Which supply valve to choose: varieties of valves, features of choice + overview of the best brands

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The popularity of plastic windows is due to the tightness of the structure, the ability to effectively isolate themselves from external noise. However, many owners of such systems are faced with the problem of a lack of fresh air. As a result, the windows fog up and condensation forms on them. High humidity in window construction contributes to development fungus mold, a significant deterioration in the microclimate in the room.

There are several ways to restore balance. One of the simplest but most effective methods is to install a supply valve. A simple device will ensure optimal air exchange rate, help solve the problem of excess moisture, create a favorable atmosphere in the room.

To make a successful purchase, you need to figure out which supply valve to choose, which brands to pay attention to. This is what we will talk about in our article. We also pay attention to the design features of such a ventilator and the principle of its operation.

When is a supply valve needed?

Due to the massive replacement of wooden window systems with plastic structures, the efficiency of natural ventilation has become significantly lower. If through micro-gaps between the wooden wings the air from the street easily penetrated into the room, then hermetic plastic constructions excluded this possibility. In such a situation, the speed of air flow decreases significantly, which negatively affects the microclimate in the apartment.

In addition to lowering the level of comfort in the room, insufficient air flow can lead to more serious problems, including:

  1. Increased Carbon Dioxide - a high content of carbon dioxide with a lack of oxygen leads to a deterioration in overall health, the appearance of lethargy, drowsiness, irritability. In addition to reduced performance, many have an increased susceptibility to viral diseases.
  2. Allergen accumulation - in rooms that are poorly ventilated, pathogenic organisms actively develop. They are able to provoke allergic reactions.
  3. Bad smells - when the air renewal rate is low, the smells that appear as a result of cooking, the life of people, animals are delayed in the apartment.
  4. Excess moisture It is absorbed by all wooden surfaces, accelerates the corrosion processes of metal products.

Installing a supply valve easily solves these problems.

The appearance of the supply valve
The supply valve helps to solve the problems associated with the creation of comfortable conditions in the room. Thanks to the additional influx, an increase in the speed of circulation of air flows is provided.

The key task of the supply valve is the uninterrupted supply of fresh air from the street. Such a solution is relevant when the building-wide ventilation incorrectly performs its functions and requires an additional influx of air masses.

The use of a supply valve allows not only purification, but also, in some cases, heating of the air coming from the street.

Lack of fresh air
Insufficient amount of incoming air flow affects the efficiency of the building ventilation. You can increase the air exchange rate with the help of ventilation, however, open windows reduce the temperature in the apartment, increase the noise level, which is not observed when installing the supply valve

Installation of the device does not require significant financial costs. Due to the small size, you can install valve anywhere, the beauty of the room’s decorative design will not be compromised.

Design features and principle of operation

Looking at information about which model of the supply valve it is better to choose, where it is worth installing the device, it is important to first understand the design features, as well as study the principle of operation of the device.

In fact, the valve is a cylinder equipped with a filtering system, noise reduction.

Supply valve design
The design of the supply valve is elementary. Narrow-profile skills are not required for device installation. However, a miniature device can provide a comfortable environment, a healthy atmosphere in an apartment of a multi-storey building, a private house

Next, we consider in more detail about the main structural elements of the supply valve:

  • Supply air duct. It looks like a plastic tube with a diameter of 6-14 cm. The valve performance depends on this parameter, the maximum amount of air that can be supplied to the apartment with its help. Through the pipe, air from the street enters the room.
  • Ventilating grill may have a different appearance, vary in functionality. The simplest option is an aluminum or plastic mesh that prevents large insects from entering the apartment. More advanced models provide protection against rainfall, equipped with a mosquito net that can withstand flies, mosquitoes, midges.
  • Head (intensity control) - an element that closes the valve from the inside. It provides air flow control, has an attractive appearance. The size, shape, and location of the air permeable openings may vary in different models.
  • Thermal insulation of the valve. So that the wall in contact with the air duct does not freeze in winter, the plastic tube is laid out along the entire length with heat-insulating material. Often the product has the shape of a sleeve.
  • Wall Vent Filter. The material is located in the head, does not allow dust, flower pollen, and other allergens to enter the apartment. Depending on the model, brand, different fillers are used.

