Proper use of split systems: operation of equipment + tips for care

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When purchasing an air conditioner, we must be aware that without proper care this system will not last longer than 2-3 years. But we want her to serve us long and efficiently?

The only way to bring it to life is the correct use of the split system and regular care for it.

Our article discusses the main recommendations for the operation of air conditioners, the rules and requirements, the observance of which will help you avoid mistakes and provide a comfortable microclimate in the room.

Split system device

To understand how to use the split system correctly, first you need to figure out what it is, how best to choose the right model and where to place it.

A split system is one of the options for an air conditioner when it does not consist of one unit (like a window or mobile), but of two - internal and external.

Of all the varieties of splits - wall-mounted, the most common and in demand. Other species, like columnar, cassette, channel and outdoorare used at times less.

Indoor duct air conditioner
Only monoblock window and bulky channel air conditioners based on forced ventilation can provide an influx of fresh air. The main disadvantage is considered poor system performance, instead of the required 65 cu. m per hour, they can provide only 20-30

It will be considered a mistake that fresh air enters and cools through the outdoor unit, and the used air is pushed out. In fact, the same air circulates in the room. Its intake takes place through an indoor unit, cools and returns.

If you do not delve into the process, then the air conditioner works as a pump for transferring / transporting heat, so its excess is absorbed by the evaporation of freon in the indoor unit and transferred to the outdoor unit. In the case of heating mode, each unit performs an inverse function.

The principle of operation of the air conditioner
A high coefficient of thermal conductivity of copper among metals is comparable only with silver, therefore, despite the price, it is used for the manufacture of heat exchangers. Only in one block of a split system can the length of copper tubes exceed hundreds of meters

Each split system consists of two parts - the outer and inner blocks, which are connected by highways, which include: a copper pipeline with freon, a condensate pipe and power cables.

Each block has its own radiator, one fan, various filters, one common compressor and a valve in the outer part.

In a typical standard installation, the indoor unit is installed near the window, and the external unit is outside the window. At optimal length of track between blocks no more than five meters, this placement is the most successful.

Climate system installation

Correct installation of a split system is considered the key to the successful operation of the equipment. During installation, each user will place the air conditioner in accordance with their own taste and design of the room, but several simple and necessary conditions will have to be fulfilled.

Blocks of the system are not recommended to be placed on the south side, so as not to add a meaningless load on compressor.

If this cannot be avoided, the external unit can be protected by a visor, and the internal one - by curtains to prevent incorrect values ​​of temperature sensors.

Air conditioning under the visor
To protect from the sun in summer and in winter from snow, icicles and wind, it is advisable to secure the outdoor unit of the split system. For this purpose, you have to make yourself or buy a ready-made protective visor

For the same reason, it is impossible to install a split system near a heating device or with electromagnetic radiation. When fixing, it is necessary to follow the strictly horizontal arrangement of the equipment, without skewing. Not to be confused with the slope of the track for better condensate output.

Due to the fact that air enters the air conditioner from above, it is necessary to check the distance - at least 25 cm from the ceiling to the indoor unit. For effective functioning, it is advisable not to place the system above the cabinets and other furniture closer than 1 meter.

These recommendations will help to install a split system in an optimal place with unhindered and free circulation of air masses and the possibility of efficient use.

Determining the power of the air conditioner

All of the above will be relevant provided that the split system is correctly selected, since if the device is too weak or too strong, operation will be economically disadvantageous.

Therefore, the competent selection of a model of climate technology based on calculated power, i.e. determination of how much time it will take to cool a particular room to the desired temperature.

To determine the power of HVAC equipment, you should analyze the set of room parameters:

  • area and height of the room;
  • number of people;
  • degree of sunlight;
  • the presence of heat-releasing household appliances.

The base indicator is taken as the main indicator of refrigeration capacity, calculated by dividing the area of ​​the room by 10, so we get the value for an empty room without equipment, objects and people.

The obtained value is adjusted depending on the number of residents or workers, the area of ​​glazing and the number of electrical equipment (heat flow from a person 0.1-0.3 kW, from equipment 0.2-0.5 kW).

Room with heat sources
The largest thermal power in rooms facing the west side is 350-470 watts per square meter. m., the smallest - north and northeast 81-190 watts per square meter. m. In the calculations often use a coefficient of 30 to 40 watts per cubic meter. m. - for shaded and, conversely, sunlit rooms

We add from 5% to 15% to the calculated value and get a range of power that meets the requirements of our premises.Thanks to this calculation, we can confidently choose a high-quality split system that is ideally suited to the parameters of a particular room.

Air conditioning cooling power and power consumption are different concepts. It makes no sense, trying to save on payment, to decide how many degrees to turn on the air conditioner to heat or cool the room. The split system is quite a profitable technique, for one consumed kilowatt of electricity it returns from 3 to 5 kW of chilled air.

