How to choose a narrow refrigerator: tips for customers + 10 of the best models on the market

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Owners of far from all apartments boast a spacious kitchen. In old buildings, more than 6 meters of area are rarely allocated for kitchen facilities. The problem is relevant both in Russia and in many European countries: in small rooms it is not easy to fit even the most important household appliances.

You can solve the problem using custom sizes, for example, by putting a narrow refrigerator in the kitchen. We will talk about how to choose a refrigeration machine that can easily fit into a small space. In the article we presented, a rating of the best models is given, useful recommendations are given.

The main differences of compact technology

The width of standard refrigeration units is about 65 cm. Side-by-side Models with hinged doors and undersized, but rather deep Asian appliances, are even larger. It is unlikely that even one of these options will, without prejudice to the general space, pour into a cramped interior.

Another thing is “thin” refrigerators designed specifically for the needs of miniature rooms. Their width does not exceed 45-55 cm.

The difference between them and full-sized counterparts is significant, since often even 5 extra centimeters create inconvenience when installed where literally every millimeter matters. More modest sizes have not yet been implemented by any manufacturer.

The decrease in one parameter is mainly achieved by increasing the other, so the line of narrow models is usually high. Their product growth can be in the range of values ​​from 1.50 to 1.85 m.

Narrow fridge model in the kitchen
Experts say that it makes no sense to develop models of refrigerators with a width of less than 40 cm.The fact that there will be a demand for the technique in which the borsch pot is hardly placed is in great doubt

The height of some models can be lower due to the lack of a freezer, which can be placed separately. Ergonomic technology, produced by world famous brands, is endowed with many advantages.

Quality assembly. The equipment is equipped with reliable compressor-motors that are resistant to sudden surges in voltage and excessive loads, which guarantees a long service life. Breakdowns are rare and are more associated with violation of operating conditions.

Extensive range. As a rule, such refrigerators are presented in a variety of configurations that preserve their capacity to the maximum.

The internal structure is carefully thought out: in chambers with a reduced width, compartments with a non-standard arrangement are made, accommodating many products.

Convenient management. The equipment is equipped with an understandable mechanical system or an electronic unit with a touch display, through which cooling modes are easily regulated.

Safety. In the manufacturing process, proven materials and coatings are used that do not emit hazardous compounds. In some modifications, a layer of antibacterial composition is applied. It prevents the spread of germs that enter the chamber with food.

Despite all fears, the compact sizes practically do not affect the functionality and capacity of the devices: the indicators are quite enough for an average family of 3-4 people.

Capacious narrow equipment
Depending on the specific modification, the volume of the freezer compartment in narrow household appliances reaches 100 l, the refrigeration cabinet - 250 l

In addition, the units are distinguished by an elegant style that harmoniously complements the situation not only in tiny kitchens, but also in any other rooms where the implementation of interesting design concepts is planned.

Narrow aggregate selection criteria

Going to buy a refrigerator, it is necessary to analyze in advance the main criteria that will help to understand which model is suitable in a particular case. Such an approach will greatly facilitate further selection.

Calculation of the optimal load volume
The optimal load volume of the refrigeration unit is calculated based on the total number of households and possible guests on holidays and special circumstances. Corrections are made taking into account the dimensions that can fit in a particular kitchen

In addition to dimensions, including the width, height and depth of the product, it is worth paying attention to a number of nuances: the location of the cameras; variety of control unit; defrosting system; type of compressor; functionality; noise level.

Number and location of cameras

Different models of narrow refrigerators can have one or two chambers. The first option is equipped with one door, opening which the user gets access to both the freezer and the refrigerator compartment at the same time. In such solutions, the freezer is located on top: it has a small volume and there is no separation into functional zones.

In two-chamber modifications called “combi”, each chamber is equipped with its own door. The freezer compartment is more voluminous, so it is well suited for long-term freezing of food. It consists of several drawers with a retractable structure, located in the lower part.

Slim drawer model
The assortment contains convenient multi-chamber solutions with 3-4 doors and additional departments designed for specific needs: dry freezing seasonal berries, fruits and vegetables, storing drinks and more

Ways to control the chiller

The control method in compact refrigeration units can be traditional mechanical and modern electronic. Both one and the other type have their own advantages and disadvantages. The mechanical control is simple and familiar: it has a few settings and all of them are adjusted by the usual lever-regulator.

