How to save and read water by the meter: modern devices and methods of saving

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Last update: May 2019

With constantly increasing housing and communal services tariffs eating up a significant part of the household budget, it is important to carefully control expenses. One of the most significant items of utility bills is rightly considered payment for hot / cold water supply.

To reduce the amount set in the receipt, metering devices will help. In this article, we will analyze how to save water by the meter in order to further reduce costs for the services of the management company, without abandoning the usual water procedures.

Also in the article we will give the recommendations of specialists on the use of devices to reduce water consumption, and consider the best ways that will help to economically consume water when performing various household chores.

Advantages of installing water meters

According to the Federal Law on Energy Saving No. 261-FZ of 11/23/09, all payments for resources, including water supply, should be carried out according to the testimony of metering devices. In new homes, the installation of water meters is foreseen before the commissioning of buildings.

In the old housing stock, water charges are charged according to consumption standards, if the apartment owners themselves do not think about buying individual devices. Recommendations on choosing a suitable water meter we brought here.

Installation of a water meter by specialists
Installation of water meters is carried out by employees of relevant services. Each device is supplied with a passport and a certificate of conformity, which is certified by a body with Gosstandart accreditation

Experts strongly recommend thinking about installation of water meters, because they have a number of undoubted advantages:

  • A normalized payment is charged for each tenant registered at the address, even if he does not live in the apartment.And when the device is working, the consumption of resources is determined by its indications, regardless of the number of people registered in the apartment.
  • Actual water consumption, as a rule, is much lower than the indicator that is set at the upper limit of the norm.

It is worth adding that saving is important not only in terms of the family budget. Water is a non-renewable natural resource, the effective use of which contributes to the formation of a favorable environmental situation and environmental protection.

Thinking about buying a counter? In this case, we recommend that you familiarize yourself withrated best flowmeters according to buyers.

How to take readings?

For the convenience of calculating the consumed water, two devices are mounted on pipes for cold and hot water supply. One, painted blue, is responsible for cold water, and the second, red, takes into account the consumption of hot water.

For installation, counters are used that meet GOST R 50601 - 50193. The type of device must comply with the State Standards of the Russian Federation and entered into the State Register of Measuring Instruments.

The amount of water used can be seen on the instrument panel as a combination of eight digits. The initial reading of the new counter will be the combination "00000000".

Water meter reading
Behind the transparent window of the dial you can see the readings of the device. The first five black numbers indicate cubic meters of spent water, and the three red ones record the costs in liters

As you operate the device, the value will change. If the number 00012345 is fixed in the window of the water meter at zero source data by the date of the transfer of information, then tenants spent 12 cubic meters of 345 liters of water per month.

In the case of installing a new device, the first five digits indicated in black are transmitted to the controlling organization, while the last value is rounded up or down.

In the future, to determine the values, you need to follow a simple algorithm:

  • take readings from hot / cold water meters;
  • calculate the difference between the values ​​of the current and previous month, for which you need to subtract from the larger numbers - the smaller;
  • multiply the numbers obtained by the value of tariffs for hot and cold water.

Each month, the user needs to take readings from two water meters and transfer the data to the controlling organizations in person, by phone or via the Internet. However, it is recommended that you perform all the operations described above to ensure that the calculations are accurate.

A more detailed guide to taking and transmitting meter readings we reviewed in next article.

Is it possible to independently verify the correct operation of the device? To do this, it is worth conducting a small experiment.

Having previously fixed the value of the last three digits of the counter, you need to fill it with water three times and empty the 10-liter bucket. In total, the fluid flow rate will be 30 liters.

This indicator should be reflected on the dial of the device. If the numbers on the screen diverge from reality up or down, you need to call specialists.

Passport counter with a mark of verification
The interval between inspections for devices for monitoring cold water should be at least 6 years, and for accounting for hot water, at least 4 years. The results are recorded in the device passport

Devices for reducing water consumption

To reduce the cost of water supply, it is not enough to know how to correctly read the hot and cold water from the meters installed on the pipes. There are many subtleties due to which you can significantly reduce fluid intake without experiencing any particular inconvenience.

