Electrolux refrigerators: review of the 7 best models, customer reviews + selection tips

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The Swedish refrigerator Electrolux is a technically perfect, attractive, roomy and reliable unit. The product range includes simple appliances with a minimum of options, classic full-size models and premium products with advanced functionality.

The company gives a long-term guarantee on products and provides the customer with ongoing support not only in telephone but also in Internet mode. What else is notable for the Swedish brand refrigerators? Which unit is better to give preference to and why? The answers to these questions are detailed in our article.

Refrigerating equipment from Electrolux

When choosing a home appliance, the world consumer increasingly prefers unconditional preference for Electrolux products, famous for their reliability, high quality and attractive appearance.

Over its more than a century of history, the company has achieved impressive results and entered the top list of the most successful manufacturers and sellers of home appliances.

Representation of Electrolux in France
Representative offices and factories of the concern and its trademarks are located not only in European countries, but also in Brazil and the USA. The manufacturing process, regardless of the location of the plant, is under the strict control of Swedish engineers and technologists

As of today, the brand has appeared in almost all countries of the world and has provided people with the opportunity to purchase high-quality refrigeration equipment in almost any corner of the planet.

More than 60 million units of various products are released annually from the conveyor facilities of the brand. Products are distributed through representative offices and dealerships located in 150 countries, through popular online stores and supermarket chains specializing in the sale of household appliances.

Warranty Equipment
The Electrolux company provides a long-term guarantee on the products offered to the consumer and promises the immediate elimination of any manufacturing defects found during operation

For customers, the concern contains an official website in several languages.There you can create a personal account and register the purchased products, providing yourself in this way around the clock access to the necessary information and useful updates.

Electrolux Corporation produces a wide range of refrigeration equipment of various types.

Among them there are such positions:

  • simple economical models with the necessary basic set of functions;
  • roomy units with an expanded range of options and a separate freezer located at the bottom or top;
  • progressive appliances side-by-sidedesigned to store a large number of products;
  • premium models with a special compartment that allows you to save wines at the optimum temperature.

The lineup includes both built-in and stand-alone devices that vary in width, depth and height.

Compact fridge for summer cottage
The concern produces an abundant line of refrigeration equipment with basic and advanced functionality, there are large-sized models and mini-refrigerators for cottages and small apartments

A wide selection of products allows each client to find for themselves the unit that is most successful in terms of parameters, functions and external design.

Product Features

The Electrolux company produces only high-quality equipment that meets generally accepted international standards and the requirements for equipment of this type.

Innovative technology company

All products comply with energy class. A +, and some new lines have even more progressive markings A ++.

Due to this, customers who bought a Swedish refrigerator from the company Electrolux do not overpay for utility bills, since units consume electricity economically.

Interior arrangement of the refrigerator
In the refrigerators from the Swedish brand, the lighting system is very well built. Modern LED lamps are positioned so that every corner of the space is qualitatively illuminated, regardless of the load of the unit with products

Each model has an option door outweighing. Height and even placement on the floor allow you to adjust the twisting legs. Shelves are made of durable, tempered glass and can easily withstand not only everyday, but also holiday loads.

Containers for food, fruits and vegetables are made of environmentally friendly food-grade plastic with high physical characteristics. In them, edibles remain in perfect condition for a long time.

Freezer drawers
Boxes for refrigeration and freezer compartments have a convenient, ergonomic shape, can be easily extended and retracted, do not fall out when unloading products and are not scratched during operation

Norost - closely monitors the temperature level in the freezer compartment, evenly distributes air flows and controls humidity, preventing it from settling on the walls in the form of a snow crust or ice.

Containers and shelves in the Electrolux refrigerator
Action Cool ensures quick achievement of the required cooling temperature and ensures long-term preservation of the consistency and all the taste qualities of the products

Twintech - It uses two-system cooling and maintains the ideal level of humidity of the products stored in the chamber.

