Types of air conditioners for the apartment: technical features + recommendations for customers

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Do you want to improve living conditions, make them more comfortable by buying modern climate equipment? Agree that with all the variety of offers from various manufacturers it is easy to get confused. You decided to choose the best technology for yourself, but do not know where to start?

We will help you in this matter - the article considers the types of air conditioners for an apartment and any other housing. It is important that the purchase is preceded by familiarization with such a technique, its features and parameters that you need to pay attention to when choosing.

The article also selected visual photographs and video recommendations for choosing an air conditioner, taking into account the characteristics of a particular housing.

Classification of HVAC equipment

Most people call the whole variety of climatic equipment air conditioners, but according to the design, the assortment can be divided into two groups.

Monoblock products, that is, consisting of one housing, where everything you need is located, belong to one.

And the second includes climate technology, consisting of several parts: external and internal. Let us consider in more detail the features of each of the most popular types of air conditioners.

Window and mobile monoblocks

In this case, the installation takes place in the opening of the window, wall, which determined the name. The specified installation method provides window air conditioners a number of advantages, among which the most important are compactness, relatively low cost.

There are significant shortcomings, for example, increased noise is noisy, and performance is moderate.

In addition, in the winter, cold air will enter the room. The reason for this phenomenon is that there is no way to isolate the room from the external environment.

Window air conditioner
This is the window version of the air conditioner.This variety is not one of the most popular today, and manufacturers from the leader category do not develop them at all.

Some installation difficulties are also inherent, since an air conditioner of this kind requires a previously provided niche; in its absence, installation is impractical. For example, it is unlikely that the owner will have the desire to additionally buy a metal-plastic window of the desired design.

All of the above indicates that such units are not the most practical, and therefore in demand.

A specific product is and mobile view of air conditioners. The reason is that they, like window ones, are monoblock. That is, all the necessary nodes are housed in one housing.

Mobile air conditioning
It looks like a mobile air conditioner, but the hose indicates that its main characteristic, indicated in the name, is some exaggeration

As a result, noisy structural elements are located in the room, which affects the comfort of living, and negatively.

But products of this type do not need to be mounted, which allows significant savings, also this feature makes it possible to carry out the movement of the unit in the room, but with limitations.

Connecting a mobile air conditioner
The photo shows how the mobile air conditioner should be connected to the window. This is necessary to remove hot air.

Since the hose delivers inconvenience, through which hot air is removed outside the apartment. This structural element must be displayed in the window. Read about the best representatives of mobile air conditioners Further.

Varieties of split systems

Indoor air cooling is able to carry out products, traditionally also called air conditioners, but consisting of two parts. Such climatic equipment is correctly classified as split-systems.

It is this variety that is best known to consumers - such equipment is most often used in ordinary apartments.

External block split system
This is how the external units of the most popular type of climatic equipment, which is called split-systems, look like. The remaining structural elements are in the apartment

The split system, unlike monoblock air conditioners, consists of at least two parts. Which include indoor and outdoor units. Their name indicates the place of installation.

The most important advantage of this equipment is power. Design features allow you to make the most noisy structural element (compressor) on the street.

As a result, developers have the opportunity to increase productivity without risk of reducing the comfort of living.

Additionally, split systems are divided into the following subspecies:

  • wall mounted;
  • floor;
  • channel;
  • cassette tapes.

The names listed are assigned due to the particular arrangement of the indoor units and the supply of chilled air. So, wall type is the most sought after. The reason is the convenient location of the unit, since it does not occupy free space.

But floor option evenly distributes air masses, which makes it more effective. In addition, such products do not need to be mounted, which is also an advantage, since it allows significant savings.

Floor air conditioner
The main feature of floor systems is the placement of the indoor unit on the floor, it is believed that this saves money on installation

Channel Split Systems will be the best option for large apartments, if the owners are willing to spend a round sum on installation.

Since the feature of this subspecies is the laying of pipes through which air is transported, installation is carried out in the space between the suspended and the main ceiling. This allows you to hide all structural elements and positively affects the design.

Channel Split System
Duct systems are suitable for large rooms.Their important advantage is that they do not adversely affect design and do not take up useful space.