Option No. 1 - economical mixers

The attention of visitors to plumbing stores has always been attracted by innovative taps with an unusual stylish design. Such designs of designers are not only very beautiful, but also functional. They can significantly reduce water costs.

The following categories of mixers are particularly economical:

  • single lever;
  • sensory;
  • models with thermostat;
  • devices with an aerator.

Two lever cranesare not economical enough, as hot / cold water mixes slowly in them. To establish the optimum liquid temperature in them, you have to rotate the valves for a minute, during which up to 8 liters of water gets into the sewer.

It is better to replace such equipment with single lever model. It will allow you to easily and quickly adjust the mode of operation, while reducing water loss.

Touch mixer with thermostat
Modern touch models of mixers are often additionally equipped with thermostats that allow you to set the exact temperature. This greatly facilitates the process of setting the desired temperature.

Touch Mixers suggest contactless fluid supply. To turn on the water, it is enough to bring hands to the tap or an object that is supposed to be washed. And the infrared sensor will immediately react.

If you take your palm away, the trickle instantly stops pouring. Such devices can reduce the amount of water consumed by almost 70%.

Convenient and economical sanitary ware - thermostatic taps. They can be set to a temperature that remains unchanged regardless of the level of heating of the liquid in the system.

The built-in blocker does not allow fluid to leak, waiting until it reaches the desired temperature. Thanks to this, a single liter can save several liters of water.

Features of a thermostatic mixer and the rules for choosing such a tap, we examined in detail in another our article.

Mixer model with aerator
A practical faucet model equipped with an aerator will be appropriate for both the bathroom and the kitchen. It not only looks spectacular, but also reduces water costs

Option number 2 - nozzles for cranes

In order to achieve water savings, it is not necessary to make an expensive replacement of the mixers. A practical option is to purchase nozzles aimed at reducing water consumption.

These items include:

  • limiters;
  • single-click switches;
  • aerators;
  • special showers.

Popular products include limiting nozzles to the tap. The devices, simple in their construction, directing the trickle strictly through the sealing ring and the sprocket, allow reducing the usual water consumption by 41-50%.

Water limiters for faucets
The water-saving limiter is easily installed on various categories of cranes. Depending on the models, they can be screwed onto the mixer, or screwed inward

The action of the elements is based on an increase in pressure when the valve is opened. Because of this, the ring is stretched, closing the sprocket and narrowing the place of water flow. When the system closes, the pressure indicator decreases, and the place for the fluid flow opens again.

Single Click Switch water mounted on the mixer, because of which the latter begins to work on the principle of a washstand. For water to appear, just click on the protruding rod.

The fluid supply automatically stops after a certain time, which can be changed using the specially attached key. Due to reduced flow and a limited flow period, water consumption is reduced by half.

The designs of some types of modern cranes include a special device - aeratorby which water is saturated with tiny air bubbles. Faucets of this type help reduce water consumption to 5-8 liters per minute versus 13-15 liters with traditional taps, while the pressure in the system remains unchanged.

Aerators can be purchased not only with the crane, but also separately. There are many options for such products, varying in size, shape and functionality.

Such elements can be installed not only on mixers, but also on shower heads, mounting them between the spray element and the hose.

The principle of operation of the aerator nozzle
Aerator nozzles divide the water flow into many small ducts, the gaps between which are filled with air bubbles.As a result, the rate of water consumption is reduced by 20-70%

Special costs will also help reduce water costs. Shower Heads with small holes that attaches below a conventional device. Another option is to purchase a special water-saving watering can, when using which the water supply is reduced by almost half, to 6-9 liters per minute.

Such household appliances are slightly more expensive than traditional ones, but the costs of their acquisition quickly pay off due to lower payments in housing and communal services. Experts advise equipping all the plumbing available in the house with smart devices.

According to calculations, this will reduce water costs by 30-70%. In monetary terms, the amount saved will be 5-12 thousand rubles per year for a standard family of 4 people.

Ways to reduce household water consumption

For a careful attitude to water use, it is advisable to review some habits without giving up the rules of hygiene and comfort.

