Hotpoint-Ariston Refrigerators: a review of the top 10 models + selection tips

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Last update: August 2019

A wide range of refrigeration units manufactured by Russian and foreign manufacturers is presented in modern home appliance stores. One of the popular representatives of the home segment is the Hotpoint-Ariston refrigerator.

The products of this brand have long earned the attention of customers due to their impressive design and the optimal combination of high quality and budget value. Let's figure it out together, what is so remarkable about the technology of this brand.

Features of the Hotpoint-Ariston brand technology

Famous to many Russians, the brand appeared in 2007 through the merger of two large companies. The assets of the Italian company Ariston, created in 1930, were connected to the facilities of the American manufacturer Hotpoint Electric Heating, which entered the market in 1911.

Currently, under the Hotpoint-Ariston brand, a wide range of large household appliances is being produced. it dishwashers and washing machines, electric and gas stoves, ovens and microwave ovens, hoods and coffee machines.

Typical pros and cons of refrigerators

The refrigerators of this brand are also very famous. In our country, they are consistently among the ten most popular products, and in the middle-price segment they occupy one of the first lines.

Typical features of proprietary equipment are ergonomic internal design, economical use of electricity, the use of wear-resistant materials and high-quality components.

Hotpoint-Ariston refrigerator in the interior
A variety of Hotpoint-Ariston units with different dimensions, color and design make it easy to choose the right model for kitchens decorated in different styles

Noteworthy is the spectacular appearance of refrigerators, the design of which is being developed by the famous Japanese master Makio Hasuike and his team.

Among the typical drawbacks of products of this brand, users include a high noise level, although some models work almost silently.

In addition, the manufacturer gives a relatively short guarantee for such a complex type of household appliances - only 12 months.

Labeling of refrigeration units

Before moving on to an overview of the most popular series and models, we will talk about the features of branding of brand products.

Articles of the most “age” options developed before 2008 begin with Latin letters M or B.

For mid-generation refrigerators manufactured between 2008-2011, the abbreviation begins with R or H. True, this rule does not apply to the latest developed lines.

Among the new products of the company are units with serial designations HBM, BCZ, HBD.

The last letter in the model name may indicate the color of the product: X in this case will denote metallic, B - black, and SB - silver-black color.

Hotpoint-Ariston in black
Model Hotpoint-Ariston HF 9201 B RO. As can be seen from the marking, the letter “B” indicates the black color of the case, which is true

Popular model lines

The manufacturer offers a wide range of products, which is characterized by a variety of technical specifications and design. Consider the main series of refrigerators of this brand.

Roomy HBM Series

This line includes fairly large models of two-chamber units, the total volume of which exceeds 300 liters.

The capacity of the bottom freezer can reach 85 liters. For division into sections, shelves made of high-strength glass are used.

HBM Series Refrigerator
The HBM is the perfect choice for family use. Modifications of refrigerators included in this series are distinguished by spaciousness, reliability, budget cost

The usual equipment involves three to four partitions and a compartment for greens, an additional container for meat products and an egg stand can also be attached.

Manual defrosting of the freezer and drip - the main compartment. The storage time of products in case of power outages is 13-15 hours.

HF units with No Frost system

The series combines modern models equipped with No Frost, which minimizes forced defrosting of the refrigerator.

The devices have created optimal conditions for impeccable freshness of products within 7-9 days, which is achieved by maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity conditions.

Refrigeration units are also equipped with many additional options aimed at ease of use. These include antibacterial coating, superfrost, the presence of various devices.

We also offer you to get acquainted with the best models of refrigerators with No Frost function from other manufacturers. More details - go to the link.

Hotpoint-Ariston NF Series
Refrigeration equipment of the NF series allows the owner not to waste personal time on defrosting. No Frost prevents frost inside chambers

E4D Refrigerator Series (Quadrio)

This impressive lineup includes three- and four-chamber models French doorwhich differ in large dimensions.

The name itself is "Quadrio"Hints that these options have four doors. Two of them are opened on the main compartment of the unit, and two are located on the chambers of the freezer located below.

Model from the Quadrio series
The devices from the Quadrio series stand out with their luxurious design. They are characterized by high technical data and many useful options.

Models belong to a high class of energy efficiency A +. At the same time, to defrost both the main and the freezer, an improved version of the Nou-Frost system is used - Full no frost.

Household appliances in this series are also equipped with a whole range of additional functions. These include an energy-saving mode, the option of quick cooling and freezing, humidity sensors installed in containers for vegetables.

