Why do you need a humidifier at home: the functions and purpose of the device for humidification

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Discomfort in the room can occur not only due to fluctuations in air temperature. The well-being of the residents also depends on the humidity level. Fortunately, optimal parameters can be set using climate technology.

We will try to find out why a humidifier is needed at home and indicate what types of devices are on the market. The above overview of the characteristics of different devices, as well as tips for choosing a climate technology will help determine the model and not miscalculate the purchase.

Purpose of a humidifier in the house

Compact mobile devices that can humidify the air to a comfortable value are important for residential premises and offices in which the average citizen spends most of his working or free time.

Too dry air worsens the well-being of healthy people, and is also able to exacerbate the diseases of those who suffer from allergies and respiratory diseases.

Young children are especially sensitive to excessive dryness, so it is recommended to equip children's bedrooms and playrooms with humidifiers. Due to compliance with moisture standards, the child's immunity increases, the likelihood of catching a cold or an infectious disease is reduced.

Humidifier Features
Modern humidifiers are not limited to the function of spraying moisture in the room. Many of them are able to independently regulate humidity, some are also able to clean the air of harmful impurities and pathogens

It is useful to use humidifiers where indoor plants or seedlings are grown - in specially designated rooms, on terraces, balconies and loggias, in winter gardens and greenhouses. It is proved that normal humidity favorably affects the preservation of natural wood furniture, paintings, books.

Moisture standards in accordance with GOST

To find out the humidity standards for a particular room, just look at the GOST documentation, where all indicators are divided into optimal (recommended) and acceptable. To measure moisture contentuse a special device - a hygrometer.

Humidity rates
The table shows the permissible and optimal norms of humidity and temperature for residential premises. Please note that in the warm season, with an increase in temperature, humidity should also increase (+)

If the hygrometer readings are lower than permissible humidity normsshould get a humidifier. This applies, first of all, to residents of regions with sharply continental climates, as well as northern regions, where the air is almost always drier than required.

Types of humidifiers for home

The division into species is a conditional concept, therefore, we will consider two options: categories according to GOST and modern, close to reality division.

According to GOST 22270-76, each of the humidifiers relates to any one of the following types:

  • nozzle - liquid is sprayed through nozzles;
  • rotary - the main active part is a rotating disk;
  • film - the air is humidified by contact with the wet surface of a special nozzle;
  • porous - air evaporates naturally from a porous material;
  • boiling water - evaporation occurs during boiling caused by heating;
  • steam - steam consisting of the smallest particles of water is removed by a stream of air.

However, new technologies are making adjustments.

Today, the following division into categories looks more logical (we are talking about household appliances):

  • traditional - cold, adiabatic;
  • steam;
  • ultrasound
  • air washes - climatic complexes.

Let us dwell in more detail on each humidifier categories.

Cold-type devices - traditional

Classical devices (cold) operate without additional heating and take a small amount of heat for evaporation from room air.

The air flow pumped by the fan passes through a filter moistened in water (or a replaceable cartridge), as a result of which the humidity rises and the temperature, on the contrary, decreases slightly.

Philips Humidifier HU4801
Philips HU4801 is a classic type humidifier. The service area is up to 25 m², productivity is 0.2 l / h, the volume of the water tank is 2 l. It is equipped with a water level indicator, when it is critically reduced, it turns off automatically

Advantages of traditional types of models: low power consumption, preservation of air humidity within 60-65%, low noise level.

Care feature: for pouring into the tank, it is better to take distilled water so that the parts of the device do not fail due to deposits. If the device is placed near a heating device (for example, an electric heater or a central heating radiator), the humidification efficiency will increase.

Steam humidifiers - “the principle of the electric kettle”

Indeed, the steam model can be compared with a teapot, from which a stream of hot steam flies out from the spout when boiling. As you remember, the process of boiling water is accompanied by a very intense evaporation, and if it does not stop in time, all the boiled water will first be in the air and then settle on surrounding objects.

Therefore, all steam models are equipped with a hygrostat - a convenient device for controlling the level of humidity.

