Dexp refrigerators: product line overview + comparison with other brands on the market

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In the consumer electronics market, the DEXP refrigerator has been present since 1988. The domestic manufacturer continues to improve the technology in terms of using the latest programs and design solutions.

Today in the product line of the brand there are compact refrigerators at an affordable price, as well as spacious two-chamber units and swing models from the Side by Side series. Which type should I prefer?

To answer this question, you should familiarize yourself with the model range of the manufacturer, understand the features of different refrigerators, compare their characteristics with personal wishes. The price tag of the goods will also play an important role. In this regard, all DEXP refrigerators boast loyal value.

To narrow your search, we selected the best offers of the company. The list of leaders included models demanded by customers that have the optimal “price / quality” ratio.

Overview of the Dexp refrigerator range

The line of refrigerators with the DEXP logo offered for sale has literally all the options that Russian consumers and residents of the countries of the former Soviet Union need.

The assortment carefully selected by the company is focused on real demand, features of the layout of the housing stock, the specifics of the work of local energy networks.

Dexsp Russian-made refrigerators
Dexp brand refrigerators are available in an abundant assortment that allows you to purchase equipment for families of different sizes and with different financial capabilities.

Dexsp refrigeration units supplied to the market are better protected from their foreign competitors against power surges. An extensive model range allows you to choose a model with the preferred location of the freezer, the appropriate volume of chambers, priority cooling technology.

Cooling Classification

One of the most important characteristics that determine the choice of a refrigerator is the type of cooling.The quality characteristics of the contents of the refrigerator and freezer compartments, as well as the rules for caring for household appliances, depend on it.

All types of refrigeration equipment currently for sale are divided into two main groups according to the type of refrigeration. Cooling technology is presented in two options.

Choice of cooling system
An important factor in choosing refrigeration equipment for the home is the type of cooling. The rules for maintaining the unit and the quality characteristics of the products inside it depend on it.

The static way. A variety realized in the first refrigeration units, involves natural convection of air inside the chambers. In them, cold air spontaneously displaces the warm air mass up. There it cools down and replaces the air that has managed to warm up.

The movement of air in closed compartments occurs slowly. Due to the difference in temperatures of the changing flows, condensate forms on the evaporator and the walls of the equipment. It flows in the form of drops into a receiver intended for its collection, and from there into an evaporation device.

Drip cooling circuit
The static-cooled refrigerator operates in cycles: freezing starts when the compressor starts, after reaching the set temperature, the compressor turns off, the defrosting process begins

A large amount of moisture inside and a drip condensate collection system served as the basis for assigning such systems the name “drip” or “crying”.

The plus of crying refrigerators is considered to be the optimal moisture level and temperature difference on the shelves for storing many products, so that you can carry out an internal arrangement taking into account the individual qualities of semi-finished products, fresh vegetables and prepared dishes.

Drip cooling operates in cycles. Turning on the compressor starts the freezing process. When the temperature bar set by the user is reached, the compressor stops, thawing begins. Supervises the temperature regulator cycles.

Inside the chambers cooled in this way, a snow coat naturally forms, which should be removed during regular defrosting the refrigerator.

Care for crying refrigerators
“Crying” refrigerators must be regularly thawed to remove snow build-up due to high humidity and condensation on the surface

Dynamic way. A relatively new cooling method, although it has been used for several good decades. For example, it was actively introduced 35 years ago into the design of Japanese-made refrigerators. Technology has a common name No frost and a number of variations on its theme, depending on the manufacturer.

A feature of the technology is to stimulate the movement of air flows inside the chambers, due to which the temperature background at all points of the enclosed space is equal. The allowable difference is 1 ° C.

The air is cooled by an evaporator mounted in the rear wall of the device. The described system eliminates condensation and the formation of a snow coat on surfaces. It is not necessary to defrost units whose chambers are cooled using “no frost” technology.

To maintain cleanliness periodically wash the fridgesNo additional maintenance required.

Cooling type without hoarfrost
In refrigerators with a “frost-free” cooling system, air circulation prevents condensation and the formation of a snow coat. They do not need to be thawed forcibly

Note that the No Frost system has both fans and opponents. Air circulation dries the food excessively, which is not the best way to reflect on the quality indicators of the contents of the refrigerator.

