What brand of refrigerator is better to buy: eight of the best brands + useful tips for customers

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The first thing we pay attention to when buying household appliances is its manufacturer. In most cases, the brand name can determine the level of reliability, quality, efficiency and functionality of the device.

You need a refrigerator, but you don’t know how to decide on the manufacturer, since this category of goods is represented by hundreds of different companies? Yes, indeed, deficit times are a thing of the past and today the market is full of lots of offers in different price ranges.

Each brand has its own characteristics, pros and cons, which must be taken into account. Let's figure out which brand refrigerators are best to buy and what to look for when choosing equipment.

TOP-8 popular brands of refrigerators

The range of refrigeration units includes a variety of models costing from 5 to 500 thousand rubles.

Such a gap in price is due to a number of important criteria - design, design specifics, functionality, volume, technical characteristics, device performance and pricing policy of the company.

To get a more complete picture of the technology of a particular brand, we have gathered the best representatives of the industry who produce devices of a budget, middle, premium class.

Places in the ranking of the best manufacturers of refrigerators were distributed based on expert opinions and reviews of the owners.

1st place - German company Liebherr

Liebherr produces world-famous high-class home appliances, including household, professional refrigerators - standard, built-in products, side-by-side, devices for cooling wine, lari.

AT Liebherr models managed to successfully combine high quality standards, advanced technology, elegant style that fits into the kitchen with any interior. They are collected in Bulgaria, Austria, Germany.

Liebherr brand refrigerator
Price tags start at about 13 thousand rubles for a small single-chamber device without a freezer and reach 350 thousand for roomy three-chamber devices with numerous advanced functions

Among the “smart systems” and technical features introduced by the brand in their development, it is worth noting:

  • Smartsteel - a practical coating that protects the parts and body from damage;
  • Supercool - provides quick cooling;
  • Powercooling - responsible for the uniform distribution of temperature;
  • Biofresh - creates a zone of freshness, prolonging the "youth" of products;
  • DuoCooling - sets up an individual climatic mode for the freezer and refrigerator;
  • Norost - creates the right environment for long-term storage of provisions, performs defrosting in automatic mode.

The most popular brand models are the refrigerator, balanced in price / quality CTP 2921, the most budget option CUwb 3311functional and roomy CNel 4713.

Advantages of German-made refrigerators:

  • ergonomic design and simple stylish design;
  • economical consumption of electricity at optimal power;
  • excellent functional content;
  • long service life;
  • an extensive selection of models.

The main disadvantages include high cost, poor-quality Bulgarian assembly mainly in budget models and problematic after-sales service.

2nd place - Korean brand Samsung

Samsung has not given way to a leader in the manufacture of home appliances for more than one year.

Samsung refrigeration equipment
The range includes stylish appliances with increased capacity, refrigerators with showcase glass doors, models with a lower / side / upper freezer. Approximate price range - from 25 to 165 thousand rubles

The brand's motto is endless innovation. That is why its refrigeration technology has a huge number of additional features and proprietary technologies.

Useful and practical innovations:

  • Triple Cooling - maintains optimal temperature levels and moisture levels in the chambers, prevents undesirable mixing of odors;
  • Metal cooling panel - a metal plate provides additional cold in the chambers;
  • Family hub - integrates with system devices "smart House";
  • All-around cooling - Launches comprehensive uniform cooling of the internal space, maintains constant temperature values;
  • Twin cooling plus - forms a high level of humidity (up to 70%), which favors the preservation of freshness of food, prevents the drying of products, eliminates the penetration of odors into the freezer;
  • Anti-bacterial protector - takes care of the cleanliness of the air in the working chamber by passing the air masses through a special filter containing activated carbon.

A reliable technological model is especially popular among buyers. RB-30 J3200EFoptimal in terms of price / quality RT-25 HAR4DWWmultifunctional RB-37 J5240SA.

The advantages of Samsung refrigerators
Koreans have something to offer the buyer - their models are endowed with reliable components, impressive functionality, excellent technical parameters

Benefits refrigerators of the Korean manufacturer:

  • convenient and comfortable operation;
  • good roominess, universal design with many additional compartments;
  • advanced functionality;
  • high-quality inverter compressors;
  • almost silent functioning;
  • sleek design in a variety of stylish colors.

As disadvantages, users mention the heating of the side walls in individual models.

3rd place - Japanese brand Sharp

The Japanese brand Sharp uses patented proprietary technology in the production and thinks through the technique to the details.

The result is high-quality multifunctional equipment with a convenient design and innovative design.

