Indesit refrigerators: an overview of the advantages and disadvantages + rating TOP-5 of the best models

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Indesit has long and successfully been selling large household appliances in Russia. The company’s arsenal includes a wide range of refrigeration equipment of various price ranges. The variety of offers makes purchase difficult, because you need to consider a number of technical and operational parameters, agree?

How to choose the Indesit refrigerator so that it meets the needs of the consumer, and its cost does not go beyond the family budget? Our article is devoted to the solution of this problem.

We will talk about the features of the technical equipment of Indesit refrigerators, the advantages and disadvantages of appliances, and also give practical tips on choosing a unit. The rating of the best brand models presented in the article will help determine the purchase of refrigeration equipment for the home.

Features of refrigerators from Indesit

Most refrigerators sold in Russia are designed according to the classic two-chamber version with a freezer compartment located under the refrigerator. Indesit models are unified in width and depth (60 * 64 cm). There are three options for height: 167, 185 and 200 cm.

Indesit refrigerator size specification
Refrigerators with the Indesit logo are produced with a standard width, which somewhat limits customers. Models vary in depth, height, technical equipment, design

Freezer capacity for models with the second letter in the name “F” equal to 75 liters, and “S” - 87 liters.

The capacity of the refrigerator compartment depends on the height:

  • 167 cm: 181 or 182 liters;
  • 185 cm: 223 liters;
  • 200 cm: 249 or 252 liters.

Most refrigerators in this line are equipped with concealed door handles.

Concealed fridge handle type
The hidden type of refrigerator handles allows the surround technique to fit better into the kitchen space. You can't accidentally hit them

Models with the top arrangement of the freezer also have a fixed width and depth (60 * 62 cm) and three height options: 145, 167 and 185 cm. The size of the refrigerator compartments is approximately the same as that of the “classic type” devices, and the parameters of the freezers - significantly less.

Volumes depend on the height of the refrigerator:

  • 145 cm: 194/51 liters;
  • 167 cm: 245/51 liters;
  • 185 cm: 253/73 liters.

Low single-door two-chamber refrigerators are represented by models with a height of 85 and 125 cm, with chamber volumes of 106/14 and 182/28 liters.

The only model of the built-in two-chamber refrigerator has a height of 177 cm, and a width and depth of 54 cm.

Freezers are represented by models with a height of 100 and 167 cm and a volume in the range from 118 to 245 liters.

Energy efficiency class of Indesit freezers
Indesit freezers are not very efficient: their energy class is quite low - “B” or “D”. Competitor refrigeration equipment is more economical

The color scheme of Indesit equipment is not rich, in the name of the model the color is encrypted in the last characters.

Refrigerators and freezers can be painted as follows:

  • “D”, “W” or lack of characters - shades of white;
  • “S”, “SB”, “SD” - shades of silver;
  • “M”, “RM” - shades of steel;
  • “E” - pink and white;
  • “T” - tick.

Painting under a tree is used both for single-chamber, and for two-chamber models. Such a design allows you to fit the unit into kitchen sets without embedding and applying the lining.

Wood fridge
Refrigerators with a surface stylized as solid wood panels allow refusing to be built in if combined seamlessly with kitchen furniture

Application of modern solutions and technologies

Indesit does not position its equipment as having any innovative solutions, fashion trends or exclusive design. Nevertheless, technologies that have already become classic are present in the functionality of refrigerators and freezers.

There is a temperature gradient in the refrigeration compartments: at the top the air temperature is kept at about 0 ° C, and at the bottom of the chamber at about 50 ° C. Thus, the zones of the best content of different types of products are determined.

Fastening system Sliding system suggests the possibility of sliding shelves 7 centimeters forward. This allows you to find and get products located at the rear wall with dense filling of the refrigerator.

In some models, shelves can be placed at a height convenient for the consumer, which allows you to easily accommodate a voluminous dish.

Fridge ribbed sides for shelf mounting
On the sides of the refrigerator are grooves that are designed to install shelves. This will allow the user to adjust their placement and create zones of the desired height.

Technology Total no frost It is supported by some models, which eliminates the need to manually defrost.

System Low frost simpler and less energy intensive. It significantly slows down the growth of frost on the walls of the chamber, which reduces the frequency defrosting the refrigerator.

Some models are equipped with mechanical control, and some with touch. In both cases, the functions of switching on the modes for quickly lowering the temperature in the refrigerator (Push & cool) and freezer (Push & freeze) branch.

Touch-controlled refrigeration unit
The company produces refrigerators with both electromechanical and electronic controls. The second is more convenient to use, but more sensitive to moisture and to violations of the rules of use

System for changing the position of shelves on a door Myspace allows more economical use of camera space, depending on the geometric parameters of products often placed there. This design feature is characteristic only for embedded models.

The main pros and cons of technology

The main advantage of Indesit refrigerators is the low price compared to similar models from competing firms.

Initially positioning its equipment in Russia as budgetary, Indesit minimized functionality and purchases cheap parts for the production of refrigerators. This leads to the disadvantages that users note.

Defrost Timer for Indesit
Like most refrigerator assemblies, the defrosting timer for the Total no Frost system is made in China. The quality of such products is poor.

