The order and rules for installing water meters: installation and sealing rules

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Last update: March 2020

To control water consumption, it is worthwhile to include devices for measuring water consumption in the water supply scheme, namely, to install water meters with parameters that correspond to current standards.

Agree that such a device will not only allow you to control the actual consumption and pay only for the used water, but also teach you to save this resource.

But first you need to buy it and, observing the rules for installing water meters, connect it correctly. And how to do this - we will consider in detail in the article. We give the basic installation rules with visual photos of the individual stages of the installation of the device.

In addition to the main material of our article, we selected video recommendations for self-installation of meters. After all, metering devices can be installed with one's own hand, but with the permission of the services that perform sealing.

Types of meters and their features

Devices for recording water consumption in a particular residential facility are installed on the communication networks of apartments and houses connected to centralized water supply systems.

For management companies, installation rules have been developed with a number of requirements and commissioning procedures. Although the installation, if desired, can be done with your own hands.

At choosing water meters for tapping into water mains, a number of significant factors should be considered:

  • condition of pipelines;
  • presence of foreign matter in water: fine suspension and larger insoluble particles;
  • material aspect - financial opportunities of the owners of the apartment / house;
  • the nature of the use of appliancesstationary temperature of the working environment.

Depending on the sources of energy supply, two groups of water flow meters can be distinguished.

These are volatile, need of electricity for work, and non-volatile, functioning due to the action of natural mechanical processes.

Volatile include electromagnetic, ultrasonic, vortex. Their principle of action, based on the use of physical phenomena, is the basis of the name.

The list of instruments independent of power supply includes total station varieties.

Water meter installation procedure
Devices that fix the volume of water consumption are installed at the pipeline inlets in apartments of multi-storey residential buildings and in private houses connected to networks

There is a division in design into separate and compact types.

Water meters are divided by the number of water pipelines served into multi-channel, single-channel, two-channel models.

Rules for connecting water meters to the water supply
Water flow meters are installed on hot and cold branches or only on cold ones. The meter can only be installed in heated rooms with lighting, the standard temperature in which is in the range +5 ° C - (+50 ° C)

Type # 1 - induction (electromagnetic) meters

The device is not cheap, the service life is more than ten years, the operation of the device is based on the ability of water to conduct electricity. It is used in the absence of extraneous inclusions in water (scale, rust, etc.).

The quality of water and pipelines make it difficult to use in everyday life.

Such water meters are most widely used to control the accounting of water flows in the pharmaceutical, food, brewing industry and to account for water from sewage flows.

Rules for installing electromagnetic water meters
Electromagnetic meters of water consumption are installed at water intake stations, distribution facilities, providing water for independent housing, microdistrict or cottage village

Type # 2 - Ultrasonic Counters

More expensive than electromagnetic, but has greater accuracy and service life (more than 15 years). The principle of operation is based on comparing the propagation of ultrasound velocity “upstream” and “upstream”. Used with clean water and pipes, not widely used.

There are two types of ultrasonic water meters: Doppler and time-pulse. According to the installation method, they are divided: installed outside the water pipe (Clamp on) and in direct contact with water or mortise (Insertion).

The main scope for fixing the water consumption of industrial enterprises and the amount of wastewater discharge.

Vortex counter models for controlling water flow
Ultrasonic meters determine the flow of water during the passage of ultrasound through the measured flow

Type # 3 - Vortex Counters

The principle of operation of vortex metering devices is to fix the vortices arising behind the “streamline body of a special shape” placed in the stream.

For example, if a certain object (a rod of a specific configuration) is lowered into the flow of the medium to be measured, then the frequency of vortices on it, or as it is called the Karman path, as it is called, will become proportional to the flow velocity and, therefore, to the volumetric flow rate.

Simply put, vortex counters record the number of vibrations caused by a collision of the current medium with a relative barrier, and translates this number into liters passing through the pipe.

Such devices have become widespread in operations for the adjustment and control of technical processes. Their use is irrational in domestic conditions.

