Whirlpool refrigerators: reviews, product line overview + what to look for before buying

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Today, the Whirlpool refrigerator is an example of first-class technology, which is distinguished by its functionality, reliability and practicality. The manufacturer is actively introducing cutting-edge technology into production.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the devices of this brand have been in great demand for decades.

Let's see what is interesting and noteworthy refrigeration equipment under the Wirlpool brand. To do this, consider the five most popular units of the brand.

The benefits of American home appliances

Once touching the Virlpool refrigerators, it is difficult to forget this sensation. The manufacturer is trying to idealize every, even the smallest, detail. All components of the device are made with filigree accuracy and perfectly matched to each other. This approach makes the device not only reliable, but also quite attractive in appearance.

Whirlpool company
The company's management pays attention not only to the reliability and functionality of its products, but also to the level of service. Entering the store, the buyer can count on first-class service and assistance from a qualified, experienced consultant

Great competition and a rapid change in customer preferences led to the fact that Virlpool engineers have to constantly use only the latest developments. To produce exclusively high-quality products that will faithfully serve their owners for years.

Whirlpool specialists are not shy about using innovative technologies, in particular artificial intelligence. Thanks to this, the output is a household appliance that thinks for the user.

The need for manual tuning disappears completely. After all, the refrigerator adapts to the characteristics of the environment without any problems.Due to special sensors, the temperature inside the chambers changes automatically.

All this provides an opportunity both in the summer and in the winter season to create an optimal environment for long-term storage of almost any product.

Whirlpool refrigerators
All modern models of American refrigerators are equipped with a system called Total No Frost. In this case, the freezer does not need defrosting. At the same time, this technology limits the formation of mold and any unpleasant odors inside the chamber without drying the food

For the manufacture of technology, the company mainly uses stainless steel. Therefore, this equipment is ideal for a luxurious, elegant classic kitchen, and for the room, made in the modern style.

Using the equipment from Virlpool, it is not difficult to create a perfectly arranged and harmonious design.

The list of advantages of this brand’s equipment should also include:

  1. Spaciousness. Properly organized interior space makes it possible to accommodate just a huge amount of food in both compartments of the refrigerator.
  2. Rich functionality. The presence of super-freezing, super-cooling and Stand-by modes will be useful for the hostess who prefers to harvest large volumes of products.
  3. Child protection and a sound signal when the door is opened. Now the baby will not be able to accidentally change the operating mode of the refrigerator, which previously often led to spoilage of all products.
  4. Nice looking. The technique from Wirlpool can rightly be called a real work of art.

Subject to all the rules of operation of the product will serve a long period of time. At the same time, care for them is minimal and will not create unnecessary problems for the housewife.

Built-in Whirlpool refrigerator
If the American refrigerator is still out of order, you can always contact the service center. Fortunately, the craftsmen got the hang of quickly repairing equipment from this brand. In addition, the cost of services will be acceptable to everyone.

The negative sides of the Whirlpool units

As you know, ideally designed devices do not exist and, accordingly, equipment of any price range has a number of its drawbacks. The same applies to Virlpool refrigerators. Let's consider some of them.

The case of most models is most often made of thin sheet steel. What does this threaten? The whole catch is that if you press the door with your finger, even if you do it lightly, then a small dent will remain on it.

Therefore, this technique will not be the best choice for families with small children.

In some cases, customers complain about a malfunction of the control module. They say they hear some strange clicks. But this problem is solved quite simply - you need to call the wizard, which will quickly fix this defect.

Whirlpool refrigerator interior
Despite its shortcomings, Virlpool devices are becoming more and more popular every day. The reason for this is that all the minuses are completely and completely leveled by virtues. Well, in case of breakdowns they are quickly and inexpensively fixed by calling the wizard

The last minus is the problems with the electronics. The thing is that refrigerators manufactured by Whirlpool are afraid of power surges.

Therefore, if it was decided to purchase them, and the apartment / house may occasionally experience interruptions in the power supply, you will also have to install stabilizer.

Features of the model range

The range of refrigeration equipment from the American company is simply huge. The lineup is regularly updated with both single- and dual-chamber devices.

In the first case, the technique is a separate freezer compartment. An impressive amount of products can be added to it. Often they are made in the form of a mini-refrigerator with a built-in small freezer. It will be an ideal solution for an office or a summer residence.

As for the two-chamber models, in this case the freezer compartment can be located both in the upper, and in the lower or lateral part of the device. Therefore, it’s not difficult to choose the best equipment for your kitchen.

Corner fridge
Corner and built-in refrigerators will be an ideal choice for small apartments, where the dimensions of the kitchen area leave much to be desired. With Virlpool appliances, you can use every square meter of housing

Among Virlpool devices there are angular and built-in devices. Both of these solutions provide an opportunity to effectively fill the kitchen space, as well as realize even the most daring design ideas.

