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When purchasing household appliances, many buyers pay attention not only to cost, but also to functionality, durability, design and a number of other parameters. And this is the right approach, because expensive equipment is purchased for more than one year.

A Hitachi refrigerator is a good choice - the manufacturer introduces innovative developments and guarantees the reliability of its products. High build quality and advanced functionality affect the price tag of the equipment. Is such a purchase worthwhile? How to choose the optimal aggregate from the variety of offers?

To answer these questions, you need to understand what are the features of Japanese devices, what are the specifics of using different types of refrigerators. A review of the top five Hitachi models with a description of their characteristics, pluses and minuses will help determine the choice.

Technology and options for refrigerators from Hitachi

The strategy of this famous concern does not imply the search for cheap popularity, but the provision of high-quality and innovative products to potential customers. Which provide the needs of people in full and without any restrictions in functionality, ease of use.

The main feature of the manufacturer is that virtues are not born in the design departments, but also at the stage of monitoring the needs of users.

Hitachi home appliance manufacturer concept
The basis for the development and production of household appliances with the Hitachi logo is laid consumer demand, focusing on which the Japanese manufacturer creates an assortment of decent products

That is, mass companies are constantly being held to identify the wishes of people, and only then engineers bring them to life, using only innovative technologies.

Such a strategy gives tangible results, for example, Hitachi was the first to use the technology known today. No frost, before all, developed two-chamber refrigerators, and 13 years ahead of their European counterparts.

Two-chamber Hitachi
Hitachi refrigerators are high-tech, functional products that can last for many years.

In the same spirit, the Japanese are working today - any unit stands out for its ergonomic interior. That allows owners to use the entire volume indicated by the manufacturer with benefit.

In addition, a number of innovations apply to Hitachi products.

Dual fan cooling - This is a control system that controls the fans to ensure the desired result. This contributes to the effective blowing of the products stored in the chambers, and, consequently, their cooling / freezing.

Additionally, it is possible to turn off one of the two fans, which contributes to efficiency, and significantly.

Cool jet wrap - is another version of the climate control system, it is designed for even distribution of cold masses.

Hitachi Fridge Ventilation
Stable air circulation inside the refrigerator and freezer is supported by a unique ventilation system

Front jet freezing- This technology is also designed to control and manage air cooling. The peculiarity is that it is responsible for the uniform distribution of cold masses over the entire width of the freezer.

This allows you to improve the quality of freezing and reduce its time. So, the system is ready to instantly respond to an increase in temperature in the chamber after opening, which shortens the cooling procedure to the desired temperature.

MINUS-ZERO Cooling - This is an aluminum panel that always has a negative temperature, which helps to cool foods, and gently and without loss of their best nutritional properties, as well as freshness. In addition, this technology makes it possible to significantly save energy (up to 15%).

An important advantage of Hitachi is the use of a triple air purification system. Which allows you to destroy up to 99% of all kinds of bacteria, including even Escherichia coli and staphylococcus.

Multi-door model
The Japanese manufacturer has no trifles, so each solution is thoroughly thought out, which brings real benefits to the owners. This statement applies even to the ergonomics of the internal space.

It will please the owners of refrigerators that filtering can eliminate up to 90% of various odors, and even those that are most unpleasant. For example, they are flavors emitted by various ammonia compounds, fresh fish and a number of other products. These results allow you to achieve 3 main stages of cleaning.

These include:

  • filtration - it is performed using the system Nano titaniumwhose task is to create a powerful deodorizing and antibacterial effect;
  • processing the entire volume of air with the help of effective negatively charged ions - when cleaning, they use nanotitanium molecules that can destroy a maximum of bacteria, saturating the entire space of the chambers;
  • treatment of all air passing through the filter - It is also performed by nanotitanium, which allows to increase the efficiency of the filtration procedure.

Panel E-control makes it possible to control the choice of modes and activate them with just the touch of a button. It is convenient and does not require any special training.

An important option is the energy-saving technology, which allows the owner of the Hitachi refrigerator to significantly save energy.

This feature is provided by the processor, able to determine the minimum load and rare use. After which it automatically switches to an economical operating mode and reduces electricity consumption by 20%.

All Japanese products are environmentally friendly, which is ensured by the use of isobutane as a refrigerant, and not freon, which causes significant harm to the environment.

Hitachi fridge in the kitchen
Any refrigerator of the Japanese manufacturer has high aesthetic qualities. In addition, a large number of color solutions are used, which will satisfy any potential buyer

The advantage of the entire product line is traditionally interesting design solutions. In addition, this manufacturer always has a wide selection of colors for refrigeration units, which allows you to choose a product that fits into any interior. Like the owners and glass surfaces of the doors.

Compared to the list of advantages, the list of minuses is short, you can add only one item there. But important, since it concerns the considerable cost of Hitachi Japanese refrigerators, they are not affordable and are presented only in medium and expensive price categories. What limits the potential buyers.