Sharp Japanese refrigerator
Most Japanese models are premium. The range of refrigerators consists of 2-door and 4-door appliances with a different arrangement of freezers.The price tags of the company range from 26 to 325 thousand rubles

AT Sharp refrigerators special intelligent solutions implemented:

  • Hybrid cooling - the hybrid cooling system evenly directs the flows of cold air masses to all corners of the chamber, maintains the necessary marks of humidity, temperature, protects food from freezing, weathering;
  • Plasmacluster ion - provides continuous purification of air in the chamber, preventing the deterioration of provisions and the mixing of odors;
  • J-tech inverter - A new heavy-duty compressor that significantly saves electricity by choosing the optimal mode of operation depending on specific indoor and outdoor conditions;
  • Express cool - Starts accelerated freezing, makes ice in 1.5 hours;
  • Extra cool - as accurately as possible controls the temperature, preventing excessive freezing of various types of products.

The most rated devices of the Sharp trademark are the most budget in the line SJ-B233ZRWHpremium three-chamber SJ-F95STBEroomy SJ-B132ZRSL.

Advantages of Japanese-made refrigerators:

  • upscale design;
  • almost silent work;
  • very rich functionality;
  • high-quality, reliable and convenient design;
  • extensive assortment;
  • economical energy consumption.

The disadvantages of the devices mainly include only their high cost.

4th place - South Korean manufacturer LG

LG strives for optimal solutions and innovative developments, releasing reliable modern technology that makes life easier. The brand’s mission is to make the customer’s life comfortable.

Range of refrigerators LG
The range of the brand is quite diverse: for sale there are side-by-side devices with an upper / lower freezer, multi-chamber devices, original door-in-door models that implement a non-standard approach to the design and construction of the device, and food storage

LG refrigerators are known for good build quality, increased wear resistance, and powerful compressors.

The company supplies the equipment with interesting features:

  • Moist Balance Crisper - Forms and maintains an ideal temperature environment for preserving the freshness of food products, collecting excess condensate in the holes of special cells;
  • Multi air flow - prevents the formation of ice on the inner surfaces of the chambers;
  • Freshbalancer - adjusts the humidity level, allowing you to set the optimal mode for fruits and vegetables;
  • Hygiene fresh - thanks to an effective 5-step filter, it kills bacteria that cause air pollution, food, quick food spoilage;
  • Naturefresh - takes care of the long-term preservation of valuable properties, natural freshness, natural taste of vegetables;
  • Total no frost - eliminates the need for manual defrosting of the refrigerator / freezer.

Among all offers LG users especially liked the functional model with the ability to control from a smartphone GA-B429 SMQZstylish and roomy GA-B499 YECZenergy efficient GA-B429 SQQZ.

One of the models of LG brand refrigerators
LG devices are called almost the quietest refrigeration equipment on the market. Depending on the complexity of execution and functionality, the cost varies from 28 to 150 thousand rubles

Advantages of South Korean manufacturer refrigerators:

  • efficient and economical inverter compressor with a ten-year warranty;
  • stable operation during voltage drops;
  • the ability to control from a smartphone in many models;
  • aesthetic design concept.

The reviews periodically contain user complaints about overly expensive refrigerator repairs. They also write that the interior decoration of some models uses thin plastic.

5th place - German company Bosch

Refrigerators from the German manufacturer Bosch are an example of excellent functionality and impeccable technical parameters. Characteristic features of this technique are ergonomic design, energy-efficient technologies, ease of operation.

In the assortment of the company you can see devices side-by-side, freezers / refrigerators, classic units with different locations for freezers, wine coolers.

Refrigerator from the manufacturer Bosch
Bosch models are wide and narrow, built-in and installed separately, small portable and standard full-sized. The price range of refrigerators is approximately 25-140 thousand rubles

Bosch equips refrigerators with the latest innovative developments:

  • Variostyle - allows you to change the design of the device using a removable color panel;
  • Vitafresh - creates an area with a temperature of about 0 ° C, in which the valuable properties of fruits and vegetables are preserved three times longer than usual;
  • Naturecool - maintains the humidity level necessary for products, keeping taste, aroma, natural freshness of food;
  • Varioxl - provides for the rational organization of the internal space;
  • Touchcontrol - Provides the ability to control temperature through a simple touch screen display.

In list popular Bosch models - capacious and multifunctional refrigerator KGN39VI21R; stylish and technological KGE39XW2AR; reliable device with many additional features - KGN39AV18.

Advantages of German-made refrigerators:

  • convenient location of shelves, many special compartments and containers;
  • thrifty energy consumption;
  • reliable mechanisms;
  • wide assortment range.

