Do-it-yourself water pump repair: an overview of the most popular failures

Nikolay Fedorenko
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Last update: June 2019

Owners of country houses and cottages have to independently organize the water supply of their own plots. Agree, this is a very difficult task. And without a well pump, it becomes simply insoluble. Many homeowners, having studied the offers on the market, opt for centrifugal borehole pumps "Vodomet" produced by the Russian company "Dzhileks".

These devices do an excellent job of delivering water from various structures, but they still break periodically. The fastest way to solve the problem is to repair the Vodomet pump with your own hands. You cannot call this simple task, but many home craftsmen deal with it more than satisfactorily.

We will talk about how the Water Jet pump is arranged and how it works. Also, we will talk about the most common equipment failures and their causes. The material contains thematic videos that will help to repair the pump with your own hands.

How is the water cannon arranged and working?

The centrifugal pump device “Water cannon"Somewhat more complicated than that of vibrational"Baby" or "Brook" In the lower part of the unit there is a sealed oil-filled engine, on the shaft of which peculiar glasses are put on - elements with working floating wheels.

Depending on the capacity of the pump, such glasses may be more or less. The top cover of the pump presses all these elements and holds them in the correct position. An electric cable comes out of this cover, a pipe for supplying water to the water main and eyelets for hanging the pump.

Water Jet Pump
The pump "Vometomet" is a reliable equipment with high efficiency. Its design allows you to perform many repairs at home

Floating impellers are the highlight of this unit. At the very beginning of work, they are ground to the structure by grinding the plastic collar. As a result, a minimum gap is formed between static and moving elements of the device. This design provides high pump efficiency.

Another advantage of the pump’s floating wheels is the ability to pass particles of sand entering the well during natural sanding processes. Models of the pump type “Water-jet A” are arranged in a similar way.

They are additionally equipped with a float switch, which is designed to turn off the device in the event of an emergency. For example, if the source has run out of water for some reason (low debit, flooding, etc.).

Installation of a water cannon pump according to the rules
If the installation and operation of the Vodomet pump was carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, there will be no need for premature repairs

The borehole pump "Vodomet", despite the absence of such protection, works quite well, but it is very important that it is correct install it in the well. It can be turned on / off every three minutes without sacrificing structural integrity.

To prevent a “dry running” situation, which is fatal for any pump, you should choose the right model, suspend it at the right height, etc.

An additional element extends the life of the device, but requires additional space for placement. For this reason, Water Launcher A ”is usually used not in wells, but in wells. But this model has to be repaired in much the same way as a well pump.

Another feature of Vodomet submersible pumps is the lower water intake. The design allows the pump to be used in a semi-submerged state. If you need to completely empty the tank, "Water cannon" will perfectly cope with the task.

But in a filter well, having a pump like this is not always useful. The device will constantly pick up sand from the bottom. This adversely affects both the quality of the water and the condition of the impellers of the device.

To prevent a problem of this nature, homemade nozzles are put on the bottom of the pump to prevent sand from entering the device.

The unit must be positioned in the well so that between the bottom of the output and the bottom of the pump is at least 1 m. It is possible to submerge the water jet so that there is no more than 30 m between the water mirror and the top of the device.

The water cannon is designed for pumping water with a temperature of +1 to +35 ° C. It is not recommended to violate the temperature regime for its normal operation. And you can not turn on the unit more than 20 times a day.

In order to exclude premature wear and breakdowns, it is impossible for the Water Jet to work without water. The device must be grounded. It is necessary to include an RCD in the network, which turns off the device when current leaks exceed 30 mA.

How to disassemble the pump?

The device of the water cannon pump cannot be called completely simple and understandable. Before disassembling, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the features of its design. It does not hurt to fix the correct position of each element: record, photograph, shoot on video, etc.

You should also pay attention to the correct position of each detail in relation to the concepts of “top” and “bottom”. If the wheels were not installed correctly after the repair, the pump will still work, but not too efficiently.

Problems may arise after rewinding the motor. Not all pump owners remember the correct arrangement of contacts.

