Ariston refrigerators: reviews, an overview of the top 10 models + selection tips

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The practical Ariston refrigerator meets all the requirements for cooling equipment today. The assortment line includes budget units, roomy middle-class models and “sophisticated” premium models with touch controls.

The company provides a guarantee on products, provides customers with support through call-centers and quality service in service departments.

Features of refrigerators from Ariston

In 2007, a single Hotpoint-Ariston trademark was formed from the Ariston and Hotpoint brands, combining the powerful potential of British production with Italian traditions. Under the joint name, medium and high price level equipment is being produced now.

The brand owns factories in the Lipetsk region, annually producing about 3 million units of household appliances. Ariston refrigeration equipment is characterized by ergonomic design, spaciousness, good build quality, durability and attractive appearance.

Among the available modules are:

  • units without a freezer;
  • single-chamber and two-chamber freestanding and built-in products;
  • appliances with French swing doors Side by side;
  • unusual multi-door refrigerators (4 asymmetric doors with handles).

The internal space of the cooling and freezing chambers is well organized and allows you to conveniently place and reliably store a large number of products.

Unit Control Types

Ariston has three types of controls. The mechanical version is represented by ergonomic temperature control levers. The digital display has several operation buttons and displays some parameters of the unit.

Control panel with buttons
The electronic display has a bright indication. It can be set not only the temperature level in the refrigerator compartment and freezer, but also the current exact time

The latest progressive models are equipped with a touch screen.It is convenient to set the required cooling temperature, adjust any operating parameters and receive messages about errors.

Indication and sound signals

Budget models are equipped with only a minimum basic indication. More advanced units of the middle and luxury segments are equipped with the latest technology. The green lamp lights up when connected to the central power supply and pressing the “on off».

A red light indicates that the overall temperature in the cooling chamber is too high for high-quality food storage. With the help of a regulator having a range from 1 to 4, you can automatically adjust the desired temperature in the chamber, deliberately cooling the air very much.

Ariston refrigerator control display
If the refrigerator door does not close tightly, the letter “b” will light up on the screen and a loud beep will sound. With this notification method, the products will always be in excellent condition and will not deteriorate due to the fact that someone inattentively forgot to slam the door well

In addition, premium models provide sound notifications to the user about technical errors that occur during operation.

Features of external design

Restrained severity and clarity of lines distinguish Ariston devices from other similar products. Basically, the models have a classic appearance and harmoniously fit into various interior solutions.

The basic palette consists of such colors as:

  • silver;
  • white;
  • stainless steel;
  • silver black;
  • brilliant black.

Concern does not use specific shades, motivating it with the desire to offer customers only elegant, versatile models that can easily be combined with any style design of the room.

Ariston brand refrigerator
Discreet color options, implemented in the latest models of the brand, allow refrigeration to fit into any interior without any problems. And when you need something special, you can pay attention to the built-in unit

Climatic differences between models

The manufacturer recommends operating its household appliances in the temperature range from +16 ° C to +38 ° C. The room where the unit is located must be warmed up. For installation in homes without heating, appliances are not suitable.

Ariston fridge in the kitchen
The refrigerator, purchased taking into account climatic conditions, will work longer, reliably preserve meat, fish, vegetables and fruits and will not cause any trouble to the owners

The list of basic climate classes is divided into 4 main types:

  1. N - A universal option for the temperate climate zone. It runs smoothly at + 16 ... + 32 ° C. In summer, at a high level of heat, it needs air conditioning, and in winter it needs heating.
  2. SN - a more hardy type of equipment, resistant to lowering the temperature below comfortable. Feels good at temperatures from +10 ° C to +32 ° C. Suitable for use in difficult conditions and poorly heated places, such as basements, pantries, corridors, etc.
  3. ST - A good offer for regions where the weather is quite hot in summer. Units with the ST marking can withstand temperatures up to +38 ° C and work correctly even if the heat is held for a long time.
  4. T - The right choice for areas with extremely high summer temperatures. Devices of this class are somewhat more expensive, but the costs will certainly pay off with long-term, full-fledged and reliable operation even at +43 ° C.

You must pay attention to these parameters when buying. Then in the future you will not have to worry and think that the unit will not withstand the load, lose some of its working qualities or simply burn out without fulfilling the period declared by the manufacturer.

Some models take into account more subtle climatic gradations, for example, a combination of ST and T, ST-SN, etc. This allows the client to find for themselves a practically perfect unit, 100% suitable for the weather conditions of the area of ​​residence.

