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Functionality, reliability, visual appeal and impeccable build quality - these are the positions that distinguish the Bosch refrigerator from the wide range of domestic cooling equipment on the market.

True, the price sometimes makes the buyer annoyingly bite his lip. But those who have already acquired an aggregate of a German company do not regret it a bit and say that the costs are justified by 100%. What is remarkable about the Bosch technique, what are the design and functional features of the refrigerators of this brand?

You will find answers to these questions in our article. In addition, we prepared a list of the best models, told what users think about the technology, and also gave practical recommendations on choosing a suitable refrigerator. The above information will help you decide on the feasibility of buying an aggregate from Bosch.

Bosch Manufacturing Standards

Since its inception, Bosch has adhered to the highest standards of production. All factories of the brand, including the St. Petersburg branch, passed the certification procedure and received a document of compliance with standards from a reputable and respected in Europe Union of German electrical engineers.

Freon, which depletes the ozone layer and negatively affects the environment, is not used as a coolant at Bosch facilities.

Virtually no models use FKW substances, which provoke the appearance of a greenhouse effect.

Company logo at the entrance to headquarters
The headquarters of the concern is located in German Gerlingen. Upon entering the territory, a recognizable logo is depicted in the world - a schematic engine enclosed in a circle. For more than 100 years, this picture has symbolized the quality and reliability of Bosch products.

As a working fluid circulating in the cooling circuits, take the refrigerant R600.It belongs to environmentally friendly elements, decomposes almost instantly in the air and almost does not burn.

VDE markings on Bosch refrigerators
All refrigerators of the company are marked with a VDE symbol, which means that the products are fully compliant with European directives according to standards adopted for electrical equipment

Robert Bosch once said that he would rather lose all his money than lose the trust of partners and customers. It was this postulate that became the main foundation on which all the achievements of the concern were built.

Bosch has always produced only high-quality, technologically functional products that meet the requirements of the time and the wishes of customers.

Each person purchasing a unit from a German brand received a progressive, reliable and attractive device that copes with its duties perfectly.

Bosch color refrigerators
Aesthetics, sophisticated design and elegance distinguish Bosch refrigeration equipment among similar products of competing brands

Distinctive features of units

When creating products, the concern primarily pays attention to such parameters as energy efficiency, innovative progressiveness, impeccable quality of casting and assembly, operational comfort, visual appeal and environmental safety.

Bosch Chiller Reliability
Effective design is not the main quality characteristic of the refrigerator. Its main task is to preserve products and semi-finished products with high quality, which Bosch units cope with “perfectly”. In addition, they serve flawlessly beyond the years promised by the manufacturer.

Refrigerators are manufactured in Germany, Russia, Greece, Turkey and Korea. All plants are equipped with modern automatic equipment, and the process is controlled by German engineers. This makes it possible to ensure equally high quality products regardless of the manufacturer.

Energy Efficiency Classes

Statistics show that a conventional household refrigerator consumes approximately 25% of all electricity used in the household. That is why the efficiency of this device is of key importance.

Bosch refrigerator in the interior
Many two-chamber cameras equipped with the No Frost system are included in the line of economical A ++ models. It is possible to reduce energy consumption due to being equipped with one working compressor, and not two

Bosch pays great attention to this issue and mainly manufactures devices with energy class “A” and “A +”.

Some more advanced refrigerators are marked with the abbreviation "A ++". That means they electricians consume 20% less than A-class units.

Energy efficiency class of the chiller
A number of refrigerators proposed by the concern include models marked by the energy efficiency criteria with A, A + and A ++ signs. This is an indicator of the lowest energy consumption when generating 1 kW / h (+)

Design features of the equipment

All Bosch products have optimal wall thicknesses and improved thermal insulation. This allows you to more efficiently use the internal space and save energy.

Most models come with two doors. The only exceptions are single-chamber freestanding or built-in units without a freezer. They are equipped with one tightly closing door, available for hanging on both the right and left sides.

