How to repair the Agidel pump: an overview of typical breakdowns and how to fix them

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Last update: July 2019

Agidel - compact and reliable pumps, popular among summer residents and owners of suburban households. They successfully pump water from a very decent depth. But, like any equipment, they also have breakdowns. Agree, it would be nice to cope with the repair yourself, without resorting to the services of specialists.

And what if the pump does not pump water? It turns out that in the event of a breakdown, it is not so difficult to independently repair the Agidel pump. It is enough to know its device, the principle of operation and operation features.

We will tell you about the most common problems of popular equipment and the reasons for their occurrence. The article compiles and summarizes the advice of experts, gives schemes of work, as well as useful photos and videos to help deal with the problem.

Models and features of operation

“Agidel-M” and “Agidel 10” are surface type models production of Ufa software. Relatively high performance at an affordable price, compact size, high maintainability - all this made the Agidel pump popular and in demand in Russia and the near abroad.

The “Agidel-M” model is purchased even by those owners of private houses who use the services of central water supply. In such cases, it serves as a stabilizer. system pressure.

This small device weighs only 6 kg and its power is also relatively small - only 370 watts. The hose can be immersed to a depth of 7 m, but if you use an ejector, this figure will increase to 15 meters.

With the proper operation of such a pump, a water pressure of about 20 m can be achieved, which is enough to perform many operations, for example, to irrigate or pump water from various containers. Power "Agidel 10" higher - 500 kW. It is three kilograms heavier, its weight is 9 kg.

Agidel pump device
The diagram shows the Agidel-M pump device. Before starting repairs, it is recommended to study this diagram in order to properly disassemble and assemble the device

"Agidel 10" provides a head up to 30 m. This is quite enough to not only pump out the water of their well, but to organize autonomous water supply at home or cottages with quite comfortable working pressure in the system. A useful feature of the Agidel pumps is their rather long operating time.

The engine of the device is equipped with an effective cooling system, so it does not overheat during operation. However, these devices are demanding of operating conditions. Using Agidel pumps in the right conditions can reduce the number of breakdowns or even avoid them.

Pump Agidel 10
Pumps "Agidel 10" are more powerful than the model "Agidel-M", and also provide a pressure of up to 30 meters, which allows it to be used for autonomous water supply at home

Pumps of this type are designed for pumping clean water without pollution and with a temperature of not more than 35 degrees. Before starting operation, you should carefully study all the technical documentation of the device, taking into account the characteristics of a particular model.

Both modifications “Agidel 10” and “Agidel M” require preliminary preparation. The pump parts of the devices must first be filled with water so as not to burn out the mechanical seal.

Both pump models should be installed on a level, horizontal and solid surface. The pump can work in other conditions, but at the same time its efficiency is noticeably reduced. It is important to maintain all distances correctly.

For example, if water is taken from a tank or some reservoir, at least 350 mm of free space should remain from the bottom of this object to the suction valve of the hose connected to the pump.

Agidel pump kit
The Agidel pump is equipped with all the elements necessary for its successful installation and operation. Compliance with the requirements of the manufacturer allows you to operate this pump for several decades

The closer the pump is to the water source, the higher its efficiency. Therefore, "Agidel" almost never put in the house.

The device located outside residential buildings should be protected from precipitation and direct sunlight, the effects of which can even overheat the unit turned off. For protection, a durable box that can be made independently is suitable.

This is a suitable option for a summer residence, where the pump is used only in summer time. This device is not intended for use in cold weather. What to do if you want to use Agidel all year round?

The most time-consuming option for solving the problem is as follows: you need to dig a deep enough pit to install a pump in it below the level of freezing of the soil.

Sometimes the owners decide to put the “Agidel” in the house, resigned to some loss in the efficiency of its work. Or you can place a separate heated room near the water source.

This method, perhaps, is not the most difficult, but it is certainly the most expensive in implementation and during operation.

Base for agidel pump
To install the pump "Agidel" should use a solid, flat horizontal base. This will ensure maximum efficiency and productivity of its work.

If the owners of the house have a sufficiently spacious well, the pump can be installed directly in it. So it will be much lower than the level of freezing of the soil and will be reliably protected from the cold.

Installation site agidel pump serves as a special raft of compact dimensions or brackets fixed below the depth of seasonal freezing of soils. The proximity of the device to the source affects the efficiency of the pump exclusively positively.

It is necessary to place the device very carefully on the raft, since the risk of contact of the device’s body with water increases. This is extremely undesirable, because it is a surface, not an immersion model. This solution will cause another problem - the lack of cable length.

The cable for such pumps is very short - only one and a half meters. Most likely, it will be necessary to build up the cable, carefully isolating the joints at the shrink sleeves.

The use of household extension cords inside the well is extremely undesirable, because even with a small contact of the connection with water, a short circuit is almost guaranteed.

Agidel pump cable
Agidel pumps have a very short cable, just 1.5 meters. If necessary, you can increase it or use an extension cord

A great way to break Agidel at the very beginning of its operation is to turn it on without pouring water. For these units, “dry running” is strictly contraindicated. As a result, the cuff will deteriorate and lose tightness, water will enter the engine, and it will burn.