Cassette systems similar to the previous variety, the only difference is the lack of pipes. That is, the cooled air is supplied through an opening in the lower part of the indoor unit, which is called a cartridge.

Its feature is in a standard size, which is always 600x600 mm, and these are the usual parameters for ceiling tiles. This is done so that the unit can easily be masked, which is also facilitated by the decorative grille.

Cassette Split System
Cassette systems are niche equipment, so they can only be used when equipping an apartment, where inter-ceiling space will be provided

Systems cassette type used to organize cold air blowing in large rooms.

Multi-unit climate technology

If you need to maintain a microclimate in several rooms, it is often usedmulti split system, which is one external unit that provides the desired amount of air to several internal ones.

Wall models
Wall split systems are called so because indoor units are placed on the walls. Their aesthetic qualities are sufficient to fit into almost any interior

Key selection criteria

To understand what kind of air conditioner / split system will be optimal for an apartment, you need to compare their main characteristics. And you always need to start with productivity, since only it will provide a comfortable stay and avoid overpayment.

Parameter No. 1 - power of equipment

You should be aware that monoblock air conditioners are designed to cool mainly small rooms, the area of ​​which does not exceed moderate 15-35 square meters.

Their analogues, which are split systems, can cope with the supply of a sufficient amount of air to all rooms of the apartment, even when its area reaches an impressive 150-500 square meters.

But only expensive channel and multi-split systems can achieve these indicators.

Air conditioning in the store
The main characteristic of any air conditioner is the power that allows you to effectively cool the installed area of ​​housing. It is easy to determine it, as it is indicated in the documentation of each unit

In most cases, the power of multi-unit units can cool up to 80 square meters. And for owners of small apartments split systems are being made, the performance of which does not exceed the capabilities of window, mobile air conditioners.

As a result, we can conclude that if there is a large apartment, only complex multi-unit climatic equipment can cope with providing comfortable living.

And if the area is small, then a product belonging to any species is suitable. Although split systems have a larger power reserve.

We also recommend that you read our other article, where we talked in detail about how to calculate the power of an air conditioner. More details - go to the link.

Parameter No. 2 - comfort of living

For most buyers, comfort in the apartment is a fundamental parameter, so you should approach responsibly to such a issue as noise.

It was indicated above that the noisy nodes of monoblock air conditioners are located indoors, and for split systems, outside. As a result, the latter category is most preferred.

Climatic equipment in the interior
The main wish of most users is that the air conditioner does not violate comfort and, if everything is simple with split systems, then the sound of the monoblock should be felt in advance, which can be done in the store, with friends, etc.

But you should know that monoblocks are developed taking into account the current standards that regulate such a parameter as sound pressure, so they obviously do not lose the battle for attractiveness.

And the best way to identify the best option would be experimental, that is, all that is needed is to hear how the model you like sounds.

Mobile air conditioners have a drawback, and the essential and inherent only to them. He expressed the need to empty the container with condensate every few hours.

This feature arose because of the lack of access to the street - split systems, their window analogues have access to the street, where the liquid flows, and the mobile version is deprived of this opportunity.

You should know that monitoring the filling of the container and its emptying are unpleasant procedures. Still, the way out of the described situation is simple - the purchase of the latest generation of units that are "trained" to independently supply fluid to the heat exchanger, where it evaporates.

Also, mobile air conditioners until recently were distinguished by the fact that they were unable to comply with the predefined program. As a result, real indicators could well differ from the set by several degrees, which did not contribute to comfort.

But this flaw is increasingly considered a relic of the past. So, a few years ago, the release of a generation of monoblock air conditioners capable of functioning with minimal errors, which are no more than 1 ° C, began.

Nevertheless, one should not forget that such capabilities are not inherent in all products.

Parameter 3 - equipment mobility

Although, judging by the name, one of the varieties of HVAC equipment should have an overwhelming advantage in this segment, everything is not so simple. The reason is that, as in comparing other characteristics, everything is relative.

Mobile floor models
Manufacturers may call mobile all air conditioners that can be somehow moved indoors, but this marketing trick is not worth it, as transporting blocks from one room to another is extremely inconvenient. But the monoblock unit is convenient to transport to the country, another apartment

So, the capabilities of mobile air conditioners are limited by the presence of a volumetric hose, which must always have access to the street. Otherwise, the removal of hot masses cannot be carried out, as a result, air cooling will be ineffective.

