Sharp refrigerators: reviews, advantages and disadvantages + TOP-5 of the most popular models

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There are many manufacturers on the home appliance market that produce truly high-quality, durable and functional equipment. Among such companies there are world famous giants such as Samsung, LG, Bosch and others.

And there are small companies that also produce first-class equipment. A vivid example is the Sharp refrigerator of the same name brand, which has a number of amazing advantages. Which ones? Let's get it right.

Unique features of Sharp units

This Japanese manufacturing company differs from its competitors in that each of its models is literally crammed with innovation. Moreover, this is done in such a way as not to impair the comfort of operation and work efficiency.

Benefits of Sharp Refrigerators
Ergonomics, stylish design, work efficiency and the optimal number of functions useful for operation are successfully combined in Japanese-made refrigerators

It is also worth paying attention to the following features:

  1. Delivering equipment to the Russian market, the company takes into account certain structural details. For example, in many models there is protection against a sudden voltage drop.
  2. The manufacturer offers an excellent air ionization function. Thanks to this, the products will be stored longer, and there will also be no musty smell in the refrigerator.
  3. The company uses only high-quality components. Therefore, it is not surprising that the equipment is guaranteed for a period of 10 years.

The Japanese company is a vivid example of a manufacturer who is always trying to improve its products and offer the customer an original solution.Therefore, Sharp refrigerators are so very popular.

Sharp Refrigerators
A huge number of fakes of the equipment of this brand are sold on the market. To be sure of the originality of the unit, you need to order it only from official suppliers

Before buying Sharp refrigerators, it will be useful to learn about all the positive and negative aspects of this kind of technology. In addition, this will allow you to choose a model that will satisfy all the wishes and requirements.

The list of benefits of Sharp brand cooling equipment should include:

  1. Superior performance. During operation, there will be absolutely no problems. Using such equipment will be as convenient as possible, as the storage of products is organized at a semi-professional level.
  2. Energy efficiency. Now you do not have to pay huge bills for the light. Indeed, for the operation of Japanese equipment requires a minimum amount of electricity.
  3. Ergonomics. If the buyer responsibly approached the choice of model, then he will undoubtedly be able to choose a convenient and comfortable model. Thanks to a well-thought out and well-organized interior space, it will be possible to compactly stack a huge number of products.
  4. Low noise. The device makes almost no sounds. Therefore, you can do household chores, talk with a friend and relax without hearing the annoying hum in the background.

As for the shortcomings, the main disadvantage of Japanese technology is its high cost. But considering all the advantages, the price is more than justified.

Sharp double-chamber large refrigerator
Thanks to a wide range of products, a buyer with any income level will be able to choose the best refrigerator from Sharp for himself. Yes, such a technique will cost dearly, but it will serve for decades

Landmarks for determining the appropriate model

The choice of cooling equipment, as well as the purchase of any other household appliances, must be approached with maximum responsibility. Indeed, the large assortment on the market creates certain problems.

Therefore, before going to the store it will be useful to find out about what technical characteristics it is worth paying attention to when choosing Japanese Sharp units.

Choice of control type

The land of the rising sun has long abandoned the old mechanical pens, buttons and switches. Therefore, on the Sharp technique you can see only an electronic display.

Moreover, the chip of the manufacturer is the quality of performance. The same applies to the control unit. Thanks to this, setting up the equipment with filigree accuracy is absolutely no problem.

Option electronic control system
In the proposed line of Japanese refrigerators for sale there are models with both electronic and electromechanical controls. The first option is more convenient, the second is easier and more reliable.

The company's engineers paid attention to safety. Therefore, the electronic control units of refrigerators are reliably protected from mechanical stress and sudden power surges.

Energy Efficiency Class

If you do not want to pay huge electricity bills, it is recommended to give preference to models with energy efficiency class A or A +.

Yes, they will cost a little higher than analogues belonging to category C or B. But if you spend it once, you can save a significant amount later.

Read more about how much electricity refrigerators consume. Further.