It will be possible to eliminate the breakdown only by completely replacing it, and such a case does not fall under the guarantee conditions.

To fill the Agidel modifications with water, before starting operation, you will need a water tank with a volume of 1.5 l and a funnel with a thread that is required to screw it into the filling valve. After 4 - 5 minutes after pouring, the device may begin to pump water. Before pouring, it should be noted that the device’s engine immediately fails when water enters it.

Agidel pump repair prevention measures
Do not use the Agidel 10 pump for any purpose without pre-filling

The causes of the most common breakdowns

If there are problems in the operation of the Agidel pump, first of all, it is necessary to check the conditions of its operation. There have been cases when a simple change of position of the pump, for example, installing it on a more reliable foundation, made it possible to substantially correct the situation.

Earlier, problems with the power cable or pump motor were mentioned. Such problems are extremely rare if the device is used correctly.

There are not so many reasons for breakdowns when the Agidel pump for some reason does not pump water. Among the most frequent, it is worth noting an improperly selected hose or a leaky stuffing box. In both cases, the damaged element must be replaced. Before starting this procedure, especially when it comes to the gland, you will have to carefully examine the pump device.

How to repair Agidel M

As mentioned above, the reasons for the breakdown of the Agidel pump are not so many. We will consider the two most common and tell you how to deal with them.

Breakdown # 1. Water stopped flowing

If the water from the pump does not flow evenly, jerkily or completely stops flowing, but the pump turns on and buzzes, there is most likely a problem with the hose. When these symptoms appear, it is best to turn off the pump immediately to prevent dry running. This is especially important when it comes to the Agidel M model.

Problems usually arise when a regular rubber hose is used. It happens as follows. During the operation of the pump, a rarefied medium is created inside the hose cavity, and the pressure decreases.

An ordinary hose is not designed for such loads. Its walls are deformed, reducing the clearance inside the hose, or completely collapse.

Agidel pump hose
It is recommended to use a special plastic-reinforced hose or water pipe with the Agidel surface pumps. An ordinary rubber hose may collapse

As a result, water goes into the system jerky or even stops flowing. Correcting the situation is not difficult. To do this:

  1. Disconnect the pump from the power supply.
  2. Take it out of the protective box.
  3. Remove the old hose.
  4. Connect a new hose with suitable characteristics.
  5. If necessary, fill the device with water (if we are talking about the model "Agidel M").
  6. Reinstall the pump.
  7. Connect it to power and turn it on.

Usually, after replacing the hose, water enters the system evenly and with good pressure. To prevent the hose from collapsing, it is recommended to use a special material reinforced with a plastic spiral. Such a hose is extremely resistant to external influences and never collapses.

An effective alternative to a reinforced hose can be a plastic water pipe. If it is more convenient, just such a design can be omitted into the source.

Breakdown # 2. Worn oil seal

More complex problems arise when the oil seal in the Agidel pump wears out, that is, a special seal that is installed on the motor shaft in the place where the water pump is attached to it.

To replace, the pump will have to be disassembled almost completely. Leakage problems are indicated by leakage from the drainage hole of the device. Disassemble pumps of this type, following approximately the following pattern:

  1. On the top of the case, you should find three mounting bolts and unscrew them.
  2. After the bolts are removed, the cover must be removed from the device.
  3. Then you need to unscrew another four mounting bolts that hold the electric motor.
  4. After that, carefully remove the motor housing.
  5. Now access to the pump scroll is released, which also needs to be removed.
  6. To do this, unscrew another four mounting bolts.
  7. Under the impeller is a rubber gasket that needs to be removed.
  8. Now unscrew the nut that secures the impeller.
  9. The axis of the anchor is removed from the impeller.
  10. The bearing and anchor are removed from the housing.
  11. After this, the first oil seal should be carefully removed from the impeller, then the plastic splitter, then the second oil seal.
  12. Now, instead of the old oil seals, you need to take new ones and assemble the entire device in the reverse order.

Even from this brief description it is clear that disassembling and reassembling the Agidel pump requires attention and scrupulousness. You need to prepare a place for all the elements in advance.

To facilitate reassembly, it makes sense to lay out the parts not in a horrible way, but in the correct sequence. The device includes many mounting bolts. It is best to provide separate boxes for them so as not to lose or confuse anything.

Agidel pump disassembly
To unscrew the nut that holds the impeller, it is recommended to use a special narrow socket wrench. A suitable tool is in the hand of the master, too thick is nearby, for comparison

In practice, correctly disassembling the "Agidel" is not easy. In case of inept handling, the device can be seriously damaged. More serious repairs and specialist intervention will be required. Begin with the right preparation. So, before you start disassembling the pump, you need to purchase the necessary parts, i.e. oil seals.

It is not difficult to buy them, this is not a scarce element, it is recommended to take two oil seals at once and replace both, although there is no rule prohibiting replacing only one.

However, practice shows that if one oil seal is worn out, then the second will soon suffer the same fate. In order not to carry out disassembly-assembly again, it is easier to immediately change both glands.

