Exhaust fan in the bathroom: tips for customers + ten of the best offers on the market

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By installing an exhaust fan in the bathroom, you can forever forget about the dampness and mustiness characteristic of humid rooms. A small but strong and hardy appliance will quickly remove all unpleasant, pungent odors and make the air cleaner, healthier and more comfortable.

For the installation of the device does not require expensive tools, specific knowledge and practical experience. The product is simply inserted into the air outlet shaft and secured there using the connecting elements included in the kit. The work is very simple and will be affordable for every home master.

The market for ventilation devices offers many models, and choosing the right device is sometimes problematic, right? To facilitate this task, we have prepared an overview of the best bathroom hoods with an indication of their technical parameters, advantages and disadvantages according to users.

TOP 10 popular models

The rating includes exhaust fans for bathrooms, showers and bathrooms, most often bought in online stores and supermarkets of household appliances in Russia. By the principle of operation, the devices are similar.

Among the main differences:

  • power of work and air exchange;
  • additional functions;
  • body shape.

The client has the opportunity to choose a device for the interior solution of the room, taking into account his own needs for strength and ventilation efficiency.

Place No. 1 - Soler & Palau HCM-225 N

A powerful and powerful exhaust fan is suitable for spacious bathrooms and sanitary facilities. Effectively removes unpleasant odors and humidity from the room. It works quickly, but does not produce excessive noise in the process. Mounted on a wall or in a vent window.

It features high quality assembly. The outer casing of durable plastic is completely sealed and not afraid of damp. The protective grill protects the internal mechanism from the penetration of small particles of debris and foreign objects.

The aluminum impeller has an anodized coating that protects against corrosion.

Technical specifications:

  • type of mechanism - axial
  • air exchange rate - 600 m³ / hour
  • working power - 28 W
  • automatic blinds - there is
  • check valve - yes
  • control method - mechanical
  • number of speed modes - 1
  • additional options - protection against thermal overloads, the ability to connect via the REB electronic module, cabinet moisture protection, the ability to be installed in glass
  • noise - 45 dB
  • weight - 1.8 kg

Owners note good traction properties of the device and the ability to quickly remove corrosive, aggressive odors from the room.

Attractive and neat appearance, good assembly and compliance with the parameters of technical documentation deserve special praise.

The lack of rolling bearings is called a disadvantage by users, although they say that this moment is not critical.

Place No. 2 - Electrolux EAF-150 25 W

The device from the famous Swedish brand belongs to the series Premium. It looks unusual, catchy and attractive. Suitable for vertical and horizontal installation. Serves premises up to 14 square meters. m

The low-noise electric motor with a special impeller combines high working efficiency and low sound background.

The unit is equipped with a special sensor for adjusting humidity in the range from 40% to 100%. The built-in timer allows you to comfortably control the operation of the module and delay the start for a period of 1 to 20 minutes.

Technical specifications:

  • type of mechanism - axial
  • air exchange speed - 320 m³ / hour
  • working power - 25 W
  • automatic blinds - no
  • check valve - available
  • control method - mechanical
  • number of speed modes - 1
  • additional options - timer, humidity sensor, IPX4 splash protection
  • noise - 35 dB
  • weight - 0.86 kg

Customers really like the original appearance of the product, quiet operation and optimal endurance.

Reliable moisture protection of the case, good durability of all plastic elements and the presence of a non-return valve that protects the room from the penetration of unpleasant odors from the ventilation shaft are encouraging.

Some customers complain of insufficient power and tangible vibration of the check valve. Some customers say that the price of the device is too high and it is not practical to overpay only for the brand.

Place No. 3 - Soler & Palau SILENT-100 CMZ 8 W

A compact module from a well-known Spanish manufacturer is in the line Silent. It is equipped with rubber bushings, damping vibration and other noise. It works almost silently and does not interfere with residents.

Intends for arrangement of exhaust ventilation system in very small rooms. It is connected to a single-phase network and consumes a minimum of energy resources.

It has high-level moisture protection and is not afraid of ultraviolet radiation.

Technical specifications:

  • type of mechanism - axial
  • air exchange rate - 95 m³ / hour
  • working power - 8 W
  • automatic blinds - no
  • check valve - installed
  • how is it controlled - mechanics
  • number of speed modes - 1
  • additional options - practical cord switch, ball bearing motor mounted on silent blocks
  • noise - 26 dB
  • weight - 0.4 kg

The unit demonstrates the greatest efficiency in servicing small-sized bathrooms, showers and bathrooms. It resists moisture.