Brand Developments and Functionality

The Ariston Research Center constantly studies the market and conducts marketing research aimed at improving product quality. The company's specialists listen to the wishes of customers and try to improve the technique, making it more modern, convenient and beautiful.

The introduction of innovative technologies and progressive developments expands the available functionality and significantly increases the level of operational comfort.

SuperFreeze + Function halves the freezing time of any products. In just 4.5 hours, the temperature drops from + 70 ° C to - 18 ° C.

Thanks to this innovative technology, the microscopic ice crystals formed in the fibers during the freezing process are very small, do not destroy the structure and do not adversely affect the nutritional properties of the products.

The internal structure of the refrigerator Ariston
In the latest lines of Ariston refrigerators, the inner walls have a special antibacterial coating, eliminating the formation of bacteria, mold and unpleasant odors. This innovation significantly increases the hygiene of food storage conditions.

Original ColdShower development embedded in modules with freezers. It evenly distributes cold airflows without directly affecting products. This processing method provides the highest quality storage conditions and prevents food from deteriorating or losing some of its beneficial properties.

Unique Active Oxygen option allows for a long period to keep products in pristine fresh condition.

Ozone molecules are produced in the refrigerator compartment. They purify the air qualitatively, reduce the possibility of unpleasant odors by 70% and slow down the spread of bacteria by 90%, without affecting the quality properties of the products.

Progressive No Frost system it works on the principle of an air shower, removes excess moisture from the freezer compartment and independently ensures that a snow coat is not formed on the walls and surface.

The owner no longer needs to defrost the refrigerator. Condensation is removed by evaporation in an automatic mode and remains almost invisible to the eye. There is no condensation inside - the snowy “fur coat” does not grow.

Air Tech Evolution Technology
The latest Air Tech Evolution technology enhances the basic qualities of the No Frost system, even more effectively prevents the formation of frost and ice in the freezer and refrigerator compartments, improves air circulation and ensures a stable temperature

Due to the units located in the latest models multiflow columns air flows are distributed evenly across all compartments and help to increase the shelf life of both chilled and frozen products.

In some units implemented Ozonizer option. It saturates the air inside the refrigerator with oxygen ions, prevents odors from appearing and spreading, ensures the long-term preservation of food supplies and helps to prolong their freshness.

Differences in energy consumption

By the amount of electric energy consumed, the units are divided into five main classes. Labeled Models A +++ are more expensive and “eat” per year, according to the manufacturer, 181 kW.

Devices marked with the letter B, are more gluttonous and for the same period use 475 kW. How fundamental this difference is and whether it costs the cost of a solid additional amount of money, buyers decide for themselves.

Energy classes and power consumption
Sales consultants in company stores usually insistently advise customers to purchase models of exactly the A +++ class. However, users who already have experience with Ariston refrigerators claim that savings are only visible when buying a large, multi-displacement and very powerful unit

In budget products and middle-class devices, energy saving is not so noticeable and primary costs pay off only under the condition of a very long operation.

What to look at when buying?

When considering the purchase of Ariston refrigeration equipment, you should consider the future location of the unit. If he is allocated a place in a living room heated in winter and well ventilated in summer, you can buy almost any model to your liking.

When it is planned to operate the device in more difficult conditions, it is worthwhile to carefully study the climatic purpose of the product and make a choice based on this information.

Residents of regions with poor-quality power supply (regular shutdowns, drops, etc.) should pay attention to models that can maintain the desired temperature level for as long as possible after turning off the centralized power supply.

Ariston refrigerator in the interior
Some modules are able to autonomously cool the contents of the cameras for 13 hours. For more expensive models, this figure is 17-18 hours

The size of freezers for different types of refrigerators varies from 100 to 350 liters. A family of 2-3 people is enough for a 150-liter freezer. For 4-6 people you will need a more voluminous version that can accommodate a significant amount of products.

According to the energy consumption class, it makes sense to choose an A + class unit. It will initially have a reasonable cost, and during operation it uses about 250-285 kW per year. A device with an A +++ icon will have to be overpayed solidly, and the savings will become noticeable very soon.

TOP 10 best brand refrigerators

Under the Ariston brand, the widest assortment line of household appliances for the home is produced. The brand offers the consumer low-cost models, functional devices of the middle class and luxury units crammed with innovative technologies.