The set also includes numerous useful accessories and devices: an ice mold, a bottle stand, an air filter.

Built-in BCB Series

The range combines the built-in two-chamber refrigerators with the lower placement of the freezer.

Despite the compact width and depth, which is 54 and 55 centimeters, respectively, the units are quite roomy. This is achieved due to the high height and efficient use of space.

BCB Series Refrigerator Model
In various models included in the BCB series, there may be popular additional functions: “super freeze”, temperature display, super cooling

The main compartment is thawed in a drip manner, the freezer is manually or using the No Frost system. The models included in the line belong to energy efficiency class A.

And how to defrost refrigerators correctly can be found in this stuff.

Modern technology of the HBT series

This is one of the most popular Hotpoint Ariston line. Refrigerators have large dimensions, large volume, high energy efficiency class A.

The freezer, the capacity of which can exceed 100 liters, is located at the bottom of the device.

Special ice storage compartment
The ice compartment allows you to get the cubes of frozen water, usually used in cocktails, at any time. But only some refrigerator models are equipped with an ice-making device.

The models include a Full No Frost system for defrosting the main and freezer compartments, an antibacterial coating, a freshness preservation zone, a super-freeze function, temperature indication and other additional functions.

Particular attention during development is given to the ergonomic arrangement of shelves, which are complemented by containers and trays for different types of product. All components are easily accessible from the compartment, which makes cleaning and washing easier.

Top Mount BD Models

The series includes built-in models of class A +, A and B, the design feature of which is the upper placement of the freezer.

Top freezer fridge
The Hotpoint-Ariston line also includes models that provide for the upper placement of the freezer compartment

Convenient and fairly roomy refrigerators have a 55-centimeter width and 54-centimeter depth. Provides mechanical control, drip thawing of the main compartment and manual defrosting of the freezer.

Top 10 brand refrigerators

We offer you a rating that was compiled on the basis of feedback from users and service workers.

Place # 1 - Hotpoint-Ariston HF 9201 W RO

The model of the Hotpoint-Ariston HF9201WRO refrigerator is distinguished by its stylish appearance. Convenient doors have wide handles along the entire length of the chambers, making it easy to open the compartment.

This is a two-chamber refrigerator with a system Know frost. The volume of the model is 322 liters, where 247 liters are allocated for the main compartment and 75 liters for the freezer.

There is also a freshness zone, an accelerated freezing and cooling mode, as well as an option for energy-saving mode - Vacation.

Much attention is paid to the safety of products. The contents of the unit are processed by streams of cold air, which is distributed by fans.

In addition, a freshness zone is provided - for better preservation of greens and vegetables in a special compartment, optimal conditions are maintained.

The only drawback, according to users, is the high price. No other minuses were found.

Place # 2 - Hotpoint-Ariston HBM 1181.3

With standard dimensions of 60x67x185 cm, this model has a decent freezer compartment, the volume of which is 75 liters. The total capacity at the same time is 303 liters.

The two-chamber unit has great power: the freezer is capable of freezing up to 1 kg of food per day. Useful features such as super freezing and a freshness zone are also provided.

The internal space is ergonomically arranged: four durable glass shelves, the height of which can be adjusted; several holders are attached to the inside of the door. The presence of an antibacterial coating. The model is able to keep cold for 13 hours.

Among the shortcomings of the model, manual defrosting, the absence of an ice generator, and the difficulty of outweighing doors were noted.

Place # 3 - Hotpoint-Ariston HF 4180 W

Easy-to-operate two-chamber unit with a volume of 298 liters (60x64x184 cm). Equipped with the No Frost system in full - for the refrigeration and freezer departments. When a power outage is able to keep cold for up to 13 hours.

The unit has a nice design, separate boxes for storing vegetables / fruits; there are three separate compartments in the freezer. The advantages include glass shelves of the refrigerator, which makes it convenient to use.

Of the minuses of the Hotpoint-Ariston HF4180W model can be called uncomfortable drawers on the door, in which it is not possible to put all the bottles. As well as noise at work, which makes some owners nervous.

Place # 4 - Hotpoint-Ariston BD 2422

A modest built-in model with an overhead freezer. The unit has a height of 144.6 cm, the usable volume is 226 liters, 42 of which are in the freezer.

There are three shelves made of trellised metal. The freezer consists of two parts, separated by a horizontal partition.

