Zanussi washing machines: the best models of brand washing machines + what to look at before buying

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A world-famous manufacturer is famous for its affordable and high-quality equipment. The Italian brand has many years of experience and the reputation of a reliable multinational company. Modern Zanussi washing machines are manufactured in different countries on the basis of European components.

Strict control over the assembly process allowed to maintain the high quality of the units, but at the same time reduce their cost to the consumer. In this material, we’ll talk about the manufacturer’s proprietary technologies, the main modes and functions of the brand’s washing machines. Also, consider the TOP of the best offers presented on the domestic market and received the best reviews from the owners.

Proprietary technology Italian brand

Any manufacturer seeks to distinguish his product from similar products, adding to it special functionality.

Zanussi is no exception - a number of technological solutions are aimed at improving the efficiency, economy and comfort of washing.

System Eco Valve - effective and economical consumption of detergent composition.

Eco Valve Technology
In the float chamber at the junction of the connection between the tank of the machine and the drain pipe, a ball valve is placed. When the drum is filled with water, the “float” pops up, blocking the drain for the washing, rinsing period. After turning on the drain pump, the ball opens the hole

Using Eco Valve offers the following benefits:

  • the powder remains completely in the drum and dissolves 100% - the washing efficiency is increased;
  • dirty wastewater does not mix with clean - the clothes are rinsed better.

Technology Jet system provides uniform soaking of linen with soapy water.Water constantly circulates in the drum at a speed of 7 l / min - the detergent composition is sprayed onto the fabric under pressure. As a result, the “soul” linen is better washed in a short cycle.

In Zanussi washing machines with option Jet system the volume of water is determined automatically based on the weight of the loaded things. The rinse system has also been improved - direct injection accelerates the removal of powder particles.

Jet System Technology
Rinse cycles in washing units with the Jet System alternate with intermediate periods of spin. The drum rotates intermittently, the water pressure under the action of centrifugal force “squeezes” the washing solution from the fabric

Automatic fluid volume adjustment Alc normalizes water consumption. The mechanism independently selects the right amount of water in accordance with the type of fabric, program and stage of the wash cycle.

Smart mode Fuzzy logic implemented in premium models - fully electronic machines.

It is enough for the user to indicate the type of fabric, and the technique itself will determine the weight of the load, the degree of pollution of things, the appropriate temperature, type of washing and spin speed.

Fuzzy Logic Technology
The work of the Fuzzy Logic controller is based on many built-in sensors and sensors. The read information is sent to the microprocessor, which sets the washing mode

Accelerated program Quickwash - unit operating time is reduced by 50%. Additionally, an express mode is provided - half an hour at a temperature of 30 ° C. The function is applicable for lightly soiled laundry.

Delayed start Finishln - the operation of the unit can be pre-programmed and the start of washing can be postponed for a period from 3 to 20 hours. Time to start is displayed on the machine display.

System Airflow take care of the cleanliness of the drum and the preservation of freshness inside the washer even with the door closed. In Zanussi equipment, after washing, excess moisture is eroded, leaving no chance for mold.

Option Bio phase - the heating element raises the temperature of the detergent water to 40 ° C and turns off. Linen is washed for 15 minutes in this mode.

Bio-phase in Zanussi washers
All enzymes in the composition of the powder die when the temperature rises to 50 ° C. It is these components that remove dried, old spots better than others

In a limited amount of water, with periodic injection of a washing solution into the drum, effective cleaning of things is achieved. After a pause, the heater continues to work and raises the temperature of the water.

Also provided Foam control - before each spin, the system checks the amount of foam in the drum. This task is performed by a membrane sensor located at the bottom of the tank near the drain pump.

When detecting excess foam, the machine first pumps it out for 15 minutes, and only then proceeds to the next washing step.

Functional features of different series

The assortment of Zanussi washers is impressive. You can choose equipment for your own needs based on the dimensions of the room, the number of users and the location of the equipment.

In order not to get confused in variety, the manufacturer introduced a special marking of different series - machines belonging to the same class have a single design feature.

ZWS series - front ultra-narrow units

This category is represented by devices with horizontal loading. Washing machines differ from each other by drum capacity, body depth and feature set.