Saturated air circulates in the refrigerator compartment to help keep food fresh. An isolated, drier air stream works in the freezer, preventing frost from appearing on the walls.

Multi flow - controls the optimum temperature and the uniform distribution of air flows through the compartments. Creates a comprehensive airflow of products, regardless of which shelf they are on. The food stays fresh and pleasing for a long time.

Elements of extra comfort

FreshPlus - It is a special compartment with a special temperature regime, allowing you to store meat and fish in the most suitable conditions for them.

A low temperature is maintained in the compartment, which makes it possible to preserve the natural taste and structure of the products.

Tempered glass shelves in the Electrolux refrigerator
The latest generation refrigeration modules are equipped with brand new tempered glass shelves. Their depth and width are increased. This allows you to correctly use the internal usable space and store more products.

Custom flex - Numerous easily rearranged containers, containers and racks. They can be arranged in accordance with the personal idea of ​​comfortable storage of products and save each type of food separately, avoiding the mixing of odors.

Ergonomic containers in the Elctrolux refrigerator
Models from the SpacePlus line are equipped with optimally shaped inner containers. This allows you to place an increased amount of supplies in a standard chamber

Crispfresh - A special spacious container of large size. It maintains optimal temperature conditions and humidity levels.

Even such delicate positions as greens or lettuce are kept there in a perfectly fresh, natural state for a long period of time.

List of popular models

The abundant assortment of household appliances from the renowned concern has refrigerators, which are in special demand in Russia and neighboring countries, justified adaptation to local conditions and compliance with consumer requirements.

Model # 1 - Electrolux EN 3454 NOX

The freezer of the refrigeration equipment is equipped with special containers made of progressive material Transparent parent. It is absolutely safe for humans, does not have a specific smell and does not absorb foreign odors. It is very convenient to store and freeze food supplies in such boxes.

The height of the hull is 184.5 cm. Width with a depth of 59.5 / 64.7 cm, respectively. The usable space is 318 liters, of which 92 liters are occupied by the freezer.

Both chambers are cooled according to a static scheme, the so-called drip. The movement of air mass in the compartments occurs without the use of fans.

Due to the temperature difference, condensate forms in the upper and lower zones, dripping down into the receiver and further into the evaporation chamber. Such refrigerators need forced defrost.

There is a function to maintain the temperature up to 20 hours in case of power failure. Electronic control, in terms of energy saving aspects, the unit is assigned a class A ++.

The original color scheme of the EN 3454 NOX refrigerator immediately distinguishes it from the line of similar products. The case is designed in a silver-gray shade, the cameras are equipped with stylish ergonomic handles, located on the upper door at eye level informative display.

Model # 2 - Electrolux EN 3854 NOX

The unit EN 3854 NOX is 16 cm higher than the previous model. Its usable volume is more by 30 l, although only the dimensions of the refrigerator compartment are increased. Unlike the previous model, it is complemented by innovations and useful features that make the operation process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

The type of cooling in the refrigerator is drip, but the scheme has already been implemented in the freezer No frost. That is, a fan is installed in it, preventing the formation of frost and ice growths, there is no need to defrost it. The refrigerator compartment will have to be thawed forcibly with the frequency specified by the manufacturer.

The unit is able to maintain cold, in the event of a power outage, it will maintain the temperature for up to 18 hours. Can produce super freezingpreserving the entire set of vitamins in products, and perform supercooling. It is controlled by electronics, there is a display. Assigned to A ++ energy efficiency class.

The EN 3854 NOX model has the ability to hang the doors of both cameras with a priority for owners. This quality helps to rationally resolve the issues of choosing a place to install the refrigerator.

Model # 3 - Electrolux ERF 4162 AOW

Model ERF 4162 AOW - single chamber type refrigeration equipment. It does not have a freezer per se, there is only a low-temperature zone separated by a plastic shutter.The height of the unit is 185.9 cm, while the usable area is 381 liters.

