Bork air purifier: an overview of the leading models from “Bork”, their advantages and disadvantages

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The clean air in the apartments of modern cities leaves much to be desired. In a confined space, dust, harmful substances and microorganisms accumulate. The security issue of the "home" microclimate is gaining global importance.

A possible solution to the problem is to install a Bork air purifier in the living room. The company constantly improves the design of devices and updates the range of air purifiers.

Varieties of air purifiers Bork

Bork is one of the leaders in the production of premium home appliances. The company presents a wide range of devices providing an optimal indoor climate. Actively in demand among them are air purifiers.

The principle of operation of the devices is based on multistage air filtration and its release from polluting particles. Some models are capable of cleaving and oxidizing dust at a molecular level to harmless components.

All Bork air purifiers have good technical specifications and sophisticated design.

On sale are air purifiers using different operating principles. Each of them is aimed at solving certain pollution problems. The method and effectiveness of environmental cleaning depends on the type of filtration system used.

The principle of operation of the cleaner
Air purifiers have a whole range of useful properties: remove pollen, dust, destroy pathogens and clean the air of smoke

Bork instruments use the following filter types:

  1. Mechanical. Fine mesh for preliminary (rough) cleaning of air from animal hair and large contaminants. The filter is installed on almost all climatic devices, as it blocks the ingress of particles 5-10 microns in size into the device.
  2. Ionizing. Air passes through an electrostatic chamber, where positively charged pollution particles settle on the plates. They are highly efficient - in a short time they clean the room from dust and soot. Minus - ozone release.
  3. Carbonic. The filter eliminates semi-volatile and volatile organic compounds. The absorption material is not effective enough in a humid environment. In Bork air purifiers, the carbon filter acts as an additional element of the cleaning system.
  4. Water. It is applied in "sinks of air". Devices at the same time clean the surrounding space and bring air humidity to normal.
  5. HEPA filter. Performs fine cleaning, removing particles from 0.3 microns (mold spores, scales of the skin of animals and people, dust mites).
  6. Photocatalytic. Toxic impurities decompose under the influence of UV radiation. Cleaning efficiency - up to 99%.

Bork has developed its own filter system to reduce the invasiveness of the influenza virus, remove legionella bacteria and clean the air of formaldehyde vapor.

With the rules of choosing an air purifier for users suffering from allergic diseases, will introduce the articlewhich we recommend reading.

Types of filters
A typical air purifier consists of a powerful fan and a set of filter elements assembled in a single housing. The combination of different filters provides a high degree of purification

In addition to the principle of filtration, Bork cleaning devices are classified according to the following criteria:

  • installation method: wall, floor, desktop and universal;
  • main purpose and scope: household, for asthmatics or allergy sufferers, air purification in a car, universal;
  • power: devices of small, medium or high performance.

Each modification of the air purifier has its own distinctive features that should be considered when buying and operating the device.

Air purifier bork
Some models of air purifiers can be independently equipped with filters: Antivirus, Legioner, Platinum Catalisis or Allergist. Each of the elements performs its task.

Household models with humidification and ionizer

Home air purifiers can be installed in any room. In the kitchen, the unit eliminates fat fumes and unpleasant odors.

The bedroom and nursery provides clean air for a healthy sleep. A significant characteristic is a low noise level.

A800 - silent and intelligent work

Bork A800 is a multi-stage filtration cleaner used in rooms up to 38 sq.m. At maximum productivity (350 m3 / h), the noise level is 18 dB. At night, the device can be set to silent operation.

Control Panel
There is a three-stage sensor setting - the mode is selected depending on the nature of the room, the service life and operating conditions of the filters

Features of the device and operation of Bork A800:

  • the ability to install filters to perform different types of cleaning;
  • automatic adjustment of air flow rate - the device is equipped with a dust sensor;
  • the presence of a carbon filter element of increased activation;
  • indicators of the need to replace filters;
  • five-stage complex filtering absorbs cigarette smoke, dust, and also effectively fights mold and germs.

The pre-filter should be washed every 2-4 weeks, the carbon component must be replaced once a year.

Cleaning system
Standard equipment for the Bork A800 cleaning system: prefilter, Allergist special filter, nonwoven barrier, HEPA H13 and carbon filter (+)

Customer reviews characterize the advantages and disadvantages of the A800.