It can be mounted in the design of a suspended ceiling if there is a separate air shaft there.

As cons, customers note insufficient traction of the device and a rather high cost with such weak parameters. There are no complaints about the appearance and installation process.

Place No. 4 - CATA E-120 G 15 W

The modern square fan from the Spanish concern is structurally different from all other options. The facade is covered with a decorative mat made of frosted white glass.

This element turns the module into an elegant interior element that adorns the interior decoration.

The optimal power of the device allows its use in bathrooms, toilets and medium-sized showers.

Technical specifications:

  • type of mechanism - axial
  • air exchange rate - 210 m³ / hour
  • working power - 15 W
  • automatic blinds - no
  • non-return valve - no
  • control method - mechanical
  • number of speed modes - 1
  • additional options - tilt function, front decorative glass panel, waterproof housing
  • noise - 33 dB
  • weight - 0.7 kg

Buyers call the model interesting and unusual. I like the outer glass lining. It delicately covers work elements and elegantly disguises the hood area.

No disadvantages were found in the device.

Place No. 5 - Soler & Palau DECOR 200 C 20 W

A high-quality model of medium power is mounted on a wall or ceiling. Sold at an affordable price. It works correctly in temperature conditions from 0 ° С to +40 ° С. The built-in thermal protection system is responsible for protecting the engine from overheating and failure.

Technical specifications:

  • type of mechanism - axial
  • air exchange rate - 185 m³ / hour
  • working power - 20 V
  • automatic blinds - none
  • check valve - available
  • how is it controlled - mechanics
  • number of speed modes - 1
  • additional options - indicator window on the facade
  • noise - 46 dB
  • weight - 0.8 kg

Externally, the device looks neat and modern. It is available not only in white, but also in several additional shades. It draws excellent air, despite the modest power parameters.

Economically consumes energy. Easy to clean inside and out in case of noticeable contamination.

The only thing that users do not like is a strong sound background, although this does not matter in the bathroom.

Place No. 6 - ERA HPS 20 20 W

A round-shaped exhaust fan made by a popular domestic manufacturer looks stylish and attractive. Designed for window installation.

The casing and the impeller are made of high-strength ABS plastic, resistant to direct sunlight.

The engine is equipped with special protection against overheating. This ensures a long service life regardless of the intensity of use.

The external check valve closes automatically. Prevents unpleasant odors from entering the premises from the street during the period when the fan is not working.

Technical specifications:

  • type of mechanism - axial
  • air exchange speed - 330 m³ / hour
  • working power - 20 W
  • automatic blinds - no
  • check valve - yes
  • control method - mechanical
  • number of speed modes - 1
  • additional options - convenient cord switch
  • noise - 47 dB
  • weight - 1.13 kg

As a plus, users note the original design and efficient operation, the quality of the casting of the plastic casing, reliability and resistance to wear.

The fan runs quietly and removes unpleasant odors and harsh aromas from the room. Conveniently controlled with a lace.

Some customers had some problems with the installation, but the phenomenon did not acquire mass character.

Place No. 7 - Soler & Palau DECOR 300 C 23 W

An effective and powerful device provides both wall and ceiling mounts. Well draws out all unpleasant odors, removes moisture and dampness from the overall premises.

Differs in reliability and operational stability. It transfers both permanent and sensitive use.

Technical specifications:

  • type of mechanism - axial
  • air exchange rate - 280 m³ / hour
  • working power - 23 W
  • non-return valve - yes
  • how is it controlled - mechanics
  • number of speed modes - 1
  • additional options - indicator light
  • noise - 46 dB
  • weight - 1.44 kg

The device is easily mounted in an air shaft or ventilation window, it is not afraid of moisture and ultraviolet radiation. Demonstrates high traction properties and looks nice.

The blades do not require constant cleaning and operate normally even in difficult operating conditions.

The owners do not report cons.

Place number 8 - DiCiTi AURA 5C 10 W

The module is mounted in ventilation shafts or air outlet communication lines of bathrooms, bathrooms and shower rooms of a compact size. It is used for periodic or permanent ventilation of wet rooms.

