Xiaomi smart home: design features, an overview of the main components and working components

Vasily Borutsky
Checked by a specialist: Vasily Borutsky
Author: Antonina Turyeva
Last update: May 2019

Want to automate your home, making it as comfortable as possible, and obedient technology? But at the same time, they are completely unprepared for a full-scale repair with the collapse of the walls and stretching of cable routes, aren't they?

You liked Xiaomi smart home, but you do not know how such a wireless automation option is able to satisfy your requirements?

We will try to help you figure it out - in this article we will consider in detail the basic principles of designing and creating a system based on Xiaomi devices. We will briefly introduce you to the line of smart devices of the manufacturer and their use in a smart home.

General principles of smart home design

Any home can be made smart, regardless of the number of rooms and their size, regardless of whether it is a house or an apartment. It is important that the owner think about comfort or economy.

The design principle is based on the goal that the owner pursues. There may initially be two of them: saving or increasing the level of comfort.

The first type of "home" is focused on business centers and complexes and allows you to effectively manage them. It is convenient for owners of such real estate to control the costs of various resources, to optimize them by choosing the best option for heating and air conditioning in offices.

Smart conference room
Comfort in office buildings is also important, but such solutions are most often used in conference rooms. Although it is mainly intended to use such solutions in the private sector of consumers

In the second type of system, all attention is focused on the comfort of the user who thinks up the content of his “smart home” himself, decides which functions he needs and which not.

And of course, both in the home and in the smart building, safety is a must. Which provides a whole range of sensors, cameras, switches, sirens and other devices.

How to implement all this, where to start and how much it can all cost - we will analyze in more detail later in the article.

The choice of designer and performer

If we are talking about a residential complex, an office building, then everything is extremely simple - the owner contacts an organization that has been professionally engaged in installing and maintaining smart homes for at least 5 years.

Indeed, the creation and implementation of a large-scale project will require a professional approach - it is impossible to cope with this amount of work on your own. And the owner of the complex will hardly have enough free time to immerse himself in the topic.

Moreover, the implementation of such a project will require knowledge and experience in various fields, including wiring and programming. Therefore, everything is simple here - they invite a responsible organization, which is engaged in all the work, handing over the “turnkey smart home” to the customer. This option will cost a round sum.

In the case of a private customer, things are different. Here, there may be two options for organizing a smart home: do it yourself or invite professionals. In the second case, the project will be expensive - the most modest solution is from 150 thousand rubles.

Cottage smart home system
If you have a cottage, a large house, all processes in which it is difficult to control, then the arrangement of an automated control system you just need

Want to do everything on your own - this is also real. Moreover, there are successful examples of the full automation of large country houses. Some talented homeowners even managed to switch to autonomous power supply by mounting and installing solar panels on the roof.

In order to cope with the entire volume of work on your own, you have to great fun. But, if there is interest in the issue, certain knowledge and access to the Internet, you may well be able to solve the problem.

Basic kit for home security in a box
Alternatively, you can focus on ready-made solutions that are delivered in boxes. In this case, you only need a smartphone, tablet or other gadget to control such a system

How is the project drawn up?

Of course, any home begins with a project. And smart is no exception. Initially, a potential owner of a smart home needs to decide on his desires and requirements that his smart home must fulfill.

Smart home assembly project
Most often, owners of private houses implement the security sector, automate the heating and ventilation / air conditioning system, and equip lighting control. It is these actions that allow savings

Also, at the stage of designing the project, you should decide on the data transfer channel between smart home devices: wired / wireless.

Naturally, a large role in the design is played by the budget, which has a certain framework that cannot be crossed. If you have enough funds (you need from 1 million rubles to automate a country house) and your house is at the stage of decoration or repair, then the option of laying cable lines using a digital bus will be in place.

The route of wires in a smart building
Many technically competent people consider a wired connection to be the most reliable option. But for this you will need many meters of cable + installation services, and all this is by no means an expensive pleasure
Laying cable routes in the room
To install cable lines in a country house, you will need to invite specialists if you do not have sufficient knowledge and the necessary level of skill

Wireless automation is easier in terms of installation - such solutions are integrated into houses and apartments with a ready-made repair. You don’t need to ditch anything and you won’t have to buy bays with wires either.

But the instruments and devices used to equip a smart home must interact with each other.And also allow, if necessary, the connection of additional devices.

Vasily Borutsky
Specialist in the design and installation of general engineering communications systems

At the design stage, it is important to carefully plan the presence and location of equipment in each of the rooms. And take into account that over time new desires and means for their realization will appear. When designing this point should not be overlooked.

So, if you are just starting to engage in automation, then immediately buy a new refrigerator from the line of smart ones, a washing machine and a smart TV can be problematic. But, if such an opportunity is foreseen in the future, then you need to immediately choose devices that allow the connection of various smart devices / equipment from different manufacturers. Then you will have no problems with setting up a new technology and integrating into an existing system.

Moreover, your new robot vacuum cleaner will be able to clean up in the right room when you are walking with a four-legged friend. A washing machine will work at night, when the fee for 1 kW of electricity is the lowest.

- Vasily Borutsky Specialist in the design and installation of general engineering communications systems

Equally important is the choice of the organization that will be involved in the installation and configuration of equipment. As well as further accompaniment. Therefore, you should definitely pay attention to the reputation of the company, experience in this field and user reviews.

Implemented project for automation of a country house
By the way, for real reviews, you can go to the finished objects, chat with the owners of houses and apartments that use the system for some time

Also, when designing a project, you will have to responsibly choose the equipment manufacturer, preferring the well-known, who have managed to establish themselves well in the market. In this matter, the saved 10-20 thousand can result in significant costs for correcting errors.

Paying the millionth bill for the arrangement of a smart home, it is unpleasant to become an experimental object, on which they will test a new program, application or device assembled “on the knee”.

When all the important points have become clear, you can draw up a project document.

The main components of an automated house

With the growing demand for smart appliances, manufacturers are developing more and more turnkey solutions targeted at the layman. The rapid saturation of the market with technological innovations makes it possible to realize even the wildest desires - many equipment manufacturers, focusing on the interests of customers, are developing and are already starting to supply smart household appliances.

The only thing that is now slowing down the ubiquity of smart home systems is the high cost. Therefore, many technically competent craftsmen who are interested in creating a common ecosystem of their home work on automation on their own.

Smart home control from a smartphone
Self-assembly and programming is also not cheap and requires knowledge, but the project is several times cheaper, and you will not need to service the system from a third-party organization in the future - you can fix it yourself

Newcomers in this business are also not without the opportunity to make their home smart. In this situation, you can purchase a set of basic devices, a controller, a sensor and an outlet, download a proprietary application and use it to connect all devices to each other.

Next, create and activate one or more scenarios, using actuators that will respond accordingly when specific sensors are triggered.

Next, we briefly consider the main components of a smart home, which can be included in the system or used independently.We also give examples of the interaction of sensors that make up a particular node.

Component # 1 - Security System

Safety is one of the key nodes of the home ecosystem. Let us consider in more detail how it is possible to implement a security system based on smart devices of the Xiaomi brand.

We can distinguish the main areas:

  • protection against intruders;
  • flood warning;
  • gas leakage protection;
  • fire warning.

When arranging each of these safety nodes, different sets of sensors and sensors will be involved. All necessary devices can be bought at Aliexpress or from dealers in your city. The second option will cost more.

Security alarm
Regardless of the equipment chosen, it is important to conclude an agreement with the security company so that its employees go on a call when the scenario of an intruder entering the house is triggered, which will be sent by the home security system

Next, we’ll take a closer look at Xiaomi smart devices and devices that will help create a smart security system. Below is a brief description of each of the devices, as well as a link to Aliexpress, which will help you navigate the cost of each of the devices in question.

But the price may well change up or down. Indeed, many sellers on Ali often offer promotional conditions.

Router Mi Wi-Fi Router 3C

For the effective operation of a smart home, you will definitely need a router - many devices support 2 communication channels, one of which is Wi-Fi.

