TEN for the washing machine: how to choose a new one and replace it yourself

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Last update: June 2019

The heating TEN for the washing machine is of key importance. It heats cold water during operation, providing conditions for high-quality washing and eliminating traces of dirt, stains and sagging of any complexity.

With prolonged use, the physical properties of this product deteriorate and malfunctions can occur. In this case, get rid of the machine is not worth it. It is enough to simply replace the old element with a new one and continue using it as usual. But how to do this without having experience repairing equipment?

We will help you deal with this issue - the article discusses the features of the diagnosis of a heater failure, gives recommendations for choosing the right model for a new heater. It also provides step-by-step instruction on how to replace the TEN on your own.

Description and principle of operation of the heating element

TEN is an electric heater responsible for heating cold water coming from the central water system to the washing machine.

Structurally consists of a tubular part W-shaped or V-like shape, inside of which there is a conductor element with a high level of resistance, able to withstand heating to record high operating temperatures.

Multimeter for TEN's calls
A multimeter will help to conduct a correct check of the heater. Using this measuring device, you can “ring” (test) the heating element at home and determine if it is working or not

A special insulator-dielectric with a high thermal conductivity surrounds the heating coil. It correctly absorbs the heat emanating from the heating element, and transfers it to the steel outer shell.

The working spiral itself is soldered by the outgoing ends to the contacts to which the supply voltage is supplied during operation. Nearby is a thermal unit that measures the level of water heating in the washing tub.

When activated through the control unit of any of the processing modes, a command signal is supplied to the heater.

The element begins to heat up intensively and, giving up the generated heat, brings the temperature of the water in the washing drum to the required temperature set by the user.

TEN with an opening for the temperature sensor
Progressive models have a special hole in the design for the temperature sensor (in the figure, the arrow points to it). He vigilantly monitors the level of water heating in the drum and timely disables the working element, allowing rational and economical use of electrical energy

As soon as the water reaches the desired temperature, the sensor captures and transfers the data to the control unit. The system responds to the information received and automatically turns off the device, stopping the heating of water.

What to look for when buying a new Tena?

Before you go to buy a new TEN in the nearest store, you should familiarize yourself with its design features.

Heater Design Features

All heating elements of washing machines have the same internal structure, but are slightly different from each other in external design. Today it is considered generally accepted straight and curved the form.

Direct are most widely distributed and are used in the bulk of the models of various popular brands.

Curved heater for washing machine
If the washing machine in the basic factory equipment is equipped with a curved heating element, in case of replacement it is necessary to choose a new product of the same shape. The direct element simply does not fit in the compartment

Curved heating elements look exactly like straight lines, but at a distance of 50 millimeters from the outer bracket, they have a bend of 30 degrees.

The principle of operation of curved elements is no different from analogs of a straight form, and the basic resistance is in the range of 20-70 Ohms.

Curved parts are produced under the structural requirements of certain types of washing machines from companies such as Ardosome models Ariston, Indesit and others.

By the way, the fault codes of the Ariston and Indesit washing machines were analyzed in detail in the following articles:

Types of external coating

Basically TENs have a metal surface with a protective anodized layer. It has high thermal endurance, demonstrates good water resistance and protects the heating part from corrosive manifestations.

Ceramic heater
The heater, equipped with a practical coating of heat-resistant high-strength ceramic, is more reliable and durable even with intensive daily use.

However, some brands, for example, Samsungadditionally apply a ceramic layer to their products.

It is believed that it is more durable and significantly reduces the possibility of scale formation as a result of using hard water.

All error codes for Samsung washing machines and troubleshooting methods we reviewed here.

Working power and resistance

The main distinguishing feature of electric heating elements is working power. In different models, it can reach up to 2.2 kW. The higher the baseline, the faster the water in the drum of the washing machine heats up to the required temperature.

