How to choose an air purifier for an apartment: classification of models and an overview of the best manufacturers

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Polluted air is a problem that adversely affects our health. In conditions that exacerbate the problems with the atmosphere, it is necessary to improve the quality of life for people suffering from asthma and allergic diseases.

A reasonable solution is to use an air purifier that removes negative components from the air mass. We will figure out which air purifier to choose for an apartment, based on the principle of operation and the capabilities of the device.

The principle of operation of the device

The air purifier is a reliable assistant in the fight for perfect health and a clean ecological environment. A small-sized device allows you to create an optimally favorable environment for a resident of a metropolis. Indeed, according to the conclusions of health care experts, polluted air in residential premises is a dangerous risk factor for human health.

The main purpose of the device is to purify the air, removing impurities, substances and toxic fumes from it, which can irritate the person’s bronchi and lungs.

The principle of operation of such units is based on a standard filtration mechanism:

  1. Airflow is drawn through the receiver into the chamber.
  2. Passing through the filters and auxiliary elements located in the chamber, the directed flow is subjected to multi-stage cleaning.
  3. Purified by 80-99% air in the form of a directed flow is discharged outside the housing.

If the model of the device provides additional functionality, then the output result is more productive and complete.

Many models are equipped with auxiliary elements designed to break down and oxidize at the molecular level contaminated impurities to harmless components.

Creating comfortable conditions
Regular processing of air circulating inside the room allows you to create the most comfortable microclimate for your health.

In addition to the main function, most of the models on sale have a complex effect:

  • moisturize the air;
  • ionize and ozonize;
  • trap microspores of mold;
  • kill pathogenic microflora soaring in it.

But when purchasing an air purifier, it is worth considering that it is still not able to fully replace traditional ventilation and the more ramified modern system. After all, the main purpose of the equipment is to eliminate allergens and impurities, but by no means saturate the air with oxygen.

Unit operation diagram
Filters are located inside the unit body, which catch the smallest inclusions, as well as plates attracting harmful impurities and possible allergens.

Advantages and disadvantages of the device

Persons suffering from allergic diseases who have tested the use of the device will confirm how the quality of life has improved since its first inclusion.

Among the indisputable advantages of using air purifiers are:

  1. Neutralization of harmful components contained in the air.
  2. Creating a clean and fresh indoor climate.
  3. Removal of allergens from air even of the smallest sizes.
  4. Destruction of pathogenic bacteria and viruses hazardous to the health of toxins and chemicals, unpleasant reflux smell and tobacco smoke.

People using the devices note that at the stage of an exacerbation of the disease, devices help reduce the frequency and severity of asthma attacks, as well as the clinical manifestations of cough.

Low power mobile device
A significant advantage of air purifiers is their low power consumption, which does not exceed the mark of 35-70 W

Devices of this type have only one minus - high cost. The price of simple budget models starts from the mark of 5 thousand rubles and higher, and semi-professional devices of the middle price segment - from 15 thousand rubles. The total cost is determined by the number of auxiliary options provided in the device.

Air purifiers should be used with caution to people who suffer from these types of ailments:

  • arterial hypertension;
  • hypersensitivity to the smallest effects of stimuli;
  • persons with reduced immunity, who often manifest viral diseases.

Among the disadvantages of budget models, some users attribute the noise level, the source of which is the built-in fan. To eliminate this flaw, manufacturers released devices in which the night mode is provided, which implies a decrease in blade speed.

Mid-range unit
The cost of air cleaners of the middle price segment, depending on the type of installed filters and a set of functions, varies from 15 to 45 thousand rubles

The most effective types of cleaners

Today on the market are hundreds of different models that vary in functionality and configuration. And the variety of air purifiers is easy to get confused. But if we take the operating principle of the device and the type of filter element used as a basis, then for asthmatics and allergy sufferers the following options for air purifiers are most suitable.

Air washer

Units of this type are distinguished by the fact that in them the water environment created inside the unit is responsible for air purification. For this, one or more “wet” drums equipped with special plates are provided in the housing. These structural elements attract particles of debris and harmful impurities, passing already cleared water through it.