Xiaomi Smart Router
Mi Wi-Fi Router is visible in the Smart Home app. The device provides a stable connection to all smart devices installed in the house. What contributes to hassle-free remote user control

The Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router has proven itself in the process of use. This router is an updated version of 2019. Like its predecessors, it is equipped with 4 externally directional antennas, which ensures good coverage and intelligently allocates bandwidth in accordance with the needs of users. Supports IEEE 802.11n protocol, up to 1167 Mbps.

Xiaomi Smart Home Kit

The basic Xiaomi Smart Home Kit consists of six devices. Its cost varies from seller to seller. You can set a goal to catch a short-term promotional offer and save almost half the cost.

Basic Smart Home Kit
The kit may include all or part of the devices, which depends on the proposals of a particular seller. Or all these devices can be bought separately.

The Smart Home Kit includes the following products:

  • multifunctional gateway (hub), which is the brain of the system with which all other devices interact;
  • window / door opening sensor - consists of two parts, it is easily mounted on windows or doors, and when opened, the device informs the user about it;
  • motion / body temperature sensorreacting to the appearance of a person or pet in the area of ​​coverage;
  • temperature and humidity sensor, responding with an alarm when changing the set parameters by +/- 3 degrees / percent, respectively:
  • wireless switch - a button that allows you to create various scenarios;
  • smart socketworking on the ZigBee protocol.

Each of these devices can be purchased separately in unlimited quantities. This minimal set gives vent to imagination - the user, on his own, using instructions from the manufacturer, comes up with optimal scenarios for his apartment and sets up equipment for their implementation

Mijia Smart Wireless Switch Button

The universal button Xiaomi Mijia Smart Wireless Switch is included in the ready-made smart home kits and works with the hub / gateway Xiaomi Mijia.

It can be used as a wireless switch or a universal remote for on / off. various smart home devices. Why the application will indicate specific scenarios where it will be involved.

Universal toggle button
The button is compact in size, runs on battery power. It can be left on the bedside table so that before going to bed with one touch turn off all the lighting
Button Usage Options
The universal switch is convenient to use, easily fits into any interior, does not take up much space. If you have smart appliances throughout the apartment, it’s convenient to use several buttons - one for each room

And if you place the button in the hallway, then with one click you can turn off all the equipment before leaving the house or turn off the siren scenario when an intruder enters the house. Or leave it on the coffee table in the living room - it will allow you to turn on music, TV and other smart devices.

Only for all of these options are scripts to be prescribed.

Aqara Water Sensor Leak Sensor

The Xiaomi Aqara Wireless Flood Water Sensor leakage sensor is designed for immersion in water, its body is waterproof and corresponds to IP67 class. It is equipped with a replaceable battery that can last up to 2 years. The immersion detector is triggered when it is in the water. In response to the situation, a sound notification is issued about the emergency.

Leakage sensor
The device is able to notify the owner and even turn off the water supply if there is an appropriate scenario

Smart Human Body Sensor

Motion Sensor Smart Human Body Sensor, responds to a person or animal. This device "notices" the movement of the body at a distance of 7 meters, the radius of coverage is 170 degrees.

Motion Sensor
The sensor can be glued in three different positions: top, bottom, side. Its functionality will not suffer from this

Smart Human Body Sensor synchronizes with the hub via the gateway, helping to create useful scripts for the smart home.

Along with the sensor, you can buy a holder for the sensor. Some sellers immediately offer a sensor + holder kit. The design of the latter is equipped with a movable mechanism, which makes it convenient to place the equipment. In principle, this does not greatly affect the cost, when compared with the purchase of each product separately.

Sensor holder
It’s better to plan in advance the mounting points of the sensors, because in some situations the purchase of holders is not needed, which will save 200 rubles per set

Hub Xiaomi Gateway 2

The hub, gateway or brain of a smart home is Xiaomi Gateway 2. This hub is sold as part of a kit, or separately. It works with sensors, sensors, buttons, sockets, allows you to connect 30 slave devices. It performs the functions of an LED night light, musical entertainment equipment, and can alert you to various situations.

Multifunction controller
For the operation of this device requires a connection to the power supply - simply plugs into an outlet. But you should take into account the features of the plug - an adapter will be required for the domestic power grid

A house may have more than one such device. Even better when each room has its own gateway. To work, you will first have to configure it by downloading the official application on your tablet / smartphone. Then proceed according to the instructions that are attached.

Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Gas Alarm gas sensor

Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Smart Gas Alarm gas leak detection sensor is used in gas leak warning scenarios. It was developed in conjunction with Honeywell, which specializes in the manufacture of security systems.

Gas leakage sensor
Honeywell Gas Alarm monitors the decrease in the total amount of oxygen in the room, for which it is mounted on a wall or ceiling. The maximum distance to the stove, boiler or other source of possible gas leakage should be no more than 4 m

When a leak is detected, this sensor makes a loud sound and sends a notification to the owner. To be able to complete the last action, the device must be connected via the Xiaomi gateway version 2

Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Smoke Detector smoke detector

Fire alarm sensor or Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Smoke Detector smoke detector. It can be sold with or without a battery - carefully look at the item offered by the seller.

Ceiling smoke detector
When connected to a common-house set of smart devices, a smoke detector will be able to send notifications to the assigned number, informing the owner or fire department about a possible fire

The detector is equipped with sound and light alarms, warning of increased smoke content. The device can work autonomously or be integrated into a smart home system. In the latter case, you will need to synchronize the sensor with the Xiaomi gateway using the manufacturer's recommendations.

Xiaomi Mijia Door & Window Sensors Set

The smart door / window kit Xiaomi Mijia Intelligent Mini Door and Window Sensor are sensors that respond to the opening of a window or door. They relate to security features. They allow you to implement various scenarios aimed at preventing illegal entry into the house through windows and doors.

Window and door opening sensors
Externally, this modification of the sensors is like oval white tablets. Mounted on a flat surface

These devices are also integrated into the overall system and are often included in smart home starter kits. Interact with other smart devices, which allows you to create different scenarios. They also connect via the Xiaomi gateway.

The sensors work from batteries, and their consumption is extremely low and the replacement of the battery will be required no earlier than after 2 years.

Aqara Zigbee Shock Sensor

Detection Sensor or Aqara Zigbee Shock Sensor This smart sensor is sensitive to various kinds of vibrations. It can be mounted on a window, chest of drawers, safe and other surfaces that can open.

Vibration sensor on the wall
The vibration sensor is also one of the elements of a smart home. It is included in the general system through the mi Home application installed on the smartphone.

When an increased level of vibration is detected, the device activates an alarm and sends a notification about this event to the owner.

YEELOCK Smart Lock Keyless

Xiaomi YEELOCK Smart Lock unlocks remotely via Bluetooth control (which will require an application). It is impossible to close or open it with a regular key. It is used to protect the contents of the chest of drawers, cabinet.

Smart Box Locker
The lock is powered by batteries, using very economically energy. Upon reaching the minimum charge level at the supply element, the user receives a notification about this, and the lock automatically opens so that important documents or tablets are not blocked

With this device, you can be sure that neither a curious kid, nor overly curious employees will gain access to the materials or things that interest them.

Camera Mi Mijia 1080P + NAS Mic Speaker

Smart camera with a two-way speaker Xiaomi Mi Mijia Smart IP Webcam 1080P + NAS Mic Speaker is in great demand among the owners of a smart home. This smart camera takes a picture with a resolution of 1080P, supports a 32 GB memory card, has 10 IR sensors, which allows you to get great video at night.

With insufficient lighting, she goes into night mode. For work, power is required, for which a cord with a plug is provided in the kit, for connecting to the network.

Smart camera with speaker
The built-in speaker provides two-way communication, for which you need to enable the dialogue function in the settings

The camera reacts to movement from a distance of 10 meters, the viewing angle is 130 degrees. Thanks to the update, she will not start recording if the wind blows the curtains on the window.

Supports wireless Wi-Fi and mobile access on the Android platform, IOS. Integrates into the Mi Home smart home system.

