Refrigerators “Saratov”: overview of characteristics, reviews + 8 of the best models

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Refrigerators and freezers of the Russian brand "Saratov" are manufactured at the Saratov Electric Aggregate Association. The products of the domestic manufacturer are represented by various models of the budget and mid-price range, therefore, it is in demand among buyers despite the variety of imported goods.

Looking for a practical unit at an affordable price? In this case, domestic appliances will be the best solution. But before you go to the store, you need to understand what is remarkable about the Saratov refrigerators, what are their strengths and weaknesses, which should be taken into account when choosing equipment.

All these points are detailed in the article. In addition, we prepared an overview of the most popular models with an indication of their technical and operational characteristics. The information provided will help you decide on the feasibility of buying a refrigerator “Saratov”.

Features of the model range

Today, SEPO is a solid modern enterprise that produces high-quality, time-tested domestic product.

Cooperation with a German company Basf Allowed to create improved thermal insulation for a long time keeping the cold when the power is turned off. The design of new models was developed jointly with an Italian company Afros.

Production of refrigerators Saratov
If the USSR supplied products to 37 countries, including Europe, today refrigerators are exported only to the CIS countries, the Baltic states, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The share of the Saratov brand in the Russian market is 15 percent

In line refrigeration equipment "Saratov" includes a fairly extensive range of relatively inexpensive models for the home:

  • single chamber refrigerators;
  • single chamber units without NTO;
  • two-chamber refrigerators;
  • refrigerated display cases;
  • freezers.

Showcases are designed for shops, but can be used at home.

The inner compartment of the new refrigerator Saratov
New ergonomic models of refrigerators Saratov are made in a modern design, characterized by soft lines and flawless whiteness. Refrigerators of this brand are models with convenient handles, with durable plastic and glass shelves

The design of household appliances of the Saratov plant is simple and unpretentious. This is not to say that he is primitive or wretched.

Refrigerators “Saratov” are classic models of white color and laconic form. Some models have the option outweigh the door. In freezers, plastic boxes are installed.

Appearance of a modern refrigerator Saratov
Many modern refrigerators have surge protection. In one of the two-chamber models there are two compressors, which makes it possible to change the temperature and control the cameras independently of each other

By functionality, the refrigerators of this brand are positioned as average.

If we talk about consumer properties, we can note:

  • low noise level;
  • excellent thermal insulation, allowing a 12-hour shutdown;
  • reliability and durability.

Energy consumption has decreased compared to earlier models, but still remains high - mainly class B and C.

Advantages of Saratov brand refrigerators
The main advantage of Saratov refrigeration units, of course, is their price. Advantages include adaptation to domestic electricity supply conditions and ease of use

The best compact representatives of the brand Saratov

It should be noted that the best single-chamber SEPOs work best. Some of them have minimal dimensions (width 48 cm and depth 59 cm), which makes the appliances as convenient as possible for five-meter kitchens and tiny corridors in Khrushchev and Brezhnev nine-story buildings.

Compact but roomy models are ideal for small offices, hotel rooms, holiday homes and campsites. A striking example of a miniature technique is “Saratov 452” (KSh-120). Its height is 87 cm. The same height is on a gas or electric stove, kitchen tables and stands, which allows you to install the appliance in a row with them.

Small refrigerator Saratov 452 (KSh-120)
The small model “Saratov 452” (KSh-120) is the most suitable option for use in the country, in the office or in a small apartment

A removable lid covered with durable plastic can serve as a worktop. Externally, the refrigerator resembles an unremarkable nightstand. The interior space with small refrigeration (107 l) and freezer (15 l) chambers is carefully thought out, ergonomic and deserves approval.

Shelves made of shockproof glass, two. They can be rearranged to the desired height to accommodate everything you need. On the door there are three more shelves in the form of solid pockets, an oil container and egg cells. A box for fruits and vegetables holds a large number of products.

Products on the shelves of the refrigerator
The door has four shelves with limiters for placing cans, bottles and canned food, as well as egg storage

The temperature in the freezer is up to minus 12 degrees, in the refrigerator it can vary from 0 to 10. Electric energy consumption is 0.6 kW / h per day.

The advantages of the model include:

  • three year warranty;
  • efficiently organized, ergonomic interior space that allows you to stock up on products for three to four days;
  • adjustable temperature mode;
  • low price.

The disadvantages should be considered the low efficiency of the device (0.445 kW / h), which is twice as low as competing analogues.

The second drawback is the low temperature in the freezer. It is known that deep freezing, which completely destroys parasites, is possible at -20 ° C and lower.

