Which brand air conditioner is better to choose for an apartment: the best manufacturers of various types of equipment

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The weather in the summer at +30 degrees is nice on the street, but you won’t enjoy comfort at home with such a temperature. And in general, the temperature threshold is different for everyone - someone needs coolness to feel great, someone needs constant warmth.

The right choice of apartment climate control will solve the problem, and which brand air conditioner is best suited for your apartment, provides an overview of specific models in this article.

We will tell you how to choose the right climate control equipment and the type of suitable unit for the conditions of a particular apartment. And also we will describe in detail the most tested modifications of well-known and popular companies, based on the ratings of customers and leading engineers.

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Power calculation and design type determination

Modern air conditioners are wall, floor, ceiling (duct and cassette), window and mobile. Well, if you already have a clear idea of ​​which type is desired at home. If not yet, you should decide on it. The choice must be made, based on the area of ​​the room.

For every 20 square meters. meters, you need to lay 2 kW of air conditioning power, so that the car has a decent effect.

In addition, if there are powerful heating systems, household appliances in the same room, and also if it is often visited by the room, it will be correct to add a few more kW of work. Otherwise, the use of the device will lose its meaning.

Split system in the interior
For each individual household appliance, 0.2-0.3 kW of power must be added, for the sunny room add another 30%, each person will require 0.1 extra kW. Having added the standard with "bonuses", it is easy to imagine what kind of power the installation will need for a particular room

Do not play it safe and choose too powerful an air conditioner with a generous supply of strength, without making calculations.

Quickly coping with the task in a space that is inappropriate for him in size, he will often switch from sleep mode to work mode, and then vice versa. This will lead to an unpleasant waste of energy and rapid wear of the equipment.

Selection of the type of air conditioner for the apartment

Now, knowing the area of ​​the room and the necessary capacity for maintenance, you can determine what type of desired equipment is best installed in your apartment.

Each type has its own characteristics:

  1. Mobile models - autonomous, as a rule, floor-standing, do not need to be assembled, the coverage area is not more than 30 sq. meters. Minus - noticeable noise, “biting” the cost.
  2. Window - are built in under a window or in a window leaf, inexpensive, compact. Minus - noise, the need to order a special window.
  3. Split systems - ideal air conditioners for apartments, covering an area of ​​15 to 90 square meters. meters, low noise, not limited to one action, powerful. Features - require special installation, usually on the wall.
  4. Multisplit systems - the same as split systems, but with the possibility of installing several devices in different rooms with a single output module. Suitable for multi-room apartments and houses, architectural monuments, have a non-budget price.
  5. Duct and cassette air conditioners. Split systems can take the form of invisible ceiling systems when equipment is built directly into the ceiling.

They cope well with large areas up to 100 m2 and more, have advanced functions of ventilation, air purification, breeze and heating modes. But they require large energy resources and are expensive.

Duct air conditioners
Sophisticated ducted air conditioners look rich in the interior and can do any weather in the house, but more in hot, tropical countries. Therefore, the best in their production - Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia

Particularly noteworthy are non-mobile floor models. These modifications differ from mobile only in that they have an air duct. Which, however, is enough to bring out into the street even through a simply open window.

The coverage area of ​​such a device is 20-30 square meters. meters. Although they are sometimes also called mobile.

Analysis of manufacturers' models

If you do not know the air conditioner which company is best to choose for your apartment, so that it contributes to a comfortable microclimate, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a selection of the best equipment, taking into account specific operating conditions.

Below are the best manufacturers of each segment of HVAC equipment.

Group # 1 - the best window-type technique

The method of air conditioning in an apartment with a window monoblock is not the most popular for CIS residents, but indispensable for owners of small square meters and squares in architectural monuments. As you know, it is impossible to drill the facades of such houses.

In addition, the method is very budget. It is even more surprising that the Russian-London brand holds unconditional leadership here. General climate. Reviews about the window chillers of this brand are invariably positive, although the brand supplies various climatic equipment.

Window air conditioning in the interior
Miniature General Climate room appliances cool the room directly through the air from the window. Therefore, when buying, you need to consider that you will have to abandon part of the window review, but you will be able to avoid some installation work and wall perforation

Compact prototypes General Climate is easily mounted on window sills, under windows, in window panes. Easily dismantled and cleaned for the winter. The purpose of the models is to reduce the high temperature inside the room to a given scale, up to a minimum of +15 degrees.

The best features of machines:

  • comfortable cost;
  • universal design;
  • quick installation;
  • auto evaporation of condensate (on a radiator);
  • the availability of series with heating;
  • mobility.