ZWS Series Washers
Drum washer line ZWS. A distinctive feature of the series is compactness along with high capacity. The depth of the equipment is 33-44 cm, the maximum load range is 4-7 kg

Machines of this series are popular among buyers due to their affordable cost, functionality and ease of installation. The narrow model fits in a small bathroom or kitchen.

General characteristics of washing units of the ZWS category:

  • the rotation speed of the drum is 800-1200 rpm, the indicator of the centrifuge’s quality is BC, that is, the output humidity of the laundry is 45-65%, respectively;
  • the number of programs - 14-15, including the “easy ironing” and “express wash” modes;
  • the intelligent Fuzzy Logic system is implemented, there are options for enhanced rinsing, delayed start;
  • many models have a removable lid for embedding the washing machine under the countertop.

All equipment of the ZWS series economically consumes electricity - the class of energy consumption is A +, A ++, A +++. Models are available in white and gray, with an estimated cost of 210-300 cu

ZWF Series - Full Size Washers

This category of machines differs from the previous series in the increased depth, which means the drum capacity, which in some models reaches 8 kg.

Zanussi cars of the ZWF series
The rotation speed of the tank in the spin mode is 600-1200 rpm, there is a choice of the intensity of the centrifuge. Control of the washing process - mechanical or electronic

Extra options:

  • noise level during extraction - 58-79 dB depending on the volume of the drum and the selected program;
  • dimensions of equipment - 85x60x60;
  • washing class - A, spin - BC;
  • Functions implemented: express washing, housing protection against leakage, elimination of imbalance / foaming, delayed start.

A class A wash is a good indicator. We talked in more detail about classes and methods for their definition in this article.

Many models of the ZWF Series have a child lock for the control panel - the child will not be able to change or interrupt the washing mode. The cost ranges from 300-350 cu

ZWQ and ZWY Series - Vertical Loading Machines

Washing machines of these series are mainly produced in Poland. Their main design feature is the vertical loading of things.

Compared to horizontally oriented brothers, the ZWQ and ZWY series machines have some advantages:

  • due to the location of the tank, the washing process can be stopped and reported things;
  • unit width within 40 cm - this allows you to effectively use the usable space;
  • the drum is attached to two shafts, which means the design itself is initially more reliable.

However, there are also disadvantages. The top cover should remain free for access. Therefore, you won’t be able to use the vertical as a shelf or build it under the countertop.

Zanussi vertical loading
In the ZWQ and ZWY series, the Fuzzy Logic system and the option of automatic drum positioning are integrated - after washing you will not have to manually scroll the tank

Machines with vertical loading have a basic set of programs adapted to various materials. The user panel is placed on the top cover of the case. Later representatives of the ZWQ line are complemented by an informative display.

FCS series - compact low models

Front loading machines, maximum volume - up to 3 kg. The main advantage of the models is their small size. The height of the FCS series washers is 67 cm, against the standard indicator - 85 cm.

This difference gives a wide choice of installation location. Mostly, FCS units are chosen for tapping into a kitchen set.

More about the sizes of washing machines we wrote in following material.

Compact washer
The average characteristics of the modifications: spin parameters - 800-1000 rpm, energy consumption - class A, centrifuge efficiency indicator - C-D, washing class - B

The mechanical control includes buttons for adjusting the temperature, spin speed, program selection and indicators indicating the current stage of operation of the washer.

IZ Series - Inclined Drum Washers

Units of a non-standard trapezoidal shape - the machine has different depths at the top and bottom of the case. The indicator at the base is 62 cm.

This configuration is due to the installation of an inclined drum on board the washer. The tank for loading things is placed at an angle of 5 ° relative to the horizontal plane - this simplifies the process of laying and removing laundry.

IZ Series Inclined Drum
Inclined model will require more free space for operation than cars with direct front loading. The capacity of the IZ series washers - 5 kg

Like most modifications of Zanussi washing machines, products with an inclined drum are equipped with intelligent controls and a complete list of required washing modes. Units are supplemented with super-rinse function and option "Bio-phase".

