Pumps for fountains and waterfalls: how to choose and install yourself

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Tastefully decorated and impeccably furnished land, gives visual pleasure and restores strength. The cozy country corners with artificial ponds, cascading waterfalls, enchanting fountains have a special degree of relaxation.

Their organization will require specific pumping equipment, the installation and operation rules of which are worth familiarizing with. Do you agree?

You will find all the most valuable and useful about pumps for fountains and waterfalls on our website. We give clear guidelines to help you choose the most suitable model with the necessary technical data.

Those who want to independently build a reservoir with special effects near a country house, we will find practical recommendations and schemes for implementing an amazing idea.

We will describe the types of pumping equipment used in landscape design, give examples of structures and outline the nuances of installing equipment. A great addition to carefully selected and systematized information are collections of photos, graphic diagrams and videos.

Purpose of the pump and method of use

A pump is a device that allows you to cycle water through an established circuit. Often equipment is used in decorative hydraulic structures and in summer cottages and country estates.

The principle of the mechanism is that the device creates a positive pressure that pushes water with a certain force. The power level corresponds to the height of the ejected jet.

Pumps of the summer type are distinguished by their priority for seasonal use mobility. The unit is convenient in that for its operation does not need any additional extensions and communications. It copes well with pumping water without the need for a water supply.

Almost all pumping equipment consists of similar parts: a rotating motor and an impeller, which affects the flow rate.

Surface pump station
The device consists of two parts connected by a flexible tube, mainly made of plastic. In some cases, rubber is used.

Before installing the water supply system, it is recommended that everything is correctly calculated.

Feature table
The table shows the main characteristics of popular devices and power ratio. Prices range from 3 to 58 thousand rubles (+)

When choosing equipment, first of all, it is necessary to compare the power of the device with the size of the bowl of an artificial reservoir. In most cases, the height of the fountain jet collected through such a system should not exceed one third of the width of the reservoir itself.

Naturally, the flow rate depends mainly on the size of the tank. In order to achieve a height of 1.2 m, approximately 800 liters must be pumped through the pump system. in hour. This is a rather small amount compared to other devices that push water about 2 meters high and pump about 3,000 liters. in hour.

Types of devices
Each type of structure has its own device. Before buying, it is advisable to understand what exactly you want to build (+)

A feature of the pump is the ability to provide continuous fluid circulation. If the site has an architectural idea, for example, a decorative cascading waterfall, water circulation is necessary. Because in the absence of special equipment, water simply cannot rise to the top of the scenery.

Types of pumping equipment

Circulating pumps for artificial reservoirs are divided into two main types: submersible and surface. Submersible carry out their work directly at the bottom of the reservoir. Surface mount near the shore, so they do not come in contact with water.

Characteristics of submersible models

Speaking of submersible pumps, the first thing to mention is the relatively easy installation method. Such devices are used mainly in the construction of small fountains, not exceeding a height of 2 m.

Submersible pump
The immersion type device is completely in the water. The upper element acts as a liquid sprinkler, which then returns back to the reservoir

To ensure proper operation, installation of the pump is recommended using additional components.This number includes all kinds of substrates and frames, preventing sand and silt from entering the device mechanism. In most cases, ordinary bricks are used, from which a kind of pedestal is built.

The pump draws water from the lower layers of the reservoir with its subsequent discharge through the nozzle. The jet is sprayed directly above the unit, but when connecting a hose to the device, it can be brought to the place specified by the idea of ​​landscape design.

The two elements are connected using a plastic or rubber tube. Often the length of the pipe is dictated by the power of the pump. The greater the distance between the modules, the more intense the flow should be. Pipes are connected and extended according to the telescopic principle.

It should be remembered that the pressure in the pump system to a large extent depends on the cross section of the pipes and inlet hoses. The narrower they are, the greater will be the flux density at the outlet, therefore, the jet will be more intense.

Like any automatic system, the submersible pump is powered by an electric network. According to the basic installation rules, the system must be grounded.

For operability, a voltage of 24 V is enough for her. Devices of this type are low-voltage, so a conventional transformer can act as a power source.