Recommendations for the use of technology

After choosing and installing a split system, it is advisable to determine the parameters of competent operation:

  1. Do not open windows when the device is turned on.
  2. Do not use critically low temperature indicators.
  3. Do not turn on the heating function when the outdoor temperature is below zero.

Airing is a necessary action when using a split system, since the device itself cannot do this due to its design (except for models with air inflow).

However, the room should be ventilated only after turning off the units so as not to load the unit.

Turning on the air conditioner using the remote control
During the day, it is recommended to lower the temperature gradually, decreasing by 2-3 degrees per hour, smoothing the contrasting differences. And at night, it is considered comfortable to have a higher temperature for sleep, it will be correctly increased by a couple of degrees manually or by the “sleep mode” function

In the summer months, it is not recommended to set the minimum values ​​of 16-17 degrees, even in extreme heat, the optimal difference with external values ​​is 5-10 degrees.

In order that the compressor does not wear out faster than the term and the system components are not subjected to increased load, working at maximum power, you should set comfortable temperature values ​​from +20 to +27 degrees.

The longer the device works, the better it cools the air. In case of direct sunlight exposure to the indoor unit, it is recommended that you shade the device. For this purpose, you can curtain the window with curtains or blinds.

Another situation is how to use the air conditioner for heating in the cold winter months, when the physical characteristics of the mixture of freon and oil change at minus temperatures?

Indeed, the inclusion of equipment in the cold can entail, if not even an instant stop and a drop in efficiency, then freezing of the drainage tube and blocks, the risk of failure of the compressor and fan.

If there is a need to use air-conditioned in frosty weather, you can purchase a special “winter kit”, the installation of which will protect the equipment from damage.

Icy outdoor air conditioner unit
The winter kit for split systems allows you to use the equipment even in severe frosts. The only drawback is the rather high cost

However, split-systems are intended for use at a positive temperature outside the window, therefore, it will be wise to use them for space heating only in the fall before turning on the heating.

Split System Care Tips

In 75% of cases of serious malfunctions in the operation of HVAC equipment, the reason is the failure to comply with simple elementary rules for maintenance and operation.

We offer some common tips on what you need and what cannot be done with any model of air conditioner to achieve trouble-free and efficient operation.

As with any powerful electrical appliance, it is recommended that the air conditioner draw a separate power supply line with protection from the electrical panel and follow basic safety rules:

  • Do not disassemble or repair the device yourself;
  • in case of a fault and malfunction, it is necessary to disconnect the unit and call the wizard;
  • do not touch the plugged-in appliance with wet hands;
  • if you need to disconnect the device from the network, first you need to stop its operation using the remote control, and only then pull the cord out of the socket.

Read more about how to connect the air conditioner to the network correctly in this stuff.

In addition, it is categorically not allowed to allow children to operate the air conditioner, and to stick objects in the grille of the split system.

In literate split system maintenance includes current work that can be done independently, and more complex, the implementation of which is best entrusted to qualified craftsmen.

Coarse filter cleaning
The coarse filter retains large particles of dirt (up to 2 microns), thereby protecting the working elements of the indoor unit, so when buying a device, you should check its quality

Cleaning the coarse filter is a fairly simple operation. Removing the plastic net and rinsing with soapy water every two weeks is much easier than reaping the fruits of your laziness.

In case of poor or irregular cleaning, the accumulated dust will clog the filters and, as a result, obstruct the movement of air:

  • cooling rate drops;
  • creates favorable soil for the spread of microbes;
  • increased electricity consumption and the amount in receipts;
  • there is a risk of clogging of the drainage system;
  • there is a risk of compressor failure.

Cleaning the fan of the indoor and outdoor units, checking the level of freon is, of course, carried out by a specialist, since this requires partial or complete disassembly. Also freon refueling should be carried out by specialists.

The master carries out repairs
A new function of the split system has appeared - self-cleaning. It lies in the fact that by drying and heating within half an hour, moisture, unpleasant odors are removed, mold is prevented

Thus, in order for the split system to please a long and uninterrupted operation, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of experienced craftsmen on the operation of air conditioners and their care.

And also: take seriously the choice of a device with a power suitable for the room, choose the right location for installation, choose the temperature regime wisely, carefully operate the device in the winter, and perform timely maintenance.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Installation of a “winter kit” by a master can be useful to every owner of a split system:

As you can see, for HVAC equipment to work properly and last for many years, you should adhere to simple care recommendations and regularly perform after-sales service. In addition, special attention should be paid to the correct installation of the air conditioner. The service life and uninterrupted operation of equipment depend on it.

You can ask a question about the topic of the article or share valuable information related to the operation of climate systems. Write your comments in the link section under the article.

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