Shivaki refrigerators: an overview of the advantages and disadvantages + 5 of the best brand models

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Shivaki appeared on the technology market about 30 years ago. Initially, this Japanese company was engaged in the sale of small appliances, such as video players and tape recorders.

Subsequently, large equipment appeared on the market, among which was the Shivaki refrigerator, which immediately won recognition not only from ordinary customers, but also from owners of hotels and catering establishments. What is the secret to the success of this brand? Consider all the features in more detail.

Distinctive features of technology from Shivaki

The manufacturer lures customers with a huge assortment of its products. If we talk only about refrigerators, the company offers several dozens of well-thought-out models. Moreover, each has its own unique features.

Quality Benefits from Shivaki Refrigerators
Shivaki brand refrigeration equipment attracts with its impeccable assembly, long service life, many times exceeding the working life guaranteed by the Japanese manufacturer

The list of distinguishing characteristics of Shivaki equipment should also include:

  1. First-class assembly. When ordering the products of this brand, you can be sure that it will last for many years. The buyer will not encounter loose bolts and the seal will not peel off the refrigerator after a couple of months of operation.
  2. Cheap repair. In the event of any problems, the restoration of the working capacity of the equipment will cost a modest amount. In addition, finding parts is not difficult.
  3. Reliability. Yes, Shivaki compressors do not differ in high performance, but they can serve faithfully for many years.

Especially pleasing is the fact that you can order repair of Japanese equipment in any, even a very small village. Many masters have long been accustomed to quickly restore such equipment.

The Japanese pay attention to build quality
The manufacturer pays special attention to the appearance of his equipment - Japanese refrigerators are elegant and minimal, which makes their design truly luxurious

You can finally make sure whether it is worth buying equipment or not, only after a detailed examination of its advantages and disadvantages. This approach allows you to find out about possible problems and solve them in advance or give preference in favor of another model.

Here is a general list of the pros and cons of Shivaki refrigeration equipment.

The advantages include:

  1. Compact and mobile. Mini fridges one can rightly be called universal household appliances. Due to its rather modest size and light weight, you can make a permutation at any time and for this you do not even have to attract loaders.
  2. Quality. Even in spite of its small dimensions, such a technique stores well and for a long time a wide variety of products from meat to drinks.
  3. Energy efficiency. When buying Shivaki devices, you can be sure that they do not require a lot of electricity.
  4. Cost. The manufacturer did everything possible to buy his equipment could any average buyer.

The main disadvantage is the simplicity of the design. Due to this, devices are deprived of wide capabilities and cannot offer a number of additional functions. This is the simplest and most durable technique.

Brand equipment is modest in size.
Japanese babies are characterized by first-class build quality. Therefore, today there really is an opportunity to buy equipment that will not need repair for the first 5-7 years of operation

Landmarks of a competent choice

Just a huge assortment is an occasion to understand in more detail the intricacies of choosing a refrigerator. Indeed, not every consultant will be able to advise a truly optimal solution in a given situation.

Therefore, you can only rely on yourself, and before going to the store, it is advisable to understand the main technical characteristics, which should be given due attention.

Type of coating and layout of compartments

Mostly the Japanese company Shivaki offers refrigerators where the freezer compartment is located in the upper part. Therefore, such a solution is typical for a brand. It is quite convenient and practical to use.

As for the coating, it is usually black, silver or white plastic or metal. The latter option is suitable for those who want to purchase the most reliable equipment and are ready to overpay a little. Well, plastic devices are a budget, but extremely short-lived solution.

Energy Efficiency Preferences

Japanese engineers are always trying to make their equipment as energy-efficient as possible. This also applies to premium devices and fairly inexpensive products.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the overwhelming number of Shivaki refrigerator models in terms of energy efficiency comply with the requirements of category A +.

Fridge fits easily in a small communal room
Inexpensive, but at the same time economical equipment is a rarity today. But if you give preference to Japanese products, you can purchase a device that will work day and night and require a minimum of electricity

Type of refrigerator control

Yes, today there is a trend towards modern technologies and touch screens. But such solutions significantly increase the cost of technology. Therefore, Shivaki refrigeration equipment is equipped with an electromechanical type of control. This solution is not a bad option.

