Daewoo refrigerators: ranking of the best models and tips for potential buyers

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The range of household refrigeration equipment is so large that the selection of a suitable unit has already become a problem. To make an informed purchase, you need to become a real expert, learn how to clearly prioritize and find devices that meet the needs of the family.

A good solution is a Korean-made Daewoo refrigerator. A popular manufacturer offers various types of cooling equipment at a very reasonable cost. Take a closer look at such units, but you can not decide? We will help you in solving this issue.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the model range of refrigerators from the Korean brand, find out the pros and cons of units of different series, and also understand what parameters should be guided when choosing. Rating of the best offers Daewoo will demonstrate the functionality of the devices and help determine the right device.

Daewoo - the "Big Universe" of technology

The founder of the concern is Kim Woo Chun. He started out as a street vendor for newspapers, but his ambitions and entrepreneurial talent were truly cosmic. Therefore, a huge production concern was named Daewoo - "the big Universe."

Now the company’s units are sold to different owners, and Kim Wu Chun is awaiting trial on charges of deliberate accounting errors. The entrepreneur surrendered himself, claiming that he was innocent and ready to prove it.

His brainchild Daewoo Electronics is successfully developing as a separate project and produces high-quality household appliances.

Exhibition Stand Daewoo Electronics
The company is considered one of the best manufacturers. Daewoo Electronics brand home appliances and electronics are recommended for customers who are looking for good quality models at a reasonable price.

At the core of Daewoo Electronics philosophy is the belief that appliances should not be harmful to the environment.Brand refrigerators are a choice of people who think not only about their own comfort, but also about the well-being of their living environment.

One of the innovations used by the manufacturer in the manufacture of equipment cameras is Nano-silver. It is a silver ion coating with antimicrobial properties.

A detailed review of the lineup

Refrigeration equipment is diverse. There are models of any size and volume (from 59 l). Without problems, you can find the right option for your home, summer house, office, business or shop. The main thing is to decide on your own priorities, to understand the specifics of each type.

Equipment with one and two cameras

Daewoo Launches refrigeration units various types and purposes:

  • single chamber;
  • with upper and lower freezers;
  • french door;
  • side-by-side.

Single door models that do not have separate freezer compartments are called single chamber. This does not always mean that there is no place to store semi-finished products and workpieces.

Some refrigerators have low-temperature compartments for frozen foods. They can be a worthy alternative to dual-chamber models.

Single chamber refrigerator with freezer
Compact appliances are often built into furniture. They do not stand out against the background of the headset, do not violate the unity of the interior style

The advantages include the following features:

  1. Functionality. If you need to store a little frozen food, a single-chamber design with a low-temperature zone is suitable.
  2. Compactness. Single-compartment refrigerators are usually smaller than two-door models. They occupy a minimum of space, great for small kitchens. This is a good solution for small-sized cars and country houses.
  3. Cost. Here the advantage is on the side of single-chamber units.

There are also disadvantages. Since there is no separate freezer, warm air enters the deep cooling compartment each time the door is opened.

This leads to the formation of frost, and very quickly a thick layer of ice appears. It is often necessary to defrost, wash the camera. The time spent on maintenance pays off: in such refrigerators there is rarely an unpleasant odor.

Daewoo model in the interior
The silver fridge looks good when combined with light or bright finishes and furniture. Bottom freezer, water dispenser, anti-bacteria system - noteworthy features

Daewoo Electronics produces models without low temperature zones. They cool but do not freeze processed foods.

The dimensions of refrigerators can vary: from 50-liter babies to full-fledged chambers with a capacity of 250 liters. This is a good solution for families where frozen foods are not stored.

If you believe the technical documentation, single-chamber devices without NTOs maintain temperatures from 0 to + 10 ° C, but you must remember that the results are obtained in laboratory conditions. In reality, the camera can be much warmer.

If the door is often opened in the heat, the temperature rises significantly. Therefore, the refrigerator is not suitable for more or less long storage of perishable products.