The situation is quite different with high-power devices. By increasing the number of tubes and connecting additional structures, more energy is required. Consequently, such systems are connected directly to the network using an electric cable.

In order to avoid emergency situations, the power cord must be covered with waterproof material.

Compressor circuit
The mechanical cleaning filter is a fine mesh made of stainless steel. It retains mechanical impurities while preserving the internal parts of the water pump (+)

An important factor is the presence of particles of sand and other pollutants in the water of reservoirs. Most submersible systems for wells or fountains designed to pump almost pure water.

A number of models allow the presence of impurities in water in a volume of 50 g / m³ and large particles, the size of which does not exceed 0.2 mm. To prevent breakdowns, each pump is equipped with a filtration system, which is part of the design of the primary module located under water.

The technical documentation attached to the submersible pump units indicates the permissible interval for the acid indicator of water, mineralization and the maximum temperature possible for pumping. The manufacturer's instructions must be carefully observed so that the pump does not fail before the due date.

The motors of submersible pumps are continuously cooled during operation by the pumped water. The design of the equipment provides support for thermal equilibrium and the protection of contacting parts from premature abrasion.

The pump must be selected so that the work process is carried out at medium speed, while achieving the desired power level. If the pump is constantly laid out for full, the working life of the unit will end faster. In this case, it is advisable to replace the equipment with a more productive one.

Another plus of submersible pumping devices is the noiselessness of the mechanism. Because the main noise generator is under water, from the shore it is almost inaudible. Also, the power consumption of the device is relatively small, which increases the degree of economy.

If repair is necessary, the submersible device must be disconnected and removed from the reservoir. Simple repair operations can be carried out without problems yourself.

Fountain and waterfall construction options
Submersible pumps are used both in the construction of fountains and in the construction of waterfalls. A significant minus is the exactingness to the characteristics of water, significantly limiting the scope of application (+)

Description of surface systems

For the construction of multi-level structures used mainly surface pumps. Ease of use of this type of equipment is ease of maintenance. Compared with a submersible analogue, it is much easier to detect a breakdown and, if necessary, eliminate it.

Surface pumps are less sensitive to contaminants in the water, clay slurries and organics. They are capable of pumping water from open, non-equipped reservoirs without causing damage to their own mechanics. Equipment that is resistant to minor impurities in water includes drainage pumps.

To draw water into a pond or fountain tank, only the hose connected to the inlet pipe is lowered. If the water intended for pumping is excessively contaminated, it is advisable to equip the hose with a bottom valve with a fine filter mesh.

Step fountain scheme
According to the scheme, the multi-stage design of the fountain is mainly characteristic of small reservoirs. The outlet of each subsequent level is smaller than the previous one. This is dictated by the need to maintain power (+)

The disadvantages include poor resistance to moisture and overheating from direct sunlight. To maintain quality performance, the device should not be left in the open.

Manufacturers recommend constructing separate boxes for such equipment or small pavilions that will protect it from precipitation.

What is a surface pump for fountains
The surface pump must be protected from direct UV exposure, overheating and precipitation. It can not be installed in open areas, it is advisable to build a box or soundproof box for the pump

A significant drawback of surface pumping systems is the high noise level. Since the equipment is not under water, the process of its operation is perfectly audible to others. To avoid such situations, it is advisable to sheathe the protective case or pavilion from the inside with noise-attenuating material.

The power of the device directly depends on the distance to the reservoir. If you connect too long hoses and various nozzles to the surface pump, the efficiency of the device will be significantly reduced.

Therefore, manufacturers insist on installing equipment in the immediate vicinity of the reservoir and indicate the maximum permissible distance for its operation.

Distance to the pond
The distance to the reservoir does not exceed 2 m. Two compressors are connected to the device at once, which increases the pressure intensity

Often, two objects are connected to such a system at once: a fountain and a waterfall. According to the instructions, the water pressure for these elements should be different. It follows from this that when branching the water supply and connecting two hoses, it is necessary to correctly adjust the level of flow power.

In order to be able to connect two circuits to one pump unit, it is advisable to purchase a tee if it was not in the original factory equipment.

This is important to understand before the installation process, because it often happens that the characteristics of the device become a complete discovery after the discovery of inoperability. It is better to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the technical data of the pump in advance, and then just proceed with the installation.

