Samsung Refrigerators: ranking of the best models + an overview of their strengths and weaknesses

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Author: Grigory Skok
Last update: August 2019

Today, the Samsung refrigerator is an example of reliable and high-tech technology. The South Korean manufacturer paid attention to details, which allowed his devices to win the respect of millions of customers.

But not all models are perfect. Each unit has both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before going to the store it will be useful to familiarize yourself with the list of the best series of refrigerators of this company.

Advantages and disadvantages of technology from Samsung

Samsung has been operating on the market for over 80 years. It is this manufacturer who has achieved that equipment manufactured in South Korea is valued on the world market.

Samsung three-compartment refrigeration unit
Household appliances, including refrigeration equipment, Samsung brands, the global consumer appreciates for quality and technical excellence. The company offered a wide range of models with different volumes and equipment levels.

The first thing that catches your eye when you inspect Samsung refrigerators is the quality of their assembly. Each nut, each bolt and shelf are perfectly matched to each other.

Thanks to this approach to production, the units of this company have been working for decades. And this applies to expensive models, and to devices of economy class.

Samsung refrigerator
Buying household appliances is better in a real store. After all, it will not be possible to appreciate the accuracy and accuracy of the assembly, when it was only possible to get acquainted with the photos on the site

The list of benefits should be supplemented. energy efficiency. The manufacturer is trying to ensure that all of its devices comply with the most stringent energy saving standards.

To reduce the loss of cold air and, accordingly, to reduce the amount of electricity consumed, it was possible due to the precise adjustment of each part of the device.

If you need to order a truly modern refrigerator, which is crammed with many functions, then units from Samsung will be the perfect solution.

They are often equipped with a freshness zone, an ice generator, a compartment for soft defrosting and freezing. At the same time, a special system distributes cold air so that the products on all shelves are cooled evenly.

Autonomous freshness area in the Samsung refrigerator
A freshness zone is organized in the cooling chambers of Samsung units - a compartment in which an independent microclimate is created, ensuring long-term storage of products without freezing

Each technique has not only advantages, but also has its drawbacks. So, in some models the shelves are not located in the most convenient way. It is unlikely that they will be able to put a pan of large sizes. But fortunately, such a drawback is found only in a couple of models.

Samsung refrigerator
It is very important that the refrigerator is assembled in Korea. If it was made in any other country, it is most likely of poor quality and may fail after a couple of months of operation

Many buyers say that the devices of this brand are quite noisy. Such a defect is especially noticeable in the first 4-7 days from the date of purchase. The reason is that the device enters the operating temperature mode. In the future, its noise is significantly reduced.

The last and most significant drawback of Korean refrigerators can be considered their high cost.

Compared with other brands, this equipment is sold at a rather high price. But this fact is leveled by the first-class assembly and high reliability of the device. Once you spend money on such a refrigerator, you can forget about the need to repair or change it for 5-10 years.

The most unsuccessful models

It should be noted immediately that the South Korean manufacturer did not produce completely disastrous devices. But in the Samsung model range there are solutions that you should refuse to buy.

A vivid example is the refrigerator Samsung RL48RLBMG. Its main drawback is the noise, which will significantly interfere with users. Also, many buyers complain about its bulkiness.

Samsung refrigerators in the interior
When buying a refrigerator, be sure to read the reviews of other customers. This approach will allow you to avoid mistakes and make the right, balanced decision.

The list of unsuccessful models should also include RL50RRCMG. It also features excessive noise operation. But its main disadvantage is the poorly thought out configuration of the shelves.

However, they can not be rearranged in any way without removing one of them. In addition, many plastic elements do not differ in their strength and can quite quickly break.

Best Samsung Deals

The range of household appliances from a Korean company is replenished from year to year. Therefore, it is not surprising that many buyers have difficulties associated with which device to give preference to. Indeed, one model can radically differ from another.

In order not to miscalculate with the choice, we will make a rating of the best series of Samsung refrigerators.

Samsung electronic refrigerator control option
Among the trading offers from Samsung there are refrigerators with intelligent electronic and simple electromechanical control, with a different number of cameras and a set of functions

Appliances with bottom freezer

Recently, this kind of equipment is in great demand. It was this brand that contributed to their popularization, presenting just a fabulous assortment of devices that were made in this format.

Most household appliances with a lower freezer belong to the lineup RB. It is made mainly in Poland.

In their appearance, the models are similar to each other, and the only significant difference is their color:

  • the black;
  • Gray;
  • white;
  • beige;
  • silver.