Method # 1 - save bath water

A traditional place, involving a large flow of water, is considered a bathroom. However, losses can be reduced by following simple recommendations. So, when brushing your teeth, it is enough to turn on the mixer only at the initial and final stages of the process. Shaving should be done in the same way.

Saving water when washing hands
To reduce water costs when washing hands, it is better to let water in a small stream, and bring brushes close to the tap

A shower instead of a bath will reduce water consumption by 5-7 times. The reduction in the time spent under a watering can also give savings, because in two minutes the soul is lost up to 30 liters of water.

Those who are not ready to give up the bath can cut costs by filling the bowl halfway. It is important to monitor the pouring water in order to prevent overflow.

Often when you turn on hot water for the first minutes, a cold stream flows from the tap. So that the liquid does not disappear in vain, it can be collected in a container and used for useful purposes, for example, wet cleaning.

Method # 2 - we erase without costs

To remove dirt from linen and clothes, it is better to use modern washing machines. Additional savings will come from the use of equipment equipped with special sensors that help determine the exact amount of water required to wash the laundry.

Front-loading washing machine
Machines with a front hatch save more water than their counterparts with vertical loading. It is advisable to use equipment of class AA or higher

It is better to turn on the household appliance when the tank is fully loaded. Models with a half load mode are considered a good option. In this case, you can wash several things using a minimum amount of water.

To reduce costs, it is better to give preference to machine wash with reduced water consumption. If it is impossible to do without processing products by hand, to reduce the cost of liquid, it is advisable to rinse the laundry in a basin or bath, and not under a powerful water stream from the tap.

Method # 3 - save in the bathroom

There are also tricks to reduce the cost of water in the bathroom. This is, first of all, the purchase of modern economical toilets with a double flush system.

For older models, you can use a simple device: put a two-liter bottle filled with water in the tank. In this way, you can significantly reduce water consumption, saving up to 20 liters of fluid daily.

Double flush toilet
On the lid of economical toilet models, a double button is provided, which allows you to spend a full tank of water, the volume of which is 6-8 liters, or to be limited to half the norm of 3-4 liters

Some users throw various small garbage, food debris, cat litter into the sanitary ware container. This not only increases the risk of blockages, but also leads to an increase in water costs, since you have to use the drain more often.

Method # 4 - wash the dishes correctly

To reduce water consumption in the kitchen, first of all, you should consider purchasing dishwasher. When using this technique for washing 9 sets of dishes, only 13-15 liters of water will be required.

It is important to turn on the dishwasher in full load mode with a fully filled chamber. For even greater savings, you can skip the initial rinse step.

Proper fruit wash
Try to get used to washing vegetables and fruits not from the tap, but in a bowl filled with water or a sink. It is hardly advisable to defrost meat or other products under the tap, it is better to leave them in the refrigerator chamber in the evening

When washing dishes manually, it’s nice to use the European method. Dirty appliances fold into a sink plugged with cork, which are filled with water and detergent.

With a two-chamber washing, dirty dishes for primary processing can be placed in one bowl, and for rinsing in the second. It is advisable to give preference to organic detergents, since less liquid is needed to wash them off.

Method # 5 - check the condition of the plumbing

Excessive water consumption largely depends on the state of plumbing fixtures. It is estimated that 24 liters of water can flow out through a dripping tap per day, which will be 720 liters per month.

A water meter can help in monitoring the health of devices. If the numbers on the screen change when the cranes are turned off, it is necessary to examine the risk zones and, possibly, call a specialist.

Turn off cranes before departure
When traveling, especially long, it is better to turn off the taps on the pipes. This simple precaution will save you not only from unnecessary expenses, but also from major troubles

It is better to change outdated models of cranes, replacing them with at least single lever mixers with a ceramic crane-axle box. The most economical are modifications with a thermostat or sensor, which we examined in detail above.

Often, because of old fittings, water leaks occur in the drain tank, which leads to additional costs.

In order to notice the problem in time, you need to add a little food coloring to the container at the first suspicion and wait 10-15 minutes. When color streams appear in the sink, plumbing assistance will be required.