Replacing oil seals for Agidel pump
If you need to replace two gaskets at the same time, they should be carefully knocked out of the seat with a suitable tool

Experienced professionals recommend not stocking up with two oil seals, but taking a set of 4, 6 or 8 elements. The gland should not just be put in place, it should be pressed in. If handled carelessly, this part is easily damaged.

In order not to go to the market for a new oil seal, it is better to create a small supply, especially since these elements are not so expensive.

Agidel pump oil seals
With used oil seals, you can not particularly stand on ceremony, but here the plastic separator that is between them should be removed carefully

To unscrew the mounting bolts, it is very convenient to use a special socket head of a suitable size. The bolts are standard at 13. If the pump was operated correctly, it was cleaned and lubricated in time, then there should not be any big problems with loosening the bolts.

A socket wrench, called a head, is also required to unscrew the nut by 13, which holds the impeller on the shaft of the electric motor. A special compact key with a narrow knob, approximately 6 mm, is required. The fact is that access to the nut is somewhat limited, it is located in a narrow recess. The head of the usual sizes there simply will not fit.

Problems can arise when it is necessary to remove the armature axis from the impeller of the pump. This element sits quite tight, you will have to make additional, but careful efforts. If, when trying to remove an element simply by hand, it does not feed, you will have to knock it out.

To do this, take a metal (iron or brass) rod. The motor housing is mounted on a support so that it can be attached to the axis of the armature is a metal rod. After that, the rod is sharply hit with a hammer.

As a result of the impact, both the anchor and the bearing will come out of the electric motor housing, which will make it easy to remove the impeller from the shaft.

If for some reason it is decided to replace only one oil seal, the upper one, it is simply picked out with a suitable tool. But when replacing both seals, they must be carefully knocked out of the case.

If there is a head of the right size, you can use it. If such a tool was not found, the punch can simply be cut out from a suitable piece of wood.

Pressing in the Agidel pump oil seals
New oil seals are pressed into place in turn, first one, then a separator, then another oil seal. use a suitable tool in size and configuration, as well as a vise

Pounding is carried out carefully to avoid unnecessary deformation of other elements in the pump design. Especially careful handling requires a plastic element that separates the seals.

It is not known for what reasons, but it is very difficult to find the same in free sale, although oil seals are freely sold in specialized retail outlets. Therefore, experts recommend carefully separator.

The stuffing box for the pump “Agidel-M” has an outer diameter of 22 mm, and its inner diameter is 10 mm. Element height is 7 mm. When installing both seals, it should be remembered that its spring should be directed towards the impeller. The plastic splitter must also be installed correctly. It should not block the drainage hole.

For reverse pressing the glands, you can use a vise, as well as a round and smooth element, the diameter of which corresponds to the diameter of the gland. Pressing is performed alternately, i.e. first put the first oil seal, then mount the separation element, then press in the second oil seal. Before proceeding with reassembly, it is recommended that the armature axis be lubricated with lithol, which will facilitate installation work.

The remaining stages of the reassembly do not differ in increased complexity. After the device is assembled and filled with water, it is recommended to turn it on and make sure that the leak from the drainage hole is no longer observed. If this is the case, the repair can be considered successful, and the device - good.

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Most often, when operating the Agidel pump, it is the oil seal that causes the owners of the device trouble. In general, it is a reliable device. With proper maintenance and regular care, such a pump can serve for several decades faithfully.

We are waiting for your stories about the restoration of the work of the Agidel pump, done by yourself. We and visitors to the site will be happy to answer your questions that arose when reading our information. Please comment in the box below.

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Visitors Comments
  1. I have met many of these pumps, and I have one. Throughout the warm season he has been working reliably for our family. I increased the cable so that I reached the depth of the well. Very high quality made. But our winter is harsh and we have to manage with other means. And in the south you can operate the pump all year round.

  2. Alexander

    Pumps "Agidel" are very "tenacious" units, they will last a long time subject to a careful and attentive attitude to them. Like all surface systems, they are contraindicated with a “dry run”, as a result of which the oil seals deteriorate, water enters the engine, short circuit, and overhaul. The glands wear out over time, water begins to leak from the drainage hole. Replacement is a simple process, but requires experience and accuracy.Rubber products are easy to spoil, so buy them with a margin and change both.

    From experience, I’ll say that in no case should these pumps be started without first pouring water.

  3. Victor

    On the pump, "Agidel M" cut the impeller. It is not possible to remove the remnants of the impeller from the axis of the engine armature. Affects a lack of experience. Sorry there is no video disassembling the pump.

  4. Ahmad

    I have been using it for 15 years. It worked flawlessly. A few days ago, the pump stopped pumping water. Rotates to empty. There is water in the wells. Oil seal new. I thought there was a place from where it sucks air. It seems not. Please tell me what is the reason?

    • Pavel

      First of all, check the pump on a barrel or a bucket of water, whether it will pump. If it shakes, then it is necessary to disassemble and check the tightness of the connections at the inlet, if there is a need then wrap the fum tape with a tape and tighten it more and more tightly. It is also necessary to check the operation of the non-return valve, replace if necessary.