The principle of operation of the equipment
The principle of operation of the device is based on trapping the smallest harmful impurities, moistening them and then collecting them on the filter surface

Modern models are equipped with electronic displays and special sensors that monitor and signal to the owner about the degree of contamination of the device

Devices with HEPA filter

It is these models that are rightfully considered the best option for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Indeed, thanks to a multi-stage cleaning system, they are able to remove up to 99% of allergens from the air.

The functioning scheme of the fine cleaning system
Fine cleaning systems can be safely used not only in the domestic plan, but also installed in rooms where increased air quality requirements are imposed

The effect of fine cleaning is achieved due to the special HEPA fabric laid on the inside of the filter on thin corrugated strips, the hole gauge of which ranges from 0.3 to 6.4 microns.

In cheaper models, it can be replaced with a synthetic analogue. But it is worth considering that in terms of operational parameters synthetic substitutes are inferior to the original.

The effectiveness and speed of cleaning depends on the size of the work surface. But the structure of corrugated fabric is of no small importance.

Corrugated stripes HEPA
When choosing, keep in mind that continuous corrugated HEPA strips should not be too thin, but not too dense, which is optimal for high-quality filtration

Such devices are easy to operate, thanks to which even people who are “not particularly friendly” with technology can master their management without difficulty.

Devices with ionizing effect

The principle of operation of devices of this type is similar to traditional analogues. The only difference is that the mechanically cleaned directed air stream enters the ionization chamber, in the cavity of which it acquires a positive charge.

After that, it enters the chamber with plates installed inside, having a negative charge. As a result, positively electrified dust simply settles on the surface.

Unit device with ionization function
In the process, a large number of negative ion particles are created inside such a device, which destroy unsafe components and allergens floating in the air

Devices of this type can be reused. To clean the contents, you only need to disconnect the device from the network, remove the plates from it, and then wash them in soapy water.

Purifiers with an ionizing effect are chosen for people with inadequate immune protection and allergies. Devices that capture solid impurities, the size of which reaches 0.1 microns and above, are installed in living rooms and bedrooms.

Models of cleaners with ozonizers

Devices equipped with ozonizers, in fact, are triatomic oxygen generating devices. The principle of operation of such purifiers is based on ozone synthesis, in which oxygen molecules at the moment of passage through an electric arc are converted from diatomic to triatomic. Synthesized ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent.

Model with ozonizer
Ozone can have a detrimental effect not only on microscopic ticks, but also quickly deal with microspores of molds

Units that create modified oxygen, perfectly fight pathogenic microbes and destroy toxins. Their only drawback is that when the equipment is in operation, it is necessary to leave the premises. After all, the increased level of ozone in the room can negatively affect one's well-being.

Photocatalyst Air Purifying Devices

In addition to the main function, units of this type are able to disinfect the air in the room, effectively destroying substances harmful to the human body. This result is achieved due to the interaction of ultraviolet and photocatalyst.

Photocatalyst assembly
The size of contaminated particles destroyed by such a device is minimal and comparable with the size of the smallest molecules

Photocatalytic models are safer than other types. This is due to the fact that due to ultraviolet radiation, bacteria simply do not multiply on their surface. And therefore, in the event of an untimely change of the “cartridge”, the harmful substances accumulated inside the device at one point will not be ejected into the air.

Types of Medium Efficiency Models

Models that do not have such a high level of cleaning, as a rule, have replaceable cartridges. Among these types of cleaners, which are recommended to be used to improve the quality of life of asthmatics and allergy sufferers, there are three main ones: coal type, electrostatic systems and options with the effect of moisturizing.

Active particle collection filters

Devices of this type are equipped with filtration fabric pads, the size of the holes of which ranges from 1 to 6.5 microns. Their principle of operation is simple: the fan directs air flows to the strainer, on the fabric surface of which all particles settle.