Replacing the heater in the washing machine
Replacing the heater in the washer, it is advisable to buy a product of the same capacity as the base installed by the factory. This is necessary so that all structural elements continue to work in the correct mode without experiencing additional stress

Normal resistance instrument ranges from 20 to 40 ohms. However, the part practically does not feel any short-term voltage drops occurring in the network.This is due to the presence of inertia and a rather high resistance of the heating element.

Other important parameters

Choosing the heater for the machine you need to show maximum attention. This will help to acquire an element of the necessary parameters and quickly reanimate the washer for further full and productive work.

A used device is not worth buying. There is no guarantee that it will serve a high quality for a long time. It is better to stay on a new product and purchase it not at the bazaar, but at a company store or service center.

First of all, pay close attention to the length of the heater. Measure it from the edge of the metal flange to the very end point of the heating element.

New TEN washing machine
In order for the purchase of a new heating element to be correct, you need to take the old, out of order with you to the store. This will allow you to accurately choose the shape of the product and not make a mistake with the length. Too short a device does not reach the fixing bracket on the bottom of the tank, and too long simply does not fit in the unit

It is permissible that the new part be slightly larger or slightly smaller than the damaged “native” one. However, the difference in size should not exceed 1.5 millimeters.

The power indicator should also be taken into account. Usually it is indicated on the flange part of the heater. The difference between a damaged part and a new one should not be higher than 150 watts.

If this indicator is significantly exceeded, the operating load on the entire machine will increase, if it is significantly underestimated, the water will heat up too long and electricity consumption will increase.

The presence of a temperature sensor is another fundamental parameter. Separate models of heating elements are not equipped with this part, but have only a hole for it.

This is because very often when the old TENA is burned, the sensor remains in a normal, efficient state and can be fully used further.

Heaters with only a hole for the sensor are cheaper, so the owners can save a little by using a new heating element with an existing temperature sensor.

Direct TEN washing machine
In old washing units there are heating elements with a blank flange surface. If this part burns out, you need to try to buy the exact same one or contact a service center and consult a specialist regarding the correct replacement

The shape of the new heater should be exactly the same as the old. If a bent heating element fails, its replacement with a similar one is allowed. These rules are also relevant for direct heating elements.

It is advisable to try to find a new "native" model. If there are problems with the search, it is permissible to buy a universal option suitable for the parameters of existing household appliances.

Absolute coincidence is necessary for the material of which the washing tank is made. Parts mounted under the plastic tank are equipped with a durable rubber gasket.

According to the base width, it can be long or short, depending on the format of the heater itself.

On gaskets for heating elements, a special flange is provided in the area of ​​the flange for a metal tank. It provides clearer fastening of the part in the compartment.

The terminals and fasteners of the new product must be the same as those of the blown one. If they are located a little differently, there will be difficulties with connecting to the wires and additional sealing of the installation site will be required.

Only then the machine will work correctly again and will correctly perform the tasks programmed by the user.

TEN of the washing machine
If an element without a collar is mounted in the machine with the collar heater, during washing it can simply fly out of the tank and damage the body and adjacent parts

The material of the heating element can be any, as well as the outer coating. There are no strict requirements for these parameters and any deviations from the basic indicators are permissible, since the operation of the washing machines does not affect it in any way.

What you need to know before repair?

In order for repair work to replace the heating element to be as simple as possible, and in the process there should not be unforeseen situations, it is advisable to learn more about its location and the reasons for the failure.

Device location

For many washing machines of different brands and manufacturers, the heater is located below. To carry out repairs or replace a part with a new one, you will have to remove the body cover of the machine.

The design of each individual washing machine determines where it is more convenient to get to the heating part - from the front or from the back. The home master decides this question on his own based on personal amenities and preferences.

Removing the heater from the washing machine
The landing compartment for the heater is the same for almost all modern washers. If the machine has a considerable age, from 12 years and older, this place may vary in size and shape. Therefore, it is necessary to determine its dimensions in advance and choose a detail that clearly corresponds to these indicators

In some models, the heating element is located on the side and to check or troubleshoot, you need to dismantle the side wall.