The device has much in common with the models of the 452 series, is their analogue in the type of refrigerator and the snow-white design.

Differs in technical characteristics:

  • higher energy efficiency, corresponding to class A, providing less costly operation;
  • the implementation of a drip defrosting system;
  • replacing glass shelves with plastic.

The advantage of the model can be considered economical energy consumption and excellently organized internal ergonomics.

Food in the refrigerator
Small refrigerator "Saratov 452" (KSh-120) - ideal for use in the country, in the office or in a small apartment

The refrigerator door can be rebalanced, adapting the appliance to the existing conditions. The disadvantages are the same as the previous model.

Functional models with two cameras

All two-chamber refrigerators are adapted to Russian operating conditions. For the equipment to run smoothly, you must follow the instructions for unit transportation and its use. In the event of a breakdown, the user can easily find an authorized service center to fix it.

Two-chamber refrigerators are devices of different levels of complexity, displacement and cost. The freezer may be located at the top or bottom of the unit. Models differ in the ratio of the size of the freezer and the refrigerator.

Two-chamber refrigerator Saratov
All refrigerators in this category have an improved design, expressed in smooth corners, comfortable ergonomic handles made of high-strength plastic

The shelves of the refrigerator are made of glass and metal, the capacity of the freezers is made of metal grates and environmentally friendly plastic.

To get a complete picture of refrigerators in this category, you need to know their positive and negative sides.

If we talk about the benefits, they are as follows:

  • are models of the classic economy segment: they can be purchased at an attractive price;
  • adapted to domestic power grids, they do not require power filters and other adapters and stabilizers;
  • a large resource that allows you to use the refrigerator for 15 years or more.

Many European models can not boast of such indicators.

Refrigerator Saratov with two chambers
Saratov refrigerators with two separate chambers cost several times less than foreign models with equal volume and power

The disadvantages include high energy intensity and the absence of additional options. Freon R134a, used in refrigerators, is considered not the most effective. Belarusian compressors are reliable, but very noisy.

Two-chamber models are reasonably in consumer demand. However, they consume more energy than foreign competitors. The disadvantage is compensated by the relatively low price and ergonomic internal content of an impressive volume.

Storage of products in the refrigerator Saratov
Solid functional economical model with automatic defrosting system. You can defrost no more than once a year

Noteworthy is the internal arrangement. There are shelves in the refrigerator section; their height can be changed. In the door there are trays with or without restrictive barriers. In freezers, pull-out plastic drawers are installed.

The advantages of the device include the following:

  • simplicity and reliability of models;
  • large net volume;
  • high-quality materials used in the manufacture;
  • durability of Belarusian compressors;
  • maintainability and excellent service.

The assortment is dominated by the usual white refrigerators. Models vary in capacity and height. It is worth noting the quality and quality factor of white plastic, whose service life reaches 15 years or more.

Apples in Plastic Crates
Under the lower glass shelf are two plastic boxes for storing fruits and vegetables. Their volume is small, but two kilograms of apples should fit

Owners of home appliances brand Saratov note the following advantages:

  • high-quality freezing and cooling;
  • good internal ergonomics;
  • sound, high-quality, environmentally friendly materials;
  • mechanical control.

Low cost is a significant advantage that explains the popularity of two-chamber units in Saratov. They also have drawbacks, among which they note the small capacity of the freezer and high energy consumption. They are mainly suitable for use in the country.

Models with the top location of a small freezer are recommended for those who rarely use freezing and prefer chilled foods.

Fruit in the fridge
A model for that category of people who leads a healthy lifestyle includes fresh fruits, vegetables and other products in their diet

The interior space of all models with two independent compartments is simple, convenient and reliable.

Popular units of the brand “Saratov”

Consider the models that are actively in demand by the domestic consumer, who are attracted not only by the budgetary cost framework. After all, zealous owners do not want to waste even small money by someone’s standards.

The purchased equipment is obliged to work out the period guaranteed by the manufacturer with an impressive margin, without causing any trouble to the owners of either major breakdowns or minor failures.

Model # 1 - Saratov 451 (KSh 160)

Compact refrigerator classic white - an excellent solution for small kitchens and cottages. The height of the Saratov model 451 (KSh 160) is 114.5 cm, the width is only 48 cm, the depth of the refrigerator is 60 cm.

With such small dimensions, it pleases with a pretty good volume of 165 liters. The freezer compartment is arranged on top, its volume is 15 liters.

