Overview of Sviyaga refrigerators: pros and cons, rating of the best models, main competitors

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The Sviyaga refrigerator from the Russian company Pozis embodies high technology and good design solutions. Due to this, it was possible to create ideal conditions for storing products of various categories.

The range of refrigeration equipment is extensive and each sample has local highlights and universal functions, which helps to make the device convenient to use.

Let us consider in more detail what Pozis can offer for new products and to what foreign counterparts do the generally recognized models of refrigerators correspond.

Refrigerators from a domestic manufacturer

The Russian manufacturer operating under the Pozis brand is actively developing and expanding the boundaries of its production. The introduction of new technologies, increased functionality, the use of original design developments in equipment allow us to steadily occupy our niche among industry leaders.

The time of the appearance of Sviyaga brand refrigerators
The first batch of refrigerators, called Sviyaga, was released in the 70s of the last century. It was an innovative solution for those years. Over the long years of activity, the Volga plant purposefully improved its products, introducing the latest engineering solutions and advanced developments

Sviyaga is an electrical equipment that has become a classic in the kitchen appliance segment. Production facilities are located on the territory of Russia, due to which the price category is significantly reduced in comparison with foreign competitors.

Features and Benefits of Pozis Models

From the time of the first exit from the conveyors, the design has undergone significant changes - from the transformation of the internal space to the change of lattice shelves to heavy-duty glass that can withstand a load of up to 40 kg.

To get a detailed idea about the refrigerators of a review company, first of all, we will consider its main characteristics, paying particular attention to the advantages and disadvantages.

Models Pozis Sviyaga
Pozis has always been associated with Sviyaga refrigeration units. The first samples were not ergonomic and large displacement, but their assembly was at the highest level

Single chamber compact models have found application in various fields. They are suitable for storing grocery sets in the office, hotel rooms or in the country. Most have a freezer available. However, there are options without it, which allows us to talk about the ergonomics of the product block.

Two-chamber have a large internal volume of not only refrigeration, but also freezing units. The latter is equipped with separate doors. Therefore, even those who are accustomed to stock up on products for future use will be able to appreciate the capacity of the unit.

The models are made in various style decisions, one of which will certainly be in harmony with the situation in your kitchen.

Convenient shelves
All Sviyaga units are equipped with height-adjustable legs, some models are supplemented with wheels. Additional amenities include an oiler in the door and an egg tray

In addition to the basic characteristics, the Pozis technique has its own characteristics, which distinguishes it from competitors:

  1. Noisiness of any sample does not exceed 40 dB.
  2. As part of a strategic development program, the company diversified production in the direction of maximum energy efficiency. To do this, obsolete incandescent bulbs have been replaced with a modern LED-backlight or an economical LED.
  3. Separate series are assigned the energy class - A, Premier - A +.
  4. All nodes in the compressor section are soldered with a composition with a high silver content. Thanks to this, it was possible to achieve resistance to the formation of corrosion, as well as to eliminate the release of refrigerant.
  5. The user has the opportunity outweigh the doors. Thus, the new appliance will easily fit into any layout of the catering unit.
  6. For the stability of the operation, galvanic protection on the input circuit is responsible. Therefore, even despite surges in mains voltage, the operation will be uninterrupted.
  7. The warranty period provided by the manufacturer reaches 5 years, which is higher than the popular analogues Samsung, LG, etc. offer.

Many believe that antibacterial coating is used only in the electrical industry of well-known brands Bosh, Siemens and Liebherr. However, this is not so - Sviyaga cameras also come with a spray that prevents the absorption of odors and the growth of bacteria.

Pozis Technique
The production process at Pozis is deeply diversified. Business development does not depend on the country's economy. Today, the work is built in accordance with the Strategic Development program, which provides for further expansion of production capacities

Two- and single-chamber models embody the entire experience of engineering developments for more than half a century. In the first version, the “Full No Frost” system is provided, which protects the walls from frost and frost.

In the second, this technology is not applied, however, the unit must be defrosted no more than once or twice a year, which does not present any particular inconvenience.

An equally important feature of Sviyaga is the use of environmentally friendly R600A refrigerant. This composition is effective, while it is harmless to humans and does not destroy the layer of atmospheric ozone on our planet. Also, due to high energy efficiency, the consumption of freon is reduced in comparison with devices presented in this segment.

One-door model of the brand Sviyaga
The company produces single and dual chamber refrigeration equipment models. In single-door versions, the low-temperature zone is separated from the total volume by a sealed plastic shutter

Disadvantages of Sviyaga refrigerators

Despite the positive qualities of the Pozis models, negative aspects were also noted. For the most part, buyers' claims are presented to the inexpensive Classic line.