Internally organized freshness zonein which humidity is optimal for food storage. It is possible to leave the unit turned on for the period of departure of the owners on vacation. High energy class: A ++. Type of cooling is drip, i.e. the unit needs defrosting.

Controlled electronic system, there is a display on which the operating characteristics are displayed and warning signals are displayed in case of an error. A loose fit of the door is accompanied by a color and sound signal.

Model # 4 - Electrolux EN 3452 JOW

EN 3452 JOW is a cutting-edge freestanding unit. Two progressive systems Frostfree and Freestoreembedded in the module maintain an optimal level of humidity inside the chamber.

Independent from each other air flows provide uniform blowing from all sides and longer preserve the natural taste and integrity of the products.

The kit includes a convenient and practical shelf for cooling bottles. It is made of high strength anodized steel. Able, without bending, withstand significant loads and is not subject to corrosive manifestations. You can place it anywhere in the upper compartment.

Particularly attractive and elegant are the EN 3452 JOW overhead extension handles. With their help, opening the door becomes even more easy and convenient.

Model # 5 - Electrolux ERT 1501 FOW3

Electrolux ERT 1501 FOW3 is a very attractive offer from the Swedish manufacturer.

Compact in size (55 × 61.2 × 85 cm), but at the same time a rather capacious single-chamber unit with a height allows owners to take advantage of a total volume of 136 liters. The capacity of the freezer compartment is 18 liters.

The refrigerator is cooled by a drip method, which means that it needs periodic forced defrosting. Therefore, in order to avoid the formation of frost and ice growths, the freezer also has to be defrosted from time to time.

Management is carried out electromechanically. Noise level does not exceed 38 dB. According to energy testing, the model received a class A +.

Model # 6 - Electrolux ENN 92811 BW

Narrow fridge ENN 92811 BW is an excellent choice for small kitchens.

With a case height of 177.2 cm, the width and depth are 54.0 and 54.7 cm, respectively. The volume of usable space is 277 liters; 75 liters can fit in the freezer.

No frost is formed in the freezer section, as it is cooled according to the scheme No frost. Its defrosting is carried out purely for maintenance no more than a couple of times a year. The refrigerator compartment is cooled by a drop method, therefore, it requires forced defrosting.

The refrigerator is controlled by an electromechanical system. There is no wide range of innovations in it. A weighty plus is the ability to outweigh the door.

Model # 7 - Electrolux EN 3454 NOW

The Electrolux EN 3454 NOW refrigeration unit unconditionally belongs to the category of two-chamber equipment with two doors. In its lower part there is a freezer containing 92 liters, while the total volume is 318 liters. The height of the spectacular case is 184.5 cm, the width with depth are 59.5 cm and 64.7 cm, respectively.

This model provides freshness zone. The freezer section of the unit is cooled by a system No frost, therefore, there is no need for forced defrosting - there will be no ice or frost inside. But the drip system was used in the refrigerator, therefore, it will be necessary to periodically defrost manually. Energy class A ++.

Electronic control, mounted on one of the vertical doors displayshowing performance and warning of breakdowns. So, during a power outage, the model independently maintains the temperature background in the refrigerator and freezer compartment for another 18 hours.

In addition to the alarm that occurs when the door is open and the temperature limit is exceeded, there are also optionssuper freeze and supercooling.

Popular opinion on the technology of Electrolux

The majority of Electrolux refrigerators are well received by customers. Units are called roomy, reliable, practical and easy to operate.

The casting of plastic elements and the quality of the general assembly comply with modern requirements. The whole process at the plants is strictly controlled and a potential production defect is detected at the testing stage and is immediately eliminated.

Advantages of brand refrigerators

Almost all users praise the appearance of the case, made in a progressive style. Additionally, they note the good quality of handles, both overhead and integrated in the door.

Extensive functionality, a large set of innovative options and useful technological elements aimed at improving the quality of food storage and increasing operational comfort are worthy of kind words.