Sharp fridge in the kitchen
You should not expect that greater energy efficiency will completely eliminate the payment of electricity bills. But the refrigerator will help save a couple of thousand rubles a year

Number of compressors and type of refrigerant

No matter will be ordered standard unit or inverter, each one is a great solution. The thing is that the Japanese manufacturer took the time to design the compressors, making them quieter and more powerful.

In addition, the company uses high-quality refrigerant, due to which the efficiency of the cooling unit has increased significantly.

Sharp refrigerator collector motor compressor
Sharp refrigeration equipment is equipped with both conventional collector and inverter compressor motors. When using the former, the cost of the model is lower, but they work louder and have a less resource than refrigerators with inverter compressors

Features of work and preservation of temperature

First of all, you need to understand that the higher the power of the equipment, the greater the amount of meat, vegetables, fish and other products it can freeze for a certain time.

Therefore, for those who are used to constantly clogging the freezer, a high-performance appliance is the ideal solution. Well, if a couple of packs of dumplings are stored in the compartment, then you can not even look at this characteristic - the refrigerator will definitely cope with this task.

Cooling system without hoarfrost
Even older Sharp refrigeration products manufactured more than two decades ago used No Frost technology. The Japanese manufacturer can reasonably be considered a pioneer in this area

Almost all new Sharp device models use NoFrost technology. This decision will allow the hostess to save a lot of time that could have been spent on defrosting the refrigerator and taking care of it.

Such a cunning characteristic, as an autonomous preservation of temperature, will either help out on an ongoing basis, or not at all useful. But it’s recommended to pay a little extra for it, so as not to worry about your products.

Most modern Sharp models are characterized by a battery life of about 18 hours after a power outage.

Kitchen fridge
If the unit maintains a low temperature for a long time, this helps to prevent the melting of products and the reduction of their shelf life. The best indicator is temperature support for 30 hours.

Feature List

Since the Japanese manufacturer likes to “start” his technique with innovations and practical details, picking up a unique unit, which, in addition to its main function, will also perform a number of additional ones, will not be difficult.

Most often, it is built into its refrigerators:

  • ice maker - if among households there are lovers of soft drinks, then such functionality will be useful, especially since preparing ice in molds is completely inconvenient;
  • supercooling and superfrost - A practical solution that is useful in everyday life, so it’s worth overpaying for these options;
  • freshness zone - in this compartment it will be possible to put meat, natural yogurt, fish, cheese and all this will remain fresh for a long period of time;
  • light / sound indication - if the owner of the refrigerator lost sight of something, for example, did not close the door of the device, then the equipment will notify him about it.

A useful feature would be the availability of the “Vacation” mode. A distinctive feature of this technology is that the device starts to work much more economically.

This is especially useful if the owners are going on a trip, and the freezer is completely full of food.

A number of refrigerators
Just a huge selection of additional features will solve any client problem. After all, every Japanese refrigerator is high-quality and thought out to the smallest detail.

Product Range Overview

The lineup of the Japanese company numbers dozens of cooling units. Moreover, each of them has both its positive aspects and its obvious shortcomings. But among the products of this brand, refrigerators stand out that have won consumer recognition literally from the first minutes of their appearance on the market.

Simple options with manifold compressors

A well-thought-out design and a rather powerful cooling system made it possible to achieve that the temperature inside each of the compartments of two-compartment refrigerators from Sharp is reached in the shortest possible time.

To illuminate the interior, bright LED lamps are used. Therefore, there will be no problems if you even want to have a bite in the middle of the night. The types of bulbs for refrigerators and the nuances of replacing them are described in detail here.

The manufacturer carefully thought out the location of the shelves and drawers. Ergonomics allows you to compactly fold a large number of products. Roomy boxes located on the door and a voluminous container designed to store fruits and vegetables deserve special attention.

Refrigerator Sharp SJ-b236zrwh
The complete set of basic two-chamber models is notable for its simplicity. The manufacturer applies only an egg tray and an ice mold. But this is quite logical, since the cost of technology is quite low

Among the two-chamber models with a freezer located below, there are products with a convenient display that is used to control the operating mode. With it, you can find out all the information about the device, as well as set the desired temperature in the freezer and cooling chambers.

