Siemens refrigerators: reviews, tips for choosing + 7 of the best models on the market

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The fashion for household appliances is changeable, but some devices remain relevant always. These are mainly devices that can’t be dispensed with in the kitchen, for example, refrigeration units.

According to experts, Siemens refrigerator is considered one of the best among analogues. This is an invariable choice of style and quality fans. Why? Let's try to figure it out.

Features of equipment from Siemens

The brand’s products are distinguished by the highest “German” quality, innovative developments, functionality, and special appearance. That is why it is so in demand by customers.

Siemens brand
Siemens assembly shops are open in many different countries. Their distinctive feature is the large-knot assembly, which allows to guarantee high quality of finished products

Before buying a refrigeration unit of this brand, you need to understand that, most likely, you will not succeed in acquiring a true "German" of the German assembly. This is due to the fact that the concern has been expanding for a long time and with confidence.

The times when its assembly shops were only in Germany a long time ago. Today, Siemens factories are scattered throughout Europe and Asia.

This is an assembly production, and the assembly is large-site, so the quality of the units remains as high as possible. Masters say that if you compare the device, released in Germany, with his brother, “born” in St. Petersburg, you will not see any difference.

Both are equally neatly assembled, the "filling" and appearance are similar. In terms of quality, Siemens can be trusted.

Siemens refrigerator
The brand is famous for its elaborate camera ergonomics. For example, such removable hanging systems for storing bottles easily move around the compartment, which allows you to choose the most suitable place for them each time

A company with decades of experience values ​​its reputation and is responsible for each unit of its products. A distinctive feature of the Siemens brand, in addition to the highest quality, is the special design of its equipment.

The last option - refrigerators with a glass door. Using a special technology, colored glass is superimposed on the metal and as a result unusual, yet very stylish devices are obtained.

Such doors are very durable, as they are made of specially tempered glass. The choice of colors of this design is still small. Black models are especially in demand.

The Siemens brand is famous for its active introduction of innovative developments. One of them - hyperFresh system. This is an advanced “zero” or freshness zone. There are similar ones in the refrigerators of different companies, but no one offers such opportunities yet.

Thanks to hyperFresh, the user gets the opportunity to choose the best storage conditions for products of a certain type.

It is enough to place them in a container and select the appropriate mode, as the system independently selects the necessary humidity. It will be supported inside the box automatically.

For example, for greens and salads, high humidity is required, for vegetables or fruits - moderate, for fish or meat - low.

Zero zone from Siemens
The hyperFresh system was developed by Siemens. It involves several freshness zones with different humidity, which allows you to select the optimal storage conditions for products

The hyperFresh system keeps the temperature within zero and creates different humidity. All this makes it possible to keep food fresh three times longer than in units with standard storage conditions.

Another advantage of the system is mobility. If necessary, the containers can be removed from the refrigerator compartment, thereby freeing up the usable volume.

Another interesting and very useful innovation is the iSensoric smart sensor system, which ensures optimal operation of all refrigerator systems.

There are three types of sensors: freshSense, hyperFresh and noFrost. They are engaged in the collection and analysis of information coming from both outside and inside the device. This allows you to maintain the most stable storage conditions for products.

The brand pays great attention to the issues of comfortable operation. An interesting solution is non-standard models with increased volume. They provide the user with up to 55 liters of additional volume, which is certainly very convenient for large families.

In addition, the company equips the cameras of its units with profile guides. This makes it possible to extend the glass shelves by about half. This ensures optimal visibility and easy access to any shelves.

The design of the guides involves easy sliding and high strength.

Siemens Refrigerators
In some models of units from Siemens there is an enlarged compartment, the so-called “Big box”. It is intended for storage of overall products. For example, a large watermelon, a box with a cake or pizza will fit here

Lighting in the refrigerator compartment is also well thought out. The brand uses a combination of a spot-type luminaire on the top panel with built-in side light sources. This gives the most soft lighting, which allows you to see everything that is on the shelves, while not blinding.

All the features described above can be attributed to the advantages of the brand.

Not without flaws. Among them, experts include, first of all, the clearly overpriced cost of refrigeration units. When purchasing equipment from Siemens, the user pays not only for it, but also “for the brand”, which, of course, cannot but upset the prudent owner.

Yes, these are really high-quality and functional devices, but they will be quite expensive.

Another significant drawback is problems with spare parts. Like any other technology, Siemens devices break.True, they do this quite rarely, much less often than Chinese equipment, for example. But if this happened, it can be very difficult to purchase the necessary spare part.

There are cases when it took several weeks to wait for her arrival from abroad. And the cost of such a part and, accordingly, repair will be high.

We also recommend reading our other material, where we talked about the breakdowns of refrigerators that can be fixed on their own. More details - go to the link.

What to consider when choosing?

