Installing the basket for the air conditioner on the facade: installation instruction and the intricacies of the work

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Air conditioning allows you to create a comfortable microclimate in the room for any purpose: country house, office, apartment, shopping center, supermarket. The cost of the equipment is by no means rather small - it’s a shame if the outdoor unit is damaged due to an accidental fall of bricks, icicles from a crash, agree?

In order not to be in a similar situation, you can take care of protecting the outdoor unit in advance by installing a special device - a basket. But what is it and how to put it right?

This is what we will talk about in our material - we will deal with the types of existing protective structures, their pros and cons. We will give recommendations on choosing a suitable option, as well as tell you how to install the basket for the air conditioner and whether it can be done on its own.

The material presented will be supplemented by visual photos and useful video installation tips.

Basket features and selection rules

What is a basket or box? This is a metal structure that covers the outdoor unit on all sides.

Its main functions are:

  • Decorative. So that the different-sized air conditioning units harmoniously look on the facade of the building.
  • Protective - fragments of bricks and tiles falling from the roof and walls, cigarette butts thrown out by residents from windows, icicles and other debris can damage the outdoor unit.
  • Vandal Protection - This feature is very relevant for the first floors. The design of such a basket is heavy-duty, it closes the block on all sides.

Anti-vandal designs can optionally be equipped with an alarm. This is a great option for office premises, where guards will be able to respond to the actions of vandals at any time.

Baskets for air conditioners on the facade of the building
Many developers provide at the design stage, the location of air conditioners in newly built buildings. With this approach, you can order baskets in a single style and the architectural line of the facade of the building will not be broken

Varieties of boxes for air conditioning

Owners of apartments in the old housing fund are faced with the question of self choosing a place for installing the air conditioner and protecting it from precipitation and mechanical damage (accidental or intentional). Therefore, simultaneously with the purchase of split systems, it is advisable to choose and order the installation of baskets for outdoor units of air conditioners on the facade.

But there are many offers on the market. To choose a worthy option, you first need to get acquainted with existing species in general terms.

By manufacturing method baskets are assembled at a specialized enterprise and homemade. The first are more reliable and durable, stylish appearance, ability to withstand significant loads. But this is subject to the availability of a quality certificate, documents confirming the calculation and testing of products, which is typical for responsible manufacturers with a good reputation.

Homemade boxes can be made from improvised materials. Such a design will be simple, but its cost will be minimal.

Homemade box
The simplest box can be made on its own using rods and metal corners. Weld to assemble the structure. But such a basket requires maintenance (regular tinting) - in places of welds from the effects of precipitation, rust may appear

Also, boxes can be classified by the following parameters:

  • by type of construction - whole and collapsible;
  • by appointment - decorative and protective;
  • to size - standard and non-standard (custom-made);
  • by design - depends on the imagination of the designer or the wishes of the customer.

More baskets are different material of manufacture. This can be perforated galvanized sheet, metal rods, forged elements and more.

It is important that the material used is reliable and durable, and also resistant to atmospheric precipitation.

What to look for when choosing?

When choosing a basket, it should be borne in mind that there are standard boxes and non-standard, made by the standards of the customer.

Custom grilles for split systems
Most often, the non-standard basket option is relevant when it is necessary to protect several blocks installed in a row or one above the other with one grid

When choosing a basket, a number of parameters are taken into account:

  • sizes - the dimensions of the external unit and the necessary clearance of 10 cm between the walls of the unit and the box should be taken into account;
  • facing option - anti-vandal, protective or decorative;
  • filling in - metal rods, blinds, forged elements, perforated sheet, lamella perforation, individual perforation pattern (optional);
  • type of construction - ready-made or collapsible version;
  • specific features - painting in a specific color, the presence of a door with a built-in or padlock (for access to the unit), an additional visor, the installation of an alarm system that notifies other parties of the damage.

All these parameters, in particular dimensions, design complexity and specific features, significantly affect the cost - the more complex and bigger, the more expensive.