After all, the buyer will receive a fairly reliable and trouble-free system that will work for many years.

Electromechanical type of control of the refrigerator
The Japanese company presented for sale units with both electromechanical and electronic controls. In the line of mini refrigerators, the bulk is controlled by electromechanical devices

The best way to cool

Almost all models of Japanese mini-refrigerators need defrost manually. But thanks to the small dimensions of the equipment, this does not take much time. In addition, due to the small size, defrosting will be needed only 2-3 times a year.

Overview of popular units

Small cooling devices are a practical and rather convenient solution. Especially if you know which models to give preference to and what features they possess. Consider the five most popular mini-devices offered by the Land of the Rising Sun.

Despite its small popularity in the CIS countries, it is worth getting acquainted with the products of the Japanese manufacturer. Shivaki offers simply superb refrigerators, available in mini and full size formats. The assortment is dominated by compact single- and two-chamber units; there are three-chamber large-sized models.

Single chamber units in mini format

Single-chamber refrigeration equipment is thoroughly thought out in terms of ergonomics. All details, the location of the control knobs, shelves and boxes are carefully thought out. Therefore, the user will enjoy it.

Single-chamber model of the Shivaki refrigerator
The interior space of single-chamber models is well thought out. The height of shelves that can be moved and trays is designed to accommodate the maximum possible volume of products

Single chamber Shivaki differ in the upper arrangement of the freezer volume. Usually it does not exceed 10 liters, which is more than enough. And on the right side of the freezer is a thermostat that allows you to choose one of 8 settings.

The advantages of the model should also include:

  • interesting body color - gray metal is a universal solution that fits perfectly into absolutely any interior, whether it is a luxurious classic or a strict modern;
  • quality - only reliable and durable materials were used in the production, so the refrigerator will not suffer in any way if it is accidentally hit with a foot;
  • modern compressor - its service life is about 10 years;
  • profitability - The model allows a good saving, because the compact Shivaki models correspond to the energy efficiency class A +.

The disadvantages can be considered high cost - mini-refrigerators are sold at $ 230, which is higher than the price of competing models. Also, they cannot offer any additional options.

Compact two-chamber models

The Japanese manufacturer also produces mini-refrigerators for those who need a separate freezer, but are not interested in bulky full-size units.

The lineup for sale has miniature two-chamber models. True, in terms of color, the manufacturer does not pamper buyers. The hue may be black or silver.

Two-chamber mini model of the Shivaki refrigerator
In two-chamber models, the freezer compartment is separated from the main volume and equipped with a separate door, so that when using the refrigerator, the microclimate of the freezer is not affected

The volume of the freezer compartment is enough for packing dumplings or dumplings, storing 3 kg of meat or fish preparations.

Among all the advantages of two-chamber compact Shivaki, it is especially worth highlighting:

  • Volume of the cooling chamber. Inside the compartment will fit not only fruits, vegetables, cheese and sausages. If desired, you can rearrange the metal grill and fit a whole pan with borscht there;
  • Mechanical control. Due to this feature, the device can be used in any conditions, even in small and remote settlements. After all, you don’t have to look for a master who can fix newfangled equipment;
  • Cost. Models are sold at a fairly modest and affordable price;
  • Build quality. Absolutely all the details from the compressor to the sealing rubber bands are made of decent materials and are distinguished by their reliability.

If necessary, the door can be outweighed. This makes Shivaki compact models even more versatile and easy to use.

The noisy work of mini refrigerators
The only drawback of the manufacturer in relation to two-chamber and single-chamber compact models is poor sound insulation. So get ready that the mini-unit will make quite a lot of noise during its operation

Also in the upper part of the refrigerator compartment there is a zone with a reduced temperature. Here you can store products that need more cooling.

Miniature bars in refrigerators

This is the best choice if you need to quickly prepare ice, cool drinks or keep a small amount of food. The inside of the appliance is divided by two shelves.