First of all, complaints relate to antibacterial spraying - plastic quickly absorbs all odors. There is a need to purchase special absorbers or airing, which does not affect the operation of the equipment in the best way.

Accordingly, we conclude that the walls are either not covered at all with the antibacterial substance declared by the manufacturer, or a poor-quality composition is used.

We also recommend that you read our other article, where we talked in detail about how get rid of the smell in the refrigerator.

The smell of the refrigerator
Excessive absorption of odors by the walls of the refrigerator is the main drawback of Pozis equipment, which is most common. It is worth remembering that any inconsistencies with the declared characteristics are an occasion for an exchange for new equipment or a refund

Also, after purchasing a new device, the smell of plastic persists for a long time in the refrigerator.

Based on the reviews, we will consider other disadvantages of the technique:

  • periodic sticking of the button that turns on the light in the block;
  • small possibilities for adjusting the height of the shelves - insignificant distance between the auxiliary and main rails;
  • inefficient distribution of space in the door - too much unused space where additional compartments could be placed;
  • unreliable material for pens;
  • often condensation appears on the back and side walls;
  • door hinges are not mounted, which visually distorts the impression;
  • when you turn on the freezing mode in large-sized units, an uncharacteristic dull noise appears;
  • inconvenient removal of boxes from the freezer compartment, because there are no handles;
  • rapid freezing of ice in the freezer, because of which there is a need for more frequent defrosting than indicated in the instructions.

It is worth paying attention to the climatic class indicated by the letter N. In this regard, the equipment can be installed in rooms with a temperature regime in the range of 16-32 ° C. Therefore, if you plan to equip the refrigerator in a non-standard place, for example, on the balcony, you need to choose a model with the appropriate classification.

Disadvantages of refrigerators with the Sviyaga logo
The disadvantages of refrigeration equipment with the Sviyaga logo are quite justifiably attributed to the insufficiently well-thought out internal space. Shelves can be moved to a small height, which significantly limits the ability to place ready-made dishes, semi-finished products, fresh fruits

Reviews on manufacturer offers

There is an opinion that foreign technical details are significantly superior in quality to domestic ones, and they also win by price. Undoubtedly, there are worthy competitors to the Russian manufacturer Pozis. The main one is China, which powerfully promotes its electrical appliances in the Russian markets.

NKNH polystyrene
Within the framework of the Republican Cooperation program, the Pozis brand establishes production, trying to maximize the involvement of domestic companies. For example, packaging materials for refrigerators are purchased from Nizhnekamskneftekhim and Kazanorgsintez

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the company does not consider such competition to be critical and continues to introduce new technologies into its equipment. An important aspect is that almost all components are made at one plant, which can already be considered a good achievement.

Experts, publishing their reviews about the manufacturer Pozis, note the company's focus on environmental friendliness, which is the main criterion for choosing in Europe. The technique is made of non-toxic plastic and metal alloys that do not contain lead and mercury.

The manufacturer distinguished himself with good freezing conditions. According to customer reviews, this particular unit deserves special praise.

True, here there were some nuances.As noted earlier, some samples have opaque boxes, which is very inconvenient, as well as the absence of the Nou Frost system, which requires manual defrost. Nevertheless, this process is fast, and after turning on the refrigerator intensively restores the previous temperature mode.

Freezer in Sviyaga
The freezer in the two-compartment Sviyaga mainly has several boxes with different temperature indicators. The upper one provides quick freezing, and the lower one, with a higher temperature, is suitable for storing berries and fruits

Most often, praise can be heard about models with linear compressors. Despite the fact that they are more expensive, in fact they come out more economically. In addition, this technique is a guarantee of silent operation.

Despite the undoubted advantages of this brand, the reviews also noted flaws in technology. However, they cannot be called critical. Therefore, we can assume that the Russian manufacturer is a worthy competitor for foreign manufacturers represented in this segment.

Advantages of Sviyaga refrigerators
The main advantages of Sviyaga refrigeration units include extremely attractive cost and consideration of local operating conditions.

Comparison of domestic products with competitors

In conditions of enormous competition, all enterprises, one way or another, have to reckon with the fact that the exceptionally high-quality characteristics of their products will help manufacturers stay afloat and, accordingly, plan further business development.

Since the main part of consumers considers the quality of the device to be one of the most important criteria, we will compare the model of the main competitor Indesit and the Russian analogue of Sviyaga.

Often, consumers pay attention to the big name of the company, rather than to the quality and functionality of the device. For comparison, we take two small-sized samples - Pozis Sviyaga 410-1 and Indesit TT 85 T - and denote their positive / negative sides.