ZWI Series - Built-in Modifications

The machines are designed specifically for tapping equipment into furniture sets. ZWI models are in demand among users planning to install a washing machine in the kitchen.

Built-in washer series ZWI
A design feature of the machines is a narrowed bottom and the presence of fasteners for hanging the door. Functionally, the ZWI series units are similar to full-size front washers

The capacity of the machines is up to 7 kg, the efficiency indicator is A ++ class, the spin quality is B. The cost of the ZWI model range is about 500 cu

Decoding of the markings of Zanussi washing machines

All marking can be conditionally divided into three blocks. Let’s take a look at the gradation. Zanussi ZWSE7100VS.

AT first block letter marking Zws denotes:

  • Z - manufacturer name, Zanussi;
  • W - type of equipment, Washer - washing machine;
  • S - horizontal loading, in vertically oriented models after ZW followed by the letters Q or Y.

Not wide compact modifications are marked FC - Front Compact, recessed are marked Zwiwhere I - Integrated.

Marking of washing machines
Decoding of the name on the example of the frontal machine ZWSE7100VS. The alphanumeric series characterizes the basic parameters of the washer: loading method, capacity, spin speed, series and appearance

Second block displays unit functionality. In our example, a bunch corresponds to it E710.

Marker decryption:

  • E - A letter index indicating the maximum allowable load; The following options are possible: H - 7 kg G - 6 kg E - 5 kg O - 4 kg;
  • 7 - series of release; the higher the number, the more “saturated” the functional - in the cars of the 7th series there is child protection and a display, in the 6th - no;
  • 10 - centrifuge performance; to determine the actual spin speed, the numerical indicator must be multiplied by 100.

AT third block the last signs indicate the design of the washing machine - the color of the body and door.

As you can see from the example, the name of the technique is systematized - the designation contains the main parameters of the washer. Therefore, an understanding of the labeling will help you navigate the variety of the assortment when choosing the right model. We gave more selection recommendations. here.

Rating of popular brand models

Let us dwell in more detail on the parameters of the most popular washers from Zanussi. In addition to the characteristics declared by the manufacturer, we will pay attention to the practical side of the issue - customer reviews.

Place # 1 - Zanussi ZWSO 6100 V

The machine is popular due to its low cost, compactness and the presence of all the necessary programs.

Significant parameters: depth - 34 cm, noise exposure - 58/77 dB, spin - 1000 rpm. The possibility of embedding, the choice of the intensity of the centrifuge and the temperature regime.

The maximum drum load of this model is only 4 kg, power consumption corresponds to class A +, washing - A, and spin - C.

Users note the following benefits:

  • good quality rinse;
  • clear control panel without "frills";
  • set of practical functions;
  • the possibility of delaying the start of 9 hours;
  • tank imbalance control, foaming;
  • no powder remains in the tray after washing.

Negative reviews: strong spin noise, prolonged washing time, lack of a digital display.

The price tag of this washer is low, which makes it accessible to a wide range of potential customers.

Place No. 2 - Zanussi ZWSG 7101 V

Narrow washing machine with good storage capacity. Despite the modest dimensions (only 38 cm deep), the unit can wash up to 6 kg of laundry in one cycle. This is enough for a family of 3-4 people. A blanket or outerwear can be loaded into the tank.

The user has 14 washing modes, adjustable temperature and spin. A partial barrier against leaks, elimination of foaming and imbalance is provided. There is a child lock, a digital display, a delay timer for starting the program and a ditch for liquid products.

Additional characteristics of this machine: energy consumption - 0.13 kW * h / kg (class A ++), water consumption - 48 l per standard cycle. The washer implements Fuzzy Logic technology, there is a QuickWash option.

Most consumers respond positively to the ZWSG 7101 V.

The main advantages include:

  • clear management;
  • capacious drum;
  • affordable cost;
  • the presence of a children's castle;
  • adjustment of the cycle time depending on the weight of the loaded laundry;
  • good quality washing;
  • attractive design - it is possible to choose the color of the hatch - white or silver.

Disadvantages of the model: noise during the spin cycle, lack of a bottom - cardboard is used as a stub, and there is no vibration and noise isolation.