As a rule, you can find out what distinguishing features this or that model can be by the number indicated after marking “RB”.It should be noted that the larger the number, the greater the volume and dimensions of the refrigerator.

For example, the RB29 is equipped with a 98 liter freezer, the main compartment has a volume of 192 liters, while the total height reaches 180 cm.

The RB37 model is considered the most voluminous and highest. The height of its body is 2 m. The volume of the main department is 269 liters, and the freezer is designed for 98 liters.

Samsung refrigerator with bottom freezer
Certain models of refrigerators with a lower freezer are complemented by a bracket that is designed to store bottles. You can also find devices that have a zero camera

Each RB series unit is characterized by separate temperature control in the freezer and refrigerator.

As for the control panel, it is usually located on the door or behind it. In the latter case, you will have to open the refrigerator to change the temperature. Therefore, the best solution would be when the display is located on the door.

Samsung multi-door refrigerator
The manufacturer has carefully thought out the protection system and now its equipment can withstand voltages up to 400 V. Moreover, Volt Control technology is actively used in all types of devices

Top freezer models

Another reason for the long service life of Samsung brand refrigerators is their excellent surge protection. After all, everyone knows that the electrical networks in Russian homes are far from ideal, which creates a certain danger for household appliances.

If you need to order equipment that has the largest possible volume of the refrigerator compartment, the best option would be a design with a freezer on top. They fit a high and voluminous pan without any problems, as well as 2-3 three-liter jars. As a rule, such devices are marked with the letters RT.

Upper Freezer Location
High refrigerators with an upper freezer compartment are chosen if they are not used often

A distinctive feature of this group of refrigeration equipment is their width - it can reach 80 cm, while the height rather rarely exceeds the mark of 190 cm.

The color of the appliances with the top location of the freezer is the same as that of the RB counterparts discussed above. Therefore, choosing the model that is optimal for your kitchen will not be difficult.

It is important to remember that RT was designed to maximize the volume of the refrigerator. However, many modifications are not equipped with separate drawers that separate different products from each other.

Side-by-Side aggregates

Side-by-side models have always been considered an elite and expensive technique. Therefore, it is not surprising that they were originally equipped with innovative inverter compressors, which are economical. However, they emit a minimum of noise during their work.

Samsung side-by-side refrigerator
Today, Samsung is actively using inverter compressors in the manufacture of all types of refrigerators. This solution distinguishes Korean technology from devices of competing firms.

Side-by-Side equipment is the ideal solution for those people who want to fit in the refrigerator maximum products. They differ in a rather voluminous main compartment and a roomy freezer.

It is worth considering their impressive size:

  • product height is 190 cm;
  • the width often reaches 90 cm.

Accordingly, they are suitable only for apartments and houses with a large kitchen. Samsung labels this type of refrigerator with the letters RS. They are assembled most often in China, but you can also find models that were made in Korea.

A distinctive feature of Side-by-Side models is the availability of many useful additional features. For example, a device equipped with a dispenser for supplying cool water or ice is a good choice.

In addition, minibars are often built into such refrigerators, where you can place chilled drinks - so you don’t even have to open the main door to get them.

You can read about the best Side-by-Side models in this stuff.

Side-by-side refrigerator
The main disadvantage of side-by-side refrigerators is their high cost. But such a minus is completely leveled by the range of tasks and ease of use

They deserve special attention.

Some solutions stand out from the general model range, such as a series with marking RL. Their distinctive feature is the presence of a freezer and a refrigerator of unusual dimensions.

At the same time, they were equipped with standard collector compressors, which were subsequently replaced by inverter ones. To date, this series is no longer available.

Connoisseurs of high-tech style will appreciate the ultra-modern models of refrigerators of the series RF, and Rh. The design of such units practically does not differ from devices of the Side-by-Side type. Therefore, the decision will appeal to the owners of spacious kitchens, where it was decided to create a unique design in a modern style.

A good decision by the engineers was to integrate a third door into the appliances with the RH marking, which is located directly in the refrigerator compartment. This allows you to get food and drinks folded in the door, but there is no need to open the main compartment.

Samsung fridge with three doors
A characteristic feature of the RF series refrigerators is the presence of 4 doors at once. But such a technique has impressive dimensions. So, the volume of such devices exceeds the mark of 800 liters. At the same time, the number of branches is four at once, and not two, as in the above models

Rating of popular models

In the line of refrigerators of the South Korean company Samsung there are no absolutely unclaimed units. However, there are products that are in the most active demand. Let's look at what domestic and global consumers prefer.

Place # 7 - Samsung RS-57 K4000SA

Side-by-side models are not too often bought from us for use in apartments of the usual layout. Especially sharply their dimensions contradict the small size of the kitchens in the Khrushchev and old Stalinist houses.

