How to make a pool in the country with your own hands: the best options and master classes

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Who would not want to splash and freshen up in their own pool on a hot summer day? How much joy and endless pleasure an artificial reservoir would bring to the adult owners of the dacha and to the restless younger generation. Imagine this seemingly “rainbow” dream is quite feasible.

For those who wish to build a pool in the country with their own hands, we offer a number of proven methods for organizing it. Here you will learn how to make a temporary and stationary option. You can compare which of the methods is easier to implement for you personally, which is more affordable for the price and method of the device.

This article has clear answers to all your questions. Thoroughly disassembled construction technology. Valuable recommendations are given on determining the best place for the pool, choosing the optimal type of material for the construction of the bowl, on the implementation of waterproofing and decoration.

Options for the construction of country pools

Even an inexperienced master is able to carry out the construction of a summer cottage pool. It is only necessary to follow the technology of construction of the selected design.

But first you need to choose the right place for the swimming structure and its type. Not every area will be able to arrange a large pond for long-distance swimming or jumping from a three-meter springboard.

Polycarbonate roof
It is unprofitable and difficult to erect a warm building with a roof for swimming all year round for the pool in the country, however, a variant with a light polycarbonate shelter is possible

Structurally, pool baths can be performed:

  • With deepening in soil. The pool bowl is installed in the pit; it can be ceramic, fiberglass, monolithic concrete, built of foam blocks or bricks.
  • With surface mounting. These are constructions for temporary use, there are frame (collapsible) or inflatable. To install them, you need a flat rammed or concrete pad.

The shape of their cups can be round, rectangular, oval or complex geometry. The easiest option is a bath near the bath in the form of a large barrel. But to call such a construction a full pool is difficult.

For the device in the country most often choose an outdoor pool in a stationary or mobile design.

Due to the lack of a roof, both options can be used for their intended purpose only in the summer, but for a summer vacation at the weekend these structures will be enough. Their device does not require too serious investments and is quite simple with independent execution.

It is much more difficult to build an indoor pool with your own hands. For him, he will have to order a full-fledged building project in the form of an extension to the country house with the laying of pipelines, installation of equipment, pool ventilation and heating.

If the site is not guarded, and in winter the owners visit the dacha occasionally, then erecting such a structure is irrational.

Inflatable pool
Inflatable structures are inexpensive and quickly mounted, but any sharp object can quickly turn them into worthless rags

To finish the walls and bottom of the bowl of a stationary pool from the inside, use:

  1. Fiberglass.
  2. Polypropylene.
  3. PVC film.
  4. Mosaic or tile.

A thick PVC film is used in both frame and monolithic structures. And the rest of the materials are only for stationary structures with partial or full burial into the ground.

The scheme for the device pool in the country with your own hands
The construction of a stationary pool with a deepening in the ground requires preliminary calculations and design. Scheme of overflow option will tell you how to make a project

Composite fiberglass bowls are factory-made. Dimensions and configuration of products are not limited by anything. The same applies to the polypropylene cast version.

Modular polyvinyl chloride panels are produced on an industrial scale, from which the pool bath is assembled with installation directly on the site. From a set of panels it will turn out to perform a pool of almost any size and shape.

Do-it-yourself installation of the finished pool in the country
Ready pool baths are available in a monolithic and prefabricated version. For temporary construction, it is better to prefer a prefabricated structure. If the bowl will be installed in the pit, it is better to choose a monolithic ceramic, PVC or fiberglass bath

Pool Tips

Arranged construction should on the one hand decorate the summer cottage, and on the other not to spoil the soil on it. Splashing water from the pool is inevitable.

Excessive moisture can quickly turn the estate into a swamp, destroying all the trees and planting around its own artificial reservoir.

Classic bathing facility
The optimal hydrogeological conditions for a stationary device are low-moisture sands with a groundwater level that does not rise above 2.5 - 3 m during a period of heavy rainfall. However, this situation is very rare, because the pool baths are waterproofed not only from the inside, but also from the outside for protection against groundwater

The smaller around the bushes and trees nearby, the better. The lack of shading from the crown is a faster heating of the water. Plus, their roots will be drawn to moisture, inevitably overwhelming the pool sides on their way.

