Charcoal filter for hood: device, principle of operation and replacement technology

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Before purchasing a recirculation hood, you must understand that for its proper operation you will have to spend money on replaceable consumables from time to time. More precisely, there is only one consumable - it is a charcoal filter for hoods, which eliminates unpleasant odors in the kitchen and protects the engine from pollution.

We will figure out what kind of work the filter does, how to choose the replaceable element and install it. The information provided will be useful to those who are just thinking about buying a recirculation hood and those who already use such a unit.

Types of hoods for the kitchen

Hoods are an important element in ensuring normal ventilation in the kitchen. The rate of elimination of aromas from a room depends on its effectiveness.

Carbon filters are a mandatory component not for all types of hoods, but only for recirculation hoods, so let's recall first what are the devices for air purification in the kitchen.

By the method of movement of the air flow, all hoods can be divided into three categories:

  • flowing;
  • circulating (recirculating);
  • combined.

Flow hoods connected to the ventilation duct through a rigid or flexible duct.

Air containing kitchen fumes enters the hood, and then into the ventilation. Various types of flowing devices also equipped with filters, but their function is slightly different - to protect the motor from aggressive environments.

Recirculation devices Do not need ducts.

Hood without duct in the kitchen
A hood without a duct is installed over the stove so that it does not interfere with cooking. The width of the panel should not be less than the width of the hob

The air flow in the circulation model flows from the stove into the body, passes through 2 cleaning steps (2 types of filter - anti-grease and charcoal), and then returns to the kitchen space.

Comparative scheme of air movement
Comparative scheme of air movement in recirculation and flow (exhaust) modes.In order to ensure an exhaust effect, fresh air is desirable during operation.

Combined models have an additional recirculation function. That is, you can insert carbon filters and start the recirculation mode, or you can connect the duct and use the flow function.

Benefits of Recirculation Hoods

The question immediately arises: why buy a hood with filters (and this is an additional expense) when you can simply install duct modelrequiring no annual investment?

In fact, recirculation hoods are very popular due to the following advantages:

  • Autonomy. For the operation of the device does not need a ventilation system. If the exit to the ventilation shaft is in the opposite corner, you can not puzzle over the air duct device, but simply install a model with a carbon filter.
  • Compactness. The case occupies a minimum of usable space above the stove, and its “working” part easily fits in a small cabinet. For sliders, the surface does not protrude beyond the border of the cabinet until it is time to turn on the device by sliding the panel over the stove.
  • Heat retention. In winter, when the outside temperature is below zero, frequent airing threatens with heat loss in the apartment. When using an extractor hood with filters, there is no need to open the vents (unlike flow models, which require air flow).
  • Easy to install. The hood is inserted into a cabinet suspended above the stove or simply attached to the wall. Neither the duct nor the suspension structures need to be made to disguise it.
  • Easy care. So that the functionality of the device does not suffer, you need to change carbon filters on time and periodically clean the anti-grease.

The cost of recirculation models can also be attributed to the advantages, since it fits into the framework of a modest budget - an average of 2200 rubles. up to 5000 rub. Plus, approximately once every six months it is necessary to purchase a carbon filter, which will cost 350-900 rubles.

Additional information on recirculation hoods, their application and installation features is given in the articles:

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Design and principle of operation of the carbon filter

The appearance of the filter may be different, as it is made either from plastic or from synthetic fabric. In the first case, it is a round or rectangular plastic cassette filled with activated carbon in the form of powder or granules, in the second - a dense piece of material impregnated with the same activated carbon.

Sometimes these two types are combined to create a more effective protection against hot vapors and impurities that pass through them.

Charcoal exhaust cartridges
Coal cassettes are often round in shape and are sold in two pieces. The plastic of which the cassette is made is safe and does not emit harmful substances when heated

Charcoal filters should not be confused with anti-grease, which are a metal mesh or grill and are the first stage of protection. On the fat barrier particles of fat and substances settle - this is a kind of coarse filter, but it does not trap odors.

And the charcoal filter passes through itself the air already cleared of fat, and here it just eliminates unpleasant and sharp aromas of cooking.

Grease filter
The carbon filter is hidden inside the housing. Most often, it is attached directly to the motor. And everyone saw the anti-grease grill - this is a steel or aluminum mesh, which is in sight, at the bottom of the hood

Choosing replaceable blocks for the hood, you should focus on the manufacturer's recommendations.The fact is that to increase the demand for products, most filter cartridges and cartridges are universal in nature, that is, they are suitable not for one specific model, but for several. The list can be up to 20 items.

Carbon filters
On the packaging, the manufacturer indicates for which models of cooker hoods the filter element is suitable (+)

The seller should ask about the presence of consumables before buying a hood, otherwise you will soon encounter an unpleasant situation. After six months or 3-4 months (the service life is specified in the instructions), you will want to purchase replaceable cartridges, but you will not be able to find them on sale.

This is especially true for the latest models that have just appeared on the market. If the trouble has already occurred, try looking for a replacement in online stores.