Hitachi’s expensive reliable equipment
The Hitachi range of refrigerators offered for sale has no budget options. The equipment is expensive, but the investment is justified by reliable operation and the rarity of breakdowns

Features of the brand lineup

All Hitachi refrigeration units are divided into several series. Moreover, the Japanese like to subdivide products by the number of doors or by their characteristic features.

For example, all products with doors that open in different directions are combined in a popular series.Side-by-side.

In addition to her, the company's refrigerators are divided into the following lines:

  • two-door;
  • multi-door.

In recent years, in the Hitachi model range there are units with a vacuum chamber, which are not allocated in a separate series, but this innovative option always stands apart and is especially distinguished by sellers.

Hitachi Insulated Shelf Refrigerator
Hitachi modern refrigerators have more and more doors, and therefore cameras. This is no coincidence, since each of them provides the best conservation of product properties, convenient access to the content, its search, and in addition, they allow saving, since heat penetrates less inside

Each product line has a number of advantages and features inherent only to it, and for the optimal choice they should be known.

Ease of use Side-by-side refrigerators

The doors opening in different directions provide the owners of such refrigerators with easy and comfortable access to the contents of the chambers, which may be several. An important feature is the large capacity, and with a rather compact size.

Zones with optimal climatic conditions for individual product groups are always provided.

Multi-chamber Japanese fridge
The side-by-side refrigerators in the assortment of the Japanese manufacturer occupy an impressive niche. There are three- and four-door models, with ice makers, touch panels and without them

One of the iconic models in this segment is R-S700GPUC2GS. This is a catchy refrigerator with high aesthetic qualities that will be appropriate in any interior.

It is uncompromisingly roomy, since the useful internal volume reaches an impressive 600 liters, a third of them are in the freezer, which consists of 6 compartments. Ergonomics familiar to Hitachi reign inside, so every millimeter of volume can be used to good use.

There are zones for different product groups, among which it is worth highlighting the departmentMINUS-ZERO Coolingable to provide the best conditions for any vegetables. To increase efficiency, humidity control is used.

Fridge with top freezer
If potential buyers do not plan to often use the freezer, then they are better off buying a machine where the freezer will be located at the top. In this case, the volume of the required refrigerator will be significantly larger, and it is easier to access its contents

Functionality increases 8 door baskets and a bottle rack. It also provides an ice generator and a water cooling system.

Each glass shelf is ready to withstand a hundred kilograms.And, if the owner nevertheless damages one of them, then the chances of getting injured are minimal - the tempered glass crumbles into small pieces with blunt edges.

The R-S700GPUC2GS is controlled by an electronic system, and a person can perform all the manipulations using the touch screen located on one of the leaves. All the necessary information is displayed there, which is extremely convenient.

Door open sensor circuit
Among the innovative proposals from Hitachi is the Hitachi R-E 6800. Even its doors can be opened with a light touch of fingers.

The function of superfreezing is provided, which will allow the most efficient and economical cooling of products to the desired temperature.

Separate temperature sensors are installed in the chambers, which improves control over climatic conditions. It also allows you to save the properties of products, and at the lowest cost, since electronics can reduce costs if it reveals that the departments are not fully loaded.

Refrigerator shelves
Shelves of Japanese tempered glass refrigerators are capable of supporting a centner of weight. In addition, they can be adjusted for more efficient use of volume.

During operation, filtering and deodorization of the entire internal volume is constantly carried out. The No Frost system, which provides long-term performance without defrosting, is provided in both chambers.

The refrigerator is adapted to our conditions, so it easily tolerates large voltage drops. This is facilitated by the built-in stabilizer.

The manufacturer uses an inverter compressor - durable, quiet and providing economical energy consumption. It is in the models of this series that you can find vacuum chambers.

Vacuum Separation Unit
The list of valuable innovative proposals adequately complements the vacuum compartment, which can significantly increase the shelf life of products without loss of nutritional and taste (+)

The practicality of two-door models

This type is the most demanded and this is not surprising, since it is distinguished by an excellent combination of price and quality, high functionality. All units are two-chamber, but for convenience, the manufacturer suggests choosing between a freezer located at the top or bottom.

Top freezer
The most popular Hitachi refrigerators are traditionally two-chamber. Since their cost is moderate, the functionality and durability are excellent.

The first option is more suitable for people who rarely use frozen foods. Because such a solution provides the most comfortable access to the rest of the content.

Especially happy with this arrangement are children, elderly people who have difficulty getting pots, products from almost two meters high of conventional refrigerators.

The so-called lower freezer is considered a traditional option, but the best solution would be for people who rarely use semi-finished products and cook on their own, storing fish, meat, vegetables that need to be constantly looked for, removed.