Despite the manual defrosting and the minimum of additional functions, the refrigerator deserves attention due to its affordable price and high energy efficiency corresponding to the A + class.

Place # 5 - Hotpoint-Ariston HFP 5200 W

Two-chamber model with elegant design and No Frost function. The capacity of the bottom freezer is 75 liters, and the refrigerator compartment is 249 liters.

Electronic control is provided using the touch screen located on the door. The model also has the option of super-freezing, and is also equipped with an alarm about an open door.

This refrigerator is equipped with an antibacterial coating, due to which the air inside the chamber is purified from microorganisms and unpleasant odors.

Among the minuses can be noted sensitive coating, which easily forms scratches, a complex system of reinstalling doors, as well as extraneous noise during operation.

Place # 6 - Hotpoint-Ariston B 20 A1 FV C

Hotpoint-Ariston B20A1FVC is an overall model of the built-in refrigerator with a total volume of 300 liters with the 63-liter freezer compartment located below.

The unit has electronic control via a character display on the front facade, as well as child protection. For defrosting the main chamber, a drip system is provided, No Frost acts for the freezer.

The main compartment has five shelves and a fruit / vegetable compartment. It implements the function of super-cooling and super-freezing. It is possible to outweigh the door.

Due to the high technical characteristics and comfort in use, the model entered the top 5 most interesting new products of built-in refrigerators over the past year.

Place # 7 - Hotpoint-Ariston BDR 190 AAI

Hotpoint-Ariston BDR190AAI is a Class A + built-in two-chamber refrigerator. The model has an unusual configuration: the height of the unit is only 83.5 cm, which allows you to install it under the countertop if necessary.

The compartments are made in the form of drawers, while the freezer is not provided.

The Hotpoint-Ariston BDR190AA unit has a spectacular appearance and excellent performance, but requires an additional purchase of a freezer

The disadvantages of the refrigerator include the lack of handles and a front facade, which must be purchased separately. In addition, users indicate the difficult operation of the drawer mechanism, as well as the insufficient height of the latter.

Place # 8 - Hotpoint-Ariston BTSZ 1632

Small one-door refrigerator with A + energy efficiency class.It has a capacity of 102 liters, of which 19 liters are given under the compartment for freezing.

Drip thawing of the main chamber is provided, the space of which is divided into two parts with the help of a trellised shelf, and manual defrosting of the freezer.

On the rearranged door there are three pockets - two large and one small, which allows efficient use of space.

Among the disadvantages include the lack of additional functions and a fairly high cost for such a modest functionality.

Place # 9 - Hotpoint-Ariston SXBHAE 920

The oversized Side by Side model with parameters of 89.5 × 74.5 × 178 cm and a capacity of 510 liters, of which 171 refers to the freezer.

In the refrigerator compartment there is a sliding box for vegetables / fruits, a specially allocated freshness area, three shelves of tempered glass. Five pockets are equipped over the entire width of the door, three of which can be adjusted.

The freezer has five sections, two of them with drawers. There are 5 pockets of various depths on the door.

Hotpoint-Ariston Side-by-Side models are available in different colors: in addition to the traditionally white modification, the model in question uses an effective silver shade.

The electronically controlled Class A refrigerator features superfreezing and energy saving features. For defrosting the main and freezer compartments, the No Frost system is provided.

Among the advantages include autonomous preservation of the cold up to 5 hours, a sound notification of an open door, excellent freezing power - up to 10 kg per day.

Place # 10 - Hotpoint-Ariston HF 4200 W

Hotpoint-Ariston HF4200W is the most popular model among buyers. An impressive 2-meter construction with a total volume of 324 liters with a freezer capacity of 75 liters.

The refrigerator has electromechanical control and LED lighting. The two-chamber unit is equipped with a system of blowing products with cold air from different sides, which allows you to quickly cool the contents of the main compartment.

It is also possible to outweigh the door, although some users complain about the complexity of this operation.

Among the minuses of the model, the users surveyed attributed the insufficiently long power cord, as well as the relatively weak compressor power.

Subtleties of choosing a suitable model

Since refrigeration units work around the clock, it is important to study in detail the specifications declared by the manufacturer before buying. And then compare them with the real needs of your family. Especially if the funds for the purchase are limited and there is no desire to overpay.

Important unit specifications

A wide range of refrigerators manufactured by the Hotpoint-Ariston brand allows everyone to choose a model that meets all the necessary needs.