An additional element in the design of the supply valve is sealing ring, damper. Due to their use, strong gusts of wind do not cause discomfort during the operation of the device.

Supply valve above the radiator
The undoubted advantage of the supply valve is its small size, the ability to install anywhere. By placing the device above the heating radiator, it is easy to avoid lowering the temperature in the room without additional effort

The principle of operation of the ventilator is as simple as its design:

  1. Air is taken from the street through the grill.
  2. Passing through the duct, the flow warms up.
  3. The filter provides cleaning of air masses from dust.
  4. The flow rate is regulated by a special damper.

In the presence of a supply valve, air enters the apartment without interruption. At the same time, the windows will be closed, the room will not get cold, dust from the street, as in normal ventilation.

When installing a supply valve, it is important to understand that only by creating an air flow can not solve the ventilation problems. To ensure a healthy atmosphere in the room, it is necessary to arrange the operation of the hood, create conditions for the movement of air flows between rooms. To do this, grilles are installed or a gap of at least 15 centimeters between the sash and the floor is left.

To understand the intricacies of creating effective air exchange in rooms, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules of arrangement ventilation in a private house or apartment.

Types of Supply Valves

Today, manufacturers offer a variety of modifications of ventilators.

Among them:

  • window fittingshaving a constant cross section;
  • wall modelsequipped with a regulator of air supply intensity;
  • forced air wall valve.

To select the best supply valve and install it in a window or wall, it is important to understand how the models differ.

Wall Mounting
A variety of models of supply valves allows you to choose the optimal solution for each user. The customer can choose a device with the desired performance, suitable appearance, functionality

All models perform one task - provide a healthy atmosphere in the room, increase the speed of air exchange. However, differences in design features lead to differences in the functionality of devices.

View # 1 - ventilators for plastic structures

Supply valves designed for PVC windows are considered the most common solutions that allow for efficient air exchange in an apartment, a private cottage. Structurally, a window ventilator is not much different from a wall ventilator. It is a slot equipped with dampers. The productivity of the device ranges from 3-7 cubic meters per hour.

Most often, window ventilators are used for plastic structures that provide high tightness. However, they can also be installed on wooden or aluminum systems.

For the correct functioning of the window supply valve, the following conditions must be met:

  • the room must have a working hood;
  • the temperature difference in the apartment and on the street should be at least 5 °.

The downside of using the device is the likelihood of a decrease in air temperature during severe frosts. Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely block the window valve. To ensure insulation, its outer part is sealed.

Slotted valve
A window air inlet valve provides round-the-clock air flow with the shutters closed. Such systems are notable for their low productivity, they do not have the ability to adjust the intensity of air flow

The advantages of window vents include:

  • the small size of the fixture, which is located on the sash, does not spoil the interior;
  • installation does not require a professional tool, special skills, half the time does not take more than an hour;
  • when using the valve sound insulation is not broken;
  • the air entering the room is directed upward, which eliminates the occurrence of drafts;
  • affordable cost.

Due to the variety of models, you can choose a ventilation valve with the required performance.

View # 2 - wall valves with air regulator

The ventilation valve can be equipped with manual or automatic control.

In the presence of an electronic controller, the devices respond to pressure drops, the level of air pollution in the room, humidity indicators.

Operational features of wall models practically do not differ from the use of window valves, except for certain points:

  • the power of a wall ventilator can reach 70 cubic meters per hour;
  • the device is equipped with a filter that purifies the air;
  • installation of the device is more complicated, requires the use of professional equipment.

In addition to all of the above, wall models are equipped with an air flow regulator.