The German company produces very different models, among which everyone can choose the most suitable option for him. Siemens refrigerators are quite seriously different.

Let’s clarify what you should pay attention to when choosing them.

Number of working chambers

Among Siemens products, it is perhaps impossible to find simple single-chamber units today. Basically, the company produces two-chamber devices, consisting of a freezer and a refrigerator compartment of various capacities.

Most of these devices can be considered three-chamber, since the so-called “zero zone” is present in the devices. The latter may consist of one compartment, but more often of two or even three.

Side by Side Refrigerator
The brand has developed several models of “side-by-side” format, which are very popular among owners of spacious kitchens

In each of them, a certain humidity is maintained, which favorably affects the freshness of the stored products.

Siemens traditionally produces devices with a lower freezer, there is simply no top equipment. Paying tribute to fashion, the brand has developed several models in a line-up “side by side”. When the refrigerating and freezing compartments are the same in capacity and are located next to each other, having one common wall.

One or two compressors?

Siemens puts on its products high-quality isobutane compressors that work with good refrigerant. In sum, this gives efficient and quick cooling.

Having looked at the model range of units, you can find that here I present both one and two-compressor models. In the latter case, completely separate control of both cooling circuits will be a big plus.

This gives additional energy savings, the possibility of the most accurate temperature settings of each chamber. If necessary, you can turn off one of the compartments when the second is fully operational.

Among the shortcomings of two-compressor systems, their high cost and increased risk of breakdown due to structural complexity are usually noted. This option is most often chosen for units of increased volume, in particular devices such as side-by-saide.

Refrigerator compressor
The brand produces two and single compressor models. Among the latter there are interesting developments that work immediately with three cooling circuits. At the same time, their cooling efficiency is at the highest level.

Devices with a single compressor were initially devoid of all the advantages described above. But their cost is much lower.

However, there is an interesting engineering solution that allows devices with one compressor to be practically no different from two-compressor analogs. This is an electromagnetic valve that separates the control of two circuits. Siemens uses exactly this option in its units.

Frost control method

Most Siemens models are equipped with Norost or even Full NoFrost. This means that frost inside the working compartments does not form in principle.

This is achieved by the built-in fan, which blows dry cool air into the compartment. Thus, moisture is removed and does not settle on the walls of the chamber in the form of hoarfrost.

The system can be implemented both in the refrigerator and freezer compartment. The best option is in both at once. Such devices do not require defrosting, only periodic hygienic treatment.

When choosing “Anti-hoarfrost” you need to remember that poorly packaged products in such conditions dry out very quickly, since the humidity in the chamber is very low.

Another drawback is the smaller useful volume of the compartments, but the company's engineers were able to level it.

Siemens refrigerator
Most of the Siemens brand models work with the Anti-Frost system, often in the full version. However, in some cases, a drip method of thawing is also used.

Among the models of the brand, you can find devices with drip system. It assumes the presence of a drainage system through which moisture accumulated on the rear panel is removed from the chamber.

It is quite practical and effective. However, it is not acceptable for the freezer compartment. In this case, it is subject to manual defrosting, which should be carried out as the accumulation of snow "coat".

Equipment energy class

An important aspect of the choice is the level of energy consumption of the unit. You can determine how economical the device is by the energy class, which is marked with letters. Use the Latin alphabet from A to G inclusive.

The most economical appliances are labeled A, or A +, or A ++. The last two options indicate that the device consumes less energy than the most economical A class.

All subsequent letters indicate that the device consumes more energy. Classification is determined in this case by comparing the actual and projected energy consumption. The smaller the first, the more economical the device is.

However, in this way it is impossible to find out the real power consumption. And it can vary significantly even with devices of the same class.

Energy class
To determine the energy class of the refrigeration unit, it is enough to carefully study the special markings on the device

This is due to the fact that energy consumption directly depends on the number of working compartments, their volumes, type of compressors, etc. Therefore, the manufacturer introduced additional marking.

It shows the amount of electricity that the device will spend per year. If you really need it, you can multiply this number by the cost of 1 kW / h and get the amount that will cost the maintenance of the appliance for the year.

Type of equipment management

Most Siemens refrigeration units are electronically controlled. This opens up great opportunities for the user, because he literally gets a “smart” refrigerator.

Such a device independently controls the temperature regime of all compartments, monitors its performance and is able to successfully install in smart home system.

Siemens Refrigerators
Siemens manufactures electronically controlled units. Thanks to German quality, the electronic units allow for fine tuning and last a very long time.

It is possible to remotely control such a device through any mobile device. For the convenience of the user, all the necessary data is displayed on the LCD.

German-quality electronics guarantee accurate settings and trouble-free operation. There are also simpler devices with electromechanical control in the line from Siemens.