Oil filter puller
To carefully remove the cover of the Vodomet pump, you can use the so-called oil filter puller or its soft counterpart - twisting their fabric (rope) with a lever

Before disassembling, the pump, of course, should be disconnected from the power supply and removed from the well. To facilitate the work, it is better to disconnect the water supply pipe from the pipe and remove the metal cable.

When the pump is in the working position, its washed engine is in the upper part, and the pump part, consisting of impellers and glasses with caps, is in the lower part. But when disassembling the pump, it is more convenient to keep it upside down ie. engine down.

The first step in disassembling the pump is to unscrew the bottom cover. Perform this operation with a sufficiently long screwdriver threaded into the eyes for hanging the cable. Unscrew counterclockwise.

Perhaps it will be more convenient to use other devices, for example, a gas key number three. A device for removing the oil filter cover, which is well known to motorists, or its analogue from a strip of durable fabric with a lever for twisting it, is also suitable.

After that, chambers with lids and wing wheels must be carefully removed from the pump casing. The lids of the glasses are numbered from 1 to 3. Usually, all glasses with the number “1” are put on the shaft first, then with the number “2”, then with the number “3”.

When disassembling a water-jet pump, these elements will be removed in the reverse order. It is better to write down the numbering order of the glasses to avoid errors during assembly.

Dismantling the pumping part of the Water Jet
This photo shows an unassembled pump part of the device. Elements are laid out in the order they were assembled. You should immediately remember which side is the top (click to enlarge)

Do not hinder to immediately determine the direction of movement of the shaft. To do this, the pump with the wheels removed just turn on for a few seconds. The wheel should stand in such a way that water is sucked in from the bottom in the center, and water flows up to the outside of the ring.

In the correct position, the ring with the blades should be installed with the wide part towards the engine, i.e. protrusion down and smooth side up.

Water Pump Engine
This is how the engine of the Vodomet pump looks out of the device. The shaft is fixed with two clips that must be held with pliers to remove it

The pump shaft is not twisted, as in similar models, but is fixed with two clips. If it is necessary to remove it, clamp the clips with pliers and remove the shaft. When the cups with impellers are removed, it may be necessary to also remove the electric motor. This will require some effort, since it is pressed into the housing quite tightly.

In order not to bend the shaft, put the pump housing on a support with a hole in which you can insert the shaft. After that, carefully drive the engine out of the housing with a hammer and plank. They hit the end with a hammer, and the plate acts as a shock absorber.

When the position of the engine in the housing changes, you must first remove the ring-shaped retainer gasket. It must be rotated inside the housing by 90 degrees, squeezed a little and removed so as not to damage the internal thread of the housing. You can immediately pay attention to the position of this gasket.

Disassembled Water Jet Engine
The photo shows the elements of the disassembled pump engine "Water-jet": 1 - the shaft of the hydraulic part; 2 - gland spring, 3 - gland, 4 - front cover; 5 - membrane; 6 - front flange; 7 - rotor

It should be facing the engine on the side with which the chamfer is removed. After that, you can remove the engine from the housing. It is closed by the top cover of the pump, which is fixed with two strong sealing rubber bands.

To remove the cover, put the engine on its side. Then the cover is gently knocked out of the engine housing, striking it with a wide screwdriver and a rubber mallet. Other suitable tools can be used for this. Under the cover is a capacitor. Sometimes this element fails, but it is not difficult to replace.

When handling the pump housing, care should be taken. Sometimes it becomes necessary to fix the device in a vice. First, it is recommended to wrap the housing in place of fixation with shock-absorbing material. The force must be moderate so as not to deform the product.

Reassembly process

After the repair is completed, it is necessary to assemble the pump correctly. If mistakes are made at this stage, the device will need another repair.

When performing reassembly, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Reinstall the capacitor.
  2. Carefully lay the wires inside the motor housing.
  3. Press in the top cover of the pump.
  4. Insert the motor into the pump housing.
  5. Press in the assembled motor in such a way as to ensure its tight fit at the end of the housing.
  6. Insert the ring-shaped retainer gasket and push it all the way with a suitable tool.
  7. Place the white impeller on the shaft with the smooth side facing the engine, i.e. down.
  8. Put on the shaft a white gasket, and then assembled the glass with the lid “bottom” (ie this lid) down.
  9. Put on the blue washer.
  10. Reinstall the impeller, white washer, glass, and blue washer.
  11. Repeat until all elements are installed.
  12. Cover the stack of glasses with a lid and carefully tighten it with a gas wrench or other device.

