Ceiling clothes dryers on the balcony: five popular models + tips for choosing and installing

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Last update: March 2020

In order not to clutter up the free space in the apartment, many housewives hang laundry in the balcony. But even in this case, this issue should be approached thoughtfully. It is important to properly arrange a place for drying, wherever things hinder anyone, quickly dry and do not deform.

Instead of the classic stretch marks of clotheslines and cords, it is better to use modern functional devices - ceiling clothes dryers on the balcony. They are compact, quite roomy, equipped with a convenient mechanism for raising and lowering or folding.

The assortment of dryers with ceiling mounts is very diverse. Models of domestic and foreign manufacturers differ in design, manufacturing materials, work surface area. We will help you understand all the important parameters and tell you how to choose the best option. We will also explain the main nuances of the installation of products and consider the features, pros and cons of the five popular models.

TOP 5 popular models of dryers

A place
Type of construction
Body material
Max. load
/ 100
stainless steel
30 kg
/ 100
steel / aluminum / plastic
12 kg
/ 100
metal / plastic
12 kg
/ 100
metal / plastic
15 kg

Artex ceiling sliding All Stain 1000

Strong and durable stainless steel device for heavy loads

Expert rating:
/ 100

The Korean Artex clothes dryer stands out with its convenient sliding design and record-breaking payload. This is ideal for those who need to regularly dry a lot of heavy laundry.

A minimum of plastic and rope makes the product more reliable in operation: almost all elements are made of durable stainless steel. The crossbars for laundry are covered with a polymer material. At the ends inserted plastic plugs.

The design is easily lowered and raised due to a special sliding mechanism, which folds accordion. Fixing the desired height occurs with the help of a rope: you should pull it down and take it to the side. In the upper position, the distance from the dryer to the ceiling is 30 cm, in the lower - 100 cm.


  • type of construction - sliding;
  • material - stainless steel;
  • coloring - metallic;
  • rods - 4;
  • work surface length - 7.6 m;
  • maximum permissible load - 30 kg;
  • unfolded dimensions - 1.9x0.3 m;
  • product weight - 5 kg.

Between the rods is 16 cm of free space. This ensures good air circulation, which contributes to the quick drying of things. A sufficient distance allows you to hang several sets of overall linen at the same time. The device is fixed to the ceiling with screws that are supplied.

  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Strong and durable all-metal construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Roomy, withstands impressive loads of up to 30 kg
  • Smooth surface rails prevent the formation of sharp creases on linen
  • High price

Vileda ceiling Highline 160

Dryer for oversized items with increased resistance to moisture

Expert rating:
/ 100

The Vileda brand dryer from the Highline series is a lightweight, durable and compact model. It takes up little space and fits even in small apartments.

The frame of the product is made of aluminum and steel. The design provides for six textile strings 160 cm long, which rise and fall behind the rings attached at the ends. A wide plastic case for strings minimizes the possibility of wrinkles on clothing.


  • type of construction - "liana";
  • material - steel, aluminum, plastic;
  • coloring - white;
  • twigs - 6;
  • work surface length - 9.5 m;
  • maximum permissible load - 12 kg;
  • unfolded dimensions - 1.6x0.46x1.35 m;
  • product weight - 3.4 kg.

The device uses the same roller mechanism as in other constructions of the Liana type. The manufacturer claims that due to welding control and high-quality anti-corrosion composition, the model is more durable: it can be safely used in conditions of high humidity. Mount the pendant to the wall or ceiling.

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Two mounting options
  • Uniform distribution of linen
  • Prevent wrinkling on clothing
  • Increased resistance to moisture and temperature extremes
  • Long service life
  • Plastic tubes can sag under heavy weight

Nika ceiling Liana 2.0 m

Simple and easy to use dryer at an affordable price

Expert rating:
/ 100

The budget model of the Liana type is suitable for installation on balconies, loggias and in bathrooms. The device has a simple cascade design with five crossbars. Each of them can be raised and lowered to the desired level using adjustment cords that pass through the roller mechanisms built into the brackets.

The crossbars are made of metal with a special coating that protects the material from the harmful effects of moisture. They are strong enough and do not bend under the weight of the laundry, if not exceed the maximum allowable load.The product looks stylish and neat, which allows it to easily fit into any interior.


  • type of construction - "liana";
  • material - metal / plastic;
  • coloring - white;
  • rods - 5;
  • work surface length - 10 m;
  • maximum permissible load - 12 kg;
  • unfolded dimensions - 2.0x0.43 m;
  • product weight - 3 kg.

The model is mounted on a wall or ceiling. A set of fasteners is included.

  • Low price
  • Convenient lift mechanism
  • Two mounting options
  • Compact dimensions
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Not used for suspended and suspended ceiling systems
  • Not suitable for drying bulk items
  • The design may become loose over time.

