How to get rid of the smell in ventilation: the best options to block the unpleasant smell from the neighbors

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Residents of apartment buildings often encounter a situation when an unpleasant smell appears from the ventilation. Instead of cleansing, supplying a fresh portion of air and removing exhaust, the system becomes a cause of discomfort. You also faced a similar problem - you are harassed by unpleasant odors from the ventilation and you do not know how to deal with them?

We will help to solve the task - in this material we will talk in detail about how to get rid of the smell in ventilation, what preventive measures to take to ensure its smooth operation. We also supplement the article with thematic photos and useful video tips.

Causes of unpleasant odors

Foreign odors can be detected by residents when they move into a new apartment or quite suddenly, after a long stay in the apartment without problems with the air exchange system. Let's see why there was a smell from the ventilation and what to do in such a situation to get rid of discomfort.

Reason # 1 - errors in the calculation and installation

When organizing ventilation in the kitchen, toilet, bathroom, it is important to correctly think through the system of supply and exhaust channels. The optimal solution in many cases is the creation of forced air movement using a fan.

We recommend that you read the rules creating effective ventilation in the apartment.

In apartment buildings, an air exchange system is created during the construction phase. Technological errors made during the design and construction of the building can lead to mine leakage - Similar problems are often found in new buildings.

Ventilation scheme
When planning a ventilation system, it is worth placing the exhaust, supply ducts opposite each other. This will ensure efficient air exchange.

In old houses, the cause of depressurization is a partial collapse of the canal, improper repair and construction work. Therefore, the overhaul with the reconstruction of the ventilation system should be trusted by professionals in order to avoid mistakes in the design and installation.

Otherwise, the result of incorrect installation, the presence of errors in the calculations will be the incorrect operation of the system, the appearance of extraneous odors, the formation of mold.

Reason # 2 - Blockages in the ventilation shaft

In multi-storey buildings of the old construction, residents are more likely to experience problems with the appearance of an unpleasant odor, since the systems are combined with chimneys, air ducts, partially clogged, and destroyed.

One of the reasons for the smell of their ventilation is:

  1. Clogging - unobstructed movement of air becomes impossible due to the growth of dust, fat on the walls of the ventilation, the ingress of various kinds of debris. Often blockages result from the accumulation of construction debris in the mine.
  2. Partial destruction of air channels - collapsed walls form plugs that impede the movement of air. As a result, the correct operation of the ventilation is disrupted.

To ensure free air movement, it is important that there are no obstructions in the ventilation shaft.

Clean duct
Ideally, the ventilation shaft clearance should be absolutely free. However, during operation, dust builds up on its surface, blockages form, blocking the movement of air.

According to the regulations, management companies are required to audit ventilation annually, in houses connected to the gas supply system - every six months. If any malfunctions are detected, the house must be disconnected from the gas until the air exchange is restored and cleaning using professional equipment.

Unpleasant odor may appear as a result mass propagation of the fungusmold in the ventilation shaft. Similar problems are associated with insufficient heating of utilities in the cold. To eliminate it, you must contact the management company responsible for house maintenance.

With proper care ventilation shaft problems associated with the growth of the fungus, other manifestations of unsanitary conditions, are not observed.

Fungus in ventilation
To detect mold, fungus in ventilation, you do not need to independently examine the mine. The results of insufficient heating of the communications will appear not only in the form of an unpleasant smell, but also as characteristic spots on the walls.

Independent maintenance of the ventilation system in an apartment building is prohibited, since the safety of residents depends on the quality of the work. All actions regarding changes to the duct must be agreed with the management company.

Reason # 3 - system design failure

As a result of the investigation of the causes of the sudden appearance of an unpleasant odor, it turns out that the neighbors decided during the next repair destroy the duct to increase the useful area of ​​housing, or in general connected to another channeldisrupting the operation of the entire system.

In some cases, homeowners are surprised to find that mine is generally absent. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is an unpleasant odor from the neighbors through the ventilation system. There can be no such mistakes in the design, construction, as the technical documentation will not be approved.

The lack of common ventilation is often associated with illegal redevelopment. Someone from the neighbors, due to the ventilation duct, expanded their living space, blocking the mine from top to bottom.As a result of such an intervention, there is no possibility of unhindered evacuation of air and extraneous odors spread throughout the apartments.

To eliminate the cause of incorrect operation, you need to get to the neighbors in the apartment, to clarify the availability of redevelopment. If the violators do not agree to restore the ventilation shaft voluntarily, it is worth contacting the licensing authorities to initiate the proceedings. As a result, the neighbors will have to return the structure to its original state and pay a fine for the violation.

Reason # 4 - ice formation in the ventilation duct

It is also a problem that tenants of an apartment building may face - ice in the duct. It appears as a result of temperature changes. The resulting condensate freezes in layers, gradually closing the space for air circulation.

Ice in the ventilation
The accumulation of ice occurs in the cold season, as a result of temperature changes. When it appears, there is no need to wait for warming, it is worth immediately contacting the management company

Reason # 5 - lack of fresh air

If the ventilation system is working, but there is an unpleasant odor in the apartment, you should check whether there is enough fresh air entering the apartment.

More recently, there were no difficulties with the supply ventilation. Over time, small gaps appeared in the wooden frames, so a sufficient amount of fresh air entered the apartment through them, even when the wings were tightly closed.