Aqara S2 Smart Door Lock

The Xiaomi Mijia Aqara S2 Fingerprint Smart Door Lock smart door lock is different from the usual unlock method, of which 3 are provided: fingerprint, password, mechanical key.

The manufacturer provided protection against accidental password guessing - you can dial any numbers before and after the combination, the system will still be able to read the correctly entered code.

Door lock
The Smart Door Lock is battery operated. It gives a signal about unauthorized persons attempting to enter, if the password is entered incorrectly, notifies of a low battery

The device integrates into the smart home system and can communicate through a gateway with other smart devices. Works with the Smart Home Mi app.

Component # 2 - microclimate in the house

To create an optimal microclimate, they automate the control of heating, including radiators and a system of underfloor heating, ventilation and air conditioning, humidification and air purification.

To ensure that your house has the ideal temperature and humidity in each room, and if necessary, the ventilation mode is turned on in a timely manner or a window opens, you can use smart technology by connecting it to the general ecosystem of the house.

Another option is to connect the usual technology, in which there is no built-in intelligent module, through smart sockets. In addition, temperature / humidity and motion sensors must be included in this bundle, which will allow to realize many scenarios of creating a microclimate while someone is present in the room.

All devices are on sale on Ali, some equipment can be found in stores of official representatives of the brand. And some of the devices are still in the design process. Let's get acquainted with the best representatives of the smart devices of the brand, which will help ensure the most comfortable conditions in each of the rooms of your house.

Aqara Smart Bedroom Set

The ready-made set of devices for creating a comfortable microclimate in the bedroom of Xiaomi Aqara Smart Bedroom Set will be an ideal start in the assembly of a smart home.

This kit consists of a presence sensor, a humidity + temperature sensor, a pair of smart outlets, a pair of switches and one switch. Such a set will allow you to implement more than one scenario in the room.

Aqara Smart Bedroom Bedroom Set
Outlets allow you to connect climatic equipment, a table lamp and other equipment through them, contributing to the creation of a planned scenario

Sensors help to track the appearance of the user in the room, the change in humidity / temperature, which affects the inclusion or deactivation of controlled devices.

Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Temperature and Humidity Sensor, integrated into a smart home system. This sensor monitors the temperature and humidity in the room in real time. It reports the status by sending a notification. May affect the on / off of the kettle, humidifier or heater.

Human presence sensor
Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor helps you create the desired scenarios in your smart home or apartment, and monitor the situation in real time.

It connects to the Gateway using the ZigBee protocol, synchronizes with the system’s think tank. You must first download the MIHome application.

Thermostat with digital display Mijia Smart Thermostat

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Thermostat Humidity Sensor is equipped with a digital display. It is equipped with a built-in temperature and humidity sensor, supports interconnection with other smart devices. Therefore, the device is convenient to use in various climatic scenarios.

Thermostat with digital display
Xiaomi's smart thermostat has been successfully used to implement scenarios for creating the optimal indoor microclimate. The display not only displays information about temperature and humidity, but also the status of the battery so that the owner can replace it in a timely manner

The device uses a Bluetooth channel, provides remote access from any gadget. Supports proprietary application Mi Home.

Xiaomi Aqara Magic Cube Remote Cube

To control the cleaner, air conditioning and other devices of a smart home, you can successfully use the universal remote cube Xiaomi Aqara Magic Cube. This controller allows you to control the operation of lamps, smart TVs, heaters and other devices.

Cube-shaped multi-function remote
Stylish design, modest dimensions and light weight make using the cube pleasant and convenient.

The remote control allows you to make 6 types of manipulative movements, including pressing, shaking, and turning. Details of how to use and configure the device are described in the user manual.

Xiaomi Evaporative Humidifier

Smartmi Xiaomi Evaporative Humidifier humidifier perfectly moisturizes the air, while working almost silently. The original design and laconic form allows this smart humidifier to blend in seamlessly with any interior. The device holds 4 liters of water, which ensures continuous operation up to 16 hours.

It is equipped with a humidity and temperature sensor, which allows you to work in automatic mode, independently determining the climatic conditions:

  • if the humidity level is below 40%, the humidifier switches itself on, choosing the intensive evaporation mode;
  • if the humidity indicator reaches 60%, the device switches to the minimum evaporation rate mode;
  • when 70% humidity is reached, auto power off occurs.

The owner can watch all information about the microclimate and the condition of the device on a smartphone / tablet. Data is transmitted via Wi-Fi. For remote control and control you have to install a proprietary application.

The principle of operation is based on the natural evaporation of moisture, so water splashing on the floor, table or other surfaces is completely excluded.

Smart humidifier
The humidifier operates from the network, for which purpose the kit has a power cord. The device is easily disassembled, which allows you to quickly clean the tank into which water is poured

The smart Evaporative Humidifier can be used to flavor the room by adding essential oil to the water tank.

Xiaomi Aqara Smart Wall Socket

The Xiaomi Aqara Smart Wall Socket is powered by the ZigBee protocol. This is a wireless outlet that allows you to control other smart devices in the house. It visually looks like the most ordinary outlet. Designed for a maximum load of 2.5 kW. In order for it to start working fully, it is necessary to replace ordinary outlets in the house with smart ones. Then integrate with the main control unit using the instructions included in the kit.

Wall outlet
Using this outlet, you can monitor the actual energy consumption of each of the devices that will be powered by it

After installation and configuration, even the most ordinary electrical appliance in your home will become smart. You can control it on and off at a distance or plan to turn it on for a certain time, for example, in the morning at 7 o’clock.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Socket Plug WiFi

The Xiaomi WiFi Mijia Smart Socket Plug is even easier to install when compared to the previous one. The device is equipped with a plug that simply plugs into a conventional outlet.

By the way, the type of plug should be selected correctly, the manufacturer offers options for connecting the type EU, UK, USA, DE, AU.

Wi-Fi power outlet
This device also allows you to remotely control any equipment connected through it to the network. Maximum load - 2.2 kW

The outlet uses Wi-Fi to connect with other smart devices, which allows you to implement various scenarios. For information, the user will need the Smart Home APP application.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Strip Socket Extension

Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Strip Socket smart extension adapter. This extension cord model has 6 sockets, which allows for the simultaneous connection of 6 electrical appliances. Maximum power of connected equipment - 1.6 kW

Extension cable for 6 connection points
You can control all the devices at the same time or each individually. What is done remotely when using a tablet or phone

In addition to turning on and off, the extension cord allows you to monitor the actual energy consumption of each device on the screen of your gadget. And also he is capable of self-learning - remembers the user's settings and subsequently turns off electrical appliances during the owner’s sleep.

Xiaomi Mijia PM 2.5 Air Detector Air Analyzer

To figure out when it is time to turn on the cleaning device, it is most convenient to use a tester - Xiaomi Mijia PM 2.5 Air Detector. This air analyzer accurately and extremely quickly determines the quality of indoor air and connects to the purifier.

Multifunctional air analyzer
Smart Air Detector lightweight, stylish, takes up very little space. Powered by a battery that lasts for 2 years of use

If as a result of the analysis it turned out that urgent cleaning is required, the cleaner starts work. What happens without user intervention.

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 2S Air Purifier

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 2S air purifier is able to clean up to 37 m2 area, which allows you to use it in a cottage or a very large-sized apartment.

Air purifier
For operation, the equipment needs to be connected to the network using the supplied cord. It is also periodically necessary to change the filter, which is also not difficult to purchase

A replaceable filter of the same manufacturer Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Filter is well suited to this model. It is a high-performance carbon filter that holds up to 99% of the impurities contained in room air.

Replaceable filter for air purifier
Filter replacement is simple - the user will need no more than 10 seconds to carry out the manipulation

Split system Mijia Smart Air Conditioner

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Air Conditioner is a smart climatic device that allows you to control with your smartphone. If desired, you can also use the remote control supplied in the kit.

Feature Overview:

  • type of system - wall;
  • the served area is 18-21 sq.m .;
  • power in heating / cooling mode - 4.4 kW / 3.5 kW;
  • power consumption - 900 W;
  • Noise - up to 42 dB.