To facilitate mounting the engine into the housing during reassembly, the edge of the housing can be treated with silicone grease. During installation, it is necessary to pay attention to the numbering of the glasses and follow the sequence of their installation exactly. Install a clamping pad on top.

Water Pump Pump
The working rings of the Vodomet pump wear out quickly, especially if they pump water that is heavily contaminated with sand. Replacing these elements is not difficult, it is important to disassemble and then assemble the pump part of the device

In order to prevent further damage, it is recommended that, with severe wear, replace this element with a new gasket. Typically, a new gasket can be purchased from the manufacturer or picked up at specialized retail outlets. After the repair of the pump is completed, you need to check its operation.

You can immerse it in a container of water, for example, in a bucket, to make sure that the device turns on and is able to pump water. But the idea of ​​how good pressure the pump will provide in the system is thus not possible.

Checking the pump for pressure can be done at a service center, but first it’s better to check if this is possible.

Another test option is possible if the owner of the pump has a large capacity tank. Of course, you can check the characteristics of the repaired pump directly in the well, but if problems are found during the check, the device will have to be taken from a sufficiently large depth. To avoid this, a preliminary check on the surface will help.

Typical faults and repairs

If the Vodomet pump is under warranty service, the easiest way to solve all the problems is in the service center. But when the deadlines have passed, owners usually prefer to save and carry out repairs on their own. Some operations, such as replacing worn working rings, are simple.

But if you need to rewind the engine, it is better to entrust this business to specialists.As for spare parts and accessories, they can be purchased without any problems and at a very reasonable price.

The company "Dzhileks" willingly sells spare parts for its products. They are sold in specialized stores and in service centers. You can also contact the manufacturer directly.

Spoiled Pump Condenser
It looks like the result of water penetrating into the engine compartment, if for some reason the housing is poorly sealed - the capacitor is damaged, it should be replaced

By the nature of the failure of the device, you can approximately judge what kind of repair work will be needed.

Here is a list of typical problems that owners of Vodomet pumps have to face:

  • The device does not turn on.
  • The pump casing is beating an electric shock.
  • The water pressure in the system has decreased markedly.
  • The pump operates unevenly, making sounds uncharacteristic for normal functioning.

Here is a list of the malfunctions that are characteristic of these symptoms and ways to resolve them:

  • The motor winding burned out. It will have to be completely replaced.
  • Contact is broken or wire is broken. It is necessary to open the motor housing, restore the connection with the contacts and / or the integrity of the power cable.
  • The integrity of the engine housing is broken. As a result, the condenser is wet, it should be replaced with a new analog.
  • Impellers were worn out. It is necessary to disassemble the pump and replace them with new elements.

Of course, if the pump has already been removed from the well for repair, it makes sense to conduct a complete diagnosis of the unit. Disassemble the pump, inspect gaskets, washers, glasses, impellers and other elements. If signs of wear are noticeable, you should immediately take care of replacing such items.

Then it makes sense to disassemble the motor, test the condition of the contacts and the supply wire. If necessary, locate the damaged cable and reconnect. Sometimes it’s worth replacing the power cord completely.

Problems with a damp capacitor are usually obvious even in appearance. Soldering a new capacitor is usually not difficult, but during the reassembly, the cause of the malfunction should also be eliminated, i.e. ensure sufficient tightness of the motor housing.

The burned-out motor winding, as already mentioned, will be difficult to perform correctly at home. This operation can be ordered at the factory, and all other work is done independently. So the repair will be cheaper. In some cases, it is easier and more reliable to replace the engine with a new device.

When the engine is depressurized, a situation is observed that experts characterize with the word “emulsion”. This means that water has entered the engine housing and mixed with oil, turning it into an emulsion. Oil must be drained and completely replaced.

In no case should you replace this fluid with any ordinary engine oil. The only suitable lubricant for Vodomet pumps is pure glycerin. The fact is that in the event of a breakdown, oil can get into the well and significantly damage the quality of the water. To get rid of such pollution is very difficult.