Today everyone is trying to isolate themselves from street noise, to ensure the tightness of window structures. In order to get a sufficient supply of fresh air in such conditions, you can simply periodically ventilate the apartment, regardless of the time of year, to establish supply valve into a wall or window.

Since not everyone wants to open windows in winter, the main burden of air exchange is on ventilation. First you need to determine the presence of traction by attaching to the grate a piece of thin paper, newspaper. If the paper sticks to the grate or deviates in its direction, it means that the duct works correctly. If the paper remains motionless or deviates towards the user, then there are problems.

If the experiment fails, open the window and repeat the procedure. If the paper is tilted towards the grate, it means that the ventilation is easily adjusted by periodically ventilating.

Supply valve
Installing a supply valve will be a simple solution that will ensure a sufficient flow of fresh air into the apartment, will help solve the problem of reducing the gas exchange rate

When the paper is tilted toward the user during the test, this effect is called reverse draft. This means that not only exhaust gases are not removed from the apartment, but also unpleasant odors and dust are attracted.

There can be many reasons for this, from clogging the channels with steam, cold air, and ending with the presence of ice, garbage, and partial destruction. Forced ventilation established by neighbors can interfere with the natural movement of air.

Extremely important regularly check ventilation and takes care of its performance.

Reason # 6 - neighbors' powerful hood

When designing apartment buildings, it is assumed that all residents will be satisfied with natural air exchange. When a powerful system with fans is installed in one of the apartments, the air flows are shifted. As a result, unpleasant odors get into neighboring apartments.

This is due to the fact that the ventilation system is not designed for high intensity air mass movements. It is possible to increase the ventilation power only in situations where each apartment is connected to an individual channel, which is not implemented in all houses.

Smell from neighbors
The reasons associated with the appearance of unpleasant odors from ventilation can be different.From mistakes made at the design stage, construction of the structure, to incorrect actions of neighbors during apartment renovation

There are two ways to resolve the issue:

  • ask neighbors to replace equipment or include it less frequently;
  • install forced ventilation - So you will create even more problems for the rest of the tenants, but get rid of unpleasant odors in your apartment.

Specialists can be involved in resolving the issue of incorrect operation of the hood.

How to block the smell from neighbors?

The appearance of an unpleasant odor from the air exchange system can be due to various reasons. Professionals recommend finding out and eliminating them, and not dealing with the consequences. For example, when the hood is installed near the entrance to the room, the humid air is blocked. As a result, unpleasant odors, mold may appear.

Understanding how to quickly block the smell from the ventilation system, it is important to understand that measures must be comprehensive, otherwise you will soon have to deal with the problem again.

No. 1 - installation of a supply valve

After installing plastic windows, the natural flow of air into the apartment is virtually eliminated. As a result, the gas exchange rate decreases sharply, waste products are not removed, the microclimate in the apartment worsens. Supply valve installation to the window or to the wall will help partially solve the problem.

The user can choose the simplest device or purchase an automatic system. It will not only provide air to the room, but also heat it. If you have a supply valve, you will not need to open the windows daily. In this case, the amount of air entering the room will be quite enough.

Supply valve
Installing a supply valve will be a simple solution that will ensure a sufficient flow of fresh air into the apartment, will help solve the problem of reducing the gas exchange rate

A wide variety of models, a flexible pricing policy will help to choose a supply valve that meets the needs of the customer, his budget.

No. 2 - installation of a fan in the bathroom

The smell from the ventilation of the bathroom is easily eliminated after installation exhaust fan.

Manufacturers offer three device options:

  • centrifugal;
  • axial;
  • centrifugal axial.

Fans have design features, differ in power. Their installation is relevant when the dimensions of the ventilation pipe exceed 3 meters.

Forced ventilation
Installing a fan will speed up air exchange, solve the problem of high humidity after bathing, as well as eliminate unpleasant odors

Choosing the right model, do not dwell on too powerful options. At high air intake rates, a rarefaction effect may occur, which negatively affects health

No. 3 - installation of hoods in the kitchen

To extract odors from neighbors, to remove unpleasant aromas that arise during cooking will help the hood. Modern models not only differ in a set of functions, they have an excellent appearance.

To equip the kitchen, you should first determine the type of device:

  • hanging - the most common option, is fixed above the gas stove in the space between the kitchen cabinets;
  • island - mounted to the ceiling, can be located anywhere in the kitchen;
  • angular - located in the corner, takes up a minimum of space;
  • wall mounted - installed on the wall next to the stove, it can become a highlight of the interior;
  • recessed - mounted in a closet, does not spoil the interior, is almost invisible.

We recommend that you read the detailed recommendations for selection and installation of hoods on the kitchen.

Most of the hoods take the exhaust air, throws it into the ventilation. Experts believe this solution is the most effective, safe.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Recommendations for removing odors from ventilation are demonstrated in the video below:

Unpleasant odors can occur due to malfunctioning ventilation or incorrect actions of neighbors. To get rid of discomfort is real, you can use very simple, but effective methods, which we examined in detail above.

If independent attempts to cut off the unpleasant odor from the ventilation were unsuccessful, it is better to contact specialists. When you turn to professionals, you do not have to wonder about the cause of the appearance of unpleasant odors. Wizards will diagnose the system, determine the type of malfunction, issue recommendations for solving the problem..

Successfully coping with annoying flavors from your neighbors yourself? Found a custom solution? Share your experience with other readers in the box below.

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