This device from the smart family integrates into a common house system and can work with other devices. To control the smart air conditioning will have to install the application.

Xiaomi air conditioning
This split system is equipped with an antibacterial filter that removes a maximum of impurities and microorganisms. It should be washed as it becomes soiled.

Component # 3 - Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is one of the important nodes in home automation. It allows not only to create the most comfortable atmosphere for various situations, but also to save on paying electricity bills. It is with lighting that most often home craftsmen begin to automate their home.

The following scenarios are most popular among users:

  • turning on / off the light when a person enters / exits a room / from a room;
  • automatic de-energization of all outlets and turning off all lights when leaving home;
  • different levels of illumination depending on the time of day.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the scenarios that are created for various rooms - in the children's room, in the kitchen, in the room for watching movies, in the bedroom, etc.

To automate lighting, you can use two such options:

  • change all the lights in the rooms to smart;
  • replace the switches with smart ones.

Replacing light bulbs in all rooms with LED smart lamps is not a cheap pleasure, but the user gets the opportunity not only to control the brightness of the device, but also the color temperature or even color.

The range of lighting products from Xiaomi is rich. But if you personally prefer other brands specializing in the sale of lighting equipment, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the device and existing kinds of smart lamps, as well as tips for using them.

Another option is to control the on / off control of simple lamps and luminaires by remote supply of electricity. To do this, it is necessary to replace the usual switches in the rooms with smart ones and control them already from the application on the tablet / smartphone.

Smart wired switch and socket for it
To install a smart wired switch, a new socket can be required - a square-shaped mounting box

To implement lighting scenarios, the following bundle is most often used: motion sensor + hub + bulb / switch. Another option is to use smart bulbs in a joint scenario with motion sensors, lighting, smart curtains, ceiling lights / LED strip / smart table lamp and smart home controller.

Or a bunch: door open sensor + gateway + honey. Although this option will not work if the animals in the house are a dog. cat. In this case, it is necessary to add a motion sensor to the bunch, which must be installed so that it does not react to the appearance of pets.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the smart devices of the brand that will allow you to realize smart lighting in your home or apartment. A distinctive feature of devices from Xiaomi is the ability to use them as part of a smart home system or separately. To control and manage the device, just install the proprietary application on the smartphone / tablet. Next, we consider in more detail the main devices of the manufacturer for creating smart lighting.

Aqara Smart Light Switch

The Aqara Smart Light Switch is easy to install - just attach it to the surface with the included adhesive tape.

The switch can be one button or two - the cost depends on the design. It can be used as a light switch or switch, or even as a doorbell. Inside contains a battery, attached to a wall or other flat surface.

Smart switch
For the operation of the device you have to download the Mi Home application. It connects to the Mi Smart Home Multifunction Gateway 2 using ZigBee wireless technology.

Yeelight Smart LED Bulb

Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Bulb, controlled from a smartphone. She can create almost any atmosphere in the form. It has a built-in Wi-Fi module for remote control.

Smart light bulbs
For intelligent control, you have to put the proprietary Smart Home application on your smartphone / iPhone. After these manipulations, the owner will have access to remote control and management

The owner can control the level of illumination and the color of the light to choose from - 1600 million colors are available. The brightness of this lamp is 800 lumens.

The color temperature is adjustable in the range of 1700-6500 K. For example, for work requiring a maximum concentration of attention, you will need to select 5300 K.

Aqara Smart LED Bulb

Xiaomi Aqara Smart LED Bulb is an almost ordinary-looking LED light bulb with an E27 cap, featuring smart filling.

This light bulb easily integrates into a common system using Wi-fi. Thanks to interaction with other smart devices, you can create scripts for various tasks at any time of the day.

Aqara Smart LED Bulb
You can use the bulb alone or in combination with other smart appliances. To control Aqara Smart LED Bulb, you need to install the MI Home App on your gadget

The brightness of this smart lamp is 806 lumens, the color temperature varies in the range of 2700 K-6500 K.

Table lamp PHILIPS LED Desk Table Lamp

The table type of Xiaomi PHILIPS LED Desk Table Lamp looks stylish and allows you to control its work remotely.

This lamp integrates into a common system and interacts through the cloud with other smart devices in the house. For remote control, you need the Smart Mi Home application.

Flexible and smart table lamp
The lamp responds to the time of day and allows you to configure comfortable lighting for the eyes

The design makes it easy to fold the desk lamp, bending up to 180 degrees.

Ceiling Light Xiaomi Yeelight Ceiling Light

Chandelier or ceiling lamp Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Ceiling Light with LEDs. Its shape is round. This smart chandelier is also able to integrate into a common house system, helping to create different scenarios. Or you can use it alone for comfortable lighting of a room with an area of ​​15-20 sq.m.

Adjustable ceiling light
The brightness of the lamp is 2200 lumens, the color temperature can vary in the range of 2700-6500 K

You can set scenarios or control the chandelier modes after installing the Smart Home proprietary application on your smartphone.

Xiaomi Xiaoai Smart Alarm Clock

Xiaomi Xiaoai Smart Alarm Clock with Voice Control The design of the device is simple and concise. LED backlight allows you to use a table clock as a night lamp.

Multifunctional alarm clock
This alarm clock is integrated into the smart home system, for which you will use the mi Home App

In addition to the standard signal functions at a specified time, smart watches allow you to control other devices of the common building system through voice commands.

This model supports English and Chinese, which should be considered when buying.

Eaves Electric Curtain Track + Curtain Motor Drive

Smart curtain rod for Xiaomi Aqara Electric Curtain Track curtains along which the curtains move in automatic mode. With such a curtain, your curtains will become smarter - you can create scripts for controlling the opening / closing of curtains depending on the time of day or other events.

Smart curtain rod
Before buying, you should look at the complete set - so that the drive, rails (track), rollers and hooks, belt, mounting hardware are included in the package. The cost depends on the length of the cornice and on the shape of the future design - “U”, “L”

To control the cornice, the manufacturer has provided a separate remote control device, without which the curtain cannot move on its own - the Xiaomi Aqara Smart Curtain Motor electric drive.

Therefore, the track and the electric drive must be bought in the kit. The motor is wirelessly connected using the ZigBee protocol.

Electric drive to control the cornice
Electrical equipment interacts with other smart devices and is controlled through the Smart Home application. Why add a new device to an existing system

Automation of household tasks

In a smart home, all devices and equipment must understand the wishes of the user. This is exactly what Xiaomi brand engineers are working on, developing more and more smart devices. Some of them can be integrated into a smart ecosystem at home, while others automatically perform their functions, freeing the user from routine and boring activities.

For example, to throw out garbage, it is not necessary to bend to the basket, open the lid - the device will do everything on its own, only noticing the user's intentions. He can even collect the completed package himself and put in a new one. Or, having wished to drink coffee, it is not necessary to run to the coffee maker and choose a specific recipe, it is enough to indicate your wishes in the smartphone application, and smart technology will do everything on its own.

Next, we consider the most popular devices and equipment of the Chinese brand, which has won the respect of many users from around the world.

Smart kitchen appliances

In the line of smart devices for the kitchen of the manufacturer Xiaomi, there are many different devices, household appliances and simply interesting devices that can be controlled from a smartphone or other gadget on which the proprietary application is installed.

Let's get to know the most popular ones closer. Moreover, many of them are integrated into the smart home system.

Stove Viomi Smart Natural Gas Stove

Smart gas stove Xiaomi Viomi Smart Natural Gas Stove is controlled from a smartphone, equipped with indicators, the panel is made of heat-resistant glass.

Gas stove xiaomi
It has a remote control channel using a mobile APP application, runs on natural gas, the design provides 2 gas burners

You can integrate the product into a smart home system by synchronizing it with other devices via Bluetooth. For example, with a hood that will turn on as soon as the stove starts to work. Hoods with smart accessories have already been announced by the manufacturer and in the near future they can be ordered everywhere from dealers, but so far there are very few offers.