However, the Samsung RS-57 K4000SA has unconditional fans living in the countryside or in homes built in the last couple of decades.

The dimensions of the model can be attributed to both advantages and significant disadvantages. The width of the silver case is 91.2 cm, the depth of this model is 74.7 cm, the height of the refrigeration unit is 178.9 cm. 569 liters of usable space are presented to future owners. The side-mounted freezer occupies 208 liters.

The cooling section and freezer are cooled using No Frost technology. This means that potential owners do not need to conduct a forced defrost. Condensation is not formed in the technical departments, from which ice crusts and hoarfrost do not form.

Electronic control, on the door of the freezer compartment there is a display that demonstrates performance. When the power supply is turned off, the unit will keep the necessary food cold for up to 4 hours. A day it can ideally freeze 13 kg of meat, fish and similar products, there is a super-freeze function.

The internal space is well organized, a freshness zone is allocated for storing semi-finished products without freezing. The model works extremely quietly, only 38 dB noise. According to the data on energy consumption, the refrigerator is assigned class A +.

Place # 6 - Samsung RB-33 J3420EF

The two-chamber model is made in a pleasant pastel color, perfectly combining with classic, high-tech and “folk” interiors in a country style or Provence.

The height of the housing of the Samsung RB-33 J3420EF unit is 185 cm, it is 59.5 cm wide and 66.8 cm deep. Potential owners will have 328 liters of well-organized space.

The freezer is arranged in the lower part, it takes 98 liters. 132 kg can be frozen in it per day, it is possible to carry out super-freezing. The unit is able to maintain a working cooling background for 20 hours after interruption in the supply of electricity.

Both chambers are cooled according to the No Frost technological scheme, they do not need to be defrosted manually. Fans working inside prevent the formation of ice and snow coats.

Electronic type control, on the door of the freezer compartment there is a display that allows you to monitor temperature indicators. A significant plus is the presence of an inverter compressor, the advantages of which are long-time service and quiet operation. In terms of energy efficiency, the refrigerator corresponds to class A +.

Place # 5 - Samsung RB-37 J5240SA

The two-chamber model RB-37 J5240SA with a lower freezer 201 cm high is equipped with a very useful freshness zone. The width of the strict silver case is 59.5 cm; the model takes 67.5 cm in depth.

The total volume of useful space of the refrigerator is 367 liters, 98 liters are occupied by the freezing sector.

Both chambers are cooled according to the No Frost principles, therefore, you will not have to manually defrost them to remove snow growths. The unit remains cold after an interruption in the power supply for another 18 hours.

Before the owners leave, it does not need to be turned off and thawed, just select the “Vacation” mode in the settings.

It is electronically controlled, there is a display to track operating parameters. According to the data on energy consumption obtained as a result of testing, the model received class A +.

Place # 4 - Samsung RT-22 HAR4DSA

The relatively small Samsung RT-22 HAR4DSA is interesting for owners of small kitchens.

The model is 154 cm high and 55.5 cm and 63.7 cm wide with a depth, respectively. The useful space displacement is 234 liters, of which 53 liters are allocated to the freezer compartment.

Both the freezing unit and the cooling compartment are cooled using the Nou Frost system, i.e. no condensation and icing products form inside. This refrigerator does not need manual defrosting.

The control of the electromechanical type is simple, not sensitive to moisture and operational errors. An ice generator is included. Among the advantages of ulterior motive is a very affordable price. According to the data on the economical energy consumption, the unit is assigned to class A + equipment.

Place # 3 - Samsung RB-34 K6220SS

The Samsung RB-34 K6220SS unit, thoroughly thought out on ergonomics, attracts those who often look into the freezer. It is located in the lower part of the model, its displacement is 98 liters.

The total useful volume of the model is 344 liters. The height of the stylish silver case is 192 cm.

Both defrosting chambers do not need defrosting to remove snow coats. They are cooled according to the “no frost” principle, the formation of which is prevented by the operation of the built-in fans. The model can be transferred to the “Vacation” mode before a long absence of owners. There is a super freeze function.

The refrigerator is controlled by an electronic system, on the door of the freezer compartment there is a display on which the operating characteristics are displayed. An inverter compressor is installed, emitting no more than 36 dB of sound interference. The refrigerator has an A + class according to the data on energy consumption.

Place # 2 - Samsung RB-37 J5000WW

The two-chamber two-door unit Samsung RB-37 J5000WW is made in white classic color. The height of the case is 201 cm, the width of the refrigerator is only 59.5 cm, the depth is 67.5 cm.