In addition to the described qualities, the main advantages include:

  • stylish design;
  • sensitivity of dust sensors;

Devices themselves go into night mode.

The main disadvantages according to users:

  • high price;
  • no humidification function is provided;
  • slight vibration of the case;
  • large dimensions - 65 * 25 * 30 cm.

A common drawback of models with carbon filtration is the high rate of absorption of extraneous odors.

Features Bork A800
In automatic mode, the A800 air purifier scans the room every five minutes. The model is available in two colors: brown and silver

A801 - air purification and humidification

Bork A801 ​​- air goes through six stages of purification and is naturally moistened by evaporation of water from the filter. The purifier uses filter elements and a cartridge with propolis impregnations - this ensures the destruction of bacteria and viruses by 99.5%.

Air purifier Bork A801
The device operates in three modes: “comfort”, “night” and “auto”. The air flow rate is regulated by both manual and automatic methods.

Features of the different modes:

  1. Comfortable. The intensity of air circulation is selected taking into account the "current" humidity, maintaining it at the level of 40-50%. You can go into this mode after filling the tank with water.
  2. Night. The display turns off, only the operating mode indicator lights up. Performance and noise are minimized.
  3. Auto. Airflow rate is determined by sensors that respond to the presence of gas, smoke and dust.

The temperature of the water for “filling” the humidification filter should be no more than 40 ° C, the volume of the tank - 1.5 liters.

Air cleaner device
If necessary, the humidification filter can be removed and stored separately. In this case, the Bork A801 ​​will only perform air purification.

Advantages of Bork A801:

  • universality - high quality cleaning and effective air humidification;
  • low noise during operation;
  • The function of aromatherapy is provided;

The device attracts with its simple operation and elegant design.

Users note some shortcomings of the model:

  • a small water tank - the liquid must be added twice a day;
  • the need for regular cleaning of the humidification filter;
  • it is calculated on the area of ​​the room to 25 sq.m.

The manufacturer guarantees that during the operation of the cleaner there will not appear a white limescale characteristic of humidifying ultrasonic devices.

Features Bork A801
Additional characteristics: dimensions - 41 * 37 * 37 cm, weight - 8 kg, color - brown / white, cable length - 2.2 m, warranty period - 24 months

A802 Rain - two-level cleaning system

A802 Rain - an air purifier-humidifier to maintain a "healthy" atmosphere in an apartment or house. Simplicity of the device is combined with work efficiency.The power of the device of 23 W ensures cleanliness in the room up to 30 sq.m, humidification of air with a maximum productivity of 600 ml / h.

The stylish design of the device in the form of a drop of Bork A802 was awarded with an authoritative award of the international level in the field of RedDo design.

Air purification is carried out using an enzyme filter that destroys bacteria, mold spores and viruses. Further, the air stream passes through water and is saturated with moisture.

Air circulation
Bork A802 Rain automatically maintains the selected humidity level. Using the timer, you can set the operating time of the device

Positive aspects of Bork A802 Rain:

  • convenient system for filling the tank with water with a liquid level sensor in the tank;
  • informative display showing the current and set humidity level;
  • five air supply speeds - they can be selected manually or in AUTO mode;
  • spacious tank - 4.2 l;

Devices very economically consume electricity.

The model has some negative qualities:

  • poorly copes with unpleasant odors and smoke;
  • high consumption of filter elements - the filter service life with intensive use is limited to 1-2 months;
  • only floor installation possible.

The appliance must not be placed under a table or on unstable surfaces. At least 30 cm should remain from the wall to the air purifier. The free space above the device is at least 120 cm.

Features Bork A802 Rain
Device parameters: dimensions - 35 * 35 * 37 cm, case material - plastic, weight - 5.7 kg, cable length - 1.8 m. It is made only in white color

Selection Criteria for Humidifier Purifiers given here. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the content of a useful and interesting article.

High power cleaning devices

Bork's high-power climate technology is used to clean air in homes, apartments, retail and office spaces. Devices create an active circulation of air flow, accelerating filtration and saving space from dust.

A702 - ionization and air washing

Bork A702 is an intelligent high performance air purifier. The air goes through four levels of filtration, it is effectively cleaned and moistened. Due to ionization technology, most allergens and microorganisms carried by air are destroyed. The device successfully fights ammonia fumes, tobacco smoke and various gases.