Three-door Bosch refrigerator
In addition to the standard single- and two-chamber variants, the Bosch range of refrigerators presented to the consumer has three-door units with a sliding compartment, as well as side-by-side models

An excellent option for lovers of chilling is boxing, which allows you to get crystal clear water at a low temperature or a portion of ice cubes for a cocktail without opening the door of the chiller.

Model of refrigerator with ice maker
Bosch two- and three-door chillers equipped with ice machines are premium products, but they work many times better than the mid-price South Korean competitors from LG, Daewoo, Samsung

The nuances of arranging a freezer

The freezer in single-chamber refrigerators of the Bosch brand is located on top, in two-chamber models - below, and in products of the type Side by side - From the left side.

Bosch Low Frost System
Despite the presence of the Low Frost system, you still have to manually defrost the freezer sometimes, but not to get rid of hoarfrost and frost, but only for the usual hygienic cleaning

The concern has proposed units with three different cooling systems, the specificity of which determines the operating rules and the features of defrosting.

Available options:

  • Low frost Refrigerators of this category are equipped with specific evaporators, minimizing the difference in temperature backgrounds in adjacent chambers. You do not need to defrost them. In addition, an optimal humidity level is maintained inside the compartments, which improves the quality indicators of the refrigerated products.
  • NoFrost The equipment is equipped with fans, creating a uniformly circulating air flow. Due to the uniform movement of the air mass within the chamber, moisture does not accumulate. Such refrigeration units do not need defrosting.
  • Direct cool. The so-called drip option. Due to the use of “weeping” evaporators in the design, such chillers require periodic maintenance - perform defrosting the refrigerator should be at least once every six months.

According to the technological requirements of the Low Frost system, the evaporator is mounted over the entire freezer area behind the inner walls.

The products are cooled more evenly, natural humidity is preserved and the “fur coat” inside the chamber does not increase.

No Frost Refrigerator
The No Frost refrigerator does not need regular manual defrosting. This process happens automatically. However, energy consumption with this feature is slightly higher, which customers should definitely remember.

The NoFrost option guarantees non-freezing of the walls in the chambers, timely thawing in automatic mode and complete cooling of the products. This is due to the forced circulation of air flows, which disperses inside a special fan.

Upon reaching the evaporator, cold air partially loses its moisture. Turning into condensate, it settles on the walls in the form of hoarfrost.

The heating element of the evaporator is activated, causing the frost to melt and drain into the pan, from where evaporation occurs. Ice and snow "coat" are not formed, and the products are stored longer and do not lose their natural qualities.

Innovative cooling system
Due to the use of innovative cooling and ventilation systems of the internal space, frost and snow outgrowths are not formed in the refrigerators, and the shelf life of the products placed in the equipment significantly increases

The specifics of the interior

For a better and longer-term storage of products, Bosch applies special antibacterial coatingcontaining silver ions.

This innovation prevents harmful bacteria, fungi and other irritants from settling inside the refrigerated compartments, prevents microorganisms from spreading and reduces the possibility of formation bad smell.

Coating has an advanced formula. It destroys the outer shell of the bacterial cell, blocks vital activity and prevents possible reproduction at the DNA level. Food and dishes remain fresh for a long period of time and do not lose their external qualities and taste characteristics.

Bottle shelf in Bosch refrigerator
The bottle shelf is made of anodized metal, does not rust and does not bend even when storing liquids in a glass container

Containers and boxes are made of environmentally friendly plastic, retain transparency for a long time, and are resistant to mechanical damage.

Removable shelves make it possible to optimize the internal space for yourself and evenly distribute the load throughout the camera, taking into account personal needs.

Super Cool Mode allows you to quickly reduce the temperature in the cooling chamber to about 2 ° C. It is activated by pressing one key. It is relevant for processing a large number of fresh products. 6 hours after switching on, the return to normal temperature occurs automatically.

Super Freeze Option helps to freeze a large number of products in the shortest possible time, while not allowing a rise in temperature in the freezer compartment. It is advisable to enable this feature 24 hours before loading a large batch of fish, meat and other things.

The interior of the Bosch refrigerator
The internal space of the refrigerating and freezing chambers of the Bosch units is clearly organized, the location with the most favorable area for their storage is thought out for all products

Turbo cooling is provided by an internal fan. It starts to work simultaneously with the compressor connection, promotes intensive heat transfer and makes air circulate throughout the refrigeration space.