Comparison of the cost of one-dimensional models

Indesit is one of the first foreign companies to identify itself in the Russian home appliance market. The construction of the Stinol plant in the Lipetsk region for the production of refrigerators of the same name was taken back in 1988. With the arrival of serious competitors, the company's management set a course for holding positions in the lower price niche.

If you take companies like LG or Liebherr, whose products are rightfully considered to be of high quality, the Indesit equipment definitely wins in value.

Estimated prices for refrigerators:

  • Indesit ES 20: capacity 341 liters, price about 15,000 rubles;
  • LG GA-B499: capacity of 360 liters, the price is about 34 000 rubles;
  • Liebherr Cef 4025: capacity 357 liters, price about 37 000 rubles.

But among the models of the lower price segment, the Indesit company slightly outperforms its main competitors:

  • Indesit ES 20: capacity 341 liters, price about 15,000 rubles;
  • Atlant XM 4307: capacity 359 liters, price about 15 600 rubles;
  • Pozis RK-149: capacity 370 liters, price about 18 300 rubles;
  • Bosch KGV36XW20R: capacity 319 liters, price about 24,000 rubles;
  • Kraft KFHD-400RINF: capacity 323 liters, price about 27 000 rubles.

The minimum functionality present in the Indesit technique allows you to store products in high quality and meets the needs of the user if there is no need to create any special conditions.

On the other hand, refrigerators do not have many common options that make maintenance easy, and certain operations are simpler.

Mechanical refrigerator control panel
The refrigerator control panel is easy to understand. Sometimes the setting of modes occurs only once during the entire operation of the device. This is due to the lack of numerous and sometimes unnecessary functions for the user

Electronic Control Issues

One of the biggest problems in refrigerators is the unreliability of electronics. Indesit does not have its own production facilities, which its diversified competitors have: LG, Samsung, Mitsubishi electric, Haier and others. Therefore, she is forced to purchase parts and entire boards from third-party manufacturers.

So far, Indesit has not succeeded in achieving an acceptable quality of electronics for its technology. This applies not only to refrigerators, but also to washing machines. The main problem is the rapid aging of the elements of control and power boards (the effect of fatigue).

Vulnerabilities of Indesit refrigerators
Indesit does not release electronics for controlling refrigerators, but purchases boards and devices from third-party manufacturers. Often they are the first to fail

Irreversible changes in the material of the dielectric lead to inoperability of the capacitor, which leads to failure or malfunction of the entire circuit. Also, the problem is caused by overheating and open contacts.

The problem is often exacerbated by the provision of low-quality services by electricity providers. Power surges and frequent trips adversely affect capacitors and contacts. Consumer use external stabilizers and input filters can significantly extend the period of operation of electronics.

Refrigerator service experts recommend electromechanical control for Indesit models. Since the functionality of the equipment is very scarce, there is no special need for an electronic control unit with a touch screen. Moreover, its design is not distinguished by sophistication.

Fragment of the refrigerator control board
Indesit delegates to Chinese companies the creation of electronic modules for controlling the functions of the refrigerator. Unreliability of board components is one of the biggest problems that accompany the company's home appliances

Low quality housing and parts

The minimum cost of Indesit refrigeration equipment is achieved not only due to the absence of customs payments due to the transfer of the assembly to Russia, but also due to the use of cheap materials for the manufacture of refrigerators and units installed in them.

The case of refrigerators is made of not very hard metal, so you should not store heavy objects on the device, otherwise it can be skewed. The inner boxes are made of inexpensive plastic and when fully loaded, they bend a little. For shelves made of glass or fiberglass, there are no such complaints.

Weak plastic containers
According to the owners of the Indesit refrigeration equipment and the statement of the repairmen, the company should have used more durable plastic in the production of sliding containers and trays fixed to the door

The build quality is generally normal: there is no mass dissatisfaction among consumers about this. There are isolated cases of frank marriage, however, this can be observed with the equipment of any manufacturer.

Indesit equipment nodes are more likely to fail than the “top” brands, such as Miele, Liebherr or Samsung. This applies to large parts - the compressor and the evaporator, and small parts - sensors or relays.

The only plus is the widespread availability of cheap both original and compatible spare parts for refrigerators of this common brand.

Detailed information on troubleshooting and repair of Indesit units is provided in this article.

The main guidelines for a competent choice

The list below includes the models that are most often found for sale in large stores selling electronics and household appliances, and also have a positive rating, compiled according to customer reviews.

Differences in the lineup of Indesit refrigerators
According to the capacity of the refrigeration and freezing departments, you can choose a model that will suit a family of up to five people. If you want to store more products, then sometimes it is better to purchase two separate refrigerators, rather than one large

Among the devices with the classic lower position of the freezer, the following models are leading in their volume segments:

  1. Height 167 cm. EF 16 model: mechanical control, function present Total no frost for both departments, energy class “A”.
  2. Height 185 cm. Model EF 18 - parameters are completely similar to the previous model.
  3. Height 200 cm. ES 20 model: mechanical control, automatic defrosting of the refrigerator and manual defrosting of the freezer. Energy Class “B”.