Cooker hood Viomi Smart

Smart hood Xiaomi Viomi Smart Hood Hurri Voice Edition with voice control. It provides manual mode using the buttons on the touch panel and the ability to remotely control from a smartphone.

Original design, excellent functionality and productivity of 1260 cubic meters per hour make her a welcome guest in the most modern kitchen.

Xiaomi tilting hood
This range hood is able to adjust the power depending on the level of air pollution in the kitchen. Its maximum noise reaches 55 dB

Induction Cooker Xiaomi Mijia Induction Cooker

More recently, Xiaomi enthusiasts have introduced Xiaomi Mijia Induction Cooker, an automatic mini induction cooker with a pan and a special lid, with which dishes are cooked under pressure, which significantly improves their taste.

Pan with thick walls made of aluminum. What provides uniform heating. Inside, non-stick coating, which greatly simplifies care after use. The cover is made of tempered glass. An electromagnetic method is used to heat the hob.

This is the smartest electric stove controlled by the application from a smartphone. With the possibility of long-term storage of heat and control over the preparation of various dishes from the screen of your smartphone.

Xiaomi smart induction cooker
To prepare a meal according to a recipe, just select the desired temperature, place the ingredients in a pan and cover tightly. The design of the latter eliminates fluid overflow

It can be integrated into the overall smart home system. The only drawback is that you need to clean the surface with a soft cloth in a timely manner, and persistent dirt will have to be pre-soaked.

Fridge Viomi Smart Refrigerator

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Refrigerator ilive Voice Version 462L is available from dealers. This smart three-chamber device has a good capacity - only 462 liters. At the same time, its height is 180.7 cm. It is equipped with an air cooling system and a disinfecting filter.

Xiaomi fridge
This refrigerator allows you to search for recipes, watch workshops and films, answer calls, and also monitor the situation in the house using the built-in video camera

Equipment can be controlled using the touch panel located on the door, remotely - using a smartphone / tablet, with a pre-installed application. Or using voice commands.

Viomi Disinfection Cabinet Sterilizer

Xiaomi Viomi Disinfection Cabinet (ZTD100A-1) household smart sterilizer will make all the dishes in the house safe. This module not only thoroughly cleans, but also ensures complete safety of dishes, performing 4 levels of disinfection.

Disinfection machine
The machine provides 4 levels of disinfection of dishes placed inside. Then the drying mode starts

Externally, the technique is similar to a dishwasher, but with two drawers. Inside each chamber is placed dishes that require sterilization. In total, up to 80 items can be loaded. If the dishes are few, then it is permissible to use only one drawer.

Rice cooker Xiaomi IH Mi Smart Rice Cooker

Rice cooker Xiaomi IH Mi Smart Rice Cooker in Chinese and English. Allows you to cook rice in one of the 3000 ways. This is a true device for lovers of rice dishes. It is controlled from a smartphone and synchronized with other smart home devices.

Xiaomi brand rice cooker
The high cost and comparative indifference to rice among domestic consumers contributed to the fact that this kitchen appliance has not become fashionable in our area

Coffee maker Xiaomi SCISHARE Smart Coffee Machine

The Xiaomi SCISHARE Smart Coffee Machine remotely controlled coffee maker is in great demand, moreover, it is more often ordered on AliExpress, comparing with the cost from dealers.

You can control the process of brewing your morning coffee through a mobile application without getting out of bed. If desired, remotely control the strength of the upcoming drink. Other capsules suitable in shape and size are acceptable.

Remote controlled coffee maker
Stylish design, ease of use will allow technology to take its place in the apartment of any coffee lover

Apparently, in the near future it will be possible to fully equip the entire house or apartment with brand equipment.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Water Filter

The compact Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier water filter is designed to purify the water coming from the water supply network.

Thanks to the presence of three filter elements of a different mode of action, the water after undergoing such cleaning is absolutely safe.

Sink water filter
Compact dimensions allow you to place this device under the kitchen sink. For installation, you will need only instructions and accessories that come with it in a box

Diffuser Xiaomi Water Saving Device

The Xiaomi Water Saving Device water-saving diffuser is mounted on a faucet in the bathroom, toilet, and kitchen.

A smart device that works thanks to the presence of two sensors - side and bottom. Which significantly expands the detection zone.

Water diffuser
The device can be mounted on a conventional kitchen faucet or faucet in the bathroom. After fixing the diffuser, you need to put the tap lever in the "open" position and then he will take over all control over the use of water

Its sensor responds quickly to the appearance of an object and turns on water without physical human exposure. What is especially convenient when the hostess is busy busy with cooking and I don’t really want to turn on the lever with dirty hands.The only requirement is to charge the battery in a timely manner, which is why the product has a USB connector.

Kitchen machine Xiaomi VIOMI VBH122

Xiaomi VIOMI VBH122 Smart Multi-Purpose Food Machine is a symbiosis of an electric kettle and a blender.

This multifunctional technique is able to heat water and keep it hot. And also grind vegetables or fruits, mix them in the process of preparing a vitamin cocktail.

Multifunctional kitchen machine
If necessary, the Xiaomi VIOMI VBH122 kitchen machine prevents the heating of a cool drink made in a bowl

Management of its work and process control is carried out using a pre-installed mobile application. The owner on the screen of his gadget can see the temperature of the drink contained in the smart machine.

Electric kettle Xiaomi Mijia Electric Kettle

Elegant smart kettle with remote control of the water temperature Xiaomi Mijia Electric Kettle.

The electric kettle is controlled from a mobile phone, for which you have to open Bluetooth 4.0 and connect the temperature control module to the Xiaomi Smart Home APP application. That will allow you to control the exact temperature of the water up to 12 hours.

Smart electric kettle
The capacity of the tank is 1.5 liters. The heating rate is 4-6 minutes. Power - 1.8 kW. The electric kettle is powered by a 220V network

Xiaomi Pet Water Dispenser

The Xiaomi Pet Water Dispenser smart drinker for animals will be a real salvation for working owners of home fluffies. While you are at work, the smart drinker provides your pet with clean and safe water.

Why the manufacturer provides a multi-stage filtration system for incoming water.

Only the right amount of fluid is automatically supplied from the tank. At the same time, the noise of the running pump is within 40 dB, which does not scare the kitten / puppy at all.

Drinking bowl for animals
The owner's task is to monitor the indicator light and pour water into the tank in a timely manner, as evidenced by the red color of the indicator

This dispenser requires power from the home electrical system for operation.

Household automation

Ordinary household tasks with equipment and smart devices Xiaomi will no longer take your free time. It is enough to set up the program once, for example, the cyclical nature of cleaning with a robot vacuum cleaner, and it will always be clean in your apartment / house.

And you don’t have to watch the process at all - in the period of time that is freed from cleaning, you can take a walk in the park / garden and breathe in fresh air.

Let's get closer to the most popular smart assistants of this manufacturer.

MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A smart robot for doing dry cleaning in the house - Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner complete with a charging station. An automated cleaner is a robot vacuum cleaner 9.6 cm high. That allows it to climb even to the most difficult places.

Smartphone robot control
It is controlled remotely, for which the owner will need to put the application on his gadget. You can monitor the cleaning process and the movements of the robot on the screen of your smartphone

To start cleaning, it is not necessary to personally press the power button on the housing. It is enough to select this operation in the application of your gadget. A smart vacuum cleaner will respond to the command and begin to clean the room.

He goes around obstacles, "sees" the steps, builds a map of the room and remembers the route.

The robot itself arrives at the charging station
MI Robot Vacuum itself goes to the battery charging station when the charge level approaches the minimum. Upon completion of the procedure, returns to cleaning again if it has not been completed

Are you interested in smart robot brand Xiaomi? Recommended to see our full review of smart vacuum cleaner mi robot.

Washing Machine Xiaomi Viomi Wash Machine

The Xiaomi Viomi Wash Machine washing machine is distinguished by intelligent control and an affordable price for both appliances integrated into the smart home system.

The model implements intelligent control using a smartphone or in manual mode. The capacity of this smart washing machine is up to 8 kg.

