How much does it cost to dig a well under water: a list of necessary works and their prices

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Special knowledge and experience in digging a well will make the water source efficient, high-quality and durable. Therefore, when building a well, it is better to contact specialists who will take into account existing nuances.

When searching for a brigade, a fair question arises: how much does it cost to dig a well under water and what is the cost of it? When determining the price, several factors are taken into account, which in the aggregate significantly affect the final price of the cop.

Next, we will talk about what factors affect the cost of arranging a well in a personal plot.

Aquifer device

A simple household water well has a standard layout. The lower level of the well structure is the water intake, then the trunk is located, which passes into the head - the aboveground part.

The water intake should be located deep in the water-saturated horizon, so that the well is an inexhaustible source of water. In addition, at the bottom of the well bowl is installed natural filter consisting of significant layers of sand, pebbles and stones, so the total depth of the trunk, in which water is filled, should be 1.5-2 rings below the aquifer.

Scheme of a well from reinforced concrete rings
The mine and the bottom of the well have a standard construction scheme, and the water lifting mechanism and the overhead head can have different configurations, depending on the needs of the residents of the house

The well shaft consists of a shaft, which is dug manually or using an automobile drilling rig equipped with a large diameter screw. Automated digging allows you to raise a large amount of land in a short time, while the shaft of the shaft will have the correct width over the entire depth, as well as even walls due to the fact that the drill boom is located strictly horizontally.

In addition to digging a well shaft, a crane with a drilling rig allows you to easily place wall rings in a pit, especially since the first 2-3 rings must be primed, cemented and brackets must be installed on them before immersion.

After installing the underground rings, a head is installed. The tip includes ground rings, as well as a mechanism for lifting water. It can be a gate, manual and electric pump. When arranging a private house, you can conduct a winter water supply, which is located underground, and install a summer surface crane.

Well house
The well house serves as protection against rain, dirt and debris. In addition, the individual design of the building will become an element of decor on a personal plot

The final works on the arrangement of the well are: arrangement of the roof, canopy or house, hoods and blind areas. Completed in accordance with all requirements, the well will become a source of domestic, and possibly drinking water.

Factors Affecting Cost

The cost of a well under water when calling a team of masters and when digging with your own hands differs quite significantly. At the same time, digging alone, without the special equipment available to workers' teams, brings the result much longer than when called by professionals.

Materials for arranging a well mine by region have approximately the same cost. Therefore, the independent purchase of reinforced concrete products and the purchase of well blocks from contractors are not too different in price.

In addition, delivery of bulk cargo, as a rule, is paid. And when purchasing rings from the company where the well digging service was ordered, the crane will deliver wall protections along the way for a lower price.

Do-it-yourself well
When digging a foundation pit for a well, one person cannot cope with a large amount of land that must be removed from the mine, so you will have to hire an assistant

If a private trader decides to search for water on the site on his own, then he definitely needs the advice of an experienced geologist who knows exactly how to find an aquifer and a connection of underground veins. Thus, the minimum cost for wage labor cannot be avoided.

Factor No. 1 - water search

Before starting excavation, it is necessary to determine the point on the terrain in which the rich aquifer is located.

To obtain information about the hydrological condition of the site, you should call a geologist who is competent in this matter and will collect all the necessary information.

To find an aquifer, you must determine:

  • The relief of the site. To do this, you should inspect the area and establish where there are elevations, lowlands and whether there are artificial or natural reservoirs on the site.
  • The presence of wells in the neighbors. If water wells have already been built in the district, then you can be sure that somewhere on the site there is a plentiful aquifer.
  • River location. When digging a well on the river bank, closer than 50 m, you can get a contaminated source of water, since underground streams will bring dirty water from the reservoir.

If, when clarifying the information, a final answer does not appear where the water is located, the geologist begins a direct search for water using special means.

Search for an aquifer in the area
It is correct to use several methods to determine the location of the water intake point, but due to the high cost of accurate water determination methods, hydrogeological data from neighboring sections and the frame method are more often used.

The first, most affordable way to find wateruse wire frame. The search for water in this way is based on the detection of underground streams.

The framework method gives good results with sufficient experience working with the device, since the interpretation of the readings is intuitive. Calling a wizard and conducting searches using the framework cost an average of 2500 to 3000 rubles.

The next method is modern instrumental analysis of spectral seismic exploration - MTP.Computer diagnostics of soils determines tectonic discontinuities and their water abundance over the entire area, after which the customer receives a complete picture of the possible locations for drilling a well.

The cost of such a study starts at 15,000 p, standard rates in many regions are 22,000-29,000 p. The final result of work is provided to the customer in 2-3 days. The probability of finding the source is 92%.

The BSC method has not yet become publicly available, so in many regions they use exploratory drilling. Through hydrogeological analysis of the terrain and the passage of a frame or vine, there are several points at which a well can be constructed.