Gimi Ceiling Lift 120

Compact dryer with convenient roller mechanism

Expert rating:
/ 100

Model of the Italian brand Gimi 120 cm wide - the best solution for small balconies. The design of the product is made by the type of "Liana", which greatly facilitates the process of hanging clothes.

The metal frame is equipped with a roller mechanism designed to raise and lower the rails. Cords passed through hollow rails move along plastic rollers. To do this, you need to use the hook on a long rod, pulling one of the rings attached to the holder plate. Hook and fasteners included.


  • type of construction - "liana";
  • material - metal / plastic;
  • coloring - white;
  • twigs - 6;
  • work surface length - 7 m;
  • maximum permissible load - 15 kg;
  • unfolded dimensions - 1.2x0.46x1.35 m;
  • product weight - 2.9 kg.

The main parts of the structure are made of metal coated with an effective anti-corrosion compound. You can install the dryer not only on the ceiling, but also on the wall. A detailed assembly diagram with pictures is indicated on the packaging.

  • Two mounting methods - wall and ceiling
  • Convenient system of raising and lowering
  • Takes up a minimum of space
  • Easy to handle
  • Flimsy fasteners included
  • At maximum loads, it can move away from the attachment point.
  • Small row spacing
  • White cords get very dirty over time, fray, dry out in the sun

Lakmet Ceiling Elevator 1.3 m

Inexpensive lightweight dryer for a small family

Expert rating:
/ 100

A Russian-made product Lakmet is much cheaper than imported analogues. This dryer is simple in design and light in weight. When folded, it is almost invisible, does not interfere with the opening of doors and windows on the balcony.

The model is not designed for heavy loads, so it is not suitable for regular volume washings.


  • type of construction - "liana";
  • material - plastic;
  • coloring - white;
  • twigs - 6;
  • work surface length - 7.8 m;
  • maximum permissible load - 6 kg;
  • unfolded dimensions - 1.3x0.5 m;
  • product weight - 1.35 kg.

The design of the Liana type consists of two main brackets, six rods for hanging clothes, cords for adjusting and brackets for controlling the height of each rod.

There are two options for mounting the product - wall and ceiling.

  • Neat appearance
  • A light weight
  • Easy installation and adjustment
  • Wall and ceiling mount
  • Optimum size of rods for hanging small laundry
  • The manufacturer gives extremely little product information.
  • Cords rubbed quickly
  • The product does not withstand heavy loads

How to choose a ceiling dryer on the balcony?

When choosing a ceiling clothes dryer, you need to consider the following basic criteria:

  1. Type of construction.
  2. Dimensions fixtures.
  3. The length of the work surface.
  4. The number of rods.
  5. Product Material
  6. Reliability of mechanisms and structural elements.

There are several types of construction hanging dryers that are installed on the balcony.The most common indoor options are Liana and sliding / folding devices.

Sliding Designs are a modified version of the standard floor system. They are compact and functional, withstand heavy loads.

Clothes dryer with sliding mechanism
Sliding models fold like an accordion. Fixing beams are attached to the ceiling, and the folding mechanism itself works in a vertical plane. The clothes rails are mounted on brackets that allow you to slide or fold the device

One of the easiest to operate and inexpensive designs - “Liana". It consists of two mounting plates, inside of which roller mechanisms are installed. Between the slats are inserted metal or plastic tubes, fixed with cords. Through the rollers, the cords exit to the height fixing element.

When folded, the device becomes almost invisible, since the tubes fit snugly against the ceiling.

Dryer with Liana design
“Liana” constructions are distinguished by good roominess, have a very neat appearance and are suitable for almost any interior. The cascade way of arranging the tubes facilitates convenient hanging and faster drying of the laundry

Dimensions the devices on which the laundry will be dried must correspond to the size of the room. Before buying a dryer, you should find out its dimensions and evaluate the possibility of installing a particular model on the balcony, measuring the required parameters with a tape measure.

Permissible maximum loadwhich the fixture is able to withstand will depend on the area of ​​the working surface. It can be designed not only to dry ordinary things, but also for heavy textiles. Large families should choose models with a larger work surface.

A parameter such as number of rods for hanging clothes. The more of them, the more things can be hung on the dryer. The assortment of different manufacturers offers models with 3, 4, 5, 6 rods of various lengths.

Ceiling dryer rods
Another nuance worth checking out is the distance between the rods. If there is too little free space, linen is inconvenient to hang. In addition, air circulation is disturbed and the clothes dry much longer. Optimum distance - at least 10 cm

Production material affects the durability and strength of the device.

In the manufacture of dryers are used:

  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • aluminum;
  • combinations of several materials.

The lightest and easiest to install - plastic products. This is a budget version of dryers for light linen. But keep in mind that most plastic models have weak structural characteristics and are significantly inferior to other devices in terms of endurance and strength.

Dryers made from aluminumStronger and more durable than plastic models. However, under the weight of things, aluminum hollow tubes often bend.

Metal dryers are durable, durable, but also the most expensive. Metal models have a very stable design, designed for severe loads.

