Verification of water meters at home without removal: the timing and subtleties of verification

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After installing water meters, the owner of the apartment is required to monitor the operation of the devices. If the data is inaccurate, the water meter breaks, or after the time specified in the technical documentation expires, the user must submit an application for verification of the meter.

The owner has the right to independently choose a method for assessing the technical condition of the device. This can be a check of water meters at home without removing the meter or with dismantling for testing in the laboratory. We will talk about how and in what order the first option is performed.

Inspection Dates

Based on the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 354, the owner must conduct verification in the time frame established by the documentation attached to the metering device.

According to the by-law, regional authorities can regulate the timing of the monitoring of measuring instruments. Then the audit will need to be carried out in accordance with the adopted by-law.

To clarify the information on the date of the next inspection, the consumer needs to familiarize himself with the contract concluded with the company providing water supply.

Checking water meters
If the date of verification from the factory is not known, it can be specified in the data sheet or a copy of the instrument commissioning certificate

If a deviation from the Federal Law was adopted in the region, then the locally accepted inspection dates, which depend on the quality and composition of the water, are prescribed in the contract.

More often in by-laws there are terms:

  • 4 years - for SGV;
  • 6 years - for SHV.

In the absence of corrections, the verification of individual water meters is carried out at the end of the period specified in the documentation for the water meter. Popular counters of Russian manufacturers: Pulse, Pulsar, Itelma, Meter, IED They have standard inspection periods of 4 and 6 years.

Manufacturers Minol, Triton, Betar increased the period of operation of SGV to 6 years.Some foreign water meters, for example, Maddalenamust be tested every 10-15 years. The counter that does not pass the verification within the specified time period is deregistered.

After 90 days from the end of the term specified in the contract and / or technical documentation, the service provider will begin to calculate the consumed water in accordance with general regional standards.

How to order calibration of a water meter?

When the deadlines are approaching, the user needs to contact the water supply company or a third-party organization that has the right to carry out this type of activity. To do this, just leave a request by phone.

Information about the last calibration in the data sheet of the device
Some devices do not contain recommendations on the timing of diagnosis. Then it is advisable to assess the technical condition to eliminate measurement inaccuracies, after 4 and 6 years

Before making a call, it is necessary to prepare a device passport, as the following information about the counter is required:

  • model and name;
  • a type;
  • government number;
  • device location address;
  • phone, full name of the customer.

If the workload of the craftsmen on the site is negligible, the waiting for verification is up to 10 days. If specialists are busy with pre-executed applications, then the waiting time may increase up to 1 month.

If you apply to a third-party organization, verification will be carried out almost immediately after the application, only it will cost a little more.

Verification Notice
Some water utilities send written notifications about the need to verify water meters. If there are no reminders, then you should take the initiative yourself

Determination of accuracy

When contacting the water utility, it is necessary to indicate the desired verification method.

There are two methods for checking water meters:

  1. With the dismantling of measuring equipment.
  2. Without removing water meters, at home.

First method inconvenient and rarely used in practice, since laboratory studies of a water meter last from 1 to 4 weeks. Then, the calculation of the amount of payment is made on the average of the last 6 months, and not on the fact.

In addition, the dismantling of the device requires a plumber. After the technician decides on the proper operation of the device, its installation and sealing is required.

Second method more convenient because it does not include plumbing. Diagnostics lasts less than an hour by connecting calibration equipment. Residents do not have to pay for water supply on average.

Checking water meters at home
Diagnostics of water meters is carried out using a calibration station, which takes into account the volume of fluid passing through it. If a malfunction is detected, the device will have to be replaced with a new one.

Call the master at home

By agreement of the homeowner and contractor, a verification date is assigned. Before connecting the equipment, a duplicate service agreement is concluded.