Steam humidifier
The principle of operation of the steam device: water boils under the influence of the heating element, rises and is sprayed into the surrounding space. Using the steam model, you can increase air humidity up to 100% (+)

The steam at the outlet becomes safe and sterile, since the heat destroys all germs and bacteria.

Steam humidifier Boneco Air-o-Swiss S 450
A sample of a steam-type humidifier is the Boneco Air-o-Swiss S 450 model, designed to service an area of ​​up to 60 m², consumption power - from 160 W to 480 W

For full operation, the device does not need replaceable cartridges or filters. Water is cleaned with an anti-lime disk, in addition, there is a self-cleaning mode from scale using CalcOff.

If you get Boneco S450, separately to buy flavoring is not required. The device is equipped with a bath in which aromatic oils can be dissolved. When heated, the air in the room is filled with your favorite coniferous, citrus or floral aroma.

Multifunctional air washers

At their core, sinks are improved and more powerful moisturizers of the classic (cold) type. The main active element is a drum consisting of moisture-absorbing discs.

During rotation, he dips the discs in a tank of water, then lifts to the fan. A stream of air from the fan drains the discs, humidifying the surrounding air.

Air washer Boneco W2055DR
As an example of air washing, we present the model Boneco W2055DR - the result of the work of Czech engineers. The device is capable of serving an area of ​​50 m², which is more than enough for a standard room

The advantage of the device in additional filtration of air masses - such devices relate to humidifier-air purifiers.

Dust particles are washed off by water from the tank, as a result of which the air outlet is not only moist, but also really clean.

The device is unpretentious in care, refuel with tap water. About time, it is necessary to remove the case cover, rinse the disks and the tank, and wipe the fan. Additional features: aromatization and quiet night mode.

A humidifier is hardly suitable for improving the microclimate in greenhouses where higher humidity is needed, but for the house it is a suitable option - it perfectly cleans the air during quiet operation.

Effective Ultrasound Models

An ultrasonic device is the best choice for a city apartment, office or private house, since it combines all the advantages of other types and is characterized by maximum efficiency.

If we analyze the choice of customers, we can conclude that this is the most popular humidifier of all the above modifications. We will understand what is the reason for such popularity.

How is a U / W air humidifier

Outside, the device is not much different from other types of models. The working parts are enclosed in a stylish case, which is equipped with a removable panel. The body is made of heat-resistant modified plastic; the shape, size and color may vary.

Beautiful appearance and functionality
Beautiful appearance, functionality and ease of use became decisive when purchasing ultrasound models by users with various priorities.An important role was played by the safety of the device

The humidifier differs from alternative models by a piezoelectric emitter located inside the housing. It causes ultrasonic vibrations in the region of 5 MHz, which act on the upper layer of water and form the so-called fog, which then spreads through the air, saturating it with moisture.

Ultrasonic humidifier
Ultrasonic humidifier design. The main elements: an ultrasonic membrane, a low-power fan, a cleaning cartridge, a water tank with a tray, a humidifier (+)

Almost all models are equipped with a hydrostat to determine and maintain the required level of humidity, some with an ionizer and flavor.

The principle of operation of the device

Consider what happens behind the walls of the casing before a steam jet flies out of the spray gun. The emitter (disk or membrane) begins to operate when AC is applied.

The ultrasonic frequency in the form of vibrations is transmitted to water, which in a special chamber is divided into many small droplets. Then a humid environment resembling fog or aerosol is pushed out by a stream of air created by a fan.

Decorative model
Many ultrasonic models are more reminiscent of not a technical device, but a decorative element for interior decoration. Desktop models are distinguished by graceful shapes and stylized body finish

Departing from the spray, the fog disperses throughout the room. The humidity level is monitored by a hygrometer. As soon as the parameters reach a predetermined value, membrane vibrations become less noticeable or cease.

The humidifier can remain in standby mode for several hours - until the air becomes dry below normal. Powerful ultrasonic devices allow you to raise the air humidity to 100%.

Key Specifications

The indoor climate depends entirely on the capabilities of the device, so it is important not only to choose a beautiful design, but also to study the technical characteristics.