Accordingly, the user gets three storage zones at his disposal, which is a rather convenient and practical solution. There are also two shelves on the door, where you can also store some food or drink bottles.

Owners of a refrigerated baby distinguish the following features:

  • modest sizes allow you to install the device in any convenient place - it is a good choice for home, office or hotel;
  • the device in its energy efficiency corresponds to class A +, so the buyer will not go broke paying electricity bills;
  • if necessary, the door can be outweighed, so that the device can be installed anywhere and anytime.

Mini-bars are equipped with mechanical control, which significantly increases their reliability and increases the service life. In addition, if necessary, repairs will cost a fairly modest amount.

You can read about the most common causes of refrigerator breakdowns and how to fix them. here.

Shivaki equipment is bought for the arrangement of hotel rooms
The downside is noise. The manufacturer did not pay enough attention to the soundproofing of the device - the volume is not critical, but it is better not to put it at the head of the bed

Roomy and powerful equipment

In this case, the manufacturer increased the volume and size of the units. Such a solution would be ideal for those who need a full-length product needed for installation in an apartment intended for permanent residence or a country house.

The compressor in full-size models is notable for its performance, but it is a little noisy. The engine power is enough to catch enough cold inside the cooling and freezing compartments.

Shivaki full-size refrigerators have the following advantages:

  • Price quality. Really durable and pleasant to the touch materials are used for manufacturing. Everything is assembled simply perfect, and the cost will delight absolutely every customer.
  • Ergonomics. The space is perfectly zoned. Inside there are shelves that can be rearranged. In addition, there are also trays in the form of durable “balconies” on the door, which increases the usable volume.
  • Electromechanical control. If the house is experiencing frequent power outages, then Shivaki refrigeration equipment is the perfect solution. Even with frequent failures and unstable voltage, it will serve faithfully.

The Japanese manufacturer offers a rather convenient and practical option - the ability to outweigh the door. This kind of function provides an opportunity to install the equipment where it is really needed.

Energy Saving Refrigerators
Full-size models of refrigerators from Shivaki are quite economical to operate. To work, you need a very small amount of electricity. Therefore, the buyer will not be shocked when receiving a light bill

As for the shortcomings, in this case there are no complaints. Shivaki engineers did a great job and were able to come up with convenient, technological and practical refrigerators. The only thing that deserves attention is manual defrosting.But in the case of Japanese units, such care will be required no more than twice a year.

Top 5 popular models on the market

It cannot be said that Shivaki refrigerators were widely represented in the domestic market. However, there are models that the Russian buyer and consumer of nearby countries managed to get to know.

We will analyze the refrigerators of this brand that have been tested in practice and confirm the manufacturer’s reputation with excellent work.

Refrigerator # 1 - Shivaki BMR-1884DNFX

The two-chamber version of the silver fridge is an excellent solution for offices, studio apartments and small kitchens.

Its dimensions are 59.5x63x188 cm, while the total volume of Shivaki BMR-1884DNFX is only 295 liters, of which 76 liters are allocated to the freezer.

The refrigerator and freezer compartment are cooled in a dynamic way, i.e. the movement of air mass inside is stimulated by a fan. Hoarfrost and ice crusts do not form inside. Such systems are also called No Frost.

And refrigeration equipment cooled by this method does not need to be defrosted regularly, which greatly simplifies maintenance.

Type of control model electric. There is a display on which the necessary information is displayed. According to the energy consumption data, this refrigerator is assigned class A +. It emits noise at 40 dB.

Refrigerator # 2 - Shivaki SBS-573DNFGW

This format model Side by Side is a real giant in the line of the Japanese manufacturer. Each of the compartments of the two-chamber unit is equipped with a separate door.

The volume of useful space is 570 liters, of which 204 liters are allocated to the side-mounted freezer. You can freeze it up to 7 kg.

Both Shivaki SBS-573DNFGW cameras are dynamically cooled. The movement of air inside is stimulated by a fan, due to which there is no difference in temperature on the upper and lower shelf of the unit, therefore condensation does not drop out and does not freeze. Defrosting to remove snow growths in such refrigerators is not carried out.