A popular representative of the two-door refrigerator line is the model R-Z570EU-9K. It has an overhead freezer with a volume of 130 liters sufficient for most cases.

Its main advantage is the use of Front jet freezing. The technology described above allows you to quickly, and most importantly, evenly cool to the desired temperature any number of products that fit inside.

The volume of a conventional compartment reaches 360 liters, and the main advantage is the ability to maintain the best quality of stored products.

For this is provided Ice-cold 0 ° C - A hybrid system that effectively prevents the drying of products. As the name implies, it is possible to maintain an almost zero temperature, which allows you to store meat, fish without freezing.

E-control panel
The E-control panel allows you to monitor the situation and control the operation of all cameras separately. Moreover, all manipulations are carried out by pressing a single key

Additionally, an isolated compartment for vegetables is provided, there is the ability to regulate humidity. Increases the effectiveness of such a procedure double control. In general, places for storing vegetables in this refrigerator are allocated 15% more than is accepted by standards.

The person can select the desired mode with one touch of the display sensor, which is convenient and saves time. An energy-saving program is provided that can save a fifth of the electricity.

If a potential buyer wants to exclude unauthorized access to the contents of his refrigerator, then the R-Z570EU-9K will be a good choice, as it is equipped with a built-in lock.

When you need a unit with a low freezer, you should pay attention to the model R-BG410PUC6GBK. This is one of the most inexpensive options in the line, but, as mentioned above, Hitachi has no compromise solutions, as a result of which quality and functionality suffer.

So the presented model is designed for many years of operation, and its capabilities are sufficient for most consumers. For example, the volume of the freezer is 115 liters, and the refrigerator compartment is a hundred liters more, which is enough for any average family. There is enough space for vegetables.

Cold water supply
The Hitachi chilled water supply system, and next to another important structural element is a temperature indicator, and it displays data on the operating mode of each chamber separately. Buttons below it that allow you to make adjustments

The model is quiet and economical, as the unit belongs to inverter type refrigerator. A filter Nano titanium prevent the reproduction of various pathogens on stored products.

The No Frost system eliminates icing inside, therefore defrost can be done no more than once a year. In addition, thanks to the intelligent control of the fan, the distribution of cold air is faster and more efficient, which further saves the quality of the products.

The manufacturer equipped the refrigerator with an ice generator. The control is mechanical, using modern LED lighting. It is possible to adjust the shelves.

Ice maker in multi-door refrigerator
The ice generators that Japanese multi-door refrigerators are equipped with provide the fastest way to get ice and cool drinks

The aesthetic qualities of the model will not be inferior to any other similar Hitachi products, as various color options are implemented, including rare ones.

The only significant drawback is the lack of a freshness zone, which today is becoming a popular technology.

The Grace of Multi-Door Refrigerators

They belong to the most expensive series of the manufacturer after Side-by-Side, so a potential buyer can rely on all modern technologies.

And the most important thing is that multi-door units allow you to properly store products belonging to different groups, that is, individually and at the right temperature conditions. Since there is a separate camera behind each door.

This makes it possible to exclude the mixing of odors, to prevent the loss of properties. In addition, the four available doors make it possible to have equally comfortable access to the contents.

Side-by-side Model
Units of the Side-by-side series are equipped with the largest number of innovative solutions and useful functions, but at the same time it is the most expensive and large-sized equipment, so in Khrushchev’s kitchens they will not be entirely appropriate

A striking representative of this series is the model R-WB800PUC5GBK. Its total volume reaches an impressive 650 liters, of which 174 liters falls into the share of the freezer. That allows you to perfectly organize the cooling and storage of products even for a large family.

This is facilitated by modern technologies, including a large isolated compartment that preserves the natural level of moisture of greens, all kinds of vegetables, and semi-finished products.

Isolated fresh food storage compartment
Hermetically sealed compartment guarantees the best preservation of natural humidity, aroma and taste of fresh herbs, convenience foods, fruits

Best results provide options such as:

  • frost protection;
  • quick freeze function;
  • vast area of ​​freshness;
  • double fan, in any conditions, performing effective air circulation;
  • eco-thermal sensors in each compartment.

Each of the sensors displays data on a separate indicator - so more informative and more accurate. The choice of modes, other manipulations are carried out using an intuitive and simple electronic control, as well as a touch screen built-in from the outside.

The compressors of multi-door refrigerators from Hitachi are always inverter, which ensures, despite their impressive dimensions, almost silent operation and efficiency.

Aesthetic qualities are always the highest, and the color may be different. The only drawback is the fact that the sizes will not allow to fit the products related to this series in small-sized kitchens.

Five of the best models

The Japanese manufacturer has a lot of interesting new products and technical innovations in the production of refrigeration equipment. However, consumer demand continues to rely on the “three pillars,” including an attractive price, ease of use, and the rarity of unit malfunctions.