NoFrost technology is implemented almost perfectly. Therefore, even after years of operation, an ice crust will not appear inside. In this case, the cold is distributed evenly throughout the compartment. The units are quite quiet. In the background, nothing will buzz and interfere with doing household chores or chatting with friends or household.

Sharp SJ-B236ZRSL refrigerator inside
The disadvantage is recognized simplicity. Yes, this significantly increases the reliability and lifetime, but many housewives will not like the lack of any useful modes. Engineers made a solid and just a good unit

Inverter Motor Models

The main feature of refrigerators equipped with inverter compressors is that in its arsenal there are more than three dozen levels of work intensity. This will allow you to fine-tune the unit. In addition to this, a minimum of noise is produced (about 23 dB).

The manufacturer integrated ExtraCool technology in inverter refrigerators. Its essence lies in the ability to cool as much as possible, but not to freeze foods and drinks. Thanks to this, you can not only increase their shelf life, but also save all the vitamins and minerals.

The list of benefits should also include:

  • full automatic defrost;
  • the presence of a hybrid cooling system, which increases the efficiency of the device;
  • bright lighting;
  • impressive volume;
  • presence of surge protection.

Products are also equipped with an air purification system. Therefore, the growth and development of bacteria and fungi will be suspended, which will favorably affect the safety of products.

Refrigerator Sharp SJ-XE55PMBE
The only thing to consider when buying an inverter model is its size. The unit is quite massive, which will create certain problems when installing it in a small apartment or house

Efficient refrigerators

Models will be able to please customers with a well-thought-out design and a carefully designed cooling system. Each of the chambers is coated with antibacterial protection from the inside, which will be important for those who appreciate cleanliness and hygiene.

Shelves of refrigerators are located quite conveniently. It will not be a problem to compactly fill both the cooling and freezer compartments. There is a voluminous box designed for storing vegetables and fruits. At the same time, it is able to protect products from condensation.

If we talk about the benefits, it is important to note:

  • high efficiency;
  • bright lighting based on LEDs;
  • the presence of NoFrost technology;
  • spaciousness and convenient dimensions;
  • quite acceptable cost.

By cons include a rather modest functionality. Moreover, the internal content cannot be called universal. Therefore, some buyers may experience difficulties in operation.

Refrigerator Sharp SJ-B236ZRSL
In appearance, this refrigerator of this type is the most simple and unremarkable technique. The main feature is hidden in a good "stuffing".Inverter, electrical components and thermal insulation - all this is a single harmonious and perfectly working system

Premium minimalist units

If the kitchen is decorated in a modern style, then the compact unit is an ideal choice. In most cases, they are also equipped with inverter motors, which for the better affects the service life.

Mini models can work at one of 36 stages of intensity. Therefore, to make the operation of the refrigerator as quiet as possible, but at the same time efficient, is not difficult.

Refrigerator Sharp SJ-XP59PGSL
The only and main drawback of this model is its rather high cost. But if you take into account all the listed advantages of such an aggregate, then the minus is completely leveled

Among the many advantages of premium equipment, it is especially worth highlighting:

  • maximum precision settings;
  • excellent maintenance of the set temperature inside each of the compartments;
  • the presence of protection against sudden changes in voltage in the mains;
  • the presence of an ionization and air purification system;
  • ergonomics and spaciousness;
  • the presence of protection from the bay with water, which makes operation as safe as possible;
  • minimum noise during operation.

The manufacturer uses ExtraCool technology in these models. To cool the drink to the maximum level, without freezing it, is now easier than ever. Sharp models can also make ice in just 1.5 hours, which is an excellent result.

Rating of popular brand refrigerators

Even despite the not-too-attractive price, Sharp-branded refrigerators “don't sit on the counter."

The compatriots know that the funds invested in the Japanese unit will almost instantly pay off. These products rarely need repairs, they do not cause anxiety and do not need tedious defrosting.