Then, in the most suitable place, according to the expert, a small diameter well is drilled to make sure that there really is an underground flow and determine the depth of the aquifer.

Location of the well on the site
If there are several well points on the site, then when choosing the optimal place, it is necessary to take into account the location of the septic tank, sewage and a house with a bath. The minimum distance from the well to the septic tank should be 20 meters, optimal 50. For the convenience of those living, the distance to the house and bath should not exceed 10 meters

For a long time, a manual geologist drill was used for test drilling. This method accurately shows the depth of the aquifer, but the drilling depth does not exceed 10 meters. The average price for finding water using a hand drill is 5000 rubles.

In some northern regions with stony soil, the cost of manual drilling of a well is 2500-2600 p. per meter.

Modern wells use an efficient automatic motor drill. In this case, the depth indicator has a small error, but the drilling speed is several times higher and specialists do not need to make efforts to dig.

The cost of automatic digging of a well starts from 8000 and reaches 12000 r. Some firms contractors in the price list indicate that the first 12 meters of digging are made for 8000 rubles, and if the aquifer is not found, then each subsequent meter digs for 1000 rubles.

Factor No. 2 - earthwork

The main job in constructing a source of water intake is digging a well mine, therefore, the cost of performing these works depends on the depth of drilling. The footage of a wellbore is measured in the number of wall rings, since one Reinforced concrete products for a water well has a height of 0.9-1 meters.

Digging a well in late autumn
Professional wells recommend digging a well after 3.4 weeks of frost or at the end of a dry summer, in August, September, when nearby groundwater freezes or when the total water level is low due to a minimum of rainfall

The standard price of digging a wellbore for a depth of one wall ring is the cost of the product itself. The price of frequently used wall rings KS-10-9 varies from 1600 to 2500 rubles.

Based on this, the cost of digging the earth in standard soils to a depth of 8-10 rings is 1600-2500 rubles per meter. In the central regions of the country, the average price for digging 1-10 rings of a well is 4000 rubles. After 8-10 rings, the price of each next meter increases by 500-1000 rubles.

It should be borne in mind that digging is done to the aquifer and after 1-2 rings deepens into it in order to keep a constant supply of water in the structure. If the water-bearing layer of penetration is in quicksand or hard ground, then at least 2 reinforced concrete rings should be deepened. Work to overcome quicksand or hard ground is paid twice as much as a standard dig.

Factor 3 - installation cost

In addition to land work, during the construction of a well, installation of reinforced concrete rings in a well shaft, their fastening together with a primer, concrete and water glass or water seals, as well as their bracing, is paid.

Well water for biochemical analysis
Before you use the resulting water in food, it should be passed to the laboratory for chemical and bacteriological analysis.Sometimes groundwater is not suitable for food purposes and can only be used for irrigation and domestic needs. Standard water analysis costs from 3,000 to 5,000 p., And advanced to 9,000 p.

Staples keep the rings from vertical movement, therefore, in sandy soils and in areas with deep freezing, such locks are necessary. From horizontal displacement of the rings, the rebate locks located on the ends of the rings help.

The bonding and waterproofing of each seam on average costs 1,500 rubles., Depending on the materials with which the seam is sealed.

The construction of a well includes the installation of a well head, which consists of a floor slab and an inspection hatch. If additional rings and a head are needed, then their installation is paid separately from 500 rubles for each element.

For reliable operation and good water quality, a filter is installed in the well. The natural bottom filter consists of 25 cm of quartz sand, 25 cm of small river pebbles and 25 cm of large stones.

The cost of installing the filter depends on the cost of materials, which, on average, will cost 1,500 rubles, and if a surface metal mesh is used, then it will cost more on the cost of the mesh and its installation in the well shaft.

Pumping water from a well
A deep well with a low flow rate will always be filled with water, but its digging will cost more, due to the need for pumping water during excavation

In addition to the shaft and the filter, the installation of a lifting mechanism is also a major work. When installing a valve with a carabiner and cable, installation will cost 500-700 rubles. When installing mechanical (manual) or electrical submersible pump the cost of work starts from 1000 rubles.

Factor No. 4 - the price of structural elements

The design of the well is a shaft of reinforced concrete products, which ends with a head in the form of a concrete slab and a metal or polypropylene hatch.

The cost of reinforced concrete wall rings depends on the diameter and height of the products. Rings with a diameter of 10 dm and a height of 5 dm are considered convenient, but not very practical. Such monoliths are in the range of 1000 rubles. and are used in the construction of a well by one, two people, in the process of building the device with their own hands.

When digging a well with a team of hired workers and having a manipulator, the optimal ring size is KS 10-10 and KS 10-9, where the first digit indicates the inner diameter and the second height of the product.

The cost of such rings varies from 1600 to 2500 rubles. The minimum depth of the well is 4 reinforced concrete rings, the maximum reaches 40 rings. A floor slab is installed on the well head, which costs an average of 2500 rubles. and a hatch worth 1,500 rubles.