Among the popular single-chamber models are FR-082AIXR (88 L), FN-15A2W (120 L). Lovers of retro style will like the FN-103CM, FN-102CW.

The FN-15B2B refrigerator (120 L) looks chic in black. Its glossy body fits well in a non-trivial ultramodern interior - hi-tech or modern.

Baby Refrigerator FR-051AR
The 59-liter mini-model is ideal for summer cottages. It is bought if you need somewhere to temporarily settle in with amenities: in a hospital room or in a hotel room. Such equipment is used to cool drinks and is installed in living rooms, on verandas, in baths

Many buyers choose dual-chamber models. There are good reasons for this.

Firstly, volume - for an average family of 3-4 people it can be difficult to get by with a single-chamber refrigerator. If you make vegetable or berry preparations for the winter, you need an insulated freezer. Its volume also matters.

Secondly, long-term storage of products.Some housewives buy many products and leave some of them in the refrigerator for several weeks, or even months, for example, for the holiday or in reserve. It is impossible to save them without a freezer.

RN173NR - luxury model
Daewoo retro refrigerators are an all-in-one option: maximum functionality, current technology, a stylish look. For most buyers, the bottom location of the freezer is convenient. Class A + RN173NR is virtually flawless

Thirdly, the variation in the location of the compartments. In a single-chamber refrigerator, the freezer can be located only at the top due to the design features of the devices, and in a two-chamber refrigerator, at the top or bottom. The buyer chooses a more convenient model.

As for the shortcomings that users note, they are associated not with the number of cameras or compressors, but with the wrong choice of models. Most often indicate noisy work.

The real minus is only one: two cameras consume more power than one. To reduce operating costs, class A or A + models should be selected.

Silver fridge
A silver or black fridge is ideal for modern furniture. Colors are practical. On the cases of such models, spots are hardly noticeable

Of the popular designs with an upper freezer, the following are worth highlighting:

  • FN-T650NPB with black glass door;
  • FGK-51CCG with LED lighting;
  • FGK-56EFG with dispenser for ice and water;
  • FGK-51EFG silver color.

Among refrigerators with a lower freezer, RNV3610GCHS with a system are in special demand. Neutra fresh, RNV3610GCHB with glass door, RNV3310ECH silver color. Retro lovers choose RN173NR (red) and RN-174NB (blue).

Wide side-by-side refrigerators

The designs resemble swing cabinets: they are also wide, and the doors open in different directions. The total volume can reach 800 liters. Side-by-side is the optimal solution for a large family where many products are often prepared and stored.

Roomy side-by-side refrigerator
You can forget about frequent defrosting. The manufacturer uses Perfect No Frost defrosting technology. Energy Consumption - Minimum (Class A +)

The advantages include the following characteristics:

  1. Forced circulation. Thanks to the fans, the chambers cool evenly and quickly, and frost does not freeze on the walls.
  2. Door opening variability. Traditionally, models are revealed in different directions. This is not always convenient, so the manufacturer has provided the opportunity outweighing doors. Both can open to the left or right.
  3. Limiters. So that the refrigerator doors do not damage the furniture standing next to them, they are equipped with special locks that adjust the opening angle.
  4. Leakage protection. The manufacturer installs shelves made of high-strength glass. So that spilled liquids do not cause inconvenience, a protection system is provided.
  5. Turbo cooling. Models equipped with this option reduce the temperature of products 1.3 times faster than others.

The obvious drawback is the large size. Side-by-side is not for small size, you need a kitchen area of ​​at least 7 m2.

Another caveat: users complain about the noisy operation of the units, and their claims are substantiated. External fans really make sounds. They are not particularly loud, but at night they can attract attention.

FRN-X22B5CW Model with Outdoor Display
662 L - enough to store food and cooked foods. This unit is ideal for a large family. Feature of the FRN-X22B5CW model is a special compartment for quick cooling of cans

When installing side-by-side, problems can occur if the kitchen has underfloor heating installed. The zone where the device will be located will have to be qualitatively insulated - the heat exchanger of the units is located below and should not be heated.

