Pumping station for a summer residence: rating of affordable and efficient equipment

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Automation of a country water supply system will completely forget about the lack of benefits of civilization outside the city. To implement this idea, an inexpensive production pumping station is needed that can easily do all the hard and, I must admit, ungrateful work for the owners. You don’t want to always carry water in buckets?

We will tell you which pumping station for a summer residence will be the best purchase. We list what criteria should be guided by its buyer. Here you will find a description of the design features and the specifics of connecting the equipment.

An excellent addition to the information is the rating of water supply stations, compiled on the basis of personal experience of summer residents in the selection of equipment. Using the information we presented, backed up by photos and videos, you can easily solve the problem of buying an aggregate and arranging the system.

Pump or pumping station: what is the difference?

Indeed, is a pumping station in the country really needed? Isn’t it easier to buy a regular submersible pumpthat does not require much maintenance and is cheaper?

This option is the most common, in particular in suburban areas, where the owners live only in the summer, but far from the most effective.

The principle of the pump is as follows: the device turns on and starts pumping water at the moment of opening the water tap, flushing the toilet bowl, connecting the watering hose, and turns off after turning off the plumbing devices.

It is possible that once again, by opening the tap, you will not find water in it. This can happen for two reasons:

  • the water level in the well has dropped significantly, and the pump just has nothing to pump. Until the source is filled to the desired level, the device will be "silent";
  • the pump cannot work effectively with power surges, and often such differences will lead to breakdown of the device.

When using a pumping station, water interruptions can be avoided, since it includes a tank for back-up water storage. If the flow of fluid from the well is interrupted, the pump automatically starts pumping water from the tank. In addition, the pumping equipment creates a stable pressure and provides a good pressure of water in the tap.

The principle of the pump
Submersible pump may stop working when there is insufficient water in the well or well (+)

Another advantage of using a pumping station is the ability to pump water from a well very small diameter, dropping a 2.5 cm hose into it. This circumstance acquires special significance in the summer cottage, since there is no need to equip the capital artesian well.

Design features of the equipment

All produced pumping stations are divided into industrial and domestic. The former are distinguished by high power and high efficiency; they are used for water supply of various industrial facilities.

The principle of operation of the pumping station
The pump station will provide uninterrupted water supply to the house and the plot, even if the water in the well or well reaches a critical level

The power of household devices is an order of magnitude lower, in most models its performance does not exceed 1200 W, which is enough to provide water for a country house, outbuildings and watering the garden.

Main structural elements pumping station are:

  • pump unit;
  • a tank for storing water or a hydraulic tank;
  • pressure switch;
  • pressure gauge.

The most important element of the system is the pump; the functionality of the equipment depends on its characteristics.

Automated water supply schemes can be equipped with surface units installed directly on the accumulator, or submersible, which are lowered directly into the well or well.

Inexpensive pumping station for summer cottages1
The standard pumping station, designed for domestic use, is able to satisfy the water requirements of a small country house

Surface pumps, in turn, are also divided into several types:

  • Self-priming with a built-in ejector, they allow you to get water from a depth of 45 meters. However, these units are quite noisy and have a high price.
  • Self-priming with a remote ejector, which is installed in the well shaft. Devices can also extract water from great depths, they produce a minimum of noise during operation, but they are sensitive to sand and silt;
  • Vortex or centrifugal pumps without an ejector, capable of pumping water from a depth of not more than ten meters. Units of this type are much cheaper than analogues and work more economically.

For summer cottages with a high level of groundwater, as a rule, they choose the last most economical and inexpensive version of the pumping station. Centrifugal units are distinguished by a fairly high noise level, so they are usually installed away from residential buildings.

Vortex work almost silently, but can break when freezing, it is better to place them indoors. If the depth of water in the well is more than nine meters, then it is advisable to use a station with a submersible pump.

Submersible pump station
A station equipped with a submersible pump allows you to pump water from a great depth, when choosing equipment, you must take into account the diameter of the well and the power of the unit

Pumping stations are equipped with storage tanks or accumulators. The tanks of the first type are equipped with a float mechanism that controls the water level.

