Vestfrost refrigerators: reviews, review of 5 popular models + what to look at before buying

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Last update: August 2019

A huge assortment of refrigeration units manufactured by domestic, South Korean and European brands, including the Danish brand Westfrost, is presented in household appliance stores.

The equipment produced by this manufacturer deserves special attention. Any Vestfrost refrigerator has an elegant design, high quality components and materials used, convenient thoughtful functionality.

Let's see why the brand refrigerators are so remarkable. To do this, we will consider in detail the TOP-5 most popular models among users.

Product Features from Vestfrost

Westfrost products belong to the premium product sector. Its high quality is confirmed by a long warranty period from the manufacturer of two to three years. The assortment of the company includes several dozen household models of refrigerators, which differ in design and performance.

A bright palette of shades is typical for the Westfrost technique
Danish brand refrigerators have an original bright design. Due to their unusual appearance, they can become a real decoration of the kitchen

At the same time, the brand’s products are also characterized by common features, which include:

  • excellent energy efficiency;
  • high manufacturability;
  • ergonomics;
  • original design.

All devices manufactured by the Danish brand belong to classes A, A +, A ++, for which the low electricity consumption.

The company has its own laboratory and research department, where new technological solutions are developed. The manufactured devices are equipped with such modern options as antibacterial coating, ice maker, supercooling, quick freezing.

Vestfrost technology combines compact size with high capacity. This is achieved by the thoughtful organization of the compartments where the shelves and door pockets are located. Convenient appliances and trays for storing certain types of products: eggs, vegetables are included in the package.

Westfrost Fridge Freshness Area
Almost all Westfrost two-chamber refrigerators have a freshness zone with a temperature of about 0 degrees, which is ideal for storing food without freezing

Products of the Danish brand are produced in a wide range, which includes one- and two-chamber refrigerators with upper or lower placement of the freezer, as well as Side-by-Side aggregates and French Door.

The catalog contains models, the design of which is developed in different styles: classic, retro, high-tech. When designing them, a huge color palette is used, which gives the user the opportunity to choose a refrigerator made in attractively bright or in restrained neutral colors.

Vestfeost refrigeration units are characterized by careful study of not only technical components, but also design elements.

The cost of Danish brand products varies. It depends on the size and design features of the models, the availability of additional functions, internal volume and configuration.

The advantages of brand products include:

  • original appearance, always expensive and stylish;
  • low electricity consumption;
  • neat appearance with a large volume of products that can accommodate the unit;
  • thoughtful arrangement of shelves and drawers, a large number of additional devices;
  • long period of storage of products with disconnected electricity;
  • wide functionality, providing for work in various modes;
  • wide range of options: “superfreeze”, “quick cooling”, ice production, freshness zone;
  • convenient backlight that can work automatically;
  • long warranty period from the manufacturer.

Among the disadvantages include sensitivity to voltage drops in the network. A known problem is the search for branded parts and accessories that may be required for replacement.

Popular Vestfrost Series

Among the lines presented in the catalog of the company, two of the most interesting series can be noted - VF and BKF.

Devices with the VF marking have a sleek design and ease of use. Models of this series, the average volume of which is about 300 liters, suggest lower placement of the freezer.

VF model freezer
The freezer of the models included in the VF line is divided into 2-3 compartments and has a specially allocated area for storing ice

Depending on the modification, the main compartment is equipped with 3-4 shelves made of durable glass. Containers for fruits / vegetables and other appliances are provided. On the inside of the doors are movable shelves for storing bottles and products.

This line includes design options for refrigerators, made in a bright color palette. Depending on the interior decoration of the kitchen and personal preferences, the buyer can choose a beige, silver, scarlet, yellow, brown, black, emerald, golden model.

Benefits of Danish BKF Refrigerators
In devices included in the BKF series, the popular “Super Frost” mode is provided, as well as a number of other options - quick cooling, auto-defrost

Overall units with a height of 1.86 and a volume of 362 liters have high technical characteristics. Two-compressor devices of energy class A are able to autonomously keep cold for at least 13 hours.

Technical advances in Westforst retro refrigerators
The external styling for refrigeration appliances of the middle of the last century does not interfere with equipping retro-styled units with innovative technical systems

Depending on the design options, several product categories are distinguished. The RETRO line includes refrigerators designed in a trendy vintage style. Although in appearance they resemble devices of the 1950-60s, they are widely used in modern technology.