Popular Daewoo brand models are FRN-X22B5CSI, FRN-X22F5CW, FRN-X22H5CW, FRN-X22H4CSI, FRN-X22B4CW, FRN-X22B5CW.

French door with capacious cameras

Models of this type began to be in demand after 2005. In appearance they resemble ice cabinets that were once popular in France. Hence the unusual name.

The design is close to side-by-side.However, there is a fundamental difference: the freezer compartment is located not vertically, but from below.

Device model french door
The useful volume of the french door compartments is greater than that of standard two-chamber devices. However, they are inferior in capacity side-by-side of the same size

Daewoo unveils a 765 liter super-accommodating RF64EDG model with a large retractable freezer.

The device is extremely economical thanks to the rational technology energy consumption Digital smart control and LED lighting. It is equipped with water and air purification systems. There is a dispenser. A large number of bottles can be stored in the doors.

TOP 8 best Daewoo refrigerators

There are many models, and if you believe the technical documentation, then they are all perfect. But there is also the opinion of users who note the merits, point out the shortcomings. Introducing 8 Daewoo Refrigerators Buyers Vote For.

Model # 8 - Daewoo FR-052AIXR

Single chamber mobile baby 59 l and weighing 16 kg. Energy class A +. No low temperature compartment. Available in silver color. Option for a summer residence.

For control, the miniature refrigeration unit is equipped with an electromechanical device that is simple to use and has been tested in practice for decades.

The width of a small-sized unit is only 44 cm, a depth of 45.5 cm. The height of the housing made of metal and plastic is 51.1 cm. Requires manual defrost.

Model # 7 - Daewoo FR-051AR

Model without a freezerInstead, in the upper zone, a small compartment is arranged with a temperature slightly lower than that of the main space. By dimensions and characteristics, the unit is close to FR-052AIXR. White colour.

It is controlled by an electromechanical system, the positive properties of which include the simplicity and rarity of failures. The equipment is intended for small families, lovers of summer residence, offices of small enterprises.

Model # 6 - Daewoo FRN-X22H4CSI

Side-by-side assembly made in silver color. The total volume of the two-chamber model is 608 liters, of which 228 liters fall on the freezer. The height of the case is 177 cm, the depth is 73.5 cm, the width is 90.6 cm. The model weighs 109 kg.

The cooling of both the freezing and refrigerating compartments is carried out according to the system No frost. This means that both chambers do not need defrosting, because thanks to the air flows created by the fan, frost does not form in them.

The refrigerator is equipped intelligent management, to monitor performance on the front surface there is a display. A loose fit of the door, a power outage and an excess of the temperature limit are accompanied by sound signal.

The refrigerator was made in silver, and metal, plastic, and impact-resistant glass were used in the manufacture. According to energy efficiency, it is assigned a category A +. A good choice for a large family.

Model # 5 - Daewoo FGK-56 WFG

Elegant white refrigerator with freezer and refrigerator separated from each other. The width of the case is 85.8 cm, the depth is 78.4 cm, and the height is 177.3 cm. The unit is able to accommodate 557 liters, 160 liters per freezer. A refrigerator with such an impressive size weighs only 91.4 kg.

The model is equipped with electronic type control. There is a display that allows you to monitor the operating temperature parameters. The refrigerator will remind you of a loose cover for the door with a sound signal. The cooling of the refrigerator and freezer is carried out according to the system No frost.

The unit is equipped with an inverter type of compressor. In terms of energy conservation, equipment is assigned a class A +. The case is made of metal and plastic, shelves made of impact-resistant glass are installed inside.

Model # 4 - Daewoo FRN-X22B4CW

Volumetric two-chamber side-by-side model with lateral arrangement of the freezer compartment. Dimensional data on the width / depth / height of 97.7 × 76.7 × 187 are given in cm. The usable total volume is 620 liters, of which 240 liters are allocated to the freezer. The weight of powerful equipment is 98 kg.