Small-sized Pozis Sviyaga
The device is equipped with electromechanical control, manual defrosting. It has a middle class of electricity consumption. By cons include too large vegetable boxes

Sviyaga 410-1 offers a rather voluminous internal space, which is characterized by ergonomic distribution. Initially, we draw attention to two drawers for vegetables and fruits, made of plastic. Above them is a glass shelf, a little higher - a metal grill.

Technical indicators of the model are quite consistent with the economy class segment. Build quality is at a good level, which gives all the prerequisites for smooth operation. Also of the pluses, we note convenient controls and fairly quick cooling of the placed products.

Of the minuses - the noisy operation of the compressor unit, as well as manufacturer flaws in the form of indicating incomplete technical data in the user manual.

For example, the same noise figure and the time interval during which the cold will be maintained without power supply is absent in the operational insert.

Indesit refrigerator
The Indesit refrigerator is powered by R134a refrigerant. It is worth noting that this freon has not been used in Europe for more than a decade

The first impression of the Italian Indesit TT 85 T unit is the overpriced price for such features. Most likely, the company so appreciated the work of designers - plastic coating with imitation of wood pattern. However, it is clearly not worth overpaying for this, at a time when the analogue of Pozis also offers a good variety of shades.

Practical advantages include a good cooling quality, as well as the versatility of the refrigerator. It is less economical in the consumption of electricity, despite the fact that Sviyaga and Indesit belong to the same energy class - B.

Another significant drawback is operation in conditions of +18 ° C. This means that the climate group allows the unit to work only at home or in the summer at the cottage.

Summing up, we can confidently say that the clear leader of this race was Pozis with a small model Sviyaga 410-1. For a lower price, the consumer receives similar functionality, but with additional bonuses in the form of a larger displacement of two compartments and more economical power consumption.

New and unusual developments

Recently, small-sized automotive equipment for cooling is in great demand. It is used when traveling long distances to store perishable products.

And here, the manufacturer Pozis managed to distinguish himself from the conveyors of the new Voyage line with a different volume of working chambers.

Pozis Voyage
The thermoelectric refrigerator POZIS VOYAGE HTP-18 is equipped with anti-tilt stops. The design optionally provides for fixing the lid in the closed position by means of a handle. Some representatives of this series come with a canvas bag.

If we take in general all the models, and there are a lot of them, then we can note the following positive characteristics of thermoelectric devices for the car:

  • in addition there are two additional cold accumulators;
  • the presence of special hinges for attaching the cover, which serve additionally as anti-tilt stops;
  • removable lid - the refrigerator can be used for other purposes, for example, as a chest for fruits;
  • in some modifications, the internal space is divided by means of a partition, for movement of which there are additional grooves, i.e., it is possible to change the parameters of the compartments;
  • work from two networks - an on-board system of 12 V and a home outlet 220 V.

Otherwise, users pay attention to the standard characteristics inherent in such a technique. Namely: the time taken to set the set temperature is on average 2 hours, cold retention without connecting to the network, but with additional batteries - up to 10 hours.

Singing Fridges
Singing refrigerators Pozis for those who are not used to ordinary things, even if it concerns household appliances. Animation or any painted application will make the design original, and the choice of sound repertoire depends on the user's preferences

If we talk about the presence in the catalog of unique refrigeration appliances with an individual design, then there will be something to see.

Pozis company produces original samples with artistic painting, with built-in audio system that reproduces a given repertoire.

Five popular models

Consider models of refrigeration equipment with the Sviyaga logo on the market today. In our selection of single-chamber models, which are mainly of interest to summer residents and owners of small housing. They also buy similar refrigeration equipment for offices, mini-hotels, and hostels.

Refrigerator # 1 - Pozis Sviyaga 404-1 W

Made in silver or white tones, the unit will fit perfectly into the interior of a classic or high-tech style.

The height of the model’s case is only 130 cm, the width is 60 cm, the depth is 61.5 cm. With such a small size, the refrigerator contains 240 liters, of which 42 liters are occupied by the low-temperature compartment.

Cooling Pozis Sviyaga 404-1 W is carried out in a static way. This means that condensation will form inside the chamber due to differences in temperature below and on the top shelf. To remove ice formed from frozen condensate, the refrigerator will have to be manually defrosted periodically.

The single-chamber unit is controlled by an electromechanical device, the mini refrigerator is noisy at 40 dB. The minimum temperature in the low-temperature compartment is 12º C. According to the data on energy consumption, the model received A class.

Refrigerator # 2 - Pozis Sviyaga 513-5 W

Despite the equal overall dimensions with the previous model, this refrigerator has a slightly more impressive useful space.