Reasons for the failure of the heater

The main reasons why a part malfunctions and loses its functionality are reduced to two positions.

The first is factory defect. It is not common, however, it is impossible to insure yourself against the troubles of such a plan.

Even acquiring the latest generation of luxury equipment, you can stumble upon a defective model. If the machine is under warranty, the issue is solved very simply - the manufacturer for free changes the non-working TEN to a similar, but completely serviceable one.

The master changes the heater of the washing machine
Some models of heating elements are subject to repair, but most will have to be replaced immediately with new ones, since the manufacturer did not provide for the possibility of their restoration

The second among the main reasons is scale. It is she who settles on the metal casing, negatively affects the heating element and, as a result, deprives it of operability.

The low thermal conductivity of the scale prevents the appliance from transmitting the generated heat to water, while it itself begins to overheat and experiences an increased load. In the end, it just burns, unable to withstand such a volume of thermal energy.

TENY with a scum and without
At home, you can clear the heater from scale in different ways. However, if the warranty period has not yet expired, disassembling the machine yourself is not advisable. If a serious breakdown suddenly occurs, they will not be repaired under warranty due to a violation of the factory integrity of the case

In addition to these negative phenomena, scale creates conditions for the formation of corrosion on the surface of the module. Over time, this leads to a violation of the integrity of its metal shell.

A device that has lost its tightness becomes vulnerable to external influences and the risk of a short circuit, fire, and other fire hazard situations increases significantly.

The use of improper detergents, for example, powders for hand washing, or the constant excess of the powder volume by one procedure, can disable the heating element.

As a result of unreasonable user actions, a dense impermeable film of soap concentrate is formed on the surface of the part. It creates a barrier to normal heat transfer, provokes overheating of the heating element and leads to its subsequent burning.

To avoid this, you have to properly care for the machine, using anti-limescale for washers.

Calgon softens hard water
Regular use of Calgon during washing protects the heater from scale formation and improves the overall performance of the washing machine

If you do not want to use expensive purchased detergents for cleaning the washer, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with best cleaning methods using improvised means.

How to diagnose a malfunction?

To detect a malfunction, it is not necessary to disassemble the washing machine and test the heating element with a multimeter.

The following failures that appear in the work will tell about the problems:

  • during washing, the water does not heat up to the programmed temperature;
  • the machine draws water, but quickly stops washing or turns off completely after 5-6 minutes;
  • almost immediately after activating the unit in the house or apartment knocks electrical plugs;
  • feels an unpleasant, burning smell in the room during work;
  • washing quality deteriorates noticeably;
  • the case is touched by electric shock.

If at least one of the listed problems is identified, it is necessary to change or repair the heating elements as quickly as possible.

Self-Replacement Instruction

You can remove a broken TEN and replace it with a new one without involving a master from a service organization. To do this, you need a minimal set of tools, a new heating element and a couple of hours of free time.

The lack of experience in such work should not be scary; in this matter, accuracy and sequence of all stages are important.

Stage # 1 - preparation for repairs

When planning to replace the heater in the washing machine, you need to be well prepared and comply with the basic safety rules relevant to working with household appliances.

Among them are:

  1. Disconnect the unit from the power supply by unplugging the plug.
  2. Disconnect the machine from the water supply, remove the drain pipe. This item is relevant for models where the heater is located in the rear.
  3. Use a high-quality working tool with handles having a protective rubberized coating.
  4. Prepare a plastic container, such as a bucket or basin. It will be convenient there drain the waterremaining in the tank or in internal communications.

After all of the above actions, you can proceed directly to disassembling the machine, and then to extract the damaged heater.

Stage # 2 - selection of necessary tools

To replace the heating element, no specific and expensive equipment will be needed. All that is needed is in the arsenal of every home master who does not even have much experience in carrying out repair work of such a plan.