Most appreciated by customers models: General Climate W-05CM and General Climate W-09HRN1. They differ in the absence / presence of a remote control and the possibility of heating, dimensions.

The first sample is smaller, placed in a standard window. But it only works in the cold. In the second there is a good heating, anti-humidity function, less noise.However, the size is larger; the installation will require modifying the window and providing protection from natural phenomena.

Window air conditioner
When installing any window equipment, it should be borne in mind that all its sides in working condition must be open to air, except for the base, but protected from precipitation. For example, by adding a visor from above or installing in a safe place

The main disadvantage of window units is high noise, excessive energy consumption. In more expensive General Climate prototypes, these disadvantages are reduced by an order of magnitude, but still models of this brand remain cheaper than any others with the same characteristics.

A good working machine can be purchased for 13 thousand rubles (for the summer of 2018). The most expensive installation will cost 30 thousand.

Group # 2 - optimal mobile versions

In production mobile climate systems Swedes and Italians are leading. Mobile Development Electrolux and Zanussi recognized as the best examples of mobile temperature equipment.

Compact floor modifications are in no way inferior to stationary machines and outperform many models due to the ability to easily rearrange them wherever most needed, at least several times a day.

Portable air conditioner
Portable air conditioners emit exhaust air through a special corrugated pipe that needs to be sent to the street. However, it is impossible to bend such a pipe strongly, the device will overheat and turn off

Offers from Electrolux - rectangular, streamlined monoblocks not more than 70 cm in height and 50 cm in width. At the same time, the price is comparable with some window analogs.

Indisputable advantages:

  • effective cooling and elimination of excessive humidity in the house;
  • the ability to set the exact temperature to a degree;
  • comfortable chassis for movement;
  • automatic on-off to achieve and maintain the result;
  • good energy saving;
  • eye-catching design.

However, there are two drawbacks: high noise and not always available heating function. Heating must be selected in series.

But the managers of the company explain the high noise by only improper installation - an uneven base, touching other devices, objects. Or marriage, which must be shown to specialists of the service center and removed.

Zanussi cars are slightly more expensive analogues, characterized in that they cool the room a little longer than the Swedish counterpart - 30-40 minutes versus 20, 18-20 square meters. meters.

However, users note their better mobility and real night noise reduction. However, the noise in such equipment should not be completely absent. Heating is also not always provided.

Outdoor zanussi
The floor Zanussi ZACM-12 MS N1 is available in white and black, has a luminous indicator integrated into the casing, and a streamlined design. But when buying, you need to consider - it is controlled only from the remote

The most interesting offers here are Electrolux EACM-11 CL N3 and Zanussi ZACM-12 MS N. Both work on electronic automation, do not require constant drainage of condensate, are beautiful, easy to set up.

They are also ideal for use in apartments, cottages, kitchens, as well as in mini-greenhouses where certain humidity and temperature are needed, in summer attics. Cost - 20-25 thousand rubles.

Group # 3 - the best split systems for all rooms

Highly thought-out developments of Japanese manufacturers reign supreme in this category. Mitsubishi-electric, Mitsubishi-heavy-industries (these are two different brands), Toshiba and Daikin - If air conditioning is one of these companies, then this is always a successful choice.

Each model from Japan is able to completely free the owner from worries to ensure comfort in the house.

These manufacturers have a lot of different series and rulers - it's time to get confused in them. However, they are all equipped equally well, they differ only in “chips” -buses in the form of a more stylish design or additional functions. It is impossible to make a mistake here, only the price of the prototype will vary.

Household split Mitsubishi-electric you should choose when in one bottle you need cooling, heating, ventilation, ionization, drainage, air purification and the price affordable for a working person. It has a low noise level of 22 dB, while mobile prototypes give out 45 dB.

Noise table
If we compare the seemingly high noise levels of home HVAC equipment with other noises, it turns out that they are noisier than a quiet whisper or a simple conversation

Mitsubishi-heavy-industries offers the best premium split systems. These samples are completely on inverters; they carry out all possible climate control functions for air conditioners.

They work for full heating even at -15 degrees outside the window. Completely silent, completely free of drafts. And they can report the weather forecast for a given time, atmospheric pressure, temperature, air humidity at home, on the street.

Standard split systems from Daikin - A great option when you do not need to choose between price, quality and reliability.

Cooling, heating, silent ventilation, remote control, self-diagnosis, self-cleaning, destruction of bacteria - all at the highest level. The models of this manufacturer are always distinguished by their subtle style and fair longevity.