Special features for comfortable operation

Like most competitors, the brand equips its equipment with additional modes. What makes its operation as convenient as possible. Let's consider these options in more detail.

Standalone cold preservation. Activation of the mode involves maintaining the standard temperature in the compartment after a complete power outage. A limited time is valid, it can be specified in the technical documentation of the device.

The battery is cold. Siemens equips the freezer compartments of its refrigerators with additional cold accumulators. They can be used for additional cooling during a power outage or as an independent source of cold.

Supercooling / Superfreezing. The mode of short-term sharp decrease in temperature in the freezer or in the refrigeration box.As a result, the products quickly cool or freeze.

Built-in refrigerator
Among Siemens products there are also built-in models. Such a solution allows you to get a single interior without any elements knocking out of the general style

Vacation or vacation. In the refrigerator compartment, a temperature of about 14-15 ° C is stably maintained, which, according to the manufacturer, guarantees the absence of an unpleasant odor.

Control panel lock or child lock. A very useful feature that allows you to keep current instrument settings in any circumstances.

Top 7 most sought after Siemens models

Choosing a refrigeration unit for itself, each of the users is looking for certain properties that are necessary for him. Nevertheless, we can distinguish a number of models that are especially in demand.

Let's consider some of them in more detail.

Model # 1 - Siemens KG49NSB2AR

The model has a high capacity - as much as 413 liters. At the same time, 105 liters were allocated for the freezer, 206 liters for the refrigerator, 102 liters for the zero. Such impressive parameters are achieved due to the non-standard dimensions of the device.

Its width is 70 cm, which must be taken into account when trying on equipment for your kitchen. A large volume of the refrigerator compartment is thoughtfully equipped. There are glass shelves, door balconies and a freshness area.

A striking distinguishing feature of the model is the black glass door. It is very beautiful, but, unfortunately, not very practical. If there are children in the house, you will have to wash the door very often.

The unit freezes quickly and efficiently, using multi-threaded cooling. Its work is provided by an efficient compressor with a solenoid valve.

With all its impressive volumes, the device is very economical. The class of its energy consumption is A +. The unit is equipped with electronic control and an informative display system.

Among the additional options, it is worth noting the presence of useful modes of super-freezing and super-cooling. The defrosting of the device is fully automatic, the No Frost system is implemented in both compartments.

The disadvantages include the need to wash the door very often, which turned out to be too brand, and high cost. The latter seems overpriced to customers, since similar units from competitors can be purchased cheaper.

Model # 2 - Siemens KG49NAI2OR

Another non-standard representative of refrigeration units from Siemens. Due to the body width of 0.7 m, it has an increased capacity. It is similar to the model described above.

The equipment case is made of stainless steel, which greatly facilitates the care of it. The ergonomics of all working compartments are carefully thought out, therefore it is very convenient for the user.

The model can be considered three-chamber, since it is equipped with a full-fledged freshness zone in three compartments. In each of them the set humidity is automatically supported.

The device implements multi-threaded cooling, which gives a quick and very effective result. Unit power - up to 18 kg of freezing per day.

There is a system of “smart sensors” and a “smart” freshness zone with automatically adjustable humidity consisting of three compartments.

The device is very economical, belongs to the class A ++ for energy consumption. The device serves one compressor, characterized by an almost silent running. The camera is equipped with a carbon filter; superfreezing and cooling modes are implemented.

Among the shortcomings, consumers note the absence of a latch on the lower container in the freezer, because of which it can fall out when fully opened. And, of course, the high cost of the unit, which includes the “brand fee”.

Model # 3 - Siemens KA90IVI20

According to customers - this is one of the best representatives of the Siemens line. Stylish, neat, roomy, it fits perfectly into any, even the most sophisticated, interior.

Among the useful options, it is worth noting the No Frost cooling system, which prevents the formation of frost and eliminates the need to periodically defrost the refrigerator.

Another useful feature that is present in the Siemens KA90IVI20 is a water dispenser, thanks to which you will always have cold water in your kitchen.

The inner surface of the unit has a special antibacterial coating, which prevents the occurrence of mold and the multiplication of pathogenic microbes.

Among the shortcomings, many users note a surface on which traces are already visible from the first touch, as well as impressive dimensions.

Model # 4 - Siemens KG39EAW21R

A classic representative of the Siemens range with a lower freezer. This is a good option in terms of price-quality ratio. And the design of the device allows you to easily place it in any interior.

Having compact dimensions (60x63x203 cm), the unit has a total capacity of 351 liters.

Of the useful functions, it is worth noting the option of super-cooling and super-freezing, sound and light warning about an increase in temperature and about an open door, the presence of an energy-saving “Vacation” mode.

The refrigeration chamber uses a drip cooling system, and as for the freezer, it will have to be manually defrosted periodically.