We offer you to get acquainted with the best representatives of the refrigeration equipment of this manufacturer, based on their popularity among real buyers.

Model # 1 - Hotpoint-Ariston HF 4200 W

Hotpoint-Ariston HF 4200 W is a two-chamber representative of the Ariston brand. At the moment, he leads in the number of sales among other models of this manufacturer.

Such popularity is due to the excellent ratio of technical parameters and cost. The refrigerator is equipped with Full No Frost technology - you will not have to manually defrost either of the two chambers. And all this will cost 25 thousand rubles.

For his money, he has an impressive volume of 324 liters, 75 of which are in the freezer. At the same time, the internal space is thought out to the smallest detail - each shelf, drawer or compartment allows you to accommodate a maximum of products.

The dimensions of the unit are 60x64x200 cm, where it is WxDxH, respectively. This spaciousness is ensured by optimal indicators of width and depth. And the two-meter width plays an important role.

Therefore, there will be no problems with placing all kinds of stocks for a family of 3-5 people. Moreover, if you wish, you can prepare for the winter berries or fruits collected in the country in the summer, using the freezer. It is located below.

Of the advantages of the Hotpoint-Ariston HF4200W refrigerator, users indicate the convenience of using sliding glass shelves and spacious drawers. They also like the economical class A energy efficiency, the full Know Frost and the spacious interior.

Of the shortcomings, it should be noted a small freezing power (up to 2.5 kg per day), the lack of a display and the special design of the handles. Although the last drawback is only at first glance - during operation, the owners note the advantages of such pens.

Model # 2 - Hotpoint-Ariston HF 4180 W

Another popular Ariston brand refrigerator is Hotpoint-Ariston HF4180W. It is two-chamber with a total volume of 298 liters, 223 of which are the refrigeration section. This is a stylish unit with modern features and technology. It is spacious and looks elegant.

The unit does not require manual defrosting - the refrigerating and freezing chambers are equipped with the No Frost system.It controls the temperature, activates the circulation of air, preventing the formation of ice on the walls.

Spaciousness, accessibility and ease of use are the main advantages of this refrigerator. He has an electromechanical control, energy-efficient (class A). When working, it creates noise no more than 43 dB.

Among the shortcomings, users point to extremely narrow drawers on the door, in which not every bottle can be placed. Also some owners height in 184 cm seems a little small.

Model # 3 - Hotpoint-Ariston HF 5180 S

Hotpoint-Ariston HF 5180 S is one of the popular and purchased models. Which is not surprising with such technical specifications. So, its total volume is 302 liters, where 227 liters fall on the refrigerator, and 75 liters on the freezer.

The height of the unit is 184 cm, and the width and height are 60 and 64 cm, respectively. Users note good roominess, convenient and reliable glass shelves, long cold preservation in case of sudden problems with power supply.

Also the advantages of this refrigerator include a display, antibacterial coating, economical consumption at the level of class A, convenient electronic control, light and sound indication, full No Frost.

As for the shortcomings, critical owners could not be found. Some indicate insufficient freezing power (up to 2.5 kg per day), but this is true for lovers of making preparations for the winter.

Model # 4 - Hotpoint-Ariston HFP 5200 W

Hotpoint-Ariston HFP 5200 W is a two-meter refrigerator for 2 cameras, which received the title of “customer choice”. It is equipped with a display, sound indication, notifying the user of a decrease in temperature, has an antibacterial coating.

The usable volume of the two chambers is impressive for both its price and amounts to 324 liters, of which only 75 liters are in the freezer. Such dimensions allow you to easily place the maximum volumes of products for a large family.

A high growth in a company with an optimal width and height (60 and 64 cm, respectively) provides space savings even in the smallest kitchen.

Of the advantages of this refrigerator, it is worth noting the saving of resources, which is manifested in the energy consumption of class A, the electronic type of control, the absence of the need to engage in defrosting - both cameras are equipped with No Frost system.

Also, users like the presence of super-freezing, the ability to hang the door to the other side, roomy and strong glass shelves. Among the shortcomings, some owners call the lack of different color solutions, because this refrigerator is only in white.

I still do not like the tangible noise of the working unit, although the last point is debatable - the manufacturer claims only 40 dB.

Model # 5 - Hotpoint-Ariston HF 9201 W RO

One of the most popular models. The HF 9201 unit is on sale in white and black color. The classic snow-white version is considered universal - it looks good in the kitchen of different stylistic orientations.