To do this, pay attention to the following factors:

  • dimensions and volume of the unit;
  • level of energy efficiency and climate factor;
  • defrosting system;
  • number of compressors and their variety;
  • additional functions;
  • battery life;
  • management method;
  • design and dimensions.

The company's lines include a wide variety of models. Compact refrigerators are well suited for a small family or as a fallback for a summer house / country house.

Large units, including side-by-side, are intended primarily for numerous families, but lovers of freezing country products for future use will also appreciate them.

Inverter compressor for refrigerator
The number and type of compressors also affects the operation of the refrigerator. Inverter models have better quality, but they are more sensitive to power surges

Separately, we can distinguish embedded models that are widely represented in the Hotpoint-Ariston catalog. With excellent capacity, such refrigerators are small in size, if desired, they can be placed even under the countertop.

The class of the model for energy efficiency is determined by the ratio of real electricity consumption to the standard indicator.

As a rule, Hotpoint-Ariston refrigerators belong to classes B, A and A +, which are characterized by savings:

  • A + corresponds to 30-40%;
  • A corresponds to 40-55%;
  • B corresponds to 55-75%.

When using small models, this difference may not be significant.

Climate Class Table
When choosing a refrigeration unit of the Hotpoint-Ariston brand, you also need to pay attention to the climate class, to which the model belongs

Residents of cold or too hot regions should also consider climate class, since for special conditions it is better to use special modifications.

Although manual defrosting is still used in some versions, the system is considered more advanced. No frost, which saves the hostess from thawing the freezer.

The control of the refrigerator can be electromechanical and electronic:

  • The electromechanical method involves adjustment with a thermostat, which allows you to set only an approximate temperature. At the same time, this option is simple and reliable. It is recommended in homes where there are power surges.
  • The electronic method allows you to fine-tune the temperature and humidity indicators, but it is very sensitive to incorrect operation of the mains. In addition, units equipped with automatic devices are much more expensive.

When living in areas with an unstable supply of electric current, you should pay attention to battery life. For Hotpoint-Ariston models, it is usually 11-18 hours.

An important factor is also product design, which includes not only the appearance and color scheme of the model, but also the placement of shelves, as well as pockets on the door.

A convenient feature is the ability to outweigh the doors to the other side. This feature may be useful when installing household appliances in another place.

Tempered glass shelves
The advantage is made of shelves made of tempered glass. This is a fairly durable material, and its transparent surface allows you to quickly navigate the products that are on it.

In the assortment of the brand, you can find various models that provide for placing the freezer as below (Bottom mount) and above (Top mount) Embedded options, large-scale refrigerators are also presented. Side by side, as well as models of the original modification French door.

Additional functions and features

Additional options create a lot of comfort when using refrigeration units.

Among the most popular include:

  1. Super freeze, allowing you to quickly reduce the temperature in the freezer. This allows you to freeze food in a short time, due to which vitamins, taste and presentation are optimally stored in them.
  2. Air ozonizer. A device that allows you to generate triatomic oxygen molecules that kill bacteria, mold and other harmful organisms, as well as eliminate unpleasant odors.
  3. Antibacterial coatingmade of a special material, inhibits the development of microorganisms on the surface, so that the products resist damage for a long time.
  4. Freshness zone. Specially designed compartment of the refrigerator where zero temperature is maintained. Ideal for preserving the quality of products without freezing them.

Many note the usefulness of filters for purifying air and absorbing odors, providing convenience when using the main compartment of the refrigerator.

The model can be equipped with other functions, for example, an indication of an open door or child protection.

Freshness area in the fridge
The freshness zone allows for a long time to keep various types of products at the optimum temperature and humidity. Advanced models can have two such zones: dry - for meat and fish, and wet - for greens, fruits, vegetables

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The video provides a detailed overview of the refrigerator models of the popular Hotpoint-Ariston brand, as well as general tips on choosing this important type of household appliance:

What you need to know before proceeding with the selection of the optimal refrigerator:

All Hotpoint-Ariston brand refrigerators are characterized by high technical characteristics, reliability, long life, and luxurious design. In order not to make a mistake in the choice, you should pay attention to the features of various series and specific models of household appliances.

Having clearly formulated the necessary requirements for yourself, you can purchase the ideal option, spending a minimum of money.

If you have experience using Hotpoint-Ariston refrigerators, please tell visitors of our site which model you gave your preference to and why, are you satisfied with the operation of the equipment? Leave your comments, share experiences, ask questions - the contact block is located below.

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