Wall valve
The wall inlet valve is more bulky compared to window models. However, its use provides wide functionality, eliminates the possibility of freezing the duct

Due to the design features of the device moisture from the street is prevented from entering the room, a high level of sound insulation is ensured.

A feature of the operation of wall models is the need for maintenance, which is not known to all users. Every season, it is necessary to disassemble the supply valve, clean the filters.

View # 3 - valves with mechanical ventilation

Models that force air supply have the following design features:

  • use of an electric fan;
  • the presence of additional filtering;
  • providing heating of air flows.

Devices with forced air supply are characterized by increased performance. They supply up to 120 cubic meters every hour, are equipped with carbon filters that can thoroughly clean the incoming stream of harmful impurities.

The advantages of such solutions include:

  • effective work even in the absence of a working hood;
  • high quality cleaning of the air entering the room;
  • quick normalization of the humidity level in the apartment.

The only drawback of the forced air valve is its high cost.

Forced air valve
Choosing a high-tech device, it is easy to get a ventilator with high performance, the possibility of heating the air entering the apartment, high-quality cleaning of the incoming stream from impurities

Such a device can be installed in any convenient place, without reference to heating radiators, heating the air masses coming from the street.

Ventilation selection criteria

Studying the features of various modifications of the supply ventilation valves and figuring out which option to choose, it is worth considering the main criteria that affect the comfort of operation of the device:

  1. Throughput - allows you to evaluate what air supply rate the supply valve will provide, whether it is enough for a particular room, the number of households living in it.
  2. Working temperature - valves with a metal duct often freeze. Choosing a product with a plastic tube, the probability of freezing is significantly reduced.
  3. Adjustment type - automatic control over the operation of the supply valve ensures the comfort of operation of the device.The possibility of mechanical adjustment will allow you to change the intensity of the incoming air flow with a sharp temperature drop.

Sometimes home craftsmen make supply valves themselves. This saves money, but does not provide a sufficient level of operating comfort.

A brief overview of the best manufacturers

When choosing a ventilator, users rely on different criteria. One of the important indicators of the duration and quality of the supply valve is its manufacturer.

But sometimes the characteristics indicated in the product passport do not correspond to reality. In order not to encounter a similar situation, you should choose valves of well-known brands with a good reputation.

Supply valve Vents
Choosing a supply valve of a well-known global brand that produces a wide range of ventilation equipment, which has been recognized by millions of users, you can be sure of the reliability, practicality of the product

Next, we briefly consider the best brands whose products are presented on the domestic market.

Vents automatic air inlets are considered the most popular solutions. Vents - Ukrainian company that has won the recognition of European users. Today, the manufacturer's assortment has over 10,000 positions.

Ventec - A Russian company that manufactures aspiration and ventilation systems, specializing in the production of metal-frame, body products. The company has an excellent level of service.

Brand inlet valves Ballu shipped to 30 countries. Ballu is a manufacturer specializing in engineering systems, climate technology. The presence of our own laboratories allows the company to use innovative solutions in production.

Tion - A Russian brand that is rapidly gaining popularity. The company creates “smart” ventilation, develops devices for highly efficient filtration, disinfection.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

In order to choose a suitable supply valve model, it is important to study the design of the device, its operating principle, and evaluate the best models. This will help the selection of the videos below.

The principle of operation, design features of the supply valve:

Recommendations for choosing a ventilator:

Overview of the best models:

The supply ventilation valve becomes a practical alternative to an open transom, providing efficient air supply from the street with the windows closed. Its use allows you to start fresh air without cooling the room, avoiding a large amount of dust, allergens. But, choosing a suitable model, it is worth exploring the types of ventilation devices, evaluate the products of leading manufacturers.

Have you installed a supply valve at home? Share your experience in the comments, add unique photos of your ventilator. If you just look at such a device for ventilation, ask our experts and other visitors to our site about the features of the choice and its operation.

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