Of the minuses note the noise of some economy models, expensive parts.

6th place - Belarusian brand ATLANT

The Belarusian company Atlant is one of the best manufacturers of budget refrigerators. Its reliable and durable technology is designed for practical and economical customers.

Atlant brand refrigerators
The wide range of the brand includes devices with different dimensions, capacity, design style - single-chamber and two-chamber refrigeration appliances, freezers, wine coolers. You can buy equipment at a price of 8 to 34 thousand rubles

Belarusians endow refrigerators with such technologies and functions:

  • FRESH - provides normal natural circulation of air flows, sets optimal parameters for temperature, humidity;
  • No frost - promotes automatic air circulation, preventing the formation of ice and frost on surfaces;
  • Smart air flow - forcibly accelerates air in several directions at the same time, so that the products are cooled in a short time (shock freezing);
  • Super fresh box - extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, preserving their original taste due to the airtight section;
  • Air receiver - instantly blocks incoming heat from the outside.

Top sellers among ATLANT models are affordable and easy to maintain refrigerator XM 4214-000roomy XM 4021-000compact and budget X 2401-100.

Advantages of refrigerators of the Belarusian manufacturer:

  • affordable pricing policy;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • wear resistance of mechanisms;
  • big choice;
  • long service life.

The disadvantages of the brand are the poor choice in terms of design, quite noisy compressors.

7th place - Turkish manufacturer BEKO

Beco skillfully balances the ratio of quality and price. The company produces modern reliable refrigerators, setting prices at an affordable level for different categories of customers.

One of BEKO's models
The manufacturer's assortment is represented by narrow and wide classic instruments, unusual models under glass, side-by-side devices. Among the available offers there is an opportunity to choose options from 8 to 60 thousand rubles

In terms of innovation, smart solutions and manufacturability, BEKO is not far behind its competitors:

  • Full no frost - starts automatic thawing, prevents the formation of ice, condensate;
  • NeoFrost - maintains air quality, does not allow mixing of different odors, maintains a normal level of moisture;
  • EverFresh + - it controls humidity with high accuracy, reduces the level of condensation, minimizes temperature fluctuations, leaving vegetables and fruits healthy and fresh for up to 10 days;
  • Active Fresh Blue Light - preserves the natural aroma, nutritional value, natural content of vitamins in vegetables;
  • Ionization system - fills the air environment with ions having bactericidal properties;
  • Eco-fuzz - puts the device into energy-saving mode;
  • Twist - a protective mechanism against overflows built into the ice container.

Most of all, users recommend buying the best refrigerator in terms of price / quality. RCNK 270K20 Wbudget CS 335020roomy RCSK 335M20 W.

Benefits refrigerators of the Turkish manufacturer:

  • a large number of multi-functional departments;
  • ergonomic, stylish design of the case;
  • low power consumption;
  • the use of environmentally friendly refrigerant and safe materials;
  • stable functioning without dependence on external temperature indicators.

The disadvantages include the noise of most models, the poor build quality of some budget devices.

8th place - Italian company Indesit

The last participant in the rating is the Italian company Indesit. Experts talk about this brand as one of the most reliable in the budget segment.

Indesit lineup
Indesit refrigeration equipment is available in different versions: standard, built-in, combined models, with upper / lower arrangement of the freezer, one, two-door. Brand goods are sold at a price of 10-30 thousand rubles

The company introduces useful technologies, capabilities and functions into devices:

  • Sliding system - provides for a special design of shelves, extended by 7 centimeters, which provides optimal visibility and easy access to products;
  • Total No Frost + - sets uniform temperature indicators for the internal space of the device;
  • Push & cool - operatively lowers temperature marks inside the chamber;
  • Total no frost - blocks the formation of frost, unpleasant odors, fungus, mold, eliminates the need for manual defrosting of the freezer;
  • Push & freeze - urgently lowers the temperature, performing quick freezing;
  • Myspace - makes it possible to rationally use the workspace.

Among buyers, several are especially in demand. models of the brand Indesit - inexpensive but reliable Ef 16functional DF 4180 Wroomy DS 320 W.

Advantages of refrigerators of the Italian manufacturer:

  • budget price;
  • good functional equipment;
  • elegant minimalist design with strict forms;
  • decent quality components.

In some models, there are also disadvantages - noisy work, lack of a Nou Frost system, a limited number of frozen products per day.

Advantages of Indesit refrigeration
The Indesit brand produces refrigerators from high-quality modern components that extend the service life of devices and ensure their durability

As you can see, the best, according to customers, brands of refrigerator manufacturers are trying to use fresh innovative developments, technological solutions, their own original ideas.

