Beko refrigerators: reviews, advantages and disadvantages of the brand + rating of the TOP-7 models

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The need to buy a refrigerator arises infrequently, since such equipment is purchased with the expectation of long-term operation. That is why you should carefully approach the choice of the unit - you need to pay attention to the dimensions, capacity and capabilities of the product, compare the price with the budget allocated for the purchase.

A good ratio of quality and price is demonstrated by the Beko refrigerator from a well-known brand of household appliances. Demand for equipment is constantly growing - the company's units occupy a place in the top five in terms of sales, which indicates the high performance characteristics of the company's devices.

We offer you to understand the unique technologies that are implemented in Beko refrigerators, evaluate the parameters of the most popular models, and also find out what users think about the operation of the units.

Unique technology equipment Beko

Modern refrigeration equipment Veko brand is characterized by ergonomic design and cutting-edge technological solutions.

The product range is represented by a medium and high price range with an additional guarantee from the manufacturer for a period of 5 years.

Beko brand refrigeration equipment
Refrigeration equipment with the Beko logo is represented by units of the premium class and mid-price segment. The cost of the units is justified by the excellent operation and reliability of the systems.

Constantly improving technological processes using innovations, the company has developed many unique functions that allow you to maintain the freshness of products for 2-4 weeks.

Laconic design and color variety

Beko refrigeration equipment attracts attention with its modern style, clarity of lines, a variety of sizes.

This allows you to place the equipment in rooms of any size, with various designs and style solutions, ranging from modern ones - high-tech, loft and Scandinavian style, to classic - modern and rococo.

Color gamut of equipment
The technique is presented in a wide range of colors. The range allows you to choose products in standard white, beige, marble-beige and black, as well as select exclusive mirror colors - red, white, black, silver

The latest innovative solution is the development of a stainless steel refrigerator cover that protects the surface from dust and dirt. Thanks to this, the user can no longer worry about constantly cleaning the product from fingerprints.

Another solution that has increased functionality is the ability door outweighing in the most convenient position for a person, on the right or left side.

Thus, there is no need to select a product that has only the right or only the left door. You can outweigh the doors yourself, depending on your habit or future location.

Saving space in an apartment or house is achieved by equipping the refrigerator with a flat back panel. Now it has become possible to place equipment close to the wall within 1-2 cm. Access to such panels is free, therefore it is quite easy and convenient to clean them.

Installing a Beco refrigerator in a niche
A specific design solution of the rear wall allows you to place the refrigerator next to building structures at a distance of 1-2 cm, which can significantly save space. Permissible installation in a niche, between the walls of which and the refrigerator should be a similar gap

Practicality and accessibility of use

Some products of the model range are equipped with economical LED lamps in white. This type of lighting allows you to create brighter saturated light.

Practical boxes, folding and swivel containers are provided for fresh fruit and vegetables. The advantage of these boxes is the ability to quickly access the necessary products even when the door is not fully opened.

After closing the refrigerator, the containers close automatically. It is convenient to store small products, cans, snacks in the folding cells.

Ice and water dispenser
Fans of soft drinks and ice can use the special department for storing purified water, ice in cubes and crushed

The automatic dispenser is controlled using the touch panel, which makes it possible to pour water or get ice without opening the door. An ice container and a water cartridge are also installed in the freezer, which are protected from overflow.

Additionally, a cooling compartment with the possibility of placing drinks up to 2.5 liters. To get the capacity, you need to lower the door of the minibar and use it as a table.

For safe cooling of bottles with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, a removable chrome panel with bends is located in the refrigerator compartment. If necessary, make space in the Veko refrigerator to remove the holder.

Detachable bottle shelf
For proper storage of bottles in the refrigerator and for rational use of space, removable light shelves are attached to Beco models

An equally practical detail in the product is a telescopic glass pull-out shelf with plastic sides.

Thanks to its functionality, you can get products that are placed close to the back wall without taking out the dishes in front. In case of liquid spills, the plastic tips protect the boxes located below from getting inside.

Some models of equipment are equipped with drawers that allow you to use all available space to the maximum.These containers are removable, which ensures their quick removal and convenient cleaning of accumulated debris.

Drawers in a Beco refrigerator
Boxes function by moving them along special guides. This feature protects the surface under the containers from scratches and chips.

Using the control system, the multifunctional refrigerator compartment can be turned into a single freezing chamber.

