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The organization of the air exchange system includes not only the laying of ventilation ducts, but also the installation of elements that ensure the dispersion of oxygen flows and protection against the penetration of foreign objects. For these purposes, ventilation grills of various shapes and configurations are used.

Such elements make it possible to competently distribute air throughout the premises and give aesthetics to duct shafts overlooking the facade of the building or into rooms.

The ventilation equipment market offers various modifications of the grilles, and choosing a suitable product for specific operating conditions is quite difficult, agree? We will help you decide on a purchase.

We offer for consideration a detailed classification of ventilation grilles with a description of their installation and application features. In addition, we have prepared a list of useful recommendations that will facilitate the task of selecting and arranging a ventilation duct.

General description of ventilation grilles

Lattice is a must apartment ventilation systems or private home, office, bank or other premises.

It serves as a structural conclusion. ventilation duct. Additionally, it performs a safety function and allows you to control the circulation of oxygen flows.

Interior ventilation grill
When choosing a grill for a ventilation complex, you do not need to buy the cheapest. It is better to give preference to a quality product that will last a long time and maintain an attractive appearance

The production of static and adjustable modules is carried out by domestic and foreign companies that supply construction and installation accessories and related products to the consumer market.

How are the modules arranged?

A standard ventilation grill usually consists of three fragments:

  • ribbed front part;
  • internal filtration mesh;
  • body.

Adjustable models have a more complex device.Their external part is equipped with movable blinds. This makes it possible to set the airflow in the desired direction and evenly distribute oxygen throughout all rooms in the apartment, house or building.

Decorative grilles for ventilation
When buying, the adjustable grill must be carefully examined and make sure that the mobile elements do not jam and move well in all the directions provided by the design. Only then will using the device be easy and convenient

Inside the grill housing with a shut-off valve, there is a special shutter that can be blown in only one direction. This helps to eliminate back draft and foreign matter and unpleasant odors from entering the system from the outside.

Detailed product classification

All commercially available grilles are classified according to different parameters.

The main distribution is on the following items:

  • place of installation - outside the room, inside or between rooms;
  • the appointment - wall, ceiling, floor, basement, front, door;
  • basic design - stationary (motionless), adjustable, inertial, valve, slotted and decorative;
  • workmanship - high-strength plastic, anodized aluminum, corrosion-resistant steel, wood, ceramic / gypsum, brass, copper, bronze;
  • the form - polygon up to 8 faces, circle, oval, rhombus, square, standard or elongated rectangle;
  • the size - the most common formats are 204 * 204 mm and 300 * 300 mm, but any other dimensions can be found or made to order;
  • mounting method - built-in or laid on;
  • additional functions.

Each parameter is equally important and helps to create conditions for comfortable work and living indoors.

Decorative grilles for ventilation
Lattices for internal use are selected for the existing interior. With this approach, they do not get out of the general ensemble and do not spoil the style decision of the interior

External and internal installation

Outdoor grilles contribute to the intake of air from the street and protect the system from small and large debris, rain, dust, rodents, foliage and dirt.

These items have special requirements in terms of strength, resistance to temperature extremes and susceptibility to mechanical damage.

Interior grilles placed in residential or work premises. Their main function is to correctly distribute the airflow in the rooms and aesthetically complete the ventilation duct.

External metal ventilation grill
Installation of external ventilation grilles is carried out from the street. You can install the product in any convenient place. Located on the wall, the element will almost always be clean, and being in the lower part of the foundation will quickly become contaminated

Overflow elements provide an optimal level of interior ventilation. They are mounted in doors, walls and plasterboard partitions. Due to this, the oxygen circulation is not interrupted for a minute, and the air is constantly updated even in the most remote rooms.

The grille is mounted on the floor only when the ventilation system starts in the basement or basement, but does not have a channel layout.

View at the installation site

Grilles designed for ventilation systems are wall, ceiling, floor, door, front and basement.

Wall and ceiling products for internal use are lightweight and, in addition to their main functions, also carry a decorative load.

Blocks suitable for outdoor installation in walls have mechanical strength and high resistance to external atmospheric manifestations.

External metal ventilation grill
Lattices installed on the outside of the building in the walls are often equipped with a heating system. This helps during the cold season to avoid clogging with snow and the formation of ice

Floor models are used to organize the supply of fresh air to the lower part of the living or working premises. From wall and ceiling, such options differ in record strength characteristics and good wear resistance. They calmly carry solid physical exertion and are not afraid of external pressure.

Door ventilation modules ensure the correct circulation of air flow and the absence of drafts. One elongated product or several square or round ones are usually mounted on a box. There are no restrictions on this parameter. The choice is based on personal preferences and compatibility with the overall design of the room.

