are useful if you decide to equip a heating system. They are designed to operate on a network with a stable or slightly variable flow. Power of devices - from 72 W to 90 W, productivity - from 2.4 m³ / h to 3.8 m³ / h.

Circulation pump Caliber
The circulation apparatus is installed directly in the pipeline in a place convenient for maintenance, and the required power is set using a special switch

Browse Popular Models

The general characteristics of the various groups will help you navigate the range of Caliber pumping products, and now we will take a closer look at the properties and methods of using some models of various types.

Model No. 1 - NVT-210 / 40P

If you do not live in the country all the time, but come only in the summer, use a personal plot for growing vegetables or flowers, pay attention to the compact, easy-to-use vibration pump. It is designed to lift water from wells and boreholes having an internal diameter of more than 8 cm.

A productivity of 12 l / min is enough to water the beds, flower beds or berry bushes, the main thing is that the water in the source is clean, since the device is not intended for pumping contaminated liquid.

If you carefully study the instructions, you will notice another warning: the pump should run for no more than 2 hours, after which a 20-minute break is required.

Mounting the vibration pump
For proper functioning, the equipment must be correctly installed by attaching a rubber or polypropylene hose with a diameter of 18 mm to 22 mm

For hanging, you must use the nylon cord, which is supplied with the kit when sold. If you want to use a more durable metal cable or chain, still fix it with a nylon cord, otherwise you will break the eyes on the case.

For durable installation of the power cord, cable and hose, you should make a kind of bundle, intercepting them in several places with tape, so that the hose hangs freely and does not bend. The whole structure must be fixed to the crossbar.

The pump must completely immerse in water and not touch the walls of the shaft, otherwise vibrational movements will harm both the walls and the device itself.

Preventive maintenance consists in regular inspection of the apparatus, for which it must be removed from the well. If the inlet is clogged, it should be cleaned, you can also change the rubber parts or strengthen the protective ring.

Model No. 2 - NBC-900N-M

This model refers to self-priming equipmenthaving a multi-stage device. The device is useful to anyone who wants to establish a water supply or irrigation system in a personal plot.

As a source of water, you can use a shallow well, a well or a natural body of water with clean or slightly contaminated water.

Technical characteristics of NBC-900N-M:

  • power - 900 W;
  • voltage from the power source - 220 V;
  • productivity - 55 l / min;
  • suction height - 8 m;
  • lifting height - 42 m.

The multi-stage design allows pumping water with mechanical particles up to 3 mm in size, however, a clean liquid extends the life of the device. Replaceable parts - seals, rubber seals - it is recommended to change from time to time, and the device itself to disassemble and carry out preventive cleaning.

Pump NBC 900
If you use a surface pump periodically to water the garden or lawn, it is not necessary to make a stable installation - just install it near a source of water

Conditions for proper installation of equipment:

  • flat dry area located in close proximity to the source;
  • free space in the engine area for ventilation;
  • easy access for inspection and maintenance.

For the pump to work, you must connect the suction hose, lower it to a depth of about 2 m (the distance to the bottom is at least half a meter). The non-return valve will improve the operation of the device (it is not included in the package, must be purchased separately). Carefully check the tightness of the connections, as air penetration into the system dramatically reduces performance.

Model No. 3 - NPC-750 / 35N

Drainage equipment is a useful mechanism in an area with an artificial reservoir, a source of water supply and the likelihood of floods.

The NPC-750 model is a centrifugal-type submersible drainage pump that pumps well, spring or rain water with equal efficiency, and also easily copes with contaminated liquids.

Technical characteristics of NPC-750 / 35N:

  • power - 750 W;
  • voltage from the power source - 220 V;
  • productivity - 13 m³ / hour;
  • maximum head - 8 m;
  • size of mechanical impurities - up to 35 mm.

The submersible pump must be in the water, the float device monitors the liquid level. When the level drops to a critical level, the float turns off the equipment, as soon as the volume of water increases, the device turns on again. If the pump is turned on / off too often (about 30 times / hour), the amount of water in the source is not enough.

Float pump
Diagram of the device of the drainage pump Caliber NPC-750 / 35N: in addition to the housing with the engine and the working pump part, there is one more mandatory element - a float switch

Timely maintenance of the pump will increase the service life. Sometimes the engine stops working or the water supply stops.

It is necessary to check the power cord, clean the suction port, check the impeller functionality, and clean the system of air that has entered. If a non-return valve is installed, check its proper functioning.

Model No. 4 - NPTSS-1,5 / 65-750

If the groundwater is deep in the suburban area, you have to equip the well and purchase a special well pump. With a lifting height of not more than 65 m, the submersible centrifugal model Caliber NPTSS-1,5 / 65-750 is suitable.

The device can also be used for pumping liquid from open reservoirs, but with one condition: the water must be clean.

Do not move water with clay sediment, debris, the presence of chemicals, corrosive inclusions. The presence of sand is allowed, but in a small amount - not more than 100 g / m³.

Well pump NPTSS
The package includes the pump itself, a power cord (15 m) with a plug, packaging and instructions. The cable for mounting the device and the supply line must be purchased separately.

Technical characteristics of NPTsS-1,5 / 65-750:

  • power - 750 W;
  • voltage from the power source - 220 V;
  • productivity - 1,5 m³ / hour;
  • lifting height - 65 m;
  • immersion depth - 5 m;
  • electric cable length - 15 m.

Note that the water supply can be different, since the pressure depends on many factors: depth, length of hoses, pipe diameter, etc. The downhole pump is part of the pumping station, so control over its operation is automatic. If the equipment overheats or becomes clogged, the relay activates and turns off the mechanism.

The performance of this model is enough to service a summer cottage, but a more powerful device is needed to create an effective water supply system. We recommend that you review the rating of the best models of centrifugal pumps in this material.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The videos will help you better understand what Caliber pumps are, how they function and what they are for.

Video about the NBC 0.75 E surface centrifugal pump with ejector:

Video review of the drainage model NPC 400 / 35P:

How does the NBC-380 model (pool cleaning) work:

The complete set of economical drainage model:

As you can see, the Caliber brand pumping equipment has a different purpose, device and technical specifications. To better understand the assortment, you need to study the instructions, analyze the information and decide whether or not the pump is suitable for solving your problems.

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  1. Alexander

    When operating surface pumps, an interesting phenomenon can be observed. All hoses (for firemen they are called sleeves) are connected, the pump works in good faith, but there is no water! The fact is that for its successful functioning it is necessary to REMOVE the air from the inlet hose !!! It is not difficult to do this if the CHECK VALVE is installed. Disconnect the hose from the pump, fill in the water until it is full and reconnect it so that no air enters the pump. By the way, the inlet hose should be corrugated, reinforced with steel wire (so as not to collapse). There are self-priming pumps!

  2. Alexander

    Two more comments. Do not attempt to pump water from a depth greater than 7 meters with a surface pump.This is the height of the water column, the pressure of which is equal to atmospheric, and Mother cannot be fooled by nature, the water will cease to flow into the pump, and a break will occur. In wells, in rivers, ponds and basements, it is better to use drainage pumps, but they must be selected in accordance with the pollution of water. Drainers can be placed on the surface of the water, the float will save from the “dry run”. Submersible vibration units like the good old “Baby” system are also suitable. For trouble-free operation, make them fence mesh boxes to prevent sand and algae from getting inside. You don’t deflate the whole pond, I guarantee you, so there’s no risk.

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    I want to take some inexpensive pump for a well in the country. It will be used for watering + small household needs. Which Caliber line should I take?