Air Cleaner Bork A702
The Bork A702 cleaning system includes: a pre-filter, an antimicrobial filter, an HEPA filter to remove the smallest particles and a carbon filter

The air purifier has a convenient control panel with indicators of humidity level, cleaning intensity and the presence of water in the tank. The device reports the air condition and automatically switches to the optimal filtration rate. Bork A702 works in one of five modes: Auto, Low, Mid, High or Turbo.

Pros of a high-power model:

  • very quickly moisturizes and purifies the air;
  • a large tank (4 l) for water facilitates the maintenance of the device;

A weighty plus is the presence of an integrated hygrometer.

Cons of operating the Bork A702:

  • large dimensions of the device and the difficulty of carrying;
  • the current humidity indicators are not displayed - there are only indicators;
  • at high speed cleaning noise.

It is recommended that you clean the air pollution sensor monthly to maintain the effective operation of the device. The air purifier must not be installed in industrial facilities and in production conditions where particles of engine oil may be in the air.

Features Bork A702
The weight of the Bork A702 air purifier is 11 kg, the dimensions of the device are 61.8 * 46.8 * 24.1 cm. When placing the device, it must be controlled so that the entrance to the air intake remains free

A803 - patented GREEN 360 ° filtration

Bork A803 AirEngine is a high-performance and high-speed cleaner with a capacity of 600 m3 / h. The device is suitable for rooms up to 80 sq.m. Along with excellent cleaning ability, the model is characterized by a low noise level.

The cleaner is equipped with two fans for suction and blowing. The powerful airflow and the Green 360 ° cleaning system ensure quick dust removal.

The innovative patented Green 360 ° filter has a unique design. The cleaning system consists of an enzyme filter for pre-treatment, absorption of dust and wool. The second part is a carbon cartridge with a catalytic element.

This filter will destroy complex ammonium compounds, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, as well as semi-volatile "organic", gases and odors.

Filter device
The cylindrical shape of the Green 360 ° filter provides uniform cleaning over the entire surface of the filter elements and around the perimeter of the room

The device operates in the following modes:

  • Jet - heavy duty mode;
  • Manual - the cleaning speed is selected independently;
  • Auto - correction of the intensity of work by odor and dust sensors;
  • Eco - energy-efficient silent mode.

In addition to the listed advantages, consumers highlight additional advantages of the model:

  • the option "child protection" is provided;
  • the presence of a filter pollution indicator;
  • ease of use.

Of the minuses, the high cost of the device and the lack of a humidification function are most often noted.

Features Bork A803
Dimensions of the device - 70 * 25 * 25 cm, weight - 8 kg. Table or floor installation is allowed. In this case, the fan guard must be open.

Models for asthmatics and allergy sufferers

People with asthma or prone to allergic reactions should pay attention to modifications with the sterilization function.

A704 - air and water sterilization

Bork A704 is an air purifier with active sterilization and humidification. Thanks to the electrolysis process, the water poured into the device is cleaned of bacteria, viruses and impurities.

Under the influence of a weak electric current, a hydroxyl radical and hypochlorous acid are formed in the liquid. Compounds destroy pathogens.

Air purifier Bork A704
Air passes through six filter elements: “coarse” cleaning, Allergist, carbon barrier, HEPA, humidification and sterilization filters. Optionally, the cleaner can be used without a sterilizing component.

Advantages of Bork A704:

  • sterilization filter contains terpenes - substances with antibacterial properties that destroy the structure of bacteria;
  • high productivity - 320 m3 / h;
  • automatic and manual control of the cleaning speed;
  • three operating modes: Dust - protection against dust, Silent - minimum air flow, Auto - control of the operation by the built-in pollution sensor.

As a rule, consumers have no complaints about the effectiveness of moisturizing and cleaning Bork A704. The main disadvantage is the high cost of the device itself and its maintenance. A multi-stage filter system requires regular cleaning and replacement of components.

Features Bork A704
The model is available in white. Dimensions Bork A704 - 61 * 49 * 29 cm, weight - 10 kg. Manufacturer's warranty period is 12 months. When installing, keep a distance of at least 20 cm from the wall and 30 cm from the ceiling

A501 - cleaning filter with terpenes

Bork A501 is a compact model that provides effective air sterilization due to a filter cartridge with terpenes. In addition to antimicrobial treatment, the device absorbs dust, removes the smell of tobacco smoke and eliminates harmful gases.