At the same time, it is necessary to equip it as close as possible to the “source” of water - a water tap or natural reservoir.

The ideal soil for building a pool in the country is clay. It will act as an additional waterproofing layer created by nature itself. However, this mainly concerns a monolithic structure, the frame version can be installed on any type of soil.

The size of the pool area depends on the personal preferences of the owner of the cottage. Someone needs one 2.5x5 meter lane for swimming in the morning, while others require a small pond with a “beach” for arranging sun loungers.

The optimal depth is 1.4-1.5 meters. However, for small children it is better to make the cup smaller. And if you plan to put a slide or a springboard for diving nearby, then it should be deepened by at least 2.5–3 m.

Pool Instructions

After determining the location of the stationary pool in the summer cottage, it is necessary to draw a plan with the wiring of communications and the exact dimensions of the structure, as well as the layout of the equipment for circulation and water treatment.

It is impossible to dig a pit without prior planning and marking on the ground. This is a time-consuming task, from throwing several times from place to place large volumes of soil the desire to build something with your own hands will disappear for a long time.

30 centimeters more than the dimensions of the bowl created in it are dug into the depth of the pit. This space is filled with a sand cushion and a layer of waterproofing on top, for the device of which you can use geotextiles or roofing material.

The waterproofing must be laid with a continuous sheet. Bitumen roll materials are overlapped and combined by welding with a polypropylene torch or gluing with a suitable mastic. Geotextile sheets are glued with double-sided tape.

We recommend that you read the detailed instructions for implementation. waterproofing pool do it yourself.

Option # 1 - made of polypropylene and fiberglass

Installation of a composite or polypropylene bowl can significantly speed up the process of the device at the pool. It is created in the workshop and delivered to the site in finished form.

Recommendations for arrangement

The materials used in the manufacture are resistant to mechanical stress and water.

Reinforcement of polypropylene boards
The finished bowl made of fiberglass or polypropylene does not need additional decoration inside, it is enough to install it in the pit and arrange a reinforcing layer along the sides

In extreme heat in the sun, the polypropylene walls and bottom may begin to “float”. This material has a tendency to expand at high temperatures. As a result, the surface of the bowl goes slightly in waves. However, when the midday hell subsides, she returns to her form.

Unlike polypropylene, composite fiberglass is more resistant to heat, but also costs much more than the first option. Otherwise, they are almost identical in characteristics. Installation of pool bowls from them is also carried out according to the same technology.

How to arrange a pool in the country with your own hands
The process of installing a pool using a finished bath includes several stages: 1 - the device of the pit and the strengthening of its bottom; 2 - installation of the bowl; 3 - strengthening the walls; 4 - arrangement of the site

The device at the cottage pool of these materials is as follows:

  1. At the bottom of the pit, a concrete slab with a thickness of 25-30 cm from a mortar with a cement grade of at least M300 is poured as the base.
  2. After the bowl is installed, communications and a reinforcement layer of steel or fiberglass rods with a section of 6-8 mm are mounted.
  3. Spacers are installed inside the bath, and it is partially filled with water.
  4. The space between the side of the bowl and the wall of the pit is filled with concrete mortar.
  5. After concrete hardening, the edge of the pool is arranged and the adjacent territory is decorated.

Another option for arranging a polypropylene pool is the use of sheets of this polymer material with a thickness of 8 mm or more.

In this case, the cup can be created of any size and shape. The main thing here is to correctly connect the sheets by welding. To do this, you will need to purchase or rent a special welding extruder and hot air gun.

Small bowl
If the bowl of fiberglass or polypropylene is selected small, then you can do without reinforcing and pouring concrete, it will be enough to fill it with rubble from the outside and compact the soil after filling

If the cottage is located in a cold region, then pipes in the ground, walls and the bottom of the bowl should be insulated with polystyrene foam several centimeters thick before pouring concrete in case of poor-quality drainage of water from the system before conservation.

However, thermal insulation cannot be considered a measure that unconditionally protects the polymer walls and underground pipelines from breakthroughs when water freezes. It is better to completely free the system from it before wintering.

Installation instructions

The installation of the plastic fiberglass pool and the construction of the engine room for maintenance will consist of two stages. Consider them in more detail below.

