What is the danger of black mold in the house for the human body and how to get rid of it

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Last update: March 2020

Are you going to cut bread and see black velvet stains formed by propagated mold? Or did they suddenly begin to suffer from allergies, although they had not noticed anything like this before?

The reason is black moldy mushroom, which from time to time you have to face in your own house or apartment. You must admit that it is not very pleasant to see black thickets of mold on products that you forgot about the existence of for some reason, or on the walls in the bathroom, or even worse, on the wallpaper in the nursery.

We will help you deal with such an unwanted neighbor. Although it is not so easy to destroy it, it is also impossible to put up with the appearance. To find ways to get rid of such a misfortune, in this article we will talk about the danger of black mold in the house, what types of it can settle in the premises and what options for getting rid of it can be used at home.

To help in the fight against this terrible enemy, we also picked up visual videos on how to destroy the fungus and tips on preventing its appearance.

Types of black mold coating

If you don’t specifically look closely, it may seem that black mold is just the emerging dirt that can be easily disposed of. But this is not so.

Black mold coating is an external manifestation of a colony of microscopic fungi. Moreover, these colonies can form different types of fungi. Most often in our homes there are varieties listed below.

Fungus # 1 - Aspergillus black

Aspergillus black (Aspergillus niger) Is a saprophyte, which has chosen for itself rooms with high humidity: kitchens, bathrooms, toilets or combined bathrooms, swimming pools.

Colonies of this fungus are often formed in humidifiers, in washing machines and even in air conditioners.

Often this black mold covers damp ceilings and walls, covers of old books, flowerpots for indoor plants. The favorite place for the Aspergillus niger colony to appear is tile joints in the bathroom and bathrooms.

Aspergillus black
This is how cute and cute a mold can look under a microscope, which can deprive a person of not only health but also life itself

In the photo, this fungus looks quite nice, but its presence is not at all harmless.

Even from a slight air movement, the spores of this parasite spread throughout the room, penetrate the respiratory tract of people and pets, settle on food, settle in our things.

Thanks to them, quite unpleasant diseases can occur:

  • meningitis;
  • myarditis;
  • bronchial asthma or even pneumonia;
  • rhinitis.

The presence of spores of this fungus can cause the formation of papillomas and even cancer cells.

If a person happens to inhale immediately a large number of spores, he may develop intoxication of the body. With weakened immunity, which is not uncommon in our time, there is a danger of death.

It is Aspergillus niger that can cause lung aspergilloma. The volatile spores of the fungus can easily penetrate through the nasopharynx into the trachea, and then affect the bronchi, alveoli and bronchioles. Having gained a foothold, they begin to develop rapidly.

Toxins secreted by the colony contribute to the formation of foci of necrosis. As a result, the parenchymal lung tissue ceases to function, suffocation and death occur.

Fungus # 2 - Aspergillum Fuming

A feature of this mold is that it stably tolerates an increase in ambient temperature from 12 and up to 53 degrees.

Mushroom spores Aspergill smoking (Aspergillus fumigates) are very small: only 2-3.5 microns, so they easily penetrate the lungs of animals and people. Healthy people can inhale several hundred spores of such a fungus without consequences.

But in a person with a weak immune system, the risk of aspergillosis increases many times.

Aspergill smoking
These colonies, isolated in a Petri dish and surrounded by a greenish radiance, are a very dangerous enemy that has no place in our homes

When repair work is carried out near hospitals and clinics where patients with reduced immunity can be, the risk of infection of patients increases sharply.

In such situations, it is considered necessary to monitor the air to detect cases of high concentration of pathogenic spores.

Most often, Aspergillus fumigates affects fruits and vegetables that have mechanical damage.

If the fungi struck the grain, which is subsequently baked by the bakery products, then on the baked goods pretty quickly formed black fluffy spots or mold deposits.

The smoking Aspergill is dangerous in that the toxins accompanying its vital activity are allergens. They are able to destroy red blood cells that make up the blood. In addition, the toxins of this fungus can inhibit the production of immunity.

Fungus # 3 - Alternaria Alternaria

Another variety of spore-forming molds is Alternaria Alternata (Alternaria tenuis).

The appearance of the colonies of this fungus depends on the nutrient medium on which they are formed. Most often these are dark gray, almost black spots. But they can have a greenish-olive hue.

Such a mushroom inhabits the dying part of the plant. Its colonies can be found on autumn leaves, overripe fruits and even just on the surface of the soil.

This mold can take root on food products, including, for example, pork, as well as on textile products. Mushroom toxins infect plants, poison grain seeds.