It is equipped with a classic square plastic case that is not afraid of exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

It easily tolerates intense loads and has an increased work resource. It has protection against backdraft and does not allow unpleasant odors from the ventilation duct to enter the room.

Technical specifications:

  • type of mechanism - axial
  • air exchange speed - 180 m³ / hour
  • working power - 10 W
  • automatic blinds - none
  • check valve - yes
  • control method - mechanical
  • number of speed modes - 1
  • additional options - ball bearing motor, overheat protection
  • noise - 30 dB
  • weight - 0.67 kg

The model is presented in several original color schemes. This makes it possible to harmoniously fit it into the interior of any orientation.

Most of all, users like the quiet operation of the device, and they call some fragility of the plastic case a drawback.

Place No. 9 - Dospel Styl 120 S 20 W

Compact household appliance for forced ventilation looks concise and neat. Designed for wall and ceiling mounting. It works in single-phase networks.

Qualitatively serves small bathrooms and small sanitary units. It is equipped with a reliable ball bearing motor.

The case is made of durable and high-quality ABS plastic with the addition of an antistatic agent for effective protection against dust.

Technical specifications:

  • type of mechanism - axial
  • air exchange rate - 150 m³ / hour
  • working power - 20 W
  • automatic blinds - no
  • non-return valve - no
  • how is it controlled - mechanics
  • number of speed modes - 1
  • additional options - internal insect screen, protection class IP X4
  • noise - 46 dB
  • weight - 0.6 kg

Customers note that the device is conveniently mounted in any position and copes well with its duties. Its disadvantage is the noise at the time of initial activation.

Place No. 10 - Domovent 125 C 16 W

The compact, but strong and powerful unit is designed for installation on a wall or ceiling in a ventilation shaft or vent pipe of suitable diameter. It works efficiently and is equipped with special nets against insects.

The device has two options for connecting to an electrical network: through a traditional separate switch or through a light switch parallel to lamps and luminaires.

The shortened pipe makes it possible to install the units in thin walls, internal partitions and windows.

Technical specifications:

  • type of mechanism - axial
  • air exchange rate - 179 m³ / hour
  • working power - 16 W
  • automatic blinds - no
  • non-return valve - missing
  • how is it controlled - mechanics
  • number of speed modes - 1
  • additional options - mosquito net, shortened pipe
  • noise - 44 dB
  • weight - 0.65 kg

The device copes with its duties perfectly and quickly draws damp, unpleasant odors and obsessive aromas.

Completely changes the air in the room in 5 minutes of operation. It does not rattle or make noise during operation. Keeps esthetic appearance the entire period of operation.

The only drawback is the complicated process of cleaning the external grill and internal grid.

Fan Criteria

Splashes of water, evaporation and condensation create an uncomfortable atmosphere in the bathroom and spoil the exterior decor. Fungi and black mold. There are unpleasant odors, small insects and household irritants appear.

You can deal with these negative aspects with the help of an exhaust fan.

The master screws the exhaust fan with a screwdriver
In apartment buildings, the installation of an exhaust fan in the bathroom is carried out in the wall, where there is a common air exhaust shaft. In a private cottage, the device can be mounted where it is convenient, leading the ventilation duct to the location of the unit in advance

The main thing is to take into account all the important parameters of the device and correctly carry out the installation. Then the room will be ventilated correctly and the trim elements will not be affected by moisture.

Moisture resistance and temperature resistance

In the bathroom, spray and steam do not appear occasionally, but are constantly present. Dampness is dangerous for electrical household appliances and can cause a short circuit or an accident.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to install exhaust fans in such a room with a moisture-proof housing that hermetically protects the working elements from moisture. Such devices have a high degree of protection.

Exhaust fan protection parameter table
When buying, you need to pay attention to the product labeling. IP letters show ingress protection. The first digit after the letters indicates how much the enclosure is protected from solid objects / dust, the second from water / moisture. The higher the second digit, the less likely that water and condensate, having fallen on electrical parts, will interrupt the operation of the unit (+)

If owners like to regularly take a bath or stand for a long time in a hot shower, it is worth paying attention to exhaust models that are not afraid of high temperatures. Such devices work correctly in the range of 70-180 ° C.

Noise and power of the device

During operation, the exhaust fan makes a certain noise. So that this does not annoy, it is advisable to choose devices that sound within 30-45 dB.