Toshiba - A good alternative to previous brands that produce goods of no less high quality at budget prices.

If you need a good inverter without separate bells and whistles, only with high-quality air conditioning (cold, heating), ventilation, drying, you need to look Toshiba split systems. High energy conservation, noiseless, no drafts. All this makes Toshiba the most working, current brand.

Daikin over the green
A particular difference between Daikin models is the use of their own R410A refrigerant. The composition is completely safe for the environment even in its pure form and does not destroy ozone

Models that are worth paying attention to, choosing the optimal version for the apartment:

Along with advanced Japanese manufacturers, Taiwanese, Korean firms and Chinese developers also offer good split systems.

Championship is held here air conditioners Samsung (Korea), Hysense (China) and models Ballu (Taiwan). If you need simple, but working, systems at very affordable prices, you need to look for them.

Group # 4 - separate split systems for bedrooms

Climatic equipment does not go under a separate category "for bedrooms". Models of split systems produced by companies are completely universal and equally suitable for any conditions.

However, some offers are particularly well suited to those special requirements that are necessary for a good and healthy sleep in a separate room.

The best air conditioners for installation in the bedroom offer Toshiba, HiSense, LG, Panasonic.

The list of “silent” split systems:

  1. HiSense AS, Sm DC Inverter Series - reduced noise, silver ionization, differential control. Supports heating.
  2. Toshiba RAS 07 EKV EE - silent inverter, elegant design, high-quality temperature control.
  3. LG P 07 SP - very quiet operation, only 19 dB, soft design, antibacterial air purification, smart self-diagnosis. There is a heating.
  4. Panasonic CS / CU E 7 RKD (W), Delux line - rapid cooling, heating, noiselessness, drainage, large energy savings, smart air purification from household dust, allergens. Coverage - a little more than 20 square meters. meters.

The listed analogues have a range of prices from 19 to 40 thousand rubles, ascending. However, there are 2 more systems related to the premium “Premium” class.

They are ideal for installing in spacious elite bedrooms of expensive apartments. It's about Mitsubishi-Heavy-Industries SRK / SRC 20 ZS S and Daikin FTXG 20 L for the price of 65 and 100 thousand rubles, respectively.

The peculiarity of these modifications is that they are distinguished by a unique hi-tech design of soothing colors, an ultra-low noise background of 19 dB, a noise reduction function of the outdoor candy bar to take care of the neighbors' ears.

Air conditioning in the bedroom
The optimum temperature for a healthy sleep is +18 degrees.Otherwise, hormones may malfunction and immunity may be impaired. Therefore, in the bedroom you need to carefully care about the quality of the life-giving air

A smart motion sensor will turn off the system when there is no one, and quietly turn it on when someone enters, and the air direction will divert from the person entering. Other advanced functions, of course, are also present. Even control over the Internet.

Group # 5 - models for allergy sufferers

For people with a sensitive respiratory system, designs that destroy foreign elements in the air using special filters, the optimal combination of humidity and temperature, as well as special technologies are suitable.

I must say that the series of technology of the middle and higher price range, almost all are equipped with similar functions.

However, the most tested among them:

  1. Mitsubishi-Heavy-Industries SRK 25 ZM S - contains the option of air purification from the smallest hairs of animals.
  2. Mitsubishi-Electric FH 25 VE Series - Owner of the Plasma-Quad technology, destroying up to 99% of foreign suspensions-elements in the air.
  3. Toshiba RAS 10 SKVP 2 E - produces real ozone, works with a plasma filter that stops pollen, bacteria, smoke, spores and other tiny elements.
  4. HiSense AS 10 HR 4 SYDTG 5 - A plasma system for allergy sufferers who cannot afford expensive options. Cleanses, ionizes with silver, destroys bacteria.

It is worth knowing that the last analogue, nevertheless, has a drawback. This is an increased noise compared to conventional split systems.

Group # 6 - top multi-split systems

Here the Japanese brands Mitsubishi-Electric, Toshiba Mitsubishi-Heavy-Industries, Daikin are still leading. The best models of wall multisplit systems of this price range: Mitsubishi-Electric MSZ / MUZ FH 25 VE, Daikin FTXB 35 ​​C, Daikin RXB 35 ​​C.

Multi-split system isolation
The convenience of multisplit systems is that with several devices, the masters will only service one outdoor unit, where everything is displayed, which is more economical and faster. However, with such a system it is in no way possible to simultaneously cool one room and heat another

Models are distinguished by high energy saving, quiet operation, combine from 2 to 4 autonomous machines that go to 1 monoblock.