Future owners will have at their disposal 367 liters of space, equipped with ergonomics in mind. Under the freezer arranged below 98 liters. You can freeze it up to 12 kg per day.

This refrigerator also does not need forced defrosting, as it is cooled according to the No Frost scheme. A freshness area is organized in the refrigerator compartment.

When the power is turned off, the model will maintain the temperature required by the products for another 18 hours. The list of functions includes the “Vacation” mode, which allows the unit not to be turned off for a long time before the hosts leave.

The refrigerator is controlled by electronics. The door reacts to a tightly closed door with a sound signal. Noise at work emits at 39 dB.Class A according to energy consumption data A +.

Place # 1 - Samsung RB-30 J3200EF

Samsung RB-30 J3200EF is the leader in reviews of satisfied customers and the real number of sales. The list of advantages includes not only technical capabilities, but also an extremely attractive price for equipment of a similar level.

The height of the case made in neutral beige tonality is 178 cm. The unit offers 311 liters of usable space to potential owners, of which 98 liters are reserved for the freezer located below. It can be frozen in a day up to 12 kg.

Defrosting the refrigerator will only be necessary for basic care. Neither ice nor frost will be inside thanks to the use of No Frost technology in cooling. There is a super-freeze function.

The model is controlled by an electronic system, there is a display on which the temperature indicators of both cameras are displayed. When the power supply is turned off, the refrigerator will independently maintain the temperature background necessary for food storage for another 20 hours.

A significant advantage is rightfully recognized is the use of an inverter compressor in the design. Noise unit at 39 dB. A + energy saving class.

When compiling the rating, data on sales on the Internet were used. There is no information about the attitude of the refrigerators to the presented models at our disposal. However, there is a general opinion about the high reliability of equipment manufactured by a South Korean manufacturer.

Why are Samsung fridges better / worse than others?

The vast majority of customers respond to refrigerators made in South Korea in a positive way. Moreover, you can often meet satisfied users who have had time to enjoy the trouble-free operation of the equipment for 3-5 years - often they did not have to invite a service specialist for all the years of operation due to the absence of breakdowns and problems with the equipment.

Many of the buyers highlight the following qualities:

  • multifunctionality of units;
  • their quiet work;
  • high energy efficiency.

Owners of the equipment of this brand emphasize an elegant and concise appearance that harmoniously fits into any interior.

The lineup is not replete with original solutions
The lineup is not replete with sophisticated design ideas embodied in the most unexpected way. All equipment is designed in an elegant and simple style.

As for the negative reviews, they could not do without them either. Basically, buyers identify two main disadvantages:

  • noisiness
  • inconvenient location of shelves.

These problems are inherent in the few models whose names are given above. Therefore, in order to protect yourself from accidentally purchasing a problematic option, you should personally test your favorite refrigerator in a real hardware store. This technique will help to avoid many of the difficulties that have to be faced in the selection process.

It will also be useful to consult a specialist - a qualified employee will tell you which model is better to prefer in a particular case.

We also recommend that you read our other article, where we spoke in detail about the most common malfunctions of Samsung refrigerators and how to solve them. More details - go to the link.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Tips for future buyers on choosing a household refrigerator:

Short review of Samsung household appliance series:

Home appliances made in Korea are famous for their quality, reliability and versatility. The manufacturing company pays attention to details and uses only innovative technologies in the production process. Therefore, it is not surprising that the demand for Samsung refrigerators is increasing from year to year.

If you own a Samsung refrigerator, please write in the comment box, which model did you prefer and why? Are you satisfied with your own choice? Tell us about the advantages and disadvantages of the purchased model.

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  1. I have a Samsung RB34K6220SS / WT refrigerator. I bought at the beginning of last year, during which time I was very pleased with his work. The tall body, under two meters, looks very stylish. Both cameras operate according to the No Frost system, i.e. without the formation of ice and hoarfrost, it does not need to defrost at all. The refrigerator itself controls the temperature. It is possible to quickly freeze, for example, berries using the super-freeze function. The freezer / compartment is located below, quite roomy. The refrigerator is controlled from the touch panel, the choice of modes is very simple. The refrigerator works almost silently. All in all, a good model.

  2. Marina

    We have the model Samsung RB-33 J3301EF in gray. I am happy for him for the second year already. In connection with a hurricane, electricity was turned off for a day, and inside was milk for the child. I transferred it to the freezer, so as not to turn sour. So, not only the milk did not deteriorate, but also all the products that were in the refrigerator. Even the meat was not completely thawed. It is quiet. It consumes a little electricity.