Thus, we can state that the simplest, cheapest models are most popular.

Among low-sized refrigerators designed for countertops, the most commonly sold model is the TT 85 in teak colors. Management - mechanical, defrosting system - automatic. Energy Class “B”.

Fridge with bottom freezer
Refrigerators with a lower freezer receive much less complaints than units with a freezer located at the top, so it is better to prefer this option

Indesit overhead freezers get a lot of negative feedback. The only model that overcame 4 points out of 5 was ST 167. It is also a simple device with mechanical control, energy class “B” and the absence of the Total no Frost function.

Indesit freezers are also in demand. Model SFR 100 with mechanical control and energy class “B”, as well as the SFR 167 NF C freezer with three drawers and four compartments, touch screen controls and energy class “C”.

The best representatives of the lineup

Consider several models from the Italian manufacturer that have earned the attention of buyers and the recognition of the owners. The units shown in the example are well sold by online trading systems, and are successful in offline networks.

Refrigerator # 1 - Indesit DF 5200 W

White two-chamber unit Indesit DF 5200 W offers potential owners a usable volume of 328 liters, of which 75 liters are allocated for the freezer. Its height is exactly 2 m, depth is 64 cm. The freezer compartment is located below.

Both chambers are cooled in accordance with technology No frosttherefore, owners will not need to constantly defrost them to remove an ice coat. Electronically controlled, for monitoring performance display. The unit warns about the open door with a sound.

When the power supply is turned off, the refrigerator will independently keep the temperature background for another 13 hours. The list of additional useful features appear supercooling with superfrost. According to the criteria of energy conservation, the model is assigned class A.

Refrigerator # 2 - Indesit DF 4180 W

DF 4180 W - two-chamber refrigerator classic white color with a height of 185 cm and a depth of 64 cm. The unit will please future owners with a useful volume of 302 liters, of which 75 liters are occupied by the freezer located below.

The freezer and refrigeration compartments of the unit are cooled in accordance with the principles Know frostthat means you will not have to defrost it more than once or twice a year. Due to the stable air circulation inside, there is no condensation and snow coats inherent to drip refrigeration systems.

The model is controlled by an electromechanical system. There is no display, but there is the ability to maintain the temperature necessary for the products after interrupting the supply of electricity for 13 hours. The refrigerator can carry super freezing. Class A according to energy consumption.

Refrigerator # 3 - Indesit DF 5200 S

Spectacular model Indesit DF 5200 S is made in silver-gray tone. The height of the case is 2 m, its depth is 64 cm. The useful volume of the refrigeration unit is 328 l. Volume of the freezer compartment 75 l.

The refrigeration section and freezer are cooled according to the system No frost, i.e. Both chambers do not need forced defrosting. You can defrost literally once a year for sanitary purposes.

Electronic control, to monitor the operation of the refrigerator on the door there is a built-in display. The model remains cold up to 13 hours after a power outage.

The list of useful options indicates the ability to execute supercooling and superfrost. The unit is assigned A class for testing energy consumption.

Refrigerator # 4 - Indesit EF 18

White two-chamber model EF 18 with a lower freezer position offers a usable space of 298 liters. Case height 185 cm, unit depth 64 cm. The volume of the freezer compartment is 75 liters.

Both cameras are cooled by technology Know frost. The model is controlled by an electromechanical system. Up to 13 hours will keep the temperature necessary for products after a power outage.

Among the useful additions indicated super freeze function. According to the criteria of economical energy consumption, this refrigerator is assigned to class A equipment.

Refrigerator # 5 - Indesit TT 85 T

Height single chamber model Indesit TT 85 T is only 82 cm, depth 62 cm. With the indicated dimensions, the refrigerator has a useful volume of 119 liters. The freezer compartment, separated from the general space by a plastic curtain, is allocated only 14 liters. The unit develops a minimum temperature of - 12 ° C.

The unit is cooled according to the principles of the “crying” system. It must be defrosted manually, defrosting is carried out at the frequency specified by the manufacturer. The control of the electromechanical type is simple and extremely reliable, rarely causing trouble to the owners.

The color of the case imitating the structure and color of the panel made of natural wood is justified as an attractive side. Shelves are metal.

According to the results of the study of energy consumption, the refrigerator received a class B - not the most economical option. Probably, the manufacturer assumed that it would be infrequent to include this type of equipment, only during a stay in a country house.

Note that the listed models were not ranked by quality indicators. There were no surveys of refrigeration masters involved in the repair of household appliances.The result, compiled from the data on the intensity of sales.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

How to choose the refrigerator for domestic use:

Indesit appliances from the point of view of the refrigerator repairman:

The popularity of Indesit equipment is due to low prices for their products and the long history of the company in the Russian market. Buying cheap refrigerators of this brand, one should not expect the availability of many options and ultramodern solutions. You also need to be prepared for possible breakdowns and the need for repairs..

Have experience using the Indesit refrigerator? Tell readers about the features of the operation and maintenance of the unit, share the general impression of the operation of the equipment. Leave comments, ask questions, add product reviews and tips for buyers - the contact form is located below.


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