Drives are inexpensive, but recently rarely used because of the complexity of installation (they are installed over plumbing fixtures), low productivity and large dimensions.

Hydraulic tanks are a fully sealed compact tank driven by pressure sensor. They have high efficiency, provide stable pressure and good water pressure. Suitable for installation anywhere.

Productive pumping station for water supply
Despite its compact size, the pumping station with a hydraulic accumulator is characterized by high performance and allows you to organize uninterrupted water supply (+)

Criteria for the selection of pumping units

When choosing a pumping station, it is necessary to take into account both the characteristics of the equipment itself and the features of the source of water intake located in the summer cottage. One of the important parameters is the pump power, which in different models varies from 0.6 to 1.5 kW.

In order to calculate the optimal power of the station, a number of factors must be taken into account: how much is available in the house and on the site of the draw-off points, at what distance the well is located from the pump, how much water the source can produce over a certain period of time.

The device of the pumping station
For the correct calculation of the power of the pumping station, it is necessary to take into account the number of plumbing fixtures to which water will be supplied

Many people think that the more powerful the station, the better, but this is not always the case. If pump power is higher than capacity water wellthen it can dry out very quickly. In addition, an overly powerful unit requires high energy costs.

This parameter is closely related to such a parameter as productivity (the volume of liquid that the device is capable of pumping per unit time). When choosing a model, you need to consider that its productivity should not exceed the capabilities of the well.A pump with a capacity of up to 3 m3 / h is enough for a seasonal summer cottage.

Another important feature of the equipment is the volume of the water storage tank. Everything is simple here - you need to calculate how much liquid is consumed daily for household needs, watering, cooking and, based on the obtained indicators, choose a station with a drive of the required volume.

Modern models are equipped with a hydraulic tank with a volume of 18 to 100 liters. The most popular ones are installations of 24-50 liters, which are the best option for a family of three to four people.

On sale there are stations with a tank volume of one and a half liters and a power not exceeding 600 watts. They are mainly used for irrigation and pumping water. If there is a storage tank in the country, you can buy equipment without a tank, which will be much cheaper.

The service life of the unit largely depends on what material the hydraulic accumulator housing is made of. Manufacturers offer plastic, cast iron and metal tanks.

In choosing a pumping station equipped with a manufacturer, the type of pump is of no small importance:

Plastic containers have a small weight, operate almost silently, but their service life is short, cast iron structures win at a cost, but they are heavy and can undergo corrosion. Steel drives are considered the most reliable and durable, but they are not without drawbacks: they work noisily and cost a lot.

Pump station installation diagram
When choosing a pumping station, it is also necessary to take into account the nature of the source (natural reservoir or well, its degree of filling, depth of water), at what distance is the pump, the maximum height of the water supply

Rating of inexpensive and economical units

The market of pumping equipment today can offer summer residents very worthy in quality and affordable pumping stations of both domestic and foreign manufacturers. The choice is huge, any owner of a garden farm will be able to choose a model based on their needs and financial capabilities.

Despite the fact that the leading positions in the industry are occupied by the German trademarks Metabo, Gardena, Karcher, AL-KO and the Italian brands Marina, Ergus, the products of Russian companies Gileks, Caliber, Vortex, Zubr are also in high demand among domestic consumers.

The best models of domestic production

Rating of the most popular pumping stations for summer cottages automatic station opens Jilex Jumbo 50/28 h18. A reliable unit that combines good performance with affordable cost.

Tops the rating of Russian pumping stations Dzhileks Jumbo
The automatic pump system Dzhileks Jumbo 50/28 has a small power of 0.5 kW, it will cope perfectly with pumping water from a source up to 9 m deep

The pump housing is made of cast iron, and the 18 liter hydraulic tank is made of painted steel. The station provides a lift of water up to 28 meters. Its productivity of 3 m3 / hour is quite enough for watering the garden and providing water to the country house.