The electronic unit assumes the presence of a touch screen that supports many functions, including one touch. The only drawback of such a system is its dependence on the stability of voltage indicators. Swings in the mains often cause breakdowns of the expensive electronic circuit board.

In principle, this problem can be prevented by installing a stabilizer that smooths out sharp jumps.

Cooling options

Manufacturers offer two options for cooling produced by refrigeration units. The first provides drip system. During operation, condensation will inevitably form on the inner walls. During operation, frost and snow appear on the back of the refrigerator.

When the frozen ice reaches a certain thickness (no more than 6-8 mm), the motor stops and they melt. Emerging drops flow down the surface down to the compressor, fall into a special tank and evaporate. Because of this feature, models with a drip system are called “crying” refrigerators.

It should be borne in mind that the freezer compartment in them is periodically thawed manually with a temporary disconnection of the equipment from the network.

The second option - units with advanced technology No frost Their advantages are obvious: the system operates automatically without the formation of frost. Thanks to the creation of a dry internal microclimate, the products retain their original benefits and value without losing vitamins.

The air in the chambers of No Frost models is evenly distributed, which guarantees uniform high-quality freezing without frost.

Freshness area in the fridge
Individual products with the integrated No Frost system are available with a zero zone where optimal humidity is maintained - up to 90%. Food stored in this compartment stays fresh for a long time.

Type of compressor used

It is recommended that you approach the choice of the main part of any refrigerator with particular responsibility. It is about the compressor presented in the usual and invertor option.

The first version of the mechanism has been used in the production of refrigeration equipment for many years. It works on the principle of on / off.

When the difference between the set and actual temperature in the chamber is detected, the device turns on and quickly catches up with the desired cooling mode, using the maximum power. Compressors inverter refrigerators function measuredly, constantly maintaining the temperature regime at the appropriate level.

Inverter compressor
Inverter compressors are more economical than standard devices in terms of energy consumption. However, there are nuances, which include a higher level of vibration, price, sensitivity to voltage drops

The power indicators of such compressors can smoothly change with a gradual decrease or increase in speed. The internal temperature in the chambers of models with this type of compressor is always stable.

Special functions and noise

Checking the capabilities of a narrow refrigerator is an item that must be followed during the selection of equipment.

Comfortable everyday use is provided by the following innovations:

  • sound and light alarms;
  • autonomous maintenance of a certain temperature regime in cases of power failure;
  • the mode of quick freezing and cooling of products - "Superfrost", "Supercooling";
  • option to reduce electricity consumption - “Vacation”;
  • humidity control in the freshness zone.

The normal degree of noise of equipment should not exceed 53 dB. Each modification has an individual indicator. It depends on the complexity of the design, technical capabilities and feature set. The more complex the model, the noisier it behaves in the work.

For example, Refrigerators No Frost equipped with a fan, creating an additional buzz. Their average hum operating parameters are 44-47 dB.

Equipment with another system functions significantly quieter - in the range of 34-42 dB.Moreover, the difference of several points does not play a role, but it affects the price category.

Refrigerator Noise Level
To understand the noise level, several values ​​can be taken into account: the noise generated by the foliage in windy weather is about 25 dB, the standard wall clock is 30 dB, and the loud conversation is 50 dB

TOP 10 best models on the market

Having figured out the leading criteria, it's time to start choosing the best model from a particular brand. Despite the advertising tricks in the form of profitable promotions and offers of unknown companies, experts advise considering only trusted brands.

Companies that have proven themselves in the home appliance market in a positive way guarantee product quality and decent service.

Model # 1 - NORD 507-012

Refrigerator manufacturing is a core business Nord brand. Their distinguishing features are good assembly, stylish design, decent functionality and relatively affordable prices. NORD 507-012 is one of the most convenient models in the class of narrow single-chamber refrigerators of the company. Its dimensions are optimal for small rooms.

The device works with harmless refrigerant R600a (isobutane). Thanks to convenient control, the temperature in the refrigerator compartment is set with an accuracy of two degrees.

With a modest height of 86 cm and a sufficient depth of 53 cm, the width is only 50 cm. In order to save space, the smallest details are thought out, including ergonomic handles recessed into the case.