The two-chamber model has a complete Know Frost - the refrigeration and freezing chambers do not accumulate an ice coat, which the user would then have to manually dispose of.

Total capacity is an impressive 322 liters. And only 75 of them are in the freezer. At the same time, the unit will not take up much space due to two-meter growth.

Sufficient indicators of width and depth, corresponding to 60 and 69 cm, allow you to put a 7-liter pan and a 3-liter jar with pickled tomatoes / cucumbers. Solid glass shelves are able to support their weight.

In addition to spaciousness, the refrigerator has an excellent freezer capacity that can cope with the freezing of 9 kg of meat / strawberries or other products per day.

Another plus of this model is the economical energy consumption corresponding to class A +. Of the additional features, owners like the presence of superfrost and supercooling, light warning of a decrease in temperature.

The owners did not find any significant flaws, the only thing that bothers is the soiled white surface. However, after processing with a napkin, fingerprints disappear. Additional disadvantages include: high cost, lack of sound indication with the door open.

Model # 6 - Hotpoint-Ariston BTSZ 1632

Hotpoint-Ariston BTSZ 1632 is an economical 102-liter single-chamber refrigerator with A + energy efficiency.

This model is primarily of interest to buyers because of the ability to integrate into furniture. Yes, and a modest size of 58 × 54.5 × 81.5 cm, where it is WxDxH, respectively, can accommodate in a small room - in the country, in the office, in a tiny kitchen.

As for the cost, it is somewhat overpriced when compared with freestanding refrigerators. The design of the unit provides a small freezer with a volume of 19 liters. It is located at the top and holds small packages of dumplings, meatballs or boxes of ice cream.

Among the advantages of the model, in addition to economical energy consumption, it should be noted that the door can be outweighed and quiet operation corresponding to 40 dB. Among the disadvantages, the high price tag and the need to defrost manually are noteworthy - this refrigerator is equipped with a drip system.

Model # 7 - Hotpoint-Ariston SXBHAE 920

One of the novelties of the model range of Side by Side refrigerators is the SXBHAE 920 silver fridge with a side freezer of 171 liters, the volume of the refrigerator compartment is 339 liters.

This unit is a worthy representative of the premium segment with advanced features, which is why the price of the equipment is corresponding. The model implements electronic control, there is a display, an ice generator, LED-backlight.

Additional functionality: super-freeze function, protection against children, the “Vacation” mode, dynamic cooling and antibacterial coating. Cold storage time in case of power outages - 5 hours. SXBHAE 920 belongs to the group No Frost Refrigerators.

The energy consumption class is A, the dimensions of the device are 89.5x74.5x178 cm. Such a handsome man is suitable for a spacious kitchen, it is hardly possible to fit a refrigerator in a compact room.

The model appeared on the market recently, it is too early to draw conclusions about its performance - there are no reviews on the unit yet. However, it is already possible to single out good technical equipment and high cost of equipment.

Model # 8 - Hotpoint-Ariston BCB 70301 AA

The built-in full-size two-chamber refrigerator with a total volume of 275 liters, of which 195 liters fall on the refrigerator compartment and 80 liters on the freezer.

The unit belongs to the middle price segment, the power of freezing is 3.5 kg / day. At the same time, the device is able to hold cold for up to 19 hours. Defrosting the freezer is done manually, and the refrigerator compartment automatically.

Additional features: deodorizer, door re-suspension, antibacterial protection to prevent unpleasant odors in the refrigerator.

Reviews about the model are contradictory. Some customers are completely satisfied with the unit, note the ergonomics of the cameras, the variety of shelves and compartments, spaciousness and ease of installation.

On the part of dissatisfied users there are complaints about noisy work, small dimensions of a box for vegetables. In a single case, compressor failure, long-term warranty repair.

Model # 9 - Hotpoint-Ariston BDR 190 AAI

Hotpoint-Ariston BDR190AAI is an embedded model of a two-chamber refrigerator. Its uniqueness lies in the presence of drawers in the complete absence of a freezer.

Such a unique design is extremely rare in the domestic market, especially since this technique can be built into any kitchen furniture. If you want to even place it under the countertop - the dimensions of the unit (WxDxH) are 89.8 × 54.7 × 83.5 cm.

The total volume of two drawers is 190 liters, there is also an antibacterial coating. As for economy, the power consumption of this model corresponds to class A +.