In the product, the temperature is set from -24 to + 10 degrees Celsius. Freezers have sufficient volumes for comfortable placement of frozen berries, vegetables and meat products. Depending on the type of product, 4 temperature modes can be set in the product, including the quick freeze function.

High-end management option

The manufacturer has developed many functions that made it easy and safe to use the equipment.

When you turn on a modern system Eco-fuzz the refrigerator goes into power saving mode. This function only starts after the doors have not been opened for more than 6 hours.

Vacation function with energy saving
Owners of Turkish refrigeration equipment have the opportunity to transfer the unit to the mode of economical energy consumption for the period of a long absence of owners during the holiday period

Having chosen the “Vacation” function, the equipment is transferred to the mode of economical energy consumption. At the same time, the refrigerator compartment itself is not cooled, and only the compartment of the freezer section is working.

If the door is loosely closed or left open for more than 60 seconds, the electronic system beeps for a problem.

Antibacterial protective coating with ionizer

In order to give high hygienic properties to the coating, to prevent odors and the preservation of long-term freshness of products in the equipment uses an ionizer.

This system provides saturation of the air inside the product with negative ions that have a bactericidal effect.

Antibacterial Air Purification System
After passing through the departments of the equipment, the exhaust air returns to the installed air exhaust filter, passes to the ionizer, and then re-enters in cleaned form

A special antibacterial filter helps prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms on products and surfaces. In addition, the filter element destroys odors and also prevents their mixing.

Doors and other functional elements are equipped with rubber bands with the function of protection against bacteria. For proper storage of fresh vegetables and fruits, a compartment with a blue backlight is provided.

Technology Fresh Blue Light provides longer preservation of useful properties of products. Fresh greens can be stored in containers that have the ability to adjust the humidity level.

Optimum humidity compartment
The range of Beko refrigerators has models with an organized freshness zone, within which the aroma and natural humidity of fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits are best preserved

Dual circuit cooling system NeoFrost

An innovative step in the development of the company and the release of new improved models of Beko brand refrigerators was the development of a dual-circuit cooling system. Due to this, there is no need for defrosting equipment.

In the practical application of this system, it should be noted that it is possible to constantly maintain the required temperature and humidity inside two chambers - a refrigerator and a freezer, separately.

Technology NeoFrost represents two different cooling and conditioning elements that operate independently of each other. Thus, odors are not mixed in the refrigerator, and cooling occurs evenly.

Modern NeoFrost technology in products
The system allows you to preserve the freshness of products from a few days to a month, preventing dehydration of vegetables. fruit, semi-finished products and the multiplication of bacteria in them

The circulation of air masses occurs constantly and evenly across all departments and regiments, even if the compressor is turned off.

Maintaining the optimum temperature and speed of air flow allows you to prevent possible freezing of products.

Full NoFrost Anti-Condensation Technology

This cooling system is designed to prevent condensation and icing on the walls of the equipment.

The technology provides for automatic thawing of ice due to the continuous operation of the ventilation system without the need for forced defrosting. The presence or absence of such a cooling system is indicated in the technical passport of each model.

The scheme of the refrigerator without frost
The continuous circulation of air mass inside the refrigeration and freezers eliminates condensation and the formation of ice growths. The unit automatically gets rid of the conditions that create them

Also thanks to the function Norost and a special freezing chamber located in one of the departments of the freezer, it is possible to perform express freezing, preserving the structure and useful properties of the product as much as possible.

Temperature control is carried out using the touch screen, which displays the entered settings.

Power Consumption and Noise

The entire product range is low electricity consumption and noise. The equipment belongs to the class A + and A ++, which guarantees a reduction in the volume of consumed resources by 15%. This category of goods prevails over class A and saves from 10 to 30 kW per month.

Characteristics of the model in terms of power consumption and noise
Despite the fact that several cooling fans are installed in the equipment, the noise level is quite low - no more than 40 dB

The advantage of refrigerators is the use in the design of only environmentally friendly and safe materials that are non-toxic to humans. The products are equipped with elements with a gaseous coolant that does not destroy the ozone layer.

Almost all elements and materials are environmentally friendly and are recyclable after use.

Popular refrigerator models

Analyzing the extensive range of Beko refrigeration equipment, it should be noted that their design features, technological capabilities, appearance allow the buyer to choose the necessary product according to his individual requirements.