Compliance with the rules for installing water meters
The device for measuring water flow must be selected in strict accordance with the purpose and parameters of the environment in which it should work. The parameters of the working pressure in the DHW and cold water circuits should not exceed 1.0 MPa

Type # 4 - non-volatile (total station) counters

Low-cost meters with a service life of about five years, designed for the equipment of domestic and industrial water supply networks.

Among them there are modifications produced to work in the conditions of the old water supply system and of dubious aspects of water quality.

The location of the rotation axis is divided into:

  • winged - the axis is perpendicular to the flow;
  • turbine - the axis is parallel to the flow.

The principle of operation is based on fixing the number of motions of the impeller or turbine. With the movement of water masses, the main working bodies of the devices rotate, which in turn sets in motion a mechanical counter.

In diameter winged water meters no more than 40 mm. They can record water up to 15 cubic meters per hour. Turbine units have a diameter of 50 to 100 mm, in contrast to the previous ones, the reading of the passing water is much larger.

The accuracy of the readings is low, but the reliable design has been verified by many years of excellent work in water supply systems (apartments, houses, offices, etc.), which makes them the most popular.

Where, according to the rules, water meters are installed
The water flow meter is located at a distance of 0.3 - 1.0 m above the floor. If water is supplied to the apartment in two or four risers located in different places, then two meters or two sets of meters are installed

According to the range of operating temperatures, the meters can be for hot water (operating values ​​t ° to +130 ° C), for cold water (t ° to +30 ° C) and universal (t ° to +90 ° C).

You can distinguish them by color and nomenclature designation. Usually for hot water SGV of red color. To calculate the flow rate of cold water SHV of blue color. There are also universal options - SPM orange color.

According to the principle of action, water meters are divided into:

  • Single jet. Water in a single stream enters the impeller or impeller.
  • Multi-jet. The water flow is divided into separate jets, used for large diameters of more than 40 mm.

By the method of installing the reading mechanisms, all types of mechanical devices can be divided into dry and wet. In wet, the counting mechanism stands in water, while in dry ones, they are separated by a plate.

Rules for installing tachometer counters
Total stations for measuring water flow - the most common version of domestic water meters

Most apartment owners and homeowners whose housing is connected to centralized networks choose total station water meters.

It attracts the availability of mechanical devices both in price and in terms of acquisition. They can be found in almost any plumbing store. Tacheometric varieties of meters are easy to install and operate.

You may also find the information discussed in our other article about top ten counterspopular among buyers.

What needs to be prepared before installation?

At choosing the right type of counter It is advisable to take into account not only the characteristics declared by the manufacturer, but also the real reviews left by users who managed to buy and put in place a specific model.

After choosing a metering device, you need to make sure that the package contains everything you need to install the metering unit.

It is also worth deciding on the place where the counter will be directly installed.For normal operation of the flowmeter, the presence of natural or artificial lighting is required, the air temperature is at least 5 ° C, and there is room for service.

In this case, you must adhere to some rules:

  • It is necessary to prepare a place for the upcoming work. It seems a trifle, but working when something interferes is extremely inconvenient and will take more time and effort.
  • If the pipes are not suitable for use, care must be taken to replace them.
  • The metering kit should include: coarse filter, check valve, cape nuts (American) and the meter itself. If something is missing, you must definitely buy it, otherwise the meter will not be sealed.
  • When installing the meter yourself, make sure that there are gaskets (rubber or paronite), plumbing seals (tow, Fum tape);
  • You should stock up with tools for working with pipes: scissors for cutting plastic pipes, an iron for forming connections, a set of keys, etc.

Consider each detail of the future site in more detail, for what it is needed. The stopcock serves to regulate the flow of water. Commonly used Ball Valves.

They are easy to use, but quickly fail in the intermediate state between “closed” and “open”.