Model from the Degance series
The models of refrigeration units from the AVANGARD and DEGANCE series are characterized by an interesting design using innovative finishing materials and a large number of additional features

The devices from the HI-TECH line attract attention with an ultra-modern design with streamlined lines and original details.

In addition to conventional units, this category also includes Side-by-Side technology. The original novelty of this series is a model that combines a freezer and a refrigerator, which can be used individually or connected to each other.

Westforst fridge with french door
Danish-made multi-chamber multi-door refrigerators provide owners with an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the spacious space of thoroughly thought out and well-equipped chambers

The most popular brand models

Among the most popular models of the brand are five units, appreciated by consumers.

Model # 1 - Vestfrost VF 3863 B

A popular modification with a freezer located below. The unit belonging to the class A + is highly energy efficient.

It has electronic controls and separate Know Frost cooling systems for the main chamber and freezer.

With a power outage, withstands 13 hours of battery life. Additional functions are provided: temperature indication, quick cooling / freezing, temperature indication, energy-saving “vacation” mode.

Of interest is the original Direct Cool option, which allows you to cool the drink in the freezer, preventing freezing of the liquid.

The Vestfrost VF3863B model is compact in size: the unit is 60 cm wide and 63 cm deep. Thanks to the ergonomic solution to the space, the refrigerator is quite roomy: the volume is 330 liters and the freezer capacity is 72 liters.

Users note the stylish look of the model, thoughtful design and high technical specifications. Among the shortcomings is the impossibility of changing the height of the shelves.

Model # 2 - Vestfrost VF 910 X

Elegant Side-by-Side unit from the Hi-Tech line is made in metallic silver tone. The class A + device is equipped with three compartments and four doors.

Three capacious shelves made of tempered glass are installed in the refrigerator, on the doors there are hinged pockets with a metal edging.

The applied innovation is convertible bottom cameras. Depending on the mode selected by the user, they can act as a refrigerator or freezer. For cooling, Cold Wrap Cooling technology is used, which provides multi-threaded air circulation, which increases the shelf life of products.

The device is equipped with two boxes for storing vegetables / fruits mounted on telescopic rails, as well as a freshness zone where zero temperature is combined with high humidity.

The Vestfrost VF910X model has the function of the economy mode due to which the device automatically determines the optimum operating temperature. It is also acceptable to turn off unloaded cameras.

The model has LED backlighting, child protection, a set of accessories. A special coating is applied to the surface that prevents the appearance of fingerprints. The user has several modes of operation, including "Vacation", Superfreeze, express-cooling drinks, Supercool.

According to the owners, the unit has an elegant appearance. Despite its large size, it looks compact enough, which contributes to the thoughtfulness of the details: the special design of the handles allows you to economically use the space.

Among the shortcomings are the high cost and lack of a special stand for bottles.

Model # 3 - Vestfrost VF 466 EB

The highlight of this model is its powerful technical equipment and original design - the beige color of the case changes from light beige to dark with a metallic tint. Such a decision, according to the owners themselves, looks stylish and expensive.

It provides an antibacterial coating and a turbofan, which ensures optimal flow of cold air around the products.

The “frost-free” cooling system eliminates the formation of ice inside the compartments, so they do not need to be regularly defrosted manually.

Technical characteristics of the model Vestfrost VF 466 EB fully comply with modern requirements. Two freshness zones are arranged in the refrigerator, one of which works on a dry basis, the second on a wet basis.

After turning off the power, the unit will keep the temperature necessary for the products for another 15 hours. There is a function of super-freezing and super-cooling.

Users note the unusual appearance of the unit and its quality work, but indicate that due to the compact volume of the freezer (104 l) this model is more suitable for small families.

Model # 4 - Vestfrost VF 465 EB

The refrigerator with the upper placement of the freezer is made in the unusual color “marble beige”. Elegant shade allows you to successfully enter the technique into any interior and at the same time attracts attention.

The unit with a capacity of 412 liters with a freezer of 88 liters is equipped with the latest refrigeration technology.

The main compartment houses four shelves of especially durable glass, two containers for vegetables / fruits / fruits, an egg stand, a wine shelf. The refrigeration and freezer compartments use the convenient NO FROST cooling system.

The Vestfrost VF465EB model is equipped with LED-backlit lamps, a digital display with which to configure the settings, an audio sensor that gives a signal if the door is open beyond a certain period.

There is a quick defrost function, a freshness zone with a humidity regulator, as well as several program options: “vacation”, IVF, “no lighting”; there is an ice maker in the freezer to make frozen water cubes.