Stainless steel dryer
Stainless steel products are particularly reliable and practical. Compared to other types, these dryers are heavier, therefore, more stringent requirements are imposed on their installation

Often, cheap products are made from lower quality materials. If the main purpose of the purchase is to purchase a durable dryer that can withstand heavy loads and lasts for many years, then you should not save. If the dryer is purchased as an auxiliary device for drying small volumes of things, you can consider cheaper options.

The metal elements of the product must be coated. anti-corrosion compounds. You should also pay attention to the reliability of the base structure and fastener strength.

Among the most famous and sought-after manufacturers of dryers are the following:

  • German brand Leifheit;
  • Italian company Gimi;
  • Turkish company Dogrular.

If we talk about cheaper products, then these are models of Russian and Chinese production. For example, the company Lakmet, Nika.

In addition to ceiling clothes dryers, wall and floor models can be used on the balcony. Rating best deals on the market we presented in the following material.

Dryer Installation Guide

Installation of ceiling dryers can be easily performed independently, without the help of a master. Typically, the entire process is detailed in the instructions that came with the product.

Before starting work, you need to determine the installation location and markup. Doing this is with the door and windows open. This makes it easier to provide enough free space to open the frames in the future. Also consider the distance of the dryer to the walls and floor.

Fasteners for fixing the ceiling dryer
If the reliability of the fasteners that come with the product is in doubt, it is worth buying new, more durable. To better fix the device, you may need additional screws, dowels, anchor bolts and planks

For installation and assembly, it is necessary to prepare a set of tools and available tools:

  • hammer drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • a screwdriver;
  • hammer;
  • pliers;
  • roulette wheel;
  • scissors;
  • knife;
  • pencil.

The most important thing during the installation process is to choose the best place and fix the device firmly. If the fastening is weak, the dryer will not be able to withstand the load, quickly loose and move away from the installation site.

Consider the step-by-step process execution using the example of the installation of the Liana design.

Stage # 1 - mounting and fixing the ceiling brackets

It is necessary to attach the carrier rails to the ceiling, mark the attachment points and drill holes in them using a punch.

Insert dowels into the finished openings, and then fix the bracket levels in them with screws, using a screwdriver or screwdriver.

Attaching Bracket Strips
The distance between the crossbars is measured by rods, taking into account the fact that they should go beyond the bars within a few centimeters on both sides

Stage # 2 - mounting and fixing the adjusting bracket

The bracket is mounted on the wall to the right or left of the dryer. The fastening of the strap is no different and is carried out by analogy with the installation of ceiling brackets.

The mounting height of the bracket is selected individually, taking into account the subsequent convenience in operation and maintenance.

Mounting the fixing bracket
It is important to correctly calculate the optimal level of fastening: excessive or insufficient height will interfere with the performance of the entire product

Before fixing the bracket, it is worth checking the recommended height for the rods and measure the length of the cords.

Stage # 3 - assembly of the device

At this stage, it is necessary to install and fix the cords, fixing them in hollow tubes for hanging clothes. They are guided through rollers integrated into the brackets. The ends of the cords are inserted into special fixing caps, and then they are fixed on a bracket for fixation, which will allow you to set the desired height for raising and lowering the rods.

Dryer installation and assembly diagram
The installation procedure for ceiling dryers with other types of structures differs only in assembly. How to assemble parts should be indicated in the instructions

Care Tips

In order to maximize the life of the product, it is necessary to adhere to the operating requirements, do not exceed the permissible loads and take care of the dryer. Maintenance rules depend on the material of construction.

For example, plastic devices are recommended to be wiped after each drying. In this case, you can not use agents with an aggressive composition. The least whimsical care products made of stainless steel.

If the frame is powder coated, make sure that it does not crack. Otherwise, the resulting chips can accidentally damage the laundry. You should also periodically check the condition of the cords and replace them if necessary.

To make the dryer convenient to use in the winter, you need properly insulate the balcony. Also possible equip warm floorsthen on the balcony it will be comfortable not only to hang out the linen, but also to have a cup of coffee or watch the birds.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Visual instruction for installing and assembling a device like "Liana":

How to replace worn cords on a ceiling dryer:

When choosing a ceiling dryer for clothes, compare its dimensions with the dimensions of the balcony, focusing on a predefined installation location. Pay attention to the type and material of construction, the number of rods and the volume of the working surface, ease of installation, assembly and ease of use.

The suspended modification of the dryers mounted on the ceiling is one of the best solutions for the balcony. Such devices have good capacity and do not clutter up the space. For drying a large number of not too heavy things, models like “Liana” are perfectly suitable; for hanging more oversized linen and textiles, all-metal sliding structures are optimal. Our rating contains the most popular options in several price categories.

What kind of dryer do you use? Are you satisfied with its design? Share your impression of its use - the comment form is located below. Also here you can ask our experts questions about choosing or installing a dryer, add unique photos of your model.

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