Water meter installation diagram
Before proceeding with the installation of a control and measuring device for water flow, it is necessary to think over the scheme of its installation and stock up on the necessary details

The coarse filter serves to prevent large insoluble particles such as grains of sand contained in water from entering the mechanism of the device.

Filters for mechanical cleaning of the flow are of two types of direct and oblique (only oblique are used to install the meter).

The non-return valve serves mainly to prevent the meter reading from being unwound and, in the absence of analysis, prevents water from flowing in the opposite direction.

If necessary, the Americans will help to dismantle the water meter without consequences for the water supply system.

Also, other elements can be installed in the water meter assembly. They are optional, but will be very useful.

This is a shut-off valve after the non-return valve (so that when the meter is removed, water does not drain onto the floor), the pressure reducer is installed after the coarse filter, which stabilizes the pressure in the system, extends the life of household appliances.

How to prepare a place for installing a water meter
Before installing water meters, it is necessary to carefully prepare the workplace and stock up with the necessary tools for the entire cycle of work

Now the water meter itself:

  • When buying, it is necessary to verify the identity of the numbers in the passport and their counterparts stamped on the water meter.
  • You must make sure that you have a certificate and a stamp in your passport with the date of factory verification.
  • And it’s good to take a sales receipt in the store and issue a guarantee, in case of a malfunction, if there is an act and a check, the counter must be replaced.

Try to purchase a water meter in a specialized store, and not in the market, it will be easier to make a replacement in case of breakage.

After making sure that you have everything you need, you can proceed with the installation of the water meter.

Passport for installing a water meter according to the rules
Before purchasing a measuring device, you must carefully examine its passport. It indicates not only the characteristics of the technical device, but also information about the verification

Technology of installation of water meters

You can install a water meter either independently or ask for help in specialized institutions, in the management company, in the structural branch of the water utility.

When choosing a company, make sure you have a license and provide a warranty period for services, read reviews.

If you do not trust the work of others and are confident in your abilities, then you can set the counter yourself, only consult with specialists from the water utility first if you are allowed to install the meter yourself, it is usually not prohibited.

Regardless of who will install the water meter, the installation order of the meter on the water will not change:

  • Before starting the installation, disconnect the water in the riser. It is necessary to submit an application to the management company or, if there is a stopcock, close it yourself.
  • It is necessary to determine the installation diagram of the unit and its position (vertical or horizontal).
  • Then you need to connect the stopcock and the coarse filter (without plumbing) in such a way that the filter pipe with the mesh is directed to the bottom, we determine the number of turns when twisting.
  • Now again, you need to remove the filter and already completely assemble the entire unit taking into account the number of turns while applying a winding.

All threaded connections are carefully wrapped with sealing tape and processed with plumbing mastic.

When assembling, pay attention to the water meter, there are marks in the form of arrows on it.

The direction of the arrows must coincide with the direction of the flow of water through the device, otherwise the work of the installed meter will be incorrect, which is why the representative of the water utility will not accept such work.

It is important to ensure the necessary position of each element. In the direction of the water flow it looks like this: shut-off valve, coarse filter, water meter, check valve.

How to install water meters according to the rules
When installing, pay attention to the order of the elements in the node, it must coincide with the direction of the water flow

The next stage is the preparation of the pipeline for the installation of the system. This is a rather pedantic process, since the length of the assembled unit must coincide with the long length on the existing pipeline with minimal error.

Of course, you can use a flexible eyeliner, but it does not look aesthetically pleasing.

Before cutting the pipe, it is advisable to substitute a basin or other container, the remaining water in the system will merge into it.

Depending on the pipes, it will be necessary thread in the case of metal pipes or use fitting and propylene soldering iron in the case of polypropylene pipes.

You may also find the rules information useful. connection of plastic pipes with metal, which is given in our other article.

The final stage is the insertion of the water meter assembly into the water supply system. We install the assembly we assembled into the prepared system, while it is necessary to seal all threaded connections using linen liner or Fum tape.