The total displacement of a strict white unit is 250 liters. There is no low-temperature chamber (freezer) in it.

It is cooled by Pozis Sviyaga 513-5 W using drip technology, which assumes the natural movement of air inside. Its cooled part displaces the heated, which in turn is cooled and replaces the previous one.

In drip refrigerators, due to temperature differences, condensate flows onto the walls and flows into the evaporation device. In this case, some ice formation is inevitable, which should be periodically removed by manual defrosting.

Electromechanical control. While the compressor is in operation, the compact refrigerator is 40 dB noise. According to electricity consumption data, the model received A class.

Refrigerator # 3 - Pozis Sviyaga 410-1 Bg

The case is a pleasant beige color in height takes only 91 cm. Its width is 60 cm, the depth of the refrigerator is 60.5 cm.

The compact model has a usable space of 160 liters, of which 32 liters are located at the top of the freezer.

The functional compartments of the Pozis Sviyaga 410-1 Bg are cooled by the drip method associated with the loss and freezing of condensate. It will need to be periodically manually defrosted. However, the fruits and other products stored inside will not “wind”, lose elasticity and fade.

Electromechanical control, noise model at 40 dB. The lowest temperature in the freezer compartment is 12º C. According to the criteria of economical energy consumption, the mini-refrigerator is assigned class A.

Refrigerator # 4 - Pozis Sviyaga 513-5 Bg

The beige showy model is not equipped with a freezer. The case is 130 cm high and 60 cm wide and 60.7 cm deep. The useful volume of refrigeration equipment is 250 liters.

The cooling of a single chamber of the Pozis Sviyaga 513-5 Bg model is carried out according to drip principles. Inside, condensation and the snow shell formed from it on the walls of the unit are inevitable.

The model will have to be defrosted manually, but defrosting of drip refrigerators is now carried out much less often than was required by the old representatives of household appliances.

The compact refrigeration model is controlled by an electromechanical system. The unit during operation emits no more than 40 dB. In terms of energy consumption, it has class A.

Refrigerator # 5 - Pozis Sviyaga 404-1 Bg

The body of the model is neutral beige in height and takes 130 cm. Width and depth are 60 cm and 61.5 cm, respectively.

The unit offers future owners 240 liters of well-equipped interior space, of which 42 liters are allocated for the low-temperature compartment.

All Pozis Sviyaga 404-1 Bg units are cooled according to drip technology. Defrost it to remove frost and ice crust. The minimum temperature limit in the freezer compartment is 12º C.

Electromechanical control extremely rarely causes inconvenience to the owners, it actually does not have failures. Noisy mini refrigerator at 40 dB. According to the characteristics of energy consumption, the model received class A.

The lineup of miniature Sviyaga refrigerators is not particularly diverse, but it makes it possible to choose a model with characteristics that are of priority for you personally. Positions were selected in accordance with sales data and with the opinion of the owners of simple inexpensive equipment.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Recommendations for future buyers of refrigerators:

Positioning and further development strategy of products and achievements from Pozis:

Tips for choosing a modern refrigeration device among the extensive range of domestic manufacturers:

The latest equipment and conveyor lines of the Pozis factory allow the production of refrigerators, which have gained popularity not only in Russia. Which confirms the active growth in sales.

The line of classic Sviyaga models is still as popular as it was half a century ago. In general, positive consumer reviews prevail over negative ones, and it’s impossible to call the minuses critical.

During the study of the material, questions arose about choosing Svityaga refrigerators? Or can you share the experience of using refrigeration equipment of this brand? Write your comments, participate in discussions, ask questions in the block below.

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  1. Valentine

    I personally have not come across any refrigerators of this brand, I have another one, but my sister has already had a Sviyaga refrigerator for a long time. Complains only about the inconvenient arrangement of shelves. Yes, and my grandmother stood for a long time, an old one, probably from the 70s, a small freezer. But it worked very well, it froze “only like that”. Replaced it only because they wanted with a large freezer. As for the fact that plastic absorbs all odors, this is the case with any refrigerator.

  2. Agnia

    My friend has a Sviyaga refrigerator. Bought about 5 years ago. She is very unhappy with him and regrets that she did not buy another. Indeed, it is correctly said here that it absorbs all odors and it is very difficult to remove them later. Especially if there were some canned goods, even closed ones. I do not agree with the comment above that anyone has that. We have Virpul, this is not. Well, he complains that it is noisy, and large blocks of ice freeze, he constantly cleans it. Therefore, when we chose, I passed this refrigerator, although the price was quite attractive.

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    Quite decent compact refrigerators for use in the country or in the office. For a student dormitory is also a good solution. And the cost is acceptable.