Hit bow
Surely you have come across more than one onion or other vegetable affected by black mold on sale more than once: never bring it home

Not only spores of the fungus, but also its fragments can be found both indoors and inside the home, concentrating in house dust. The risk of Alternaria tenuis colonies is higher in homes with a humid atmosphere.

AT wooden buildings this mold spreads faster than in concrete houses. The spread of its spores occurs on windy sunny days with low humidity.

In addition to the direct infection that occurs when a person is in direct contact with Alternaria tenuis, poisoning by toxins from this mold can occur.

Toxins can trigger an attack of bronchial asthma, the occurrence of dermatitis. In addition, this mold is dangerous and the manifestation of allergic reactions in people who are sensitive specifically to Alternaria alternata.

What contributes to the spread of fungus?

So, we found out exactly what mold is dangerous for the human body. Obviously, it is necessary to take all possible measures so that it is not in the house.

You should know in what exactly ways this infection penetrates the dwelling, so that, carrying out preventive measures, to prevent its occurrence.

Warm and humid are two of the most important conditions for the development of molds.. The optimal parameters for their existence are 70% humidity and temperature from +18 to +25 degrees.

If the room is still not ventilated, then all the possibilities for the formation of mold colonies are available.

Black mold on the walls
It is much easier to prevent the appearance of mold than to deal with the consequences of its effects on the body, when everything has already happened: do not waste time

It is clear that no significant material costs will be required to eliminate these factors. Ventilating the room is not so difficult.

But, in addition to the above, there are other reasons for the occurrence and development of mold. People, as a rule, do not suspect them. The appearance of mold can be a side effect of the development of the construction industry and the emergence of innovative construction technologies.

Reason # 1 - plastic doors and windows

Those who have installed at least one plastic window in their home have already managed to appreciate the advantages that it provides. Such windows have remarkable soundproofing properties.

They help maintain heat. It is easy and simple to look after them. In addition, plastic products are durable and repairable.But if they are not properly used, they can cause mold.

Plastic windows and mold
The problem with the formation of condensation on the glass of plastic windows is especially relevant in the kitchen, where dishes can be cooked in broths, compotes and so on.

Plastic windows and doors close almost hermetically. That is, the circulation of air masses that arose during the period of existence of frames made of "breathing" wood is now disrupted.

If the number of glasses in the double-glazed window is chosen incorrectly, the product itself does not meet quality standards, and the installation was performed in violation of existing standards, condensation may form on the glass surface.

It turns out that plastic products create ideal conditions for increasing humidity in the home. Realizing this danger, window manufacturers have tried to provide all the possibilities for quick ventilation of the room. One such solution is supply valve.

It is the regular airing of rooms, regardless of weather conditions and the time of year, helps to avoid the formation of mold colonies in the house.

Reason # 2 - everyone's favorite drywall

And how can one not like this building material, if with its help it is so easy and fast to level any horizontal or vertical surface. It is drywall that allows you to erect partitions of any configuration in the shortest possible time.

This very inexpensive material is really convenient to use in repair and construction, so it is well-deserved.

Drywall and Mold
Of course, drywall constructions are convenient, beautiful and economical, but when creating them do not forget that this material is hygroscopic

But this material also has a significant flaw: drywall absorbs moisture perfectly, allowing it to linger for a long time inside.

In order not to be captured by black mold when using drywall, it is necessary to strictly observe the installation technology, remember that the mixtures must have time to dry.

In a room with drywall, you need to create an antifungal microclimate.

In rooms with a high level of humidity, special drywall, designed for such operating conditions, should be used. In addition, antifungal drugs should be added to the solutions used in the process.

Reason # 3 - poor ventilation

A window in the bathroom is a real rarity. As a rule, the layout of our apartments does not imply not only windows in the bathrooms, but also sufficiently effective ventilation.

Meanwhile, a lot of humid air can form in the bathrooms as a result of drying clothes or water procedures, for which this room is intended. Natural exhaust ducts are difficult to cope with.

Poor ventilation in the bathroom
Poor ventilation in the bathroom, combined with the increased humidity of this room and heat, create ideal conditions for the formation and spread of black mold

One way to solve this problem is to use forced ventilation. Thanks to this measure, the problem of excess moisture will be solved, and at the same time, conditions for the development of mold microflora will not arise.

Read more about mold removal in the bathroom read here.

Reason # 4 - damp basements and wet walls

Quite often, miscalculations in the design can lead to the fact that during the rain the walls or corner parts of the buildings get wet, and freeze in the cold part of the year.