When tightening threaded connections, you should not apply much force, this can lead to the formation of microcracks and subsequent leakage. If everything is done correctly, then there will be no smudges when supplying water, you can proceed to installing the seal.

Using flexible eyeliner to install water meters
Flexible connection to the system, less time consuming, but more costly

Seal installation and technical documentation

After you have installed the metering unit, checked the serviceability of its work, the question arises, how to properly seal the meter on the water? You should find out who is doing this, is it possible to put a seal on your own.

Entrusting the installation of the seal is to specially trained people: representatives of the water utility or the management company. To do this, you must apply for the reception of the meter.

Do not hesitate to make a statement, despite the installed meter, the water flow will still be determined to the maximum until official registration.

And you can pay by the counter only after the completion of the official sealing procedure. Information on how to do this is detailed in our other article.

Seal installation - free procedure. Do not install it yourself, you still have to call a representative of the management company.

For some time, usually from three to five days, a local government representative is sent at your request. For normal working contact with him, you must have an act of verification and a passport of the meter with you.

It is the responsibility of the specialist to verify the installation order of the water meter assembly and all its components, and the integrity of the assembly elements is also checked.

The representative of the water utility does not have the right to control the qualifications of the person installing the meter.

After checking and sealing the unit (with its seal), the inspector will draw up the commissioning report, where he will enter the initial meter readings and provide you with a service agreement.

After carefully reading the contract, making sure that everything suits you, put your signature.

Who will seal the water meters
It is not allowed to use data taken from the meter in utility calculations, unless a seal is installed or if there is no polymer film with a stamp of the verification mark applied to it

After signing the contract, you begin to pay for water on the meter. Of the documents, the owners should have one copy of the service contract and the act of putting the meter into operation.

It is also necessary to leave a technical passport and a certificate of verification of the water meter. An employee of the management company will need a technical passport; it is better to make a photocopy in advance.

There are times when re-filling is required. For example, the service life of the devices has ended, by the floor of one of the elements of the assembly, the addition of a new element to the system.

Therefore, it is better to keep documents separately from other papers so that in case of an emergency they are at hand.

Operational problems and solutions

During operation of the water meter unit, some problems may occur. Consider their types and possible solutions.

Whatever the problem, troubleshooting is not recommended. Use the services of specialists - this will save your time and money.

Plumbing seal for threaded connections
High-quality sealing, the key to long-term service, but do not overdo it. A large amount of reeling can cause leakage

Symptoms and remedies:

  1. Water flows poorly through a water meter. The coarse filter may be clogged. It is necessary to call a representative of the management company to eliminate the deficiency, he is obliged to clean the filter for free and reseal. Do not do this yourself under any circumstances; failure to seal is tantamount to a loss of warranty.
  2. Torn seal. Do not fix it yourself. Notify the management company soon.You will have to pay for re-sealing, but these are trifles in comparison with fines if the inspector finds a broken seal. It will be necessary to pay the full amount of the tariff from the moment of the last check (maybe several years), as well as a penalty for the lack of an application.
  3. Water passes through the water meter, but the readings are not recorded. Perhaps there was a breakdown of the counting or rotor mechanism. If you are sure of a water meter malfunction, then you are entitled to a free unscheduled inspection. This is in case the warranty period has not expired.

During the audit, payment for water is calculated according to the average minimum for the region. Verification can take up to several months, sometimes it’s easier to buy a new one.

Why install water meters
Do not delay the installation of the water meter - this will save up to 30% of the monthly payment

Insertion of individual water meters becomes an integral procedure in every home, the process is not so much time-consuming as troublesome, but quite justified.

By observing the order in the sequence of works on installing a water meter, you not only save about 30% every month, but also an incentive for the wise use of water.

You may also find useful information about timing verification meters and features of this procedure.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The video clip will demonstrate the assembly process of assemblies for mounting cold and hot water measuring instruments:

An unambiguous conclusion - the installation of meters is beneficial for every family, since water is becoming more expensive every quarter, and the supply of clean fresh water is becoming less.