This equipment consumes more energy, costs more, but lasts longer than drip counterparts. Break much less often.

In DEXP brand refrigerators, both cooling schemes are implemented. Moreover, there are models with a combination of both systems, for example, the freezer works without hoarfrost, and the refrigerator compartment is cooled by the drip method.Which one to choose, the future owner decides on his own.

Combination options for cooling circuits
Nou Frost cooling can be arranged both in the freezer and in the refrigerator compartment. It can only be in the freezer. The refrigeration part in the second case works according to the drip scheme

Single chamber models for a modest budget

In Russia, the area of ​​standard kitchens is usually 8-10 m2, but there are more modest rooms that require the installation of a compact and reliable refrigerator. If food storage is required in a small office, change house, mini-hotel room or apartment with a limited footage, then a single-chamber refrigerator is the best option.

Budget series refrigerators from a Russian manufacturer with small-sized designs of a refrigerator and freezer are characterized by reliable operation and affordable price. They boast a modern design. A wide range includes several different modifications.

In the refrigerators there are glass shelves, compartments for fresh herbs and vegetables. Convenient and roomy longitudinal trays installed along the doors are designed to store different products in small-format packaging. The freezer is equipped with a convenient transparent door.

Single chamber refrigerator - mini bar
In a single-chamber refrigerator, the low-temperature zone is separated from the main space by a plastic curtain

Thanks to a well-thought-out design, it is easy to use both shelves and drawers. This is more than an economical option and an excellent solution for summer cottages.

Practical dual chamber units

In the simplest two-chamber models of DEXP refrigeration equipment, modern technologies are minimized. They will become a universal option of household appliances of economy class and will fit into the interior of a typical kitchen.

Aggregates are fully consistent with the current trends of our time, they include:

  • freezers separated by plastic shelves and containers into functional parts, the minimum cold indicator is from -18 ° C;
  • cold stores, sectorized by glass shelves;
  • on the door there are food and drink trays;
  • separate compartments for vegetables and fruits.

A number of double-chamber refrigerators from Dexp are able to maintain cold offline operation during the period specified by the manufacturer. The development of manufactured models is focused on the economical electricity consumption: their owners will spend a minimum of money during operation.

Two-chamber refrigeration unit model
Two-chamber models with a lower and upper arrangement of the freezer compartment cost significantly less than foreign analogues. Affordability to a large extent affects the choice of compatriots

The cost of Russian offers of the mid-price segment is approximately equal to the price of single-chamber budget models from foreign firms. This fact additionally draws attention to Russian refrigerators with two separate functional chambers.

Modern domestic and foreign manufacturers offer models with various functions and devices that previously were not in the brands of refrigerators familiar to the Russian consumer, but now they have become common.

For example, an auxiliary signaling alert, drawing the attention of owners to a problem with doors or cooling chambers and freezing.

Energy class of refrigeration units Deksp
Most Dexp refrigeration models are energy efficient. According to the results of testing the international level, the highest classes A were assigned to the equipment; A + and A ++

Models equipped with an electronic digital display demonstrate the current status of all important parameters. Such units are capable of more accurate temperature settings, the activation of various modes.

This also includes the promotion by almost all manufacturers of refrigerators of a special antibacterial coating, indicator lights, automatic freezing, fresh-zone freshness, an air-blowing system and many other useful modes.

Interior arrangement
The internal space of the refrigeration unit is thoroughly thought out, it is possible to change the position of the shelves to increase the volume of sectors

Roomy Swing Side by Side

Two-chamber refrigerators with the so-called French door have an impressive, and more precisely, a huge total volume of working chambers, an improved elegant design.

It should be noted right away that similar structures (that is, equipped with swing doors) in Russia are 20-40% cheaper than foreign analogues and cost about 34-35 thousand rubles.

Models of Side by Side refrigerators are attractive in terms of capacity and functionality, they are excellently suited for operation in a large family, restaurant and office, where an impressive load on food storage is constantly required.