The first stage is the installation of the pool bowl in the pit and the connection of highways and fittings.

The next stage is the construction of a protective pavilion and the connection of equipment serving the pool.

Thanks to the transparent dome, the pool can be used both in open and closed mode in any weather.

We have other materials on the site dedicated to pool maintenance equipment. We suggest you familiarize yourself with them:

Option # 2 - from cast concrete

This method of arranging a pool in the country provides for the installation of formwork to form a concrete bottom and sides, followed by facing them and the bottom with mosaic or tile. In this case, concrete is used with a similar composition as in the version with a polypropylene bowl.

First, the “floor" of the future pool is created. To do this, reinforcement with cells of 15–20 cm is laid in two layers in the pit. Then, communications for draining the water are mounted inside the resulting structure. Concrete mortar is poured so that the floor turns out with a slight slope to the drain hole.

Side trim options
Concrete pool walls can be protected from water with a PVC film or a pie made of membrane waterproofing and tile or mosaic lining

After the concrete has hardened, reinforcement for the walls is mounted around the perimeter of the bowl and formwork is installed for pouring them. The entire resulting concrete surface is waterproofed with bituminous mastic or similar coating material.

In more detail the best types of waterproofing materials we examined in this article.

If the sides turned out to be uneven, then they will have to be plastered using a reinforcing mesh. It may be metal, but it is better to take a more expensive composite of polymer materials. The latter will cost more, but it does not begin to rust due to moisture.

Without a grid, the leveling layer of plaster in the construction being built will not last long. The energy of the shock of waves from a passing person will inevitably and quickly destroy him.

You can finish the formed bowl of the country pool:

  • mosaic;
  • PVC film;
  • tiled.

The decorative layer should not only decorate the pool structure, but also reliably protect concrete from the effects of water.

If at this stage you are foolish and make mistakes, then the concrete pool will soon have to be overhauled. In some cases, it will be necessary to completely disassemble the damaged structure, and then re-fill everything.

Concrete spraying
The sides and bottom of the monolithic pool can be performed without the use of formwork using concrete spraying, but this requires certain skills and special equipment

The easiest way to decorate the bowl with PVC film. It only needs to be spread out and straightened, and then soldered individual flaps into a single sealed cloth.On the steps you should use a film with a ribbed surface, otherwise they will turn out to be too slippery.

The use of tiled decorative materials allows you to create a country pool more attractive appearance. But to do such a lining with your own hands is much more difficult. And it is extremely important at the same time to take glue exclusively waterproof brands, and grout only with antifungal additives.

Option # 3 - from wooden shields

For the manufacture of a wooden pool in the country you will need bars of 60x60 mm and planed boards with a thickness of 30 mm or more. The design will be in the shape of an octagon. First you need to shoot down eight shields in the depth of the bowl.

Wooden shield construction
All wood must be treated with antiseptics, otherwise the pool of lumber in the summer will have to be done several times over again

A wooden pool structure can be partially buried in the soil or simply put on the ground. In the first case, the bottom is best performed according to the classical scheme with digging a shallow pit, laying reinforcement and pouring concrete. And in the second it will be possible to get by with thick boards knocked together tightly to each other.

After assembling all the shields into a single design, the necessary technological holes should be made in them. Then a PVC film is placed in the thicket for waterproofing. At the end of the work, it remains only to establish a ladder and to elevate the upper edge of the sides.

In addition to the three options listed, the country pool can be built of brick or polystyrene blocks with concrete pouring inside them, as well as from plastic bottles or large tires. There are a lot of ways, the choice here depends on the wishes of the owner of the cottage and his financial capabilities.

How to improve the area around the pool?

The main thing in the design of the pool structure in the country is the shape and color of the bowl. Intricate shapes with bends always attract the eye.

And so that the pool visually looks deeper than it really is, its inner surface should be made white. At the same time, the adjacent area must, on the contrary, be performed in dark brown shades.

Outdoor pool with playground
The frame pool towering above the ground with a small platform nearby surrounded by a garden does not look as bulky as being alone in an open area

To decorate the area adjacent to the swimming pool, it is enough to place garden figures and flower pots nearby. It is strictly forbidden to plant any ornamental plants directly in the pool, as in the case of an artificial pond.