Active particle filter
The only drawback of such filters is their limited service life, not exceeding the period of 12 months, after which the device will have to be replaced with a new one

Due to the limited service life, such filters are only included in case of exacerbation of seasonal allergies, for example, when rhinitis occurs at the time of flowering plants.

Electrostatic cleaning devices

Air purification in units of this type is carried out due to the formation of stable electromagnetic fields created by the action of the converter. Thanks to the electrostatic method of filtration, the system “selectively” captures “magnetized” inclusions floating in the air.

The scheme of action of the electromagnetic field
Due to electric charges, allergens and harmful substances are attracted and trapped inside the device, and purified air is discharged outside

The only drawback of this type of equipment is the insufficient degree of purification, which does not exceed the mark of 80%.This is due to the fact that the plates are able to capture only those particles that have the ability to acquire a charge. And therefore, electrostatic devices are far from the best option for people suffering from asthma or allergies.

Moisturizing Cleaners

Moisturizing models are equipped with wet drums, which at the moment of rotation capture and collect dust and wool particles.

The principle of operation of the humidification mode
In the humidification mode, the air is saturated by passing through a moistened sponge on the drums, which is impregnated with an antibacterial composition

Devices of this type in parallel, driving the air mass through a housing equipped with wet drums, perform two tasks:

  • purify the air;
  • maintain optimal humidity within the room.

The degree of cleaning of devices with humidification function is on average 90%. The output is clean and well-humidified air.

For more information on how to choose an air humidifier, see this stuff.

Carbon Filter Models

Models of this type are chosen for rooms where work processes are accompanied by the release of harmful evaporating substances. They are equipped with mechanical filters that absorb large dust particles and carbon filters that adsorb harmful gas molecules.

Activated Carbon Filters
Due to the porous structure, activated carbon is capable of adsorbing not only the smallest particles, but also molecules of harmful gases

The active element of carbon filters perfectly cleans the air of semi-volatile and volatile organic compounds. Thanks to this, the air soaking in the room is freed from burning and smoke, the smell of nicotine and the aromas of cooking food.

The power and efficiency of coal models is determined by the size of the granules. The smaller the granules, the better, but at the same time, absorption is slower. If coarse-grained coal is placed inside the chamber, then during the same period of time it is capable of letting a larger volume of air through it.

Animal Hair Cleaner
Coal-type devices are perfectly suited for houses where there are pets, as they are able to effectively destroy their unpleasant odors

The air volume and resource models for asthmatics and allergy sufferers is determined by the size and capacity of the structure. The more coal is laid inside the chamber, the more suction pores absorbing harmful substances will be in it.

Competent selection criteria

Air purifiers help to improve the well-being and quality of life of people suffering from allergic and asthmatic diseases.

But in order to avoid disappointment, it is important when choosing a purifier to consider a number of points:

  1. The exposure spectrum of the device. To determine the best option for filtering equipment that can eliminate a specific allergen, consult an allergist or find answers on thematic medical forums before purchasing it.
  2. The area of ​​the living room. Each model is designed for a specific area, which is indicated in the passport to the product. To get a higher quality of cleaning, it is better to choose devices with a margin that cover a large area.
  3. Humidity level in the room. If the room has dry air, the humidity level of which does not reach even 50%, it is worth considering the option of acquiring a model with the options of a humidifier and washing.
  4. The state of health of the patient. For people with a weakened immune system, models with the options of an ionizer and an ozonizer will be the best option. If the patient has private asthmatic attacks, only devices with HEPA filters will help relieve the condition.
  5. Frequency of use of equipment. Any type of model is suitable for continuous use. But if you plan to use the unit only for exacerbation of diseases, it is better not to take options with an air wash and moisturizing effect for this purpose, since during the period of inactivity the liquid inside them will stagnate.

A cleaner can be purchased for each room separately, or you can purchase one device for the entire apartment.

Powerful unit for a large room
Choosing one common powerful cleaner for the entire apartment, you should focus on the area of ​​the largest room

Allergy is a disease of our time, which is always provoked by external factors, the causative agents of which can be mold microspores, house dust, dust mite waste products, plant pollen, toxic fumes of cleaning products and animal hair.