Technical features of devices

In most cases, landscape designers use a pump for fountains or waterfalls, but there are still decorative complexes. This is typical for design ideas that emphasize the particular style of the landscape.

Architectural compositions in the form of mermaids, corals and other elements of marine subjects are often used as the final module of the water pressure system. For this, there are just special models of pumps that cope well with the task of supplying water.

Construction of a fountain with a submersible pump
Waterfalls can be of any shape and size. The most common option is stylization for natural objects, for example, a slide made of river stones (+)

To add variety to the fountain, most manufacturers include several nozzles that change the shape of the jet in the water unit.

Filtering qualities are undoubtedly important for the proper operation of the system, but in their bulk they do not provide bactericidal properties. Some fountains have this opportunity.

The effect is achieved thanks to the hardware components, namely - ultraviolet lamps. Systems with a module for cleaning microorganisms and products of their vital activity are correspondingly more expensive.

As a result, the percentage of microbes that cause water bloom has been significantly reduced. Plus to all: ultraviolet light will favorably affect the fauna of the reservoir if it is planned to breed river animals, for example, fry.

These properties are inherent, for example, to the fountain Gardena FFP5000. The disinfecting effect is fully felt only in bodies of water up to 5000 liters. If the tank exceeds the recommended capacity, you need to install another model with a more powerful UV lamp - Gardena PF 15000S.

In addition, the decorative aspect of the fountain suggests the presence of a special recess in the upper part of the sprayer. The cavity can be filled with any material, whether it is crushed stone or other granulate. Such a design will successfully fit into a summer cottage interior.

The popularity of the equipment is mainly explained by the relatively low price, and due to the small size of the unit there will be no difficulties at the stage of its installation.

Nozzles of pumps for fountains and falls
A large number of nozzles will help create the right atmosphere at the cottage. To date, the nozzle comes with several nozzles

If a waterfall is planned on the site, it is better to use units that can pump dirty water. Such a device is not afraid of pollution and inclusions present in open natural reservoirs. Large fragments of algae, leaves, etc. will not put them out of action altogether.

Therefore, for the intake of water from natural sources, it is recommended to buy a surface pumping station, and for working in indoor pools, artificial ponds with pumped tap water, it is advised to buy submersible.

Guides for a deliberate purchase of the device

The primary factors affecting the cost are the type of fountain and its power. Submersible equipment is usually more expensive than surface equipment, as its manufacture uses specific materials resistant to underwater pressure and constant contact with a not always harmless aqueous medium.

The operation of surface pumps for fountains and waterfalls
Surface pumps for decorative waterfalls and fountains are suitable if water is taken from open natural bodies of water

Often manufacturers include certain add-ons in the package. The presence of various modules and nozzles is determined by the specific model of the unit. The visual effects that affect the price include the presence of a backlight and an ultraviolet emitter.

All of the above, of course, can affect the cost, but the main price range depends on the name of the manufacturer and the size of the purchased fountain.

Fountain lights
Variations of backlighting are different. Basically, manufacturers give the ability to switch a certain color using the remote control

In order to optimize the choice of the pump and competently evaluate the proposed functions from a practical point of view, a number of points should be guided.

Purchase Checklist:

  1. First of all, choose a device with a full set of additional extensions. This includes nozzles and hoses, a water flow control system, as well as several spray heads.
  2. Correctly compare the size of the pool with the power of the unit.
  3. When organizing a multi-level fountain or waterfall, surface-mounted water installations show the best performance.
  4. High-quality models are resistant to corrosion.This should not be neglected, since the device is always in the water or near it. The right choice of protective coating will significantly extend the life of the equipment.
  5. Always ask for instrument documentation. Verify the authenticity of documents and the availability of quality certificates.
  6. Pay attention to warranty features. Examine the purchase agreement for items on the service guarantee.
  7. When connecting the power supply, make sure that the system is equipped with a special fuse that can stop the current supply at any time. This is not a joke, because often there are accidents associated with violation of the sealed sheath of power cables.

Observing all this, you are guaranteed to get a quality product that will continue to serve for many years. Water compressors for the fountain are distinguished by a variety of shapes and sizes, and manufacturers are constantly making adjustments to the equipment, making it even more reliable.