Xiaomi washing machine
Noise during the spin cycle does not exceed 69 dB.The machine is equipped with a leakage protection system, allows you to select the desired temperature for washing

Xiaomi Mi Flora Plant Monitor Sensor

The Xiaomi Mi Flora Plant Monitor plant control sensor allows the owner not to forget to water the flower on time by sending him a notification on the phone.

Caring for plants will no longer be difficult if you acquire a smart sensor from Xiaomi. Which controls the condition of each flower, taking into account moisture, light level and ambient temperature.

Humidity sensor for flowers
The product transfers all information to your personal smartphone via Bluetooth 4.1 technology. Powered by three batteries

Pot Xiaomi Mi Flora Smart Flower Pot

Xiaomi Mi Flora Smart Flower Pot flower pot monitors the climatic conditions in which the plant is located - sunlight, moisture, soil composition. A flower pot is synchronized with other equipment in a smart home. Supports remote control via Bluetooth.

He not only monitors the conditions of "residence" of the ward flower, but also protects the soil from ultraviolet radiation.

Smart flower pot
Having transplanted all your plants into smart pots, you can monitor their condition at any time of the day from the screen of a tablet or smartphone

Xiaomi Townew T1 Smart Trash Can waste bin

Smart waste bin Xiaomi Townew T1 Smart Trash Can. This is a bucket / basket that can put new bags, hermetically sealed with garbage and signal to the user about their condition.

Trash can
TOWNEW T1 White weighs only 3.5 kg, while its capacity is 15.5 liters, which is enough garbage collection for one day. Equipped with LED indicators and a capacious battery

With such an assistant, you don’t have to bend over, get your hands dirty to open or close the lid - she “sees” a person approaching, opening the lid, and after removing it closes it. To operate the basket, you will need to periodically charge its battery and buy replaceable cartridges.

Spare cassette for TOWNEW T1

Cassette with spare bags for smart baskets - Xiaomi Mijia Townew T1 Garbage Box spare tire with 6 spare kits. The replaceable cartridge is equipped with 20 bags, some sellers even offer you to choose a color to choose from. The bags are dense, spacious, able to withstand large debris and sharp edges.

Trash bin cassette
You can order 6 replaceable cartridges right away so that you don’t have to pay for a new batch delivery every month

Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat Toilet Cover

The Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat is not the only option on the market. You can choose a more or less functional model, focusing on your preferences.

The lid with bidet function is equipped with useful options. She knows how to determine the weight of the user and adapt to his needs. Convenient backlighting is implemented, which is especially true for night use.

Smart lid with toilet bidet
After mounting the cover, it will have to be connected to the water supply and mains. Its maximum power is 1.5 kW

The seat is always warm and comfortable, you only need to fix it with fasteners to the toilet, using detailed instructions with pictures from the manufacturer. After completing all the manipulations, the product is completely ready for use.

The lid in the Xiaomi family is not one - the company offers various modifications with a remote control panel and hidden on the case. For the convenience of users, some models are remotely controlled, synchronized with the application.

Xiaomi Hand Washer Dispenser

High-tech soap dispenser Xiaomi Hand Washer Dispenser with IR sensors. The soap dispenser developed by Xiaomi is designed to be integrated into the smart home system. Its functioning is based on infrared sensors that respond to the appearance of an object in the zone of 6-9 cm.

Soap dispenser with IR sensor
For dispenser operation, 2 AA batteries are required. And the filler is liquid soap, which is to be filled in a smart container. If the product is too thick, it must be diluted with 30% water

Entertainment and sports

In the entertainment sector, quite popular scenarios among users are the combination of all TVs, tablets and music centers, players and speakers into a single system according to the multi-room principle.

Smart Home Cinema
On any device, you can listen to any music in the library, watch movies from the Internet, home videos, family photos. And while watching, turn on the dim light, close the curtains remotely

We will not talk about creating a multi-room system now - this issue deserves special attention.Here, automation and distribution of all audio and video signals within the premises or house / apartment are in the first place. So, you can view mail on a human gadget - a TV, tablet, phone. Or listen to a piece of music / watch a movie / movie in any room of your home.

We pay attention only to the most popular smart products of the brand - a TV, a universal storage device and a smart smartphone. And also consider the most favorite devices for sports - with them your classes will become even more effective. The brand offers smart solutions designed to encourage the user not to miss workouts. Also, you can always monitor your progress on the screen of your phone.

Xiaomi Smart TV

Xiaomi Smart TV Intelligence Voice Television can be used on its own or integrated into a smart home ecosystem.

He has a huge screen with a diameter of 75 inches. The operation of such a smart device delivers only positive emotions. The possibilities of the user are practically unlimited - automatic search for your favorite program or movie, interaction with various gadgets in the house.

Smart TV with advanced features
Implemented the ability to voice control this TV. Also, the technique is controlled through two channels: WiFi and Bluetooth

Xiaomi Mijia Heiluo CatDrive Hard Drive

Xiaomi Mijia Heiluo CatDrive smart hard drive. This is a smart device that can store large amounts of information. Provides wireless access and file sharing between several gadgets at the same time - TV, smartphone, tablet, camera.

Smart disk for sharing information between all home users
Wireless connectivity makes it easy for all family members to use the right files. For example, viewing photos on a TV in the living room or individually by each user from their gadget

Xiaomi Mijia WalkingPad

Treadmill Xiaomi Mijia WalkingPad is one of the representatives of Xiaomi smart brand family. The owner of a smart simulator can receive information on a smartphone both during training and after it. Which includes data on the number of steps taken, km, calories burned and time spent.

The design of the track includes a lightweight housing that conveniently folds like a book. In this condition, the simulator is placed even under a low sofa

A Wi-Fi module is built into the shell of the shell. For remote control, you need the same Smart Mi Home application.

Information on the results motivates to actively engage. And the ability to create the right atmosphere in the right room with the help of other smart devices at the right time will make training more enjoyable.

Dumbbell Xiaomi Move It Beat Dumbbell

Convenient and multi-functional dumbbells for home or office Xiaomi Move It Beat Dumbbells help not to miss workouts even at work.

Smart dumbbells will become not only a sports equipment, but also a personal trainer. The ability to remind about a lesson, monitor calorie expenditure, keep track of achievements - all this makes these dumbbells an important subject in the life of an active person.

Smart dumbbells remind you of training
Light indication, notification of training and charge level - all this is realized thanks to the built-in module. Communication with the smartphone is via Bluetooth, so you can see the activity graph on the screen of your gadget and other information

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Bracelet

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 multifunctional waterproof bracelet will regularly take care of your health, remind you of important events and much more.

He is able to communicate via Bluetooth with a smartphone, display incoming calls on the screen of his screen. You can even drop the call if you do not want to communicate with the caller.

Multifunction Fitness Tracker Wristband
Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet is powered by a battery that lasts 20 days in standby mode

The main functions of the bracelet: a reminder of training, counting steps, calories, measuring heart rate, monitoring sleep. If the owner sits in one place for a long time, then the bracelet will remind you with periodic vibration that you need to get up and move.

This is not all brand development - it seeks to create smart devices that are used daily in everyday life. And for their work, you do not need to buy anything else - the devices are controlled and controlled using a proprietary application.

This makes the manufacturer stand out among its competitors. It is not surprising that in the near future in our house there will be smart devices from Xiaomi everywhere that fulfill all wishes and satisfy all needs without our intervention.

Case Studies of Smart Home Scenarios

Having become acquainted with smart devices, let's look at practical examples of their application in real life.

To begin with, we briefly outline what functions the main devices perform:

  1. Hub or gateway - it controls executive devices and receives notifications from signaling devices, buttons, temperature and humidity sensors, etc. The gateway sends signals to the switches. Goes into pairing mode.
  2. Socket - executive device, controls the supply of energy to the consumer, keeps its record. It is a repeater of a zigby signal.
  3. Opening sensor - works on the principle of closed contact. It consists of the sensor itself and the magnet. Reed switch in opening sensors - the main part is approached with a magnet, which leads to opening / closing of the contact.
  4. Wireless button - executive device, can only transmit various commands. For each of the three actions, you can write your own script.
  5. Temperature and humidity sensor- used to control air conditioners and humidifiers.
  6. Motion Sensor - reacts to the movement of a person in his zone of visibility.