As a result, the cooling process is accelerated, the temperature is distributed more evenly, the load on the compressor is noticeably reduced and energy is saved.

Food in the Bosch Fridge
Bosch units provide for the possibility of individual independent adjustment of temperature and humidity. This allows you to choose the most comfortable storage conditions for different types of products.

Availability Vacation Positions allows the installation of a working temperature of +15 ° C for a certain time in the refrigerator, reducing to a minimum in this way the level of energy consumption for the period when the owners go on vacation or a business trip and do not use the unit in full mode.

Zone Vitafresh provides for the possibility of storage at 50% humidity of meat and sausages, dairy products, cheese, fish and seafood. For herbs, salads, vegetables and fruits, there is a compartment with 95% humidity. Under such conditions, the contents of the refrigerator remain fresh, nutritious and juicy three times longer.

Products in the VitaFresh zone
When in the VitaFresh zone, fish, meat, vegetables, fruits and other products do not lose their vitamins, retain their natural shape and color for a long time

The presence of the VitaFresh compartment allows you to purchase products less often and in large quantities, while saving money and time going to the store.

Management and sound signals

The refrigeration equipment of the German concern Bosch provides four control options:

  • mechanical;
  • electromechanical;
  • electronic;
  • sensory.

By means of plastic turn signals, buttons and sensors, you can set the desired temperature and control other parameters.

Bosch refrigerator control panel
Depending on the model and its cost, Bosch refrigerators are equipped with push-button or touch control panels located above the door or directly mounted on the door

The digital or electronic panel displays the operating parameters and errors that occur in the work.

Products from the last lines are equipped with an audible alarm, which turns on when the door is open for a long time or is not tightly closed.

Browse Popular Models

It is wiser to get acquainted with the technical features of refrigeration equipment from the Bosch concern using examples of popular models, the quality indicators and reliability of which have been tested by consumers in practice.

Model # 1 - Bosch KSV36VL21R

Single chamber unit without freezer. It is controlled by an electronic system, it is defrosted automatically by drip.

Among the additional features supercooling and temperature indicationshowing cooling temperature.

The main advantage of this refrigerator is its small width with a large capacity of 346 liters. This refrigerator with dimensions of 60x65x180 cm can be placed even in a small kitchen or studio apartment.

Model # 2 - Bosch KGE49AI31

Double chamber unitin high demand. Despite the availability of a roomy freezer, it consumes only 255 kW / h per year.

Defrosting both the freezer compartment and the refrigerator compartment is done manually, because the cooling is done through a drip system.

KGE49AI31 is able to freeze up to 15 kg of products per day. Autonomously keeps cold up to 44 hours. Ideal for regions where electrics are intermittently supplied.

Model # 3 - Bosch KGN39NL14R

Model differs in compact parameters (60x65x200 cm) and easily fits into a narrow niche. The freezer section is located below and in standalone mode maintains the level of quality freezing up to 15 hours. Annual energy consumption does not exceed 383 kWh / year.

This model has a system No frost, light and sound indication, notifying the user of a change in temperature and an open door.

Model # 4 - Bosch KAD90VB20

Premium Technology, which meets the highest level of requirements for quality freezing and cooling. Freezer and cooling compartments are located vertically on the sides - system Side by side.

The dimensions of the refrigerator are 91x72x177 cm, the total volume is 533 liters, where 163 liters are allocated for the freezer and 370 liters for the refrigerator.

Water and ice carried out on an external panel and does not require opening the door. Outside is a digital information display.

The internal shelves of this refrigerator are made of high-strength tempered glass and equipped with stupas to prevent food from slipping. The doors are equipped with elegant but practical vertical handles of elongated shape. Among the additional features there are supercooling, super freezing, temperature indication.

Customer reviews and impressions

The bulk of reviews about Bosch refrigeration units is divided into frankly enthusiastic and restrained-positive.