Otherwise, the appearance of the built-in and corner models is practically no different from the standard ones.

The secret to the success of two-chamber models

Fans of modern and multifunctional household appliances will appreciate two-chamber units from Whirlpool. Since its release, they have been in demand and popular among thousands of buyers. To understand all its advantages, we will consider each aspect in more detail.

The appearance of two-chamber models is characterized by elegance and the use of exclusively high-quality materials in the production process. Yes, the cost of this equipment is quite high, but it is fully consistent with its price tag. The case has a strict rectangular shape.

Refrigerators do not contain any extra parts that could overload the interior. This is what makes them sophisticated and truly luxurious. The previously listed tones are classic. Therefore, Whirlpool refrigeration equipment can be harmoniously integrated into absolutely any design.

A number of refrigerators
If the above model does not fit, then the manufacturer offers a number of refrigerators, the design of which corresponds to the concept of Glamor. Therefore, you don’t have to rack your brains to achieve the most harmonious combination of a headset and technology

The minimalist design of the two-chamber refrigerators with the Whirlpool logo is successfully diluted with aluminum handles, a convenient control panel, a water dispenser and a display based on liquid crystals. The competent layout of these elements provided an opportunity to emphasize the manufacturability of the model and turned it into a device that was brought from the future. Lovers of high-tech style will love this.

Side-by-side refrigeration giants

A separate segment in the assortment of the company are refrigerators designed according to the side-by-side scheme. Simply put, these are two-chamber refrigerators with a vertically arranged freezer, the door of which is mirrored opposite the door of the refrigerator compartment.

Such a design solution is quite common in the United States. After all, Americans prefer to buy roomy cooling equipment so that you can purchase products for a week and put everything compactly.

Refrigerators with the so-called French door, released by an American company, are not the most cumbersome equipment. In the lineup of South Korean suppliers Samsung, as well as LG, there are more “monumental" options. But, given the width of 0.9 m, just a huge number of products will fit inside without any problems.

Refrigerator Whirlpool WSG 5588
WSG 5588 belongs to the class of Green Generation. Only household appliances are included in this list, the functioning of which requires the lowest possible amount of electricity

Whirlpool's side-by-side refrigerator requires a modest amount of power to operate. The manufacturer claims that in one year he will spend no more than 450 kWh. Such characteristics correspond to energy efficiency category A +.

In this case, the owner can use the super-freeze function, so that you can significantly speed up the process. The refrigerator compartment also provides the ability to quickly cool foods. The mode can be turned off manually.If you do not do this, then, after 6 hours, it is deactivated automatically.

The “Vacation” function will also be useful. In this case, the refrigerator consumes a minimum of electricity, which will undoubtedly come in handy when the owner is about to go somewhere to relax. But before you turn on this mode, you must take out all perishable products and tightly press the door.

Open refrigerator Whirlpool WSG 5588
Do you like to have parties or regular gatherings with friends? An American-made side-by-side refrigerator will help cool drinks for guests right in the freezer. But before that, do not forget to activate the Party Mode.

The volume of the cooling section is divided using shelves. They are made of high-strength tempered glass that can withstand even a large Olivier pot.

Thanks to the special coating, no contamination accumulates inside the compartment, which greatly simplifies cleaning. The shelves are mounted on sliding rails. Now there will be no need to reach for food and pots that stand at the back wall.

Under the shelves is a compartment Zerozonewhere the temperature is maintained at 0 degrees Celsius. Here you can store everything that you plan to drink or eat in the near future. At the same time, the department is divided into two parts, allowing the separation of diverse products.

Outdoor fridge
Whirlpool WSG 5588 uses LED lighting to illuminate the compartments. It is pleasant to the eyes and even in complete darkness provides the ability to quickly find a product

As for the freezer, it is also divided by shelves. Under them you can find a couple of boxes made of hardened transparent plastic. Such a solution will help to conveniently sort the products and avoid mixing them. There is a quick freeze compartment in the freezer compartment, while two shelves are built into the door.

As mentioned above, models with a French door belong to the premium segment. Accordingly, they can’t be cheap. On average, the cost of this kind of refrigerator varies in the range from 1900 to 2300 dollars.

You can read about the features of choosing side-by-side refrigerators in this stuff.

Built-in equipment from Whirlpool

If the interior design of the kitchen should be as uniform and competently designed as possible, then you should pay attention to the built-in model. It is a refrigerator that boasts the perfect combination of multifunctionality and innovative technology. The secret to success lies in superior autonomy and quiet operation.