The same problem arises in the absence of drainpipes or when they are clogged. If you ignore this, then mold colonies may form on the walls over time.

Gradually, the fungus grows through the brickwork or panels and is already indoors. The invasion will occur even faster than it can be expected if there are cracks in the brickwork or the joints of the panels are not well waterproofed.

Black mold on bread
It's a shame if you bring black mold into the house, and also pay for the product on which it is located, money: from infected grain you get infected bread

The mold source may be in a damp basement. In it, colonies can form and multiply, and then, using ventilation ducts, they will spread throughout the premises.

In a private house, this problem is solved independently by arranging a quality basement ventilation. To eliminate dampness in an apartment building, you will have to contact the ZHEK.

Defective sewage and water supply also create conditions for the development of fungi.

We can bring black mold into our house ourselves, not wanting it. It is enough to buy bread products baked from contaminated grain in the store.

Such bread is very quickly covered with plaque, and then mold. There is no way to eat it: it is dangerous to health. It is also not suitable for animal feed.

It should be packed in a plastic bag, and then sent to the trash bin outdoors.

The subtleties of dealing with black mold

If you find black mold in your apartment, then you need to deal with such a neighborhood, without interfering. The longer the colonies are located in your home, the more damage they can do to their health, and the more difficult it will be to survive.

You must immediately make a reservation that the use of bactericides in the fight against mold will not help. These drugs are designed to kill bacteria, not fungi.

You have a battle with mold parasites, for which you need special antifungal drugs.

Ultraviolet lamps
The ultraviolet radiation emitted by the lamp is detrimental to fungal colonies, it is not for nothing that outside the buildings, black mold prefers shady places

An excellent and very effective way to get rid of mold is to process the room with UV lamp. Under the influence of ultraviolet rays, spores die.

When using this lamp, some safety measures must be observed: remove pets from the treated room, including birds and aquarium fish, as well as remove all fresh flowers from the room.

There are other methods to combat mold fungi:

  1. If mold colonies are located on specific items that can be taken out, they must be removed outside the housing. Dispose of old wallpaper, moldy textiles, or contaminated putty in a landfill.
  2. In all construction and finishing mixtures that are used in the construction of a private house or in the repair of your apartment, you should add special antifungal drugs and antiseptics. Often mold takes root in the tile joints in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Therefore, grouting should be given special attention.
  3. Affected areas with mushrooms can be treated with special industrial preparations. In case of their absence, they use the funds that every housewife has.

If mold spots appear on non-porous surfaces, which include, for example, tile or mirror, then to eliminate them you can use such popular substances: bleach "White", ammonia, borax solution or vinegar.

It can be applied on the affected surface. hydrogen peroxide, and, after 15 minutes, rinse the area with water. Baking soda has also proven itself.

Removing mildewed surfaces
All surfaces with traces of mold should be ruthlessly removed: it’s better to do this work honestly once than to return to it endlessly

The situation is more complicated when colonies appear on the plaster: the entire affected part must be removed mechanically. It’s better to do it with a wire brush.

Cleaning is carried out to the entire depth of penetration of mold. Tile joints are also cleaned with a sharp tool.

It is advisable to dry the cleaned surface with an industrial hair dryer and treat with an antiseptic. Moreover, it should be treated not only the area from which the mold is removed, but also adjacent surfaces.

Whichever of the methods listed above you choose, it is important that the mold is destroyed or, at worst, removed outside the apartment. It is impossible to ignore her appearance. This is too dangerous a neighborhood that must be disposed of by any means.

Means of protection
We do not offer you to use a gas mask or protective clothing as a personal protective equipment, but goggles, a respirator and rubber gloves should be

Safety Precautions

Given that spores, particles of mold itself and the toxins that it secrets, can spread with air currents, gathering to fight against fungal colonies, it is necessary to protect your respiratory tract and skin from unwanted contacts.