First of all, we pay attention to the following parameters and details:

  • performance - minimum to 200 g / h, average - 350 g / h, maximum - more than 350 g / h;
  • working area - average indicators for household models - 50-70 m²;
  • noise level - as a rule, does not exceed 25-30 dB;
  • water tank volume - tanks with a volume of 3 to 5.5 liters are considered medium, but there are also mini-models up to 3 liters, as well as devices with more capacious capacities - 6-7 liters; some tanks have an antibacterial coating;
  • humidity controller - A convenient opportunity to control air parameters in order to achieve values ​​close to the norms;
  • mechanical or electronic control - Modern models are also equipped with a touch panel with a digital display;
  • the presence of a remote controlwhich improves comfort;
  • water heating temperature - in ultrasonic devices it is usually equal to 80ºС;
  • the presence of cartridges - In addition to one mandatory, spare ones can go in the kit, but rarely.

At choosing an ultrasonic humidifier you should pay attention to the presence of a security system - auto power off. The device goes into standby mode or turns off as soon as the water level in the tank drops to critical.

Overview of Advanced Features

Additional options are paid attention to those who do not have enough starting model, and need the most convenient device.

The range of standard features of ultrasonic models can be supplemented with the following functions:

  • a set of modes, including "children's", "night";
  • ultraviolet water treatment;
  • ionization;
  • aromatization;
  • illumination of the control unit or tank;
  • sound indication

Note that some budget models, despite the low price, have all the possible options. And others, on the contrary, are unreasonably expensive, although they are equipped with a minimal set of useful “lotions”. The last category includes a well-known brand. Bork.

Humidifier Tips

In the process of acquiring a device for the home, you should focus on the area of ​​the room in which you plan to install the humidifier, as well as on the necessary humidity parameters.

Humidifier for children's rooms
Humidifiers for children's rooms differ not only in optimally selected characteristics, but also in an interesting design for children. The range for children of the Crane brand is devices in the form of funny owls, frogs, puppies, bugs, monkeys

If you want to purchase an inexpensive model for temporary use, analyze the catalog of steam and classic appliances - there you can find suitable options no more than 5 thousand rubles. Elite humidifiers are much more expensive, for example, the price of an ultrasound device Dyson am10 - about 45,000 rubles.

Space shortage? You need an u / z model that takes up little space. The decorative compact case can be placed on a table, on a shelf or window sill. But get ready to have to change filters from time to time.

Quiet humidifier
If you need quiet operation of the device (in the children's bedroom, study), you will also need an ultrasound device, the noise level of which usually does not exceed 25 dB

Maximum hydration and purification can be achieved by buying a sink of air. You will have to devote more time to caring for the equipment, but the air in the room will always remain clean and healthy.

Lovers of indoor flora and home greenhouses have little choice - the best solution is a steam humidifier, which, if necessary, will increase air humidity to 100%, and also increase the temperature.

For more tips on choosing the best humidifier for your apartment or home, see this article.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Video tips from competent people will help you better navigate modern humidifiers and their functions.

Doctor Komarovsky’s recommendations for choosing a humidifier for a child’s room:

The best ultrasonic models:

When you know the design and purpose of humidifiers for your home, it’s easier and faster to choose the right model. When buying, read the technical parameters and functionality, specify which consumables are required. Make sure that the device is suitable in terms of power and service area.

Looking for an effective humidifier for your home or apartment? Or maybe there is a successful experience in using such a device? Share your story with readers. Please leave comments on the article, ask questions and participate in discussions. The contact form is located below.

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  1. Elena

    As for me, the best humidifier is ultrasonic. At first I bought a steam and regretted it very quickly. I have a dark laminate in the apartment, so all the drops from the humidifier were on the floor. I was just tortured to wipe it, because used it very often. As a result, I bought an ultrasound, now I don’t know any problems: it breathes very easily, and there are no manipulations with water.

  2. Andrew

    I need to buy a humidifier: the child is allergic, nowhere to go. I would like an inexpensive model, but it is necessary that it does not take up much space and work quietly. As I understand it, the classic version is suitable for me, but the steam ones are attractive in that you do not need to change the filters.You need to think it over thoroughly and choose the best option - after all, I buy it for the child.