Popular monitoring equipment are devices: VPU Energy M, UPSJ 3PM, Water accounting 2M. Since the verification of water meters will take place at home, you should know how it is carried out:

  • The inlet hose of the portable unit is connected to a threaded mixer, and the other end to the control device. The outlet hose is installed in the drain of the bathtub or sink.
  • With the help of the valve, the flow of water is limited, the values ​​indicated on the device are fixed. The technician must make sure that the numbers on the counting mechanism do not change when the valve is closed.
  • Then the tap opens, and 6 liters of water is spilled through the fixing device. The volume of water passing through the reference controller is compared with the readings on the meter.

Based on the results, the error of the measuring equipment is displayed and if the indicator does not go beyond the norm, the master allows the operation of the water meter.

Verification device
Inspection may be carried out by state-accredited firms.Therefore, the company representative, before starting work, must provide the owner with the necessary documentation

Notes on the possibility of further use are entered in the technical passport of the water metering device.

As a result of the verification of the meters, the metrology engineer should issue the following documentation:

  1. Service Agreement.
  2. The act of verification.
  3. Data sheet with a note about the possibility of using the meter.
  4. Certificate of Conformity, confirming the accuracy of the measurement device.
  5. Copies of legal documents of the company.
  6. Receipt.

If a significant error is detected, the technician will refuse certification and will offer to replace the individual metering device with a new one. You can refuse to install a new meter, then payment will be charged taking into account regional average values.

The duration of the use of measuring instruments for water is limited to 10-14 years. Some water meters continue to run smoothly even after 20 years of operation.

Counter with temperature sensor
If you need to replace the SGW, it is recommended to install a flow meter with a temperature sensor. Then water below 40 degrees will be charged at the price of cold water

Pros and cons of home diagnostics

The main advantage of verification at home is to save time and money on the removal, installation and sealing of the device.

Checking the water meter in the laboratory of the metrological service can last 1-4 weeks, depending on the workload of the technicians. Payment for water supply on these days is based on averaged indicators, and not on the fact. When ordering a home service, verification takes 20-40 minutes, which does not affect the monthly payment.

In houses with a worn out sewage system and water supply system, there is a threat of violating the integrity of the nodes, so the removal and installation of devices can lead to costs for further repairs of plumbing.

The minimum cost for diagnosing the meter is 500 rubles, the maximum does not exceed 1000, and depends on the region of residence. The price is low relative to the fact that for a year of distorted operation of the device, the owner can lose up to 1 thousand rubles.

Counter reading
Preferential categories of citizens, firms provide low tariffs for plumbing services. Therefore, it is better to take the opportunity to check the house than to deal with the issues of dismantling / installation of devices

The disadvantages of "home" verification include the fact that a detailed assessment of the device is impossible, and after a short period of time it may become worthless. Along with this, if a meter malfunctions, it will be necessary to pay money for the procedure.

Features of verification of metering devices

The calibration procedure for water flow meters appeared relatively recently, and only a small proportion of apartment owners with installed meters performed a routine check of the meters.

Many have to diagnose devices for the first time. In the process of evaluating the accuracy of a water meter, controversial issues may arise.

Nuance No. 1 - verification or replacement

During the “home” calibration of devices, the technician cannot assess the condition of all parts that are subject to wear, especially in the GBW. Therefore, after assessing the accuracy of the water meter, it may not work for long or it may not be allowed to operate at all.

For any outcome, you will have to pay money for the procedure, and if the device is faulty, the owner will have to spend money on installing a new flowmeter. Therefore, consumers have doubts about the need for verification. Many people prefer to immediately replace the meters and not pay for the examination.

This nuance was resolved at the federal level by amending the GOST and technical regulations for the manufacture of water meters. Modern devices are made of wear-resistant materials and only 20% of them break at the time of verification.

Thus, most devices for individual metering of water consumption last 10-14 years, are subjected to double calibration, without changing the initial characteristics.Therefore, metrological engineers recommend a diagnosis, rather than changing the device.