If, to achieve the optimum height, installation of an additional and support ring is required, then the cost of materials increases by the price of additional materials.

Wall rings with lock joints
When choosing wall rings, it is better to consider the reinforced concrete products with the marking KS 10-10CH, the letter H in the marking indicates the height with a quarter, where a quarter determines the presence of castle joints at the ends. Fold locks keep rings from horizontal displacement

For the well to work effectively and to quickly raise water, a well pump must be installed in the shaft or on the surface. The most affordable pump models - vibrating. Their cost varies from 1000 to 4000 rubles., Depending on power, lifting height, productivity and other parameters.

Cons of vibrating bison pumps, Brook, Baby, PATRIOT, is that they create a vibration that causes siltation of pores. Rubber pads on the device gradually become unusable due to the ingress of small particles of sand.

In addition, vibration devices are unsuitable for use on quicksand and many cheap models are effective in pumping water only up to 5-6 rings.

But if the water coming from the aquifer is clean or a bottom filter is installed, which is replaced and cleaned once a year, then you can purchase and install an economical vibrating device.

Well pumps
When buying a well pump, you must consider the minimum water level for diving. If the debit of water in the well, necessary for the device, is less than indicated, then its too low placement will cause it to suck in bottom sand. Too high a placement will cause premature dry run protection

With a lack of capacity of vibration pumps and to obtain good performance, you should purchase submersible or superficial centrifugal pumps. Surface pumps are effective at depths of up to 8 meters, and some submersible pumps have lifting heights of up to 75 meters.

The cost of well pumps with a centrifugal design starts at 12,000 rubles. The most powerful devices have a price of 30,000-32,000 rubles.

Well arrangement cost

How much the arrangement of the well will cost depends on the preferences of the owner. If standard work on digging a mine, installing a shaft and a pump is enough, then you can complete the construction and use the well in its original form.

The construction of a well includes work on the construction of a well canopy or house, falling asleep clay castle and formwork, as well as an autonomous water supply device.

The cost of constructing well houses and awnings by a team of workers starts at 7,000 rubles. In addition to the cost of construction, the owner must purchase materials: boards, hinges, nails and roofing.

Construction companies offer ready-made well structures of various sizes and styles. The price of such a house is influenced by the material of manufacture, the complexity of the design, the presence of decorative elements. So, the simplest house made of lining and corrugated board costs from 7000 rubles, houses made of timber, block house with tiles are estimated at 35000-60000 rubles, and elite canopies with hand-carved elements cost an average of 90,000 rubles.

Well house cheaper to purchase in winter
The price of basic materials for a well, canopies and well houses in winter is 10 percent lower than in summer

According to the document: “Hygienic requirements for water quality of non-centralized water supply. Sanitary protection of springs ”, in areas with sandy and sandy loamy soils, the well must be equipped with a clay castle. Clay castle It is a clay layer compacted around the well, which protects the well water from moisture that has not passed the cleaning process.

The cost of installing the castle is 5000 rubles. If during digging a well no deposits of pure clay were found, then it must be purchased. One bag of clay costs 25-50 rubles, it should be enough to fill a ravine around a well 1 meter wide and 2 meters deep.

When installing autonomous water supply it is necessary to perform the following types of work: drilling a hole on a reinforced concrete product for securing a pipe, installing pipes and digging a shaft 1-1.2 meters deep from the well to the house.

All work and materials are paid extra. The price of installing metal pipes for street water supply is 380-520 rubles. per meter, the cost of installation and digging trenches 1 meter of winter water supply 950-1500 rubles.

Transportation of soil from the well
Contractors cannot set increased tariffs for digging land after the start of work, as the price has already set average prices according to geophysical data on soils in the region

In addition to the listed costs, contracting firms can set additional tariffs for: loading, unloading and delivery of reinforced concrete products, delivery of workers, if the object is located at a considerable distance from the office of the company. Some construction companies set a fee for rolling rings further than 20 meters, so you need to prepare a place for unloading directly near the well.

Another type of cost associated with the removal of land and deep rocks from the site, as well as with the transportation of soil further than 5 meters. The work of the crane is separately paid, it can be set at a piece rate or hourly.

The cost of a turnkey well at average prices for a depth of 10 rings, with the installation of a well house starts at 52,800 p., 15 rings - from 75,600 p., 20 rings - 98,100 p.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

What includes the turnkey well digging and how to reduce the price of a well due to materials:

What to consider when digging a well, professional advice:

Digging a well under water in a personal plot is a laborious and expensive business. But you should not save on such an important resource as water, as the one-time costs for the high-quality arrangement of autonomous water supply will quickly pay for themselves and make the further residence of the owners of a country house comfortable.

If you had to deal with well arrangement on your own site, please tell us how much the arrangement cost. Leave your comments in the box below. There you can ask questions about the topic of the article.

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