Its capacity is 111 liters, which is fully accounted for by the refrigerator compartment. In the main chamber, there are boxes for vegetables and several height-adjustable shelves made of glass. Defrosting of this chamber occurs through a drip system.

In such a refrigerator, there is enough space for basic products, for small packages of fruit or for containers with ready-made food. There is also a niche for bottles, preservation, and a mold for eggs on the door.

Model # 2 - Samsung RT-22HAR4DSA

Samsung is a common and recognizable brand of refrigerators throughout Europe. During its presence on the Russian market, the company managed to gain the trust of millions of consumers. Proof of this - excellent quality. samsung refrigerators, productive technical solutions, convenience and unsurpassed style of Korean household appliances.

Samsung RT-22 HAR4DSA is the most “slim” representative of the company's lineup. This is not only the narrowest, but also the most flat option. The model is made of absolutely safe materials. They do not contain harmful compounds that have a detrimental effect on the ozone layer. This is confirmed by an international mark.

The minimum dimensions allow you to install this refrigerator in very small rooms up to 4 square meters. m. Growth baby - 154,5 cm, depth - 63.7 cm, and a width of only 55.5 cm. It can easily be placed next to compact sinks and stoves.

The refrigerator has a set of standard functions necessary for storing food. The total useful volume of the device is 234 l of them 181 l is allocated under the refrigerator compartment.

The design provides four durable shelves of glass, three door niches, an egg stand. Instead of the usual two boxes for fruits and vegetables, this product is made one - Big box.

The unit is equipped with an understandable electromechanical control. Of the features it is worth highlighting the work on the systemNo Frost, which prevents the formation of frost on the walls. Which also provides long-term preservation of freshness of products.

Model # 3 - Samsung RT-25HAR4DWW

Another narrow representative of the brand is Samsung RT-25HAR4DWW. It is incredibly popular among buyers due to the combination of optimal technical parameters at an affordable price. This is a two-chamber handsome 55.5 cm wide. At the same time, his depth and height is 67.4 and 169.8 cm, respectively.

Overall volume -255 liters, of which 202 liters are provided for the cooling chamber and only 53 liters for the freezer. The refrigerator model uses advanced technologyNo frost, greatly facilitating users regular maintenance.

Thanks to this system, ice does not form inside the chambers, so manual defrosting is not required. The main difference between the model is the top location of the freezer section. In this, many users see the pros and cons at the same time. Such a solution seems more convenient to some owners.

But opponents note extreme discomfort when operating the lower shelf of the refrigerator. Tall owners of Samsung RT-25HAR4DWW respond especially negatively about such a design.

Also, many buyers are pleased with the presence of a display and electronic control type, which allows you to more accurately set the desired temperature values ​​in each of the cameras.

Model # 4 - Gorenje RK 4171 ANW2

A large Slovenian company, which began its work with the production of agricultural machinery, has been producing technically advanced models of household appliances for over 50 years. Innovative technology and elegant design refrigerators Gorenje exceed all expectations of demanding users.

One of the most convenient and memorable modifications in the company's line of narrow refrigerators is the Gorenje RK 4171 ANW2. This is a godsend for lovers of compact and affordable solutions. The dimensions of the model are slightly larger than the previous options (WxDxH):55x58x176 cm. Nevertheless, it is considered quite compact and suitable for small kitchens.

The refrigerator has a decent volume for its segment: the refrigerator holds 205 l, freezer - 68 l The main compartment is divided into practical functional areas - durable shelves withstanding up to 10 kg of weight, two containers for vegetables, door niches, a compartment for bottles.

The freezer, located below, copes with freezing up to 3 kg of food per day. It consists of trays that allow you to sort different types of products at your discretion.

Users note a relatively quiet operation (up to 42 dB), economy, soft and eye-friendly interior lighting, and the option of intensive cooling of a large amount of provisions in a minimum amount of time.

The model implements a drip system, and the freezer requires manual defrosting as ice forms inside - this is an average of 2-3 times a year.

Model # 5 - Liebherr CU3311

The German concern develops solid and very easy-to-use chillers in compliance with all norms and standards. Refrigerators Liebherr They are clearly not distinguished by designer refinements, but they are always one step ahead of the competition in quality, indicators of stable and serviceable operation without breakdowns for a long time.