The equipment consumes the minimum amount of electricity, automatically adjusting to the degree of air pollution. After cleaning, the sensor fires and the device reduces performance.

Distinctive features of Bork A501:

  • the presence of the "Dust Protection" mode - the mechanism automatically alternates air flow rates;
  • the possibility of floor, wall and desktop installation;
  • a sleep timer is provided;
  • work blocking - option "Protection against children";
  • You can independently choose the desired type of special filter (Multicare, Antivirus, Legioner, etc.);
  • with manual adjustment, 3 air flow rates are permissible.

Model Bork A501 - the best value for money. Among the minuses include: the lack of humidification and the high price of consumables. For effective operation, filters must be changed frequently.

Features Bork A501
There must be a distance of at least two meters between the air purifier and the electronic equipment. In direct contact with the unit, direct sunlight

Instruments for solving non-standard tasks

To control the microclimate in a confined space, while stabilizing the quality and circulation of air in the room, Bork has developed special models.

A603 and A600 - air purifiers fans

Bork A603 and Bork A600 are multifunctional climate stations with Plasmacluster cleaning technology. The principle of operation is based on the action of negative and positive ions, which act on harmful microorganisms. The use of air-purifying fans reduces the risk of allergic and viral diseases.

Functionality Bork A603:

  • solves three problems: cleaning, ventilation and heating of air;
  • change in direction of air flow;
  • off and on timer;
  • effective cleaning of rooms up to 25 sq.m.

Bork A600 is equipped with a light, humidity and temperature sensor. IQ-sensors are sensitive to environmental parameters, choosing the optimal mode of operation.

Air cleaner Bork A600
Bork A600 operates in 4 modes: “Clean room”, “Drying”, “Automatic” and “Manual tuning”. The device prevents damp

A601 - a compact car device

Bork A601– a tiny air purifier for the car. It works with Plasmacluster technology (environmental ionization) and in a matter of minutes it saves the interior of exhaust gases, tobacco smoke and harmful microorganisms.

The Plasmacluster filtration unit is cleaned once every six months, replaced once every six years. The mini-cleaner works in three modes, the speed adjustment is manual.

Car air purifier
The Bork A601 is equipped with a cigarette lighter cord. Outside the car, the device is connected via a special adapter to a conventional outlet

A602 - comfortable working conditions

Bork A602 - a stand in use and a compact air purifier allows you to organize a healthy microclimate of the workspace. There are two options for connecting the device: through a stationary outlet or a USB port on a computer. A power adapter and USB cable are supplied.

The device uses an ionizing filtering method.

Bork A602 operates in three modes:

  • Low - night maximum silent mode;
  • Med is the average level of air flow;
  • Full Power - Fast elimination of microorganisms and unpleasant odors.

The device can be installed on a table, bedside table or hung on a wall. Using the stand, you can adjust the air direction.

Air purifier Bork A602
Technical characteristics of the Bork A602 portable air purifier: power - 3 W, dimensions - 9.5 * 9 * 9 cm, case material - plastic, weight - 0.31 kg, warranty - 12 months

If you only need to increase the humidity level in the room, and air purification is not needed, pay attention to moisturizers. You will learn which one is better from the article recommended by us.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Video materials demonstrate the device and operational characteristics of climatic devices.

Video # 1. Climatic station Bork A702:

Video # 2. Humidifier Bork A802 Rain:

Video # 3. Service car cleaner Bork A601:

Most Bork brand units are able to operate automatically, adapting to environmental conditions. The user only needs to monitor the condition of the filters, clean and replace them in time.

Please write comments, ask questions, post a photo on the topic in the block below. Tell us about your personal experience in operating equipment designed to purify indoor air. Perhaps you have valuable recommendations for future buyers?

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  1. Sonia

    Relatives gave us a Bork air purifier. A thing that is generally useful, but we ourselves wouldn’t decide on such a purchase, there are always more important goals for which money is needed. The device is quite large, floor type. It contains 4 types of filters and a humidification function. The cleaner itself performs air diagnostics and starts cleaning if it is dirty. In principle, it works even in the most active mode quietly. The air becomes cleaner, it is clearly felt during breathing. But there is a minus - the filters are replaceable and they are decent.

    • But I foolishly bought and was disappointed in him. This Bork is not worth the money they ask for it. I did not understand the logic of the sensor. I specifically tried to dust near the device - it did not react in any way. Subjectively, it does not remove odors or dust.