Shelves and containers in the refrigerator
The refrigerator and freezer chambers of Electrolux units are very spacious. The presence of plastic containers, shelves and drawers allows you to conveniently decompose products, without allowing mixing of their natural aromas

Separately note the high-quality coating of the case, which does not require serious efforts for regular care and washing.

Fingerprints do not remain on it, and any small contamination is easily eliminated with a soft, lint-free cloth moistened with water or a small amount of a delicate detergent.

The arrangement of the internal space causes only pleasant sensations. All shelves and drawers are not static, but movable. They are very easy to expose according to personal tastes and storage needs.

Containers and containers extend easily, do not fall out and do not get stuck. The legs are subject to adjustment and make it possible to set the unit on the floor clearly and without distortions.

Ergonomics of the interior
All models of refrigerators from Electrolux are distinguished by thoroughly thought out ergonomics. It is pleasant to use the refrigerator, shelves and walls are sung without problems

Disadvantages and possible breakdowns

Among the problems identified during operation, users call the tendency of the compressor motor to inter-turn short circuits.

This is a pretty serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately. The main disadvantage is that it is not possible to repair the part. Need right away change compressor, and, preferably, only through a company service center.

The electronic system in Swedish products is quite reliable and rarely fails for no reason. However, sudden changes in voltage in the network or unauthorized shutdowns of the centralized power supply can harm the control unit.

Electronic refrigerator control
Refrigerators with Touch control system are especially sensitive to voltage surges traditional for our power supply network. To operate such a technique, a powerful surge protector is required

The fact that the circuit needs repair or replacement is signaled by the following indicators:

  • sharp jumps in temperature in the freezer or cooling chamber;
  • an extinct display screen that does not respond to commands;
  • constantly flashing sensor lights.

Sometimes in Electrolux temperature regulator deteriorates. As a rule, this provokes depressurization of the bellows tube, which is responsible for the operation of the thermostat.

Refrigerator voltage rectifier
To protect equipment from energy surges, experts recommend purchasing a household voltage balancer. It won’t take a lot of money, but it will be easier for the refrigerator and it will work much longer

The integrity of the circuit that provides energy to the engine is violated and the temperature inside the chamber rises above the parameters acceptable for high-quality storage of products. This problem is solved by replacing the item and does not cost a lot of money.

The evaporator sensor is another weak point in Swedish technology. It is located in a special plastic flask and poured with high-strength glue that protects from water.

Temperature jumps put an additional load on the thermistor, and as a result, it begins to pass moisture. When such a breakdown occurs, incorrect temperature data is sent to the control unit of the refrigerator.

The motor enters a more intensive operation mode, intensively freezes the products inside the chambers. Worst of all is supplies lying on a shelf located above boxes of vegetables and fruits.

Egg tray in the Electrolux refrigerator
Too small an egg tray is another reason for reproaches from buyers. It can accommodate only 6 pieces, and this is not enough even for a family of 2 people

Eliminating this problem is the timely replacement of the damaged element with a working one. If the product is under warranty, all work will be carried out by employees of the service center. The rest will have to go to a repair shop and pay for services from their own pockets.

Practical tips for choosing a good model

When planning a refrigerator, you need to determine which products will be stored in it. If at home you use a large amount of meat and fish, it is better to buy a machine with a large freezer that can accommodate an impressive amount of food.

When the priority is fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables, it makes sense to pay attention to products with a spacious cooling compartment.

It is desirable that it be equipped with progressive containers capable of maintaining a certain temperature inside and a suitable level of humidity.

Electrolux refrigerator in the interior of the kitchen
Among the Electrolux models there are both freestanding and built-in appliances. The client does not have to change furniture in order to install a refrigerator. Simply select a product that matches the size of free space in the kitchen

For high-quality savings of wines and other drinks, you should buy a model with a practical metal shelf for bottles. It will allow you to conveniently place containers and ensure uniform air circulation around them.