The brand offers a simple and affordable budget solution in the range of narrow technology - Liebherr CU3311.

Two-chamber unit growth 181,2 cm and depth 62,9 cm takes 55 cm of space in width. The manufacturer provided it with a mechanical control, intuitively understandable. The capacity of the compact German equipment is practically no different from the full-size counterparts: the freezer compartment takes 84 liters, the refrigeration compartment - 210 liters.

The device defrosts automatically, the freezer - manually. Since the model has built-in technology Smart frostthen it is usually not necessary to defrost it more than once a year.

In the event of sudden blackouts, the appliance keeps cold for up to 27 hours, which prevents the rapid spoilage of frozen foods.

Model # 6 - Atlant X2401-100

In addition to these manufacturers, the Belarusian brand Atlant should be noted. In its assortment there is a separate series with a narrow type of refrigeration equipment Compact. The models presented in it have good characteristics and excellent appearance. One of the most popular with buyers is the Atlant X 2401-100.

This is a single-chamber refrigerator with a width of only 55 cm. Moreover, its depth is 58 cm and a height of 85 cm, which is quite enough to store the most necessary set of products.

The internal space of a single chamber with a total volume 120 l well thought out -15 l allocated under the freezer, in which you can put boxes of ice cream, dumplings or frozen meatballs.

The refrigerator compartment is divided into convenient areas by glass shelves, and on the door there are sections for placing various products - eggs, milk or kefir in bottles, juice packages. A drip system is used in the refrigerator, which indicates the need to defrost once or twice a year.

The small weight of the unit is 26 kg and compact dimensions allow you to transport it from the store on your own or transport it to the country if necessary.

Model # 7 - Atlant XM4724-101

Another of the most bought two-chamber refrigerators of the Belarusian brand is Atlant ХМ4724-101. Its dimensions allow you to compactly accommodate even in a modest kitchen, occupying a minimum of usable space - WxDxH respectively 56 × 62.5 × 192.9 cm.

Due to its growth, the refrigerator turned out to be quite capacious, which undoubtedly attracts buyers. So, the useful volume is 334 liters, of which 233 liters are allocated for the refrigeration section and 101 liters for the freezer. The unit requires periodic defrosting in manual mode, because it uses a drip system.

Strong glass shelves are provided inside, the location of which can be set in accordance with your needs.

The freezer section is located at the bottom of the structure. Its volume allows you to make blanks of homemade berries and vegetables for the winter, decomposing the products into individual bags and placing them in different boxes.

Model # 8 - BEKO RCNK270K20S

The BEKO brand is owned by the Turkish holding Koç Holding. The manufacturer supplies at its European and our market roomy and functional refrigerators at an affordable price.

The lineup Beko refrigerators allows you to choose a narrow and roomy option at the same time. Bright representative - BEKO RCNK270K20S. Moreover, the refrigeration unit will save energy, as Class A energy efficiency.

Its width is only 54 cm depth 60and height 171 see. Such dimensions provide decent roominess, which for two cameras is270 l

Of the benefits noted by users, the system No frost, as well as the presence of an antibacterial coating, which is more than pleasant when the cost of the unit is up to 20 thousand rubles. According to the owners, all the stated parameters are quite true, and during operation, the refrigerator is practically no noise.

Among the shortcomings, users of this model indicate the absence of a freshness zone.

Model # 9 - BEKO CNMV5335EA0W

Another narrow representative of the Turkish manufacturer, which is in great demand among buyers, is BEKO CNMV5335EA0W. This is a spacious two-chamber equipment with a volume of 300 liters, 100 of which are intended for the freezer located in the lower part of the structure. Its power allows you to freeze up to 7 kg of products per day.

The dimensions of this refrigerator (WxDxH) are 54x60x201 cm respectively. Model BEKO CNMV5335EA0W is so popular due to the optimal combination of useful functions with more than reasonable cost.

So, the unit has electronic control, it is equipped with a display, a systemNo frost for the refrigerator and freezer. It has a sound indication when the door is open, an antibacterial coating and super-freezing mode for greater comfort during operation.

Model # 10 - Biryusa 108

The technique of this brand is still popular! Biryusa Refrigerators demanded, enjoy success not only among summer residents. Actively acquire their young families. It is model 108 that consumers call the best against the backdrop of the numerous products of more “younger” brands.