The freezer drawers have special grooves that prevent them from falling out of the unit, even if they are pulled out all the way.

The case of the model is made of plastic and metal. There are practically no dirt left on the coating, and if the surface gets a little dirty, just wipe it with a damp sponge and there will be no trace of dirt.

Among the shortcomings, the owners of Siemens KG39EAW21R note that the device is a bit noisy, especially during the freezing process, although the noise level is declared within 37 dB.

Model # 5 - Siemens KG39EAI2OR

Another classic representative of the Siemens line. This two-meter giant has a cooling capacity of 257 liters, which makes it easy to place an impressive supply of food there.

Of the advantages, it is worth noting the presence of LED-backlight, which perfectly illuminates all, even the most inaccessible places in the refrigerator. The manufacturer also provided special storage places on the door for bottles and other products.

At the bottom of the refrigerator there is a box for storing fruits and vegetables. Of the additional features in this model there is a super-freezing and super-cooling function, thanks to which it is possible to cool products very quickly.

One of the most significant disadvantages of the unit is the need to defrost the freezer manually. In more expensive models, this need is absent, as they are equipped with the No Frost system.

Also, some users note that during operation the device was too noisy. This applies to almost all Siemens refrigerators.

Model # 6 - Siemens KA92NLB35

This two-chamber handsome has a very impressive size and no less impressive capacity. It is very convenient in maintenance and operation.

The unit has an A ++ efficiency class and is able to freeze up to 12 kg of products per day. The interior of the refrigerator is divided by shelves made of durable glass, which makes it possible to place a large number of products on them.

The freezer has a lateral arrangement, which is liked by many users of technology. Also in the Siemens KA92NLB35 model there is a No Frost function, eliminating the need for periodic defrosting of the freezer.

A multi-threaded cooling system ensures even distribution of cold air. A special antibacterial coating prevents the emergence of pathogenic bacteria.

Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting the high cost of the unit, similar models from other manufacturers can be found at a more affordable price. In addition, the outer surface of the refrigerator is easily contaminated, so you will have to wipe it quite often.

Model # 7 - Siemens KG39EAX2OR

The classic two-chamber model with a lower freezer.It differs in relatively small dimensions, good capacity and affordable price.

A display is located on the door of the unit, which displays the temperature inside the refrigerator. The interior is divided by glass shelves, which can be rearranged as you wish.

There is a vacation mode, guaranteeing the absence of an unpleasant odor. Of the additional features in the Siemens KG39EAX2OR, the manufacturer has provided the function of quick cooling and quick freezing.

Also, the model implements sound and light indication that responds to an open door or temperature increase in the refrigerator.

On this, the advantages of the device end. Among the shortcomings, almost all users note the need to periodically manually defrost the freezer.

In addition, the unit is quite noisy, so if you plan to install it outside the kitchen, it is better to give preference to another model.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Recommendations that can help in choosing a practical and versatile refrigerator:

Siemens is a well-known brand that has been maintaining an impeccable reputation for more than one and a half hundred years. Siemens refrigeration units are renowned for their quality, functionality and stylish appearance. They serve their owners for a long and almost always hassle-free.

Of course, equipment is more expensive than its counterparts, however, the buyer is almost always ready to overpay for impeccable equipment from a world-famous manufacturer.

Looking for a home refrigerator? Or have experience using Siemens refrigerators? Please leave feedback about their work, ask questions and participate in the discussion of the material. The contact form is below.

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  1. Siemens equipment, of course, is an order of magnitude higher both in its technical innovations and in appearance. Only here it costs a lot. And now it’s quite possible to find an almost identical refrigerator, just with a different name and it will cost three times less. I personally did not see the point of overpaying. I bought a simple Indesit, it freezes no worse than a promoted German.

    • I think you overestimate Siemens. The firm, of course, is good, but “an order of magnitude higher” is an overkill. Now all non-budget firms give about the same thing, both in terms of innovations and in terms of style. And the quality of the Germans is not sinless. My neighbor bought them a factory defective refrigerator. Well at least changed under warranty.

  2. Felix

    Yes, German quality is deservedly respected among manufacturers and the Siemens concern. When my old refrigerator burned out, I chose the new Siemens brand in the store. Again - was guided by the German reliability of technology. And it was made in Germany, no licensed assembly. Pure Germany. Yes, a little more expensive, but not critical. I chose from simple models, with a small volume of the camera, with a lower freezer. It works quietly, consumes little electricity, very economically, there are no problems with it at all. When you first turn it on, set the mode on the display and forgot about it. Stably works, does not break.

  3. Vladimir

    Very bad fridge. Unstable plastic, defrosting does not work well.At intervals of six months or less, the fan freezes the cold that distributes the cold to the refrigerator ... In general, only the name comes from the vaunted German quality! 🙁