Cooling is carried out in a static way. The air inside the closed chambers moves independently: the cooled part descends into the lower zone, forcing the warmer air up. The displaced mass at the top cools and replaces the one that managed to warm up somewhat.

Due to the temperature difference, condensate precipitates on the walls of the unit. Heavy droplets that have accumulated on the walls drain into the receiver, from which they are sent to the device that evaporates them. This scheme is also called drip or crying.

Refrigerators cooled according to this technology need defrost regularly to remove snow growths.

Defrosting is carried out manually, but this drawback is compensated by the formation of a special microclimate inside the refrigerator compartment. The moisture level in it contributes to the long-term preservation of the freshness of greens / fruits / vegetables. The drip equipment costs less than units operating “without hoarfrost”.

Model 451 (KSh 160) is controlled by an electromechanical system that is simple and stably working without failures. The minimum temperature limit in the freezer compartment is 12 ° C. For energy efficiency, this unit has been assigned Class A, which is very good for products with the Saratov logo.

Model # 2 - Saratov 452 (KSh-120)

The small-sized refrigerator is lower than the previous model - its height is 89.6 cm, which allows you to use it not only as a compact equipment for summer cottages, but also as a mini-bar in hotels or offices. The width of the single-door model is 48 cm, the depth is 60 cm. With such a small height, the usable volume is 122 liters. Volume of the low-temperature compartment 15 l.

Cooling is done by the drip method. Its future owners will have to defrost at the frequency specified in the manufacturer's instructions. The minimum temperature in the freezer is -12 ° C.

The control of the electromechanical type, its strong advantage is insensitivity to the excess moisture inherent in drip systems.

Model # 3 - Saratov 263 (KShD-200/30)

Against the background of mini-refrigerators, Saratov 263 (KShD-200/30) stands out by its already more serious size. The height of its body is 148 cm. It is no more than the models described above, all the same 48 cm, depth 59 cm. The total displacement of the useful internal space is 195 liters, of which 30 liters are occupied by the freezer compartment.

The cooling of both the freezing and refrigerating compartments is carried out according to the drip scheme. The equipment will have to be defrosted manually to remove the ice coat. The minimum temperature in the freezer is 18 ° C.

Electromechanical control, with which operational problems are extremely rare. According to the indicators of economical energy consumption, the model has a rather low class C.

Model # 4 - Saratov 467 (KSh-210)

Model Saratov 467 (KSh-210) is slightly larger than the above option. The height and width are similar, only the depth is 1 cm more. But the volume of usable space is already 210 liters. The low-temperature compartment is occupied by 25 liters.

Unit cooling is carried out in a static way, i.e. according to the crying scheme. It needs to be thawed regularly to remove the ice crust and frost.

The control uses the traditional for the brand "Saratov" type - electromechanical. The unit is not too economical in terms of energy consumption, but reliable in operation and easy to manage.

Model # 5 - Saratov 209 (KShD 275/65)

In the line of miniature equipment Saratov model 209 (KShD 275/65) is a real giant. The two-chamber model with a freezer located below is made in a classic white tone. The height of the unit body is 163.2 cm, the width and depth are both 60 cm each. The volume of useful space is 275 liters, of which 65 liters are allocated to the freezer compartment.

The cameras are cooled in a crying way. They need regular defrosting, which will have to be done manually. However, the humidity level inside such systems contributes to a better conservation of aroma and nutritional properties of fresh products.

To better maintain the temperature inside the chamber are equipped with separate doors. Electromechanical control. According to the data on energy consumption, the unit received class C - a rather low indicator, which is somewhat offset by the more than affordable price of the refrigerator.

Model # 6 - Saratov 549 (KSh-160 without NTO)

Ideal choice for adherents of country life. The model Saratov 549 (KSh-160 without NTO) does not provide a freezer, which is not particularly necessary when using the equipment only for the weekend. The height of the case is 114.5 cm, the width with a depth of 48 cm and 59 cm, respectively.

In a small by standard standards case fits 165 liters. Plastic shelves are provided for arranging products, and trays for arranging bottles and small packaging are hung on the door.

The unit is cooled by the drip method, it must be defrosted regularly, manually removing ice. An electromechanical system is installed for control. In terms of energy consumption, the model is only B class. Probably, the developers decided that during the operation "time-from-time" is not necessary to save.

Model # 7 - Saratov 569 (KSh-220)

The single-chamber single-door refrigerator Saratov 569 (KSh-220) is slightly larger than the previous counterpart. The height of the case is 147 cm, the width is also 48, the depth is slightly more than 60 cm.