The model is controlled by an electronic device, a display is mounted on the front panel. The cameras are cooled by system No frost, do not need defrosting. In the freezer can be made super freezing. The unit will receive a class A + energy saving.

Users focus on spaciousness, low noise and extremely comfortable shockproof glass shelves.

Model # 3 - Daewoo FRN-X22B5CSI

Side-by-side two-chamber model equipped with side freezer compartment. Dimensions are indicated in cm, their ratio is 90.6 × 73.5 × 177 in width / depth / height. Slightly inferior to the previous model in size, this refrigerator is ahead of it in capacity of 622 liters, of which 242 liters are occupied by the freezer.

The unit has a full range of technological advantages. Cooled by circuit No frost electronically controlled, there is a display mounted in the door.

Energy class A +. In the manufacture of plastic, metal and heavy-duty grades of glass were used. Color - nice silver.

Model # 2 - Daewoo FRN-X22B5CW

The two-chamber model of classic white color belongs to the category side-by-side. The freezer compartment is located on the side. Dimensions and capacity data are no different from the above unit.

Identical electronic control, on the door is an integrated display. Cooling is carried out using a fan, i.e. Defrosting is not necessary. Energy class A +, LED lighting.

Model # 1 - Daewoo FRN-X22F5CW

Side-by-side classic white color. In 2017, the design was updated, which was carried out without changing the technical characteristics. The size does not differ from the previous two refrigerators, but loses them in the useful internal space. It is only 608 liters, with a freezer volume of 228 liters.

The model is equipped with all kinds of technical achievements in the field of refrigeration equipment production. Both cameras are cooled by the system No frost, control is carried out by an electronic system, there is a display and a very convenient device - ice maker. Whenever possible, energy saving is classified as class A.

All refrigerators are equipped with perfectly functioning systems. defrosting. The manufacturer took care of ease of use, antibacterial protection.

Model with water and ice dispenser
Pure ice water is priceless on a hot day. A refrigerator with a dispenser is expensive, but the costs pay off, because the owner does not have to specifically put bottles in the freezer

Among other advantages, users noted that the doors and drawers of all models freely open and tightly close.

Tips for choosing the right model

To choose a technique, you need to clearly understand for what purposes it will be used. First of all, they are determined with the quantity and types of products that are planned to be stored.

FRS-T20 FAM with dispenser and ice maker
One of the most beautiful models with black glass doors. Volume - 513 liters. Electronic control is provided, there is a water dispenser, antibacterial coating and other useful options

You should focus on such criteria:

  1. Volume and dimensions. You need to soberly assess your needs and determine in advance the space that will be allocated for the device.
  2. Freezer Location. Some housewives out of habit take models with upper compartments, but the lower ones become more popular. Most people find it more convenient to distribute products in drawers than on shelves.
  3. Energy class. Almost all Daewoo products are super-economical, but it's still worth a look at the data sheet and description of the refrigerator you like.
  4. Useful Options. Super-freeze function, touch display, ice box, dispenser, bacteria air purification system - all this can make life easier.

A family where they do not eat meat, semi-finished products and frozen vegetables will use a single-chamber model without NTO.

And for those who like to cook and buy food for a week in advance, they need a bigger, more powerful device and always with a volumetric freezer.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The refrigerator is chosen for many years. In order not to make a mistake and find the right one, use the information provided by customers.

Video presentation of Deawoo refrigeration units side-by-side varieties with a detailed listing of features and attractive sides:

Some useful tips:

In any case, Daewoo refrigeration equipment is a good choice, although you should always play it safe and compare the price, characteristics of the model you like with analogues of other manufacturers.

When buying, ask the seller questions, find out the flaws of the devices, carefully study the technical documentation. This will save you from errors, and you will have the model that works best.

Have experience using a Daewoo refrigerator? Tell readers about the features of the operation and maintenance of such units, share the general impression of the operation of Korean equipment. Leave comments, ask questions, add product reviews and tips for buyers - the contact form is located below.

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