Frontal Elements are placed mainly in attics or attic floors. They have a neat wide edging and contribute to proper air exchange in the upper part of the household.

Floor ventilation grilles
Lattices located on the floor are easily cleaned of inevitable contaminants and do not require specific, complex care. Long retain their original attractiveness and aesthetic appearance

Basement the grilles guarantee the correct natural ventilation of the basement compartments and effectively protect the air ducts from the penetration of rodents and small pests.

The appearance of the product is in second place here, and strength and resistance to weathering are considered a priority.

Design features of different models

The most common are standard stationary gratings without frills. The elementary configuration and the absence of moving parts make the models very reliable, durable and operationally stable.

Decorative grilles for ventilation
Stationary type grilles are suitable for installation in air exhaust systems of any complexity. In a specialized store you can buy both budget and better models of the middle and highest category

Adjustable designs equipped with movable ribs such as blinds. They not only protect the system from external penetration of foreign elements, but also provide the ability to control the flow of air as you wish.

Inertial blocks manufacturers supply movable slats. Products with this functionality independently open / close the valves, sensitively reacting to air speed.

External metal ventilation grill
The adjustable module demonstrates the greatest effect in regions with a changing climate. It eliminates the need for owners to carefully close the channel entrance due to weather disasters. To protect the system, you only need to correctly set the position of the ribs

Ventilation check valve grille makes it possible to reduce / increase the volume of the passage section of the highway. It most effectively manifests itself in kitchens, bathrooms and bathrooms. When the system is not active, the valve prevents fluff, small debris, insects and dust fragments from getting inside.

Slot type devices Intended for uniform distribution of air in large spaces and bulky rooms. They are quickly and easily installed and, thanks to their compact size, almost do not catch the eye.

Moving fins ventilation grill
The basic functional of inertial type gratings involves work in only one direction. They are mainly used to remove unpleasant odors and polluted air from residential, office and work premises.

Decorative grilles for ventilation systems, they primarily carry an aesthetic function. They are chosen very carefully in strict accordance with the interior design of the room.

Models look catchy and attractive, harmoniously fit into the general design of the room and at the same time work for their intended purpose. To equip ventilation in a stylish kitchen, a beautiful grill is placed on the hood and delicately hides the air outlet from the eyes.

Ventilation grille with valve
The grille with a valve mounted in the ventilation complex in the winter will block the path of cold air trying to get into the system from the external environment

Materials for the manufacture

For the manufacture of ventilation grilles use materials such as:

  • plastic;
  • wood;
  • aluminum / steel;
  • gypsum;
  • precious metals.

Plastic models inexpensive and are among the most common. Among them you can find not only snow-white, but also colored grilles. They serve for a long time, are easy to clean, do not fade and are resistant to aggressive chemical compounds. Due to its light weight, it is suitable for installation on drywall walls.

The disadvantages of the product include a tendency to yellowing and fading, insufficient structural strength and limited heat resistance.

Due to these parameters, plastic modules are not used on the street, but are mounted, as a rule, indoors.

Plastic ventilation grills
On sale there are plastic products with a film coating that imitates the texture of wood or metal. The film is very tight to the surface, does not crack and calmly tolerates changes in environmental conditions

Wooden modules absolutely natural and environmentally friendly. Suitable for use in rooms with an optimal level of general humidity.

They need specific processing, and without it they quickly lose their aesthetic properties. They are attached to the surface using self-tapping screws or bolts equipped with a decorative hat.

Aluminum grilles or steel intended for external installation. They have a corrosion-resistant anodized coating, are not afraid of moisture and dampness, tolerate ultraviolet light, withstand intense air pressure and other effects of an aggressive external environment.

External metal ventilation grill
External metal ventilation grilles made of steel are distinguished by good strength and solid weight. They need reliable and powerful hardware for installation.

Plaster or ceramic models not too common and mostly available on request. They are purchased by owners who created in their homes a classic pompous interior in a palace style.

For external use, such products are not suitable due to their high sensitivity to moisture and temperature extremes.

Precious metal gratings - brass, bronze and copper devices. They are several times more expensive than the others, but they look solid, elegant and truly luxurious.

The figure can be selected in the catalog of the manufacturer or ordered according to your own original sketch.

The nuances of the dimensional ruler

For plastic ventilation grills, a dimensional range from 15 * 15 cm to 30 * 30 cm is relevant. There are no restrictions on the shape for this material.