If you need to regularly cool a large amount of alcohol, you should choose a model with a built-in wine compartment. Such equipment will cost more, so it is better to think in advance how much in reality the bottle compartment will be in demand.

The device with the option of supplying water and ice to the external front door panel looks stylish and modern, but costs significantly more than an analogue that is not equipped with these functions.

The interior of the refrigerator Electrolux
It is necessary to buy a unit with a stock of capacity. Otherwise, air will not be able to efficiently circulate and evenly cool products on shelves and in containers.

Whether it is reasonable to spend money on this or not, each client decides individually based on personal needs and financial capabilities.

Optimum capacity is determined by the number of people using the equipment.

The following parameters are considered generally accepted:

  • 100-150 liters - for 1-2 people;
  • 150-200 liters - for a family with two children;
  • from 250 liters - for 5 or more adults.

Of course, these figures are rather arbitrary, and no one will prohibit a client living independently from acquiring the most voluminous, oversized refrigerator.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Tips for choosing a refrigerator for domestic use:

A detailed review of the popular Electrolux models from a sales assistant. How to choose the best model and what you must pay attention to before purchasing:

Honest customer reviews about the refrigeration technology of the Swedish brand. Features of operation and useful tips to potential buyers:

Operational comfort, attractiveness and a set of useful functions of refrigerators manufactured at Electrolux factories have long been loved by customers.

Thanks to these advantages, the units replaced similar devices of other brands and became one of the first favorites in the home appliance market. The number of units sold grows annually and encourages the brand to produce even more quality products.

Which refrigerator did you choose? Please tell us why you gave preference to a particular model, whether you are satisfied with the work of the acquired equipment.Add reviews, comments and ask questions - the contact form is below.

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Visitors Comments
  1. The mother-in-law has an Electrolux refrigerator. I really like him, as he is big, red and roomy. Red was chosen specifically for the style of the kitchen, it looks great, better than white. I liked that it was possible to outweigh the door, which they did, as it was inconvenient to open it near the table. All shelves and tables are thought out wisely, for the convenience of consumers.

  2. Marina

    I like large roomy refrigerators with several drawers for vegetables and several shelves for pots. Since we have a large family, there is also a lot of food in the refrigerator. Additionally, I like the presence of a separate box in which the temperature is 0 degrees. And in it perishable products are stored longer. So the fridges are good.

  3. Grisha

    Do they really say that Electrolux refrigerators have a problem with gaskets? They say that refrigerators are good, but with a seal, trouble. Whose production is this and how many years is the warranty? What is the situation with official SOs in the Russian Federation?

    • Maria Govorukhina


      1. Perhaps this is so, but seals are not included in the list of the most common malfunctions and problems with this brand.

      2. Electrolux is a giant brand with more than 40 trademarks, including Zanussi. Headquarters are located in Sweden, in Stockholm, but the brand’s factories are “scattered” around the world. In Hungary, one- / two-compartment refrigerators and freezers are produced, in Italy - two-compartment refrigerators.

      3. For warranty information, see the specific device. As a rule, this information is in online stores for each model, you can peek there.

      4. For service centers, it is necessary to search for an address. Use the services of the official dealer website.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello, Grisha. The Electrolux brand is registered in Sweden, but the concern has production facilities in different countries. For example, refrigerators can be produced at factories in Italy, Turkey, Korea, Hungary. Therefore, the build quality of the same models may vary slightly.

      As for the problems with the seal, I have not heard that this was a common occurrence for Electrolux refrigerators. As a special case, it is quite possible, but door seals have to be replaced on many models over time. The issue price is about 3-5 thousand rubles.

      When buying in chain stores, a 12 month warranty from the manufacturer is given. In case of serious breakdowns with a refrigerator after this period, you have the right to free repair in the official SC. If the breakdown, of course, was not your fault.

      As for the Electrolux SCs themselves, they have an extensive network throughout the Russian Federation. To find the closest, I recommend using the search on the manufacturer’s website.

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