The list of such things includes screwdrivers of various configurations. Instead, you can use a screwdriver with a basic set of bits, including hexagons and sprockets needed to unscrew the "tricky" screws.

Shooting the disassembly process on the phone
To correctly connect the wires to the heating element, at the disassembly stage, it is worth photographing the entire process on the phone. In the future, this will help to assemble the machine quickly and correctly.

In addition, a wrench for ten or simple pliers will come in handy. These tools will correctly remove the fasteners from the heating element.

To ring TEN and understand its condition, you need a multimeter to ring.

Before starting work, it is better to put these items next to each other so that they are at hand and the master does not need to drop everything and lose time looking for the right tool.

Stage # 3 - gaining access to the heater

Replacing the heating element through the front panel is a laborious and painstaking process. First remove the top outer cover.

To do this, you have to unscrew the screws located at the back of the washer, gently pull the lid first towards you, and then up.

It is necessary to act very delicately so as not to pull out and damage the clips from the plastic, without which it will be physically impossible to return the cover to its original place.

Then slowly pull out the powder container a little forward, press on the lock button inside and carefully pull out the container completely.

For models that do not have a lock button, the container needs to be lifted and pulled over. When the fastening screws become clearly visible, use a screwdriver and unscrew them, and then remove the container.

Powder container
After removing the powder tray from the washing machine, wash it well, removing possible sediment and traces of deposits, dry it very well and return it to its original place after completion of the TEN replacement work

Then unscrew the screws holding the control panel, remove it and, without resorting to disconnecting the wires, put it on top of the washing machine.

Open the door of the loading door located in the front of the unit. Using a screwdriver, pry off a clamp-type spring holding the sealing collar and carefully remove it, slowly pulling it in a circle. After that, simply remove the rubber from the body and set it aside.

Find the lock screws on the hatch and unscrew them with a suitable screwdriver. Push the lock released from the mount inwards.

Then unscrew the external screws securing the front panel from the bottom and top. Sometimes they are located under the decorative strip below or on the sides or nearby with a drainage filter.

At the end, carefully remove the panel and fold it side by side. Having opened access to the heating element, calmly proceed with the replacement.

Stage # 4 - installation of a new heating element

Regardless of where the TEN is located, front or rear, it can only be replaced in one way.

First, from the contacts of an old, failed device, all wires are disconnected. Usually, they are planted very tightly and to remove you will need to help yourself with a screwdriver.

All actions must be performed slowly and carefully so as not to damage the fragile area of ​​the connection terminals.

The back of the washing machine
If a thermistor is located on a burned-out heater, you must first carefully unfasten the harness by pressing the latch with your hand, and then carefully remove it from the socket. Only after these steps can the heater be removed

The next step is to remove latch - Unscrew the screw holding the heater in place, and then slowly remove the heater.

Before installation of a new heating element it is necessary to clean the locations of the products of exploitation settled there and insert a new fully working element.

It remains to verify the performance of the equipment. Why do you have to first assemble the machine in the reverse order, perform water and sewage connection and test her. If washing takes place in standard mode, then everything is done correctly.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

How to replace the TEN in the washer through the back cover. Easy to understand video tutorial:

How to check the heater for operability and identify possible problems. Detailed diagnostic instructions and some interesting tips from the personal experience of a home master:

The step-by-step process of replacing a broken TEN in the washing machine. Information is shared by an employee of an organization engaged in the repair of household appliances of different brands:

How to quickly and efficiently remove the scum formed on the heater. A complete analysis of the process on video with tips and a description of all the nuances:

With proper care and strict observance of all operating requirements, the heater will work for a long time and without interruption, without causing any trouble to the owners.

If the heating element fails for some objective reasons, it can be easily and quickly replaced. Responsibility and scrupulousness will help you calmly cope with the task yourself.. It is easier for people who do not have this practice to contact a service center and pay for a replacement service.

Do you want to supplement the above instruction on self-replacement of the heater in the washer? Or do you want to leave useful recommendations for choosing a suitable heater instead of a burned one? Please write your comments and additions in the block below.