All other models on the market have small products of 5.8 * 5.8 cm, medium - 10 * 10 cm and 15 * 15 cm, and large - 30 * 30 cm. The most popular format for rectangular modules is 17 * 8 cm

These are just the most basic sizes. Any other format can also be found on sale or ordered individually.

Decorative grilles for ventilation
The range of decorative ventilation elements is very wide and fully satisfies the needs of even very picky customers who have strict requirements for every detail

Additional features

Some grilles have useful bonus options in their arsenal. The most relevant of them is the ability to absorb noise.

In the case of such models there is a special sound-absorbing material that prevents the penetration of extraneous noise into the living or working room.

In addition, such models filter the air entering the living room and free it from dust particles and dirt. Only a rather large size and an impressive landing depth can be reproached with products.

Noise-attenuating ventilation grille
Noise reduction grates are used by residents of private and apartment buildings located in the most active and densely populated areas of the city. The installation of the module helps to reduce the noise level and makes the atmosphere in the room quieter and more calm.

How to make the right choice?

It is necessary to select grilles for arranging the ventilation system according to their future location. Do not save and buy a plastic model for outdoor use.

It will not withstand the load and will not be able to properly withstand the aggressive effects of the environment. As a result, you will have to spend money on a new thing again and pay extra money to the master for installation work.

Decorative grilles for ventilation
It is not recommended to place ceiling ventilation grilles above the workplace, bed or table. If the product suddenly falls out accidentally, people will suffer, and this is extremely undesirable

For aesthetic closure and protection of the facade exits of ventilation ducts, aluminum products with anodized coating are best suited. They show good resistance to moisture, are lightweight and easy to install.

If it is necessary to create a more powerful barrier from animals, rodents and large foreign objects, it is worth paying attention to steel models coated with anti-corrosion spraying.

They will effectively protect the air vents from penetrating from the outside, but they will necessarily require the installation of reliable fasteners that can stably hold the heavy module in a specific place.

Wood or gypsum samples can be placed in warm, enclosed spaces with optimal moisture levels. In damp rooms, products will lose their strength properties and attractive appearance.

The plastic version is universal and suitable for installation almost anywhere inside the building. It is made in various forms and standard sizes.

It has a minimum weight and can be mounted quickly using conventional fasteners. In some cases, "sits" on the sealant.

It does not require complicated maintenance and retains its basic characteristics throughout the entire period of operation. It is much cheaper than similar products from other materials, is in great demand and is available in any hardware store.

Plastic ventilation grills
Plastic grilles can be installed in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the bathroom. They easily tolerate contact with moisture, do not suffer from temperature changes and maintain their normal appearance for a long time.

Models made of precious metals are sold at the highest price and, first of all, bear an exclusively decorative load. They are selected according to the style and color scheme of the interior and placed in conspicuous places. Such products give the atmosphere a touch of luxury, emphasize the status of the owner of the room.

Does it make sense to overpay for brass, bronze or copper lattices, the client decides independently, based on the budget allocated for the repair and arrangement of the premises.

Items with moving parts are almost always made of plastic or metal. They should be purchased in order to be able to regulate the operation of the ventilation complex and set the airflow in the most convenient direction for residents.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

What are ventilation grilles and how do they work:

How to install the grille for the ventilation system on the tile. Interesting features of the work:

The grill is an essential element of the ventilation system. It protects the bypass lines from outside, helps to control the direction of air flow and serves as a decorative element. Select the grate depending on the location of the intended location.

Share your experience with ventilation grills with readers. Tell us what the choice of the product was based on, and whether you are satisfied with the purchase.Please leave comments on the article, ask questions and participate in discussions. The contact form is located below.

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  1. Andrew

    I remember, I once lived in a multi-storey building on the top floor. The ventilation grilles in the apartment were of the simplest type - a regular grid. After during a heavy downpour, which went in non-stop mode for several hours, streams of water started running from the ventilation grill on my wall, I realized that from now on in my house there will be only grille shutters with the possibility of closing the ventilation holes as desired.

  2. Yulia

    We moved to a rented apartment, and there the ventilation grills are in very poor condition, no one really watched the apartment. In the bathroom, the ventilation hole is so overgrown with dust that it no longer passes air, there is no sense. And in the kitchen there’s just a hole covered in a piece of gauze.

    Since most ordinary plastic grilles cost a penny, I decided to replace them myself. But it was difficult to pick up, because the holes are round, and the grilles are mostly rectangular. Fortunately, when I found, there were no problems with the installation. So, a woman can do it.

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      Alexey Dedyulin

      That's right, Julia, there are no difficulties with the selection, when the essence of the problem being solved is clear. In this article there is a photo (attached screenshot), from which it follows that it was not worth tormenting with the search for a round lattice.

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