Consider that, taking into account the above criteria, the domestic buyer prefers.

Model # 1 - Hitachi R-BG410PU6XGBE

Stylish two-chamber refrigerator pleasant beige color. At the disposal of future owners 320 liters of usable space, of which 105 liters are allotted for the freezer. The unit freezes up to 4.5 kg of fresh meat per day.

The cooling of the freezer and refrigerator compartment is carried out according to the system No frost.

The refrigerator is controlled by an electronic system; for monitoring operating parameters, a door is mounted in the door display. In the capabilities of the model appear superfrost and supercooling.

Model # 2 - Hitachi R-WB482PU2GGR

Spectacular three-door unit with the bottom arrangement of the freezer offers future owners 392 liters of usable space. The freezer displacement is 84 liters.

Both the freezer and the refrigerator are cooled in accordance with the principles No frost. Therefore, it is not necessary to defrost them forcibly to remove snow and ice growths.

To adjust the performance of the refrigerator is equipped electronic system, for their monitoring there is a display. The equipment produces both supercooling and superfreezing. There is a holiday mode. There is no ice generator in this model.

Model # 3 - Hitachi R-V662PU3BEG

Awesome two-door model It amazes with just a huge amount of usable space. This refrigeration unit holds 550 liters of ready-made dishes, fresh products and preparations. Located on top of the freezer allocated as much as 145 liters.

Controls the refrigerator electronic systemThere is no display, but there is an LED device to indicate the temperature. Refrigeration and freezer compartments are cooled according to the scheme No frost, therefore, there will be no condensation inside and its consequence - ice growths. That is, forced defrosting is not needed.

When a power outage occurs, the unit will independently maintain the temperature for another 12 hours. It signals a loose door light and sound. Available ice maker.

Model # 4 - Hitachi R-W662PU3GBE

Solid golden beige refrigerator has a useful volume of 540 liters, of which 144 liters are allocated to the freezer. For ease of use and optimization of conditions for maintaining the useful qualities of the products, 4 doors are installed in the model. It can freeze up to 8 kg of meat per day.

To control the refrigerator is equipped electronic system. Refrigerator compartment and freezer are cooled according to technical principles No frost. That is, there is no need for defrosting to remove ice that has grown on the walls.

Among the unique attractive qualities, users note the presence of antibacterial coatingThanks to which any possibility of the appearance and spread of harmful microorganisms is eliminated. There are opportunities to fulfill superfrost and supercooling. The model is equipped ice maker.

Model # 5 - Hitachi R-WB482PU2GS

Great three-door model with a lower freezer compartment offers the owners 392 liters of usable space. The freezer compartment is occupied by 94 liters. The neutral silver case is made of metal and plastic, the glass shelves.

Both cameras are cooled by system No frost, excluding the formation of hoarfrost and ice crust. Equipment owners do not have to defrost the refrigerator regularly to remove them.

Electronic control, for monitoring performance there is a display. Among the pros noted silently working inverter compressor. The unit performs superfreezing of products, there is no device for cooling drinks and generating ice.

This is not a complete list of models of Japanese refrigerators of the famous company. In the post-Soviet space, Hitachi equipment is in great demand, which is justified by impeccable service for several decades.

The rating results are shown according to sales data in online stores, which is not an unconditional ranking of aggregates by quality indicators.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Recommendations for choosing a refrigerator:

The following material will allow you to get acquainted with a number of technologies and advantages of the Japanese manufacturer:

The real advantages and disadvantages of Japanese refrigerators against the backdrop of Belgian and South Korean competitors:

Hitachi brand refrigerators are reliable, durable, and their main highlight is advanced technology, well-thought-out interior space. Sufficient attention is paid to the appearance, so a potential client will be able to choose the right option for any interior. The variety of colors is also pleasing.

But at the same time, Japanese products are not the most affordable, so it can only be purchased by buyers with an average income or not constrained by financial issues in general.

And which refrigerator did you choose for yourself? Please tell us why you gave preference to a particular model, whether you are satisfied with the spaciousness and work of the acquired equipment. Add reviews, comments and ask questions - the contact form is below.

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    And I didn’t know that Hitachi was the first to use No Frost technology and the first to make the refrigerator two-chamber. They move ahead of the rest. Well, of course, and their refrigerators look great, stand out for their design against the general background. Especially large and roomy Side-by-side, they are very comfortable, there is a place for everything in such a refrigerator. But only 2 minuses with him. This is its impressive size and rather big cost.

  2. I like Hitachi appliances, we have a refrigerator, a washing machine, and air conditioning from this manufacturer. The equipment is not from the budget line, but when there is a sale or stock in stores, you can take it at a very favorable price. I try so hard and buy.My husband gave me a refrigerator for the New Year, they took the No Frost model with one door. Of course, I wanted another, the size of the kitchen did not allow me to take more.