At the disposal of potential owners will be as much as 220 liters of refrigerated space.

This model also does not have a freezer. You must defrost manually. Electromechanical control.

Model # 8 - Saratov 153 (MKSH-135)

Single chamber model 153 (MKSH-135) - is intended for freezing meat, fish and vegetable preparations. Serves as an excellent addition to the refrigerator without a freezer or with a small freezer compartment.

Height 114.5 cm, in depth and width, the dimensions of the model are equal to 48 cm and 59 cm, respectively. Volume of useful space 135 liters.

The unit is cooled by the static method, it needs regular manual defrosting. The internal space is equipped with retractable containers, allowing you to divide the contents into batches by freshness and other characteristics.

The control is electromechanical type, energy consumption of freezing equipment assigned class B.

Tips for choosing “Saratov Refrigerators”

When choosing a device, pay attention to the following characteristics.

Freezer location and chamber volume

A freezer is placed at the bottom or top of the refrigerator. Both options are comfortable and ergonomic. When choosing, each is guided by its own ideas about convenience.

An important characteristic of a household appliance is the volume of the refrigerator chambers. The more products you plan to store, the more voluminous freezers and refrigerators should be.

Case coating and type of control

The coating may be plastic or plastic-metal, which is a polymer reinforced with a steel sheet. The second option, in the presence of corrosion protection, is preferred. If it is not, rusty smudges may form over time.

In this case, it is better to choose plastic, which is a durable and lightweight modern composite. If you plan to transport the refrigerator, choose a model with a plastic case.

As for the type of control, in low-cost models, as a rule, they do not use nanotechnology. Saratov refrigerators use a cost-effective electromechanical control that ensures proper operation even in places with power outages and regular power outages.

There is no alternative to this type of control in low-cost models.

Energy consumption and type of refrigerant

Refrigerators of Saratov manufacturers are produced mainly in classes B and C, there are also models of class A. By electricity consumption they lose to more economical counterparts.

The leading Russian manufacturer has not yet implemented energy conservation technologies used around the world. Class A when choosing a model is most preferable.

The manufacturer of refrigerators in their models uses an inexpensive freon R134a. Many companies have refused it, since the specified refrigerant clogs the capillary tubes. The units in which it is used are more noisy and dangerous in case of freon leakage.

Defrosting method and climate class

The function NoFrost, which does not require defrosting, is absent in the refrigerators of Saratov. In budget domestic models, two types of thawing are used: drip - for the refrigerator compartment, manual - for the freezer.

Defrosting of such refrigerators, unlike devices with a manual defrosting system, can be carried out once a year. A high-quality polyurethane insulator reliably protects against the formation of frost in the freezer.

The appliance must comply with the climatic class. For example, to work in the temperature range + 16-32 ° С, class N is chosen, and the temperature class + 10-32 ° С corresponds to class SN. The efficiency and uninterrupted operation of the device depend on the correctly selected parameter.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Tips for choosing refrigeration equipment in the following video:

A video about the manufacturer of “Saratov” brand refrigerators, which tells about the history and today of the company:

Refrigerators "Saratov" are called a workhorse, the purchase of which can be saved. Models of the Russian manufacturer represent household appliances in the best price-performance ratio. These are reliable devices that will last their owners for at least fifteen years.

But the operation of devices, a characteristic feature of which is increased energy consumption, will cost a lot. Of all the presented models, the Saratov-479 refrigerator is the most economical and less tiring in everyday life.

Looking for an inexpensive, reliable and practical refrigerator for your home or cottage? Or is there experience in using the Saratov technique? Tell our readers about the specifics of the operation and maintenance of such units. Share your personal experiences and ask questions - the comment form is located below.

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  1. Inna A

    Faced with a refrigerator Saratov 451 and impressions were not the best. Perhaps other models of this brand are better, but specifically this one has too many disadvantages. I wouldn’t take it home, despite the low price. First of all, it is worth noting the unsuccessful layout of the refrigerator - with a large total volume, in fact a few products get into it. The second significant minus is that the condensate freezes, it must be periodically thawed. In general, the model of the refrigerator from the last century.

    • Michael

      Well, what did you want for such a small price, Inna? Yes, and not quite I agree that it does not contain much. For a single-chamber refrigerator is quite worthy. I have Saratov in my country house, and everything fits into him normally. He freezes well, does not make too much noise - he stands by the bed and does not interfere with sleep. And there are no questions regarding reliability so far - it has been working for almost ten years, there are no problems with it.