Driven by a model with a French door electronic system. There is a display showing temperature and other performance characteristics.

Equipped with glass doors and shelves. Noises at 43 dB. When the door is open, the unit makes a sound. Able to perform superfrost. According to the results of testing for energy consumption, the refrigerator received an A + class.

Refrigerator # 3 - Shivaki BMR-1881NFW

The full-size two-chamber Japanese refrigerator presents 295 liters of usable space to potential owners. Of these, 76 liters are located at the bottom of the freezer.

The unit is able to produce super-freezing products, which retains a maximum of nutrients and nutritional properties.

The Shivaki BMR-1881NFW refrigerator and freezer compartment is cooled using No Frost technology, that is, there is no condensation in the cells and the results of freezing it.

This model does not require forced defrosting to remove snow coats, it is carried out purely for sanitary purposes, and quite rarely.

The control is electronic, on the front surface of the unit there is a display with which it is convenient to monitor the performance of the device. It makes a noise of 40 dB. Energy Class A +.

Refrigerator # 4 - Shivaki SDR-084W

A single-chamber refrigerator with a low-temperature zone highlighted at the top is suitable for gardeners and office workers. One door separates the contents from external factors.

The total volume of usable space is 93 liters, 10 liters are allocated to the freezer box.

The compact Shivaki SDR-084W unit is cooled by the static method, which means that it requires forced defrosting. The model is controlled by a simple and reliable electromechanical device.

Noisy miniature technology at 42 dB. Based on the test results, the model received A + class for economical energy consumption.

Refrigerator # 5 - Shivaki SDR-054W

A miniature refrigerator in the assortment of Shivaki attracts with modest dimensions of the case (47.5x45x49.2 cm) and low weight - only 15 kg.

At the same time, it has a useful volume of 50 liters, of which 5 liters are allocated to the low-temperature compartment.

This Shivaki SDR-054W ​​model is cooled by the static method, therefore, it will have to be defrosted manually. Note that with such dimensions, this process will not become unnecessarily time-consuming.

The controls of this refrigerator are electromechanical type. Noisy when working at 42 dB. According to the data on energy consumption, the minibar received class A +.

Which model would be the best choice?

Not every buyer has the opportunity to purchase equipment worth from a thousand dollars. Many users are very limited in budget.

In this case, the compact model is the ideal solution. It has excellent technical characteristics, and due to its miniature size it can fit in any convenient place.

When choosing, be sure to consider that the device works quite noisily. In addition, manual defrosting will add to the problems. But the disadvantages of this decision end there.

If we talk about the price-quality ratio, then two- and three-chamber modifications of refrigerators from Shivaki are a good choice. All offers have the only drawback - a slightly noisy compressor. In all other respects, they have established themselves as reliable and easy-to-use equipment.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Video recommendations for choosing a refrigerator:

Concluding, we can confidently say that Shivaki brand refrigerators are a technique that undoubtedly deserves attention.

Having spent a fairly modest amount, you can count on a first-class assembly. Yes, devices have their drawbacks, but they are not so significant, especially if you look at the advantages. Therefore, it is not surprising that Japanese mini-refrigerators are in great demand in the current market.

There were questions about the topic of the article, is there anything to add to the material, or can you share your own experience in choosing a refrigerator for the home? Please write your comments in the block under the article.

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    I respect Japan for the equipment, but Shivaki's refrigerator somehow did not impress. Some kind of non-modern, electromechanical, and somehow I recently read here about the Liebher refrigerator - it interested me more. But the mini-bar from Shivaki is, in my opinion, a find. At least I will be curious about this subject. And so, small Shivaki refrigerators are an excellent option for gardens, summer residences, student dormitories.

  2. Shivaki refrigerators in our country are not very famous and popular, but in vain. The company is normal and makes the equipment no worse than the one that is widely represented in our market. Decent plastic, tempered glass shelves. All parts of the refrigerator are of good quality, adequately fulfill their purpose. It works very quietly, if you don’t listen, you won’t hear it. In general, I am pleased with this refrigerator.