Customers note the following advantages of materials and components:

  • high and almost flawless build quality;
  • excellent casting of plastic parts without burrs, flaws and bumps;
  • excellent external coating, non-marking, which greatly facilitates refrigerator washing.

A very pleasant experience is the spaciousness of the unit and the ability to optimize the internal space, rearranging shelves, containers and a bottle section for personal needs.

The refrigerator easily withstands the test of the holidays, when it is required to maintain a high quality record high number of different foods and dishes.

Bosch fridge with groceries
Some users emphasize that in the refrigerator, Bosch becomes much darker when the top shelf is entirely full of food. It is unlikely that this should be called a serious minus, rather, a flaw with which it is quite possible to reconcile for the sake of the remaining advantages

Owners of two-chamber devices note that individual compressors provide independent operation of the freezing and refrigerating compartments.

Despite their high power, the sound effect of functioning in active mode does not create problems even in a small-sized city apartment, and in a large house or a modern cottage it remains almost invisible.

Bosch fridge with overhead handles
The overhead handles on Bosch refrigerators seem fragile only at first glance. They are very securely attached to the doors and quietly withstand intense loads throughout the life of the unit.

The freezer is located in the lower part and is equipped with three boxes of eco-friendly plastic of high strength. The first one is medium in size and good in capacity.

The dimensions of the second box are much larger in height, and the third is the smallest, but almost completely pushed forward.

The door opens comfortably 180 degrees. This allows you to comfortably use the drawers and easily get the necessary products from there. The legs in all models are adjustable in height. Thanks to this option, setting the unit as convenient as possible is not difficult.

Doors are outweighed both on the right and left sides, depending on how convenient a particular customer is.Detailed instructions for moving the refrigerator door are given in this article.

Boxing for fruits and vegetables
Boxing for fruits and vegetables is made of durable plastic. Additionally equipped with telescopic runners, thanks to which it can be easily extended and retracted even when fully loaded

Another indisputable plus, noted by customers, is a 2-year warranty on any Bosch brand refrigerator. If during this period during operation a manufacturing defect of any level is detected, the equipment will be changed to a new one or repaired at a service center for free.

The network of branded repair offices is extensive. Branches are scattered around the world. In Russia, they can be found in large and medium-sized cities of all federal districts. But, according to customer reviews, breakdowns are extremely rare and refrigerators, subject to operating rules, have reliably served for at least 10 years.

Useful tips for choosing

Bosch technology is reliable and durable. By purchasing a refrigerator of this company, you can be sure that it will work out its quality period and will fully ensure the safety of products and prepared dishes.

Bosch color refrigerators
The model range includes units that are very different in size, function and appearance, among which there are simple budget devices, spacious mid-range products and luxury units with an expanded set of useful options and touch controls

When choosing, you need to clearly determine how much stock you plan to store, what options are absolutely necessary, and what you can safely sacrifice to save money.

If you do not hold regular parties and rarely use an ice container, you should not overpay for it.

Pouring water into an ice machine
It is recommended that only filtered water be poured into the ice maker. Only then will the ice turn out to be very transparent and will not have extraneous tastes, impurities or smells

If you are ready to manually defrost the device once every six months, then it makes sense to opt for Low Frost and not spend money on a more expensive model equipped with the No Frost option.

For residents of small-sized apartments, where free space is valued at the weight of gold, it is advisable to stay on a small unit that is built into the kitchen.

When you want to get not only functional, but also a luxury image device, then you should purchase a module Side by sideequipped with a touch screen and a drinking water device located on the external panel.

Such a unit will fit into the elegant design of the kitchen or dining room and will make the right impression on friends who come to visit or to a party.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

How to choose and purchase a Bosch refrigeration unit. Practical tips on what you should definitely pay attention to:

Buying a refrigerator from the Bosch Group is a smart solution for customers who want to combine reliability, roominess and durability with extensive functionality, operational comfort and visual appeal..

Of course, you have to pay a little more than for other brands. But German quality is worth it to spend money and get a progressive and beautiful unit.

What refrigerator did you choose for your home? Please tell us why you gave preference to a particular model, whether you are satisfied with the work of the acquired equipment. Add reviews, comments and ask questions - the contact form is below.

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