Place # 5 - Sharp SJ-FS97VSL

A large solid side-by-side refrigerator pleases with a large useful volume and an impressive range of functions, but it does not disappoint slightly with the dimensions that do not suit the owners of apartments with small kitchens. But owners of spacious housing with a useful volume of 600 liters really like it.

The three-chamber model Sharp SJ-FS97VSL is equipped with four doors, which guarantee the preservation of cold in the remaining compartments when using one of them. The freezer compartment is located below. The internal space is competently organized, everything is done for the most convenient operation, a freshness zone is highlighted.

All compartments are cooled dynamically. Using a fan eliminates the formation of frost and snow growths, therefore, the unit does not need manual forced defrosting. In the options of the model, it is possible to perform superfreezing and an audible alarm that occurs when the door is opened.

Electronic control option, a display is installed that displays the operating parameters of the system. The model can freeze per day up to 10 kg. When the power is interrupted, it keeps cold for up to 17 hours on its own.

A weighty plus is the function of protection against interference in the management of younger researchers. According to the data on energy consumption, the model received class A.

If you are interested in this model, we recommend that you also read the rating of the best refrigerators side-by-side.

Place # 4 - Sharp SJ-XG60PGSL

The Sharp SJ-XG60PGSL two-chamber silver model is perfect for large and medium-sized kitchens. For future owners, the unit provides 600 liters of total usable volume.

The freezer is located in the lower part, it occupies 178 liters. There is a freshness zone used for long-term storage of products / dishes / semi-finished products without freezing.

Both chambers are cooled according to the Nou Frost system - without the formation of hoarfrost and ice crusts. 8.1 kg can freeze this refrigerator per day, impeccably performs super-cooling and super-freezing. When the power is cut off, it will remain cold for 19 hours.

The model is controlled by an electronic system.The design uses an inverter compressor. This ensures quiet operation and long-term operation, which does not create problems for the owners. The refrigerator is equipped with an ice generator. According to energy consumption data, the unit received class A ++.

Place # 3 - Sharp SJ-PC58ABE

The two-compartment refrigerator is equipped with separate doors for each compartment. The Sharp SJ-PC58ABE model is suitable for medium-sized kitchens that are not too limited by spatial boundaries.

The total usable volume of the unit is 437 liters, of which 108 liters are allocated to the top-mounted freezer. It freezes 6.5 kg per day.

The No Frost system was used to cool the freezer, which means that it is not necessary to defrost it forcibly. The fan mounted in the design eliminates the formation of condensation and icing of droplets on the walls of the device.

An electronic device is installed for control, a display is mounted in the door. If the power supply is interrupted, the unit will maintain the temperature background optimal for the products for another 13 hours. The model will respond with an audible signal to the open door. Class according to energy saving A.

Place # 2 - Sharp SJ-XE59PMWH

The second place was taken by Sharp SJ-XE59PMWH, which was loved by buyers with spaciousness and stylish appearance - its case is equipped with glass doors.

The dimensions of the model are 84.6 × 77.8 × 185 cm. Such equipment can be installed in the average-sized kitchen of a private house or apartment. The volume of useful internal space is 578 liters, 148 liters are allocated for them from the freezer.

In the refrigerator and freezer of this model, No Frost cooling is used, i.e. constantly thaw them by hand will not need. The refrigerator compartment has a dry zone of freshness.

The control of the refrigerator is electronic, there are indicators for monitoring the operating temperature. Included is an ice generator.

The Sharp SJ-XE59PMWH is equipped with super-cooling and super-freezing options. According to the results of testing for electricity consumption, a simple but extremely reliable model is assigned the A ++ class.

Place # 1 - Sharp SJ-F95STBE

The winner is a roomy refrigerator with a good set of features - the Sharp SJ-F95STBE. This nice beige unit with a French door is designed for large apartments with spacious kitchens.