Sealing meters after verification
After verification and other interventions in the operation of the meter, its sealing is required. Payment by check will increase by about 500 rubles

Nuance No. 2 - late payment penalty

Attracting customers to verify the counters of unscrupulous companies can be expressed in sending a warning letter. Then a letter with a threat of a fine is placed in the consumer's mailbox.

Particularly suspicious owners of devices will certainly turn to a company that has imposed a verification service using a threat method. Prices for services in such firms are often overpriced. Such a threat is considered unauthorized due to the fact that no law provides for fines and any liability.

Verification must be done in a timely manner
The only consequence of an untimely check of the meter is the calculation of the volume of water, according to the average values ​​in the region. But to save the family budget with verification it is better not to delay

Nuance No. 3 - avoid overpayments

Tempting offers of firms about checking meters at a discount or about express checking meters at home, when a specialist needs 15 minutes to determine the health of devices, sometimes work.

A metrological engineer appears in an apartment without a license to provide services and conducts a metrological procedure. After verification, the necessary documents are issued, but owners of devices forget to ask about a copy of title documents.

When contacting the water utility for registering the verification date, the owner will be refused, as the company conducting the diagnostics did not pass accreditation for this type of service. In this case, the meter must be checked again.

Installation of new measuring equipment
Firms that impose services may recognize the working device as defective and offer a replacement, although in fact the old device gives accurate indicators and can last several years

Nuance №4 - choice of organization

Consumers believe that the calibration of the water meters should be carried out by the installation company of the devices. And if the company has run out of license?

According to Decree No. 354, any company that has state accreditation can verify individual water meters.

If the procedure was carried out by a third-party company, not by water utility specialists, then the documents are transferred to the resource provider to extend the terms of use of the device.

The owner of the apartment can choose a calibration company based on their interests: favorable prices, terms of service and the like.
The owner of the apartment can choose a calibration company based on their interests: favorable prices, terms of service and the like.

You will learn how to verify the gas meter without dismantling and sending it to the laboratory from next articledescribing in detail the process and procedure.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The method of checking the device without removal takes less than an hour and is mandatory for all owners of IPU:

How is the verification of water meters when calling the master at home:

Calibration of meters without removal saves finances and time of the owner of devices. After all, while the meter is in the laboratory of metrology and standardization with a removable verification method, payment is calculated on an average value, and not on the fact.

Tell us about how the meter was calibrated at your home without removing the device from the water supply. It is possible that you have information that will be useful to visitors to the site. Please write comments in the block below, ask questions, publish photos on the topic of the article.

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  1. Fedor

    Well, yes, and who will allow us to independently verify the meter? Our services are not very well aware of this possibility. Everything is the old fashioned way. The deadline is over, remove the seal, twist the counter, carry it in practice. Then comes the water utility worker and seals if everything is fine. And so, in order to call the master to the house, I have never heard such a thing, especially not encountered.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Well, the point here is not about independent verification, but about the invitation of a certified master who will check the meter without dismantling. Such firms are everywhere, just hammer in Yandex - it will give you a lot of firms from your city.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. It is impossible to tear the seal off the ISP yourself. You can run into a serious monetary allocation. Verification is also carried out by a company with appropriate accreditation.

      Federal Law No. 102 of June 26, 2008. In paragraph 2 of article 13: "Verification of measuring instruments is carried out by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs accredited in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on accreditation in the national accreditation system for verification of measuring instruments».

  2. Yulia

    Of course, the option of checking water meters at home without dismantling is much more convenient, and it saves you a lot of time. He called the master, he connected the device, you wait half an hour and you get the result. The main thing is to carefully choose the office that will be involved in the verification. Be sure to make sure that they have the necessary state accreditation.

  3. Novel

    I ordered verification in metrology centerThis is in Voronezh. They are accredited, checked on the website of accreditation, there will be no gates there. They placed a QR code in their advertisement, I recognized it and immediately checked the certificate. Believe the same, without removing. Time is running out, services are getting better, not like before, take them off, pay, take them, put them back. Useful stuff, thanks!

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