Rules for the provision of services by management companies

It’s useful for users to know that according to the Rules № 307/23.05.2006 “On the procedure for the provision of public services to citizens”; No. 176-ФЗ / 06/29/15 “On Amendments to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” tenants have the right to demand compensation from the management company for services of inadequate quality.

Savings in water bills
Pay bills on time by service providers. It is also advisable to monitor tariffs that may change periodically.

The acts indicate that hot water should have a temperature of 60-70 ° C. If this mode is not maintained, then for every degree below the norm, 0.1% of the current tariff is calculated. If the water runs with a low pressure - approximately 25% of the established norm - the payment for each hour is also reduced by 0.1%.

The envisaged interruptions in the water supply amount to a total of not more than 8 hours per month or 4 hours continuously. Scheduled shutdown can last no more than two weeks, and in the event of an accident on the highway - no more than one day.

Upon receipt of rusty water or liquid with an unpleasant odor, residents have the right to file a complaint with the management company about the poor provision of utility services. In this case, it is possible to claim not only a refund of the funds paid, but also compensation for harm to health.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The video presented in detail describes how to take readings of water meters:

There are many ways to save water. This video will focus on the most effective methods.

Everyone can reduce the cost of water in everyday life. Try to start by installing meters for monitoring hot / cold water, and you will be surprised at the results achieved..

Even greater savings can be achieved by replacing obsolete plumbing with modern appliances. It is also important to consciously treat water consumption - even small changes in habits will help to maintain a home budget.

How do you save water? Maybe they installed one of the devices we examined to reduce water consumption or are you using one of the proposed options for economical consumption?

Maybe you use your own way of saving or do not consider it necessary to reduce water consumption? Share your opinion with other visitors to our site in the comments section.

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  1. The counter set only a couple of years ago. I regret that I did not do this before. Payments have fallen markedly, and earlier for themselves and for that guy ... as they say. I was always surprised: I’m rarely at home, and the bill came, as if day and night the water was pouring. He also put an economical mixer with one lever and a restrictive nozzle on the tap. Budget decisions, and significant water savings. Of course, only because of the economy of finance I came to this idea, and progressive grandchildren praised for the conservation of natural resources).

  2. I still saved only in 2 ways: a bottle in a tank and night washing. But it turns out that there are so many tricks 🙂 The method of soaking the dishes seemed to me more expensive before, now I will try to do it.

    But I’m still not ready to stand in the shower for 2 minutes or to type an incomplete bath, this is already too much. It’s easier to get good plumbing so that nothing leaks and just do not pour water in vain, it will come out with good savings.

  3. Dmitry

    It would seem that water is such a resource on which a person cannot save at all, but this is far from the case. I fully support Victoria. We in the family also use the methods listed. In addition, do not forget to close the hot water meter if your home has hot water turned off. I still know people who pay for cold water at a “hot” rate.

  4. Alexander

    I agree with almost everything, except for the use of a dishwasher. As for me, this is impractical, simply because you did not consider the cost of buying detergent tablets and electricity. I think there will jump out the amount saved on water, or even more. Good water savings are obtained when taking a shower, when you turn off the water when rubbing with a washcloth. I have taught myself to wash myself for a long time - I wet my head and body, turned off the water, soaped up and only turned it on later)) This, by the way, is akin to the description of toothpaste and shaving, and is not at all uncomfortable.

  5. Masha

    A few tips for saving:

    1. If there is no dishwasher, wash the dishes in a basin and rinse with running water.

    2. It is better to wash the car with water from a bucket, and not rinse with a hose.

    3. Mulch vegetables, reducing watering.

    4. If you live outside the city, for certain household needs you can use rainwater collected in a storage tank. By the way, water from a barrel, using an irrigation can also be saved significantly, rather than using an irrigation hose.And my friends who live outside the city hired for 5 thousand to dig a small pond at the end of the plot and use it to water the garden.

    By the way, they say that in the Netherlands they wash themselves in fitness centers specifically in order to save water. But here it comes to absurdity and laughter, of course 🙂 Personally, in my country, I have an autonomous water supply system and a well in the yard.