Popular causes of breakdowns

There are only two main reasons for the breakdown of Vodomet pumps: errors made during the manufacture of the device and difficult operating conditions. The host of the pump is powerless to influence the first situation.

If it’s so unlucky that you got a defective unit, you need to tune in to long-term cooperation with the service center as part of the warranty.

Water pump motor winding
If the motor winding is damaged, the pump simply does not turn on. Correctly restore the winding in a home workshop is not easy, it is better to contact the factory

Inaccurate handling of the device or its improper installation are quite common. Do not pull the pump by the electric cable; this is the weak point of the pump. If you handle it carelessly, small cracks may form at its entrance to the engine housing, so it’s important to correctly get equipment out of the well.

Over time, they expand, moisture enters the body and the engine becomes unusable. In the same way, contact may be cut off. Cable breaks can be caused when installing the pump if the wire is broken or accidentally broken.

Immersion Depth Pump
The correct suspension depth is an important factor in the smooth operation of the pump. If the device is too deep and constantly works under increased load, it will break quickly

Impeller wear can be caused by prolonged contact with contaminated sand. The manufacturer, of course, does not recommend pumping water with a water cannon including sand and clay slurry up to two kilograms for every cubic meter of water in the well.

However, the instructions do not say how much water can be contaminated and how long it can take to transport it without affecting the design of the pump.

Practice shows that the water can pumps can be used in only one quality. Either to supply water to the water supply, or to remove sand from the well.

Having pumped the sandy structure, the owner of the pump is surprised to observe the uneven operation of the pump. The reason is simple - the impellers are worn out and require replacement.

Waterjet pump with nozzle
A non-trivial option to protect the Vodomet pump against sanding if the suspension is too low. If it is not possible to suspend the pump at the desired height, you can use such a protective nozzle

It’s easy to fix the situation, but pump a contaminated well or swing it after drilling can be done in a more efficient way: using a submersible vibration pump of the “Kid” or “Trickle” type. Such a technique is cheaper and easier to repair.

Another cause of damage to the Vodomet pump is incorrect suspension of the pump. If the immersion depth of the device exceeds the figure specified by the manufacturer, the device operates at increased loads for which it is not designed. Often in such situations, engine depressurization is observed.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The following material demonstrates very clearly how to properly disassemble a water-jet pump, as well as the process of reassembling one of the models:

Disassembling and repairing Vodomet pumps requires attention to detail and some skills. Over time, the task becomes quite feasible and familiar. Many home craftsmen maintain and repair such pumps, while achieving complete success.

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  1. Vladimir

    Good afternoon! My water cannon 55/75 removed all the rings, and the engine itself does not go any further; the o-ring prevents it from being reached because of the spare part in front of it. Maybe you have encountered such a problem, tell me please.

    • Alexander

      Good afternoon. I have the same problem (water cannon pump 55/75), I can’t get to the o-ring because of the plastic part, I knocked it almost to the edge, 1 cm remains and does not go any further. Have you figured out how to remove this plastic part? In my pump, the stoppers on the rod flew, I think how to stop, everything is made of plastic.

    • Alexei

      The housing of the mechanical seal also burst (the Jilex water-jet pump 40/50), as a result, oil leaked. Cracks are barely noticeable, but when assembled, the pressure of the mechanical seal increases and all the oil flows out.

  2. The water cannon is a good pump. However, due to the design of the lower water intake, problems arise with the suspension and fine sand getting into the unit itself. I was immediately warned about this when the pump was just looking for a suitable one. After the first cleaning, “Vodomet” installed a home-made lid with a fine mesh, which helps eliminate pump clogging.

    • Expert
      Nikolay Fedorenko

      I don’t know how Vodomet has, but other manufacturers, for example, the same domestic Belamos, have different models. This is me to the fact that you must first conduct a chemical analysis of water before installing pumping equipment. If the well has a high sand content, then you need to choose a well pump that will work without problems in such an environment. The same goes for water with a high iron content and so on.

      I often notice that many people use a pump that is not intended for use in water with the current chemical composition, and then they are surprised at the accompanying breakdowns.

  3. Dmitry

    A good pump with a 1 year warranty cannot be.