The model is equipped with four separate doors for three cameras arranged in its body. Among the pluses is the freshness zone, working without excess moisture. The total displacement is 605 liters, 211 liters are allocated to the freezer compartment.

All cameras are cooled using No Frost technology. This means that you do not have to defrost them manually. It is enough to defrost a couple of times a year to bring the internal space in order.

It is controlled by electronics. In the list of useful functions appears the “Vacation” mode, thanks to which the owners do not need to completely turn off the unit during the trip.

When disconnected from the power supply, the model maintains an operating temperature of 17 hours. An open door forces the unit to sound an alarm. Energy Efficiency Class A.

The rating is based solely on the popularity of models among compatriots. Refrigerators are presented in order according to speed and quantity of sales. On the opinion of the masters involved in the repair of refrigeration equipment, we do not have reliable information.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The video will discuss how to choose the right refrigerator for the home:

Sharp refrigerators from the Japanese company since the moment of their appearance on the market have established themselves as reliable and highly efficient household appliances.

The manufacturer managed to ensure that its units at a decent level perform their main function and cope with a number of additional tasks. Therefore, the purchase of cooling equipment from this brand is a profitable and reasonable investment.

In the block below, you can talk about your own experience in choosing a refrigerator for your home, ask a question about the topic of the article, or participate in a discussion.

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Visitors Comments
  1. Marina

    I will say my five cents in favor of the Sharp brand. I have been using the microwave oven of this manufacturer since 2005. Only recently, the electronic scoreboard began to not show some “sticks”. These are all faults. And a decent volume - 32 liters, I was looking for similar ones on sale now - I could not find it. I did not know, frankly, that Sharp also produces refrigerators, I would have looked last year when it was necessary to update this unit. I'll take a note. It is a pity that there is a small selection in the equipment stores of this brand, but there are also online stores.

  2. Sergei

    In 2014 We bought a Sharp refrigerator models: SJ-SC59PV. A wonderful refrigerator, but now the smell began to appear, the action of the ionizer apparently ended. Can I replace it at home?

    • Elena

      The smell also appeared. What to do? How to replace the ionization system?

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Good day, Sergey.

      The ionizer does not require any maintenance and does not have a limited duration. The smell does not appear due to the work / not work of the ionizer, but for other reasons. It may be necessary to defrost and thoroughly clean the refrigerator. After cleaning, leave the doors open to dry thoroughly.

      To remove a pungent odor, you can take a saucer into it, put the crushed tablets of activated carbon and place in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Coal will absorb an unpleasant odor.
      I do not want to disappoint you, but the ionization function in the refrigerator is a purely marketing move. It is used by only two companies in the Sharp and Toshiba markets.

      Without going into details I will give you a simple rationale. Leaders in the production of refrigerators such as Liebher, Bosch, Siemens do not put this option even in the premium segment. If there was a real impact on the safety of products, the removal of an unpleasant odor from the operation of the ionizer, then it would stand in models worth 300-400 thousand rubles by default.

  3. I think Sharp is the best brand of refrigerators. I have a Sharp SJ-B132ZRWH, I managed to buy it at a markdown due to a scratch on my side. And although it is considered budgetary, it’s still a cut above the refrigerators of other brands, because with an excellent level of freezing, the noise level is low, and the layout is such that with small dimensions everything fits perfectly in it. The only negative is manual defrosting.

  4. Edward

    The sharp sj-b 340 es-lx refrigerator reacts very badly to button presses - you have to press the lock button for a long time and many times on the display. And as you do not set the temperature on the display, it is always -21-23 degrees in the freezer. I bought the refrigerator 3 days ago, in general, I am very pleased except for these two points.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello. To lock / unlock, hold the button for 3 seconds. Reaping it many times is not necessary. If your 3-second mode does not work, I would recommend to exchange the refrigerator under warranty, the problem will not resolve itself, and since this is abnormal a priori, it can easily get worse. As for the temperature, 23 degrees or 22 degrees? I just thought that he had a maximum speed of 22. However, it doesn’t matter.Read the manual and make sure that you have not activated the quick freeze mode.