And therefore, the type of model of the air purifier must be selected for each specific case. After all, it should be aimed at combating a specific stimulus.

So, if a person is allergic to animal hair, it is worth choosing models that, in addition to mechanical cleaning through a strainer that holds particles within 10 micrometers, are equipped with a moisturizing option.

This decision is explained by the fact that in a dry state, wool fibers weigh minimally, and in a wet state they become heavier and therefore they stay better on the filter.

Units with washing function
Cleaners equipped with wet drums, as well as devices based on electrostatic filtration methods, are good at animal hair

For people who are allergic to pollen, it is better to choose models with this type of filtration:

  • air washing;
  • HEPA filters;
  • electrostatic devices.

If dust mites became the culprit of an allergic disease, when choosing devices, one should focus on those that are aimed not only at detention, but also at the destruction of living microscopic organisms.

Elimination of pathogens
Microorganisms entering the system must be completely destroyed so that they no longer pollute indoor air with their waste products

In the fight against dust mites and other microscopic living organisms, devices with an electrostatic mechanism of action and models with the effect of ultraviolet radiation have proven themselves well. Due to the presence of an emitter in the design of the purifier, all microorganisms that get together with the air stream simply die.

Overview of leading manufacturers

The range of affordable air purifiers on the Russian market is represented by domestic and Chinese products. But devices of this type do not differ in durability, and the external design of budget models is hardly presentable.

Higher class equipment is presented by European companies, as well as manufacturers in Japan and Korea. The following brands were most widely used: Vectra, Electrolux, Philips, BIONAIRE, Sharp, Air-O-Swiss.

All of them are equipped with two or three powerful filters of different operating principles and suggest several cleaning modes that are convenient to select depending on the degree of contamination. Most models are equipped with sensors for the degree of contamination of filter elements.

Each company creating such equipment strives to bring something of its own to the traditional scheme. And be prepared for when, when choosing similar models from different manufacturers, you will find that the same technology is called differently.

The best offers on the modern market are offered by the Euromate and Daikin brands. The Dutch company Euromate BV, specializing in the design and creation of professional cleaning systems, is today a leader in the production of highly efficient equipment.

And the Japanese company Daikin is considered a recognized world leader in the production of household and industrial climate equipment. And the products of these giants, created using high-tech solutions, combine reliability and cost-effectiveness.

If funds allow, then when choosing a model it is better not to save on family health.Having bought powerful equipment equipped with several degrees of purification, you will have the opportunity every day to enjoy the freshness and purity of air, devoid of any kind of impurities.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

An overview of several types of household models:

How to choose an air purifier for allergy sufferers, see the following video:

An air purifier is a real salvation for asthmatics and allergy sufferers, as well as people who are worried about their health. Having become the owner of such a device, you can safely count on a comfortable and safe atmosphere in the walls of your home.

Do you have personal experience using air purifiers? Please tell our readers which model you prefer, are you satisfied with the operation of the device? Leave your comments, ask questions, share experiences in the block below.

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    According to my recollections, we had three air purifiers in our family. The first was small and hung on the wall. Its main task was to draw dust from the room, the second function was an ionizer, which involved active work, which required the absence of people in the room. The second Korean cleaner, it still works, cleans the air of harmful microorganisms, with their abundant accumulation, the indicator changes color from blue to red. And the third ionizer cleaner did not work even a day, it broke. Choose trusted brands.

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    An air purifier is relevant when a person has asthma and allergy attacks. It is rather a necessity for them to reduce the incidence of unpleasant symptoms. For a healthy person, I think such devices are useless. They only undermine the immune system, protecting it from various bacteria and preventing them from forming a natural defense against all types of harmful microorganisms. As soon as a person leaves his “greenhouse”, in the external environment he will find a huge army of viruses and germs.

    • But there is another opinion that if the immune system is constantly “under stress”, then its protective functions, on the contrary, are reduced.