Purified by chlorine water is absolutely unsuitable for their growth, and swimming in the "thickets" will not be too convenient.

It is recommended to pave the territory of the summer cottage area around the pool:

  • decking (terrace board);
  • wood of moisture resistant species;
  • paving stones with a rough surface.

Also, you should not forget to equip a recreation area with sun loungers, garden furniture and a small gazebo nearby. If the family has children, then it will not hurt to arrange a children's playground nearby.

And all the furniture, sports equipment and even a gazebo can be assembled with your own hands, using scraps and the remains of plastic pipes. The best ideas on how to make stylish and useful homemade pipes look here.

As a finishing touch, you should mount the backlight so that you can relax by the pool not only during the day, but also in the evening and at night under the stars.

Popular options for arranging the area around the pool:

Methods of filtering and purifying water

Visible debris should be removed manually as quickly as possible using a garden net. To get rid of stains, the walls should be brushed from time to time. And also to get rid of debris and pollution, you can use a special vacuum cleaner for the pool.

We reviewed the popular models for pool cleaning among buyers in another article - follow the link to familiarize yourself with top ten vacuum cleaners.

All this will not eliminate the need for water purification, but will significantly reduce the risk of flowering. It’s easier to completely change it, once a week using it to water the garden. However, this is not always possible.

Water Treatment Equipment
The bathtub of the skimmer type pool must be equipped with a skimmer, pump and filter unit, but this is rarely done in the country due to the high cost of installation and maintenance of this equipment

You can purify water in an outdoor pool using filters:

  • sand;
  • cartridge;
  • diatom.

More complete information about the types of filters for the pool and the rules for choosing the best is discussed in another our article.

Also, the water will have to be treated with chlorine, active oxygen and bromine. Such water treatment will be needed only if it has not changed for too long in the country pool or has been taken from a natural reservoir. In a centralized water supply system, it is already subjected to chemical disinfection.

If you do not have centralized water supply in your country house, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the means for water purification.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Concrete construction technology:

How to equip a pool in the country with your own hands:

Installation of a polypropylene bowl:

The technology of the independent device of the country pool is a rather laborious, but not too complicated process.

If you wish, you can do all the work yourself, spending a minimum of money on the construction. You just need to choose the most suitable option for your site.

Do you dream to build a pool on a summer cottage and are considering options? Or do you have questions about the instructions in this article? Ask for advice in the comments section - we will try to clarify the difficult point in detail.

Or maybe you already use the home-made country pool? Tell us how much time it took you to build and what materials you used. Better yet, share a photo of your pool by attaching it in the comments to this article.

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  1. Andrey Potapenko

    A pool made of polypropylene or fiberglass is easier to install, and cheaper.But this is possible only in Sochi somewhere. If you build a pool with us - only concrete. How many such examples I have already seen. The wooden pool is something new for me. I think, as a seasonal solution, also a good option.

    • Vladimir

      I have the same opinion. The best option is a pool with a bowl of concrete. The main thing is the correct calculation for the supply and discharge of water. You can choose any form of the pool, even the most bizarre, to cover with modern tiles, it will be just a sight for sore eyes. I also ordered a stainless steel ladder to lower into the water and a rain canopy. It turned out great! Now this is our family’s favorite vacation spot.

  2. Andrew

    These ideas are more suitable for the southern regions. We do not often have high temperatures in the summer. For children bought a small rubber pool. If necessary, it can be easily removed, and the water manages to warm up. Building something capital is practically impractical. If you hide under the roof and warm the water, you get a mini-sauna. Better to go to the bathhouse.

  3. Maria

    Hello. And we organized for children here such a pool with a sink. As hot water, we use heating in a barrel on a street wood-burning stove (folded without mortar from bricks). The only thing they built too late, did not have time to waterproof the inside with rubber paint and did not paint it outside. In the second house, such a pool has served for 8 years and is now “alive”. The construction took 3,500 rubles, the cost of a small inflatable pool.

    However, our children will not be able to invite so many children into the inflatable pool, because we thus “threw out” 3 swimming pools before the construction of the brick, constantly punched. If anyone is interested, I will drop all the data and calculations.

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