Putting the meter yourself or calling a specialist is a personal matter. As you can see from the step-by-step instructions given in our article, you can perform the installation yourself, carefully studying the general recommendations and buying a meter and accessories that will be useful during the installation process.

And although the representative of the water supply company, when sealing, does not have the right to be interested in the qualifications of the master performing the installation of the meter, in practice, users are faced with different situations.

If you have any problems with sealing or want to share your installation experience, please leave your comments under this article.

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Visitors Comments
  1. Sergei

    In our new apartment, meters were already installed at the time of commissioning, that is, they were installed by specialists after finishing work. But at the water inlet to the kitchen (we have two inlets, to the bathroom and to the kitchen) the meters are installed in such an unsuccessful place that they need to be urgently transferred, because after placing the furniture there will be no access to them. I understand correctly - even if I just move the meters several tens of cm up the same pipe, will they still need to be resealed?

    • If the seals (wire) on the counter are not broken, then rearrange as many times as you like.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. In any case, do not take any chances and call experts to unfasten and fix the readings before moving the meter.Because if you accidentally damage the seal or the meter itself, you will have to pay a large penalty.

  2. Eugene

    Actually, now the question is not how to install the meter, but how to extend its service life. It’s not a secret that at the end of the service life of a water flow meter it is not necessary to change it, but it is enough to carry out verification, which is several times cheaper than replacement. In order not to shorten the operating period, it is also not worth saving on coarse filters in front of the meters. But before buying a device, you should find out if there is a company with licensed activities for checking meters in your city.

  3. Novel

    The American counter is sealed up, and access to the filter is free - why cannot it be cleaned on its own?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      This is a difficult question. Installation organizations love to seal everything that is possible. Including filters, the sealing of which is not necessary, since unauthorized interference is prohibited in metering devices, and the filter is accessories.

      Thus, guided by the fake law, they periodically roam the apartments and try to squeeze money from clients for supposedly licensed filter cleaning. You can clean the filters yourself.

  4. Novel

    And one more thing: it turns out that the user must watch day and night: is the counter working correctly? I know from experience that in each particular case there are unique nuances depending on the quality of the pipes and the specific layout of their wiring before and after the meter, the quality and pressure of the water, the orientation of the meter, filter fullness, the speed of opening / closing of taps, etc., etc.

    And why will they demand for average consumption? And who then will compensate the payments made according to the meter? T.O. there was a legalized loophole for the constant blackmail of the landlord? Wouldn’t it be easier to first develop and legalize standard wiring diagrams and implement them in new buildings or during the overhaul of old ones?

    In the meantime, he twice survived the “fire in a brothel during a flood”, because the installers had to apply all degrees of freedom of the upper and lower extremities, neck, torso, constantly express themselves loudly and loudly, and even make an attempt to escape ... A positive result was achieved at a price an order of magnitude higher than the notorious 3800 rubles. But replacing the counter / s will obviously require a complete remount.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Roman, excuse me, it’s not entirely clear that you were going to “watch” and why. With regard to compensation, in theory, they should make a recalculation taking into account the money paid for the old testimony, since this was not an unauthorized interference with the operation of the meter.

  5. Vitaliy

    Tell me, according to what documents is the installation of flexible eyeliner allowed after the meter in an apartment building?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      SP 30.13330.2015: “7.2.7 - provide straight sections of pipelines on each side of the meters, the length of which is set in accordance with the requirements of the instrument passports“.

  6. Camille

    Hello. The power of the water meter is 1.5 m3 / hour. We were forced to supply a mini pump with a capacity of 2 m3 / hour. Will such a pump fail because of the pressure of the water meter?

  7. Yasha

    Air temperature at least 50 ° C - WHERE IS THIS?