If you still have questions about replacing TEN, ask them to our experts in the comments below this publication.

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  1. Vladislav

    We have a Zanussi washing machine, it is already over 10 years old. It erases just fine, there have never been any problems. But then the heater failed. Purely by chance they noticed, because it continued to work, the error indicators did not burn, and the water did not warm. I called the service workshops, almost 3 thousand were requested for repairs. TEN rang at work to understand that it was definitely a problem. And so it turned out.

    I decided to repair it myself, although everyone dissuaded me. They assured that without special knowledge it would be impossible to do this. I went to the radio market and bought the exact same one, took my own as an example. Replaced, fussed about an hour and a half, no more. Fotkal everything that I disconnect, and then the photos restored the sequence of actions. That's all. So, you can handle this work yourself.

    • Nikolay

      Absolutely and fully support. TEN replace, generally a trifling matter. I have Indesit vertical. The heater itself is located on the side. He did it in a cunning way. Since I myself am not a master, I called from the local service, I also clarified that the call would be free, well, or at a minimum price. In short, they had some kind of action and in any case they did free diagnostics.

      This master arrived, dismantled the washer, checked, confirmed that it was the heater that broke and began to overwrite about 4k rubles for replacing the original and 3k for not original. In general, I refused, respectively, without paying a dime. He climbed on Avito, found out the prices of different heating elements. In most cases, they need a size, or a photo in whatsap and they immediately deliver the one that is needed. In general, they brought a spare part, I unscrewed the old heating element, inserted a new one and everything worked in the best possible way. TEN left 700 r + delivery of 200 r. People, be smarter, learn to google. And this is my life hack =)

  2. Our washing machine is already 10 years old, and during this time the heater did not deteriorate due to scale. Only due to the fact that we use high-quality washing powder. It does not allow water to be hard and at the same time it erases well. We have repeatedly been told by the masters of repair of washing machines that the heater is in order. We are very happy, because it is not so cheap.

  3. Renat

    Interestingly, what would they do if the sensor flew or was set crooked and the machine burned out? Everyone should do their own thing, or do you want the master to fix everything for you at the price of courier delivery?

    • Vladimir

      The temperature sensor is a reliable element and practically does not “fly out”. It is impossible to install it crookedly in the seat (even with “crooked hands”). In addition, the SM has a self-diagnosis mode, including thermal sensor malfunctions.

      Concerning “everyone should do what he ... the master” (quote from the movie “About Little Red Riding Hood”) agrees - I’m not an “electrician,” but a radio engineer with ten years of experience and am friends with a soldering iron, avometer, radio components, including with thermistors. Good luck and health!

  4. Vladimir

    Once my wife (I’m not doing laundry) noticed that one hundred SM does not go into the rinse and spin mode, I have to end the “hand-to-hand” washing mode. My rainbow mood diminished due to my stay in the CIS and in the Urals, where there is terrible tension with the heating elements, and it takes a long time to wait through the mail.

    As a result, it turned out that the terminal from the heater was rusted and burned out and the wire hung freely, never touching (the SM is used in the bathroom).The business is to: clean the TENA terminal with a file, replace the terminal on the wire (in the store such a terminal is one kilogram ruble), wire, seal. Maybe the comment is not in the subject, but it has something to do with TEN. And to place the SM in another place, well, there is no way, sorry generously ...

  5. Vladimir

    “The heater, equipped with a practical coating of heat-resistant high-strength ceramic, is more reliable and durable even with intensive daily use.” I agree with the statement if this coating is really high-strength ceramic. But .. it was at the time, “when the sky was bluer, the trees seemed large and the grass was greener.”

    However, such a heater is more likely to fail, as the coating is not ceramic, but the usual green paint applied to the heater to mask the cheap material of the metal surface of the heater. Just watch the last video in this article. Do not forget the purpose of the main work of marketers ...