The equipment can be selected in the right size, taking into account the maximum possible available area for its future placement. In the assortment presented on the market, customers are offered various models, including the built-in type.

Types of Beco brand refrigeration equipment
Products come in one, two and three chambers, with a different type of arrangement of the freezer or without it, with an electromechanical and touch control type, equipped with additional functions

To make sure you choose the right model, you should familiarize yourself with the most popular ones that have been highlighted by experts and customers.

The rating is based on a combination of several factors:

  • the presence of positive and negative reviews during operation;
  • how much the price corresponds to the quality declared by the manufacturer;
  • unique capabilities and technologies that give multifunctionality to equipment;
  • design and color scheme;
  • practicality in use;
  • energy consumption level.

Below are models that differ in the type of design and overall dimensions.

Model # 1 - BEKO DSMV 5280MA0 W

Model DSMV 5280MA0 W - white two-compartment refrigeratormade in modern design. The product has a simple design: there are no handles on the case, which allows you to quickly clean the surface. The freezer is located in the upper part, the volume is 46 liters.

Dimensions of the equipment - 54x60x160 cm, a total volume of 256 liters and a weight of 47 kg. It works almost silently and consumes only 298 kWh / year.The advantage of this model is the ability to maintain cold even when disconnected from the mains for 16 hours.

The control system is electromechanical. Lighting inside the structure is standard, yellow. Perimeter Doors Equipped antibacterial sealing gum, which prevents the formation of mold and fungus, as well as the development of bacteria.

One box is provided for vegetables and fruits, and glass shelves for other products. On the door are plastic containers that are designed to store bottles, eggs, cans and other small products.

Defrosting the freezer is done manually, and the second section is equipped with a drip defrosting system.

Model # 2 - BEKO RDSK 240M00 W

The RDSK 240M00 W is a combination of elegance and innovative technology. The product is made in classic white color. Such equipment allows you to store a large number of products both in the refrigerator, the volume of which is 177 liters, and in the freezing department, whose capacity is 46 liters

Without electricity, the technician can maintain the optimum temperature inside the chambers for up to 16 hours. The model differs in modest dimensions - 54x60x145.8 cm, and low weight - 42.6 kg.

Main advantages:

  • high energy efficiency class - AND;
  • affordable cost;
  • small in size, but roomy enough;
  • doors, if necessary, can be outweighed;
  • sound glass shelves.

In addition to these advantages, the product is characterized by a fairly low level of energy consumption (284 kW / year) and almost silent operation. This type of equipment is suitable for private houses, small apartments and cottages.

Model # 3 - BEKO RCNK 296E21 S

Model RCNK 296E21 S - compact and practical two-chamber unit silver color, size 59.5x60x175 cm. The refrigerator is suitable for equipping apartments with a small kitchen or private houses. It has a small weight of about 60.6 kg and an acceptable energy efficiency of 317 kWh / year.

Type of control electronic. Useful volume is 278 liters. In the refrigerator and freezer of this refrigerator, the No Frost system is implemented, so the model does not need periodic defrost.

The advantages include the option of super-freezing, an indication of the temperature, as well as the ability to outweigh the doors and the presence of an elastic band on them, which has antibacterial properties. Isobutane is used to perform the cooling function. The product belongs to the climatic class SN; T.

Model # 4 - Beko BU 1100 HCA

A popular model among the built-in type of refrigerators is considered single chamber unit BU 1100 HCA. Dimensions of 59.8x54.2x82 cm allow you to install appliances in furniture modules.

The technique provides for the efficient distribution and storage of products, saving space in the room. Models are equipped with doors with a smooth smooth surface without any design decisions. The design is intended for subsequent installation in the kitchen.

The model has two separate chambers, inside of which there are multifunctional glass shelves, various bottle holders, fruit containers, fish. Special Section - freshness zoneThere is a department for freezing ice.

The advantages of this model are a high class of energy saving (A +), touch control type, noise level less than 40 dB and high climatic class - SN; T. A yellow lamp is installed inside for lighting. For ease of installation and subsequent use, doors can be rearranged from one side to the other.

Model # 5 - Beko RCNK 270K20 S

Products with freezers located under the refrigerator department are similar in their functional qualities to models that have the upper type of arrangement of the freezer. The only difference is the type of construction.

Among the popular models on the technology market in this section is the RCNK 270K20 S.The product is made in white and has two separate cameras. On the doors there are chrome handles convenient for quick opening, and there are also sealing gum with protection against the development of bacteria.