From the advantages of the refrigerator its original design, economy and the ability to embed.
Owners indicate more cons - this is an overpriced while the build quality raises questions. I do not like the sliding mechanism of the drawers, reminiscent of the course of cheap furniture accessories.

And also missing in the kit is the front facade and handles, i.e. the refrigerator can only be used after installation. And the capacity of the boxes is not able to satisfy every user - a 3-liter jar does not fit.

Model # 10 - Hotpoint-Ariston HS 4200 X

In the last place of the ranking is the manufacturer's new Hotpoint-Ariston HS 4200 X. Whether this refrigerator deserves a higher place in the rating will show the time and activity of transactions concluded by customers.

This unit has an affordable price tag with good roominess - its total volume is 339 liters. At the bottom of the structure, a 87 liter freezer is provided.

Among the advantages of the model are compact dimensions (WxDxH) - 60x64x200 cm. Due to the high growth, the unit takes up less space in width. True undersized users will be problematic to reach the top shelf.

Electricity consumption corresponds to class A, it is possible to outweigh the doors, a notification of a change in temperature is provided.

Significant disadvantages: the need for periodic defrosts due to the presence of a drip system, a high price with modest capabilities. For that kind of money, you can buy an older model equipped with the No Frost system.

What does the people say about this technique?

Buyers speak well of Ariston refrigerators. They note the reliability of technology, spaciousness and endurance during active use. Particularly highlighted are the possibility of hanging doors, rearrangement of shelves for personal needs and moderate noise during operation.

Anti-bacterial interior shelves
The inner shelves of the chamber are made of tempered glass of high strength. The outer edge has a protective edge made of anodized metal. Due to this, the products are reliably located on the surface and do not slip even when the door is suddenly opened

Noise level in dual chamber models fluctuates between 40-43 dB. In single-chamber, this indicator does not exceed 35 dB. Some owners say this is normal. However, some owners argue that in a small city apartment, Ariston’s work is heard too much and sometimes interferes with normal rest and sleep.

The manufacturer in this case recommends installing the equipment on a stable foundation, strictly verified according to the construction level. Then the noise effect is noticeably reduced and becomes almost invisible.

Air ionizer fridge
Highly appreciated by customers of the model with an ionizer. Due to the presence of this element, unpleasant odors do not form in the refrigerator compartment, the aromas of the products do not mix, and the food remains fresh for a long time

Very praised by users option Total No Frost, self-regulating process of timely defrosting. In most models, it serves for a long time, clearly and without fail. However, over time, for the correct functioning of the system, it is necessary to clean the pipes through which the working coolant circulates.

This is a simple and inexpensive procedure. It can be easily done by service center employees if the unit is still under warranty. When the warranty period expires, you can contact the equipment repair workshop and the problem will be quickly resolved.

If Freon is also replaced in parallel, the freezing qualities of the unit will increase. But this moment is relevant only for refrigerators that have already worked at full strength for at least 5 years.

Sometimes Aristons made at the Lipetsk plant are accused of poor build quality, poor casting and oxides in the soldering zone of the cooling circuits, which provoke the rapid evaporation of freon from the freezer tube.

But these nuances are not of a mass nature and, rather, are considered a rare annoying exception to the rule.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Features of refrigeration equipment from the manufacturer Ariston are discussed in the following video:

A detailed review and analysis of the main points that you should pay attention to when choosing the optimal model of a refrigerator for the home:

By purchasing a refrigerator manufactured under the Ariston brand, the owner gets reliable, high-quality equipment that perfectly copes with the cooling and preservation of any products, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables.

A wide range of Ariston allows you to choose the best option for refrigeration equipment, combining operational comfort, the presence of the necessary functions, attractive appearance, the right color and the right price.

Please leave comments in the block below, post pictures on the topic of the article, ask questions. Tell us how you chose an Ariston brand refrigerator. Share which model you prefer and what arguments you are guided by when choosing.

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  1. Ariston bought himself with the noufrost function, for a long time he could not understand why the food dries there very quickly - it’s worth putting the sausage, for example, and literally in a couple of hours it all gets cramped and windy. As a result, they still prompted me that it’s such garbage from the function of noufrost, and in such refrigerators food should be stored closed, in containers.

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      Ivan, in fact, is not necessary to keep in containers, you can simply wrap food in cling film. But you are right that with NouFrost you can’t keep food open. But you have an even distribution of cold over the chamber, which is due to forced ventilation. Plus, the products cool faster, no need to defrost, nothing freezes. Useful feature.