Location for construction is an important factor

The main point that you should pay attention to when building the fountain is the angle of the terrain. It is noticed that for the harmonious work of the waterfall it is better when the piece of land is slightly flat.

The construction of the fountain is best done directly at the bottom of the makeshift slope. This will prevent an unwanted increase in groundwater levels.

The fountain is primarily an aesthetic object, so the visual component of the design is undoubtedly important. If the fountain pump does not have a filtration system, under the influence of intense sunlight, the water will bloom quickly. This will cause an unpleasant odor.

It follows that it is necessary to carefully select the location for the location of the building. It is not recommended to build a fountain in an open area continuously lit by sunlight. In spring and autumn, the appearance of algae is not catastrophic, but in the summer season this causes a lot of problems.

Deepening under the future waterfall
Deepening in the earth will serve as the future reservoir. Thanks to the stepped type, the waterfall provides a continuous circulation of water, which will then be returned to the top of the structure using a pump

Another important factor is the proximity of trees. The root system of any deciduous tree occupies a rather impressive area. If you do not calculate the possibility of the intersection of the outer wall of the tank with the root, destruction of the bowl may occur.

Types of fountains:

  • Geyser - mainly decorates the open areas of the cottage complex. Due to its design and pressure, a fountain of this type resists wind gusts well;
  • Bell - the pressure of the fountain is not very high, but the visual effect is interesting and will fit well into the composition of small country houses;
  • With jet separation system. The fountain can create jerky drops flying along a given path. This type of equipment is appropriate in open areas.

In addition, fountains are installed not only on the street, but there are also models specifically for the home. The design of such devices is not protected from moisture and wind, which means it cannot be used in an open area.

Features of the installation of pumping equipment

At the installation stage, you need to determine the type of pump. If the tank capacity is not too large, a submersible model will be a great option. Due to design features, the device must be installed on a special frame that does not allow the device to come into contact with a muddy bottom.

Bricks are well suited for such purposes (sometimes you can use inorganic material, such as plastic). It is strongly recommended not to weld a metal substrate, since constant residence in water will lead to rapid oxidation, and the structure will collapse.

Modifications of submersible pumps for fountains
In the manufacture of submersible pumps, materials are used that resist corrosion and water pressure

The upper part of the device should be connected to the pump with a rubber or plastic tube. Corrugated hose models are available to avoid deformation. In no case do not install pumping equipment in the winter. Freezing harms the device and can lead to forced repairs or even spoil it forever.

Care must be taken when installing the submersible pump and monitor the water level. Intensive drainage of a natural reservoir can cause serious damage. This is primarily due to insufficient water levels. The equipment is designed in such a way that idling often leads to irreversible consequences.

For example, in the absence of a fluid that acts as a lubricant for moving parts of the mechanism, the contact parts will quickly wear out. Consequently, the pumping station will not last long if it is not submerged deep enough in the pond or works without diving longer than the period allowed by the manufacturer.

Like any electrical equipment, the pump needs grounding. When organizing the power supply, take care of the correct connection of the power harnesses. It is better to do this under the guidance of a person versed in electrical appliances.

Transformer layout
The diagram shows that the power source may be located indoors. To avoid voltage surges, it is better to use a transformer with a fuse (+)

Ideally, it is better to contact the service center of the company directly involved in the installation of equipment. Of course, this option is much more expensive, but you can’t save on security.

If you want to save money, then you can make a simple model of the pump with your own hands. To create a water pump, you need a motor, power supply and improvised materials. Step-by-step instructions for making homemade products are given in this article.

Useful video on the topic

Overview of the water pump, device specifications and equipment:

Installation Guide for Submersible Pump. How to choose the best equipment and what you should pay attention to during installation:

Overview of surface pumps and product benefits:

The organization of country furniture is not an easy task, especially when you want to get your own fountain or pool with a cascade of waterfalls. You can realize the idea with your own hands when using specialized pumps.

Looking for a fountain pump model? Or have experience using such installations? Please leave comments on the article and share your skills in installing and operating pumps. You can supplement the review with a photograph of your invention.

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