Safety precautions:

  1. Do not neglect personal protective equipment such as a respirator, waterproof gloves and goggles.
  2. So that the spores that were removed from one surface do not take root on the other, the surfaces of the furniture and floor must be covered with oilcloth, which is not a pity to throw away later, or with plastic wrap.
  3. Everything that can be taken out of the room during the cleaning, it is better to remove it. In the bathroom, it can be, for example, washcloths, brushes, towels and curtains.
  4. If the situation is serious and mold has managed to capture large areas of the room, all objects that spores of fungi can fall on should be wrapped in foil. Choose a film thicker so that the protection is reliable. It is inexpedient to save on your health: then you will spend more on medicines.
  5. Never turn on the fan during cleaning. Mold spores are easily spread throughout the room, and then there will simply be no escape from them: they can appear unexpectedly and in the most inappropriate places.
  6. Do not use a household vacuum cleaner to remove fungal colonies. Spores or toxins themselves can get on the inside of this appliance. Disputes in a vacuum cleaner do not die, but simply wait in the wings and suitable conditions for the revival of the colonies.
  7. But the dehumidifier, if there is such a device in the house, should be turned on. Dried air will deprive microorganisms of a chance of continued existence.
  8. After cleaning the infected premises, it is necessary to discard all rags, brushes, gloves and films together with a respirator.

Fighting mold is an inevitable event in case mold has already started. But it is much better not to allow its occurrence without creating conditions for the development of fungal colonies.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

You can write a lot about the fact that mold is dangerous, but it will not make such an impression as the stories of those who were once exposed to it.

It’s good that when people in time realize what their troubles and poor health are connected with. The following video will help you deal with the problems that arise from exposure to black mold:

This video demonstrates the techniques of prevention and control of fungal colonies.

Defeating your velvety enemy is not at all easy, but possible. It is much more important to ensure such living conditions in your house so that mold does not start at all. Do not leave her a single chance at life.

Perhaps you also have experience in dealing with insidious mold? Please tell us about proven methods for its destruction. Comment on the material and post questions on the topic.

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  1. Alexander

    Tell me, when using a UV lamp, is it necessary to use any eye protection? And so, of course, with mold, I will say from my own experience, it is very difficult to fight. In the rooms, interestingly, mold appeared around newly installed plastic windows to replace wooden ones.

    Apparently, due to insufficient ventilation, high humidity is formed. Nothing can be done with mold: they tried it with bleach, and with “White” - it still appears. Rip off to concrete, plaster and again. All this is due to the too tight fit of the structure to the opening - such are plastic windows.

    • Sergei

      Yes, be sure to buy yourself safety glasses. They are in almost any construction supermarket, are inexpensive (200-300 rubles). I myself took these for locksmith work, but they are also suitable for protection against UV radiation. By the way, it was with the help of UV lamps that I was able to get rid of black mold in the basement. After that, he treated the floor and walls with a special protective compound to prevent its reappearance.

      • How long should a UV lamp last to kill mold? I want to deal with her once and for all.

        • Expert
          Alexey Dedyulin

          Hello. It is quite possible to conduct processing with a UV lamp every day for 20 minutes, observing safety precautions. Unfortunately, using a lamp alone, it is not possible to completely remove the mold, a high-quality integrated approach is needed, especially since the lamp burns out mainly bacteria and only some types of fungus, many types of mold are immune to it.

    • Andrew

      Plastic windows have an adjustment of "winter / summer" put something in between, then ventilation will appear.

    • Expert
      Alexey Dedyulin

      Good afternoon, Alexander. Any good sunglasses labeled UV 380 or UV 400 will do, unless you are of course planning to stay in the room while the lamp is on.

      High humidity has its reasons. In your case, the impression is that the slopes are not insulated. In the arrangement, only plastering the concrete wall is not right. Do everything that you described and process twice antifungal agents.

      Then I recommend using extruded polystyrene foam as a heater. Buy the option with the grid applied, on this surface the putty will be easier to lay down, the fluidity of the solution will become much lower. For clarity, attached a drawing.

      After puttying, paint with water-based paint of the first class of resistance to washing. It is desirable that latex be part of the paint.

      Also, you did not indicate that with external slopes. They must also be equipped without fail. Foam tends to collapse under the influence of sunlight.

      Attached photos:
  2. Know name

    To get rid of it, you need to put PVC slopes, foam the tide (if not foam), put a supply valve on each window in the apartment or house.

    • Expert
      Alexey Dedyulin

      Hello. Correct - not to get rid, but to prevent its occurrence and a comprehensive solution to eliminate its further spread.

  3. Natalya

    Good afternoon. I got mold in the air passages - in the ventilation where the air conditioner is blowing - how can I remove it from there?

    • Michael

      Good day, Natalia.

      It looks like you are using a duct air conditioning system that has not been cleaned for a long time. Reread the contract with the organization that installed the system - you need to find a section describing the maintenance (there may be options for annual, quarterly, monthly).

      You will not be able to cope with the mold yourself, because the air ducts, as I understand it, are hidden by the building structures - you need to call specialists with special equipment corresponding to the “chemistry”.