Often, for more correct operation of the system, owners of smart homes who independently assemble them use alternative control systems - Domoticz, Home Assistant, MajorDoMo and others.

Raspberry single board computer
As a platform you can use a single-board computer raspberry / raspberry. You can use wi-fi or a wired connection type. It is necessary to register a static ip-address for normal operation

But for the operation of a smart home from Xiaomi, it is not necessary to use alternative platforms and a single-board type such as Raspberry - you can do only with a proprietary application. Especially if you are just starting to get acquainted with the system and have purchased a basic set of devices.

It is also worth noting the important points that you need to pay attention to before starting to create scripts:

  1. Devices that use the zigbee protocol consume the least energy, they are on batteries. Which is enough for a year, although the manufacturer claims about 2 years.
  2. The Zigbee socket must be online, then all the sensors are connected to it, and it serves as a relay, transmitting a signal to the gateway. Otherwise, in a large house, the sensors go offline.
  3. In home smart devices, LAN mode must be enabled. Following the recommendations of the developer, you need to activate them, connect with the gateway (gateway) and add them to the Mi Home application.

Let's look at the capabilities and features of the Xiaomi gateway, which not all beginners know about.

We will consider them in the next photo selection.

Light control scenarios

The light control scenario can be in any room - in the bathroom, toilet, corridor, hallway, children's room, kitchen.

And you can set various conditions for turning on / off various lighting devices - LED illumination of a table, cabinet, night lamp, ceiling chandelier, table lamp, etc.

Light in the corridor at night

Let's see how to configure the inclusion of light, for example, in the corridor at night. Take a nightlight, for which you can use the hub itself.

As a condition, the motion sensor will be triggered here. We add an action - turning on the light at the gateway, the next action is a delay of 10-15 seconds, which is enough to cross the corridor. And the last action is turning off the light.

Performing hub setup
In the application, everything is quite simple - actions and conditions are subject to logic. The only thing that can confuse is the lack of a Russian or at least an English version

Similarly, you can write a script for a table lamp, any night lamp or an ordinary light bulb in the hallway. There will be a bunch: motion sensor, lamp / night lamp, gateway.

Hallway Light

Take the situation when you returned home in the evening, and in the hands of bags of groceries.

In such a situation, the scenario for turning on the light when opening the door will be very useful. Let's see how to put it into practice.

To create a scenario, you will need an additional device - a smart light bulb for the hallway or a smart switch to control the operation of the most ordinary light bulb. We also need a door open sensor, which we set the condition for - the door is open.

In the scenario, select the condition - light bulb, turn on / turn it on. This is the basic scenario - an open door and a light on. We give it a specific name (for example, “1 - return” and be sure to save it. Next, we will edit it.

First, we add the shutdown script here - the script turns itself off after turning on. And we save it necessarily under some name, for example, “2 - deactivate the return script”.

That is, we opened the door, the light turned on and the script turned off itself - this means that nothing is happening. The light just burns, and we can open and close the doors as many times as we like.

Adding a condition for a motion sensor
It makes sense to add a motion sensor to the conditions, which reacts if there is no movement in the room for more than 5 minutes. We tie it to the scenario “1 - return”. So, if you left the house, then after 5 minutes the script automatically turns on the light after opening the front door

To a motion sensor that responds to a lack of movement for 5 minutes, it also makes sense to add a light-off scenario.

It is also useful to add another scenario when we turn on the lights in the hallway with pens by pressing a button or switch. Here, in the instruction, we add the shutdown of the "1 - return" script. We call this scenario “3 - manual inclusion of light in the hallway”.

Climate Management Scenarios

Consider the features of creating scenarios for controlling humidity and temperature in a single room.

Climate Humidity Management Scenario

You can use a smart humidifier, then the Zigbee outlet is not needed. If you have an ordinary humidifier, then just take the outlet from the base kit and your equipment will grow wiser immediately.

In the scenario, such sensors are to be used: door / window openings, temperature and humidity. Additionally, you can use the button so that you can force everything to turn off. And of course, the brain is the gateway.

The process of creating the script is clearly illustrated in the next photo selection.

You also need to create a second shutdown scenario - to achieve the desired humidity level. In the second scenario, we select a humidity sensor as a condition, which will record the achievement of humidity above 70%. In this case, the instruction will work: socket - turn off the humidifier.

In addition, it is useful to add a humidifier on / off script when the wireless button is pressed.

Humidifier forced activation scenario
For forced inclusion in the condition, you should select a humidity sensor with a value above 40%, and the condition is a button with a value of one or double click. As an instruction, turn on the humidifier. Also a prerequisite in this scenario is a closed window.

Another scenario involving a humidity sensor is to turn off the kettle, which does not have an auto shut off function after boiling, or this option does not work.

To do this, you need to mount the sensor on the wall next to the kettle, which is connected via a smart outlet. The device should activate the power button.

Electric kettle shutdown scenario
As soon as the kettle boils, wet and hot steam will begin to rise, falling on the sensor. It will work, to which the smart socket will immediately respond by turning off the power to the device

The same scenario can be implemented in the bathroom, so that when humidity increases, an exhaust fan will automatically turn on.

Temperature control script

With Xiaomi smart devices, it’s easy to create climate control scenarios using the smart brand air conditioning in conjunction with a gateway, temperature sensor and a door / window opening sensor.

Smart socket turns off and on the split system
If you have a conventional air conditioner and have a smart outlet, then through it it is quite possible to connect equipment. Then put it in the “on” position, which will allow you to remotely control the on / off by applying power

When the room temperature is below 18 degrees and the window / door is closed, the outlet will turn on the air conditioner. As soon as the temperature sensor detects 24 degrees, the outlet will turn off the power to the equipment.

Similarly, you can control the operation of electric floor heating.

Home Security Scenarios

To ensure security in the house in the event of an intruder penetrating through the door / window, you can use a bunch of door / windows sensor sensor, a light bulb, a Xiaomi Yi camera that starts recording video when the light is turned on and sends a video for 6 seconds to your smartphone.

There is also a scenario for turning on the siren (the audible alarm that the hub can provide) one minute after opening the door.

Wireless button in siren shutdown scenario
Upon arrival at the house, the owner should press the disable button for this scenario. For example, a wireless button is attached to the wall or lies on the bedside table, one click of which disables the siren script. This button can also be used in a variety of scenarios.

In principle, this is an unsuccessful scenario. If the hub is pulled out of the outlet, it will cease to sound an alarm. Maximum - send a notification that the siren has worked, for which the owner’s phone must be online at this moment.

You can also configure a script to automatically turn on the air conditioner or hood, for example, in case of gas leak detection. Why use the Xiaomi gas leakage sensor, a hub and a smart socket to supply power to the hood if the gas level exceeds the set level.

Similarly, you can implement a flood safety scenario. Why do you need a leakage sensor, a hub, a smart brand outlet. And in addition, it will be necessary to purchase an electric solenoid valve.

The valve is placed on the water supply pipe entering the house / apartment.And connects to power via a smart Xiaomi socket.

Water leakage sensor
The sensor is located in places where leakage can occur - next to the washer, under the sink, under the battery, next to the dishwasher. It works when water gets in. When it is activated, the smart socket turns on the power to the electric valve. Which automatically shuts off the water supply pipe

Having dealt with the intricacies of creating scripts, you can independently think through the necessary ones and implement them.

For example, an air pollution sensor will activate an air purifier when the window is closed after ventilation. This is especially true for apartments in large cities, when the windows overlook the road with active traffic.

Or turn on the brand's smart coffee maker immediately after the morning alarm goes off - while the owner gets out of bed and comes to the kitchen, hot coffee will be brewed.