Model of the refrigerator with swing doors
Side-by-side refrigeration models are designed for large families, country mansions, cafes and hotels. Their main advantage is a large net volume and convenient location of the freezer, on the side

During operation, DEXP refrigerators are moderately noisy and do not heat up.

Models attract customers with the following technical capabilities and parameters:

  • a solid freezer installed on the convenient side of the case;
  • touch-digital control with a simple interface - information is displayed on the liquid crystal display, according to which owners easily and quickly learn about everything that is happening with the refrigerator at the moment, without opening its doors;
  • giving a pleasant sound signal when opening the refrigerator;
  • significant thickness of door insulation - 8 cm.

Side by Side refrigerators are equipped with large drawers in the refrigerator and freezer compartment, with their help you can provide easy access to products, store bulk packaging. They have technology Know frost.

Electronic control type refrigerator
The electronic control option greatly simplifies the process of selecting and setting operating parameters, but requires careful handling, as in case of violation of operating rules, this sensitive device can instantly fail

In the equipment compartments, stable conditions have been created for the optimal storage of pledged products. The system is able to prevent the growth of frost and ice, so food products will not stick to each other.

There are economical compressors that produce a large daily freezing power - up to 10 kg, min freezing temperature -24 ° С.

Cake from the big fridge
Shelves in the refrigerator compartment move or fold without problems, so you can place a high cake or a large capacity in the unit

An additional feature of the refrigerator is the mode "Vacation". It is useful to those users who are often absent from home or traveling. The mode switches the refrigeration compartment to economical electricity consumption. The freezer will work as usual, and frozen foods will not melt.

Using Holiday Mode
Large refrigerators do not need to be disconnected from the mains and unloaded before leaving for vacation. It is enough to transfer the unit to the economical mode of operation, choosing the “Vacation” option among the settings

The best refrigeration equipment from DEXP

Aggregates of Russian production are in stable demand, quite justified by an extremely affordable price. They are quickly bought up by those who need to temporarily solve the problems of food storage, like the adherents of country life and the newlyweds, who do not yet have their own apartment.

Not all models can be immediately found in offline stores and in online trading organizations. However, there are units that it is worth taking a closer look at in advance, so that, if necessary, you can get it without thinking.

Model # 1 - DEXP TF250D

The TF250D is the perfect solution for small kitchen, in which it is advisable to rationally use every centimeter. The height of the unit is only 112 cm, the width with a depth of 52 cm and 59 cm, respectively. The capacity of compact refrigeration equipment is 112 liters.

The appearance of the model DEXP TF250D
For the convenience of storage and the maximum preservation of the natural humidity of fresh vegetables / greens / fruits in the refrigeration sector of this model there is a drawer

The door is equipped with a pair of hinged trays, the space inside is equipped with capacious shelves. The freezer is located at the top of the unit. It holds up to 23 liters of frozen meat, fish, etc.

Electromechanical control is simple and reliable. The unit belongs to inverter refrigerators - the compressor provides quiet operation, the noise effect does not exceed 45 dB. Type of cooling is drip, i.e. in need of defrosting.

Model # 2 - DEXP NF300D

Full-size two-chamber model in a silver case with a height of 188 cm, it will perfectly cope with the storage of stocks for a family of 2-4 people. Width and depth are 59.5 cm and 63 cm, respectively. At the disposal of future owners will be 295 liters of usable space.

The appearance of the model DEXP NF300D
Inside the refrigerator compartment there are four shelves made of toughened glass. On the door there are hanging trays designed for convenient placement of products in narrow bottles and boxed

The freezer is cooled by technology No frostit holds 76 l of frozen contents. Inside there are three retractable containers that provide the opportunity to divide products into groups of similar quality. The lowest temperature in the freezer compartment is 24 ° C. Here you can freeze up to 4 kg of meat per day.

Both the refrigeration and freezer sectors are covered antibacterial membrane. The unit economically consumes energy, according to the test results it is assigned a class A +.

Model # 3 - DEXP TF210D

Two-chamber model with a freezer located at the top is solved in classic white color. Despite the rather considerable volume, equal to 207 liters, the unit can be attributed to the category of compact equipment. Case height 145.8 cm, width with a depth of 56 cm and 55 cm.