Inside the refrigerator, LED lighting and a mechanical temperature controller are installed.

In the freezer section there are 3 spacious compartments with lockable plastic doors. The volume of the refrigeration department is 250 liters, which allows you to place a large number of products. Volumetric internal space is achieved due to product dimensions - 60x60x200 cm.

The model provides quick freeze and cool functions. Defrosting the freezer is done manually as necessary, and the refrigerator does not need to be defrosted, as it implements a cooling scheme No frost.

The climate class and energy efficiency are also of a high level - with constant operation of the equipment, up to 15% of electricity is saved, in comparison with similar models of consumption class A. This model can be placed in rooms with high temperature indicators - up to +38 degrees.

One of the main advantages of the refrigerator is the ability to maintain optimal temperature inside the chamber to preserve the freshness of fruits, vegetables and cooked foods for up to 18 hours when disconnected from the network.

Model # 6 - Beko RCSK 250M00 W

Small two-chamber refrigerator RCSK 250M00 W is suitable for small apartments and small families. Case height 158 ​​cm, width with a depth of 54 cm and 60 cm, respectively. The model offers owners 240 l of usable space, of which 65 l is occupied by the freezer compartment.

Both the refrigerator compartment and the freezer will have to be periodically thawed, because they are cooled in a static way. According to it, condensate is inevitably formed, which is removed by drops through a receiver intended for its collection. From time to time, due to the low temperature, it turns into frost or ice crust.

Electromechanical type control, which attracts by its simplicity and trouble-free operation. there is sound indicationwarning of a loose door. The unit freezes up to 4 kg in one day. Used in decoration antibacterial coating. Climate rating N; SN.

Model # 7 - BEKO RCSK 270M20 W

The elegant white RCSK 270M20 W refrigerator is designed for those who often use the freezer compartment located below. The height of the unit is 171 cm, the width with a depth of 54 cm and 60 cm, respectively. The useful volume of the model is 262 liters.

The drip system is used in the refrigerator compartment, and the freezer requires periodic manual defrosting. If this procedure is performed regularly, then frost and ice growths inside the chambers will not be.

It is controlled by a simple and reliable electromechanical device. In the decoration applied antibacterial coating. According to climatic classes, the model is assigned to ST categories; N; SN.

Pros and Cons of User Reviews

Beco brand refrigeration equipment - the optimal ratio of the cost of the product and its functionality.

Thanks to the development and constant introduction of technologies, modernization of the design, improvement of product design, the manufacturer has won regular customers throughout the Russian Federation and the world.

Recommendations of experts on the selection of equipment
Basically, only positive customer reviews prove that the brand rightfully occupies a leading position in the ranking of sales in the home appliance market

Among the negative reviews, the following is most often noted:

  1. Inconvenient arrangement of shelves.
  2. Insufficient volume of boxes for storing vegetables.
  3. Lack of timely service from the manufacturer.

Positive feedback on the technology is much more:

  • freshness of foods is maintained for a long time;
  • the formation and development of pathogens is prevented;
  • air is cleaned with an ionizer;
  • Vitamin C is preserved in fruits and vegetables with the help of a blue lamp in the container;
  • You can get ice and chilled drinks without opening the refrigeration department.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Tips for choosing refrigeration equipment for domestic use:

A real assessment of the pros and cons of Beko brand refrigerators was carried out by the equipment repairman:

Given the characteristics of the popular range of Veko refrigeration equipment, everyone will be able to choose for themselves a model that will meet the requirements and wishes regarding functionality and appearance.

From economy-level technology to the high price segment, from basic functions to modern high-tech, from minibars to large two-door products, any of the presented models will become an indispensable tool in preserving the freshness of products in the house.

And which refrigerator do you prefer? Or are you just planning on buying a cooling device? Please share your experience of choice and impressions about the use of technology. Leave comments, ask questions, add product reviews and tips for buyers - the contact form is located below.

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    Veko makes a reliable technique. Although they are relatively recent in the market, unlike the same Samsung or Indesit mastodons, there are very few complaints about them. Therefore, they chose a refrigerator for themselves, this company. They took GN 163120 W. He, of course, is not cheap, but the refrigerator is super. I really like their No Frost system, when it is also maintained constant humidity and odors do not mix, this is really so. The shelves are located very conveniently, it works quietly.