The reviews noted the unusual color and stylish design of the model, its capacity and functionality. Of the minuses, only a rather high price is mentioned.

Model # 5 - Vestfrost VF 395-1 SBW

The modern design made it possible to combine the main camera with convenient swing doors of the model. The refrigerator is made of stainless steel with a special coating that prevents fingerprints. The Vestfrost VF 395-1 SBW unit can work in several modes.

A design feature is the ability to install a freezer separately from the refrigerator compartment.

Two compressors activate the operation of the refrigerator. It is electronically controlled, an internal display is mounted to track the operation of the equipment.

The freezer is cooled according to the technological principles of No Frost, i.e. forcibly defrosting it to remove a snow coat is not required. The refrigerator compartment is cooled by a drip method, therefore, it needs periodic defrosting.

The internal space is perfectly thought out, equipped with the necessary number of containers made of reinforced plastic, shelves made of tempered glass, trays and supports.

In the TOP presented by us we got models demanded by domestic consumers and residents of nearby countries. We used data on sales in stores selling equipment via the Internet. Unfortunately, we do not have information about malfunctions and traditional breakdowns.

Rules of operation and repair

Each Vestfrost instrument is accompanied by a manual that contains technical specifications and terms of use. Before switching on, you must carefully read the requirements: this will help ensure uninterrupted operation and will contribute to a long service life.

Westfrost Refrigerator Care
For stable operation of the unit, it is necessary to carry out a full defrost at least twice a year even with the No Frost function

When using the refrigerator, it is important:

  1. Use the appropriate climate class model. Users from colder regions are advised to use SN-marked technology. If the unit is designed to operate in a hot, humid climate, an apparatus of class ST is required.
  2. Only open the door by the handles so as not to damage rubber compressor.
  3. Avoid placing the equipment in rooms with a high moisture content or exposing it to direct sunlight.
  4. Place hot food and open containers with liquids in the working compartment.
  5. Pulling the plug of the refrigerator out of the socket, you can not immediately re-insert it. You need to wait at least 5-7 minutes.
  6. Regularly remove contaminants from the working surfaces of the unit, using special tools without abrasive particles.

It is necessary to identify violations in the functioning of the refrigerator as soon as possible. If malfunctions were identified during the warranty period, repairs are carried out by the service center employees.

Repair of the Westfrost refrigerator
The replacement of the seal on the doors of the Danish brand equipment should be trusted only to experienced repair workers with the appropriate equipment and materials

After the warranty period, repair is performed by ordinary craftsmen. The manufacturer strongly recommends the use of original parts and accessories during the work, and in case of refrigerant leakage, refuel with the same gas grade. How this is done is described in detail in this stuff.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Tips for choosing refrigeration equipment for the home:

On the presented video, you can listen to the specialist’s story about the fundamental qualities inherent in the products of the famous Danish brand:

Westfrost brand refrigerators belong to the elite sector of household appliances. They are distinguished by an extraordinary attractive design and high performance, to achieve which innovative technological solutions are applied.

Although the cost of models produced under this brand is quite high, it is justified by its representative appearance, reliable operation, and long service life.

Thinking of buying a refrigerator of this brand? Or have you already purchased a refrigerator from Vestfrost and can you tell us about your impressions of its use? Please write your comments, share your experience, participate in the discussion - the communication block is located below.

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  1. Irina

    And Danish Vestfrost refrigerators haven’t been found for me in stores of equipment. Probably not too much in demand, because their price is above average, and you need to bring it to order. Retro style is very close to me, if I met one when I was looking for a new refrigerator, I would buy it. And the refrigerators look great in black, stylish. Interestingly, it is not visible on such fingerprints? My children love to touch and stain everything.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Good afternoon, Irina. The price of the main Vestfrost line is from 12,000 rubles to 25,000 rubles.

      The fact is that the brand was purchased by Turkish companies in 2008. Machinery is manufactured in Turkey, Manisa. Danish in the trademark for today is only a story. Given your attitude to this brand, I can only be glad that we did not meet with the refrigerator of this manufacturer.

      Black glossy color is considered the most stylish. Its main drawback is maroch. If your children like to touch everything, then only the first five minutes after washing will shine.

  2. Valentine

    We had such a refrigerator in the country. I can say with confidence that Vestfrost makes a very good technique. Of course, the prints of children's hands will be visible, and you will have to wash it often, but there is nothing to be done, it would be with every refrigerator. Wait until the children grow up. The refrigerator front helps me wash the liquid for washing dishes. Very quickly removes all the plaque.