It is also important when choosing the appropriate option to pay attention to access to the outdoor unit of the air conditioner - so that it is not difficult to carry out regular cleaning and maintenance.

Step-by-step installation instructions

All work on installing the basket for the air conditioner can be done on its own or invite specialists. The first option is relevant for owners of private one-story houses, apartments located on the first, second floor. Also, there will be no difficulties if the outdoor unit of the air conditioner installed on the loggia or unglazed balcony.

Installation of a basket from a ladder
For the first and second floor, all installation work of the basket can be performed using a ladder

In all other cases, for the installation of the box you will need the help of industrial climbers.

Installation of a basket and air conditioner by a climber
Together with the installation of the air conditioner, it is advisable to immediately order the installation of a protective box. Especially when it comes to high-altitude work (from the third to the ninth floor and above) - you don’t have to pay two times to climb climbers

The basket installation procedure is as follows:

  1. Marking of attachment points - Using the building level and plumb line, you need to mark the points for fixing the structure.
  2. Punching holes - Using a hammer drill, carefully make holes in the wall of the building.
  3. Attachment Installation - screw fasteners into the holes made earlier, install the brackets and tighten the flare nut with a wrench.
  4. Basket fixing - using fasteners (bolts and nuts), attach the protective box to the bracket.

If climbers perform the installation, the first step will be to fasten the rope and descent to the installation site, and the last step is to raise the “high-rise” and dismantle the rope.

It is important when choosing fasteners to take into account the type of facade: for foam concrete, gypsum concrete and hollow bricks, it is better to use a dowel + screw, and for a brick and concrete wall - anchor bolts. Facade brackets should be made without welding, so that the protective layer is not broken. Otherwise, welded areas will suffer from the effects of precipitation.

Many companies specializing in the manufacture of baskets are developing types of fasteners suitable for installation on various types of facades. Carry out the necessary calculations, tests to ensure the finished product reliability and durability.

Soundproofing Recommendations

In addition to installing the basket, the owners of the air conditioner take other additional measures to protect the outdoor unit from falling icicles and accidental mechanical damage. One popular solution is installation visor. But such an option when the first rain becomes a source of increased noise.

To avoid the unfortunate development of events when it rains all night, and you cannot fall asleep to the sound of drumming streams of water through the visor, you need to take care of sound insulation immediately after installing the visor. Why do you need to stick on top of the roofing material, a piece of rubber or several layers of soundproofing materials.

Foam on a peak over the conditioner
A thick layer of foam in the noise-insulating “pie” can smooth out the noise from the water pouring from the height of the fifth floor

Consider an example of effective sound insulation from improvised materials:

  • First layer - self-adhesive vibration isolator type STP. It is being sold at an auto parts store. This vibration isolator is glued on top of the visor.
  • Second layer - foam rubber 2-3 cm thick. Glue a layer of foam rubber on the silicone.
  • Third layer - roofing material. A soft tile, ondulin are suitable as a finishing layer - they do not make noise during rain.

Such simple noise insulation will be a real salvation from the annoying knock of raindrops on a metal visor.

Yes, and do this work completely half the strength with your own hands, provided that the air conditioning unit is not higher than 2 floors.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Types of perforation for gratings of boxes for outdoor units of split systems:

Visual instruction for installing the basket on the ventilated facade of a building from one of the manufacturers of ducts for air conditioners:

To protect the unit of your air conditioner from the effects of atmospheric precipitation and mechanical damage, preferably simultaneously with installation of climate control equipment set the basket on the air conditioner.

It is important to choose the optimal design so that it not only protects, but also is moisture resistant, provides free air exchange, is able to withstand gusts of wind, the load from falling icicles and snow caps from the roof.

Do you have questions about choosing and installing a basket? Ask them to our experts and other site visitors - the comment form is located below. Also here you can share personal experience in manufacturing and installing the basket, add unique photos of your work.

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