The appearance of the model DEXP TF210D
This refrigerator is cooled by a drop method. You will have to defrost it manually

The freezer is provided with shelves from plastic, resistant to low temperatures. Its volume is 41 l; it freezes per day up to 2 kg. The maximum temperature limit of freezing is 18 ºС.

The refrigerator compartment is equipped with three shelves made of shockproof glass, if necessary, they can be moved, choosing the most suitable height. There is a container for eggs, trays are fixed on the door, there is a hanging device for storing bottles.

The unit is controlled by an electromechanical device. Extremely happy low noise interferencetotaling 40 dB.

Model # 4 - DEXP SBS530M

Two-chamber refrigeration appliances with Side by Side system (side freezer) offers potential owners to use the volume of 527 liters. The height of the stylish silver case is 178.5 cm, the width is 89.5 cm, and the depth is 74.5 cm.

The appearance of the model DEXP SBS530M
A solid refrigerator is controlled by electronics. Equipped with a display showing data on the operation of the refrigerator compartment and freezer

The displacement of the side-mounted freezer is 183 liters. It is frozen in the model up to 10 kg per day, the temperature minimum is 24 ºС.

Both functional compartments are cooled by technology No frost, i.e. cameras do not need forced defrosting. For care, it is simply turned off, freed from the contents and washed with a suitable household product without abrasive inclusions.

The function list is indicated by child protection, which is very useful for families with growing researchers. Noisy too much noise measurement showed 43 dB. According to energy consumption, this model is classified A +.

Model # 5 - DEXP NF240D

Full size dual camera model made in white classic color. With a case height of 155.2 cm, a width with a depth of 62.3 cm and 55 cm, the unit offers future owners 222 liters of usable space. 54 liters are allotted for the freezer, it can freeze up to 2.5 kg per day.

The appearance of the model DEXP NF240D
Shelves of this refrigerator are made of glass.It is also possible to hang the door to the other side

Both sections of the model are cooled by a system No frost, therefore, it is not necessary to defrost them to remove ice growths. In the refrigeration section there is freshness zone, allowing you to better preserve the aroma and nutritional properties of products without performing freezing.

The model is controlled electromechanically. Noise is only 42 dB during operation. The refrigerator is thoroughly thought out for ergonomics. According to the parameters of energy consumption, the model is assigned A + class.

When analyzing the models, professional opinions of experts who left their reviews on network platforms, recommendations of dealers conducting regular customer surveys, and reviews of real owners of refrigerators were used.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

A short informational video in which the consultant talks about which refrigerators are most in demand by Russian customers today and what specific characteristics and modes should be paid attention to.

DEXP refrigerators continue to improve in terms of using the latest programs and design solutions. The choice, as always, is for the buyer, who can support a domestic producer or prefer another as a participant in free market trade.

And which refrigerator do you prefer? Or are you just planning to purchase such equipment? Please share your experiences and choices about using the refrigerator. Leave comments, ask questions, add product reviews and tips for buyers - the contact form is located below.

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  2. Basil

    When I read how many years refrigerators from this company already exist on the market, I realized that they should be paid attention to. If the products of any company can last several decades, then people understand what they are doing. My daughter has TF250D in odnushka. She especially liked that it was not necessary to defrost, or while she lived with us, she always forgot about it and we cursed at her. A good model, but a large family will not fit purely in size.

  3. Do you understand that this is essentially a noun with the sticky “DEXP” sign pushed by the CSN chain of stores? The brand has the most important thing - the developed technology and copyright solutions that are protected by patents ... Some copying someone else’s technology often (so that there are no patent claims) changes the design / technology, which together leads to deterioration of the refrigerator as a whole.

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        Yes, there is great competition in the home appliance market, so manufacturers such as Dexp are in demand. By the way, if you open the official source, you can see that there is production in Russia and in China. And Dexp also produces a lot of things besides refrigerators. And the latter, by the way, in the budget segment will certainly give odds to more well-known manufacturers in terms of price / quality ratio. And in the past few years, Dexp and in the middle segment has entrenched.

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