Particularly clearly these parameters must be maintained by owners of compact apartments or small city studios, where the bathroom is in close proximity to residential premises. Silent fans rating presented in this review.

In large apartments and houses, this parameter can not be paid so much attention.

The master installs an exhaust fan
If 4-6 people take water procedures in a small bathroom every day, it is better to choose a fan with a power of 15-25 W and an air exchange rate of at least 150 m³ / hour. With such a load, an aggregate with lower parameters will not be able to quickly and efficiently remove moisture and moisture.

A very powerful device will quickly “draw” moisture from the room, but it will consume a significant amount of energy and will be expressed by noise during operation. Too weak a fan will not cope with the task, and the owners will not see the point in its operation.

Therefore, you need to buy an exhaust fan in a spacious bathroom, which one performs air exchange better and faster and has more intense power.

To maintain a comfortable atmosphere in a small sanitary-hygienic zone, a compact product with an average or low speed of rotation of the blades is enough.

Cost and optional items

The cost varies in a wide range and directly depends on the brand manufacturer. Unlike domestic and Chinese appliances, devices from famous European brands are sold at a higher price.

But “dear” does not always mean “perfect,” so paying only for a brand is not necessary. It is better to carefully study the parameters of the models and reviews of real customers, and then based on them to decide on the choice of the desired item of household appliances.

With the exhaust module switched off check valve protects the room from penetration from the ventilation shaft of unpleasant odors, smoke and harsh aromas.

This moment is especially important for residents of apartment buildings, where all rooms are connected to a single system of air exhaust communications.

Exhaust fan in hand
Exhaust fans differ in connection method. Some models provide direct network connection with a separate external switch. Some products can be activated by pressing a normal light switch in the bathroom.

A mosquito net is a useful and practical element of an exhaust device for ventilation. Provides internal parts of the device with reliable protection against clogging and penetration from outside of small midges and insects.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

How to choose the right exhaust module for a bathroom or shower. Test the best models.

Specificity and features of low noise fans.

A step-by-step description of installing an exhaust fan yourself.

Installing an exhaust type fan in a shower or bathroom is an opportunity to permanently get rid of the dampness and humidity of the room. Immediately after installation and activation, the device will begin to work fully and almost instantly remove all unpleasant and irritating aromas.

In the sanitary-hygienic rooms it will become dry, unaesthetic fungal manifestations will disappear, and the air will never again be stale and hard to breathe.

Share with your readers your experience of buying, installing or using a bathroom hood. Tell us what the choice of the unit was based on, and whether you are satisfied with the purchase. Please leave comments on the article, ask questions and participate in discussions. The contact form is located below.

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  1. Egor Berkov

    Repair in our bathroom was 6 years ago. They made a warm floor so that the bath dries faster, but this did not help. All the seams were overgrown with mold, no matter how they were cleaned, nothing helped, over time a smell appeared, but somehow we did not pay attention to it. But a son was born and from birth he regularly began to get sick, after long examinations it turned out that he developed an allergy to mold, due to constant contact with her pores. They immediately made repairs and installed a powerful exhaust fan, and he solved all our problems. The bath dries instantly, and the mold has no chance of existence.

  2. David Ignatov

    The wife overcame with her claims, she, you see, is very stuffy in the bathroom. The poor fellow cannot soak in the foam bath, loses consciousness! He freaked out, bought an exhaust fan, installed before she came home from work. When she saw, she screeched with joy, immediately climbed up, became kind! In a couple of days I myself felt the pros, you can even smoke there and the fan copes with odors and moisture perfectly.

  3. Andrew

    I began to notice that after taking a shower there is a strong fogging of the mirror, and there is a humid background in the room. Even drying towels takes a lot of time. We have ventilation, but it was far from new. Hence the lack of circulation to maintain fresh air. Plumbers advised to install an exhaust fan. And really the problem was solved. A very necessary thing!

  4. There was an unpleasant smell in the bathroom. We have a private house, and at first we searched for the reason in the pit, but it turned out to be much simpler. Due to the constant humidity in the room, mold appeared. They cleaned it many times, but on the ceiling it appears within two days. The problem was solved by an exhaust fan, but I had to bother with the installation. Now there is no smell, even towels dry out very quickly.