The principle of coal protection:

  • First, air passes through a dense layer of viscose impregnated with a solution of coal. Some impurities and fat remain in the structure of the tissue.
  • Partially purified air is then sent to the cassette where the granules are located. Activated carbon has remarkable properties - it not only retains residual impurities, but also absorbs specific odors.

Several cleaning cycles completely free the airflow from dirt and kitchen aroma. When the properties of the filler “clogged” with grease and dirt are reduced, the installation of a new filter is required. In this regard, devices with sensors signaling the need for replacement are very convenient.

How to install a new plug-in unit

The most important recommendation when installing new cartridges or replacing old ones is to carefully read the manufacturer's instructions. It indicates the procedure and some important nuances that relate to specific models.

For example, a carbon cartridge that is simple in design and installed on the wrong side will not work correctly, and instead of clean air, you will get wasted energy.

The instruction is often presented in the form of a plan - a step-by-step description of actions, sometimes accompanied by pictures. Responsible manufacturers complete the product with video instruction discs or simply provide a link to the manufacturer’s website, where you can find all the information you need.

We offer examples of instructions that will help you when installing filters for various models.

Option number 1. Filter Replacement for Model Shindo Aliot PS - there is only one replaceable element, it has the appearance of a rectangular panel.

Option number 2. Some hoods with a combined cleaning method have two filters that are mounted on both sides of the motor. Let's consider how the installation of round coal cassettes for hoods is made. Pyramid.

When the hood is running in flow mode, carbon filters are optional. If they are nevertheless installed, and the equipment operates in various modes, then the shelf life of the filter increases due to intermittent use.

Inexpensive carbon filters are easiest to buy where kitchen hoods are sold - in home appliance supermarkets. For example, a set of charcoal filters for extracting Crohn's is easier to find in a store where the equipment of this manufacturer is sold.

If you have not found consumables of the right brand, look for an option among the universal offers. Here are some generic filters.

In addition to products from these manufacturers can be found filters Filtero, Zeman, Cata, Hansa and etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is believed that flow hoods remove 100% of unpleasant odors from the room, and recirculation hoods that operate on carbon filters are much less. In fact, all smells cannot be removed from the kitchen, as they spread very quickly to neighboring rooms.

The difference in performance between the two types of hoods is about 15-20%, that is, carbon filters clean the air quite well.

Extractor fan in the kitchen
Exhaust equipment with new carbon filters, when used correctly, works so that it protects wallpaper, tiles, ceiling and furniture from grease and other deposits

Many do not want to constantly spend money on consumables, and instead of hoods on carbon filters, they buy a model with an air duct, believing that in the end it turns out to be cheaper.

To calculate the costs, you need to add the cost of the cartridges to the cost of the recirculation hood - for 10 years on average about 20 pieces will be needed. And the price of the flow model must be supplemented with payment for materials (ducts, corrugations, fittings) and duct installation services.In addition, the cost of the suspension structure should be taken into account if it is required for masking. It remains to compare the results.

Also, to save money, enterprising owners of hoods, instead of the hard plastic cassettes recommended by the manufacturer, manage to put soft cloth filters in the case, which cost 5 times less. This is a gross violation of the use of exhaust equipment.

Carbon Filter Recovery
Home-made and remanufactured filters dramatically reduce the performance of devices, and also do not give any guarantee that the engine will function properly after such “protection”

You can often hear the question - is it possible to use non-original cartridges and panels if there is no corresponding brand? Of course, it is possible, but on one condition - if they are suitable in composition and size. This can be done easily by carefully examining the packaging: the names of the models that the cartridge or cartridge fits in are usually indicated directly on the front side.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

In order for trade to flourish, employees of companies selling filters remove understandable and convenient videos. After watching the video once, you can quickly, correctly and taking into account all the nuances of the filter. Here are a couple of good examples.

Installation of a pair of round cassettes of the NEE series:

Installing the filter on the hood Gretta CPB:

Some general information about hoods:

It is necessary to get used to buying and replacing filters in the same way as to other regular household chores. If you change the cartridges in the hood in time, it will remain operational for a long time and clean the air of harmful particles and unpleasant odors as much as possible.

Do you have personal experience using a recirculation hood in the kitchen? Share information about filter selection and filter replacement with our readers. Please leave comments or ask your questions - the feedback form is located below.

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  1. Vladislav

    The carbon filter is the main assembly of the exhaust devices. It cleans the air well enough in space, the main thing is to change it in time. Usually, in addition to coal, a grease filter is also used when it comes to the kitchen. Prices for such hoods are acceptable. Yes, and you can buy without any problems in any store, the main thing is to pay attention to the manufacturer's company.

  2. I have been using the ZEMAN range hood for several years. Carbon filters for this technique are easy to pick up. The two-layer filter perfectly cleans the air in the room from both burning and unpleasant odors. The performance of the hood practically does not change until the very end of the use of the carbon filter. The built-in indicator announces the filter replacement time, which is very convenient.