  8. Alexei

    Where? Yes, in SNiP 2.04.01-85 “Internal water supply and sewerage”: ... “Water meters should be installed at the inlets of the cold and hot water supply to each apartment in residential buildings and at branch pipelines to shops, canteens, restaurants and other rooms with ambient temperature from + 5 ° С to + 50 ° С and relative humidity of not more than 80%, built-in or attached to residential, industrial and public buildings ... "

    On hot days indoors, natural ventilation does not work due to the fact that the pressure outside the building and inside is practically the same. Therefore, it is likely that the temperature rises to such a level and even higher. If the meter is installed in a room without air conditioning and mechanical ventilation, it is simply obliged to work stably even at + 50ºС.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. This SNiP has long been canceled and replaced by SP 30.13330.2012, where:

      7.2.2 Meters at the inlets of cold (hot) water into buildings and structures should be installed in a convenient and easily accessible room with artificial or natural lighting and air temperature not lower than 5 ° С. It is recommended to install cold and hot water meters in the same room (preferably combined with the room for installing a heat meter in the building heating system).

  9. Lydia

    If the meter stands in cold water in the open air under the sun's rays, rain and winds (and in summer the air rises in the sun), then can the natural factor affect the meter’s magnetic tape? Or such studies have not been and are not conducted ???? I’ll clarify that the meter is not in the well, but simply on a vertical gander, above the ground.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. For installation in open spaces, as well as in wells, wet-running water meters are used. In the data sheet there must be points of approval for operation in a temperature-differential, open mode. However, even in such cases, it must be protected from the effects of groundwater, wastewater, drinking and rainwater, operated at a temperature of at least 5 degrees (the highest bar is quite high).

      In addition, upon admission to operation, you should have been given a TU and not connected to the meter in case of violation of the conditions for its installation, which could lead to a quick damage or incorrect operation of the meter.

  10. Tatyana

    The apartment had meters, but was not commissioned by the former owner. I put in new ones by inviting a locksmith from the management company. And now I am forced to pay not for replacement, but for installing new ones. Are they right?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. In your question, you left quite a few unknown introductory notes. Starting from how the old meters were operated without commissioning, ending how you removed the old ones and installed new ones without coordination and preliminary verification. Agree to replace the counters until you are fined.

      Fast. Government of the Russian Federation No. 354 of May 6, 2011:

      35. The consumer does not have the right to arbitrarily break seals on metering devices and in the places of their connection (fastening), dismantle metering devices and carry out unauthorized interference in the operation of these metering devices.

      62. If it detects that the connection procedure (hereinafter - unauthorized connection) of the consumer’s in-house equipment connected to the house-building engineering systems has been violated, the contractor is required to draw up an act to identify unauthorized connections in the manner established by these Rules.

      Based on the act of identifying an unauthorized connection, the contractor sends a notification to the consumer about the need to eliminate the unauthorized connection and charges the utility bill for the consumer in whose interests such a connection is made, for utilities consumed without proper accounting.

      An additional charge in this case should be made based on the volumes of the communal resource, calculated as the product of the power of unauthorized connected equipment (for water supply and sanitation - by the pipe capacity) and its round-the-clock operation for the period starting from the date of the unauthorized connection,specified in the act on identifying an unauthorized connection, drawn up by the contractor with the involvement of the relevant resource supplying organization, and if it is impossible to establish the date of the unauthorized connection, from the date the contractor performed the previous inspection, but no more than 3 months prior to the month in which such connection was detected, until the date the performer eliminates such an unauthorized connection. In case of impossibility to determine the power of unauthorized connected equipment, additional payment of the fee is based on the amount determined on the basis of the norm of consumption of the corresponding utilities with the use of an increase factor

      10. Moreover, in the absence of citizens permanently and temporarily residing in a residential building, the volume of utility services in these cases is calculated taking into account the number of owners of such a building“.