A detailed overview of the pumping station Gileks Jumbo 50/28 you can watch on video:

Pumping station Bison ZNAS 800 - Another worthy representative of Russian production. The equipment is available in two versions: with a plastic and cast-iron pump casing, the hydraulic accumulator with a capacity of 20 liters in both versions is made of plastic. For both models, the manufacturer provides a 5 year warranty.

One of the advantages of the station is the presence of built-in thermal protection against overheating, which will turn off the unit if the pump is operating at high speeds, which significantly increases the life of the equipment. Summer residents who tested this automatic system on their sites leave positive feedback about its reliability and quality.

Pump station Bison
With a power of 0.8 kW, the ZNAS 800 Zubr station has a capacity of 3.3 m3 / h and provides good head up to a height of 40 meters

Pumping stations Caliber SVD 650 - economical and inexpensive automatic systems that allow you to organize a complete water supply network in a small summer cottage. The pump is manufactured in a plastic, cast-iron or metal case, as indicated by the marking of the model in the form of the letters “P”, “H” or “H”. The performance of the model also depends on this characteristic.

So, a station with a pump made of cast iron has a maximum capacity of 2.5 m3 / hour, in a stainless steel case - 3 m3 / hour, and in plastic - 3.5 m3 / hour. The unit with a power of 0.65 kW provides the rise of water to a height of 35 meters.

Pump station Caliber
Despite the inexpensive cost, the Caliber pumping station is equipped with everything necessary for high-quality and stable operation, it is reliable and low noise

For those who use the cottage only in the summer months, and does not set themselves the task of organizing a full-fledged plumbing systemcompact low power units are perfect Caliber SVD 160 and 310equipped with one and a half and two-liter hydraulic tanks.

With a power of 0.16 and 0.31 kW, they have a very decent capacity of 1.8 m3 / h, which is quite enough for irrigation and pumping water from the source to the places of water intake. At the same time, the price of devices is about 4000 rubles.

Pumping station Whirlwind Series ACB 800 It is presented in two versions with a hydraulic accumulator with a capacity of 19 and 24 liters. Productivity 3.6 m3 / h is provided by a 0.8 kW centrifugal pump. The device is suitable only for pumping clean water, is silent and reliable, has an affordable cost.

Pump station Whirlwind
The pump system allows you to organize a continuous supply of water with good pressure at a distance of up to 40 meters from the source of water supply

At summer residents, the automatic station is also very popular. Whirlwind ASB 370 with a cast-iron pump and hydraulic tank, with a capacity of 2 liters. At a price it is comparable to low-power installations Caliber, but in terms of productivity, which is 2.7 m3 / hour, significantly exceeds them.

The following video will introduce the Vikhr to the model range of pumping stations:

The rating of the best pumping stations for a cottage includes a universal automatic installation Aquareobot JS 60. Its price is slightly higher than the previous models, but it's worth it.

The device is equipped with multi-stage protection against overheating and dry running, automatically turns off when any critical situations occur in the system, and works stably under voltage surges.

Pump station Aquareobot
Aquareobot JS 60 is suitable for organizing autonomous water supply for a private house with permanent residence and for installation in a small garden plot of seasonal use

The pump is made of stainless steel and its impeller is made of brass. The power of the model is 0.45 kW, productivity - 3 m3 / hour. The volume of the hydraulic accumulator is 24 liters. An adaptive model equipped with a 5 liter hydraulic tank and having similar characteristics can be bought cheaper.

Pump installation Belamos XK 06 ALL - a product of joint Russian-Belarusian production. The model has good workmanship and very decent characteristics at a very low cost. With a power of 0.6 kW and a capacity of 2.8 m3 / h, the station provides a 33 m water rise. The impeller of the pump is made of brass.

Pump station Belamos
Inexpensive automatic station Belamos is equipped with a 20-liter tank, the capacity of which is enough to meet the water needs for seasonal living in the country

Pumping equipment of foreign brands

Among foreign brands, the pumping station of Italian production is most in demand among summer residents Marina SAM 40/22 HL. The unit is equipped with protection against overload and dry running, there is also a built-in pressure gauge that monitors the water pressure, pressure switchthanks to which the system can work in automatic mode.