Despite the identified shortcomings, buyers consider the purchase of this washing machine successful, the price / quality ratio is optimal.

Place No. 3 - Zanussi ZWY 51024 CI

Vertical washing machine with a capacity of 5.5 kg. The machine is notable for its economical work - energy consumption corresponds to class A ++. The model implements AirFlow technology, which prevents the appearance of unpleasant odors.

The washing unit operates in 8 modes of washing, it is possible to select the temperature, as well as the spin speed. For ease of use, a timer is provided - the start of washing can be moved to 3, 6 or 9 hours.

Additional parameters of ZWY 51024 CI: maximum spin indicator - 1000 rpm, leakage protection, foam control, automatic drum balancing. Management is carried out by buttons, there is no display in this model.

Benefits marked by users:

  • affordable cost;
  • good quality washing;
  • convenient program for everyday washing - when you press the Start button, the machine automatically selects a cycle for 30 minutes at a water temperature of 30 ° C;
  • powder loading cell not located in the lid.

Cons washing machine: lack of display, uncomfortable for adjusting the legs, the difficulty of removing the transport bolts, not very roomy tank.

Place # 4 - Zanussi FCS 1020 C

Small-sized machine with a full set of necessary functionality. Wash up to 3 kg of clothes in one load, the centrifuge operates at a speed of 1000 rpm.

Clear button control with a choice of washing mode and spin intensity. The protection system is not inferior to full-size modifications.

At the same time, its energy consumption corresponds to class A, which is 0.17 kW * h / kg, the energy efficiency of washing / spinning corresponds to class B / C.

Competitive advantages of FCS1020C:

  • compactness - takes up little space;
  • high quality of washing;
  • low noise pressure, lack of vibration.

Among the shortcomings, users note: the lack of an express program and an indicator of the end of the wash. After work on laying the door, water remains. A snare drum cannot handle heavy things.

Place No. 5 - Zanussi ZWI 71201 WA

The unit is designed for installation in a furniture set. It fits perfectly into the kitchen of standard sizes - for this the base of the body is narrowed, and hinges for the door are attached to the facade.

The model is economical and roomy - it launders 7 kg of laundry in one cycle. Furthermore, water consumption is 52 l. The spin speed varies from 500 to 1200 rpm.

ZWI71201WA is a multifunctional machine with 20 programs. There is a possibility of delaying the start, express washing and canceling the spin.

The double rinse option provides complete removal of detergents, which is especially important when caring for children's things and for allergy sufferers.

The main advantages of buyers include:

  • large roomy tank;
  • noise exposure within normal limits;
  • convenient control panel.

The main disadvantage of the model is the rapid wear of bearings.Judging by the reviews, the life of this element is no more than four years.

Another minus is the price tag. So, the ZWI71201WA washer costs more than freestanding frontal washers with a similar set of options.

Pros and Cons of Zanussi Washers

Trademark Zanussi is a well-known brand of household appliances. The company was founded in 1916 in Italy, as a manufacturer of wood-burning stoves. Since the mid-20th century, the company has significantly expanded its product range and supplied the production of washing machines, and later dishwashers and vacuum cleanerson the conveyor.

During the financial crisis of the 80s, the brand became part of the large Swedish manufacturing concern Electrolux. The merger of capital strengthened the position of the two brands.

The production of washing units reached a new level in 1984 - the concern integrated its own development of automatic adjustment of water consumption and energy consumption depending on the weight of the laundry.

Zanussi Technique
Zanussi is a multinational corporation, the geography of the location of factories for the production of equipment is extensive. In addition to Italy, the release of washers is established in Russia, Ukraine, Poland and France, Romania, Germany, the UK and Turkey

The strengths of Zanussi cars include:

  1. Energy efficiency. The main advantage of washing equipment is the economical consumption of water and electricity compared to similar products of other companies. During the operation of the machine, detergents are used as efficiently as possible.
  2. Practical functionality. Most models are equipped with a basic set of modes - a total of about 15 programs. This is more than enough for domestic use.
  3. Simple control panel. The entire list of programs displayed on the front platform washer. The choice is made by turning the switch, the features of the cycle are set by function buttons. In models of the premium segment, a display with a display of operating parameters is provided.
  4. Protection system. Most washers have a work blocker when the drum is full, control foaming, overheating of the heater and unbalance of the drum.
  5. A wide range of. The range includes full-sized, compact, narrow and built-in models. The company produces washing machines with front and vertical loading.