This feature makes this type of equipment just conditionally mobile - it is unlikely that the owner will have a desire to regularly move it from the kitchen to the bedroom and vice versa.

But it’s convenient to transport a mobile air conditioner to another apartment or to a summer cottage with seasonal accommodation. This can be done in the trunk of a car or even manually. With split systems this will not work.

Parameter 4 - model reliability

All varieties have sufficient durability, which allows them to be used for their intended purpose for many years. But there are a number of features that affect this setting. So the external units of the split systems are located outside the house, which excludes the possibility of their year-round operation.

If you do not heed this rule, then the unit’s resource reserve is only enough for a couple of years, and this is in the best case, and often they break during even one run, carried out at a temperature below -5 ° С.

The reason is that air conditioners are not suitable for use in cold weather. And the adaptation attempts made by the developers, while unsuccessful and frozen grease leads to the development and destruction of loaded structural elements.

Reliability of air conditioners
All modern types of air conditioners have sufficient reliability, which allows for years to provide a comfortable stay

Additionally, rainfall and other difficult operating conditions can affect the durability of the outdoor units. All of the above does not affect the reliability of mobile air conditioners, since their workplace is traditionally located inside the apartment.

Parameter 5 - Other Important Options

When comparing the characteristics, it should be remembered that all existing types of air conditioners, adapted for cooling the apartment, except for the main functions, are capable of performing a number of others.

For example, to heat the premises, purify the air, while the degree of filtration is different.

Often climatic equipment is equipped with humidifiers, ionizers. Process automation is increasingly being used. The above makes air conditioners more functional, increases the comfort of living.

But there is a drop of negativity in improved functionality - with an increase in the number of functions, the cost of the product increases.

When choosing the type of product should take into account the amount of additional costs, the reason is that they can reach impressive sizes.

For instance, installation of air conditioners often costs a lot of money - 20-30% of the price of the equipment itself. Anti-vandal protection, awnings, visors can increase the cost of buying split systems by another 10-20%.

Vandal proof grilles for air conditioning
Anti-vandal devices are mandatory for residents of lower floors, but they do not guarantee anything, so they should look at the air conditioners located inside the apartment

Installation of the external unit can be carried out independently, but for this you need to have a specialized tool and possess some skills, otherwise it is better to entrust such work to specialists.

Mobile air conditioners are cheaper in this regard, but the best option for mounting their hose is a box in the window, which also costs money.

In this case, it is not worth saving, as the headwind will return hot air to the apartment, which will make the cooling procedure ineffective and expensive.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Types of air conditioners, their features and principle of operation:

Tips for choosing an air conditioner:

Modern climatic equipment is practical, but the existing variety of types and models makes it difficult to choose. Nevertheless, to solve such a problem is quite simple - take a sheet of paper and list all the advantages and disadvantages of any product. And compare the result with your requirements, with the features and dimensions of the apartment.

What air conditioner did you choose? What guided this? Are you satisfied with the work of the equipment? Please share your opinion in the block located under the article.

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  1. Denis

    The best option for an apartment building, of course, would be a single system with wiring for apartments. But, unfortunately, the trend is that not only air conditioning, but also hot water with heating become individual. Centralized networks, especially in small towns, are deteriorating, and people are buying boilers and electric convectors.

    • Here you are a dreamer) It is difficult to imagine that someone will make a single system with the layout of the apartments, if only because some people are by nature frozen and do not intend to install air conditioners at all. And on the main topic - at my place is a mobile air conditioner. I decided that this is the most economical and reasonable option, I did not have to spoil the wall from the outside to attach the equipment.

    • Expert
      Alexey Dedyulin

      Today's air conditioners, Denis are becoming more economical - this is the main technical trend. The vector designated by you is true for Russia.

      However, while brands are improving split systems, some developers realized that there is no need to cool huge rooms - it requires the creation of a local microclimate. University of California, for example, has developed a fabric lined with miniature interconnected elements that "generate" cold - using the Peltier effect. Technologically, the invention is ready for implementation - you can start sewing clothes from thermostatic fabric.

      I attached a screenshot with a piece of such fabric.

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