  11. Konstantin

    Hello, tell me, please, according to SNiP. According to the rules, is it possible to put water meters in front of the heated towel rail? Or another installation option: after withdrawing from the riser, a crane, filter, counter, in the up direction, and to consumers through a bend in the down direction?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko


      Let's look at SP 30.13330.2012: “5.2.6 Towel dryers installed in bathrooms and shower rooms to maintain the set air temperature in them according to SP 60.13330 and SanPiN should be connected to the supply pipelines of the hot water supply system or to the consumer’s power supply system. When justifying heated towel rails, it is allowed to connect hot water systems to the circulation pipes, provided that shut-off valves and a closing section are installed“.

      The counter is installed after the stop valves.

      Your installation pattern is not clear. Please explain in more detail or agree on possible options in the Criminal Code, in fact, you still have to do it.

  12. Novel

    I installed the water meter myself according to all the schemes. But the water utility refuses to take it into account. Here is their answer:

    “I will punish the Ministry of Regional Development for a certain period of time, the Buddhist economy and the communal statehood of Ukraine No. 270, 12.10.208r. having taken to the region of the higher education institution of the region, the region will be able to receive the latest documents;
    -copy of the document, sho pіdtverdzhuє the right of authority to notice;
    -copy of supreme documents before the accident of the technical equipment, enter the warehouse of the regional center;
    -kopіya act priimannya -redobannya robіt іz vstanovlennya vuzla oblіku. ”

    Please tell me what is the “copy act act-transfer robust installation installed in the oblast” and where to get it?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      The acceptance certificate of the installation of the metering unit is a document confirming the installation of an IPP by an organization that has a license for the installation of such devices, which you should have taken and signed with the appropriate company.

      We are located in the Russian Federation, so I’ll just give you an excerpt from the website of your state:

      Having purchased a water meter certified for use in Ukraine and having a Gosstandart print on the seal, you turn to the Kakhovvodokanal branch of the KVU, where they will make a photocopy of the meter’s passport with its unique number and enter it into the subscriber base. There you will be issued an invoice for payment for connection works and within 10 calendar days a water meter will be installed. Installation of a counter in an apartment, on plastic pipes, will cost 352.7 UAH., On metal pipes - 440.5 UAH. The high price, in the second case, is associated with the need to use a welding machine with acetylene gas“.

  13. Eugene

    Hello, tell me please, is it possible to install a multi-jet meter in an apartment?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello.Yes, you can install a multi-jet water meter in the apartment, this is not prohibited. Just keep in mind that a multi-jet meter can be installed on pipes with a diameter of 15-50 mm. And it is best to take a “dry” type meter so that the particles contained in the water do not cause an error in the process of measuring the consumed water.

  14. Fedor

    Good day! The situation is as follows: for a long time there was no meter in the apartment and payment was charged according to the standards. I installed the metering device on my own, wrote a statement on the requirements of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation 354, wrote in the column about the organization that installed the meter that they were not saved.

    Vodokanal refused to put the meter into operation, citing the lack of any technical specifications that I had to first request from them in writing. Nobody came to my apartment and watched how the appliances were installed. Is this legal ?, because in the order established by the government in resolution 354, paragraph 81, the obligation is not indicated, then documents are requested before the counter is installed.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      As far as I know, the meter before self-installation should be taken for verification, after which appropriate paper is issued that the equipment can be used as a meter for water consumption.

      It is possible that the counter you installed does not really correspond to those. conditions. You need to invite a certified specialist who mounts the meter, put it on record, and you will pay for what you consumed. Otherwise, you will have to pay for water under the conditions without a meter.

  15. Denis

    Good afternoon! A new private house, I installed a 20mm meter, the water utility refused to register, referring to my project, where it says 15 mm. But I understand that this is not enough for a private house. Do they legally force me to do this? What should I refer to in the statement to the director of engineering networks?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. According to SP 30.13330.2012:

      7.2.11. A meter with a conditional diameter previously adopted in accordance with 7.2.10 shall be checked:

      a) to skip the estimated maximum second flow rate; at the same time, pressure losses in cold water meters should not exceed 0.05 MPa for vane meters, and 0.025 MPa for turbine meters.

      b) to pass the amount of the estimated maximum second flow rate of cold water and the estimated fire water flow rate; the pressure loss in the meter should not exceed 0.1 MPa for vane meters, and 0.05 MPa for turbine meters.

      c) the possibility of measuring the estimated minimum hourly flow rates of cold and hot water; at the same time, the minimum water consumption for the selected meter (according to the instrument certificate, depending on the metrological class) should not exceed the calculated minimum hourly water consumption.