All equipment meets European standards. Regardless of the country of manufacture, the washing machines are reliable and durable.

Reliability rating of washers
Rating aggregates of different brands. The evaluation criterion is the number of calls to service centers for the first three years of operation. Zanussi takes 3rd place, Bosch washers top the list of reliable equipment

Washing machines are aimed at a wide range of users, and therefore their price is quite affordable.

The track record of disadvantages is more modest. The list is based on an assessment of technical equipment and customer feedback.

Significant disadvantages:

  1. Plastic elements of the case lose their gloss over time and turn a little yellow.
  2. Sometimes users note insufficient rinsing of the washing powder.
  3. Some models do a poor job of spinning things from heavy fabrics.

The operation of the washers cannot be called silent. The sound pressure level at the peak of the spin reaches 72-80 dB. The negative aspects include the persistent smell of rubber - the “aroma” persists for the first 2-3 weeks of operation.

Do you need a quiet washing machine? In this case, we recommend that you look silent model rating from various manufacturers.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The rules for choosing the optimal model of washing machine for home use, taking into account the design features of the models, their functionality and additional features, are discussed in the following video:

The washing equipment of the Italian brand is in demand. This is facilitated by the reputation of the manufacturer, a wide range of products, reliability and practicality of products.

Important arguments in favor of Zanussi washers: competitive cost along with rich functionality.

Do you have a different opinion on the distribution of places in the rating between Zanussi washing machines? Please write to us about this below the article, provide arguments confirming your opinion.

If you have questions about the functionality of brand washing machines or the choice of a suitable model, ask our experts and other visitors to the site in the comment box located below the publication.

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Visitors Comments
  1. For a long time I had a washing machine from Zanussi, it seemed better than she did not. I can say that it erases really high quality, while the need for powder is minimal. But she consumes a lot of water unrealistically. In general, my washer was huge. All friends were surprised at her size. She worked still noisily, even jumped during the spin cycle, because of which no one took a bath during her washing. Six years later, changed to a new another company, it works much quieter. But I wash some things in advance, but Zanussi coped with such spots.

  2. Vladimir

    I chose for the price. There were no special requirements, the main thing: a large volume, power and functionality. At one time I bought at a reasonable price Zanussi ZWSE 680 V, a very good machine, inexpensive, powerful spin, there is a quick and delicate wash, there is protection against creasing. Not perfect, noisy, there is no shoe washing mode, but overall, I rate it at 4+ and I'm not going to change it yet.

  3. I have just Zanussi ZWSG 7101 V, the machine is excellent, for almost three years now we have been with it. But in the last year, the problem often began to appear periodically: after the start of washing, it itself stops, after exactly 13 minutes! What could it be? How to solve the problem? I just come up, press the start and the machine erases further without any problems.

    • Expert
      Evgenia Kravchenko

      Hello, Lida. So immediately it is difficult to say the specific cause of such a problem in your washing machine. Ideally, it is on the spot to ring the machine for all the elements, starting with the heater, and check the control unit board.

      Now, tips to help you determine the cause yourself:

      1. Check if the heater works. The reason that the machine after an equal period of time we put the wash on pause may be in a non-working heater. It’s easy to check - touch the glass of the door during the middle of washing. If it is warm, then the heater works; if not, it needs to be replaced.

      2. Check the filter in the machine. Open the compartment at the bottom of the machine and unscrew the filter, the machine should be turned off. A clogged filter may cause the washing program to malfunction.

      3. Put the machine only on a spin, if the program does not go on pause, then the matter is in the control module (this is to the master). If there is a stop, then check the filler valve.

      Also, the reason for this behavior of the washing machine may be wear on the engine brushes, breaking through the chain. In such cases, you already have to call an experienced master.

    • Dmitry

      Hello. What kind of washing mode are you talking about? There might be something with a wash timer. Details are needed - how often this happens, in what mode, whether the water heats up and so on.