Pumping station Marina
The compact model is quiet running, does not require special maintenance. It is easy to install and easy to operate.

The power of the installation is 0.8 kW, productivity - 3 m3 / hour. The volume of the hydraulic tank is 22 liters. These parameters allow you to organize an uninterrupted supply of water to several points of tapping in the house and at the cottage.

Automatic pump station Gardena 3000/4 Classic - a product of a well-known German manufacturer of pumping equipment. This model has a very affordable price, so it is often purchased for use in a country house. Reliable and safe equipment is manufactured with well-known German scrupulousness and impeccable quality.

The installation is endowed with a small power of 0.65 kW, but nonetheless, without problems, it provides a rise in water up to a height of 40 m. The volume of the accumulator is 19 liters, which is enough to cover the water needs in the country.

Gardena pumping station for gardening
The compact and low-noise unit will provide comfortable and convenient accommodation in the summer at the summer cottage

Another representative of the German company, which is firmly established in the suburban areas of Russia, is a pumping station AL-KO HW 3000. Silent operation, ease of operation, reliability in operation are the hallmarks of this pump unit.

With a relatively small power of 0.65 kW, the unit provides a capacity of 3.1 m3 / h. The hydraulic accumulator also has a very modest volume - 17 liters, which is fully offset by the impeccable quality of workmanship and excellent technical characteristics of the equipment.

Pump station AL-KO
The unit not only demonstrates excellent performance, but also features a stylish and ergonomic design.

Considering the models of foreign brands, one can not help but mention the products of Chinese manufacturers, whose pumping equipment is quite widespread in the vastness of Russia.

For example, a pumping station of a Chinese company with American roots Patriot PW 850 24 Inox very often purchased for country use due to its low price and very good quality.

Pump station Patriot
The power of the installation is 0.85 kW with a capacity of 3 m3 / hour, which allows the lifting of liquid to a 30-meter height (+)

The system is equipped with a 22-liter hydraulic tank; the pump is made of stainless steel, which ensures its long and reliable operation. The engine of the unit is fully adapted to the conditions of electric networks in Russia.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The principle of operation of the pumping system is described in the following video:

The review provides a far from complete list of effective and inexpensive equipment for organizing water supply for a summer cottage.

There are still a lot of high-quality and affordable pumping stations of both domestic and foreign production. But in any case, when choosing a specific model, it is necessary to proceed from your needs and characteristics of the source of water intake.

Want to share interesting facts about the choice of a pumping station for pumping water at a summer cottage? Please write comments in the block below. Here you can ask a question and talk about how you bought the equipment.

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  1. Anatoly

    No doubt, just a borehole submersible pump in the area, at best, will perform the function of irrigation and requires constant monitoring.

    When we visited the site with “arrivals” and then we had a submersible pump with an automation unit (pressure, “dry running”), and when I completely equipped the house and began to live in the country for six months, I put water in the house, installed plumbing fixtures, then I got up the question of acquiring something more reliable. I bought a “Water-jet” with a control panel, a hydro-tank, a filter. For a long time now it works without breakdowns.

  2. Alexei

    I installed an affordable surface option Caliber SVD 850CH. The engine and pump part are protected by a cast-iron casing, it works ideally for the second season. For the winter, of course, I shot it, because so far I have no winter cottage. What I especially like is that a decent pressure of water works almost silently, but it also depends on the well itself. This unit can be downloaded from the well. The only negative is that it takes water from a depth of not more than 8 m. There is still a small nuance, see that the suction and pressure hoses are not squeezed anywhere, this greatly affects the performance of the pumping station.

    • Michael

      I installed SVD-650. Bought in Leroy for a penny. The station works like a clock. The pressure is excellent, it works quietly. Before her, I had a Patriot. I was tormented with her, horror. About the minus that she lifts from 8 meters, yes, I agree. But they all lift it up because of the pump. But I heard that the caliber has an SVD, which takes from 40 meters. Some kind of new model. I didn’t particularly go deep, but when mine goes down, I’ll definitely conduct an analysis. And if there really is one, I'll buy it.