      7.2.12 If the selected meter does not meet conditions a) or b), then the meter with the closest large diameter should be accepted for installation. If the selected water meter does not meet condition c), then the meter with the nearest smaller diameter should be taken for installation.

      If the meter does not simultaneously meet conditions a) and c) or b) and c), then the installation should include:

      - combined meter (combined turbine and vane meter with integrated valve for switching the water flow);

      - Metrological class C meters (according to the current standard for water meters);

      - several counters of the same diameter (installed in parallel), the number of which is determined by calculation, subject to the requirements of 7.2.11.

      You just need to make changes to the project based on hydraulic calculations and approve them. And then write an application for sealing.

      It would be nice to find out what else you have written in TU, since we do not know, you have to answer without taking this document into account.

  16. Ekaterina

    Good afternoon. In 2011, meters for cold and hot water were installed, then the expiration date expired and we did not immediately change them, for several years, we paid according to the standards. In December 2019, a plumber was called in from the Housing Office and he installed and sealed new meters, I did not pass on the old readings and instrument numbers. ZHEK refuses to register new counters until I transfer the testimony of the old. For what purpose is it right? After all, the term of the old has already expired almost twice.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. And how did it happen that you paid so much time according to the standard? The representatives of the Criminal Code issued a payment to you according to the standard in connection with what circumstances? Failure to provide information or refusal to replace / verify IPP?

      Look ... PP No. 354:

      81 (4). During the commissioning of the metering device, the following shall be checked:
      a) the conformity of the serial number on the meter with the number indicated in his passport;
      b) compliance of the meter with the technical documentation of the manufacturer of the meter, including the configuration and installation diagram of the meter;
      c) the presence of signs of the last verification (with the exception of new metering devices);
      g) the performance of the meter.

      81 (5). Non-compliance of the meter with the provisions of paragraph 81 (4) of these Rules, identified by the contractor during the audit, is the basis for the refusal to commission the meter.

      81 (6). Based on the results of checking the metering device, the contractor draws up the act of putting the metering device into operation, which indicates:
      a) the date, time and address of the commissioning of the meter;
      b) surnames, first names, patronymics, positions and contact details of persons who participated in the procedure for putting the meter into operation;
      c) the type and serial number of the installed metering device, as well as the place of its installation;
      d) a decision on the commissioning or refusal to commission the metering device with an indication of the grounds for such a refusal;
      e) if the metering device is put into operation, the metering device reads at the time the metering device is put into operation and the places on the metering device are installed, where control one-time numbered seals are installed (control seals);
      f) date of next verification

      As you can see, the Criminal Code has no grounds for refusing commissioning, except for point d). However, this item is necessary for recalculating old readings with new ones. Since you paid according to the standard, you just need to draw up an act on the failure to provide the readings of the old meter and pay for the last billing period according to the standard, despite the starting readings of the new meter. And register the old device as “out of order”, which it is in fact.

      Offer this option in the Criminal Code. Also, if they are stubborn, require the law to provide written justification for the refusal. Moreover, you have a month before the actual registration of a new meter. With this written refusal, go to Energosbyt and consult with them how to be in your situation. Remember to grab all the latest receipts.

      A new meter will be put into operation.

  17. Maxim

    I installed the counters, wrote a statement that they would come to seal them, they said to wait a month. Will they be sealed if they are in the boxes? Repair is in progress and I want to sew up all the pipes. Only the entrance from the riser will be visible.