Built-in refrigerator ART 6502 A +
The annual electricity consumption is only 299 kWh. These are excellent indicators that correspond to category A +. Now electricity bills will not cause a tantrum

The total capacity of the built-in models is not too different from units not designed for placement in furniture modules. Moreover, you can find among the refrigerators offered for sale an option with any preferred by the future owner volume of the freezer and refrigerator compartment.

The interior space is well organized, equipped with shelves that were made of durable tempered glass. There is also a box for storing vegetables. The freezer is spacious and also divided into zones by shelves for food storage. With all its advantages, the above model of the refrigerator is relatively inexpensive.

Today it can be bought for just $ 500. This makes Whirlpool embedded models the best solution for families on a budget.

We also advise you to read the recommendations on the selection and installation of built-in refrigerators. More details - go to the link.

Recent advances in the manufacture of refrigerators

A distinctive feature of the new generation of Whirlpool refrigerators is the “6th sense” technology. Its main task is to control the device.

If one of the compartments was excessively full, then special sensors will measure the temperature and, if necessary, will increase the flow of cold air.This solution allows you to create optimal conditions for storing diverse products for a long time.

Refrigerator WBC 36992 NFC
In the freezer of the refrigerator there are three drawers made of transparent plastic. There is also a special ice cube tray. The cooling compartment, in turn, is divided into parts by five shelves that can be rearranged

The humidity level specified by the user is also supported inside the device. The indicator is controlled using the "Fresh Control" system. This solution allows fruits and vegetables to be juicy much longer.

To stop the reproduction and development of harmful microorganisms, the sealant is made of antibacterial material. In addition, the fan integrated in the cooling compartment is equipped with a special antibacterial filter.

Two-chamber refrigerator WBC 36992 NFC
It is important not to forget the day before the alleged loading of the refrigerator with products to include the appropriate mode. In this case, the device will have time to adjust, which will allow you to store vegetables, fruits, meat and other things a little longer

Produced in recent years, Whirlpool brand refrigerators are equipped with electronic controls. There is a miniature display on the door, with which you can adjust the operation of the refrigerator and enable / disable certain modes.

Five popular Whirlpool refrigerators

American-made refrigerators are not too often found in the ranks of household appliances for sale. Their price is exorbitantly inflated, with the bulk of the mark-ups accounted for customs duties and covers transportation costs. South Korean competitors are far more likely to be noticed, evaluated, and acquired.

However, there are fans of this particular brand, who unconditionally prefer the American product, confident in the reliable service and reliable operation of expensive devices. Consider five popular models successfully implemented by domestic trading enterprises.

Rank # 1 - Whirlpool ART 9810 / A +

The two-chamber model with a freezer located below is designed for installation in cabinet kitchen furniture. The height of the model is 193.5 cm, the narrow unit is only 54 cm wide, a little more deep - 54.5 cm.

With a rather modest transverse size, the refrigerator has 310 liters of conveniently arranged space, of which 73 liters fall on the freezer.

Both Whirlpool ART 9810 / A + cameras are cooled by static technology, which assumes the natural movement of air flow inside. The cooled part of the air gradually moves downward, displacing the warm. That, having cooled above, replaces the previous one. The temperature difference in the flows contributes to the precipitation of condensate, which tends to freeze periodically.

Dropping refrigerators must be periodically thawed in order to remove a gradually growing snow coat. This is their main inconvenience, but they consume less electricity and do not dry the products cooled in closed compartments.

The unit is controlled by electronics. Inside the equipment, a display is mounted showing the operating data. The refrigerator works extremely quietly, emits only 35 dB.

Rank # 2 - Whirlpool BSNF 8121 OX

The metallic painted model is designed for separate installation. The refrigerator is divided into two functional chambers, the freezer is located below.

The height of the unit is 188.5 cm, it takes 59.5 cm in width and 65.5 cm in depth. The total volume of space intended for food is 316 liters, 94 liters are allocated for the freezer compartment.

Both chambers are cooled by a dynamic method. The movement of air inside the compartments is stimulated by the fan, because there is practically no difference in temperature below and above. There is no condensate, which is the starting material for hoarfrost and ice growths in drip refrigerators.

This means that you do not need to defrost Whirlpool BSNF 8121 OX. This procedure is carried out no more than a couple of times a year for purely sanitary purposes.

The model is controlled by an electronic system. When the power is turned off, it retains the temperature background for another 19 hours.Up to 4 kg of fresh meat, vegetables or fish preparations can be frozen per day. It is possible to perform superfreezing.

We can safely add to the list of positive qualities a rather affordable cost. The unit can not be called quiet, but it makes a little noise, no more than 42 dB.