This makes it possible to preserve the freshness, nutritional value and benefits of the products stored in the refrigerator longer.

Recommendations for buyers of refrigerators

Having planned the purchase of a refrigerator, you must initially select a list of important criteria that you will be guided in the future.

Consider the following key nuances:

  1. Dimensions, volume and design. Select the height, width, depth of the product for the parameters of the kitchen room. Design style correlate with the interior of the kitchen. Capacity should be appropriate to the needs of the family.
  2. Type of defrosting the freezer. Think about what is preferable for you: appliances requiring manual defrosting, or equipped with the No Frost system, or drip thawing technology.
  3. Energy class. This indicator is marked with a marking from A to D. The higher the class, the more economical the device. The highest is considered A +++.
  4. Compressor type. These mechanisms are linear, invertor.

The first type of compressor uses the on / off principle. The second - operates continuously, maintaining temperature due to a smooth change in power. Thanks to this principle of operation inverter refrigerators they use energy more economically and do not make much noise.

Additional features and modes in refrigerators
Before buying a device, check if there are additional functions and modes that you need in the model you like - super cooling, express freezing, freshness zone, open door indicator and others

Once you decide on the budget for the purchase, the optimal technical specifications for yourself and the necessary functions, proceed to the choice of the manufacturer of the equipment.

Remember to analyze all the positive and negative arguments.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

A brief overview of the features of popular manufacturers of refrigeration equipment:

What you need to know when buying a refrigerator:

Each manufacturer considered has its own characteristics, numerous advantages, certain disadvantages.

Among them there are excellent options for both a modest and a more impressive family budget. Focusing on the information presented in the article, you can easily choose the ideal refrigerator from your point of view.

Share with your readers your experience in choosing, operating, and maintaining a refrigerator. Tell us which unit you bought the unit, are you satisfied with the operation of the cooling device. Please leave comments, ask questions and participate in discussions - the feedback form is located below.

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  1. Ilona

    I 100% agree that Atlant refrigerators have noisy compressors. I checked it myself. Since we have a Gorenje refrigerator, there is only room left for the Atlant freezer. The noise of the compressor is heard day and night. But I am directly satisfied with the operation of the unit. The camera is roomy and freezes well, the products are stored perfectly.

  2. Svetlana

    I did not expect to find such companies as Atlant and Veko in the list, especially ahead of Indesit! We have AlGi (in fourth place) and I wanted to change everything to Samsung, because considered this company a leader. Now everything changed in my head and became interested in Liebher's company. I have never even seen her in any advertisement, or even that way, in middle-class stores !. I’ll take a note and study)

  3. Larisa

    I have an Ariston refrigerator at home. I have been using it for two years now. For myself, I discovered the only drawback - it works noisily. At the same time, the design is reasonably thought out. Quickly freezes foods. It is equipped with the “No Frost” function, due to which ice growths are not formed, and the products do not stick together. As for prices, they vary depending on the store, but are within acceptable limits. For me, this option is optimal.

    • Well, I don’t know what is the point nowadays to buy a refrigerator that is noisy ..? Was it really not possible to pay quite a bit and buy a normal model?

      In general, with Hotpoint-Ariston I have negative associations. Mother-in-law and mother-in-law also bought at a small price and took the refrigerator of this company.They tormented him a lot - the build quality is poor, only under warranty they took him to repair several times, then for his own money. At first there was a freon leak, then the compressor burned out, then something else. I’m thinking about taking Samsung right away. Let them cost more, but there’s less chance of hassle with these breakdowns and repairs.

  4. Vladimir

    In general, from experience, Liebherr works great for parents, Sharpy and Samsung work just as smartly. But here you need to decide, and why do you need a refrigerator? Does it make sense to overpay?

    I have had Nord in the kitchen for 15 years. My wife and I thought to change it, but could not understand, why do we need a new refrigerator? Freshness Zone? So our fruits and vegetables usually do not stale for more than 2 days ... Do you need more? No. As a result, we have now come to the conclusion that we will not change the old Nord until it fails)).

  5. MarkSlep

    Many people believe for some reason that the entire Indesit is very budget, and there are also medium-priced and very high-quality refrigerators.

  6. Natalya

    My friend advised me of the Hotpoint brand refrigerator, I was very pleased. It has already served for about 6 years, good build quality, a decent choice for all time!

  7. Aytalina

    Not so often take 4 door refrigerators, but a pity. The convenience of such refrigerators is up to par. And the commodity neighborhood turns out to be observed. There is no smell in such refrigerators at all. We bought this pool. It is not particularly expensive for us. Completely silent.