The last place in the rating is due to its compact size, which makes the unit as useful as possible in the country.And for an ordinary family of 3-4 people of useful volume 115 liters will not be enough.

The parameters of Biryus 108 (WxDxH) are as follows: 48 × 60.5 × 86.5 cm, respectively. This is a single chamber model with a small freezer at the top of the refrigerator. Its capacity is 27 liters.

The model provides the possibility of altering the door, as well as a very economical energy consumption, corresponding to class A. Also, users really like the almost silent operation of this refrigerator and the electromechanical type of control.

Among the shortcomings, the owners note the need for periodic maintenance - the unit uses a drip system in operation. They also say about such refrigerators that they are with a “crying wall”. Therefore, manual defrosting is indispensable.

Space Tips

Arranging a small kitchen is not an easy task, and buying a narrow compact refrigerator in this matter is not limited to.

It is important to think over and arrange everything so that it would be comfortable to cook in the kitchen, have dinner with the whole family, sit down with a cup of coffee with guests, and there was still a place to turn around. That is why it is necessary to correctly plan the organization of space in advance.

The first thing to think about is determining the area for installing the refrigerator. Experts recommend choosing an angle, one of the walls of which goes directly to the work surface, and the other adjoins the window opening. If this place is already taken, it is better to put the device at the door.

Proper placement in a small kitchen
In order to use each square meter in the most productive way, you need to try not to leave gaps between furniture and household appliances

The latter option is relevant for small refrigeration units without a freezer. They are built into the dining table, worktop or any kitchen cabinet.

The freezer in this case is purchased separately and is also built into furniture or taken out of the kitchen. In addition to placing equipment, you need to pay attention to other nuances.

The kitchen will become more comfortable and roomy if you follow these tips:

  1. Install flexible holders and wall mounted systems for small kitchen utensils and utensils.
  2. Buy magnets baskets for various little things and attach them to household appliances.
  3. Purchase compact furniture with the maximum number of drawers.
  4. Equip additional shelves using each free part of the walls.
  5. To attach niches and hooks on the inner walls of furniture doors.
  6. As an additional place for storage, use a trolley or shelf on wheels, which can serve as a work surface or an excellent buffet table.

Approaching the problem with the mind, you can easily get out of the situation by creating a unique interior in the room. All ingenious is simple: it’s enough to use a little non-standard ideas and show ingenuity. As a result, each thing will find its place, and the room will not be too overloaded and cluttered.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

How to choose a refrigerator:

Narrow refrigeration equipment is a real salvation for people racking their brains over how to ergonomically arrange household appliances and furniture sets in their already cramped kitchen.

It is important to choose a model equipped with all the necessary functions and having sufficient working volume for storing products for all family members.

Please leave comments in the block below, post photographs on the topic of the article, ask questions about points of interest. Tell us about how you picked up a narrow refrigerator for a small-sized kitchen or cottage. Share which model you have chosen and why.

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  1. Just we have a small kitchen, so we decided to buy a narrow refrigerator. The fact that he is above ordinary does not bother me. The freezer, of course, is small, but not enough for freezing foods for the child and a wide refrigerator. Therefore, for the purpose of freezing, we have a whole freezer, which is in the room. And for a family of 3 people, a narrow refrigerator is enough.

  2. Lyudmila

    Yes, for our family, buying a narrow refrigerator is also a necessary measure. While we look closely at the Atlanteans - a full-sized refrigerator at a more or less adequate price. It seems that all the basic functions are. Of course, the need for manual defrosting is a little frustrating, but in the end, this is not done so often as to overpay only for this reason.

  3. Vladimir

    I'm not really a fan of sacrificing functionality in favor of design. For me, what is functional is beautiful. With full-fledged models for two cameras separate (narrow, but high), I more than agree. Actually, if the kitchen area is limited, this is typical for most Soviet-built apartments.

    But here are mini-refrigerators, I cannot name them differently, these are NORD 403-012 and Biryusa 108 in particular, will be small in capacity even for my modest bachelor needs. It's summer, I always cook for the week ahead: first, second, compote. Here are vegetables, fruits, milk, some drinks, meat in the freezer, semi-finished products. The list is the most mundane, which at times increases if you have a family.

    So mini-refrigerators are good only for “Spartans” who are used to doing only the very minimum.