Among the budget proposals are highly appreciated:

  • Royal-Clima RC P 29 HN;
  • Pioneer KFR 25 BW;
  • Ballu BSW 07 HN;
  • LG S 09 SWC;
  • General-Climate GC-GU EAF 09 HRN 1.

These brands are optimal in terms of price and quality, differ from expensive ones only in slightly shorter service life, and not always, and in increased energy consumption.

In general, multisplit systems almost completely repeat their mono-analogues in the series in terms of content and design.

The only difference is that they include several equivalent air conditioners in different rooms, combined into one network with a single duct outlet. And, accordingly, are quite expensive.

How to navigate prices?

In order to better navigate the vast market for climate control technology, having a certain budget in hand, it will be useful to know the price limits adopted by different companies.

The most elite and high-quality models are produced by the Daikin concern. Perhaps that is why among the analogues of this brand there are no super-cheap options.

The concept of “inexpensive” for a company starts with 35-40 thousand rubles - the basic split systems of good quality will cost so much. The average price of functional equipment is 60-80 thousand rubles. From 100-130 thousand and higher are premium models of the upper class.

Floor air conditioning tubes
The same policies are followed by Mitsubishi E and Mitsubishi HI, Fujitsu, Panasonic or Matsushita Electric. Prices for goods of these brands are always 20-30% higher than usual offers, which offset the cost of repairs

Concerns Electrolux, Toshiba, Hitachi, LG, Zanussi adhere to a more flexible policy. Among their products there are enough excellent offers, no more than 25 thousand rubles, and solid workhorses for 85 thousand and above.

Appreciated by Australian-born Aeronik customers. Its climate systems are not inferior in quality to the giants, but are fully affordable.

The best budget models belong to Korean, Chinese and Russian-partner brands: LG, Hyundai, Samsung, Hysense and General climate. Also loyal pricing at the concern Shivaki, Royal-Clime, Pioneer.

All these manufacturers offer good climate systems from 13 thousand rubles. There are also very expensive options in stock. But in quality, they are inferior to eminent brothers.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

A story about the world's best manufacturers of air conditioners with many years of experience:

All Daikin Emura Features, New Year Review:

Expert advice on the selection of climatic equipment for domestic use:

Choosing an air conditioner will not be a problem if you clearly define what exactly will be required of it, and what will be the conditions of use. Comparing these factors with the available budget and expert advice, you will be able to find the model that will turn your apartment into the most comfortable place on earth.

Share your experience with your home air conditioner with readers. Tell us what the choice of split was based on, and whether you are happy with the purchase. Please leave comments on the article, ask questions and participate in discussions. The contact form is located below.

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  1. Dmitry

    I agree that General Climate is now the best choice. A good split system for little money, without overpaying for a famous brand. Easy to install on your own, does not require special skills. Of course, it also has cons - the main one is noise. For the bedroom, it does not fit, it will interfere at night. But for such little money it is difficult to demand an ideal, the main thing is that it helps to survive the summer heat.

    • Alexander

      You wait a few years, I think your opinion regarding General Climate air conditioners will decently change. He, too, worked for me for the first season flawlessly, but then off and on. At first, some kind of crackling began during operation, but in one day the air conditioner simply did not start.

      I called a person from the company that was involved in its installation - it turned out that the control board had failed. They removed the indoor unit, sent to the service center. Well, at least under warranty. By the end of the second season, the cheap plastic of which the system was made turned yellow. During operation, noise, rattles. Cheap “china” as it is. Now I’m thinking of taking something more serious.

  2. Zhenya

    Himself once faced with the choice of a split system in a private house. I chose and based, of course, on a low power consumption and a good producer. Before purchasing the system, I previously also calculated the required power based on my square meters. I also considered suitable options along the way, as they are different: split systems, mobile, window systems. I chose the Toshiba split system, it turned out to be the highest quality available at a price.

  3. Philip

    Now I choose which air conditioner to put in the apartment. At first I was interested in the idea of ​​an outdoor mobile air conditioner, but after reading the reviews and watching the video I changed my mind, they are too noisy. I will take the classic split system. The manufacturer has not yet decided, but I want the brand to be famous. I understand that air conditioners have their own specifics and, perhaps, there are companies of their own that specialize only in them, but I will be calmer if the device comes from a conventional LG, Electrolux or Toshiba. In general, from a well-known brand. I give the advantage to Japanese or South Korean technology.