A good option is to run home helpers when the owners are not at home. We are talking about a dishwasher, washing machine, a robot vacuum cleaner. By asking them the inclusion scenario, which is activated 5 minutes after leaving home.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

A real smart home project in a two-room apartment. Where is a tiny room for a server room with uninterruptible power supply installed:

Video on the importance of using wires when creating a smart home:

Basic kit for assembling a smart home + an overview of switches and square boxes for their installation (Part 1):

Xiaomi system setup and the owner’s real experience after a month of using a smart home, assembled and configured by yourself:

Having become acquainted with the peculiarities of the automation of your home, you can see that for beginners who do not know programming and do not have enough funds for the development and professional installation of the system, it remains to use the “solution in the box”.

One of the most affordable and easy to configure options is the basic set of smart home of the Chinese brand Xiaomi. This manufacturer managed to prove itself well.

His smart devices, which we examined in detail above in this article, allow you to implement basic scenarios for the automation of household processes. It is safe to say that the brand’s offer is quite interesting and attractive.

It attracts, first of all, with its affordable cost of a basic set - the price is acceptable, especially when compared with sets of other manufacturers.

There are many options for using various devices that are important for a particular owner. They can be used individually, for example, bulbs and fixtures, or they can be included in the common house system and scripted, based on personal needs.

Also attracted by the possibility of the gradual construction of their smart home - as finance becomes available to purchase new devices. To integrate them into a smart ecosystem, it will not be necessary to additionally pick walls, lay cable routes and equip a server room for management and control.

In addition to the affordable price and ease of adding instruments and devices at any time, the smart home of this manufacturer has other advantages:

  • Quality assembly - all circuits are assembled neatly and reliably, they use excellent plastic for the cases;
  • Miniature dimensions - most instruments and devices have a very modest size;
  • Easy setup - to add many brand devices, just go to the Mi Home application and press the button with the same name;
  • Ability to use devices separately - for example, the hub can be a lamp, used as a radio or speaker, playing songs added from the owner’s smartphone;
  • Scripting convenience - why you do not need to know the basics of programming, you can use the blanks offered by the manufacturer;
  • Ease of installation - to install the vast majority of devices, double-sided tape is included, and smart sockets and a gateway are simply plugged into a regular socket;
  • Preservation of functionality without the Internet - some devices running the Zigbee protocol operate on batteries and are able to exchange signals with each other;
  • Large selection of smart devices - The manufacturer is rapidly expanding its range, releasing more and more sensors and household appliances, planning to make absolutely all devices in the house smart in the coming years.
  • A plus can be considered sleek and stylish design all devices made in white.

The smart home system and Xiaomi devices themselves are also not without drawbacks. So, we can distinguish the following disadvantages:

  • Need to buy batteries - Most wireless devices are powered by batteries, and this is an additional expense for buying new ones every 1-2 years;
  • Unreliable fastening - many potential buyers are distrustful of double-sided adhesive tape, believing that such an device is an attacker very easily torn off;
  • Need to buy adapters - many devices have a Chinese plug, which requires an adapter to plug into standard outlets in our homes;
  • The lack of a Russian version - applications for a number of devices are available only in Chinese, some are translated into English;
  • Delay in response - the system uses a Chinese cloud server, so users notice periodic delays in response, also devices can fall off and have to be reconnected.

Many active "smart home builders" solve the last problem through the use of alternative control systems - Home Assistant, Domoticz, MajorDoMo and other platforms.

But all these shortcomings do not stop anyone wishing to acquire a smart home, as evidenced by the active demand for Xiaomi brand products, numerous videos in which the authors demonstrate their smart home. A large number of forums have been created where home craftsmen share their experience and give recommendations to beginners who are just starting their acquaintance with the system.

Brand Product Summary Table

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the table in which we collected all the smart devices and devices of the Xiaomi brand, which were discussed in our article, indicating their links to Aliexpress.

Appointment of the deviceModel + device reference
Wi-Fi RouterXiaomi Mi WiFi Router
Wireless switchXiaomi Aqara Smart Light Switch
Universal wireless buttonXiaomi Mijia Smart Wireless Switch
Basic set for a bedroomXiaomi Aqara Smart Bedroom Set
Basic Smart Home KitXiaomi Smart Home Kit
Universal Remote CubeXiaomi Aqara Magic Cube
Water leakage sensorXiaomi Aqara Wireless Flood Water Sensor
Motion SensorXiaomi Smart Human Body Sensor
Holder for motion sensorHolder for Smart Human Body Sensor
Temperature and humidity sensorXiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Gateway / hub for smart homeXiaomi Gateway 2
Gas leakage sensorXiaomi Mijia Honeywell Smart Gas Alarm
Smoke detectorXiaomi Mijia Honeywell Smoke Detector
Door / Window Sensor KitXiaomi Mijia Intelligent Mini Door and Window Sensor
Vibration sensorXiaomi Aqara Zigbee Shock Sensor
Universal lockXiaomi YEELOCK Smart Lock
Smart webcam with speakerXiaomi Mi Mijia Smart IP Webcam 1080p
Door lockXiaomi Mijia Aqara S2 Fingerprint Smart Door Lock
Humidifier for homeXiaomi Smartmi Evaporative Humidifier
Thermostat with digital displayXiaomi Mijia Smart Thermostat Humidity Sensor
Wall Zigbee SocketXiaomi Aqara Smart Wall Socket
Smart wifi socketXiaomi Mijia Smart Socket Plug
Extension cord for 6 outletsXiaomi Mi Smart Home Strip Socket
Smart hard driveXiaomi Mijia Heiluo CatDrive
Motorized curtain rodXiaomi Aqara Electric Curtain Track
Electric drive to control the smart corniceXiaomi Aqara Smart Curtain Motor
Smart multi-functional alarm clockXiaomi Xiaoai Smart Alarm Clock
Voice Control TVXiaomi Smart TV Intelligence Voice Television
Smart waste binXiaomi Townew T1 Smart Trash Can
Recycle bin cassetteXiaomi Mijia Townew T1 Garbage Box
Smart toilet seatXiaomi Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat
Smart diffuser on tap to save waterXiaomi Water Saving Device
Sensor for monitoring soil and moisture in plantsXiaomi Mi Flora Plant Monitor
Smart flower pot with moisture and sunlight controlXiaomi Mi Flora Smart Flower Pot
Smart gas stoveXiaomi Viomi Smart Natural Gas Stove
Smart rice cooker for homeXiaomi IH Mi Smart Rice Cooker
Induction TileXiaomi Mijia Induction Cooker
Coffee makerXiaomi SCISHARE Smart Coffee Machine
Water filter with Wi-Fi tapXiaomi Mi Water Purifier
Air purifierXiaomi Smart Air Purifier 2S
Replaceable filter for air purifierXiaomi Mi Air Purifier Filter
Smart air quality analyzerXiaomi Mijia PM 2.5 Air Detector
Multi-purpose kitchen machineXiaomi VIOMI VBH122 Food Machine
Smart animal drinkerXiaomi Pet Water Dispenser
Electric kettleXiaomi Mijia Electric Kettle
Soap dispenser with IR sensorXiaomi Hand Washer Dispenser
Robot vacuum cleaner for homeXiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Folding treadmillXiaomi Mijia WalkingPad
Smart dumbbellsXiaomi Move It Beat Dumbbells
Smart braceletXiaomi Mi Band 3
Smart Wi-Fi lamp / 1600 million colors to choose fromXiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Bulb
LED smart lightXiaomi Aqara Smart LED Bulb
Table lampXiaomi PHILIPS LED Desk Table Lamp
Ceiling lightXiaomi Yeelight Smart Ceiling Light
Smart Wired Zero Line Light SwitchXiaomi Aqara Smart Light Switch

Do you want your home to be a little smarter, but you have a limited budget? This is not a problem - the basic Xiaomi kit will be your starting point. Maybe you still have questions after reading our material? Ask them in the comments below - we will try to help you.

Or are you already using a smart home based on Xiaomi sensors and devices? Share your experience - tell us how many devices you have combined, whether you use an alternative control system and how difficult it was for you to collect everything for yourself. Add a photo under this article - your decisions will inspire many users who are still just dreaming of acquiring a smart home system.

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