Rank # 3 - Whirlpool WTNF 923 W

A solid two-chamber unit is made in white classic color. The height of the case is 2 m, it takes 60 cm in width and 64 cm in depth.

At the indicated dimensions, the model contains 366 liters of products in various packaging and containers. The freezer, located at the bottom, accounts for 75 liters. You can freeze it up to 9 kg in one day. There is also a zero camera capacity of 21 liters.

Both Whirlpool WTNF 923 W chambers are cooled in accordance with No Frost technology; therefore, they do not need forced defrosting to remove ice with hoarfrost.

When disconnected from the mains, the unit will keep cold for another 13 hours. It is possible to carry out super-freezing and super-cooling.

Type of control electronic. The technician reacts to an open door with sound. Noise is slightly larger than the above models, by 40 dB. Energy consumption corresponds to class A ++.

The advantages include the presence of a dry and wet zone of freshness, quiet operation, although there are owners who say that they are disturbed by the noise of the compressor.

As for the minuses, no significant ones were found.

Rank # 4 - Whirlpool BSNF 8101 OX

The model, solved in silver tone, represents the future owners of 319 liters of impeccably organized space.

Of the indicated volume, 97 liters were allocated to the freezer compartment, and 222 liters respectively to the refrigeration compartment. Its dimensions (WxDxH) - 59.5 × 65.5 × 188.5 cm.

In the freezer, the Nou Frost system is implemented. That is, dynamic type cooling. So, the freezer does not require manual defrosting, i.e. condensate is automatically removed beyond their limits and evaporates. Thaw this technique no more than once a year to wash it banally.

It is possible to outweigh the door. Operated by Whirlpool BSNF 8101 OX Electronics. Energy consumption corresponds to class A +. Noise emits at 42 dB.

Of the advantages, users note a stylish design, reliable glass shelves, excellent preservation of products.

Among the minuses, a number of owners note that the freezer door is stuck and it takes effort to open it. Because of what some users cracked pen.

Rank # 5 - Whirlpool BSNF 9752 OX

Of the presented models, this is the highest, though not the most roomy refrigerator. The height of its stylish silver casing is 207 cm; it is 59.5 cm and 65.5 cm respectively in width and depth.

The volume of space reserved for products is 346 liters, of which 94 liters are allocated for the freezer compartment.

Whirlpool BSNF 9752 OX cameras are cooled according to the No Frost scheme. With defrosting, the owners will not have problems. The possibility of superfreezing is provided, due to which the useful qualities of the product are preserved to the maximum.

The refrigerator is controlled by an electronic device; a display is mounted to monitor operating parameters. Noises on 42 dB. An indisputable plus of this model is the highest class in terms of energy consumption, on the basis of the tests it received an A ++ rating.

The selection contains models currently available for sale. In the assortment of the American manufacturer there are more popular products that are not easy to immediately find and buy. We do not have information about the reliability of refrigeration equipment from repairmen.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Tips for choosing cooling equipment:

Whirlpool refrigerators are an example of beauty and elegance. They will be able for a long time to provide the most comfortable conditions for storing a wide variety of products. And the manufacturability and multifunctionality of such devices will make their operation as simple and convenient as possible.

Thinking about buying a fridge from Virlpool, but still have questions? Ask them to our experts or other website visitors - the owners of the equipment will certainly share their own experience in the personal use of refrigerators. Leave your comments in the box below.

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  1. Tamara

    I have no doubt that Whirlpool brand refrigerators are normal. At my place, a washing machine of this brand and a split system. Everything works with dignity. The only thing - the washing machine does not capture cheap powder. Now I’m going to take another refrigerator, but so far I doubt whether to take “Whirlpool” or “Atlant”. It is possible that I will focus on the same “Virpul”. The brand has proven itself.

  2. There are so many fakes now that you are afraid to take. Even Whirlpool and the one that is difficult to find the original, although it will cost hoo. We also relied on the brand and bought it, but only after half a year the refrigerator began to flow. As the master from the service center said, the drain pipe is clogged, this is a common problem. But they eliminated everything quickly. And so, in general, the refrigerator is really good. It works quietly, cools quickly, and their design is pretty. And if you compare Whirlpool and Atlas, then I would take the first better.

  3. valery

    They brought a new refrigerator WTNF902M. The brigade outweighed the doors under the contract, everyone signed in the reception. They turned on the refrigerator, and in the morning they found a freezer in ice and in a refrigerator, plus 17 degrees.

    On examination, a gap of 1-1.5 mm was found across the entire vertical of the body and door. The masters called from the service fiddled with the sealant for a long time and still eliminated the defect from the previous team.

    The trouble is in the manufacturer: he needs to make such a seal so that no one has any problems when hanging doors! But in general I like the refrigerator.